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Hi there!

My name is Odin and I'm looking for a good home. I'm a 3 or so year old flame point who really likes people!!! In fact I'd pretty much rather get attention than do anything else, even eat! You could say that I am enthusiastically affectionate and playful.

Foster Paw thinks that I will be good with girl kitties (I play footsie with the cute lilac point here!), other boy will probably be OK as well. I have excellent litter box skills and I really like to move around, I love exploring and jumping around the foster room here, I also adore toys like balls & fur mice!

My only thing is that I can play kind of roughly, which means I should really go to a home without any younger children, teens are OK however (as long as they will play with me that is).

I'm ready to go home right now!!!


As soon as you click on "Ask about me"!


Name: Copper

(FKA Odin)

ID#: VA7164
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 07/25/10
Adopted: 09/01/10
Congrats: Marybeth
Foster: John

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Copper is well adjusted after 6 months. He has been a welcome addition to our home and to the other Siamese Topaz. They are in a brother-sister relationship - sometimes they get along really well, other times, they find each other annoying!
Copper just passed his 1 year anniversary with us and is doing great. He is an active cat who runs around like crazy but then when he settles down, he is very affectionate. My granddaughter likes to come over just to see my cats!
At his four year anniversary, Copper is still doing wonderfully. He is a dear sweet but yet mischievous cat.

Copper has been with me for 7 years now and continues to do well and has a happy life. He just had his teeth cleaned last month and his teeth are looking great.

(Last update: Sep 17th, 2017 11am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Beamer
ID#: VA11016
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Ragdoll
Date In: 08/22/15
Adopted: 09/07/15
Congrats: Vanessa
Foster: Kathy

Foster Notes

Gentle giant!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
What can I say about Beamer? I wanted to rename him Moose when I got him because he's such a big guy, but since he was a bit older I didn't want him to be confused so I kept his original name. He's a lover for sure. While he isn't a lap cat and only tolerates me holding him for a few minutes, he is extremely people-friendly and as the saying goes, he's never met a stranger. He would be a terrible watchcat. :) He loves rubbing up against people's legs, being petted and having his chin rubbed. On a recent trip to see family he hissed and growled at the family dog while at the very same time seeking attention from my family members wanting to be petted. He wanted to make sure the dog knew to stay away, but wasn't going to give up his "me time". I need to catch it on video one of these days, but he has the sweetest meow when he's being talkative.

We still have challenging days with my female who I had for many years before Beamer came home with us, but for the most part they get along (or tolerate) one another. And he's recently gone through a bit of a trouble-making phase where he's broken some glasses that I left out. Overall though, he's a wonderful cat and I'm so happy that I brought him to live with us. My life is definitely more complete with him in it.

(Last update: Sep 15th, 2017 3pm)

Young and loving, there's nothing like a flame to light up your life! And I am light, at just over 7 pounds, young at just over a year and by all appearances, in good health! So how about it?
Name: Igloo

(FKA Rusty)

ID#: VA10259
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 08/23/14
Adopted: 09/12/14
Congrats: Julius
Foster: Siri


Notes from Home
Update a/0 Sept 19,2017
Igloo is doing great he as you know was diagnosed with a heart ailment we had him to the cardiologist in May of 17 they did a number of tests and they reported that he was doing great and the disease is manageable. He went for his annual physical last week Sept9 and his regular vet said that his heart murmur has gone from a 3 to a 1.5 in fact she could hardly hear it and he was excited. Doesn't like to visit the vet even though both the cardiologist and primary vet spoil the hell out of him.
He is on Prozac but I administer it to him three times a week told the vet I dont want to mask his personality too much. Prima has bonded well with him both cats must detect that they are Siamese. Igloo is very protective of his dad when he sits on my lap he invariably moves such that his butt is placed by my face and he is staring out a sign the vet says is that he is watching out for predators. We love him and he is spoiled. As they say dogs have masters cat have staff. One more thing for Siri I framed the water color we bought at her home last year and I will take a picture of it and post it later

(Last update: Sep 14th, 2017 9am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Gautama

(FKA Brady)

ID#: VA7242
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 08/26/10
Adopted: 09/13/10
Congrats: Nicole
Foster: Christine

Foster Notes

OMG!!! Did foster mom ever get a surprise yesterday!!!

We were visited by the sex change fairy! So, I am not a "Sophie" at all - I am a "Brady"! Can you believe it?? Foster mom sure felt silly. And I made her take that pink bed out of my playpen too! Told her I wanted a blue one!

I am still a sweet, cuddly, playful, happy purring machine. I am getting my "education" tomorrow and after that I will be ready to meet the other cats here! I can't wait - you see, I had two sisters and a brother but they went to another rescue 'cause they weren't Siamese. I have been pretty lonely al by myself and would like another cat or kitten to hang out with in my forever home. Do you have room at your house for a little guy like me? If your answer is yes, ask about Brady:)(fka Sophie)

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
I can't believe it's been seven years with my boy today! Getting him has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I'm grateful everyday to Siamese Cat Rescue Center for bringing us together.

Over the past seven years we've moved across the country, so he's a California kitty now and loving the breezy weather. He's the smartest cat there ever could be, and he never fails to impress his mom and dad with his manuliptive ways. He definitely runs this household. And we just love him so much.

I couldn't imagine life without my big Gautama cat.

(Last update: Sep 13th, 2017 8pm)

I was found all alone, walking the streets. I was so scared they thought I was feral! But I am not, I'm really sweet. I'm a pretty fearless kitten, and love to play. I love the kitties here - and we wrestle and play. I will need a playmate to go home with and it would be best if there were no timid or really old kitties there as I'd probably be too rough. I am more of a tomboy than a lady! I am all spayed now, doing well, and waiting for my new home. Want a sweet tomboy kitten? Maybe I'm the right one for you.
Name: Willin

(FKA Michelle)

ID#: VA11651
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 08/19/16
Adopted: 09/09/16
Congrats: Char
Foster: Jackie


Notes from Home
Willin' has been in her forever home for 1 yr now. She never "adapted" to her new environment and lifestyle; she hit the ground running and hasn't shown the slightest interest in catching her breath yet! Her very first interaction with Wicket (my 1-yr-old male DSH who had been yearning for a sweet, submissive companion - ha!) was to launch herself down the hall after him, skid to a stop 2" from his nose, and deliver a mighty slap across his face. Apparently, Wicket likes girls on the spicy side, because the 2 of them have been inseparable ever since! Though very different from each other, they're 100% compatible, 100% of the time. Wicket is thoughtful, wise, predictable, sensible - all smooth transitions. Willin' is the reckless daredevil - fresh, all impulse, all speed and spontaneity and vertical tendencies. And yet there's rarely a moment when they're out of each other's sight. On those rare occasions when Willin' is (pretending to be!) unsure of something new, she ALWAYS turns to Wicket for "advice." And when Wicket's life is too hum-drum for even him to stand, he ALWAYS seeks Willin' out for entertainment. It's an intricate, impeccably-choreographed dance. I could not be more thrilled with this match, and of course I ADORE each of them individually!

Willin' had her annual check-up recently, which earned her (another) 4 stars. Outside of 1 tiny spot near a lower canine tooth, she's in great health. We'll watch that spot on her gum for any changes, of course. Perfect weight (7.3#, trim and muscular) and very outgoing with her vet (especially for a "reactive" breed). Her strabismus, which is quite mild, causes her no problems. She has a great appetite, eating mostly Spring Naturals canned and a bit of their kibble. Her litterbox etiquette is exemplary. She loves her scratching posts and toys, toys, toys! Her favorite game is Magic Carpet Ride, when she's pulled around the house on a square of carpet remnant with a rope "handle" attached; going around corners is especially fun! Lately, she has been experimenting with her Big Girl Voice, which has a decidedly Siamese twang and resonance - quite a hoot to hear, considering that her earlier vocalizations had earned her the nickname of Little Bo Peep! I own 2 properties in VT, about a 2-1/4 hr drive apart at opposite ends of the state. Wicket and Willin' travel with me like 2 professional tourists, snoozing through the journey and sliding comfortably into place when we arrive at our destination.

Obviously, I'm shamelessly in love with these 2!. And I'm aware that their social skills and charms are in part the result of my compassionate handling and conscientious care. But I'm also aware that Willin's earliest experiences with humans and other animals have equally contributed to her development - especially her social development - and for this, I can only say "Thank You, thank you, thank you, SCRC!" You gave Willin' the very best of starts at a hugely vulnerable time in her life! I can well imagine that she wasn't always graceful or even civil in expressing her thanks directly, but know that you've given the greatest of gifts to 2 very deserving kitties and 1 humble human.

(Last update: Sep 13th, 2017 7pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Ivy

(FKA Colette)

ID#: VA9097
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 03/02/13
Adopted: 03/16/13
Congrats: Jay
Foster: Siri

A mother at a young age, I've lived with 24 other cats and did just fine. Now I'm spayed and looking forward to really getting to live a little! Give me toys, cuddles, attention and love and I'm going to soak up every second of it! And other cats! Sure, bring them on! (Though if you really wanted just one, sure, I could absorb all the attention you have to give! )

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Ivy has been here for three weeks and is doing well. She LOVES to be with humans and chirps, trills and squeaks a lot in a very soft voice. Laps though are not interesting and has yet to sit in one. Since it is not lady-like to hiss, she does not do that. Toy-mice and laser dots are not safe in this house anymore. Playful does not begin to describe Ivy. She wants to play all the time and loves to play fetch with the mice. Jokes, oh yeah, she likes those too - on April 1st, she woke up her cat-daddy by jumping onto the headboard and drop the mouse on his head.

Her big little brother, Haku, is not fond of her at all so integration is going slowly. But when such a whippersnapper is too naughty she will put him in his place. After all, she has dealt with kittens before, though it is a little disconcerting to see a little 7 pound cat whoop a 13 pound boy's behind.

May 13, 2013

Hello again,
A little update on our little miss Ivy Piggy. She went to the vet last week since she has been sneezing and coughing. We suspected allergies and asthma, which the vet said was very likely. Her temperature was also a little elevated, so antibiotics and antihistamine for her. Ivy does not like to have her mouth handled and turns into a spitfire if you try. Fortunately she LOVES pill-pockets, so she does take her medicine like a champ.

Ivy gained half a pound since the last visit to TED, so she is not starving :-) but is now an 8 pound girl. She has calmed down a lot and accepts the resident cat Haku, - as long as he doesn't show fear or is rude, then she will put him in his place.

Haku has his confidence back but now he is challenging her - or wants to roughhouse with her, I don't know which. They can be together in the same room supervised, but if any of them gets naughty, they get separated. Litter boxes are also a turf war - it's funny how Ivy defends the one upstairs, while Haku defends the one downstairs. Our boxes are of the covered variety since Ivy likes to dig to China in there, so we will try uncovered ones , but with high walls so there is an escape. Cat-daddy is not happy, for that means more litter clean-up for him. In other words, Integration is not finished, but there has been progress.

Last but not least, Ivy has acquired quite a few nicknames and a theme song Triller (think Michael Jackson's song "Thriller"), Snow-kitty, sushi-wushi (ask the kids), Ivy-girl and Little Lady. Her favorite toy is a tailless mousie named "Wet, Cold Yucky Mousie".

May 16, 2013

Wow, what a week of antibiotics can do. Ivy seems to feel a thousand times better and her personality is now in full bloom. When we were interviewed, Karen told us that meezers may attach themselves to one person, and boy, did Ivy do that. She is now Meowmy's shadow and can't bear not to have her favorite person out of sight. So another nickname has been coined - Shadow :-).

July 10th, 2013

All is good here and in general there are healthy cats here. Ivy and Haku are now very good friends and love to "wrestle" with each other, especially when Ivy tries to groom Haku. Ivy has indeed found Haku's inner kitten for him. When not wrestling with her "big" little brother, Ivy enjoys running after toy-mousies and will sometimes bring them back for us "slaves" to throw them again. She is still very playful.

Haku was trained to sit on a mat when the family leaves the house to avoid darting out and Ivy has picked up the sitting on the mat part. Maybe that has something to do with the treats that can be in the offing? Ivy loves food, so much that in the time she has been with us, she has gained a whole pound and has collected two additional nicknames - Ms. Piggy and Roly-Poly. We found out she enjoys romaine lettuce, pasta, pork, chicken, pizza crust, potato chips, French fries and any kind of fish, except tuna... but she gets it in very small amounts. We have a fifth member at the dining table now to keep us company.

So all in all, we have a happy home here and healthy cats despite TED (The Evil Doctor :-) diagnosing Ivy (and Haku) with feline herpes and possibly hay fever. We give them OTC lysine to bolster the immune system and they treat it as a treat. There are new pictures to see, so click on the pictures next "door".

November 16, 2013:

What a difference six months can do... Ivy is still surprising us. She has decided that "her" person is not meowmy anymore, but cat daddy. Ivy has until now not wanted to sit in any laps, just sit next to you on the arm rest if you are sitting on the sofa. Well, the last couple of days, cat daddy's lap has been deemed adequate to sleep on. We are delighted that she is trusting us more and more and feeling more secure. Haku and Ivy are still friends and love to play tag in the morning and wrestle. And of course, more nicknames have surfaced, such as chubanucka, Roly Poly, and the latest - chowmeister. She is getting rotund around the belly after one too many treats at the dining table and when people are leaving the house... Our new motto for her is "all in moderation..."

March 17, 2014

Happy Gotcha day, Ivy.

Wow, it's has already been a year since Trouble, Colette - ahem IVY - came on a snowy day... She has settled in as the queen she is (well, former queen - no more kittens for her), gets along famously with Haku and sleeps between Meowmy and Catdaddy every night and follows Meowmy everywhere during the day. Her check-up back in February was stellar - same weight as when she arrived at SCRC, tail still curled and fluffed when she is happy - and that is often. However, she did not show her beautiful ringtail to the vet - he is evil in her eyes, poking her with a needle and ruffling her fur.

And Ivy loooooooves her mousies. She plays even more now than when she arrived. And fetch, oh yeah - well almost. She will run after the mousie and bring it back. That is, bring it to within five feet of ya. She expects you to get up and retrieve it; no sitting down and get off easy, oh no :-). When she tires of chasing the mousie, she likes to help with the kids' homework - especially lying on the folders and papers. Fluffy blankets and carpets are not for her. Smooth, hard surfaces are her favorite places to lie down and survey her queendom.

So it was a year ago, she came, she conquered, she stole our hearts. We have still not found them ;-).

February 4th, 2017

Wow, time flies... Ivy has been with us for four years now (we still haven't found our hearts - it's a lost cause ;-). It has been nothing but fun. Ivy is definitely the queen in this house, ruling it with "iron claws". She is a very gregarious and loving girl, who puts herself in the middle of the group. If one person is at one end of the room and another person at the opposite end, Ivy will plop down in the middle, so there's the same distance to her people. Laps are wonderful too, especially if they are under a fleecy blanket. She has her own pillow on the bed, so she, again, is between her people when they sleep.

Lately though, she's been through some rough waters. Allergies kept her sneezing and a couple of months ago, we noticed that she had a hard time eating her lysine in one piece. Lysine comes in a hard fish shaped treat, that can dry to a tough cookie - literally. At her annual check-up, we had TED (The Evil Doctor) look closely in her mouth. He found stomatitis and recommended a dental cleaning with extraction of one tooth. Well, she ended up having her upper fangs and one molar pulled. At the same time, we found out that she was already missing seven teeth! They were either re-absorbed or fell out without us noticing.
Here three days after surgery she is back to her usually funny self, keeping Haku in check, and fetching her mousies again - albeit without her upper fangs. She is still getting used to them not being there. We are crossing fingers, toes and claws that she won't have to go through this again and that her sneezing was due to the untreated stomatitis and not allergies.

13. September 2017:

We had Ivy back at the vet last month - stomatitis getting to yet another tooth (sigh). She is doing good again now after a round of antibiotics. However, last night there was a surprise call from the vet. Ivy was chosen as the September Pet of the Month. She got a little basket with toys and lean treats. We had to supply a picture of her and five facts about her. The picture is up oin the "pictures from home" and this is what we wrote:

Five (okay six) facts about Ivy:

She is a lynx point Siamese mix with a ring tail that goes over her back and down her right flank making a perfect circle.

Ivy was rescued with her two sons from a hoarding situation by the Siamese Cat Rescue Center.

Loves to supervise the kitchen from the top of the garbage bin, but has been known to land in it when the lid is up.

If you ask at large, "Who wants to be brushed?" She will come running and be first in line. She loves to be brushed.

As the 8-pound (ex)queen of the house, she rules with an iron paw and easily puts her "little" brother, 13 pound Haku, in his place.

The queen demands her tax at the dinner table. Anything goes, such as pizza crust, meat, cheese, and especially fish.

(Last update: Sep 13th, 2017 2pm)

HELP MY MOM!!!!!! She's falling love with me!

New to this place, I am a bit overwhelmed but calm with the changes. Now that I have a clean bed, pampered self with clean nails and ears, I'm liking the diet and quiet times. Foster meowm comes and gives me pets. I am quickly learning that kisses and cuddles and snuggles aren't so bad. In fact, I temporarily lose my mind at least once a day and purr up a storm when mom loves on me. Maybe this human thing isn't so bad, after all.

I'll be ready for me new home shortly. If you are looking for a well behaved gentle boy, ask about me. I'd like to go home with gentle feline friends and a patient adopter who will keep reassuring me that every time I get petted, it's still good. Can you do that?
Name: Noah

(FKA Tarney)

ID#: VA5832
Location:  Delaware
Sex: male
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 08/02/08
Adopted: 09/13/08
Deceased: 04/24/19
Congrats: Jennifer
Foster: Diane

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
When my Meowmy asked about me, she was told I would be very shy and probably not a people cat. So, she tried very hard to be patient and let me come out of my shell. She now calls me her teddy bear. I always have to touch her when she is sleeping, and when she tosses and turns, I lay down on her pillow around her head, put my head on her head and purr. She goes right to sleep. See how good my training of her has been? I eat well and really enjoy my Greenie treats that are good for my teeth. I have a very good vet who focuses just on cats. When I get my shots, I hide my head in my Meowmy's arm. But I don't like the kitty carry. I cry and cry when she carries me out to her car (making her neighbors very worried) but as soon as I get in the car, I am just fine. When my Meowmy is home, I have to sleep near her, except when I am really tired, and then I go to my favorite sleeping spot under the sofa where I can hear what she's up to, but I can get some good beauty sleep. She massages my paws and my neck....purr. I found just my right person, but she's always in the process of being trained. We lost our favorite roommate Juliette, who I have been trying to find but Meowmy said it's ok...she will find us again someday. Thanks for sending me such a trainable person who loves meezers.

More update: my Meowmy has been in training for nine years and I think I am making progress! Her mother passed away and she is responsible for the estate so we have been driving the long distance each way to get to that house. I am happier with the kitty carry, where there is a nice bed and my vet recommended freezing some water in a silicone bowl so I could have something to drink during the trip. It works! I like the other house, lots of toys and places to run around and have fun. Most importantly, I can supervise my Meowmy and share my purrs, meows and and hair. My Meowmy tells me often that she couldn't have done any of the work she needs to do without me. My vet says I am doing well, my check-ups are good. Thankyou so much to everyone who matched me with my person. Life is very very good!

(Last update: Sep 13th, 2017 7am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Chubbs

(FKA Jackson)

ID#: VA9507
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
Date In: 08/28/13
Adopted: 09/21/13
Congrats: Jennifer
Foster: Debi

My foster meowm says I'm a love bug & that says it all....this boy is all about giving love & purrs up a blue streak!

Are you interested in a handsome boy like me? Better hurry & ask cause I don't plan to stay here long!

Jackson (aka Action Jackson)

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Hi, Murphy is home for 1 week today and is the cutest terror kittenzilla I have ever loved. After 7 days he is learning the word "no", not happily and with much under his breath grumbling about the unfairness of it all. He also has the most interesting post poop run. I've not seen it done with quite this much "flying" through the air like superman with paws stretched full out. All thats missing is a cape. Till next time. Happy tails!!!!

After 2 weeks Murphy has grown a lot. He's getting fluffier and chubbier. Every day he manages to slip, slide, roll, run and fall off the bed while playing lol. He is learning manners, reluctantly.

Murphy is definitely feeling quite at home now. He thinks he pays the rent and doesn't hesitate to take whateveriberties he thinks he deserves. For example, I turned my head for less than 1minute and when I turned back all I saw sticking out of the bottom refridgerater shelf was a fat fluffy kitten tail. Yep, baaaad to the bone this one, butove every minute.

Murphy is getting so big, but he's still a little thing compared to his sister. He's learned manners, now its a matter of getting him to use them!! Daisy simply refuses to play with him when he gets carried away and then he wanders around crying like the baby he still is. She will ignore him, so he comes crying to me and I feel bad. Second fiddle or not I play with him while Daisy shakes her head in disgust at my weakness. But really, how can I resist? Murphy Spoiled? Nahhh.

I know I just posted something, but this was too ridiculous to pass up. One of those "wish I had a video" monents. Murphy, oh so gracelessly fell out of my huge triple window, tumbling through the curtai on his head, crashed into and knicked over a lamp and bounced off the table onto the chair where he stood looking like "huh?!!" I looked at him and said "I can't believe you did that". He looked back as if to say 'niether do I'

6 months later 3/21/14 Murphy is huge lol, you would not recognize this chubby fluff monster. He still thinks he weighs nothing and is a tiny thing because every morning he climbs on my chest to purr and be kissed. Can we say mommy's boy? He is such a sweet sweet boy. Talks all the time, to me, his sister (who usually pretends to ignore him) and to himself.
The wand toy is still his fave and must play with it every day or he goes in a corner to cry woe is me. Recently he discovered water sports by way of tossing his toy mouse in the water dish to watch it float (see attached pic). Every day he makes me laugh, annoys his sister, talks to anyone or anything outside the window and is absolutely adorable. As mischievous as he is he isn't bad at all. He doesn't get into trouble, just playful. Daisy pretends not to be interested but loooooooooves playing with him and bossing him around.
I'm so happy with him and so is Daisy.
I've attached a bunch of pics, including an embarrassing one where he stuck his head in the tissue box!
Thanks to all of you for my love of a cat!

Hi, its 5/16/16 and Chubbs and Daisy are now living the high life in Las Vegas. We have a huge apartment and get to run, run run! The tile floors are a bit slippery so chubbs' tush slides 1 way as his front runs the other and he merps along whenever he runs. He is such a lovebug and so so sweet. Still plays like a baby even though he's almost 3.

Its our 3 yr anniversary and Chubbs is doing great. He's a champion red dot hunter and is such a sweet boy. He's a joy and makes me smile every day.

Its been 4 years, can't believe it! Time flew and my baby Chubbs is sweeter than ever. He now sleeps with me each day. He's bossy as can be but such a character. I couldn't love him more!

(Last update: Sep 13th, 2017 7am)

Purr! Purr! Purr! Headbump! Headbump! Headbump! Not and ounce of Tortitude here! I am petite little girl. I only weigh 5 pounds I love to play and be with you. I am a follow you everywhere kinda girl.. I get along with the other fosters So I should be able to fit into most any situation. I am Not very photogenic I am so much cutier in person. So Break me out of here and let me come home with you So we can be best Buds!
Did I mention I love laps and give great kisses!
Name:   Molly
ID#: VA6469
Location:  Georgia
Sex: female
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
DateIn: 07/16/09
Adopted: 09/12/09
Congrats: Carol
Foster: ShirleyBo

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
September 12, 2017
Another year already? Amazing how time flies!

Molly had her annual checkup and shots two weeks ago. The vet pronounced her fit as a fiddle. Ok, so she’s up 2 ounces in weight over last year; we’re working on it.

Molly has settled in nicely as the senior cat in the house – since her Uncle Albert crossed over the rainbow bridge 3 years ago. She’s definitely a leader.

I’m still looking for a new home with a screened porch or at least a sunroom so she and Wade can spend more time in the fresh air and watch the birds and butterflies all day long.

Things are mostly quiet here, except when Molly and Wade go on a rampage, racing back and forth, over the couch and onto the bed and up on the countertops. Such energy!

Her fuzzy green mouse is still her favorite. Amazingly, it hasn’t completely disintegrated by now. When carrying it around, she makes noises like she’s calling to her kittens. I think she would have been a good mom.

Thank you, Shirley and SCRC, for letting us bring this bundle of joy into our lives!

September 12, 2016

Today, Miss Molly, her “brother” Wade, and I are celebrating Molly’s seventh anniversary as a member of our family. Let’s see, so far we’ve had cake and ice cream and will be moving on to champagne later this afternoon (just kidding).
Two weeks ago Molly had her annual check-up with the vet, who pronounced her in fine shape. She weighed in at 9 lbs., 10 oz., and will get a dental next February (2017). She’s been on a reduced-calorie diet since her 2015 check-up and is now svelte again and more energetic than ever. If such a thing as Kitty Olympics existed , she would qualify for the 50-yard sprint!
Every day I give thanks that Shirley Bodirnea, foster meowm extraordinaire, rescued Molly and nurtured her until I came along and scooped her up. The SCRC volunteers are angels with furry wings!

September 12, 2015

Hello, everybody.

Today is my special day: I’m celebrating my six-year anniversary in my forever home! Yippee — jumping up and down and racing around the house! My sidekick, Wade, is watching me from his favorite spot on top of the couch, probably wishing I’d be quiet so he can go back to his nap.

Visited my vet two weeks ago for my annual checkup and shot. All’s well, but she’s putting me on a special low-calorie diet. Said I’d been snacking too much. Meowm’s been transitioning me gradually to the new food, and I actually like it, much to her surprise, especially the canned stuff. By this time next year I hope to be my svelte self again.

At our house we all love SCRC and the incredible people who make it work so well. We especially love my foster meowm, Shirley Bodirnea, who took care of me and made it possible to hook up with my forever home. Purrs and head-butts forever!

And now I have to get back to celebrating.

September 12, 2014: Taking time out from a busy day of bird watching, toy chasing, snoozing, snacking, and keeping my goofy brother Wade in line — to thank my foster mom, Shirley Bodirnea, and the SCRC for sending me to my Furever Home. Had my annual checkup and distemper booster at the vet’s a couple of weeks ago. The nice lady in the white coat said I need to lose a pound or two, so we’re working on it.

That nut case Wade requires my constant supervision, but we like hanging out together on the screen porch, watching the local wildlife, and catching the breeze. Life is good. Mom even says she can’t fall asleep at night until I come and snuggle up with her. Awww . . .

Thanks for saving me and giving me a wonderful life! Purrs to everybody at SCRC!

September 12, 2013: Wow, has it really been four years since Foster Mom Shirley Bodirnea took me to meet my Forever Mom? Amazing! Today I am a contented kitty in every way. And in the pink of health, too. Last month when I got my yearly checkup, my veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Deaton, told me what a pretty tortie I am. Of course I knew that already.

Today I have a full agenda to celebrate my anniversary: just now had my mid-morning snack and am headed out to spend a few hours on the screened porch, watching the squirrels and butterflies. Then I'll have my early afternoon snack and catch 40 winks with Meowmom. When she stretches out on the couch to "rest her eyes," I stretch out alongside her. Sometimes we even catch 60 winks if we feel like it.

Later on I'll chase brother Wadie around and let him chase me, too. I'm faster, of course, and much more devious. Sometimes he doesn't even see me coming. I'll spend some snuggle time with Uncle Albert, too. This weekend is his 18th birthday. For an old dude, he's really pretty cool.

But I would be remiss if I didn't once again express my undying thanks to SCRC and Foster
Mom Shirley for rescuing me and matching me up with my fabulous family. You're all the BESTEST!!

Purrs and head butts . . .
xxx, Molly

September 12, 2012: We started this very special day with a nummy breakfast, which I wolfed down in appreciation (and also to finish it before Uncle Albert nosed his way into my bowl). Yummm!!!

I'm happy as a bug in a rug with my family. We're a tight-knit bunch cuz we all WUV each other. The only thing I'm not crazy about is my yearly checkup at the vet's (but he always says I'm fit as a fiddle, which is great) and the noisy thing Meowmom calls a vacuum cleaner. It makes me scurry to my safe hidey-hole til she's done.

Brother Wadie is a real scamp, but I give as good as I get. I wuv sneaking up on him and springing. I chase him all around the house, and then he chases me. Oh, and I still have my favorite toy -- the fuzzy green mouse that Foster Mom Shirley gave me 3 years ago. It's a little ragged-looking now, but that's okay. The funnest thing is to throw it around in the middle of the night, like it was a real mousie. It's gone behind the fridge and stove a few times, buy Meowmom always fishes it out for me.

Thank you, Foster Mom Shirley and SCRC, for giving me such a loving family. You're the bestest!

WUV, Molly

Sept. 12, 2011: Wow, has it been 2 years already? Time flies when you're having fun. Uncle Albert, Brother Wade, and I are the 3 Mouseketeers, literally. When cold weather starts coming, like now, once in a while a little forest mousie finds his/her way into the basement. We have great fun chasing it around (we always wait til about 2 AM, when Meowm is asleep), but Meowm frowns on that. She tells us to be nice to our visitor, but we can't help ourselves. So she gets her butterfly net (for taking insects out of the house), snags the mousie, and relocates it gently down the forest road a ways.

I WUV my new family, and they WUV me! You guys at SCRC and especially my Foster Meowm, Shirley, are the bestest!! Without all of you I wouldn't be the happy li'l girl that I am. Every day I say a special prayer: "Thank you with all of my heart."

Now I have to go see if I can sneak up behind Wadie or Uncle Al and pounce on them.

Love always,


Molly is so integrated into our family that I can't imagine life without her! That little speckled thing has me at her beck and call, and that's okay. : )

Molly's coat has darkened quite a bit, and her tortie markings are distinctive. She also has a small tan streak on her forehead that's very sweet. Also, I can’t help but laugh at the way she squeaks instead of meowing.

She and Wade are best buddies. They tear around the house -- up and down the stairs -- and roll and tumble on the floor. Once in a while things get a little too rambunctious for her liking, and she screeches -- and five minutes later they're back at it again. : )

Foster Mom Shirley nursed Molly to health and gave her lots of TLC. THANK YOU, SHIRLEY!!!!!!

(Last update: Sep 12th, 2017 11am)

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Name: Willow

(FKA Whisper)

ID#: VA11910
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 17 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 01/21/17
Adopted: 03/11/17
Congrats: Mark
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
Back in the program, I originally came into the state of FL in 2006, now I'm back after quite the experiences, ask about me and I'll share! Good thing Siamese Rescue is here for those of us who need them again! I am perfect in all habits, the tiniest bit fluffy, and just the NICEST gal despite some scary experiences!

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Notes from Home
Wilma has adapted well to her new home. She is very outgoing and sociable with everyone she meets. The dogs have adjusted as well. They know to be calm and respectful around Whisper. Most of the time they ignore her. Every once and a while they get a bop on the nose from Wilma when they forget their manners.

Overall, Wilmar is a great cat and a happy addition to the family.

Well it has been 6 months, and a day doesn't go by that I can't imagine how we got along without our Wilma. She is such a cuddler! She loves to be held and snuggled all the time! She gets along super well with our 3 spinger spaniels and charms the pants off of anyone she meets.
Siamese are definitely an amazing breed! So special and unique!

(Last update: Sep 11th, 2017 9pm)

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