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The nerve of some people! There I was happy and healthy in my home with Mom and my feline sibling, and the landlord told my mom that one of us had to go. She cried when she had to give me up, but she thought I could adapt to a new home better than my sis could. I've been around children and dogs, and I think I can handle anything. Now that I'm getting used to my new surroundings, I'm really starting to show what a loving lady I am. There's nothing I won't headbutt and rub against. I'm a beautiful lady looking for a new home. Hope to hear from you soon.

Name:   Lily
ID#: VA4050
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 03/11/06
Adopted: 04/23/06
Deceased: 01/01/19
Congrats: Jean
Foster: Eva


Notes from Home
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Sept. 2019

(Last update: Oct 3rd, 2019 9am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Harley

(FKA Betsy Blue)

ID#: VA12991
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 06/08/19
Adopted: 07/20/19
Congrats: Thomas
Foster: Jeanne

Hey, Blue here. I was turned into a shelter by a person who didn't want to care for me and my siblings. I have a short little tail, a good appetite, and good litter box manners. I'd really love to go to a home that has another cat or kitten for me to play and wrestle with. If I sound like what you're looking for, ask about me.


No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
October 2, 2019
Harley is doing GREAT! She is such a sweet kitten. She greets me at the door every night when I come home from work. She comes when I call her, plays fetch, and loves to watch the fish tank on Debs notepad. She even watches TV . She's very playful and full of energy. That little tail of hers is so darn cute. She wags it all the time. We call it her 'Question Mark'. She snuggles in bed with us and show no favoritism. She gets along fine with her big brother, Grayson, and winds about half of their little boxing matches. She loves to get a running start and take down the big brother. We bought a covered pet strolled and try to take her and Grayson out every night for a walk. They love the smells and seeing the wildlife in our neighborhood. The know to jump in the stroller when we ask them if they want to go for a walk. Unbelievable! Harley is so smart and trainable that she will do pretty much anything I say. She is fascinated by the water running down the glass shower stall each morning when I take a shower. Absolutely fascinated. Very cute little girl who is enjoying being with us and we enjoy her, too.
Tom & Deb

(Last update: Oct 2nd, 2019 9am)

Hello, I'm Grayson,

I am almost 5 months old and love to play and run and wrestle. I also love it when meowmy holds me and I purr real loud to let her know how happy I am. I eat all the delicious food she gives and she said I'm a little gentleman in my litter box. She said I'm the perfect little man.

I'd love a forever home with my own fur sister to play with. Is that yours? Ask about me and maybe I can come purr for you.

Name:   Grayson
ID#: VA13029
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 07/15/19
Adopted: 08/03/19
Congrats: Thomas
Foster: Jeanne

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
October 2, 2019
Grayson has adjusted well. He is sometimes stand-offish with new people but very friendly with us. He is playful with his little sister, Harley, and us. He is very strong, has a voracious appetite, and well behaved. Grayson loves to sleep in bed with us and it seems he favors Deb over me. We've had to separate him and Harley @ night a few times b/c they wanted to play and we wanted to sleep. It's a good thing. He continues to grow and get stronger very day. His check up with the vet last week was perfect. Everyone @ our vet loves him and Harley. We've been told we have the coolest cats with the neatest names.
Thank you to all who helped us adopt Grayson.
Tom & Deb

(Last update: Oct 2nd, 2019 9am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Reagan
ID#: VA12782
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 09/08/18
Adopted: 07/21/19
Congrats: Sue
Foster: Melanie (Nashville)

If you're looking for an adorable pair of kittens - check out Rosie and I! We are playful and ADORE people and are looking for a home with people who want to snuggle and don't mind us sleeping around their neck or on their head all night. Rosie has some vision problems, and I help her out. So we must go home together. We're almost big enough for our spay surgery, and will be ready to go home just after Thanksgiving. Ask about us today!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Megan (formerly Reagan) is doing great. Although totally blind, she has become familiar with the layout of the house and quickly learned how to use the stairs to safely go up and down from my bed. She's a sweet cat, and loves her chin and tummy rubs and daily brushing. She is a BIG help with dust mop-up of the stray litter every morning, and easily integrated with the other cats and the dog. She sleeps on the bed and likes to cuddle right next to my shoulder. During the day, she naps on the sofa with the other pets. She's a sweet and loving cat and a wonderful addition to our family.
(Last update: Sep 22nd, 2019 4pm)

Hi there! If you're looking for 2 lbs of pure energy and plenty of love, ask about me today!
Name: Hazel

(FKA Nova)

ID#: VA12407
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 11/19/17
Adopted: 01/14/18
Congrats: Sandi
Foster: Melanie (Nashville)

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Hazel is doing very well. She is slowly integrating with the resident cats, even touching noses with one of them without any hissing from either party. My female resident cat is a little slower about integrating but we are working on that. She is full of energy and life and isn't afraid of anything. Everyone who has met her, loves her, and wanted to sneak her home with them! She's had her first vet visit here and got her first rabies shot. She will be running the entire household soon!

Hazel here--I'm enjoying my home in NC. I love my humans and they love me, but I don't think they're very bright. You see, I have a really nice sanctuary they say is for my own good. They said I have to keep this room as my home base a little while longer, till I can run around free with my brother and sister. Thing is, I'm very fast and I race out of my room and the humans try and catch me. They look pretty ridiculous doing it too. I always go to the dining room and wait for them under the table, they have to go under there and get me, but they need the exercise...Anyway, they're not so smart because they think I can be contained! I'm getting along well with big brother Finn, we play together sometimes and he even licked my face. Big sis Avery is a little standoffish, I don't know why because I'm very cute. I'll get her there so don't

worry. Fun fact about me--I play fetch! The humans are gonna stack a few gates in the doorway to my room this weekend...can't wait to see their faces the first time I climb over...

Big news on our end--Finn and Hazel have officially integrated! They run around and play together on the first floor only. Second floor is designated the HFZ--Hazel Free Zone. This is to help Avery who is still quite resistant to Hazel's charms. Avery goes into Hazel's territory, but not vice versa. Avery does want in Hazel's room more than she used to, and cries at her door. Upon nose to nose encounters, There is still some hissy growling on Avery's part. No one seems threatened, just cautious. We are putting up gates this weekend, to try and help Avery along. We think more contact is in order. It took two weeks for Finn and Hazel to integrate, I think we might be more on the two month plan for Avery/Hazel. Any and all advice is appreciated. Just ask Mary and Melanie, I haunt their email asking for pointers! Till next time.

Hazel Again--Well I think I'm finally friends with my big brother Finn! We run and play together now. My favorite game is knocking him over. This is quite a feat as he has at least ten pounds on me! The humans can't keep up but does that surprise you? They can't help it though, so don't be too hard on them, Being born human and not a cat makes them naturally inferior, so I try to go easy on them. Big sister Avery is still a little cautious around me. I know one thing, her growl/hiss button works very well! As far as my siblings accepting me, let me put it this way...Finn came to me along a nice 70 mph interstate and Avery is coming to me strapped on the back of a 200 year old tortoise. But having said that, progress has been made. She comes to me more, and stays near me longer than she did before. I keep hearing the humans talk about baby steps, whatever that means. She still a little hiissy/growly, but better than she was when I got here, paws, fingers crossed. Now where are those humans to do my bidding...

Hazel--Hope everyone is having a nice Valentines Day. My family and I are having a very sad day, because my new daddy had a sudden family tragedy. He had to leave for a few days, and he flew far away from home. He will be back next week. Meowmy is here holding down the fort. She has her hands full with three cats and four fish. I really miss my dad, as he's the one I snuggle up to at night. On a happier note, I play with Finn so much more than I used to. We run back and forth between my room and the dining room. We wrestle and I believe he has met his match in me hehe. Avery is still using that hissy growl button, but she comes to where I am more than she did before. I even sat above her and batted her nose, she didn't say anything. I'm not ready to play with her like I am with Finn, but we are moving forward. Cheers!

A message for all cat folk---life is short, so fill it with kittens!

Hazel--Hey all! I pretty much have the run of the house, only two rooms are off limits now, and that's more to give my big sis a break from me. I don't understand why she or anyone would need a break from me...Anyway, I play all the time with Finn, and Avery is sloooowly coming around. She interacts with me more than she used to and we stay near each other for longer periods of time. The humans can't catch me and the only time they do is when I let them...don't tell them I said that!
The humans said I'm the equivalent of a toddler, cute and fun, but so much energy, haha they look forward to my naps! I have a favorite pink mousie that I got from the vet as part of a welcome package. It's my favorite toy right now and I like to play fetch with it. The humans throw it and I bring it right back to them, dropping it at their feet. Last night I dropped the mousie right into daddy's hand! Okay, I have to go now before mewomy catches me on her computer..sneaks away.

I do believe Hazel has--wait for it--hazel eyes! They're predominately blue, but in the right light, you can see an almost greenish-brown tinge to them. Very cool on a Siamese cat. We know she has something other than Siamese in her, so all the more interesting. That's not why we named her Hazel however. Truth be told, it's the only name Heath and I agreed on lol. Sometimes we call her hazey and honestly I don't like that nickname, sometimes it just slips out, ugh! Anyway till next time, unless Hazel takes my computer privileges away again.

Hazel--Well I'm down to just one room that's off limits to me now! I'm also getting along better with big sis Avery. She engages me more and even licks me! She has been eating treats near me lately, I think that's a big step for her. Finn and I eat treats off the same plate, I like to steal from him! I'm hearing that hissy/growl thing from Avery again, but I think it's only because I'm playing (pestering?) her more. I feel more comfortable around her and I get all up in her face a lot. She chases me sometimes and I've even seen her run by me like she wanted me to chase her! Sometimes I pounce and startle her! I'm not very good at numbers or stats, but I think she's about 50% to full integration. I know what you're thinking--why did Finn take to me so quickly and not Avery? Well, far as I can tell, Avery has a much more cautious personality and the humans expected this. Maybe being female (no offense ladies), but maybe there is some maternal territorial instinct that kicked in. I'm not sure, I'm only five months old, what do I know. No one can keep up with me, even Finn and Avery and they will be five this month. They are still young, and I think this whole household needs to join the YMCA or something. Anywhoo, that's all from here. My updates are much more interesting that Meowmy's!

Hazel again--Okay so I typed 'that' instead of 'than' in the last sentence of that last update. I'm a kitten, what did you expect? Till next time...

Hazel's Meowmy here--I believe Hazel gets cuter with each passing day. I see in her, two of my previous Siamese cats. They have long since left this life (1992 and 2013), but they seem to live on in Hazel. Evie and Simon were their names--she acts like the former and looks like the latter. If I could've found a hybrid mixing of Evie and Simon's names--I would given that name to Hazel! Unfortunately, nothing rolls off the tongue. I know between Hazel and I, there have been so many updates. Eventually we will slow down, but in these early stages, we like to talk about her relationships with her brother and sister. Thanks for putting up with us and for being good sports!

Hurricane Hazel speaking--My humans liken me to a hurricane, can you believe that? But I'm so meek hahaha. Yesterday was my first time alone for a long time, without the two legged folk. My people went to a show a couple cities away and hung out with family. I did very well I'll have you know and now I can do it anytime. Of course they kissed up to me when they got back, guilty I guess. I was fine but milked it anyway, I'm devious like that because hellloooo cat! They're pretty gullible but I love them anyway. Avery is coming around to me a little more all the time and doesn't seem to mind my existence as much as before. Haven't really played together or eaten off the same plate, but have had treats near each other. She does lick my head from time to time, I take that as a good sign! Weather is not very good today and we are all lazy. I sure hope the humans' bad habits don't rub off on me, they could use a little moving around! Okay I will catch everyone later...waves paw.

Hazel--According to my papers, I'm six months old today! So happy half birthday to me! I sure don't look my age, I'm very petite and still have a very kittenish face. Okay I know I'm technically a KITTEN, but I'm still so cute well you wouldn't believe it. I'm not conceited or anything...Meowmy says she never volunteers her age unless someone flat out asks...jeez look who's conceited. Quick update on my siblings while I'm here: Finn and I love having treats together, we play and wrestle quite a bit. I think Avery has finally accepted that I'm here to stay. She doesn't hiss at me anymore and doesn't mind when I tease her and rub up under her chin. She's still not ready to wrestle like Finn does, but wow, we have made progress! We even drank together out of the big cat water fountain last night. I don't think the humans will have a cake for my half birthday like they did a few weeks ago for Finn's fifth birthday. Not that it meant anything to Finn as it was for human, not cat consumption. Can you say SELFISH? Anyway, I'm off to do as my siblings do, i.e. eat and sleep. Toodles!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do believe we have almost completed Avery/Hazel integration! They have eaten treats off the same plate and play near each other. Having said that, I'm not sure Avery will ever be where Finn is with Hazel, because of Avery's own little personality. But it's much more possible now that it was a month ago. They all sit on the dresser waiting for treats together, the little opportunists, I mean darlings!

Hazel--Another lazy Saturday here, my humans keep complaining about the weather. They wonder why it's spring one day and winter the next? They say NC has weird weather because it has mountains and a coast--who knows. Let me ask you how is that important to a cat? As long as I get my food, treats, water and toys! Okay, maybe it matters some since we can't use the new cat window seats our dad bought. He started out with just one, so of course we all wanted to sit on it at the same time. Dad wised up and bought two more, but now we can't use them since the windows are close again. I guess the humans are correct--this weather stinks! Hopefully the days will become more spring/summer like very soon. Now I've lost my train of thought, why did I come on here? Wasn't to gripe about the weather, I'll leave that to my people. Could it be because Avery has been engaging me in play of late? Ding, ding, ding, I think we have a winner folks! That's a big step for Ms Avery and I thought I'd share it with you. Today I run with both my siblings. Till next time--peace.

Hazel--I haven't been here in awhile so I thought I'd drop by and say hello. I am nine months old now, but don't look my age. I'm very petite and not sure how much more I'll grow. I remember when I used to like being held like a baby, but those days are gone! Now if you pick me up and hold me for more than half a nano second, I will act like I'm being "tortured." If you are foolish enough to do this thing (pick me up and hold me for half a nano second), you will surely regret it. Any neighbor who might be close by, will hear that I am being "tortured." It's especially fun if the windows are open! You see, picking me up and holding me for more than half a nano second keeps me from any important mission I might be on at the moment. That will not be tolerated in any way shape or form, and the humans need to understand that for any harmony to ensue. As for me and my siblings, we are bonded (commence applause)! We eat, sleep, play, and bend the humans to our will. Now you know I like to mess with my readers, I love my humans very much. I talk smack about them because I do care! I believe I love my daddy the most and that works out well. Avery is strictly a mommy's girl and Finn divides his attention/affections equally between the two humans. We are in sync that way. I will be one year old September 22 and Meowmy will be (inaudible) September 25. Maybe we can have a joint birthday party, cat treats for everyone! Okay folks, time to wrap this up. See you down the road--love and peace!

Hey everyone-- Six months ago, in January, Hazel came into our lives. It's hard to believe half a year has gone by already! It seems like only last week I was waiting for the 9 am magic hour that November morning, when Hazel went to Adoptme status. I said I was interested in her and the rest is history! For a long time I worried how my resident cats would take to her, but ultimately, they all became friends. If anyone out there has the same concerns I did about cat integration, just follow the guidelines and tips set forth by Siamese Rescue. Some cats take longer to warm up to their new sibling than others. In our case, big brother Finn was pretty much bonded with a Hazel about 1-2 weeks after her arrival. Big sis Avery, took a little longer, closer to 3 months. Thanks to everyone at SR for all the hard work and assistance in bringing Hazel and other cats to their furever homes. I know if I need help with anything now or in the future, they will be there for me. Hazel is quite petite which we love since Finn is a big boy and Avery is medium build. Avery and Hazel are Seal Points, whereas Finn is a Lilac. I will post an update on Hazel's first birthday in September (or better yet, she will)! Thanks again everyone, #SiameseStrong!

Hazel--Quick update--I survived my first hurricane! We are intact in our part of North Carolina. I will update soon guys as I have a big day coming up! #GoAwayFlorence

Hazel--Well guess what? I'm one year old today! Happy birthday to me, me, and me! I'm very angry at my mom though--she wasn't here for my birthday, can you believe that? Apparently she had a family reunion this weekend and went to the mountains. Dad stayed behind to hold down the fort, and we had a nice day. I'm seriously thinking of snubbing her when she gets back tomorrow, what do you think? Her birthday is in a few days, see if I care. Next time she needs to plan things around my birthday, there's no excuse for her not being here. Okay, enough talking about she who won't be named. I'm off to have birthday treats with my siblings #BirthdayGirl

From Hazel--On this Christmas Eve, my family and I would like to thank Siamese Rescue for helping me and others find their forever homes. Without you we may not have the lives we have now. So from Hazel, Finn, Avery, Heath, and Sandi--Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! #ItsAWonderfulLife

Happy New Year from Hazel and her family and may 2019 find wonderful homes for all Siamese! #Peace

One year ago today, we made a trip to Newport, TN to pick up a very special kitten. Her name was Nova, and Nova became Hazel. It doesn't seem possible that 365 days have passed since that cold Sunday last January. We also picked up two snowshoe kittens name "Ricky" and "Lucy," as part of the transport relay. What fun to help bring kittens to their forever homes. I hope that these little travel companions are having an incredible life in Virginia--I'm sure they are! As for Hazel, she has completely bonded with her siblings Finn and Avery. A year ago, I wasn't sure how all these guys would mingle, but my fears were unfounded. I know I've said this before, but thank you Siamese Rescue for making it possible to bring Hazel into our lives, we will be forever grateful. So happy one year anniversary Hazel, onward and upward! #HappyGotchaDay

Wow--so it's been awhile since Hazel and I wrote on here. Well today it's a special occasion--it's Hazel's second birthday! The kids grow up so fast don't they? She has so much energy I wish we humans could bottle it and take it for ourselves! She loves wrestling with Finn and Avery, she waits at the top of the stairs to ambush them. Funny thing is, they know they're about to be jumped and go along with it. She still loathes being held which is ironic since she loved it when she was a tiny kitten. We never have figured out the 180 she did on that lol. She still fetches toys that we throw, it's hysterical every time. We've also come to the conclusion her father must've been a bird because she chirps like one, especially after we've held her a minute --heaven forbid! Anyway, today Hazel is a very healthy. happy two year old spitfire, and we wouldn't want it any other way. She, Finn, and Avery are bonded siblings who enjoy each other's company all (most) the time. :) By the way, Hazel says Hi and to mention Sandi's birthday is Wednesday. I said just never mind thanks anyway! She also says thanks again to Siamese Rescue for giving her a chance to have a good life. I hope we're living up to her expectations. Cheers everybody!

(Last update: Sep 22nd, 2019 12pm)

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Name: Azula

(FKA Willow)

ID#: VA13022
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 07/04/19
Adopted: 07/27/19
Congrats: Elana
Foster: Chelsea

I am a bit shy and will hiss if frightened but I am learning that people can be nice. I seem to like men a little more than women.

So, if you are a Cat Daddy and maybe one who likes DIY projects, then I may be your girl. I would make a great addition for you and your outgoing, friendly kitty. I like other cats and I really need to be with one that will help me to learn all about indoor living.

Foster Meowmy says that it may just take some patience and time but I would be ok with a new kitty meowmy too.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
We have had both kitties for a week now and they are showing good progress. Eating, drinking, using the litter box, and playing fine! Willow still hisses when we get close to her but if she is playing she doesn’t mind. She is more assertive than her brother and I think more dominant. She tends to eat and play first before him. She plays for hours with her wand toy and enjoys sunning on the cat tree (which has a great view to an outside bird feeder). We are hoping to help her be more comfortable so the hissing stops. It almost seems like a reflex for her right now. She plays all through the night and loves cuddling with her brother.

Just had two purring kitties crawling all over me! We have finally landed on names for them; Azula (Willow) and Zuko (Reed). Azula still hisses a bit but she is learning how to receive affection. Zuko is a tiny bit skiddish when tired but otherwise is super friendly and doesn’t leave our side much. Also he likes to hold his tail over his back so it almost touches his head. Don’t know what that is about but it’s funny. We are so happy with their improvement and hope to start introducing them to other rooms soon.

Both cats have come a long way in a short time. It’s as if there were no problems before. Azula doesn’t hiss and has a cute little meow now. She likes laying down on the bed and couch with us along with Zuko. They follow us from room to room and enjoy removing all their toys from the basket and bringing them into the LR to play with. They still love the wand toy the best and have beat up a white mouse toy pretty bad-I’ve sewn it up twice but it’s missing an ear and eye still lol.
They have great personalities and are hilarious to watch play together. If separated, Zuko cries until Azula comes running to find him.
Whenever they cuddle up with us for a nap, it’s hard to believe that they once were really shy. Didn’t take long for them to trust us and seek us out for company. We are very pleased with how everything turned out and I think the kitties are too. :)

(Last update: Sep 21st, 2019 9pm)

Hi, Lucy here.

I was dumped at a shelter along with his brother, Dezi just because the lady didn't want any more kitties. Thankfully, Siamese Cat rescue came and got us and and brought us to Meowmy to care for until we're big enough for a forever home. Dezi tries to beat up on me, but I give it right back to him! . What fun! When we're tired from playing, we snuggle up in the nice heated bed and cuddle and sleep together.

Meowmy said we can go home together, so if you want a cute pair like us, just ask about me.


Name: Gabi

(FKA Lucy/Gabi)

ID#: VA12989
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 06/08/19
Adopted: 07/20/19
Congrats: Misty
Foster: Jeanne


Notes from Home
Gabi has a new friend and playmate! Blaze is about 1 or 2 weeks older than her and very sweet and playfull. They get along very well.

They had their first appt. on 8/3/19, were given a feline leukemia vac., heartworm and flea prevention medication. Next appt. due 8/31/2019. She will get her rabies vac. then.

Last checkup on 8/31 -- received rabies and feline Panleukopenia booster, and feline leukemia vaccines. She did great! Gaining weight and thriving.

Loves to cuddle, loves playing with playmate Blaze, and getting lots of "scritches" from her humans.

(Last update: Sep 16th, 2019 3pm)

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Name: Meeka

(FKA Elena)

ID#: VA13021
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 07/01/19
Adopted: 08/24/19
Congrats: David
Foster: Debra

Happy little kitten here. Foster mom says I don't stay still often so pictures of me are hard to get. I like to play, to eat and did I mention play?

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Hi Everybody, Meeka here (yes I changed my name from Elena) or Meeks for short!!! So I have been in my forever home for three weeks now and have settled in a treat. So much space to run around in and toys galore to play with. I even have a cat tree I love to run up and down....really happy now....thanks to all of you that got me here, I KNOW it was a LONG journey for all you guys that had to listen to me!!!

So what has happened in three weeks, LOTS
I met my two big brothers and have settled with them. Gordie cleans me daily in case I missed anywhere on my lovely silky coat (of course I have not but I love the attention). Ollie the "old guy" puts up with me, does not want to play chase like Gordie does....but hey he is nearly 10 so what do you expect. Gordie and I play chase up and down the stairs and over the couch, round the chairs, over the tables, round the lamps, over the people....you get the picture!!!

Health wise I am doing well now.....I had eye and nose infection (lady vet says probably due to stress getting here) but 10 days of antibiotics (topical and systemic) has put paid to those nasty bugs and I am all better. I am only little but I have been told by "my people" that I eat like a horse but the nice vet lady says I am a good weight for my size and I can eat what I want for now....nice lady!!! As for drinking it took a while for me to get used to the drinking fountain, kept getting a wet head. I actually prefer drinking out of human glasses...LOL but I keep spilling so I have been banned from doing that!!!

I have no litter box issues and pee and poop just fine (red face)

Thats it for now folks

Lots of love to my foster lady and everybody else that knows me


(Last update: Sep 15th, 2019 12pm)


I'm Opal. I just arrived here from a very overcrowded situation, so it's nice to have a bed to myself, and food I don't have to share.

I was sick for a while, but am feeling better now. I like the boy cats that are here, but haven't met the girls yet. I poof up my tail every time Meowmy lets me out of the cage to play, or comes into the room. That is my way of showing that I'm a bit nervous at times.

I have good litter box habits and love my food, too.

Are you looking for a young lady like me to join your family? If so ask about me.

Name: Ruth Bader Ginsberg

(FKA Opal)

ID#: VA11626
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 08/09/16
Adopted: 09/17/16
Congrats: Sophie
Foster: Jeanne


Notes from Home
Ruthie is doing so well! I'm so sorry I haven't gotten around to an update for so long, it just popped back into my head the other day, so here I am. We had a little weight gain problem last year, but we've figured out how to regulate her meals and that she can open the fridge (a slaughter of sliced turkey in a bag), so that had to be velcroed shut. She does, happily, get turkey snacks, and manage to stay at a healthy weight.

She was initially fairly shy, that has long since worn off, and now is my morning alarm clock, which is very welcome during the weekdays. Her favorite toys are the red, pink, and white felt ribbon toy that she came with :), a long feather toy, a stuffed hedgehog, and a spinning laser doo-dad. We've moved apartments twice-- she adjusted just quickly to that! We are currently working on boundaries, i.e. her hopping up on the dinner table.

She loves most of my friends that have come over, and met her first (since she's been with me) dog last week, which did not go well for the dog, so we've banned them from the apartment until she's willing to try again. She has grown accustomed to throwing things off of my dresser when I'm not giving her enough attention, but I do not know how it is humanely possible to give her more attention, particularly since I'm a student and I'm home most of the day doing homework and giving her scratches. When she gets sleepy, she likes to curl up on my lap/computer, and once I shift her to the side, she makes sure to keep a paw on me at all times-- it's adorable.

Her coat has changed colors, and produces an incredible amount of fluff balls scattered in the most unlikely of places. She believes that she is entitled to my breakfast yogurt, so I eat it while standing so she doesn't stick her tongue in while I'm eating. Funny enough, she has also taken a liking to Special-K cereal, so that has issued a yogurt-style response from me. My boyfriend stayed with her while I was out of town for a couple of weeks and they adore each other-- apparently, I'm the only one that she stalks around the apartment in an attempt to viciously pounce on.

(Last update: Sep 14th, 2019 11pm)

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Name:   Jude
ID#: VA10640
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: male
Current Age: 17 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 02/28/15
Adopted: 03/21/15
Deceased: 09/05/19
Congrats: Judith
Foster: Bonnie

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
I'm waiting for Jacob to tell foster mom what she needs to know for this web page.

Jacob, you didn't tell me this wasn't a forever home. I heard foster mom talking with someone. I want to go live with the someone, it sounds like we'll be the kings of the whole mansion.

You'd better give me a really good bath, I want to impress the new someone.

Oh mystery someone, we'll being seeing you very soon.

From you purr-fect little man.

Rest in peace sweet Jude. You were one of the perfect cats.

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Notes from Home
Happy New Year!

For those who are still waiting for a furever home, may 2016 be the year your dream comes true.

Here we are beginning a new year in our furever home and want to share a few highlights from the last three months.

Jake and Jude here: Mom and Dad decorated the house for Christmas with wreaths and candles at the windows. There is a mantle over the fireplace and mom decorated that with fresh greens and soldier-type nutcrackers, fresh fruit, and a pineapple. We asked her about the fruit and especially the pineapple and she told us the decorations are similar to a burg where William lived back when the U.S.A. was born -- the pineapple means welcome. She didn’t say so but we think that after this William guy died, they named the town Williamsburg and ever after Virginia believed in Santa Claus.

Jude here: Mom decorated a little tree with tiny white lights and some special things. She put tiny candy canes on the tree, too. Jake really thought it was fun to smack the candy canes down on the floor and watch them smash. Mom was not amused but didn’t fuss. She just cleaned up the pieces and said she was darn glad we didn’t figure out the mantle.

Jake here: We got Christmas stockings that Santa filled with our special food. Turns out, I’m allergic to grains so we have special grain-free food that mom stocks in our Mini-Mart. Foster Mom Bonnie sent us a Christmas package that had some special grain-free freeze-dried chicken and gosh Jude and I gobbled that up. She also sent us each a toy fortune cookie because of our good fortune last year. As for the candy canes, I refuse to answer on the grounds that…

Our neighborhood is mostly quiet so on New Year’s Eve we got a bit nervous when we heard a few loud noises. Mom told us it was okay and started reading out loud to us a story about two Siamese cats that help solve murders. After a few loud booms, everything got quiet again. Dad, well Dad was asleep in his recliner downstairs – he claims he was awake.

Our resolution for 2016 is to make a wish every day that those who are still waiting find the purrfect furever home.

Jake and Jude

We’re older dudes and had never heard of “mass transit” until foster mom Bonnie put us into a car that was the first part of The Meezer Express caravan. Each car took us closer and closer to our new furever mom and dad. Our new mom calls us carpetbaggers because we came from up north to a place called Virginia. That was on March 21, 2015.

When we got to our new furever home, our new mom and dad put us in a big bedroom. Surprise! There was our very own Millie bed on top of the people bed. We were tired and shy so we climbed into our bed to sleep. We didn’t feel scared because we had our own bed, plus toys, food, and a special potty -- a big tub with a hole cut in the side (we may be carpetbaggers but we’re not squatters.) The next morning, we decided to see the rest of our new home. Our new mom thought she was being really sneaky careful when she opened the door but we were ready and waiting and bolted through the door and down the hallway. WOW! It took all day to explore our very own English muffin with so many nooks and crannies. But, by sundown, we owned the place (and mom and dad).

A few weeks later, we met our new doctor. He’s really nice and said we look amazing for geezers. Jacob, aka Jake, had to have some dental work. Mom and dad say we are toothless wonders because we eat wet and dry food like champions – especially Jake. Jake reminds mom of humans she doesn’t appreciate because they eat and eat and still stay skinny. Well, that’s Jake! But mom loves him. She keeps the J&J Mini-Mart fully stocked.

Mom and dad put a special ledge on a “safe” window sill and we spend lots of time sleeping there in the sunshine. Sometimes we sleep in our downstairs Millie bed and sometimes in our upstairs Millie bed. When we aren’t sleeping or eating, we play Indy 500, chase Da Bird and the snake wand and chew our cat nip toys. We also like sleeping on the people bed. We use our scratching posts and play rugs but sometimes Jude forgets and uses the carpet (that’s when mom and dad get big voices). We like to sit with mom when she reads and watches t.v. and we really enjoy using dad’s computer keyboard.

Jake says he may run for President (everyone else is). He has opinions on everything and just blurts out whatever he thinks whenever he feels like it. His 4 a.m. filibuster is a specialty mom does not appreciate. Dad just keeps sleeping.

Jude says he has special talents, too. When he wants attention he puts his paw out and reaches up to say he wants to be held and snuggled. He also curls his paw into a dipper to get a drink of water from a people glass -- he especially likes the mug of water on dad’s desk.

We ‘re full of love and big purrs and that’s why we got a special treat -- Foster mom Bonnie, her husband (Uncle Earl) and Godmommy Karen (our interviewer) came to visit us. That was such a special treat. We think they’re special for finding us the best mom and dad we could ever imagine. The caravan people are special, too. SCRC is good. Our life is very good.

Jacob and Jude

Hi everyone, here is our one-year anniversary update:

Jude and Jake here: Wow! We can hardly believe it has been one whole year since we came to live with our furever mom and dad in Virginia. A while back, we woke up and it was snowing and snowing and snowing. We thought we were back in Massachusetts but mom told us we are still in Virginia and it was just a big Virginia-style snow storm. She told us to climb up on our window ledge and enjoy watching snowflakes fall down because Virginia doesn’t get so much snow like Massachusetts. Whew! We were so happy we were safe and warm inside with our food and water and treats.

Jude here: I’ve been practicing new table manners. Now I like to use a front paw to scoop food and water up into my mouth. I practiced using the mug of water dad keeps on his desk. He’s okay with sharing his water with me. He also keeps a bag of treats in one of the desk drawers. We try to be really quiet but somehow Jacob, who has radar ears, comes running and demands his more than fair share. Jake thinks everyone should share everything with him. Sometimes, mom and dad call him “jealous Jake.” Not to be outdone by dad, mom also keeps a bag of treats in a desk in her tv room. Shhhh! Don’t tell Dad. We sure have a great life. Treats here, treats there, treats treats everywhere. Oh, one more thing about Jake – sometimes he isn’t nearly as clever as he thinks he is because he goes into a room, pushes the door closed, then screams like a banshee because he can’t get out. Mom says he’s simple.

Jake here: Since I’ve been on grain-free food, I’ve had only a few upset tummy episodes. I still eat like a competitive foodie but don’t get sick now. Sometimes Mom and dad give us a spoonful of shredded baked chicken or salmon or grilled steak and those are really awesome treats. Recently, I discovered that Mom makes an outstanding Millie bed substitution when she sleeps. I just climb up on her hip, settle in, and we’re off to dreamland. I don’t share that spot with Jude. Jude likes to sleep next to Mom pushed up against her arm. Oh, and I am NOT simple – I just know how to get attention.

Jake and Jude: When Mom is doing stuff around the house, we like to visit dad in his office – we’re really good at sorting papers and we’re learning to use the computer. We also like to sit with him in his recliner where we all watch tv through closed eyelids. Not wanting to play favorites, we then go upstairs and sit on mom’s lap while she reads or watches tv. Mom says all four of us are geezers so we’re going to move to a retirement community nearby. We get to take all our toys and Millie beds, our mini-mart, our special litter box, and our TREATS. She says it will be a good place where we will all still all be together but we won’t have to go up and down stairs. So, all-in-all, we’ve had a terrific year. Here’s looking forward to year two.

Mom and Dad here: We are blessed!

Respectfully submitted with purrs,

March 21, 2017

Hello everyone!

Amazing! Can you believe we were adopted two years ago today? Neither can we but it sure has been a furbilicious two years.

We have everything we could hope for, including a big new Malcolm bed we got for Christmas along with some new Afghans and toys. Our Malcolm is mostly where we go when a human lap isn’t available. We’re sending pictures from Christmas when we were figuring out our new Malcolm bed. So, okay, our sunny window bed is another favorite place and we still sometimes use our Millie bed. When we’re not sleeping and sunning, we like to sit with mom and dad when they work at their desks. Jude watches the coffee cups and water glasses and, when the time is just right, he dips a paw in to get a taste (or two or three or four). Jake is not as subtle -- he just sticks his whole face in and starts gulping (he flunked Siamese Finishing School.)

We had our six months checkup at the doc’s place. He says we are doing great for a couple of meezers. Everyone there, including our terrific vet, says we are very handsome and ever so well-behaved. Mom has to give Jake some Pepcid every day because he has a very sensitive stomach and has throw- up accidents. She mumbles about someone named Stanley Steamer
but then she hugs him and tells him she loves him. Actually, she says that a lot to both of us.

Mom told us we are still waiting to move to the old folks’ home but we’re not worried. She said because we are meezers and they are geezers, we are all going to stay together and she promises lots of sunshiny windows and all our stuff will have top priority.

We still send greetings to our foster family (Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Earl) and our coordinator Karen and her two girls (Cara and Coco). So, life is good and we know we are two very lucky boys.

Whisker kisses,
Jake and Jude

Hello everyone!

We decided to share what’s been going on in our lives the past few weeks.

Once upon a time, you remember, we were taken on a loooooong ride from Massachusetts to a place called Virginia. Back then we were learning about the Revolutionary War because our foster dad is into all things Revolutionary War. When we got to Virginia, we thought maybe we would see soldiers in gray and soldiers in red, empty tea tins, muskets and horses (we still miss our Llama from when we were in Massachusetts). After all that travel, we decided to give the new people and the new digs a fighting chance. So it’s been two and one-half years and we love our people and our house where we get lots of food, water, beds, blankets, toys, and chin and ear scritches. Mom and Dad keep telling us they love us a whole bunch (whatever a bunch is). So, everything was going along nicely until…..

About two months ago, these people came in OUR house and started nosing around looking in rooms and closets and even the bathrooms. Those nosy people went away but showed up again and kept looking all around. We decided we better put some hedge around our bets so we played nice with the woman just in case.

Well, the very next day, another woman showed up with a fist full of papers and we don’t know what all that was about except she kept mom and dad at the dining room table for about three hours. Seems those nosy people wanted to buy OUR house before it was on what they kept calling “the market.” Since we didn’t think they were referring to the farmer’s market, we started getting really nervous. So, we sat at the top of the stairs keeping one eye on the table and the other on the closet where our carriers are stashed.

Next thing was some woman that mom doesn’t like came with some papers and told mom and dad all the great things she would do (for a big bunch of money) so we began to fear for our food allowance. A few days later, a man shows up with a clipboard and HE walks all around our house making marks on his clipboard. He talked about how a junk truck could be provided. JUNK TRUCK? Well! We made record time getting to our litter box. Junk truck? Seriously? Mom! Dad! We’re not junk! We’re your very own sweet and loving boys!

So, now we get to about five weeks ago. Two nice ladies showed up with a whole big bunch of cardboard and tissue paper. The ladies put everything in the paper and then in the boxes.

Then came Monday, August 21st – a really scary day for us. We were put in a bedroom with our stuff so all we could hear were bumping and thumping noises. What could be happening? Our home was being invaded. All these guys came rushing around and they took all our stuff out to a really big truck. They took EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING EXCEPT US! Okay, so they didn’t take dad, either.

So, there we were alone with dad in a totally empty house. All that was left were our carriers, blankets, food, and water dishes. Where was mom? Did she get put in the big truck? We started to feel sad and scared.

About four hours later, dad’s cell phone rang and he said “Okay boys, we’re going for a ride.” Yikes! A ride? A “ride” means one of two things: a visit to our doctor or we’re going to a new home and new humans.

BUT WAIT! We needed to start thinking positive thoughts and positive thinking helped. We got to ride in the new car – nice! And, as we rode across a river, dad said we were almost to our new home and everything would be fine because mom was waiting for us. Better and better with every turn of the wheels on their axles.

Dad carried us into our new home. It had new smells and sounds but we were together with our mom and dad. We saw all our familiar furniture, our food dishes, our customized litter box, the big basket with our toys, our Afghans, and our mom. Sigh!

We’ve been together in our big new apartment for five weeks. Everything is lovely. Mom and dad say we’re real troopers and we adapted just like good Siamese boys. Another life adventure has begun.

♥Life isn’t so bad at the old folks’ home. Not so bad for older people. Not so bad for older Siamese, either.

Respectfully submitted,
Jake and Jude


Hello everyone.

It has been quite a long time since our last update. That was about our big adventure moving from a big house to an apartment at an old folks’ home. Well, here’s what’s been going on:

You may recall we moved to the old folks’ home with our old people two years ago. Everything went well and we were all settled in UNTIL…

Our humans decided after maybe 12 months, they no longer wanted to live in our apartment. They wanted to move upstairs to an apartment with the same floorplan BUT it has two balconies with views of the woods. We don’t know why they can’t just find a Millie Bed and settle down. Sheesh! So, this time, no people came with clipboards and markers, no boxes, no big trucks. What happened was we saw the same men from before but they just came and took all our stuff out and put it on an elevator to the upstairs place. The men all said hello to us and told us we would be just fine. So…

Late afternoon, January 7, 2019, we had to get into our carriers and then had to ride two floors up to what would become another new abode. Mom right away put out our food dishes and water and sat nearby chatting with us. She thought we might be nervous or scared. Truth is, all we really cared about was having our food and water AND our same old special litter box in the same location as downstairs. Dad put our window ledge up, too. So we have our Millie & Malcolm beds and our window ledge. We have our toys but aren’t much into those these days. Jake still explores behind open doors and then uses his biggest Siamese voice because he can’t get out. Everything was almost just like before except there are big doors in a bedroom AND in the living room. So, these big doors are glass and outside are things called balconies. Mom told us a story about how when we look through the glass doors, just beyond the woods is a river called Occoquan. Occoquan means “at the end of the water.” That’s the same river we went over on our way here. We can’t see the river but we can see the cool river birds such as Ospreys and Eagles and Herons. Just outside the glass doors we see Gold Finches and Bluebirds. Now we sleep in lots of sunshine near the big doors. Oh, the balconies have Hummingbird feeders and a gazillion Hummingbirds and flower boxes. Nice. So, here we are settled in again. Oh, don’t tell foster Bonnie or Coordinator Karen that Mom says we have become Southerners so we’re no longer carpetbaggers from up North.
Life is good. We are happy.

Respectfully submitted,
Jake and Jude

Note from Meowme: Jake and Jude have been with us for 4 ½ years. Jude is ~18 years old. He has begun to drink water constantly. Frank and I keep water with the boys’ food and also a mug of water on our personal desks. Litter box use has increased significantly and is consistent with water consumption. Jake, ~16 years, is beginning to follow the same pattern. The doctor says both boys are doing well for their ages but Jude’s kidneys are failing. Unfortunately, Jake is beginning the same pattern of behavior. For now, they are happy boys. Their days are filled with sunshine, blue sky, lots of food, and even more water. Oh, neighbors here at the old folks’ home adore them. As do we.

Respectfully submitted,
Judie and Frank

Jude's final update. At 4:10pm on Thursday, September 5, 2019, Jude peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We are heartbroken but so very grateful for the time we had with our beautiful Blue boy.

(Last update: Sep 6th, 2019 8am)

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