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I was born in the Big House and survived by donations of food from the inmates. Somewhere along the way most of my tail was bitten off, but it healed ok. Now it looks like a bunny tail. I just got paroled and was sent to a rescue where Siamese Cat Rescue found me.

I serve my time and now would love a person of my own to love on and get loves. I roll over for belly rubs when I'm petted. I'm learning to eat cat food and it is pretty good. I know how to use a litter box, too, and meowmy said I'm a good boy.

Would you like a sweet guy like me?

If so, ask about me and well see if I'd fit into your life.

Name: Bubba

(FKA Bubba fka Trix)

ID#: VA12931
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 03/19/19
Adopted: 04/13/19
Congrats: Mariah
Foster: Jeanne


Notes from Home
Yesterday was Bubba's visit to the vet. He was very well-behaved but absolutely did not appreciate having his temperature taken--I've never heard such a meow. He got a clean bill of health--the vet told us it was an "A++" visit. He's been acclimating well at home, although he ate too much cat grass and threw it up twice. He loves batting his toy mice around the house, he chases the ball in his turbo scratcher, and follows me around the house frequently. We got him a "cat digger" food dish and it's really making him slow down and work for dry food (his favorite). The vet visit wasn't too traumatic, as you'll see from the pictures later that evening and from when he came to wake me up this morning.

We moved to a new house 4 hours away and Bubba was quite nervous... for about 6 hours and then he was cool as a cucumber! He loves the house and he's right at home as if we never moved. He's learned a few tricks and he can now sit, lay down, roll over, and spin on command (for a treat, of course). He's a smart cookie!

(Last update: Sep 5th, 2019 8pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Bancroft (Banky)
ID#: VA6792
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: male
Current Age: 19 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 01/12/10
Adopted: 02/13/10
Congrats: Katie
Foster: Trish

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
Want a snuggler?
A lap warmer?
A sophisticated Meezer, in banker grey?

Well, you'll get all three in me, Mr. Bancroft. I'm here at the Italian B&B for Wayward Siamese, in a private room with a big soft people bed, and a great view of the birdies from my second floor window. Foster Meown said that my first Mom loved me so very much that she wanted me to have a playmate and a home where I can be my smart, playful, handsome self. I've already shown Foster Meown that I have a gentle purr-sonality, and excellent litter box habits. I use my scratching post regularly. Right now, I'm still figuring out life, as everything is so very different here. I've told Meowm that I'd like an active boy kitty to play with, and space to run around and exercise.

Could that be with you?

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Was so sad to say goodbye to Banks on August 23. He had a long downward, though comfortable, spiral. Still expect him to be curled up on bed pillow! Such a sweetheart.

My dear, sweet, almost 16-year-old Banks is not doing too well. Dealing with tumors on liver, losing weight and a little confused. But he also is still eating and usual daily habits, and occasionally goes tearing through the condo like house is on fire. Vet is monitoring his condition with palliative care. Lots of love his way.

Gee, Mom skipped a year or so, but she's been busy. We've "downsized," whatever that means, and we're now in a condo with a really cool screened in balcony. I'm king of the world out there, except it's been too hot lately to go out there! At annual exam, vet says I'm a healthy 12-year-old, as you can see in my new picture. Check it out! Later, Banks.

Wow, life continues to treat me right in my "new" home. After three years, I feel like I've always been here and have Mom wrapped around my paws. Throughout the day, I periodically go to her for "luv" sessions, which include cuddling, petting and words of praise. Otherwise, I curl up in a warm snuggly place in the bedroom or in front of the fireplace. Oh yes, and I still love to go crazy with that dangling feather-thing every now an then. That and a good catnip banana keep me on my toes! And it's all good news with my yearly vet checkup. Don't enjoy that whole process, but it's one of those necessary evils. It's all good! Purrs till next year, the Banks.

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 9 years young on May 21, and I haven't aged a bit! Still my handsome self, always ready to snuggle with Mom and get an all-over kitty massage. I love to be brushed and get all mushy when Mom get rids of all my extra fur. She and I have worked out a great system when she plays cards every week--I get on the cabinet behind the other players and send her signals, only after carefully checking other the opposition's cards (and smelling their hair). I'm such a smarty cat! And visitors actually think I'm sociable, a talent I've acquired over the past two years in my new home. Life is sweet--just see my new pictures!

Well, I've been here a year now, and I'm the most relaxed I've been in a long while! Mom gives me lots of loving and always reassures me when something new comes along. But I'm pretty much taking over the whole house, a big change from hiding out under the table for over a month when I first came here! One of my favorite perches is on top of Mom's big ole' computer monitor when she's working on important stuff, laying on top of her in bed between her and the top covers, stretching out on her legs when she's on the sofa, snuggling in her arms when she first sits at her desk, or cozying up on my fluffy/furry mat on the sun porch sofa with my younger buddy Mordecai, a Snowshoe of questionable pedigree. I tolerate him, but not enough to snuggle up together in bed--we have merry chases throughout the house, though, especially after it's lights-out at night. Mom says I act like a young, krazy kitty instead of a distinguished, mature Siamese Statesman. She says the vet thinks I'm A-OK, as of this year's checkup--that's good news, cause I don't really like those trips! I'm eating mostly wet food, with a little dry thrown in to make it interesting. Since switching from all dry, I don't up-chuck much at all. Phew! All in all, I feel very settled in, and love having staring contests and conversations with Mom, my blue eyes to her hazel. Life is good! Thanks, Siamese Rescue--another happy customer! Purrs from the Bankster
P.S.--I actually go up to visitors when they come to see Mom--I'm the official greeter!

We just celebrated our 6-month anniversary, and Banks and I are truly bonded. He's such a loving sweetheart, always ready to cuddle, and carefully arranges the blankets with his "bread-making" whenever we settle down for a nap or bedtime. He and his younger feline companion, Mordecai, have a great time with Bullitt-worthy (or, more currently, Tthe Fast and The Furious) races up and down the stairs and around the house. Banks is extremely agile, scaring me to death as he walked back and forth along the loft railing, lookiing down at me. I quickly discouraged that behaviour, but he's always exploring new heights, be it countertops or refrigerator tops. And he gets most indignant when I forget the evening "treat." He'll come sit in front of me on the coffee table and stare--like "What's the matter with you, where's my treat?" Of course, I get it for him right away. Bancroft will always be a little shy of sudden movements, but he's showing his self-confidence and improved comfort level more and more. I love him so much, and thank SR for bringing us together! He brings something special to my life.

Hi, Dolly and Trish--Banks is doing real well. I can't believe it's been a month! I decided to keep his name since he responds to it so well. Not a lot new to report--he continues to eat his Instinct dry food, and I got him a little treat food for an occasional break. Still good in the litterbox area.
Banks still stays up in the loft near my bedroom most the day, although as you can see from the pictures I hope to attach, he's all over the place. And EVERY time I go in the bathroom, he has to join me. No privacy! He's still cautious, and I try to never approach him but let him approach me. I think he's fine as long as everything is on his own terms. And that's ok. When he's ready to snuggle, he's right in my face. He actually approached Mom's hand she was holding down by her chair as she was talking to him. He'd come downstairs for one of his evening visits. That's the most interaction he's had with her, other than to come into her room when I'm getting her ready for bed. I hope he finally builds up the courage to get in her lap some day. He continues to seek out the highest vantage point in the room, and so far has not imperiled anything doing so. He just looks so smug looking down on the world!

(Last update: Sep 1st, 2019 2pm)

Hello!!! I'm back!!! oh wait I was never gone. Things didn't work out and now I'm available again.
Is anyone out there who could love a lonely girl?
Im loving, sweet and very nice. Cuddling in your arms will make me purr.
I love to run and play, racing from one end of the house to the other.
Ill talk with you and if you have food we'll have a long chat.
Im beautiful with lovely aqua eyes and soft gray fur.
My manners are above reproach and I leave my box tidy and clean.

Star Light, Star Bright
Is there room at your home tonight?

Name: Lily-tu

(FKA Chase)

ID#: VA4766
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 02/21/07
Adopted: 06/02/07
Deceased: 01/01/19
Congrats: Vicki
Foster: Sharon

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home
Lilly was put sleep onAugust27,2019
will miss her terribly

(Last update: Aug 29th, 2019 3pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Jake

(FKA Jacob)

ID#: VA10641
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: male
Current Age: 18 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 02/28/15
Adopted: 03/21/15
Congrats: Judith
Foster: Bonnie

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
OK Jude, I'm here now. Just checking around for everything on our checklist, then I will tell the lady about us. Oops keep that list clean, we're moving again.

Jude, I heard all about a new home. There will be fountains and cushy beds, lots of food and plenty of things to explore. We can tell Meowma how hungery we are and I'll bet we get lots of treats.

Do you think you can behave, or do I need to keep giving you cover? Now get out of my way so I can play with this new toy foster mom brought us. I love these feathers. No you don't play with the handle, you play with the feathers.

Dear New Mom,
I love to talk, a lot, really a whole lot. I hope you will enjoy listening. I'll tell you what Jude is doing, I'll tell you what Paw is doing, I'll tell you what the washing machine is doing. I love to talk. For a little guy, my voice is as big as the sky.

From your chatterbox fur-son.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Happy New Year!

For those who are still waiting for a furever home, may 2016 be the year your dream comes true.

Here we are beginning a new year in our furever home and want to share a few highlights from the last three months.

Jake and Jude here: Mom and Dad decorated the house for Christmas with wreaths and candles at the windows. There is a mantle over the fireplace and mom decorated that with fresh greens and soldier-type nutcrackers, fresh fruit, and a pineapple. We asked her about the fruit and especially the pineapple and she told us the decorations are similar to a burg where William lived back when the U.S.A. was born -- the pineapple means welcome. She didn’t say so but we think that after this William guy died, they named the town Williamsburg and ever after Virginia believed in Santa Claus.

Jude here: Mom decorated a little tree with tiny white lights and some special things. She put tiny candy canes on the tree, too. Jake really thought it was fun to smack the candy canes down on the floor and watch them smash. Mom was not amused but didn’t fuss. She just cleaned up the pieces and said she was darn glad we didn’t figure out the mantle.

Jake here: We got Christmas stockings that Santa filled with our special food. Turns out, I’m allergic to grains so we have special grain-free food that mom stocks in our Mini-Mart. Foster Mom Bonnie sent us a Christmas package that had some special grain-free freeze-dried chicken and gosh Jude and I gobbled that up. She also sent us each a toy fortune cookie because of our good fortune last year. As for the candy canes, I refuse to answer on the grounds that…

Our neighborhood is mostly quiet so on New Year’s Eve we got a bit nervous when we heard a few loud noises. Mom told us it was okay and started reading out loud to us a story about two Siamese cats that help solve murders. After a few loud booms, everything got quiet again. Dad, well Dad was asleep in his recliner downstairs – he claims he was awake.

Our resolution for 2016 is to make a wish every day that those who are still waiting find the purrfect furever home.

Jake and Jude

We’re older dudes and had never heard of “mass transit” until foster mom Bonnie put us into a car that was the first part of The Meezer Express caravan. Each car took us closer and closer to our new furever mom and dad. Our new mom calls us carpetbaggers because we came from up north to a place called Virginia. That was on March 21, 2015.

When we got to our new furever home, our new mom and dad put us in a big bedroom. Surprise! There was our very own Millie bed on top of the people bed. We were tired and shy so we climbed into our bed to sleep. We didn’t feel scared because we had our own bed, plus toys, food, and a special potty -- a big tub with a hole cut in the side (we may be carpetbaggers but we’re not squatters.) The next morning, we decided to see the rest of our new home. Our new mom thought she was being really sneaky careful when she opened the door but we were ready and waiting and bolted through the door and down the hallway. WOW! It took all day to explore our very own English muffin with so many nooks and crannies. But, by sundown, we owned the place (and mom and dad).

A few weeks later, we met our new doctor. He’s really nice and said we look amazing for geezers. Jacob, aka Jake, had to have some dental work. Mom and dad say we are toothless wonders because we eat wet and dry food like champions – especially Jake. Jake reminds mom of humans she doesn’t appreciate because they eat and eat and still stay skinny. Well, that’s Jake! But mom loves him. She keeps the J&J Mini-Mart fully stocked.

Mom and dad put a special ledge on a “safe” window sill and we spend lots of time sleeping there in the sunshine. Sometimes we sleep in our downstairs Millie bed and sometimes in our upstairs Millie bed. When we aren’t sleeping or eating, we play Indy 500, chase Da Bird and the snake wand and chew our cat nip toys. We also like sleeping on the people bed. We use our scratching posts and play rugs but sometimes Jude forgets and uses the carpet (that’s when mom and dad get big voices). We like to sit with mom when she reads and watches t.v. and we really enjoy using dad’s computer keyboard.

Jake says he may run for President (everyone else is). He has opinions on everything and just blurts out whatever he thinks whenever he feels like it. His 4 a.m. filibuster is a specialty mom does not appreciate. Dad just keeps sleeping.

Jude says he has special talents, too. When he wants attention he puts his paw out and reaches up to say he wants to be held and snuggled. He also curls his paw into a dipper to get a drink of water from a people glass -- he especially likes the mug of water on dad’s desk.

We ‘re full of love and big purrs and that’s why we got a special treat -- Foster mom Bonnie, her husband (Uncle Earl) and Godmommy Karen (our interviewer) came to visit us. That was such a special treat. We think they’re special for finding us the best mom and dad we could ever imagine. The caravan people are special, too. SCRC is good. Our life is very good.

Jacob and Jude

Hi everyone,

Jude and Jake here: Wow! We can hardly believe it has been one whole year since we came to live with our furever mom and dad in Virginia. A while back, we woke up and it was snowing and snowing and snowing. We thought we were back in Massachusetts but mom told us we are still in Virginia and it was just a big Virginia-style snow storm. She told us to climb up on our window ledge and enjoy watching snowflakes fall down because Virginia doesn’t get so much snow like Massachusetts. Whew! We were so happy we were safe and warm inside with our food and water and treats.

Jude here: I’ve been practicing new table manners. Now I like to use a front paw to scoop food and water up into my mouth. I practiced using the mug of water dad keeps on his desk. He’s okay with sharing his water with me. He also keeps a bag of treats in one of the desk drawers. We try to be really quiet but somehow Jacob, who has radar ears, comes running and demands his more than fair share. Jake thinks everyone should share everything with him. Sometimes, mom and dad call him “jealous Jake.” Not to be outdone by dad, mom also keeps a bag of treats in a desk in her tv room. Shhhh! Don’t tell Dad. We sure have a great life. Treats here, treats there, treats treats everywhere. Oh, one more thing about Jake – sometimes he isn’t nearly as clever as he thinks he is because he goes into a room, pushes the door closed, then screams like a banshee because he can’t get out. Mom says he’s simple.

Jake here: Since I’ve been on grain-free food, I’ve had only a few upset tummy episodes. I still eat like a competitive foodie but don’t get sick now. Sometimes Mom and dad give us a spoonful of shredded baked chicken or salmon or grilled steak and those are really awesome treats. Recently, I discovered that Mom makes an outstanding Millie bed substitution when she sleeps. I just climb up on her hip, settle in, and we’re off to dreamland. I don’t share that spot with Jude. Jude likes to sleep next to Mom pushed up against her arm. Oh, and I am NOT simple – I just know how to get attention.

Jake and Jude: When Mom is doing stuff around the house, we like to visit dad in his office – we’re really good at sorting papers and we’re learning to use the computer. We also like to sit with him in his recliner where we all watch tv through closed eyelids. Not wanting to play favorites, we then go upstairs and sit on mom’s lap while she reads or watches tv. Mom says all four of us are geezers so we’re going to move to a retirement community nearby. We get to take all our toys and Millie beds, our mini-mart, our special litter box, and our TREATS. She says it will be a good place where we will all still all be together but we won’t have to go up and down stairs. So, all-in-all, we’ve had a terrific year. Here’s looking forward to year two.

Mom and Dad here: We are blessed!

Respectfully submitted with purrs,

March 21, 2017

Hello everyone!

Amazing! Can you believe we were adopted two years ago today? Neither can we but it sure has been a furbilicious two years.

We have everything we could hope for, including a big new Malcolm bed we got for Christmas along with some new Afghans and toys. Our Malcolm is mostly where we go when a human lap isn’t available. We’re sending pictures from Christmas when we were figuring out our new Malcolm bed. So, okay, our sunny window bed is another favorite place and we still sometimes use our Millie bed. When we’re not sleeping and sunning, we like to sit with mom and dad when they work at their desks. Jude watches the coffee cups and water glasses and, when the time is just right, he dips a paw in to get a taste (or two or three or four). Jake is not as subtle -- he just sticks his whole face in and starts gulping (he flunked Siamese Finishing School.)

We had our six months checkup at the doc’s place. He says we are doing great for a couple of meezers. Everyone there, including our terrific vet, says we are very handsome and ever so well-behaved. Mom has to give Jake some Pepcid every day because he has a very sensitive stomach and has throw- up accidents. She mumbles about someone named Stanley Steamer
but then she hugs him and tells him she loves him. Actually, she says that a lot to both of us.

Mom told us we are still waiting to move to the old folks’ home but we’re not worried. She said because we are meezers and they are geezers, we are all going to stay together and she promises lots of sunshiny windows and all our stuff will have top priority.

We still send greetings to our foster family (Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Earl) and our coordinator Karen and her two girls (Cara and Coco). So, life is good and we know we are two very lucky boys.

Whisker kisses,
Jake and Jude

Hello everyone!

We decided to share what’s been going on in our lives the past few weeks.

Once upon a time, you remember, we were taken on a loooooong ride from Massachusetts to a place called Virginia. Back then we were learning about the Revolutionary War because our foster dad is into all things Revolutionary War. When we got to Virginia, we thought maybe we would see soldiers in gray and soldiers in red, empty tea tins, muskets and horses (we still miss our Llama from when we were in Massachusetts). After all that travel, we decided to give the new people and the new digs a fighting chance. So it’s been two and one-half years and we love our people and our house where we get lots of food, water, beds, blankets, toys, and chin and ear scritches. Mom and Dad keep telling us they love us a whole bunch (whatever a bunch is). So, everything was going along nicely until…..

About two months ago, these people came in OUR house and started nosing around looking in rooms and closets and even the bathrooms. Those nosy people went away but showed up again and kept looking all around. We decided we better put some hedge around our bets so we played nice with the woman just in case.

Well, the very next day, another woman showed up with a fist full of papers and we don’t know what all that was about except she kept mom and dad at the dining room table for about three hours. Seems those nosy people wanted to buy OUR house before it was on what they kept calling “the market.” Since we didn’t think they were referring to the farmer’s market, we started getting really nervous. So, we sat at the top of the stairs keeping one eye on the table and the other on the closet where our carriers are stashed.

Next thing was some woman that mom doesn’t like came with some papers and told mom and dad all the great things she would do (for a big bunch of money) so we began to fear for our food allowance. A few days later, a man shows up with a clipboard and HE walks all around our house making marks on his clipboard. He talked about how a junk truck could be provided. JUNK TRUCK? Well! We made record time getting to our litter box. Junk truck? Seriously? Mom! Dad! We’re not junk! We’re your very own sweet and loving boys!

So, now we get to about five weeks ago. Two nice ladies showed up with a whole big bunch of cardboard and tissue paper. The ladies put everything in the paper and then in the boxes.

Then came Monday, August 21st – a really scary day for us. We were put in a bedroom with our stuff so all we could hear were bumping and thumping noises. What could be happening? Our home was being invaded. All these guys came rushing around and they took all our stuff out to a really big truck. They took EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING EXCEPT US! Okay, so they didn’t take dad, either.

So, there we were alone with dad in a totally empty house. All that was left were our carriers, blankets, food, and water dishes. Where was mom? Did she get put in the big truck? We started to feel sad and scared.

About four hours later, dad’s cell phone rang and he said “Okay boys, we’re going for a ride.” Yikes! A ride? A “ride” means one of two things: a visit to our doctor or we’re going to a new home and new humans.

BUT WAIT! We needed to start thinking positive thoughts and positive thinking helped. We got to ride in the new car – nice! And, as we rode across a river, dad said we were almost to our new home and everything would be fine because mom was waiting for us. Better and better with every turn of the wheels on their axles.

Dad carried us into our new home. It had new smells and sounds but we were together with our mom and dad. We saw all our familiar furniture, our food dishes, our customized litter box, the big basket with our toys, our Afghans, and our mom. Sigh!

We’ve been together in our big new apartment for five weeks. Everything is lovely. Mom and dad say we’re real troopers and we adapted just like good Siamese boys. Another life adventure has begun.

♥Life isn’t so bad at the old folks’ home. Not so bad for older people. Not so bad for older Siamese, either.

Respectfully submitted,
Jake and Jude

Hello everyone.

It has been quite a long time since our last update. That was about our big adventure moving from a big house to an apartment at an old folks’ home. Well, here’s what’s been going on:

You may recall we moved to the old folks’ home with our old people two years ago. Everything went well and we were all settled in UNTIL…

Our humans decided after maybe 12 months, they no longer wanted to live in our apartment. They wanted to move upstairs to an apartment with the same floorplan BUT it has two balconies with views of the woods. We don’t know why they can’t just find a Millie Bed and settle down. Sheesh! So, this time, no people came with clipboards and markers, no boxes, no big trucks. What happened was we saw the same men from before but they just came and took all our stuff out and put it on an elevator to the upstairs place. The men all said hello to us and told us we would be just fine. So…

Late afternoon, January 7, 2019, we had to get into our carriers and then had to ride two floors up to what would become another new abode. Mom right away put out our food dishes and water and sat nearby chatting with us. She thought we might be nervous or scared. Truth is, all we really cared about was having our food and water AND our same old special litter box in the same location as downstairs. Dad put our window ledge up, too. So we have our Millie & Malcolm beds and our window ledge. We have our toys but aren’t much into those these days. Jake still explores behind open doors and then uses his biggest Siamese voice because he can’t get out. Everything was almost just like before except there are big doors in a bedroom AND in the living room. So, these big doors are glass and outside are things called balconies. Mom told us a story about how when we look through the glass doors, just beyond the woods is a river called Occoquan. Occoquan means “at the end of the water.” That’s the same river we went over on our way here. We can’t see the river but we can see the cool river birds such as Ospreys and Eagles and Herons. Just outside the glass doors we see Gold Finches and Bluebirds. Now we sleep in lots of sunshine near the big doors. Oh, the balconies have Hummingbird feeders and a gazillion Hummingbirds and flower boxes. Nice. So, here we are settled in again. Oh, don’t tell foster Bonnie or Coordinator Karen that Mom says we have become Southerners so we’re no longer carpetbaggers from up North.
Life is good. We are happy.

Respectfully submitted,
Jake and Jude

Note from Meowme: Jake and Jude have been with us for 4 ½ years. Jude is ~18 years old. He has begun to drink water constantly. Frank and I keep water with the boys’ food and also a mug of water on our personal desks. Litter box use has increased significantly and is consistent with water consumption. Jake, ~16 years, is beginning to follow the same pattern. The doctor says both boys are doing well for their ages but Jude’s kidneys are failing. Unfortunately, Jake is beginning the same pattern of behavior. For now, they are happy boys. Their days are filled with sunshine, blue sky, lots of food, and even more water. Oh, neighbors here at the old folks’ home adore them. As do we.

Respectfully submitted,
Judie and Frank

(Last update: Aug 27th, 2019 11am)

Look into my amazing baby blues and you won't ever look away - I am the nicest larger sized boy you have ever met, I guarantee it. I'm a sensitive teddy bear who is looking for someone with compassion and kindness, a soft voice and a gentle hand. I know my name, please don't take that away from me, and I love it if you sing song Khush Khush Khush. I'm great in all my habits and very non political with the other cats, I could also be the only cat. Lots of loving and purring here just waiting for you, I was a beautiful lynx point kitten once upon a time, now I'm a grown Siamese tabby mix and you can't go wrong!
Name:   Khush
ID#: VA13037
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tabby
DateIn: 07/20/19
Adopted: 08/17/19
Congrats: Holly
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
First of all, Khush and I thank everyone who made the adoption possible! And, as I only had the chance to say thanks in person to Apryl, I want to add Cheryl and Caroline for the transport (& listening to Khush's backseat driving advice).
Khush is settling in and showing more and more comfort with the changes everyday (well, he was perturbed over the vet check on Wednesday). He still alerts to every noise, but with less and less alarm. His "safety zone" is under the downstairs bed but he comes out every time I call and even if I don't when I'm making noise in the kitchen. He likes sitting on the couch together in the evening. And this morning we had a good play time that included him zooming from the kitchen to the scratch pad in the dining room and then taking on the flying feather wand.

(Last update: Aug 24th, 2019 10am)

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Name: Dante

(FKA Snoopy)

ID#: VA5968
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 10/21/08
Adopted: 11/08/08
Congrats: Wrenn
Foster: Joyce

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
I'm one of Daisy Mae's baby boys. I love to play with my sister Peanut and brother Frankie. So far I'm the most adventurous. I love to be held and I have a gigantic purr for such a little guy !

Will probably be ready to go home around Nov 8th.

Kitten policies apply.

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Notes from Home
Dante is doing well. He's getting older now and take a couple of medications everyday, but otherwise, he's healthy and happy.
(Last update: Aug 24th, 2019 8am)

Outgoing well adjusted gal who takes things in stride, I made the trip from FL to VA in the blink of an eye, and now I'm exploring my new digs and looking forward to getting to know a new pool of adopters. Ask about me, lots of information to share, if you're looking for an outgoing playful gal!
Name: Bella

(FKA Darcie)

ID#: VA10239
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 08/16/14
Adopted: 09/13/14
Congrats: Renee
Foster: Siri

Foster Notes

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
Hi all! Well it's been 1 month since Bella (yup we've officially changed her name!) came to us and she is doing just great!! She truly is an easy going cat, very social and inquisitive and super playful! She is completely holding her own with our dog! They play/wrestle around a few times a day and then it's nap time for the both of them for a bit! Oh, and man she looooves to eat! She is learning to beg at the table just like our dog! I brought her to our vet today just for a check up and they said she looks perfect-she weighed in at 9.1 pounds. We are soooo very happy to have found her, so again, many thanks to all of you that made it happen! I'm going to try to upload some pics of her, she is so very pretty and very photogenic!! Love, The Ralstons

Hi there from the Ralston's and Miss Bella! It's hard to believe that it's been 9 months since our gorgeous Bella came to us. This cat is a total piece of work! She's crazy!! She goes zooming around the house at 100 mph and then just flops down in the middle of the floor and starts giving herself a bath with a total blase look on her face, like a cat tornado didn't just go thru the house!! She is completely food motivated/obsessed! I swear to you, she begs at the kitchen table every night just like our dog! She even goes chair to chair, sitting next to the kids hoping they drop or just plain give her something! She is always underfoot whenever food is involved! She's loves to be around people and will often follow someone from room to room just to be near them! Unless she's out on our screen porch, which is her absolute favorite place to be this summer! Like I said she wants to be around us but she is still fresh in the sense that she will bite and or scratch us when she is "done with us". This kills me as all I want to do is pick her up and squeeze her!!!! She'll go a couple of weeks without biting me and I get all excited and think awwww, she finally truly loves me and then wham! she gets me good! Lol! Don't get me wrong, she does let us love on her when She Wants! But the trick is to stop before she is over it and decides she's had enough!! I'm hoping to fully win her over one day!! She is a true crazy character!! Oh and her foster was sooooooo right in that she does lay/sleep in the funniest positions! I have sooo many pics! Thanks so much for our cra cra girl! We love her so!!
Hi there. I’m signed up to do a transport this weekend and it made me think that I haven’t given an update on our Bella in Forever! She continues to be very self assured and the most interesting cat I’ve ever known! She looooves to be around people but still doesn’t really like to be petted much unless it absolutely suits her! She is still totally a food hound and Insists on her snacks at night when she knows we are going to bed. She is so very gorgeous and very photogenic! We are still extremely grateful we found this unique girl and love her soooo much!

(Last update: Aug 22nd, 2019 10am)

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Name: Perseus

(FKA Quantas)

ID#: VA10323
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 09/19/14
Adopted: 10/18/14
Congrats: Mike
Foster: Kathy

Foster Notes

Nothing not to like here! Quantas is a gorgeous, sweet, outgoing, playful, cuddly, purr machine!

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Notes from Home
10/22/14 - Just weighed Perseus, he is 5.1#! Adjusting well, will update more later

10/25/14 - Perseus went to see his new vet...of course he grabbed everyone's heart soon as they saw him, he is quite the ham when it comes to that ! Dr Z said after we got there he wanted a stool...unfortunately we didn't know until arriving.....so he said to leave him quarantine until we know what is causing the loose stool, concerned might be a parasite....in the meantime he has him metronidazole for 10 days....more to come!

05/23/15 - Perseus is doing well has adjusted fairly well with his new brother and sister!

9/28/15 - Perseus has adjusted quite well....he definitely likes to cuddle, but only on his terms, he quickly clarifies his terms! Lol . He has been great to have around though!

8/19/16 - Perseus has come a long way, as I type this, he is on the couch next to me watching tv, stretching out, laying less then a foot from his sister Lexy, (9 year old Pom)! He still doesn't like a whole lot of holding, he gets testy, biting and clawing, not hard or aggressive just enough to say, ok, we are done, ,but we just make sure to give him all the loving he can take every day and that amount of time is getting longer as time passes

3/8/18 Cannot believe how long it’s been! Perseus has come so far! He has remained very vocal, especially when it’s breakfast or dinner time! We adopted a new pomeranian and they quickly became buds....he still doesn’t like being held or cuddled, after a min he makes that very clear!

8/18/19. Wow, coming up on our 5 year anniversary! He has been a terror and a delight! We have all learned what not to do, (no belly rubs! lol) and what to do, just likes face and behind the ears touched! He has adjusted with the two poms well, they all nap next to each other occasionally...His Dr diagnosed him with IBD, he is on special diet and daily meds, but his stool is. firm, and seems more comfortable so all is well!

(Last update: Aug 18th, 2019 7pm)

A snugglier, lovelier, funnier hair cat guy can't be found!
Name:   Salem
ID#: VA10886
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Flame
DateIn: 07/03/15
Adopted: 07/19/15
Deceased: 04/03/19
Congrats: Cheryl
Foster: Siri


Notes from Home
8/18/2019 What can I say about my best friend, Salem? He was so gentle, loving and confident. Not afraid of anything. He liked everyone and everyone liked him. I got him because my shy flame point Dorothy needed a new buddy after our senior seal point Max passed away. It was difficult to find a cat who wouldn’t bully Dorothy. Then I found Salem. He did not disappoint us and Dorothy adored him. She would purr so loud when he would give her attention. I wish I had taken videos. My pictures never do them justice.

Even though Salem liked everyone, he loved me the most. He would wait by the door when it was time for me to come home. He always wanted to be in my arms or be on me. I could not get enough of him either.

Salem was my sunshine and I had to say goodbye to him on 4/3/2019. He had kidney disease, high blood pressure and other complications that I only knew about for two months. I am so grateful for the time we had together. Dorothy and I miss him terribly. -Cheryl

8/2/2015 (2 weeks) Hello from Flame World! Salem is a wonderful kissie face kitty cat. He is cuddly and very lovable. As you can see from the pictures, he loves the cat tree in his safe room (laundry room). He is getting comfortable in the rest of the house and took a nap with me today. Integration with my other flame point, Dorothy, is going slow. She's still not sure about having another cat in the house. Salem is trying to be friends but gives her her space. I am very pleased and hope to one day post a picture of them together. -Cheryl

(Last update: Aug 18th, 2019 4pm)

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Name:   Chessi
ID#: VA13034
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 07/17/19
Adopted: 08/03/19
Congrats: Jodie
Foster: Debi

Greetings! My name is Chessi & I just landed in my foster mom's B&B! She tells me how sleek & beautiful I am and that I have personality plus!! I came from the streets of a colony I'm told, but I'm just as friendly and playful as you would want a kitten meezerette to be!

If you're looking for a people friendly and playful kitten, look no further, as here I am!! Go on and click on that button!

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Notes from Home
Chessi came home, and the first thing she did was go straight for dinner. She ate perfectly and drank. Later that night, she used the litter box. She demonstrated what a little treasure she is. She curled up in my lap the first night.

Over the next few days, Chessi indicated she might be a door darter. The first time, Chessi rushed the door,but she slowed down at the end of the hall ad let me collect her before Mitzi, my older cat, was any the wiser.

THe next day, she did it again. Really tricky, because Chessi was the same color as the carpet. THis time, Mitzi saw her, but Mitzi didn't hiss. She just blocked the way.

Over the last week, I've become convinced that the reason she darted the door was to be with me.

She does love her ribbon wand; however, she has some to like combining it with tunnel toys. She will set herself up at the start of a tunnel and then catch a wand toy at the other side. If she has a mid to set herself up for the chase, she will ignore the wand toy until she is set. She has even figured out how to fun through two tunnels to catch the ribbon.

Friday night, Chessi spent a little time in the carriet while Mitzi explored the room. THere was a little hissin on Mitzi's part to let the kitten know who was the senior feline, but nothing horrifying. Once, Mitzi even rubbed her self against the carrier.

In her excape Saturday morning, she finally came eye to eye with Mitzi on the stairs. THe big cat ( though Mitzi is actually very small as far as cats go, blocked the way. Chessi happily went back to the room with no incident. Not even a hiss. Later that afternoon, Chessi (who will possibly be renamed Sprite), had her first real meeting with Mitzi. Chessi behaved perfectly. Mitzi groused abit, but both enjoyed a dinner tail to tail with bowls about 5 feet apart.

Chessi did love getting the run of the rest of the house.

Some other fun things: Chessi loves Kindles. Especially a fish simulation app. Also, she was attempting to sun in the window, but she's so light, she wasn't warming. She has taken very well to my black sweatshirt and now shuns other beds. All in all, a great transistion.

Vet appointment is scheduled with Mitzi for the 15th.

15 August

Chessi, now named Sprite, had her vet visit with Mitzi. The vet thinks she might have herpes based on some eye congestion, but she's been pretty healthy and happy. The plan is to keep an eye on it. She is a whole 4.01 lb now and the vet thinks she is 5 lb, and wants to taper her off of the "up to 20 weeks" feeding instructions to adut food. We're going to take that under advisement and just move to the next level of kitten feeding from 20 to 30 weeks. the kitten is not going to like it because eating is one of her favorite things.

The best thing about the vet visit, as odd as it seems, it that Mitzi, the 15 year old 6.02 lb cat that Sprite moved in with, was grateful to Sprite for being a familiar smell at the scary vet's office that she warmed up to her a bit after the vet visit. They enjoyed a meal together, especially enjoyed trading bowls at the vey end of the meal because each seemed to think the other had been given the better meal, and they electively sniffed one another for the first time after dinner (Sprite would have happily exchanged scents earlier, but Mitzi has been a little kermudgeonly). The kitten interpretted Mitzi's warming as an invitation to play tackle Mitzi, but all her time in the kitty colony taught her to respect her elders, so when Mitzi said 'no', Sprite was pretty good about obeying.

About the door darting--I had started to get very worried for her for the eventuality when she would move out of isolation. As an engineer, I've even come up with a new concept for a door darting tool because I was worried she'd eventually try it on the front door once she no longer lives in the spare bedroom. However, the websites that sugested not looking at or acknowledging your cat until you come in, shut the door, and move to a greeting spot has been amazing. She doesn't rush the door. She meets me at it, and then comes with me to the place in the room away from the door where she will get pet. I may be able to forego patenting my door darting design!

All in all, things are going great.

17 August, 2019
Sprite and Mitzi had breakfast together--or rather had each other's breakfast today. Or, Mitzi chose to have some of Sprite's breakfast and Sprite chose to have all of Mitzi's breakfast and the rest of hers. Sprite was delighted with getting to eat downstairs and then play. She and Mitzi got into a spat, and then were separated for a couple of hours. I deliberated, but the decided that Sprite would come along for Mitzi's vet visit midday. Mitzi and Sprite had both had a check-up two days earlier with a new vet I was trying who is about 7 minutes from home. I wasn't fully comforatble with the place, so I decided to go back to my oldvet who is more like 20 minutes away for a second opinion for Mitzi. A vet's office might seem like a terrible place to bond two cats, but Mitzi has always relied on a more comfortable cat being around to let her know if a situation is safe. Sprite's not really afraid of much. Plus, when Mitzi and Sprite had their appointments on Thursday, Mitzi warmed up to Sprite after. In fact, there was a point that Mitzi was rolling around and purring on one side of me, got up, and walked to a point on the other side of me pretending to take and interest in an object, and then walked over to where Sprite had been watching her. Mitzi tried to touch noses with the kitten, but Sprite felt that was a little too familiar after all the hissing and swatting that Mitzi had done earlier that day. Sprite hissed and batted at Mitzi who pulled away looking offended. Mitzi cried a little bit when I separated them. Since the first vet visit seemed to have positive effects, I decided to give it a shot. Pus, I didn't want Mitzi to acquire the vet smell without Sprite similarly acquiring it. (Mitzi would hiss at her sister and best friend in the world when Sonja would separately go to the vet, or get a bath.

Vet offices can be stressful places, and these girls were treated to loud and untrained dogs during a long wait. When we got in the private room, away from the loud dogs, Mitzi was taking cover in her carrier, and Sprite was happy to be out in my arms--shepurred and purred, and that seemed to calm Mitzi. They both almost touched noses of their own volition--Mitzi really liked having Sprite with her in an unfamiliar situation.

When we got home, I lined their carriers up and let them out at the same time. They came out and touched noses--somewhat accidentally, but I think they could have avoided it if they had wanted to . Later, in the "isolation" room, they deliberately touched noses using me as neutral ground. And then leter in the day, I turned a corner and caught them touching noses without me around at all.

Sprite is still properly cautious around Mitzi. Mostly. She did pounce on Mitzi when Mitzi was curled up in my chair under a blanket this afternoon (post vet visit). Mitzi allowed it without even stirring, though I quickly pulled Sprite away. Mitzi really hasn't hissed at Sprite today--she's meowed at her with her scratchy little voice with a tone that says 'I'm keeping an eye on you', but I haven't really seen any hissing, other than the early morning spat. I can't believe how well the day went afterwards. As I write this evening, Sprite is sleeping on the couch that Mitzi had territorially refused to allow Sprite on 2 days ago. Earlier, Sprite napped on the cat tree without incident.

(Last update: Aug 17th, 2019 10pm)

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