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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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Butch said it all, if you're looking to start your Siamese family, and you have a home that errs on the side of quieter, you can't go wrong with us. We avoided the public shelter experience so we're healthy as they come, having been raised indoor only and underfoot. We need a few days to warm up as new things can be scary, but we're typically Siamese in our nature and can't stay away from you for very long.
Name: Mee Mee

(FKA Lizzy)

ID#: VA5567
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 03/05/08
Adopted: 03/29/08
Congrats: Arlene
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
MeeMee Died on June 5 from heart disease. One of her aeortic valves was bad and another had not grown. It is been very hard without her and Yum Yum's company.
(Last update: Sep 7th, 2016 12pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Finn the Muffin Man

(FKA Muffin Man)

ID#: VA10791
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 05/30/15
Adopted: 09/07/15
Congrats: Kerri
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats
Do you like Quirky? Because Quirky is my middle name. Muffin Man because I love to make biscuits, Quirky because, well, just watch my videos, you needed a laugh today anyway, right?

Notes from Home
Update 9/21/2015:
Finn has been home for only 2 weeks but it feels like much longer. He settled in immediately, and has not stopped purring since. He is of course still a weirdo, but I love him for it.

Finn is very much involved in everything, especially cooking. I think he considers himself to be the inspecteur du travail. I now am forced to chose between having Finn hairs in all my food (and several licks missing) or loud meowing if he gets put in the bedroom. One much appreciated distraction is the Slim-Cat ball, which keeps him busy for a few minutes as he furiously rolls around to get kibble out.

His appetite for play is almost as insatiable as his appetite for food. Already he has destroyed two wand toys, gladly tearing the feathers from the wand and running away with his prize. More than once he has decided that the bathmat is his new favorite toy, running off with it mid-shower. He lets me know he is looking to play by frantically running from room to room at full speed. Unfortunately he is not quite coordinated to be doing this and has slammed in to table legs and walls several times.

At night Finn goes from being an sleeping angel to a mad demon in minutes. His favorite nighttime activities are to knock things off of shelves, meow loudly, scratch in his box for upwards for 5 minutes, and to purr loudly right by my ear. The good news is he is always willing to nap during the day.

He has been off of the kitty Prozac, and I would say that is going ok-ish. Finn can be a real cat jerk, but he is the sweetest and most loving cat jerk I have ever met.

Update 10/21
Finn has been home for about 6 weeks now and I couldn't be happier. He did end up going back on the Prozac, and somehow has learned he doesn't like being pilled.

Without Prozac he was just a little too hard to handle. On days I got home super late from work (about once a week) he would attack when I walked in the door. Not sure what that was all about, but it isn't happening anymore thankfully. He also would bite me while I was sleeping (not hard, but definitely unsettling). Now that he is on Prozac he is his normal silly self. He gets up right when my alarm goes off, and makes sure I don't press snooze. He loves his food, although he has Halo Stew in his rotation and somehow manages to leave the bowl clean except for all the peas.

I bought Finn a DABIRD toy, and my oh my has he loved it. I keep it in a closet and now he just sits and meows until I get it out. Even worse, whenever I open the closet door he comes running and makes me feel guilty for not playing with him. Tricky little guy. He still loves to carry around his blanket, although this mostly happens at night. He loves to look out the window, and recently I have been training him to be on a harness. We had our first outdoor adventure last weekend.

Finn is my very best friend and I am so happy he came in to my life. He makes me laugh every day, and snuggles all night. I will be traveling for work a bit, so it will be interesting to see how he handles having a cat sitter.

Update 3/21/2016:
Hard to believe Finn has been home for over 6 months. While he still has been quirky habits (and they change frequently), he is an absolute doll and I love him to bits.

I am traveling quite often, and he is like a puppy every time I get home. He sits and meows at the door and proceeds to purr and head butt as soon as I come inside. I have never had a cat so happy to welcome me home. Finn has mellowed out quite a bit from when I first got him, but he still has the zoomies from time to time and he can get a bit rough in his demands for playtime. He still loves DaBird and his cat nip bananas. He isn't carrying around his blankets anymore, instead he likes to actually sleep on them. While Finn isn't fully a lap cat yet, he does snuggle with me at night and has started sitting closer and closer on the couch.

Overall Finn is doing great.He still has a healthy appetite, but he is no longer constantly searching for food, and he has even been known to leave food in his bowl from time to time. He still darts out the door every time it opens, and he loves to by the window, I think he was probably an outdoor cat at some point in his life.

Finn is very loved and I couldn't be happier with him.

Update 9/07/2016:

Wow I can't believe a year has passed since we brought home Finn. He is incredibly loved and very much the center of attention at my house. He remains a very healthy boy, although he did have a dental last spring to clear up some funky kitty breath, however he didn't need any extractions. We have kept him on the Prozac, although some days I wonder if he might need a higher dose :)

I have never heard Finn fuss about anything (other than being hungry), and I don't think he has a mean bone in his body. He is the easiest cat to pill and he lets me trim his nails while he naps.

Finn has handled my hectic work schedule like a champ, and he makes coming home the highlight of my day. He stands at the door meowing, and he does not leave my side until he has been fed. His appetite is quite strong to say the least, and we have found his absolute favorite foods. He hasn't gained any weight, although I am sure he would be happy to.

Finn is an incredibly playful cat, and sometimes he mistakes his humans for his playmates. He can get a bit wild, especially at bed time, but that is why we love him so much. We have never been successful in transitioning Finn to a lap cat, although he does like to snuggle at night (but only with Marc). Finn does, however, like to be carried around like a baby (only by meowm).

I am sure Finn is excited for the weather to cool down so we can open his window again. It only took one day with the window open during the summer to learn that Finn is no guard cat and he certainly had no interest in chasing all the critters he let in. I really do wonder how he managed as a stray at 7-11.

We love Finn to bits and I am so grateful for everything that the Siamese Rescue did for him.

(Last update: Sep 7th, 2016 9am)

I am a pint sized powerhouse. Active, feisty, curious, outgoing - that's me! Think you can handle it??
Name:   Lexie
ID#: VA10210
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 2 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 08/06/14
Adopted: 09/06/14
Congrats: Pat
Foster: Christine

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Saturday September 6, 2014

I wrote a whole long thing and my ipod ate it before I could finish.

She was amazing in the car. Watched me some, then slept in the carrier's litter box (because it didn't slide). I guess she used all her words talking to Mumbai on the way to DE.

When we got here, I took her out of her carrier and put her in the litter box (so she'd know where it is). In her first two hours here she ate, drank, and peed in the litter box.

Thank you so much, Christine, for all the wonderful stuff!! She loves the crinkle ball and tom and I were playing kitten in the middle with her. She has also had a lot of fun exploring. No inappropriate climbing or scratching ... Yet. ;)

I unpacked her star turbo and she went right to the scratching pad and went to town on it. Good girl! She played with it some, but right now the toy of choice is the crinkle ball.

She shies a little if we try to pet her and is wiggle worm if we pick her up. I figure this is because she doesn't know us yet. Not gonna rush it.

More updates as we see how she fits in. She has stolen our hearts and we love the little girl.


Sunday September 7, 2014

This morning she graced us with a stinky poop. Tom said it woke him lol. Probably because her box is under the window fan so it breezed past me. Though playing with her tonight, her farts can clear the room!

We started the day with a good breakfast of eggs, bacon, and sausage (though to me it looked like canned kitten food). She is eating well and I think she knows she's home.

She loves jumping on the back of the recliner to make it rock. She also uses it as a launch point to pounce onto our beds. She had an early morning game of hop on pop.

I put her fleece mat in the window with a pillow leading to it. Introduced her to the back yard channel. She watched a little of the creek channel yesterday.

Right now she is anxious to start exploring the rest of the house. Since we can close off parts we may let her explore the second floor starting Tuesday.

We can pet her and scoop her up to put her somewhere, like in the window. She is happy to see us when we come in the room and ready for more playtime. We are happy to oblige!

Oh and home opening wins for the Steelers and Eagles!


Monday September 8, 2014

She's decided this is home. Whoever is in the room, that's where she is. I had brought up my laptop and played with her while I reviewed some documents. Guess I wore her out, she napped while I worked after that.

We have to open the door slowly, she's ready to explore. She also likes to hide under the recliner and ankle attack! when we come into the room.

She is still an early riser. When I go back to getting up at 5:30am, she's gonna be pouncing on poor sleeping Tom.

Got my first purr this morning when she was having breakfast. Good volume. She may be a loud purrer when she gets bigger. Right now she doesn't exhibit the 'meezer chatatude, just a peep if she wants our attention.


Thursday October 8, 2014

She's been with us a month now. Had her first vet visit a week after we brought her home, they were very surprised that she'd been "fixed" already. She behaved well and let me cradle her.

Ok, this is a defective meezer. I mean really. Not much of a voice, just a little chirp now and again. Where's the long diatribe to which I'd grown accustomed? And her points! Shameful! Instead of adorable grey stripes on her arms and legs, she looks more like she's wearing while evening gloves and hip waders. What respectable siamese trots about without her gioves and boots????

LOL We love this girl so much. She's getting bigger and really adores both of us (though probably more partial to Tom since he works from home). She now has full run of the house and is a very happy kitten for that. She's taken over the "kitty condo" we have in the den - if she wants to sleep near us and not be disturbed, she crawls in there to sleep. We haven't set up the tree yet, when we do, she'll be in heaven. She still likes to sit on the back of the recliner and has a couple favorite windows. We'll have to put ledges in the windows for the colder months so she can still watch the backyard and creek channels.

She'll watch me hanging laundry and when I call to her, she'll start rubbing the screen (she does that when she sees us through any window and we talk to her). She knows the car sounds, meets me at the door when I get home. Since we have an alarm set-up, the doors go beep-beep-beep when they're opened so she knows when someone is coming or going. The one that surprised us was last week. We normally go in and out the back door. Well, last Thursday it was raining so as we walked home, we decided to just go in the front. She still met us at the door - she was looking through the door before we even opened it!

She has started inappropriate scratching. That just means she needs to be clipped and we need more scratching posts. She does respond to a sharp HISSSSS but I think that will wear off soon enough.

Did I mention yet that we ADORE this little girl? And we are so happy that she loves us too.


November 5, 2014
Two months with our angel. She steels the hearts of everyone who meets her. Tom's brother stayed with us a couple days the end of October. He professes to be "alergic" to cats. We warned him that she'd probably sleep at his feet. She did and he suffered no ill effects. Heh! A couple days ago he called, not to talk to either of us, but to ask how "his girl" was doing.

She really LOVES sitting in the windows. Unfortunately, now that it is getting colder, the windows are closed at night. Poor girl has crashed into them more than once. She'll figure out soon enough how to see when it is closed and when it is open. The hard part with the window shelves is that they expect a sill. We have no sills on our old windows so that makes this a little tricky.

She is also a treasure hunter. She brings Tom all sorts of things she finds, such that we wonder where she is finding them! The pen was easy, she was playing with a pen I'd dropped and I said, "take that to daddy, he needs a pen" and she trotted off with it. The ones that I find particularly bizarre are the two ear spoons she found. No idea where they came from, the only one I knew of was the bamboo one that was not in the collection. We're hoping she can find some early American artifact.

Still not much of a talker. A chirp now and again, especially if we're ignoring her. She does have a good purr and is getting more generous with it. She doesn't play favorites at night, she'll take turns sleeping with either of us or, more likely, will sleep in the chair between our beds. She's responding to Lexi better than Peep (though we still think that's her secret name) and will usually (ahem) come when called.


Oh yes, the honeymoon is over. LOL

Actually, Lexi's a pretty good girl. We can tell she's a "Teenager" because now she talks back at us. "Lexi, don't do that!" "mew mew mew mew" (which, of course, means "you're not the boss of me!" or "You're not my REAL mom/dad") She is crazy for fetching. I've never seen a cat play that so much. We've started keeping a stash of pens nearby so that when she brings an "inappropriate" toy (something that garners a "Where did you find THAT?????") we can toss her a pen instead. I have a video of her with an aluminum take out pan. Today I was installing mini blinds and took out one of the slats. When I went to put it back, it was gone. She had stolen it and taken it upstairs. When she starts steeling my tools, I'm gonna worry.

Don't think she'll ever get a legitimate meezer voice. And it suits her. She uses her words, when she's happy she'll chirp and when she's been scolded she'll mew. Haven't heard the "bird call" yet but the windows are now open since it's gotten warm and they are both trying to find which they like best.

She and Boris are best buds, usually find them in cat pile together. He adores her and sometimes she'll pull a "greta garbo" just to take a break from him. He doesn't do the same, just looks a little frustrated when she's full on excited on him. The only thing Lexi doesn't like to share with him are her people. If he's laying next to Tom, she'll wiggle between them.
Boris' foster called the other day to check up on him (its been 3 months). Tom said they sounded surprised when he told them that he and Lexi were fine together by the second day. Took him longer to warm up to the humans than Lexi.
I'll edit some of the video I took of Lexi - her first foray into the snow (very confused by it) and carrying up the metal pan - and post them. And more pics.
We love our kits!


September 6, 2016

Two years with the girl! Still not a talker, Boris seems to do that for her. She still likes to play with her Turbo and play fetch. Her favorite things to fetch are crochetted snakes and plastic straws. I don't think she'd do a metal pan again. She and Boris are very good about porch time - it's not enclosed or screened in and they understand the rule of not venturing off or porch privileges are taken away. No real desire to go outside otherwise. Which is good because even though we haven't seen the fox, there are still eagles, ospreys, and falcons that might make off with a little Lexi.

She's not so little anymore. She's stockier than most meezers, but that doesn't hinder her leaping ability. In an earlier post I mentioned her "Garboing" (I vant to be ah-lone). Her spot is on top of the china closet in the living room. It's over 6' tall and she seems to have no problem leaping from the back of a chair to the top.

She isn't a cuddle kitty, but she likes to hang with me when I'm working at home. Usually she's just out of easy reach. Though when she does want pets, she lets me know. I'll be in bed and she'll start headbutting me to give her strokes. And if she's really fidgety, she'll jump on me and "pussyfoot" (There's a WB cartoon called "Feed the Kitty" where a big bull dog adopts a tiny kitten. She'll climb on his back and make biscuits, he'll make faces. That's me and Lexi.)

(Last update: Sep 6th, 2016 2pm)

Name: Ajani

(FKA Whitey)

ID#: VA11624
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 08/08/16
Adopted: 08/21/16
Congrats: Faith
Foster: Jackie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
I was surrendered to animal control when my owner had to go into assisted living and couldn't take me or my "brother". He was adopted at the shelter and here I am in Siamese Rescue. I'm a friendly and outgoing guy. I got along fine with my brother, but I can get kind of rough, so I would need another confidant cat that will stand up to some rough play. Same thing with little kids! Not sure about dogs, though. I'll be going to the vet soon, but I had been seen by the vet before, and I have a nice, sleek coat and I am still young - my age is pretty well known since she had me from a kitten. More pictures and a better movie coming soon, but get ready to ask about me because handsome flames like me don't come around every day! Yes, I admit - I know I'm handsome.
Notes from Home
Ajani (ah-johnny) is settling in nicely. He now has the full run of the house. Ajani love to play fetch and bat his toys around the house. He is especially active during the wee hours of the morning! He is getting along well with our dog Phoenix. Ajani is very affectionate. We have fallen in love with this sweetheart!
(Last update: Sep 6th, 2016 11am)

One of the five hoarder cats that came in, I'm getting my paws back under me, starting to explore, and generally feeling better about life!
Name:   Mumbai
ID#: VA10249
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 08/18/14
Adopted: 09/06/14
Congrats: Robert
Foster: Siri


Notes from Home
Mumbai is doing great! She is an affectionate, intelligent cat who is gaining confidence every day. Her progress has been very quick and I'm looking forward to getting her big brother to her.
9/21 - Mumbai continues to gain confidence. She is very playful and curious, in other words a normal young cat. I compressed the integration with Tonka into a shorter timeframe based on my observation of both. They are doing well. Not best buddies yet, but making progress.
9/29/14 Tonka and Mumbai had their first visit to the local Vet today. Both are in good health and maintaining their weight, although Tonka may have lost a little bit.
12/19/14 Mumbai has been here three months now and is quite a character. She never met a shoelace she didn't like and is pretty fond of socks too! She loves her pink mouse and often carrys it around when she's not knocking him under the furniture. I spend a fair amount of time on hands and knees with the flashlight searching for it. Mumbai also loves her big brother Tonka, they get along really well. She has come a long way, and I thank SCRC for rescuing her.
3/6/15 - wow, six months has flown by. Mumbai is a sweet girl and very playful. Most cats will "encourage" you to give food or treats, but she is the only cat I've ever had that does this for play. She doesn't lead me to her food dish, she leads me to her feather toy. She's affectionate and well behaved (well mostly 😄), and gets along nicely with her brother Tonka.
9/6/15 - today is Mumbai's one year anniversary. She had her annual vet visit Friday and is doing fine. She continues to be a very playful and affectionate cat. She has a squeaky little voice except when in the car of course, as her transporters know too well. I think she's happy here and I know I'm thankful she came.

9/6/16 - Mumbai is doing very well. She had her vet visit last week and the doctor recommended extraction of a couple teeth, so she will be going to the animal hospital tomorrow. Other than that, she is in good shape and sweet as ever.

(Last update: Sep 6th, 2016 10am)

Name:   Clyde
ID#: VA8728
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 08/19/12
Adopted: 09/04/12
Congrats: Herb
Foster: Heida

Play, snuggles and love ! Take me and my sister Bonnie home and you will never be lonely again !
Notes from Home
Clyde and his sister Bonnie are adjusting very well. They explore and run all over. Clyde still has some issues with his soft stool and we are currently giving him some antibiotics. He fights us on that so we are putting it now in his food. Other than that he looks and acts very healthy. They are both sweethearts.

Clyde follows me around the house - fortunately now on cold nights he stays in the warmer areas - I think both he and his sister (as well as us) are ready for spring. Both greet me when I come home late from working and smell and run around my equipment. Clyde will periodically sleep next to me - if I get up in the middle of the night, Bonnie will follow me to the bathroom for attention and Clyde will get up to investigate why he was not informed about the "party". He had a month or so ago had a couple of short spells where he either had a slight cold or he had been whacked in the eye by Bonnie - we don't know since he recovered quickly - otherwise he has gotten healthy and none of the bowel issues when he first arrived. He as I mentioned in Bonnie's update, is good with ping pong balls - both are attached to what is left of a pink "snake" that was attached to a stick.

September 4, 2013 - Clyde is such a sweet boy. He loves attention and tells you so. Although he is subject to colds he has been doing well recently - checked out well with the vet this summer and weighed in at 11.3 lbs. He lets Bonnie finish his treats which she does so willingly. He loves to play with whatever he can find and with his sister has made about 15 ping pong balls vanish. Both of them love to help me when I use my copier - I guess they want to know what is hot off the press. They have both been here a year and are a great Blessing to the family of which they are now a part.

sept 4, 2014

see update on Bonnie - adjustment to changing medical status of humans in home - clyde especially has gotten very close to me since I am the only one who can care for them. Both are very well.

September 4 2015
Clyde and his Sister are with me at a new home 20 minutes from.the old house - We still have the same vet who we saw in July just before the move - it took a while for Clyde to adjust - I don't think he is not crazy for the new location which is alright since neither and I and something we will resolve soon - I am.sole caretaker for my guys now that my brother passed away and mom although healthy is 92. Otherwise Clyde is healthy and my best buddy. New picture attached from this morning.

September 4 2016

Clyde and his sister Bonnie are back at the old home in Baldwin since it did not sell and the retirement community did not work out.

Clyde is well per vet but he gained a little weight which is not a crisis but attempts are being tried to control his eating and what he eats.

Otherwise Clyde is great and has no issues.

As per Bonnie's notes I am alone to care for my guys with my mom at 93 well but unable to do any care. I have options for care when I finally do have to go away which I have not done in over 4 years except for long days away on occasion. We will probably move sometime in the future but after much planning as to where and how to move. New picture attached and again not their best day to take a picture.

(Last update: Sep 4th, 2016 3pm)

Purrs and snuggles is what you will have if you take me and my brother Clyde home !
Name:   Bonnie
ID#: VA8727
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 08/19/12
Adopted: 09/04/12
Congrats: Herb
Foster: Heida


Notes from Home
Bonnie is adjusting wonderfully as well as her brother Clyde. They love exploring the house.
They are very active by themselves or together running around the whole place. She especially likes to get hold
of every rubber band she can find. They both on many occasions follow me wherever I go. She has grown and looks very healthy.

Bonnie has adjusted well over the last 6 months - she and her brother run around and play the house -as I write they are both batting a ping pong ball around the kitchen - if they were human they be great soccer players. I was given a present of a portable lawn chair the other day and almost as soon as I opened it up, Bonnie claimed it as hers and and their favorite pink "snake" was placed there.

Sept 4, 2014

Both my babies are doing well - my brother became very ill this year so Bonnie and Clyde became very close to me - because of family dynamics I.e my brother's continued illness and my mom's age we will have to move some time in the future - I will take suggestions as to secure a safe and pleasant adjustment for my two babies - they have gotten me through this tough time and have adjusted to the parade of medical people who come here.
September 4 2015 Bonnie has adopted well to new location - we have the same vet - she has gained weight but the Dr is not concerned, just watch diet. New picture should be attached from this morning. She is my best girl sitting on my lap when I take time to sit still - again I am the only caretaker but I have backup of friends if necessary.

September 4 2016

Bonnie and Clyde are well - we moved twice last year - once into a retirement community and back home since that did not work out - so we are back in the original home in Baldwin although somewhat downsized pending a probably move again in the future.
Bonnie remains well per the vet this summer - she periodically misses the box (urine not an issue) which may be due to competition with Clyde - it is on and off and the vet is aware - the mess is always near the box.
Bonnie and her brother live with me and my 93 year old mom who loves them dearly but leaves the care to me. I have several alternatives at the moment should I leave for a couple of days not having gone overnight anywhere now in over 4 years - I am confident that I will have good help when that time is upon us.
She remains sweet and demanding of attention like her brother. New picture today uploaded although this was not their best day for pictures.

(Last update: Sep 4th, 2016 2pm)

Name:   Kobe
ID#: VA7175
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 07/29/10
Adopted: 09/04/10
Congrats: Kelila
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
What do you mean I'm a little bit of a naughty boy :) Just because I love to play in the water, just because I love to explore where no cat has gone before, just because I'm the size of a small dog and can reach heights no Meezer has ever aspired to before - I'm just loving life! There's not a mean bone in my body, but lots of fun loving ones, and oh, okay, if you must know the truth, maybe a mischievous one. I would be happy to be the only cat if you have older kids who would love to play with me, I would be happy to be a play buddy (Nikita and I have a great time - want to do a two for one?) if you need a playmate. I have all the wonderful personality characteristics (curious, outgoing, fear nothing) of a Siamese, so that's what you should want!
Notes from Home
Goji (Kobe's forever name) is doing great! He bonded with our other Siamese Momo almost instantly, and the boys romp, play, and cuddle all the time.
(Last update: Sep 4th, 2016 9am)

Name: Kitty Boo

(FKA Melanie)

ID#: VA5020
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
DateIn: 06/27/07
Adopted: 09/02/07
Congrats: Teresa
Foster: Kathy


Notes from Home
I just had my annual checkup. My vet says my teeth are in excellent condition for a girl my age. I can't believe I'm 9 already. I'm enjoying life like the princess I am should.

(Last update: Sep 2nd, 2016 11am)

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Name:   Romulus
ID#: VA3899
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Blue
Date In: 12/11/05
Adopted: 12/28/05
Deceased: 09/01/16
Congrats: David
Foster: Heida

Just arrived, and am busy telling my fostermom all about myself. I am very handsome, and love to chat and be properly admired. I am checking out the new digs and so far so good, however, I would really like to se what is on the other side of that door.
In the meantime, I like to nap cuddled on fostermom's lap or chest, purring all the time.
Did I mention I am movie star handsome?
Update: I am suffering from a bit of a shelter cold, but I still did not let that stop me from sneaking out the door. I realy dont like being by myself. I met the dogs, the admiration they gave me was quite flattering, so I allowed them to sniff me, and even gave them purrs and headbutts.
One must keep the peasants happy, you understand. However, I will not let the admirers stop me from exploring, so I am busily plotting my next escape. I hear there are more christmas trees around I have not helped decorate. Fostermom says it is actually more of a " re" decorate.
Will update more when I get to meet the other kitties here.

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Notes from Home
Romulus is still the most magnificent animal EVER and doing well. He has still the most loving, fun, and gentle nature and the most unique animal I've known in over 55 years. He now has mild asthma and his treatments keep him comfortable; he is slowing down a bit, but, all his latest labs and exams show him still in great health, including near perfect teeth ( still has them all ) which is so rare for a wedgie...Always a happy, happy boy!

Still love him to pieces, more every day. I always think of Heida and all the wonderful SR folks who brought him to NC from Maryland 8 years ago!

David Harris

April 27, 2016 update. Romulus is still doing well as a senior citizen now; his asthma bothers him some, but he has constant treatments for it and the vet continues to give him excellent senior exam results every 4 to 6 months. He is my absolute joy; he sleeps in my arms every night and has the most loving and gentle nature; a wedgie boy who is the best example of his type. I have never had a boy I love so much; he's here over 10 years now and I still am grateful to all who helped bring him here. We are so bonded it's amazing; wedgie boys are awesome and he is my best buddy!

September 1, 2016 final update. My magic boy crossed the bridge today. For the last three weeks, his health has been failing and after all possible tests came up with no answers, he began hemorrhaging blood today which my wonderful vet said was no doubt a cancer that had reached his intestinal tract. His decline was rapid, rapid, rapid. At his age, no treatment would stand a chance and that difficult decision had to be made.

He crossed the bridge at 6 p.m. today while I held him and looked into his eyes until he was gone; he was gently purring throughout.

My heart is broken; he was a soul mate beyond any other and so full of love, kindness, and charm. I thank everyone at SCRC for helping him come to my home almost 12 years ago.

No human and cat loved each other more than did he and I.

Rest in peace my Rom Bom boy. I love you, Dad.
David Harris

(Last update: Sep 1st, 2016 11pm)

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