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I'm just a typical flame male kitten - and that means I love every one both people and other kitties. I'm friendly, loveable, and playful. What more could you ask for? Just ask about me and foster mom will tell you what a great little guy I am.
Name:   Rufous
ID#: VA5494
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 01/20/08
Adopted: 02/13/08
Congrats: Linda
Foster: Jackie

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Rufous is s big Wonderful Flame Point.
I could not of asked for a better well behaved and beautiful cat

Rufous is a Great Cat

(Last update: Feb 14th, 2018 6pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Olivia

(FKA Molly)

ID#: VA7154
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 07/22/10
Adopted: 08/07/10
Congrats: Christine
Foster: Jeanne

Foster Notes

Just arrived and like my sister, Annie, I'm not afraid of the doggie here, I love to cuddle and play, am good with my litter box and have a good appetite. I, too, would like a male kitty to go home with, so why not pick one from the pages here and ask about me, too!


No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Olivia is doing great. She just loves everyone. Her brother Spencer is also doing great also. He is super affectionate and has become a love bug.

(Last update: Feb 14th, 2018 2pm)

Hellooooo! I'm back! My forever home wanted kids and as I now know, kids start off as babies and they are LOUD (yuck!), so here I am, looking for my true forever home. I like kids overall, just not toddlers and kids under 5. Those older ones, they like to cuddle and pet me and pay me the attention I deserve, you know what I mean?

I love to love on you, talk to you, follow you, help you eat - I want to be part of every aspect of your life. And did I mention I am a tortie? My lavender/grey/orange colors and super-soft fur speak for themselves. And if you think I'm fibbing, I'll tell you myself. :) I'm okay with other cats and okay with woofers, and active and vocal.

And I'll be shedding a couple of those pounds - foster meowm says the diet I had to be on with my furfriend made me pudgy and has me on a lower fat diet to let me show off what she calls my beuatiful bone structure. As long as there's food.....

If you think you'd like to add a chatty, somewhat bossy, always hungry and very lovable tortie to your life, let foster meowm know. I'll make sure she replies!
Name:   Ginger
ID#: VA6666
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 18 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
DateIn: 10/15/09
Adopted: 02/14/10
Congrats: Denise
Foster: Jeannie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
2/14/2018: We bought a new house at the end of 2015 and she stopped using the litter boxes shortly after that. I'm not sure if the arthritis makes it painful for her to climb into the cat genies and she doesn't like the other boxes if the other cats use them. She's reliably going on puppy pads on the tile floor, so it's manageable at least.

We're working on trying to improve the arthritis but she also has early stage kidney disease, so some of the things we did earlier (off label Adequan) I'm hesitant to continue. My vet has a few options (like laser therapy) that we're going to try to see if it helps her feel better.

Personality wise, she's great. She's really started snuggling a lot in the past few years and if my husband doesn't spend enough time on the couch she yells at him until he sits on the couch for snuggles. She tolerates the other cats fine, but most of the time the three are in a cuddle pile its because Romeo laid on her and then Oliver laid on Romeo. She doesn't initiate the snuggle pile but will sleep through it.

She also sits at my husband's head in the morning and waits for him to open an eye. When he does, she'll either lick his nose or headbutt his face. She's a very prompt alarm clock for her breakfast!

Thanks again for setting us up with her, she's a real delight even with the box troubles.

7/25/2015: Ginger seems to be done with the inappropriate urination. Hooray! She's been going in the box faithfully for a few years now. Switching to the Cat Genies seems to have done the trick.

She's getting older and developing arthritis (and resisting all attempts to get her to loose weight). Despite the arthritis (which makes her climb the stairs *very* slowly), she has recently started playing with (and WRESTLING) with Romeo (VA 10242). She's always tolerated the other cats that we've had in the house, but she seems to really like Romeo.

Otherwise, she's the same as she's always been. If we aren't paying enough attention to her she yells at us until we pet her or let her sit on our shoulders, or whatever she wants. She thinks she's a 6 lb shoulder cat even though we keep telling her that she is NOT.

Added 5/26/12: I've been hesitant to update because I think we've really really sorted out her inappropriate elimination issues (but didn't want to jinx it by writing).

So, I thought the problem was that she didn't like using the box after another cat used it. We solved that issue by locking her up in the master suite, and it worked... as long as another cat didn't sneak in and use her box without us noticing (when that happened, we had to change the litter and completely wash the box to get her to use it again). Also, when we were home but not in the bedroom she would get very upset (jumping at the door and crying).

This winter, we switched all of the cat boxes to Cat Genies (they use plastic pellets and wash the pellets after a cat uses the box). Ginger took to the new box immediately, almost entirely discontinuing use of the traditional box, and I've only found one inappropriate urination since we installed the genie in the bedroom in January (and that was during the first week transition period).

After we were sure that she had switched over, we started letting her out into the rest of the house with the other cats (for an hour, then gradually increasing the amount of time). We still keep the bedroom door closed at night (don't want the box to run while we're asleep) and when we aren't home, but she's becoming a full member of the household again. :-)

The other cats have used "her" box in the bedroom, but since it washes everything afterwards, it doesn't seem to bother her.

So, I THINK we've got the problem solved. Now to work on her weight... she got very pudgy lounging in the bedroom by herself.

Added 02/22/11: I think we've finally got the urination problems sorted out; she goes outside of the box about once every two months (and has been like that since October). We lock her in the master bedroom/bathroom while we're out of the house or asleep. I suspect the problem is that she doesn't like Juliet using her litter box.

She's doing pretty well. She doesn't like to snuggle, but she always wants to be in the same room with us (often sacked out in a corner somewhere, snoring loudly). She's very fun to talk to. :-) We chat every morning while I'm in the shower (it must look pretty horrifying for her).

Added 04/17/10: Nathaniel got a few snaps of her being cute. The images are on my flickr page



Added 04/15/10: We've been having some inappropriate elimination issues. I've tried a BUNCH of stuff, and things will seem to work for a day or two, but then she'll go back to using the carpet.

Other than that, she's a sweetie and loves to be carried around the house and will hold conversations with us.

Ginger saw the vet on Saturday. She'll be getting her teeth cleaned soon, so she had blood drawn to make sure she was okay beforehand, but otherwise she got a clean bill of health (oh, and she needs to loose weight, but we knew that).

Hunter and Juliet both approach her and she'll let them sniff her for a minute before she tells them to back off. Hunter doesn't get the message as quickly so he's been batted a few times, but he's learning.

When she's closed in a room she stares at the door a lot... she's tired of being closed in rooms and wants to have free reign of the house!

(Last update: Feb 14th, 2018 9am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Zuk

(FKA Rodger)

ID#: VA10602
Location:  Delaware
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 01/31/15
Adopted: 02/14/15
Congrats: Alma
Foster: Diane

Foster Notes

Very affectionate. Head butting champion. Purrs all the time. Fantastic kitty.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Zuk is settling in fine. He is a long lean love machine! He is hard to photograph as he wants to head butt the camera! Very loving boy. I have been sleeping in his ISO room and he cuddles into my side all night. I am in LOVE! Thanks Siamese Rescue!
Zuk is now out of ISO! My boys love him! The screen door works the best. They are napping in the ISO room with the door open, after a long chase the ball session. They all love nerf balls. He even ate with my dogs this morning! He is the best!
Two weeks have flown by! It seems like he was born here. We love him so much! He is like a spider monkey! Long skinny legs, he climbs everything! LOL! He loves to crawl onto my lap when I am on the computer Otherwise he is flying around chasing one toy or another! He loves the red ball Diane sent with him and the wand toy. But when the nerf balls come out all three join in the chase. Who need TV when their show is more entertaining!! Life is not boring with this love bug!

I can not believe Zuk has only been with us for a month ! He has blended into our family so well, I can't remember life without him. He is a ball of energy. Loves to race up and down the stairs across the couch and into the kitchen. Zuk LOVES toys of all kind. Diane sent some cloth knots that he loves to bat around and carry in his mouth, I even find them in his food dish LOL! Life is never dull with Zuk in the house. He likes to watch his namesake {Mats Zuccarello} of the NY Rangers play hockey on TV. He bats at the moving puck on the screen! Thanks Siamese Rescue!

Zuk totally relaxed with BeBe and doggie sister Breezie. Poor guy had a reaction to the meds to clear up the Bartonela and was licking the fur off his back legs. Changed his meds and the licking is slowing down. Still happy, playful and very loving! He is on the mend!
Hard to believe its been almost 4 months since his arrival. He is a happy goofy boy! He likes to open drawers and cabinet doors. He even starts typing on the computer when sitting in my lap! He keeps my other boys on their toes, so much so that they have lost a few pounds! LOL! Still loves all his toys and can play for hours. Life is not dull with Zuk in the house! Thanks Siamese rescue!

Well it has been 6 months . Zuk is a very loved member of our family! He is very active and into everything! LOL! He opens all the cupboard doors so we had to baby proof all the doors! He is so in love with my husband! He lets me love on him but he wants Tony to hold him all the time! Makes me jealous! LOL! He has perfect litter box habits and covers everyones leavings. He chases my chis and starts a rousing game of tag! All my animals love him! He is the perfect addition to our home! We would be lost without him. Thanks again Siamese Rescue!

Just a little up-date on Zuk. We are about 6 weeks from our 1 yr gotcha date. Finally Zuk is a momma's boy!! He only had eyes for my husband now he wants to be with ME all he time!! He is such a loving boy! He is also a nutty boy and a wild child when he wants LOL! No Christmas tree this year for the wild boy to undecorate! LOL! I can no longer have fridge magnets either. He loves to make things fall. Good thing I love him dearly!! I added a few new pix!
Today is Zuk's one year gotcha day! Time has flown by! He is our silly clown boy! He is so active and happy! Loves to be where ever we are at all times! Spends a lot of time throwing his toys all around and he even brings them to our bed! LOL! He still loves me even tho I am the nail trimmer and ear cleaner. He is so good for me when I clean his ears and he doesn't mind his nails being clipped for the most part LOL! He is an important part of our family. We love him so much! Thanks Siamese Rescue for all you do!
Zuk is doing very well! I love this not so much. He is still a Dennis the Menace but getting better behaved every day. Lol. He is our new girl Mattie 's hero. She follows him everywhere. He is such a happy lover boy . He loves to sleep in our bed and snuggle on the couch. All your volunteer Rock. ! T

Today is Zuk's 3year gotcha day! He is the love of my life. He loves his sister Mattie that we adopted in September. They race thru the house together and keeps him acting like a kitten. They love to curl up with each other for naps. So all is well! I'll try to remember how to post new pix. Thank you Siamese Rescue

(Last update: Feb 14th, 2018 6am)

I'm a cuddly lovable guy who loves to make biscuits and have a big purr. Starting to become playful with toys. Out of iso and other cats are fine.
I have a very short stocky body and foster mom says I have huge mitts - hey the better to make those biscuits.
Purrs, Flynn
Name:   Flynn fka Seamus
ID#: VA11304
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 01/18/16
Adopted: 02/13/16
Congrats: Neil
Foster: Kay

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home
Flynn is just a great all around cat. He loves to play rough sometimes, but after you will find him purring up a storm on my lap. He knows that he is in his forever home and seems very happy about that.

I love coming home to him greeting me. He follows me around until I pick him up and give him loving.

I am so happy that we got connected and that he is in his forever home.

Today is the 2 year anniversary for Flynn and I. Flynn is an absolutely amazing cat and still surprises me with his playfulness and intelligence. He is really a perfect cat.....zero health issues, loves affection, and is great with guests. Thanks again for all who helped bring him to me.

(Last update: Feb 13th, 2018 4pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Luki Suki
ID#: VA4887
Location:  Delaware
Sex: male
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 04/29/07
Adopted: 06/16/07
Deceased: 02/13/18
Congrats: Cathy
Foster: Diane

Foster Notes

Super sized, super sweet, super nice kitty!

Need a teddy bear to hug? Want a total sweet kitty who will be devoted to you and your family? Here's your cat.

I just decided to let mom know I LOVE doggies, too. Fine with other cats unless they are crazy youngsters and not well-mannered.

Foster mom says: Very faithful companion. Doesn't knock things off shelves but does like to explore the upper levels of cat trees and 'hang out' from there. Really great cat!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
2/13/2018 - I am very sad to let you know, my beloved cat Luki passed away today. He has been diabetic for many years & he became ill from kidney failure last November. He was the best, smartest & most loving cat I ever had & I will always miss him.😥

6/17/14 - I've had Luki for 7 years, as of yesterday & he is still just as sweet, beautiful and lovable as he was the day I brought him home. He is still on diabetic food only and gets insulin 2X per day, but he has lost weight and is doing very well. I have to take him to the vet a couple of times a year for a glucose tolerance test. He was just there 3 weeks ago and we had to increase his insulin slightly, but otherwise, he was healthy. He is such a good boy & is such a wonderful companion and he clearly adores me. He follows me around the house and still sleeps on the bed with me every night. I'm going to upload new pictures.

4/14/15 - Luki is, thankfully, still doing very well. He had a glucose curve a month ago, and we didn't have to increase his insulin at all. He gets more lovable and sweet the older he gets! He will be going to the vet on 4/27 for his annual shots and he is usually a very good boy when he goes.

Hard to believe he's over 12 years old now. His vet visit in April went well. He's still such a sweet boy and was so good at the vet. Everyone there loves him.

Luki is doing well now. He had some problems earlier this year, but we went to the vet several times and he is better now.
He is still very sweet and loving, still sleeps with me every night. He even knows what time we generally go to bed and "reminds" me when it's time. He is still on insulin for diabetes, but it seems to be well controlled. He is the best company and I'm still so happy to have him.

4/19/17 Luki went to the vet today for his check-up & shots. Vet says he is doing well. For unknown reasons, he now seems to hate going to the vet. He yowled, spit & snarled the entire time we were there. The Vet said he may just be getting crabbier as he gets older. Guess that happens to the best of us. He's still my constant companion & isn't crabby all the time. 😂

(Last update: Feb 13th, 2018 2pm)

I really like having my lower back rubbed and my ears but not too sure about hands coming directly at me. That still scares me a bit.

I am vocal and like to have conversation with you especially if you call my name. I am happy that Triton will be with me because I follow his lead. If he eats then so do I, if he wants pets then I want some too. He helps me to know that everything will be ok.

We just need someone to have a little bit of patience and give us .... especially me... some time to get to know you.
Name: Sabrina

(FKA Dolly)

ID#: VA12093
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 06/10/17
Adopted: 07/09/17
Congrats: Carolyn
Foster: Chelsea

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home
Sabrhina (Dolly) is quite well adjusted too. She is becoming less afraid and will even let us touch and pet her some She watches when Sammie is being petted and often comes closer to also get petted, but for only an instant. She is very smart and inquisitive and she is very good at letting us know what she wants, such as, standing in front of the door to the screened porch and telling us it needs to be opened, even in her squeaky little voice. She and Sammie rumble & tumble about, but she holds her own. They are delightful together and we are so happy that we had to adopt both of them.
She is fascinated with slow running water from the faucet. She will stich paws it and sometimes lets the water run over her face. We've never had a cat that liked water so much.
Anyway that's all for now. We love them both

(Last update: Feb 11th, 2018 9pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Sammie

(FKA King Triton)

ID#: VA12092
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 06/10/17
Adopted: 07/09/17
Congrats: Carolyn
Foster: Chelsea

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
I am a little shy at first but ! quickly warm up. I like attention and food, especially wet food. I like to sit next to you and get back rubs. I am interested in toys but never really learned about toys. Dolly and I came from a house with 40 other cats so there was very little one on one attention. Dolly and I are best friends and she does everything I do and that is why we need to stay together.

We just need someone to have some patience, give us lots of love and let us feel comfortable at our own pace.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Siam Sammie (King Triton), just Sammie, at 6months in new home is doing well. He has adjusted nicely to his new surroundings. Still loves the screened porch and the cat tree where both he and Sabrhina love sleeping on the top round formation. We have noticed that their sides hang over the edges a little because we think they have gained a little weight. Both he and his sister love bacon and get only a small amount maybe 2x per week. They love the toys and seem to enjoy playing with all that we have. I will upload some pictures with the iPhone where most of them are stored.

(Last update: Feb 11th, 2018 8pm)

The tiniest bit concerned at first, but quickly getting over it, I'm one of a number of cats joining the ranks at the Center here! Warming up quickly, it's not taking me long!
Name:   Alexis
ID#: VA9799
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 01/08/14
Adopted: 02/01/14
Congrats: Suzanne R.
Foster: Siri


Notes from Home
Through this amazing rescue and adoption program, we were able to adopt Alexis, also known as Lexis & Lexi.
She is so Precious. She is smart and affectionate. Alexis is the most beautiful kitty I have ever laid eyes on & now my heart is so gone, what am I to do? We love her ! Our Sweet Lynx point Siamese is adjusting well to her home and we just want to make her the most comfortable & loved kitty girl ever!
Here she is on her transport going home ! See her update pictures!

So life loving Lexis begins. Within a weeks time she is already the Lady of the house and has captured each one of our hearts. She is so photogenic ; that is if you can catch her still enough to take a picture.
Arthur has modified a "baby"gate to apply to the back door deck stairs just in case she ever slips out. We have implemented a "Kitty-Patrol" watch system when ever one of us comes home to watch the front door entrance way. Alexis is so petite ( after having a 15 lb. male tiger cat) she is fast and we want to ensure her safety & security.

Lexis has a squeaky little girls meow that she will use to tell us what is up with her; usually her request to play! Her favorite toy is the "Purr-fect" satin ribbon wand teaser toy which she will drag around the house in her mouth and even though she wants you to play it with her, she doesn't let it go easily. When we toss it after a good go round of play Alexis will fetch it in her mouth and bring it back dropping it in front of you to go again!

Lexi ( as Her Daddy calls her) has already tried to launch herself onto the highest curtain rod; ending in a miss and drop to the floor. She has discovered the dust on top of Daddy's bookcases in the library; going up was easy but Daddy had to get her down. Alexis opened the laundry room closet doors herself and proceeded to get stuck behind the washer/ dryer machines.... those doors now have a hook installed on them !

So in the first week I would summarize us having about: 10 grooming sessions, 15 extensive play sessions, 3 scrumptious naps on our chests, bedtime snuggle-buggin, and simply the every day joys of what I call: Loving Lexis !

Into Week two, NC is having a significant snow/ice/snow storm. When I look at our Lynx point kitty, I'm so thankful that she is here with us. So it begins, the natural overflow of Loving Lexis into calling her the first nick-names: Lady-Bird - Gingersnap - Little Lady- Girlie- Missy- Sweet Pea - and on we go ... what can I say; She is so special. I believe she loves her home and her people! Lexi will purr spontaneously upon being touched though if she is not in the "mood" ( playful or washing) she will let you know that she doesn't want petting at that moment. In typical Siamese style, she follows one of us ( each in our own turn) around the house and involves herself into what ever you are doing & we love it ! Alexis is so personable and good. I still can't get over her beauty.... I see the amazing awesomeness of God the Creator in making such lovely details in a little animal... our Lexis.

Day 15 off to the V E T for a well check-up/ follow-up visit. Alexis (Lexi) had her vet well check up this morning at South Ridge Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Leigh Harkey. Lexis, did so well in car and carrier too... such a little Lady! I think my husband was having more anxiety than she was. LOL!
She was understandably nervous over the whole exam room & very squirmy hard to hold.

All is Well with her... eyes, ears, stool ( no need for 3 rd worming and no sign of intestinal parasites either Yay !!! ) heart , lungs, & abdomen ... all good.

She does have some gingivitis building up by back gums.... we got a mini toothbrush ( like I can’t imagine getting her to comply with this) but I will try to brush gently up by her back gums line. If I continue trying she may get used to it and let me actually get to the back gum line that needs the most help.

Alexis has gained 2 oz. since being home. She has been getting #3oz of dry food a day and a midday treat: either Lysine or Daily Bites vitamins & enzymes. Vet agrees with the plan to use up the ID dry that is mixed in now with the Natural Balance LID dry food and the hope is to slowly introduce wet food into her diet for the good benefits.
She is very happy to be back home... we are too. She took a massive afternoon nap after the visit to the vet, she was out so deep she was hanging off o the dining room chair like a leopard up in a tree.
Lexis is such a Ginger-snap... love her up. Loving Lexis, Suzanne

At One Month's Anniversary, March 1st. 2014- Jubilee & I had driven to the VA border to receive our Alexis, we could not be happier with her.
Yes, she is very Siamese ! Into everything and with us in all that we are doing.... with regular visits into our bathroom as well :) It sort of brings me back to the days of having Toddler Children around. We are all aware of how we need to watch out for her too Since last writing ( about 2 weeks ago, Lexis has gotten shut into the pantry, by accident, and also had her paw squashed in the piano stool lid cover, by accident too. Both minor upsets she has fully recovered from... I believe we were more affected than her really. Lexi has graduated from sleeping at the foot of our bed (around the hour of 3 AM) to sleeping up by our pillows with her body under the covers.... Yes, Alexis is our "Baby" girl & we Love her!
Alexis is using her voice more and more. Although her voice is high & squeaky, she really enjoys talking to us about everything. In her new found comfort of her surroundings she goes into a "schiz-o-frenzy" gallop through the house before bed each night . It is like she feels the preparations for bedtime around the house and goes into a burst of energy spending herself out before she goes to bed and she sleeps 7 to 8 hours straight just like a human. All in all she is doing very well and we count ourselves blessed to have her here in our lives.
March 2014
I was at work at the Church of God Children's Home when got a call from my husband, Arthur, saying that I wouldn't believe what Lexis had done: We had a good breakfast that morning & had left a large hunk of omelet style egg in the fry pan on the stove, Alexis had jumped up on the stove ( thankfully the stove was not hot!!!) grabbed the full portion of egg, jumped down with it in her mouth's grasp, and dragged it into our bedroom to just look at it.... Art had heard something up from the other room and decided to go & see... He even offered her a small bite to eat but that clearly was not the point. The point is She is Siamese and wanted to see if she could do it! Capture the egg and bring it into her lire, because she wasn't interested in eating it.
When we eat at our kitchen bar or dining room table, Lexi has to be right there and usually on her own stool or chair just to be in the know of what is happening. She has also begun to sit outside the shower curtain while I'm in the shower... just making sure the water doesn't swallow me up or anything... Lexis has become my shadow... & I love it ! What a Darling.... What an Adventure!

August 1st, 2014 Our 6 Month Anniversary !!!

I can not imagine my life or our home without Alexis,
aka- Lexis-
aka -Lexi.

So much to say... but we all are too busy here and you guys are too.. so
I'll touch on the highlights.

About mid -April, Alexis turned darker on her back seemed like overnight. Her side spots are
really coming in and her back hip hunches turning darker Seal in color.
I was wondering if this tells us more about her age with more accuracy... anyone know?

Her teeth are improving due to weekly brushing and spritzing.

She sits still now and gets all her nails trimmed every other week.

She is a counter jumper... we try to catch her... not always possible.

She is somewhat of a food monger .... always crying for food!
I don't want her to become obese... I measure her food and limit treats.
Her wet food is one Tablespoon each night; more of a health and moisture
supplement than a feeding.

She has gained weight and is more between upper 8 lbs. range and early 9
lbs. range.
? Does a Female that has been Spayed naturally have weight gain due to the
changes in her body ??? If Yes, then I'm right there with her.

She is totally my "Baby" and will jump up to ride on my shoulder for a short
ride around the house in my daily routine.
Was very grateful for our "mommy #2": Jubilee ( our 23 yr. old daughter) who
slept in my bed - for Alexis' sake- while we took a two day trip to see my
mom while she was nearby in SC.
Jubilee served us well in "Baby sitting " but she could tell that Lexi knew
things were just not right.

Lexis will not cover her poop in an act of rebellion against me, when I am
at work... cause she covers it completely when I am home.... ahhh Siamese
are so Siamese!

She started a very annoying practice of waking us up at 5 AM ... then 4 AM
.... then 3 AM... to get fed. She would do this by circling our heads,
jumping up on the bed, and not stopping until she got her way.
I have been slowly breaking her of this habit by using a water squirt
bottle.... we are up to 6 AM now ... would like to get her content to get up
at 6:30 AM ... I will see.
Any Suggestions would be very helpful at this point, Please & Thank You!

Lexi is a "play-bitter" not hard, she is just too excited and active to help
from doing it.... never hurts us ... we tell her "no" but don't think that
will ever change.
Lexis has her Lovey-Dove times too and I love when "She is in the Mood!"

Alexis is extremely playful and has a deep need to be active in serious
playtime everyday... this takes all 4 of us to get her covered sufficiently.
Her toy of choice is the Crinkle or Ribbon wand toy and her game of choice
is Absolutely jaw dropping leaps and flips and air twists in order to get
the wand action...
We think she enjoys flying !
She is a fetcher too... retrieving her wands and binging them to you when
you are seated on the couch for just about to do anything else !

She has a relationship with each of us in the household and goes looking for
the one of us that is "missing" when someone is not home yet.
We all love her so much even in the midst of her demands and quirky ways.
Alexis has improved our home and each of our lives in that special way that
only a beloved pet can... we truly do Thank God for her in our lives.

So Thankful for the SCRC !
So Thankful for the work of volunteers and helpers all around.
So glad that we matched up with you all and with our Alexis VA 9799
Loving Lexis,
Suzanne R. Meehan


I'm delighted to send this update to all of the SCRC volunteers who served us with their time, talent, & caring bringing us together with our beautiful Lynx-point Alexis. A year ago today we met the last leg of our kitty's journey on the Meezer Express in Wytheville Va. at the Sheetz gas station & then drove her home to North Carolina. The Meezer Express driver's brought our Lexi within a do-able reach for us. I truly can not thank you enough.
Alexis VA 9799 is the kitty love of our lives & has melted all our hearts. She is my Dear little girlie. She is such a good animal. She is so happy here in our home. She is healthy, her weight has plateaued now at 9lbs. Lexi is a constant player and will bring you a wand toy making anyone who is willing an offer to get the game going. She uses her scratch posts and her bedroom hammock for washing everyday. She has her "regular" spots to warm in the sun or watch out the big window but She prefers to be right by what her people are doing. Lexi uses her kitty tower and loves hanging out up there. Lexis sleeps like a toy snuggled next to me. She will wake up in the morning and touch my cheek with her paw just to say, " I Love you." She is a Faithful Friend that I adore and enjoy taking care of her. She deserves the best most loving care there is... So I endeavor to give the best to her.

Lexi has an appointment for an annual check-up. I expect a perfect health report. However, Even though I brush her teeth once a week, which she has learned to take, she is in need of an appointment get her teeth cleaned.
( I'm nervous about this & do not like that she will be put under anesthesia ) But healthy gums and mouth will keep her healthy living longer. If anyone has any advice for me on this I will receive it.

I am so very attached to my Siamese girl.... I am so Grateful that she is apart of my life! Thank you Siri - We love you and pray Blessings to you. Thank you to everyone who made this match possible ! Please see her updated Close-ups..... Lexi is Amazingly Beautiful ! She is also Featured as "Miss December" on the SCRC 2015 Calendar... we consider this such an honor!

Update APRIL 24TH 2017.

Greetings All SCRC,
VA9799 Alexis aka Lexis or everyday Lexi is Very much the center of attention in our home & as far as we are concerned we wouldn't have it any other way. Lexi is doing well & is deepening her Siamese points at estm. 5 yrs old now. She is a Shadow -kitty follows you everywhere.... even lap sits when one is on the "human" potty !
Lexi sleeps next to my left shoulder &;is the best snuggle pillow-pet.
Lexi is an everready-bunny for interactive play. For Christmas 2016 we got her One Fast Cat (large hamster- type exercise wheel )
Which she uses daily. This has helped her to get exercise and fight indoor boredom. She is a healthy 9. Ibs. & checks out fine at vet visits. She has tendancies for gingivitis, so I rub her gumline with Grizzly oil to help as well as having to do dental annually....
I don't like putting her under but we don't have a choice.
We've had to change her source of protein away from chicken due
Her possibly developing alert to it. She's now on Salmon & Rabbit
Lexi is somewhat of a up-chucked from time to time.... I treat her
For hairballs regularly. ...sometimes I think she eats too fast &
It comes right back up. ... let's just say, we are great at steam cleaning our carpeted area !

ALL IN ALL Lexi is the Dearest Friend to me. I don't know what I would do with out her in my life. I've never had a love like I have in this Sweet faced animal. Thank you for doing this work. Each one of you are valuable gems in this worthy work !

Greetings Friends, it's February 2018. Thank you for your appreciated 4 yr. Anniversary reminder !
I apologize for submitting an update without having
Written anything new... even with the Bold Red instructions
I accidentally sent you all an empty update.
Forgive my mistake .
Alexis VA 9799 is about 6 yrs old. & still one of the best pride & Joys of my life !
Lexis aka Lexi is the best friend I have .
With all my children grown & gone now, I seriously do not know what
I would do without her.
She is so smart attentive and attached to her humans & follows us around more like a doggie than a cat . (though she'd be insulted by this comparison, I'm sure. )
She is Always present, never hiding & if at all possible
She'll be in with what your doing ...if not right on top of it !
We are definitely Owned by her.

Lexi is still such a play addict & loves her different wand toys most of all her cat toys.
We so enjoy her hauling off at full speed on her One Fast cat
wheel for exercise which keeps her active & slim. Lexi is 8.6 lbs.
Which is just where she should be for her build.
I still need to care for her gums by rubbing Alaskan salmon oil as offen as I can. I'm at a crossroads with sedated dental care as I belive the invasive necessary techniques have given her throat and
Swallowing issues. I'm currently looking into alternative ways to get
Her teeth/gums cared for.
Suggestions appreciated.

Lexi is very much a living Pillow Pet. Always on my lap or on my feet & in bed she's got her face on my satin pillowcase !
Yes, I Love her and wouldn't want it any other way !
Thank you all for the part you serve in the bigger mission of caring for these lovely animals .
I am grateful to SCRC for rescuing Alexis along with the thousands of others & standing in the gap to relocate each one into Loving homes.
Bless you all.

(Last update: Feb 11th, 2018 4pm)

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Name: Aunt Madaline

(FKA Fiona)

ID#: VA11916
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 01/22/17
Adopted: 02/11/17
Congrats: Josephine
Foster: Debi

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
My name is Fiona & I'm a timid little one & need a family that's patient & willing to work with me. I'm not too fond of being picked up if you walk up to me, but if you sit near me on the floor & extend your arm to me I will allow you to pick me up. Once I cuddle with you & feel safe, I have a very loud purr motor. My foster meowm holds me & rubs all around my chin & I LOVE this!!

I would like to find a home that has another cat that is laid back & not a bully or one with an alpha personality. I do not think I would enjoy an overly active home, as there would potentially be a lot of confusion that may frighten me.

If you feel I would be a nice fit for your family, please ask about me, as I'm just about ready to go home!


No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Aunt Madeline is the love of my life! We are together all the time. She isn't nearly as timid as she used to be. She plays all the time and she is sooo smart! One of her favorite things to do is jump up on my shoulders. I even toilet trained her! When I come home from work she drops to the floor, stretches out, rolls around and yells MEEEWWW. Then I have to pet her belly for about five minutes. What a nice way to come home.
(Last update: Feb 11th, 2018 9am)

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