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Cat Food

Cat foods, wet and dry, as well as Treats, rated by popular opinion among the Center cats. We will continually add opinions as time permits!

Acana Wild Prairie dry – not at all popular

Against the Grain Chicken & Pumpkin (wet) – popular

Avoderm (dry) – ptooey – not liked by many here

Avoderm (wet) chicken chunks and seafood – both liked, though the chicken is more popular. More gravyish than Tiki; not as soupy as Weruva.

Avoderm (wet) cat/kitten food – very popular

Avoderm (wet) salmon formula – very popular

BFF canned chicken and tuna – 4 paws and a tail up!

BFF canned tuna and pumpkin – again, WOW!

BG (Before Grain) canned turkey – NOT popular

Blue Buffalo Wildnerness High Protein Turkey Canned – so so delicious

Blue Wilderness Duck (Grain Free) Canned – very delicious

Blue Wilderness Salmon Canned – very delicious

By Nature Chicken & Chicken Liver (wet) – pretty good, have to soup it up. 75% approval rate.

California Natural (dry) – we prefer the chicken flavor. One of our favorites and many cats love it. Venison is so so.

California Natural (wet, all flavors) – liked by most, not up there in the favorites though. We add warm water to soup it up. Deep Water Fish flavor not popular. Venison and Brown Rice not popular.

Chicken Soup (dry) – About a 50/50 like dislike ratio. The Chicken Soup Light is nice for kibbles lower in fat. Star shaped kibbles. The senior/hairball variety is not popular here.

Chicken Soup (wet) – Our experience is must add warm water to make it more soupy and then it’s okay, but not necessarily a favorite. Same is true of their canned kitten food.

Dave’s Gobbleicious canned Gourmet Dinner – fairly high reviews – 8 out of 10 here liked it!

DM (diabetes prescription food) (dry) – very small kibbles. Liked by many. We also use this for cats with loose stools. Wet variety not popular.

EVANGERS (wet) – Chicken Lickin – strong smell, watery, but popular. Holistic Pheasant - one of my favorites for alternate proteins, very popular.

EVO (dry) – We use this a lot here. High protein but very rich for some cats that aren’t used to high quality foods, so can cause some diarrhea initially. Suggest slow transition over to this. No grains so good for cats that are having trouble with corn. Also great for cats needing higher protein (too thin for example), worth a try for cats that may have allergies, not for cats with kidney compromise, who need lower protein.

EVO (dry) Weight Control – new – pretty popular – though I think overall the Natural Balance Ultra Light dry is more popular, but they’re close.

EVO (canned) – chicken/turkey is popular. Venison is not.

Fancy Feast canned – what can we say. It’s the kitty crack of the world.

Fancy Feast gold (dry) – used for the ultimate picky eaters.

Felidae (dry) chicken – 50/50 like ratio.

Felidae (wet) chicken with lamb – pretty popular. Chicken flavor alone less popular.

Forti-Flora Probiotic packets – mix with wet food (or can even sprinkle over dry food, cats seem to like it) to help with gut instability

Four (4) Health dry food – not popular here

Friskies Indoor Delights (see note above) - if I have to go with a ‘kitty crack’ type food, I used Purina Cat Chow Indoor

Friskies Grillers Blend (dry) – see note above

Fussie Cat (wet) – looks incredibly yummy, but do cats really need all those vegetables that are in there? However it’s popular. They have chicken and fish flavors, chicken is more popular.

Geriatrix (wet) Wysong – AWFUL

GO dry food (Canadian company) – liked but very pricey

GO wet food (chicken pate) – not at all liked

Goldleaf Selects by Nature (wet) – actually too chunky – chunks were large and tough

Holistic Select Duck & Chicken (wet)- yucko

IAMS Original Orange Bag (dry) - very popular, more popular than some of the other Iams they have come out with

IAMS Urinary Formula (dry) – script – not popular

Indigo Moon Holistic (dry) – 50/50

Innova lower fat (wet) – are you kidding me? Don’t like that lower fat stuff.

Instinct (wet) – very popular, but

Instinct Pride (wet) – not that popular

Instinct Rabbit (dry) – 4 paws down (sorry Lloyd)

KD by Hills (script for kidney compromise) (dry) – We find most cats like this here. Does have corn, can cause weight gain. Wet has improved their formula and is now much more palatable.

Lotus canned food – (wet) – this is just plain evil. Made everyone throw up.

Meow Mix Wholesome Medley (wet) – very popular, but causes a lot of barfing.

Merrick foods – all pretty popular. Not quite as popular as the Weruva but also not quite as chunky, so might be better liked by those who aren’t into chunks. Purrfect Bistro Chicken Pate – not so popular unless you soup it up a bit.

Missing Link food Supplement – good for increasing fiber, keep refridgerated and mix with wet food

Natural Balance (wet) – Turkey and Giblets – pretty good. Chicken and Liver popular.

Natural Balance Ultra Reduced Calorie (wet) – pretty good

Natural Balance Ultra Light (dry) – popular – and I like it for weight reduction

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Green Pea and Duck (dry) – popular here

Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Green Pea and Salmon (dry) – actually very popular here!

Natural Life Lamaderm Lamb & Rice (wet) – YUCK YUCK YUCK

Nature Rabbit Stew (wet) – not popular

Nature Venison Stew (wet) – not popular

Natures Logic (wet) – all flavors – not popular

Natures Variety Homestyle Lamb & Liver Stew (wet) – have to like big chunks, little gravy, and obscure taste.

Natures Variety Instinct Chicken Grain Free (wet) – So so. Not 100% convinced.

Newmans Own Organic Beef (wet) – Sorry Paul, this was 3 paws down here.

Newmans Own Organic Turkey (wet) - no go with this one either

NOW Senior Weight Management (dry) – Very popular. Also very pricey. Small kibbles.

NOW (wet) – very popular

Organix Chicken-Turkey (wet) – Most liked this!

Performatrin Ultra Chicken Stew (wet) – YES!

Petguard (wet) – not popular

Prairie Homestyle Turkey & Liver Stew (wet) – liked by those who like chunks, good amount of gravy

Purina Cat Chow (dry)- okay. Not very healthy though.

Purina Natural Indoor chicken/rice (dry) – liked better than plain Cat Chow and one of our favorites for a ‘junk food’

Purina One Indoor Advantage (dry) - we use this a lot despite having corn in it, very popular

Purina One Urinary Food (dry) – not popular

Purina Proplan Chicken and Rice canned – very popular

Rachel Ray Nutrish (dry) – not that popular. Similar to Purina One in looks.

RD (Hills – prescription) (dry) – has corn, but it’s liked and it’s great for losing weight for a very overweight cat (use WD for maintaining weight)

Royal Canin High Fiber/Low Calorie (dry) – prescription. Does have corn but works wonders for us with loose stool issues and IBD cats. Wet variety not popular.

Royal Canin Calorie Conrol High Protein (wet) – mildly popular

Royal Canin Intense Hairball (dry) – fairly popular

Royal Canin Spayed Neutered (dry) – round donut shaped. Not very popular here.

Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal (dry)- I think the cats prefer the Hills ID to this, though it’s a different shape which may help with vomiting (ie not round)

Science Diet Age Defying (dry) – has tiny kibbles. Good for sore mouths.

Science Diet Regular (dry) – I find most cats prefer the taste of Sci Diet Sens Stomach Dry

Science Diet Hairball (dry) – has corn, but used here for firming up stools when loose stools are an issue. Larger kibbles so should not have dental pain when fed this. Hairball Light also great for firming up stools

Science Diet Sensitive Skin (dry) – has corn, but have used it in cats that are itchy. However, keep in mind that corn can cause itchiness.

Science Diet Sensitive Stomach (dry) – fairly well liked, does have corn. See Halo / Spot’s Stew Sensitive stomach (turkey) for a healthier alternative

Solid Gold blended tuna (wet) – the cat’s meow! Four paws up. If your cat likes tuna, this is solid gold.

Solid Gold chicken, fish, turkey and liver (wet) – 75% in favor, 25% no thanks.

Spots Stew (wet) – not liked much at all, too many vegetables, many cats turn this down.

(Halo) Spots Stew (dry) – this is actually well liked, and we use the turkey/sensitive stomach flavor (turkey) a lot. Kibbles are very very small which is good for sore mouths.

Taste of the Wild (wet) – it’s okay, not much better than Wellness or Nutro in the sliced canned variety.

The Good Life Recipe (dry) – not popular, and if you’re going to feed this type of food, there are yummier kinds out there.

Tiki Cat succulent chicken (wet) – very yummy

Tiki Cat sardine cutlets (wet) – you have to really like sardines.

Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews – paws up on these!

Virbac Vetasyl Fiber Capsules – we use these to increase fiber and firm up stools when needed

Wellness (dry) – Have not found this to be that popular here, although the Wellness Complete (blue bag) is much more popular. Small round kibbles which is nice for cats with sore mouths. Wellness Healthy Weight is definitely not very popular as far as weight reduction choices go.

Wellness (wet) – very popular no grain wet food. Cats here like all flavors of the non-chunk variety; however we stay away from the fish blends since fish upsets many stomachs.

Wellness Core – (wet) Salmon, Whitefish, & Herring – not that popular.

Wellness Kitten (dry)- not popular here

Wellness Kitten (wet) – popular

Wellness Pure Delights Turkey & Salmon Jerky Treats – not that popular. One out of Five liked them.

Wellness (wet) – chunks (pouches) – liked by those that like chunk cat food, but not by others here.

Weruva Mack and Jack (wet) – more chunky, not as soupy as Weruva Mediterranean (which is more popular).

Weruva Paw Licking Chicken (wet) – you cannot go wrong. Almost never met a cat that doesn’t love this one.

Weruva Steak Frites (wet) – not quite as popular as the shredded Weruva chicken above, but pretty close. Shredded food.

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