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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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I would love to go home to a place with other cat friendly cats and a place with easy going cat people, ,who aren't going to mind if I sit by the sidelines. I remain very frightened of people although never show any aggression. I'm a bit of the ghost cat but good in all my habits and other than a no grain diet, dry food, I'm a very easy keeper. Adoption scholarship rounds out the picture, so if you could offer a place for me to be, and blossom, little by little, I'd love to flower for you.
Name:   Yuki
ID#: VA6644
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 10/02/09
Adopted: 03/30/13
Congrats: Carol
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Yuki is adjusting well so far. She should come out of iso this week. Frodo and Itsy can see her through the patio door I put on my foster room. Itsy likes to hiss at new-comers but she's all bark and no bite so-to-speak. Frodo tends to walk by with great suspect but is a whole-hearted coward who accepts new-comers as 'Oh, I guess I have to put up with this girl-can't we all just get along?' He's almost twice as big as everyone else but runs with his tail between his legs.
I've been able to pet Yuki at will and she gives purrs, butt-lifts, pretend leg rubs and likes to scratch her kitty condo rope posts while you're scritching her butt. Got her to play with knitted ball a bit but she doesn't seem too interested in play.
She's eating really well. Likes Wellness chicken canned a lot. I'm glad she's eating canned food as she doesn't seem to drink too much. Good peeing and pooping habits.
Yuki went to the vet today. Her chin has been very scabby and itchy so she got another injection and antibiotics. She behaved very well. Didn't have to scruff her the whole time. No biting.
She's getting tired of being in the iso room I think so I might let her out this evening. Again, Frodo and Itsy have seen her through her doorway so they know someone new is here. No hissing the last few days. Pookie doesn't come upstairs to the bedroom floor so she hasn't seen Yuki yet. But Pookie likes everybody, if anything Yuki will be taken aback by Pookie trying to rub up against her. Not everyone likes that.
So we'll see how it goes.
Yuki is doing well. Yesterday she spent all day with my other 3 cats. Itsy is continuing to be her b-i-itch self but she has enough hot air to fill up a balloon so Yuki just looks at her like 'What IS your problem?'
Yuki has found all the most important spots i.e., the food bowls, the downstairs litter boxes, and the water fountain.
I can get up to her for pets if I get down on my hands and knees. But as is her nature she is skittish. My main interest is that she is accepted by my other cats so we continue to work at that. No one here is aggressive toward her, they're are just trying to figure out who she is.
She is having some issue with her hip maybe. She is gimpy from time to time. I do have a high captain's bed in her iso room but she doesn't seem to have trouble getting up and down from it. I thought at first that as she was laying in the same spot for extended periods of time that maybe her leg might have fallen asleep. It seems to be intermittent like that. I will consult the vet this week to see if he'd like to examine her again or what his thoughts might be.
Well, Miss Yuki let Larry pet her this evening while he was sitting in his Lazy boy. She was rubbing on the end table and then going back to him to be skritched some more. I'm really seeing her as being rather dominant as I've been keeping an eye on her this weekend. Pookie is petrified of her. Itsy is wearing her hissing mechanism out. Frodo just runs in the opposite direction when he sees her coming. Yuki seems to be owning everything. Her diminutive stature and tendency to be skittish is deceiving. She is certainly comfortable in her own skin, that's for sure.

Little Miss Yuki is doing great here. My two other girls are hissing less and very little growling going on any more. Yuki likes to come up and sleep in our bedroom from time to time. She was sleeping in a laundry basket last night that had sheets in it which haven't made it to the washing machine yet. I think she might even get on the bed if it wasn't for Itsy. Itsy owns the bed space at night. Yuki will sleep on the bed during the day if given the chance.
She continues her ritual in the evening of getting petted by my husband while he's sitting in his Laz-y-Boy. She'll come over to me as well for a petting session but it's harder for me to reach her while sitting on the sofa. Haven't seen her hip go out on her lately. First noticed that when Larry pets her from the chair, she swings her butt around real fast and if her hip pops on her she just flops over on the floor for a bit then gets up and walks away. Larry said he can feel her hip popping when he pets her.
Her skin allergy is pretty well in check. I have gone back to pilling her with Pred which hasn't been a problem. I just use a piller and do it during the day when she's in the cat tree or Millie bed. No big deal.
As per usual you can't walk up to her if she's just on the floor but if she's in the cat tree or Millie she just stays put. I can catch her any time I need to. Haven't been bitten once.
I still think my other girls think she's an alien from another cat planet but they are tolerating her much better these days.
Yuki is doing well these days. We have been working on a better solution for her allergy issue. The Pred just wasn't helping so I went back to the shots but they were only lasting maybe three weeks at most. So we put her on Z/D gave another dep shot and looking forward to see how the diet change helps. Next step is a blood test to see if we can work up an allergy shot for her focused on honing in on what is actually causing the problem. We're going the lower cost route that my vet offers. Otherwise he would send me down the road to an expert allergist for cats. That is out of my price point unfortunately.
Her face looks good right now. The nastiness actually goes up into her ears. It's just awful.
I'll make notes to here as we see what works best.
As long as she has food; and she loves the Z/D, she's a happy camper. She demands a petting session every night so I know she a happy girl. She gets pissed off at me when I have to grab her for a close-up look but that's just tough. So yes, she's still hissy. But, no blood, no foul!
She likes to make biscuits on her Millie bed. She has taken to sitting up on the back of the sofa lately. She'll let us walk up and pet her. She LOVES to be petted while she's eating her breakfast.
Thought it was about time I did an update on Yuki. As far as her allergies go, we're almost at the mid-point with her Allercept drops. I give her two drops under the tongue twice a day. She's so funny! She runs downstairs and jumps up on the cat tree for me so I can get to her easily to administer the drops. Then she hisses at me, typical Yuki! She gets peed off when we go to the vet for a shot in between. She's still getting the steroid shot every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how itchy and scabby she gets. I keep a close eye on it. Hopefully the need for the shots will be less and less as time goes on. That's the objective anyway.
She continues to be like she's always been; loves to be petted at breakfast and in the evening when we're sitting in our chairs. Every once in a while she pops Pookie's bubble and a little smack/hiss ensues. Sometimes she goes after Frodo and whacks his butt. He's a BIG sissy! But he's Yuki's boyfriend. They tolerate each other the best.
She comes upstairs once in a while. I think she might sleep in our room occasionally but bugs out as soon as someone moves. She has been on our bed a time or two. mostly she stays downstairs or in the basement clubroom.
A quick note on Yuki; Wow, does this Allercept allergy drops seem to be working. At present Yuki's face is, dare I say it, nearly completely clear. She has no scabby areas under her chin and no gunky ears. Her face looks incredibly good.
She's been on the drops for a year. Now she is on 'maintenance drops'.
She continues to love being scratched and petted when Larry and I are sitting in our chairs. We can often walk up to her as well if she sitting in certain spots. For instance, she'll let me pet her at feeding time in the morning. In the evening she doesn't always come in the kitchen right when I put food down.
She loves to play with the old horse whip toy. And she loves most of the cat nip toys.
I'm so thrilled with the way her face looks. It's a bit tough on the wallet but maybe we won't have to do it forever. We'll see.
I think she is a happy camper and enjoys living with us.
Here's a little update on Yuki.
She doing well. Allergies are obnoxious things but we're dealing with it. She has good weeks and not so good weeks. The time of the year seems to affect her skin as well. Last November she just started itching like crazy. I have the same problem from Nov. thru Feb/March. Dry skin that you feel like scratching until you're bloody. Ugh!
Yuki did some hair pulling but never enough that she had bald spots. I'm glad of that. The Depo shots are still the thing that gives her the most relief.
Other than twice a day when I give her the allergy drops she tends to be very social with us. She loves to scritched and rubbed. Just don't EVEN look like you're going to grab me though. She hisses at me when we do the drops. No big deal. If any of the other cats pops her bubble space she'l go Mike Tyson all over them. During the day she goes downstairs with the others when Jethro comes out. But later on she'll come up and dig at the screen door. So I let her up. The first time we did this she put Jethro right in his place! POW! So I don't worry about him throttling her at all. She takes care of herself.
Yuki continues to be her strange little self. She gets her way ALL the time. We had a bit of a scare for the past month and a half or so. She had a bit of a cold and her left eye was bothering her. That eye has always been the one that gets goopy on and off. So we tried some Famciclovir, didn't finish 'cause it didn't help. Kept getting worse. An ulcer developed and was dendritic. Just nasty. I can understand how a cat would lose an eye with this type of ulcer. It just wasn't healing correctly so Dr. Griffiths did a minor scraping surgery to encourage it to heal faster. It was still looking bad, the eye ointment was irritating it so we had to go back to triple antibiotic. That didn't cause a reaction. But it was healing very slowly. Dr. G. wanted me to take her to Dr. Smith in Gaitherburg but I delayed for a week. In that time she needed another Depo shot so I took her in and low and behold the scarring had finally healed and the "scab", so-to-speak had fallen away. I had suspected it was looking much better the day before. But Dr. G can get that "close up" look with his scope. He was ecstatic to say the very least. He didn't want her lose the eye and nor did I.
So Yuki is back to her kooky self. She hisses at me everyday. That's the thanks I get for all I do for her! We are buddies. She just gets tired of her allergy drops twice a day. I also give her Atopica which seems to help with the itching. In general, she feels good. She loves her evening petting/scritching sessions. She likes to play. And really enjoys a good Yeeoowwy cigar or banana.

(Last update: Jul 2nd, 2016 9pm)

Name: Thai

(FKA Denver)

ID#: VA6364
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 06/05/09
Adopted: 07/01/09
Congrats: steven
Foster: Vangie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Im Back..

Denver is my name, but not related to John. Do you want a high, ask about me? I am full of curiosity and like to get around whether it is the high road or on the floor. I am an energetic boy but wont give you a Rocky Mountain High I will just keep you busy keeping me busy.

Waiting to hear from you.



No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
I feel like I tried in the past to post an update, but was unable to access, and gave up. Here I am, and here's Thai's(originally 'Denver') 7 year, well-overdue update. I feel badly that I haven't updated, and thanked all of you for your great work, especially with Thai being a difficult placement!! He was definitely a handful at first, and very temperamental, as described by the previous adopters, even trying to corner me on hind legs, claws splayed. Nothing my sneakers couldn't handle. As a seasoned, strong-personalitied, 20+ year owner of 2 rambunctious Siamese, I think I was a perfect fit to tame this wild, but very loving Alpha! As a friend always says "he's working on becoming a good boy". He can still be stubborn at times, and occasionally likes to aggresively attack moving feet (nothing a stern "be nice' can't handle), and can be a bit half-heartedly bitey (never broken skin), but after a lot of trust building, knowing his personality so well, and clicker training, he's fairly well-trained, responding well to come, sit, wait, give me love( up on hind legs and head butts hand), and No commands. He's very healthy as of last blood work, etc. a few months ago, and doing very well, in general. Most important, he's a happy, well-cared for kitty, who loves to be around people, sleeps with me every night, and found his perfect match. Thanks again, Steve
(Last update: Jul 2nd, 2016 6pm)

I haven't been here at this place for long, but I am getting treated like the royalty I am. Myself and my other Princess sisters, Belle and Jasmine, came here a few days ago and are really liking it here. I like my sisters ok, but prefer to hang out with my foster Mom. I'm the sweetest, if I do say so myself, and love nothing more than to be loved and cuddled and carried around. Would love a home where I can snuggle with my favorite humans forever. If you're out there and want to hold me and love me forever, please ask about me.

Name:   Elsa
ID#: VA10009
Location:  Illinois
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 05/08/14
Adopted: 07/02/14
Congrats: Lori
Foster: Joy

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Elsa is the queen of the house. She is the perfect fit and we are so in love with her!

She sleeps in my bed, on my husbands pillow:) She uses the litter box, eats, plays, and struts around the house with her tail up and looking totally confident. She likes everyone and is winning over our 8 year old male cat, Roscoe. She is always around him and trying to get him to play. He does for a while, but then needs a break. They play with toys together and run and chase.

We love that she demands lots of attention and wants to be held!!!

Are we allowed to post on your facebook page? I would love to share how happy we are and a few photos. Please let me know if that is approved.

I will try to provide updates on our very loved new family member. She is everything we hoped for and think she is perfect!

Elsa is everything we were hoping for! She likes everyone and has brought so much happiness to our family. We are blessed! I will most new photos soon. Thank you for bringing her into our lives!

Tomorrow is our 8 week anniversary of getting Elsa. She is loved more every day. She has her energy runs a few times a day, where she is as fast as a bullet. She runs on the top of her cat tree and is a blur of fur. She loves to play with her toys and our older cat, Roscoe.
After a run, she enjoys several naps throughout the day. Sometimes on a bed and other times being held like a baby or under a chin. If she has been sleeping alone, she runs to me and makes cute cat sounds, leaping onto my chest to nuzzle my nose and mouth. She acts as if we haven't seen her in years. That is one of my favorite things!!!
She is perfect!

We have had Elsa since July 2 and life before her is a distant memory. She is loved by everyone, even friends that visit. She loves to be held and nuzzle faces. She makes the rounds, at night, to rub noses and snuggle. She loves to play with toys and our other cat, Roscoe. She may be named for Elsa, from the movie, Frozen, but doesn't like the fall weather. Her favorite napping place is her basket on the climbing stand or on a lap. If I am on the couch, she comes to me, looks at my lap, and waits for me to get the blanket, then crawls under, onto my lap, and goes to sleep. We are so grateful to have her in our lives!! Thank you to everyone that brought her into our family. Her foster mom Joy and family provided her with such a great start! She is better than any match we could have hoped for. We love the Siamese Rescue!!!
We have been blessed to have Elsa for four months. She is a very loved and a happy cat. Guests coming to our home are welcomed with cat kisses. She is confident, loving, active, and talkative. She is the queen of our home and we feel so blessed to have her! Thank you!!!

I cannot believe that six months have passed since Elsa joined our family. She is so loved by every member of the family. We have no complaints and think her every move is adorable. She is everything we hoped for: friendly, vocal, needy, bossy, a true Siamese personality. We consider her a loved family member, not just a pet. We are so grateful to have her in our lives. Thank you for Elsa!

What a blessing Elsa is to our family! We can't believe she has been with us one year! She is everything we hoped for: loving, talkative, bossy, and a loved member of the family. We are so grateful to the Siamese Rescue for bringing her into our lives! Thank you!!!!!!

Elsa brings us so much joy. She is everything we were looking for: loving, vocal, bossy, lap loving, and bossy. She is with me all the time. Always going into different rooms, to see what I will do next. She crawls on my lap during the evening and sleeps on the bed/and or under the covers.
She became a big sister to our new rescue puppy, Bella Bear, who is part golden/lab. They are constantly together and doing great together. Our older male cat, Roscoe, is too mature for puppy training, but Elsa is always walking under Bella or finding some way to play. Don't worry, I am always there, too, to help teach proper play.
She is loved by all members of the familty and we are forever in your debt for bringing her into our lives. Merry Christmas 2015!

I cannot believe we have had Elsa for two years! We still think of her as a baby kitten. She is small and so playful. She is loved by everyone.
This year, we adopted a golden/lab puppy and they get along great. She wants to play with the puppy and our 9 year old male cat.
Everyday, she sits on my lap and has her special time. We have a strong bond and she doesn't want to share that time with anyone. I love her so much! Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

(Last update: Jul 2nd, 2016 8am)

Name: Noel

(FKA Snickers)

ID#: VA11228
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 11/28/15
Adopted: 12/19/15
Congrats: Doug
Foster: Kay

Very sweet girl who is a little timid. In isolation right now so not sure about other cats or dogs. Unsure of toys at this time.
Notes from Home
Noel is doing well in her new home! She plays every day and has found several sleeping spots that she is breaking in. Great addition to our family!

6 months later and Noel is very much at home, and we love her very much!!

(Last update: Jun 30th, 2016 5pm)

I was dumped in the overnight drop off cage at the local county shelter in a cardboard box. It was dark and stuffy in that box and I tried to escape but I was trapped because the box was taped shut. The rain made loud noises when it hit the box and the box got soggy and I got wet. The big dogs were barking really loud and I was scared.
Finally a man came and took the dogs away. He came back for the box and was going to throw it away but I cried out for help. The man opened the box and said "There's a cat in here!" He grabbed me, took me inside a building, and handed me to a lady. The lady took me into a noisy room and stuck a needle in me. Then she took my picture. After that, the lady put me in a cage. She gave me some food and water and a shoe box with a towel in it. I crawled into the box, cold, wet, and shaking.
I stayed there for three days until foster mom saw my picture on the internet. Foster mom had a hard time finding me because my cage was on the bottom in a corner. The lady said it was because I had so many fleas. Foster mom took me out of the cage and held me and told me she was here to rescue me. Then she took some pictures. She told the lady I needed something for my fleas. Then foster mom put me back in my cage. I cried and told her I wanted to go with her. She said not now but promised me she would come back in a couple of days.

I am at foster moms house now and things are getting better every day. Foster mom calls me Raja; she said it means" little prince". Foster mom gave me a bath and washed away all of the fleas and dirt. She gave me lots of different medicines - one to get rid of the worms, another to boost the iron in my blood, and another to make sure the fleas do not come back. I got some fluids and some special food that foster mom fed to me like a baby. Foster mom snuggled me and told me I was special. Then I got a kitty cold and foster mom had to give me medicine again. Foster mom said I will get over that soon too. I sure hope so!

Raja has been through a lot and now, unfortunately, he has developed a URI (kitty cold). He is eating and drinking and he takes his medicine like a good boy Raja will not be able to meet the other cats until he is over his cold and I know very little about how active or playful Raja is because he has been feeling so poorly. So, if you are interested, hit that Ask About Me paw and I will keep you updated:)
Name:   Raja
ID#: VA7051
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/12/10
Adopted: 06/29/10
Congrats: Marianne
Foster: Christine

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
A 6-month update! Raja is doing great...he fits right in with the rest of the family. He eats well, tumbles with the others, sleeps on me at night, and "pretends he is a stud" with both the male and female cats. Raja still loves to drink from the bathroom sink every morning. One beautiful happy cat!!!

A 1-year update! Raja is home for sure. He has a routine he follows, and as comfy as he is in the bathroom with me in the mornings, he still is suspicious about contact during the day...it must be on his terms. He hides when people come too. He loves to play and tussle with the other two cats and has his special resting sites. Raja puts up with my cuddling for about a minute or two, then he is off. He is loved and appreciated and still struts around like he owns the house. Just had his rabbies shot and the vet thinks he is doing great. Following him around for a photo shoot was not an easy task...the best I could do.

A 2-year update! Raja...the little prince...is just that. Holding him is like cuddling a mink coat. He goes in for the routine vet visit tomorrow. He loves playing ball on the steps, drinks from the bath sink every morning, and mostly enjoys his buddies and me...and we all enjoy him too.

Raja (now Sumatra with the nickname Big Bear) is the best! Still drives the 4-yr-old male crazy...must think he is a female meant for mating. But they also enjoy playing together. Loves waiting in the bath sink for the water to be turned on. Still hides from company, and at times me. But getting a lot better accepting affection; mostly wants it on the bath carpet and then he is off. A strange and wonderful, furry cat. (No pics right now.)

Hard to believe Sumatra has been with me and the other guys for five years. He still does not know how to relax, but that is okay with us. He is comfy on his terms only, and I can work with that. Healthy and handsome as ever. Still jumps on the young male (mostly in the mornings), and plays in the bathroom sink as his routine, and we all get along.

2016...Sumatra is still my adorable, cuddly, bundle of fur...sleeps right by my at night, and loves back rubs. Purrfect wonderful loving cat.

(Last update: Jun 30th, 2016 3pm)

Name:   Coco
ID#: VA9995
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 04/30/14
Adopted: 06/29/14
Congrats: Tonya
Foster: Donna


Lost my home because of the new baby.

But I'm here in rescue and looking for my new life!

I've got a gimpy rear end so get along kind of slowly so you'll need to have a pretty quiet place for me to be able to thrive. I'm really an affectionate girl so you'll probably like me!

I've told Foster Mom to get a video of me so you can take a look-see and you can decide if you think we'd be a good match.

For sure I am one pretty girl!

More later as I get the lay of the land here and tell Foster Mom more about me.
Notes from Home
Hello Everyone!

It’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks already since I added a wonderful new addition to my life. I’m the proud Meowmy of Coco and I love her with all my heart.

I want to start off by thanking everyone who was involved in helping bring Coco to me. To everyone I know about and all of you behind the scenes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To Donna, Harriet, Lois, Patricia, Suzie, Libby, Carol, Colby, and Lane; thank you so very much for helping transport Coco to Virginia! You are all amazing and so very generous to donate your time and resources to my sweet little Meezer.

The Meezer Express Rocks!

To Siri for having the insight to create such an amazing organization and to Emily for working out all the travel plans!

To Karen for talking with me and understanding what I wanted and needed in my life. For her encouragement to expand my horizons because without that I would have never found my precious little applehead.

To Donna for being Coco’s Foster Meowmy and taking such excellent care of her. I appreciate all of your tips and advice and all the information about Coco’s loves and needs so I can be the best Meowmy I can for her. You packed such a wonderful little travel bag for Coco! It shows how much you loved that little doll baby. You are a wonderful, thoughtful Foster Meowmy and all the little Meezers you care for are blessed to be a part of your home.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Now on to the Update!

Coco was so scared from her travels. When I took her to her welcoming room with all of her things Donna sent and all of the goodies I bought for her she stayed in her clean litter box in her crate and was still and quiet. I left her alone to regroup and I would go back every hour to hour and a half to sit with her and talk to her. She was very interested in me and what I was saying and she kept her eyes on me the whole time.

It paid off because later that evening, she came out of her crate very slowly and she was so brave it made me cry. The level of trust she had in me to come out after all she had been through tore at my heart strings. I could see how badly she wanted to come out and trust me and be loved in her beautiful eyes.

She let me pet her, hold her briefly and we played a long time. She stretched and lounged around and really enjoyed being out of the crate. She ate and drank water with me there. I was so thankful she had shown me that amount of trust in such a short period of time. I knew when I saw that need in her eyes to be loved I was lost to her. She had me wrapped around her paws! I decided it would be my mission in our lives to make this little one happy in every way I could. For as long as we have each other she will be loved beyond measure and will want for nothing.

After our long play session that first night she had fallen asleep and I walked out and shut the door to let her sleep. I was in the den outside her room and I looked over and saw her peeping at me under the door. It made me chuckle and I went over to see her and she started meowing at me in that precious little voice of hers and talked me into coming in and sitting with her.

I petted and played with her for a few hours and it was well into the wee hours of the morning; and as much as I hated to leave her I wanted her to get some rest. I tried to leave a couple of times and she kept meowing for me to stay and I could not refuse her. So we stayed up super late!

The next day I left to door open to her room so she could venture out. She very slowly would come out a few feet if she saw me sitting and watching her. If I was not there she would not come out. That led to me walking with her to explore the house together. She was so sweet, oh my gosh that little doll baby! She would get in front of me and explore and turn around to look at me to make sure it was okay. I talked to her and we walked all over the house. Since that time she has been exploring at free will now!

She has started to run around the house now and it cracks me up! She sounds like a herd of cattle! She thumps and skids and just looks so happy! She’ll run a couple laps around the house and come to me and meow to be loved on. She purrs so loud when I pet her.

She has claimed a chair in my living room as her perch and she loves to sleep on the back of it. She likes to see the goings on of the house and keep an eye on me. She’ll follow me around if I stay gone for a few minutes out of the room she’s in.

She is learning the sounds of my home and it’s really amazing to see how fast she adapts to all the changes. She didn’t like the water running in the kitchen and would bolt and hide under my bed but now she looks at it with interest.

She is super observant of everything in my house. One evening I had the crock pot out and turned on and she had noticed something new up on the counter and she sat and looked at it a long time. Every time it clicked to adjust the temperature she would flip her ears. She will check out anything that is out of place and she will immediately notice something that is not where it was before.

I’m getting her used to me holding her so I’ll pick her up a few times a day and she’ll look at me really funny like what the heck? Lol And I’ll hold her until she meows to be put down.

She is finally letting me put her in my bed. She has started to sleep there while I am loving on her. She will stay there in my bed as long as I am in there with her. She won’t sleep in the bed with me yet but it’s a work in progress!

She has been eating and drinking very well and she is so faithful to use her litter box. She has not made any move to go outside it at all. She uses all the cardboard scratchers and her scratching posts any time she wants to scratch. She loves to be brushed and she lets me brush her every day.

This cat is so loving and has such a beautiful, sweet nature I am blessed to share my life with her. She is amazing and has so many aspects to her personality. I love getting to know her each and every day. She continues to wow me and woo me every time we get into something. I love her so much. I would do anything for her. She is a perfect cat.

As far as her gimpy little rear end; I could not love her more. She is so cute walking and running. When I hear her thumping around the house it brings a smile to my face.

I could say I am fortunate to have gotten her; all those other adopters missed out on a sweet, loving, well behaved girl.

I will choose to say she is meant for me and I am meant for her.

She has my heart in her paws.

August 26, 2014

Hello Everyone! I thought I would take time to update you on my sweet baby doll.

Coco continues to trust me more each day and I love her more every day if that is even possible. She is blossoming here and I am so very happy for her.

I love that she now knows this is her home and she can run and play anytime she wants, she can find special places that will be hers and nap anytime she wants and just be a happy, very much loved, adorable little sweetheart.

She has definitely chosen me to love and be her one and only which thrills me to no end! She won’t have anything to do with anyone but me. This drives my Mom crazy! She has been longing to get her hands on Coco.

I spoil her every time I look at her. I talk to her all the time and she talks back with the sweetest little voice ever. She continues to show me more of her personality each day. She is so very sweet, meek and loving. She is such a good girl. She never does anything she is not supposed to. I’m so proud of her. I love her so much.

I have found her favorite cat toys and bought her one of everything. She has scratchers all over the house and things to play with in every room. I make time for her any time she comes to me for lovies. I can’t say no to her. She is too precious. And she is the best little flirt!

I have put heating pads in the living room and den and she absolutely adores them. She will sleep and play on them. I keep them turned on all the time for her cos she has shown me she loves them so much.

She has been sleeping on my bed with me! She will cuddle me and mash her body as close to me as possible and it makes me smile every time I feel her snuggling in.

She has very cautiously started testing the waters of sleeping on me, lol. She is so heavy! I can’t say no to her so I let her walk on me and she’ll lay on me for a minute or two and lay down beside me. She will come up and touch her nose to mine and it melts my heart.

I just can’t say enough amazing things about her and how much I love her. She makes every day so much happier and brighter for me. She is a wonderful little companion and best friend.

I’m so happy she knows she has found a very loving, forever home in my home.

November 5, 2014

I thought I’d make an update on Coco to let you know what’s been happening in her life! It’s been a little over four months now since she has made my life so wonderful and came to live with me.

She has been doing so well. She has taken over my home; which is totally acceptable with me! =) She runs all through the house and plays all hours of the day and night. I hear her thumping and skidding and it makes me chuckle every time I hear her. She has little mice that squeak and she squeaks them all hours of the day and night playing.

I think she is finally realizing this is her forever home and she is very territorial. My mom brought her a Grumpy Cat stuffed animal on one of her visits to try and get her hands on her (which Coco will have nothing of, lol).

I will take the Grumpy cat and hold it and talk sweet to it and pet it and Coco gets so mad, lol. She comes up and will smack it in the face and start biting it and roughing it up, lol!

Then she goes to all of her places in the house where she has toys and scratchers and methodically check to see if anyone has been playing with her things. It cracks me up! She is such a funny girl!

She will also get up on my bed to see what’s happening in there and make sure there have been no kitties there. She’s like a little investigator. I could just squeeze her till she squeaks! I love her personality and her traits.

She sits on a perch in the den and looks out the windows most of the daylight hours. She will make little chirping noises when she sees the birds in the dogwood trees outside the windows. It’s so cute cos she’s not really meowing but it’s a breathy chirping sound.

She loves to see the deer come up to eat. She’ll start a soft meow and get very still and watch them fight and eat. She is completely mesmerized by anything she sees outside.

Today a flock of turkeys were up here and she was just beside herself. It’s so adorable I can’t describe how cute she is.

It is hilarious when I go to close the curtains at night. She does not like it at all. She will run to see what I’m doing and when I grab the curtains she’ll meow at me so pitiful and she’ll start boxing at me with her paws! Haha =) It’s hands down one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. She gets so aggravated when I do it and I feel so bad for her.

I try to open them at daylight for her every day and she gets so excited. She gets this little bouncy, prancy, sweet little run and she looks at me like I’ve done the greatest thing in the world by opening up those curtains for her. I love her so much I can hardly stand it! <3

She had her birthday on September 11th and we celebrated with treats and toys. She loves to get new things. She has the sweetest demeanor come over her. So I shower her with toys often.

Since Coco was a lifelong Floridian she will be experiencing her first winter here in Virginia. She had her first snow this past Saturday and she did not know what to think about it. She hopped up on her perch and saw these huge snowflakes coming down and everything was white and she looked at me like “what the heck!” lol! She immediately hopped back down and looked at me.

She still looks to me to make sure its okay for her to do things and if it will be safe for her to do it and I encouraged her to hop back up and check it out. She would hop up and look out and jump back down and look at me so funny. She did that three times before she decided it would be safe for her to stay there.

It was such a heart warming sight to see. I love her so much I can hardly stand it!

She is so well behaved and she never does anything she isn’t supposed to do. I love her so much I could just bust!

She is such an amazing little companion. She is always in the same room with me where she can look at me. She does not like to be alone so she is never far from my side.

She has started to lay on the back of my chair between me and my chair, lol. Her little body will get so hot she makes me hot, lol. She likes to kick her feet in my back too, lol! So I take it for as long as I can and then we have to move. She is so adorable.

She is letting me pick her up and carry her around now and I love it! I get to do it a little longer each time I do. She likes the higher advantage of checking things out so I walk her over to places and let her explore.

She is always in my bed with me when I’m sleeping. I gave her a fluffy soft quilt to have on my bed and she sleeps on her quilt every night with me. Sometimes I’ll wake up and she’s staring right in my face purring, lol. I put her quilt up by my head so I can always pet her and touch her. She likes to lay on my hand and arm and she will rub her head on me when she wants me to pet her.

I love her so much I don’t have words to describe. I can’t imagine my life without her. She has so much personality, she’s so fun, and she is very, very loving and sweet.

She is thriving here and she’s very happy. I do anything and everything she wants. She is spoiled rotten but she deserves it.

December 31, 2014

Hi Everyone! =)

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since I got to bring my sweetheart home to love, adore and spoil. So the honeymoon is over! I could not be more happy and in love with my baby doll.

Coco is doing so well! She continues to be the love of my life and the apple of my eye! I love her so much I could bust.

She is literally the perfect little kitty. She does not have any bad habits. She is always such a good little girl. She loves all of her toys and scratchers and she plays with them all the time. I never have any problems out of her.

She has been such a cheerful little delight; I cherish every second I have with her. She is the sweetest little girl I have ever had. She’s so loving and affectionate. She is always by my side where ever I am. She loves to be touched and petted. She is always coming up to me wanting lovies and I always give her what she wants, lol!

She loves to watch tv with me. Anytime I have the nature and ocean shows on she is transfixed to the tv. It’s so adorable!

She loves it when I put a sheet or a quilt out for her to play on. I’ll spread one out on the couch or on my bed for her and she acts like it’s such a special treat! I could squeeze her till she squeaks she is so precious.

She will start chasing “something” and she will eventually end up chasing her tail and biting her back feet, lol! She cracks me up every time! It never fails to make me laugh and love her more than I already do if that is even possible.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a deep fried turkey and I must say Coco LOVED it! I was thankful to have Coco in my life so we had a lovely thanksgiving.

Christmas time came around and we had a smoked ham and she loved that too!

Coco has really enjoyed the Christmas tree and has been playing around it and under it since it went up. Her eyes just glow when she gets near it and she gets so playful.

Coco got so many toys and goodies for Christmas! She was such a good girl she deserved all of them.

One of her absolute favorites was a SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. When I saw that thing I knew Coco would absolutely adore it. It is HUGE! 32 inches high. She climbs that thing constantly! I love to see her rough housing with it and swinging around on it, lol. She makes me laugh so much.

She also got a couple more of her favorite kickeroo toys. She got a few of the Yeowww cat nip toys and a few feather toys. She has been enjoying all of them and I love to watch her play. She got a new bed as well.

So Coco hit the jack pot from Santa! =D

It’s New Years Eve and I’m looking forward to the new year with my favorite little baby doll! I will love her, spoil her, care for her and do for her in any and every way to make her happy, content and make her feel loved. I love her with all my heart. She is the most special thing in the world to me.

Happy New Years Siamese Rescue! Coco and I will see you in 2015!

June 30, 2016

I can hardly believe how much time has went by since Coco came into my life. I knew as soon as I saw her in Donna’s video that she was meant for me. This little girl has changed my life so much for the better and expanded my love for her to greater depths every day.

I always look forward to seeing her run with joy to me when I come in the room as if I am the greatest person ever! She is such a sweet little flirty girl. She reaches out to me with that cute little paw and wraps me around it.

She has such an amazing personality and she shares it with me every chance she gets. She talks to me about everything and I listen as a good parent would. She gets mad and she’ll swipe her paw at me or she’ll try and nip at me letting me know her displeasure if something does not go her way. That only endears me to her more because she is so completely adorable when she is mad, lol.

I love buying her gifts; she gets so excited when she sees a new toy. It becomes her favorite for the day and then gets tossed around like the hundreds of others I have bought for her. My house looks like a cat house, haha! I don’t even mind; she has every right to have all of her little things that makes her happy around just as much as I do so we share (she owns much more real estate in my home than I do, lol). I used to be such a neat freak until Coco came in my life. I still am with my things but she gets to do whatever she wants with hers.

With her disability she does not hop on tables or counters but she will climb anything she can get her claws in. My furniture being the best thing she has ever had, lol. She climbs that couch like she’s an American Ninja Warrior! So for Christmas last year I bought her a floor to ceiling cat tree (it only took me an hour and a half to put it together). I thought it was super fantastic! I saw it and I said to myself as much as she loves to climb this will be so cool for her! Well ha! She has only ever been on the bottom floor and scratches those bottom posts, lol! She could care less for anything above it. So I have a fancy cat tree that never gets any use but it will look good forever I suppose! She also got some carpeted steps that lead up to my bed. It’s a super tall bed set and she was climbing it and tearing up the sheets and I was worried for her claws so I had invested in steps early on but I got her some new ones last Christmas and she loves them. She will climb them and she plays on them at night while I’m trying to sleep and I usually just wake up and watch her and then she hops on the bed for lovies.

So basically she rules in my life and I’m totally okay with that. I could not love anything more than I love her. She is the absolute love of my life and I do everything I can to make her happy. She makes me feel so good and brings tremendous joy to my life so I try and repay her as often as I can. She’s my baby girl and I could not live without her.

She’s put on some weight since I got her; she is somewhat of a food terrorist. She is extremely picky and she has a food allergy so her options are limited. Trying to get her to eat something I want her to is like negotiating a hostage situation. I always cave in. She is in a good place with quality royal canin food so it works out really well right now. I would love to get her back on wet food but she completely refuses it. I can always hope!

I turned one of my balconies into a bird sanctuary for Coco. She loves to look outside of her two big favorite picture windows in the den and see what’s going on outside. She mews and trembles at the birds, she scratches at the window and it just warms my heart. She wants to get at them so bad! So I have a nice set up with varieties of feed for all kinds of birds to stop by and say hi to her. She loves it and I have found that being a bird watcher is very relaxing. So we sometimes sit and watch them together. She mews about whats going on out there and I baby talk with her about it. It’s so sweet.

So for our anniversary this year I have nothing but good and loving news to report. Thank you again to everyone who helped get Coco to me. She is the most loved and dear thing in my life.

P.S. Coco says Hi Donna! She misses those sunny, warm winters in Florida.

(Last update: Jun 30th, 2016 7am)

I am a gorgeous, playful Seal, kittenish, affectionate, friendly! I am absolutely delightful company. Happiness for me is being together with you in our home.

My soft Seal fur is cuddly and almost shed free! My aqua eyes are mesmerizing. I purr like a motor, rub legs and feet, and butt with my head. Whatever you are up to, I will find a place to hang out by you, and enjoy our togetherness. I entertain myself endlessly exploring, playing, running out onto the porch, and snoozing. In spite of the traumas I have endured, I am immersed in the endless pleasures to be had in a day. My greatest joy in life is to be with you. I will go anywhere you go to be together with you.

I am just two, my health is excellent, my litter habits tidy and always appropriate.

Sometimes I play patty-cake (if I am in the mood)! I can open slider doors, and some doors with handles! I can reach into boxes with cat toys and pull them out and around! I cuddle at night in bed.

Won't you be mine? I need you, our companionship. I love you already.
Name:   Maxwell Comet
ID#: VA10055
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/02/14
Adopted: 06/29/14
Congrats: Reeve
Foster: Kate

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat


Notes from Home
Maxwell is a forever part of our family. He is very spoiled with us. He gets groomed every few days. This week he goes for his six month check-up. We cannot imagine why anyone gave him up We consider ourselves very lucky to have found him. We will always be thankful to all of those who helped bring Max home to us
(Last update: Jun 29th, 2016 11am)

Name: Minuet

(FKA Natalia)

ID#: VA9320
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 06/14/13
Adopted: 06/29/13
Congrats: Susan
Foster: Siri

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
Seriously? Life is so unfair. Too little space and so many great cats. SIGH.
Notes from Home
Minuet is a sweetheart! She is playful and talks to her Daddy and Mommy when she needs something..like food! she plays with her two brothers Jack and Tiberius and chases them or they chase her...sometimes no one can tell the difference!

She is sleeping in bed every night with her Daddy and Jack sleeps with Mommy. Minuet is a very happy cat and loves her house. She runs everywhere (why walk) and is very very happy!

She is eating well and still remains skinny which makes her daddy very jealous!
thanks to all at Siamese Rescue from Minuet!

July 29, 2013. Minuet here! Okay, it's been one month that I have been here in my forever home. I must say that I am one lucky girl. My brothers Jack and Tiberius are pretty taken with me. We chase each other all around the house and we especially love to play in Daddy's music room which is mostly carpeted.

Mommy here! What an absolute treasure! A "gem" as some would say! Affectionate, intelligent and so very lovable. Minuet fit in with all of us almost immediately. On a scale of one to ten, she is a ten in every way. She has a winning and positive personality. She is very tuned into Jack and Tiberius' personality and as a result, gets along with them extremely well. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Siri, JoAnn, Jackie and of course, the "Magnificent Meezer Express."

Mommy was a little lax in writing an update on me. I kept telling her to get to it! Anyways, all is great and I am a happy girl. Mommy and Daddy say that I am one of the most intelligent, beautiful girls out there. I greet Daddy when he comes home from work and insist on jumping onto his shoulders so that he can hug me and walk around with me. Mommy plays games with all of us every night. Jack, Tiberius and Benjamin are my brothers and they are great but I am the queen.

Today is a special day because it marks one year for me being in my "forever" home. The attention and love that I get is every "meezer's" dream. I still greet Daddy every day when he comes home from work. I jump on his shoulder and hug him and rub his face with my face. I will always be thankful to my Aunt JoAnn, Aunt Siri and to Aunt Jackie for picking me up from the shelter in New Jersey and keeping me overnight in Pennsylvania before I went to Virginia and then on to my "forever" home in Connecticut.

June 29, 2015 - Minuet is doing absolutely great. We just adore her! She is an extremely happy and good natured cat. She is also interactive, intelligent and beautiful. If you don't believe that she is beautiful, then get on up and look at your 2015 Siamese Rescue calendar. There has never been a more beautiful Miss November.

June 29, 2016 - Three years ago today we met the "Meezer Express" and we could not have been more thrilled to meet this girl. Minuet delights us with her adoring personality every day. We are truly blessed to have this smart, loving, beautiful girl.

(Last update: Jun 29th, 2016 6am)

Sweet, confident, playful kitten. I need to have a kitty playmate to keep me company :)

Check out my new pictures and video!
Name:   Marie
ID#: VA11486
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 1 Yr
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 05/23/16
Adopted: 06/18/16
Congrats: Stephanie
Foster: Michelle


Notes from Home
Hi Everyone!

Cersei is doing great! She is eating and growing like a weed. She is really excited to play with her brother Oella. They have gotten to know each other under the door and should be aloud to play in a few days. I tried to upload a picture but it isn't letting me for whatever reason. I will work on it! I will send you guys another update soon!

(Last update: Jun 28th, 2016 8am)

Name: Saban

(FKA Charlie)

ID#: VA7617
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 03/13/11
Adopted: 04/16/11
Congrats: Jeaninne
Foster: Williene

Foster Notes

I need a home. I like cats, dogs, and kids. I play. I meow when I want something. I want to sleep in your bed. I am a lapcat. I lie upside down. I purr. I'm pretty. Handsome too. I beg food from fosterdad. I am spoiled. I help wash dishes. I chase balls of paper. My teeth chatter when I see birds. I can't help it. I'm a great cat. Vote for me. Or even better, click on "Ask about me".

Notes from Home
4/18/11-Charlie is home and loving it! He is a sweet, loving very curious kitty! He came into our house and within half hour made himself at home. He has found his favorite nap place and takes over our bed at night. He is going to be one spoiled baby!

4/19/11-Charlie has been renamed to Saban. My fiance says he is his new football watching partner and Nick Saban is the coach of Alabama so he will be a Alabama football fan. He's doing great and loving his new home. The funny thing is, with all the toys he has at home to play with he picks my ponytail holders. I find them all over the house and if I leave one on the bathroom counter he steals it. He's such a fun loving, sweet tempered kitty. These last couple of days with him have been so much fun. We both look so forward to getting home and seeing him every day. He will be making his first vet visit soon to meet his new doctor and make a new friend I'm sure. I will keep everyone updated.

4/21/11-Saban went to meet Dr. Wilburn yesterday. He was quite the ham. Nosing around the room sniffing everything. All the ladies loved him. The one guy thought he was "cool". When the nurse and Dr. Wilburn came in to see him he was ready to play with all of them. She said he looked great. His lungs and heart sound good and he is a fiesty one! He's such a sweet baby. We love him so much and have so much fun with him. He makes me laugh so hard when I am laying in the bed and he runs as fast as he can down the hall and jumps on the bed and onto the floor on the other side then starts all over again. He does it until he wears himself out.

We also weathered our first thunderstorm with tornado warnings together the other night. He was so good and not scared in the least bit. Infact he wanted to get in the window so bad to see what was making all the racket outside. Even when the thunder was shaking the house he never hid. Just laid in the floor like he's done it a thousand times! I don't think there will be a dull moment in our house now that he is with us :)

4/26/11-Saban is doing so well. He is the cutest most fun kitty. He makes us laugh all the time with his silly antics. I bought him a harness and a leash so he can go outside and walk around but he wanted nothing to do with it. I put it on him and he fell over. I even thought maybe if I took him out and put him in the grass he would give in and accept it! No such luck, so the leash is a work in progress. He loves to come in the bathroom in the mornings with me while I am getting ready and run and play and snoop through all my things. Since going to the vet he has not been able to play with my ponytail holders because they said he could swollew them so he tries to snoop some out. He goes absolutely crazy when he sees one and can't have it. If my hair is in a ponytail he will swipe at my hair trying to get it out. He's such a great kitty and we are so appreciative of the Siamese Rescue for bringing us together with him.

5/5/11-This weekend Saban gets to meet him "grandparents". We are very excited to introduce him to some more of his family. We know they are going to love him as much as we do. I'm not sure he is going to know what to do when they shut the bedroom door at night as he loves to drag his toys and his bed (yes his little bed) into the room at night. I'm trying to figure out if he wants the bed in there so he can sleep on it but I put it on the bed last night and he didn't. I think he drags things in there for us to play with him while we are sleeping. He is doing so well and eating like a horse. I have to be careful and limit him or he would eat the whole house. He is our precious baby and we feel like we have had him forever.

6/2/11-Saban is doing so well and he is so much fun and just precious. We decided to get him a "brother" so that he would have someone to play with while we are at work because he is so full of energy. Sabie loved his new brother right away and wanted to play but Bama was not so sure about Saban because he ran him to death and was constantly jumping and playing. But over the last week Bama has losened up alot and even started chasing Saban around the house. They tear up and down the hallway like race cars. But at night they get their bellies full and both get in the bed with us. Saban is a total food theif. You have to watch him because if you leave ANYTHING at all on the counter he will try and eat it. My fiance's dad has peg it, we think he is a dat (a cat dog). Thank you Siamese Cat Rescue for all the smiles and good times we have had with Sabie so far!

6/12/11-Saban and Bama are the best of friends. It's so cute. They run all over the house chasing each other and wrestling. We were a little worried that Bama was not going to adjust well to Saban but as you can see from the pictures I just uploaded they love each other!

9/1/11-We have had Saban for almost 5 months now and wouldn't know what to do without him. He is so mischevious and nosey and SUPER fun!! He LOVES his brother. I took Bama to the vet the other day and my husband said Saban went all over the house looking for him. He has started this new thing where he take pieces of his hard food out of his bowl and bats them and tosses them around the house chasing after them and when he finally feels like it, he will eat it and go back for another. Silly baby. We are looking forward to the winter to have these warm snugglie boys to sleep with!

9/13/11-New Pictures

10/18/11-We have had Saban for 6 months! Wow, we feel like he has been in our house with us forever. He's such a little ham and an in the closet cuddle kitty. He sneaks in for a cuddle while we are sleeping at night. Loves to curl up between our legs or beside us stretched out. If I pick him up during the day to hug and kiss on him he puts his paws on my face and pushes away (my husband calls it stiff arming). Him and his brother love to terrorize the house early in the morning. They get up with me to get ready in the morning and play in the bathroom chasing each other in and out the bathroom doors, all the while my husband is trying to sleep. Most of the time he is laying there watching them and laughing. You can't help but love his little personality. Last night a neighborhood kitty came to the kitchen window to visit, where they have a hammock bed in the window seal. I heard Saban making a crazy noise so I took a peek and the kitty was outside sitting in the flower bed under the window looking back at Saban. He's such a cute baby and we love him so much. We couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt from the Siamese Cat Rescue!

11/29/11-Saban had his first Thanksgiving with us and boy did he love some turkey! He filled his belly full then slept for hours. We put the Christmas tree up the Friday after Thanksgiving not sure what was going to happen and worried him and his brother may try to climb it or knock it over. So far they have just laid under it chilling...although Saban has discovered the smartie flavored candy canes and has decided to bite any of them hanging down that he can reach in half. He doesn't like the mint ones. Last night he saw his first snow, and he wasn't sure what to think. He just kept watching the flakes fall. I carried him out on the back porch and he didn't like them landing his head at all. This is going to be a very fun holiday season with our sweet baby kitties!


1/27/12-Saban is doing very well. We look forward so much to coming home from work to see our babies. They have some kitty "friends" that like to come and visit them while they are laying in their beds in the window seals. Their "protect my home" mode comes on immediately. I have attached a couple of new pictures of Saban. One of these days he is going to fall in that bathtub and I hope I am there to catch it on camera.

4/16/12-Happy Anniversary to our baby boy. Wow, we can't believe we have had our Saban for a whole year. Time sure flies. He's still a very curious, nosy baby. If it is new and different in the house he is going to be right up in the middle of it. Very much unlike his brother, Bama who runs at the sign of anything new. He's still not a lap kitty but he does love to snuggle and head butt in the morning before his nap. He's a sneaky boy too. My husband went fishing and had the fish fillets in the sink in a bowl and walked outside for a minute and came back in to Saban and Bama with a fillet on the floor going to town. They were so sad :( when Bill came in and caught them and took it away. We know the culprit was Saban because he is the only one who gets on the counters. Bama just get to reap the benefits. We love and enjoy every day with our boys. We really appreciate Siamese Cat Rescue for bringing us together with Saban. Thank you again!
The Holloway's

7/26/12-Saban had his yearly shots and check up at Dr. Wilburn's office on Tuesday, he is in great health. They all just rave about what a pretty boy he is. He is always so good and super nosy at the vet. He wants out of his cage to check everything out. He wasn't real happy when they took him out to weight him (15.4 lbs) and give him his shots then put his back. He wanted to roam the room and watch his brother, Bama get his check up and shots. I am attaching a picture of the sad look on his little face wanting out. They had their first baby visitors come and stay for a few days. My friends came to visit with their twins and Saban was so curious and not the least bit scared of them. He wanted to know exactly what those babies were doing at all times. We love those baby boys so much!

11/29/12-It's that time of the year, the Christmas tree is up and the temps are getting chilly. Saban is doing so good, I can't believe how much he has changed since we first adopted him. He is still mischievous as ever. Not one day has gone by since I put the Christmas tree up that I haven't come home to ornaments off the tree and even carried around the house (a snowman he discovered), and the tree skirt bunched up in the corner. Those silly babies run under the tree and play every chance they get. I have moved all the ornament out of reach, so the bottom of our tree is a little bare. I guess I should be thankful they don't climb the tree. We have changed their soft food to a brand my husband did some research on called Natural Balance (made by Dick Van Patten) and they LOVE it. They have chicken and green pea, duck and green pea salmon and green pea, venison and a lot of other kinds. The boys eat it up even with veggies in it. It's getting cold so they have gotten to where they both get in the bed with us and take over. Funny how 2 small kitties can take up so much space. We continue to love those babies so much and enjoy their company. I am attaching a couple of new pictures.

4/16/13-Wow, we can't believe it's been 2 years since we brought Saban into our family and what a wonderful addition he has been. He is still just like a kitten, full of energy and personality. He still loves his brother but picks and bugs him just like little brothers do. He is definitely his dad's cat. He loves my husband and comes to him when ever called. Most of the time he just looks at me like I am some kind of crazy person calling his name. We appreciate Siamese Cat Rescue every day for bringing us our boy. I am attaching some new pictures.

12/11/13-Merry Christmas fellow Siamese lovers. Saban is ready for Santa to bring him some presents although sometimes he's a naughty kitty. But we love love love him. He is still doing great and mischievous as ever. About a month ago we did have a issue with what we thought was a urinary tract infection. We took him to the vet 3 times :( They had to take urine each time and gave him (2) different antibiotics. Finally the third time he was not going to allow them to take the urine (he's a smart boy, and he knew what was coming) so they had to sedate him, which I think was more traumatic for me then him. She said that after the antibiotics and it wasn't better that she would culture it and bet it would not show bacteria but that he was inflamed down there. She gave him an anti inflammatory and some valium to help him relax to use the bathroom to try until we got the culture back. Within 3 days he was back to his old self and not in the litter box every few minutes. He was a good boy though and never went on the floor. I will say I have become a professional at giving him pills and he is actually really good about it. He outsmarted us with the pill pockets. The culture came back negative so no infection. We are just so happy he is feeling better and back to our old Sabie. Of course he is loving the Christmas tree and hiding and sleeping under it. He hopes you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

4/16/14-Wow, I can't believe Saban has been with us for 3 years. Time sure flies. He's still frisky and mischievous as ever. It's starting to warm up out and he has been "hunting" our hummingbirds that come to the feeders. He is bound and determined that he is going to catch one. Poor thing, doesn't realize that since he can't go out alone that momma is not going to let him kill one. But it's good for him to hunt. He is still not much of a lap kitty but he will stay and take a nap if you put him there. He does love to snuggle up to us in the bed and keep us nice and cozy on cold nights. He still loves his brother and they give each other baths but they always lead to a round of rough housing. He's gotten a little more vocal lately. But he doesn't have that typical siamese cry. It's a little kitty cry but still so cute. I can't help but tell him how adorable he is when he looks at me with that cute little face and meows. Thank you again Siamese rescue for bringing us to our cute, fluffy, frisky boy!

12/19/14-Merry Christmas my fellow Siamese cat lovers. Saban is gearing up for another holiday and is anxiously awaiting his usual Holiday company, his grandparents. He loves when they come to visit because they spoil him and his brother. So far we have had another year of no issues with the tree. Well only one ornament has been broken so far but it could be much worse. Saban is still doing great. Cute as ever. Him and his brother got their teeth cleaned a few months back. Since his urinary issues he doesn't like the vet at all. He was so unhappy with them after his teeth cleaning that 3 of them could not get him out of the cage to put in the carrier. I could hear him in the waiting room going a little nuts on them. Finally my husband had to go back and get him. Once he realized it was his daddy reaching in for him he was just fine. He went into his cage with no problems. Poor little guy. I hate he doesn't like them now. I'm sure there is probably a big note in his file that says BEWARE OF CAT! LOL. Anyway, he wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! He wants ya'll to check out his picture under the tree!

4/16/15-WOW 4 years we've had our little stinker. He is doing great, spoiled and completely loved! We could never imagine our household with out him running around playing, pestering his brother or taking over our entire bed at night. Thank you again Siamese Cat Rescue for 4 great years so far!

6/27/16-Saban has been with us over 5 years. He is doing great. He and his brother just had their yearly check up's and shots at the vet. Saban isn't too fond of the vet anymore. He just growls at them if they mess with him. He's such a sweet boy, I hate for them to see that side of him. He's still mischevious as ever. Alway into something and picking on his brother. They love to lay in the front window where the bird bath is and watch the birds...He loves to go in the garage and explore and hunt lizards (he catches them but they get taken away right away and put outside where he can't get them). He still doesn't love to get in your lap but if you put him there and pet him he will stay a little while. I am going to add a couple of new pictures. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer.

(Last update: Jun 27th, 2016 11am)

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