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What do you mean this isn't my own personal paw washer? What kind of place is this? Lousy accomodations around here. Someone save me please!
Name: Piper

(FKA Hessa)

ID#: VA7424
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 11/26/10
Adopted: 01/01/11
Congrats: Heather
Foster: Nancy

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
May 4, 2018 Hi everyone. Piper turns 8 in August of this year. She's our little problem child but we love her desperately. She continues to deal with pancreatic insufficiency and now early stages of massive tooth decay and possibly stomatitis. She's happy when we keep her teeth clean and meds balanced. Had a scare about two months ago when we thought she was going over the rainbow bridge but we got her to a new vet who helped us get her comfortable and she pulled through. Mom can't do that again though. WAY too stressful for everyone involved. She's a silly little thing when she feels good. Here's hoping she stays that way for a long time. Heather

January 3, 2014

I'm a tiny scaredy cat but Mom and Dad adore me. The jury is out on my brother Goose who can be a bully sometimes. I made www.catoftheday.com on April 6, 2012 (forgot to tell you last year!) and even though I hate having photos taken Mom managed to get a few of me for that. I am very healthy. I love to play with Mom. String is my favorite toy. No fancy toys needed for me! I am very loved and spoiled.

January 1, 2013
I've been with Mom and Dad and Goose for two years today. Time has flown and I am very happy. Dad is kind of scary because he wears big clunky boots that scare me but Mom says I am okay and I believe her. I love bouncy balls and laser light toys and most nights I will sit on Mom's lap which makes her really happy. I also sleep with Mom and Dad and some nights I overheat Mom but she doesn't move me. :) I play with Goose but have to set him straight sometime because he gets a bit pushy. I love to watch the birds and squirrels from all the windows in the house. I think I'd be a good hunter but I will never ever get the chance to find out Mom says. I will always stay inside. I'm glad I'm here.

January 14, 2012
I love my home. It has been a whole year since I came home to live with mom and dad and my big brother Goose. Mom says I am really good and I have just started sitting on her lap which pleases her to no end. My annual vet visit showed I am healthy but I hated going in. I may to be mad at Mom for a day or so. I love to ride around the house on Mom's shoulders. Goose and I play in the middle of the night including taking flying leaps onto the bed where mom and dad sleep. I am little but big in personality and my parents and Goose love me!

July 6, 2011
Little Miss Piper has been with us for a little over six months and is a good girl and a wonderful friend to us and her big brother Goose. She is tiny...a touch over 7 lbs. She's very selective about her food and is very dainty except when she wants Goose's toy. She will be 11 months old near the end of this month and has some lovely coloring. A tiny bit of white on one of her back paws, faint stripes on her legs and a barely there patch of white on her chest. She's gorgeous. If we could just get her to sleep later than 3:30 AM!.....we are thrilled to have her and Goose. :)

January 7, 2011

Piper (fka Hessa) is doing very well. She loves laps and playing. She is so tiny! Her vet visit on 1/5 went well. She did give the tech a hard time with her blood draw. She has met her brother Goose when he opened the door to her room. They were staring at one another and Goose was very polite. They play under her door with paws. She is anxious to be with us full time instead of in her room (okay, maybe I'm the one who wants her out with Goose and us!) She loves her time in the whole house while Goose gets to be in her room sniffing. She loves her Dad's lap. I sleep with her at night and her favorite place is splayed out across my neck! We really like this little girl!

January 15
Piper has been with us for two weeks. She has adapted with no problems and is already bossing her brother Goose around despite her small size and weight to his mighty size. She plays non-stop with us and with Goose and then drops for her nap. She has a tiny appetite and we have to be careful that Goose does not rob her of food. She is the perfect companion to Goose.

February 1, 2011
Little girl Piper has been here for a month and she rules the house! She is growing a little bit but big Goose is no match for her. Her teeny diva personality comes across during play time but otherwise she is very charming and loves to sleep with Goose for her nap and then us at night.

April 2, 2011
We cannot believe Piper has been with us for three months! She is growing (more slowly than her very big brother Goose) and is doing well. At 7 mos old, she is 6.5 lbs. Still tiny compared to Goose. She is very much the boss of us all and knows it. She is growing into some lovely markings including a white patch on her chest and stripes on her legs. She's very pretty. If she stay put long enough, an updated photo would be nice. Perhaps soon! She's very comfortable and happy and we are thrilled to be her forever home.

(Last update: May 4th, 2018 10am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Goose

(FKA Glen)

ID#: VA7295
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 09/19/10
Adopted: 10/17/10
Congrats: Heather
Foster: Kay

I really don't look like Yoda at all - I promise.
I think someone was trying to strangle me - they think they are holding my head in place for a cute photo, but I fooled them by squinting and flattening my ears out. Now foster mom will have the challenge of trying to get a really cute photo. Hmmmmmmm. Let's see how long I can give her a photo challenge.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
05/04/2018 Hi everyone - it's ME - Goose! I will have my 8th birthday later this month. I am very happy and still busy running the house and running sister Piper's life. Looking forward to warmer weather so we can spend the day on the screened-in porch. Mom and Dad laugh at me a lot. Apparently, I am very funny. I am still very big (18 lbs) but our vet says I am "big-boned". Mom says, nope you are fat. But I am loved a LOT. Hope Mom and Dad don't do too many vacations this year. Even though we have a great pet sitter in one of our neighbors, I still like life to revolve around me pretty regularly. Mom and Dad think I'd be a good cat to vacation with 'cuz I'm so laid back, but sister Piper is NOT the type. Mom and Dad will keep us at home, safe and happy, instead. Hope everyone is well in meezer-rescue land! Purrs and headbutts, Goose.

10/17/16 Happy Anniversary to me!! I am doing well. I am VERY fat (15 pounds) and Mom keeps trying to put on something called a "diet" but I am very persistent. Even my teeny voice wears her down. Imagine if I had a true Meezer voice! I still pick on my sister Piper ruthlessly. She's been pretty sick lately (Pancreatic Insufficiency) so she gets LOTS of attention which I do not like one bit. I think I was meant to be an only child but Mom hopes that won't be for a long time. I might be getting more cuddly with age. I love to sleep between Mom and Dad or on top of Mom at night. Sometimes she can't breathe very well when I do that. Here are some photos of me, if Mom can upload them properly. I'm pretty photogenic. One is of me in my favorite place - the screened-in front porch.
Hoping that everyone is as happy as I am!

10/25/13 Another year has flown by. Goose is still big, still happy and still mischievous! He has stayed healthy this year (thank goodness) and did well with a pet sitter staying with him and his sister Piper while we were away for a week this summer. (his mom was a bit of a wreck leaving him but she has recovered). He continues to be unimpressed with hugs and pets but will be the first to snuggle when we go to bed at night or when mom takes a nap. His hobbies have not changed much: eating and trying to open doors to all cupboards that are off-limits. He keeps us entertained, and we love him very much! Happy three year anniversary Goose!

10/17/12 Two years with Goose at home! Can you believe how the times flies by when you have such a wonderful family of two happy, rescued Siamese. :) Goose is a big boy at 14.5 lbs (we are still working on getting that down). We had a very BIG scare recently with a UTI which has made us change his diet radically and thankfully he likes it. Hopefully we will never have to experience another episode of that. Mom almost had a breakdown over that. Goose definitely is a cool weather cat. He is happy that the hotter weather is behind us. If he could stay on the front screened-in porch all day, he would. He has developed some new talents and picked up a crazy habit or two over the two years: he learned to open the freezer door so after a few times of coming home to thawed contents, we put a baby lock on the freezer. He also loves plastic so we have to be diligent about putting all plastic away. Even decorative baskets! Silly Goose. We love him desperately and are so happy he is part of the family. We look forward to many, many more years together.

10/22/11 We are happy to celebrate one year with our silly Goose.! As everyone says, the year flew by and we cannot imagine it without him. He is very happy and active. He has passed his annual vet exam with flying colors. He and his sister Piper weathered the east coast earthquake, hurricane, and flooding this summer (all safely inside of course) barely even noticing the weather except maybe the high winds and the power outage when I was complaining ! :) He is such a goofy and social boy. We really are happy and lucky to have him. Thank you SCRC!

4/18/11 Goose has reached his six month anniversary with us at home. He is very content and is easily roped into being mischievous by younger "sister" Piper. She has taught him to spill water from water bowls, to tear through the house at 3AM and to only come to us when he wants (okay, maybe he knew that one already). He's very, very sweet and laid back. Other than his food-driven habits and his now slightly overweight status, he is a very happy meezer. As I always mention, we are so happy to have him.

4/4/11 Goose has been with us now almost 6 months and wow has he changed and grown. He adores his little sister Piper who came to us on 1/1/11 from the SCRC as well. Goose is very, very smart. He opens interior doors and cupboards, fetches toys and is a very laid back guy. He is large and not super fast but he loves to play. He snores when he sleeps which is very endearing. Piper is teaching him how to nudge each faucet in the house to make the water drip. He has taught her about jumping in the tub after one of us has showered. He chirps to the birds at the feeder each morning. While he has grown out of sleeping on our laps, he still wants to be in whatever room we are in and of course, does take up half the bed at night. He is very happy and so are we.

Goose (fka "Glen") has been with us one week. He is charming, a blur most of the time and makes us laugh. It's rare to have him stay still enough to snap a photo of him unless he is napping. Personality Plus. We are so lucky to have him with us.

Our two week anniversary with Goose already! He has grown in size and personality. He keeps us laughing and is a joy. What a feisty and funny little boy!

11/16/10 Goose has been home for one month and he has us wrapped around his (growing) paws. He continues to amaze us with his antics on a daily basis. He has already grown so much that he no longer fits under some of his "hiding" places during play and is finding new places to hide and pounce. He is talking more with his little tiny voice and has me on a strict schedule. We love him!

12/4/10 Our little BIG boy is now 8.3 lbs at 6 months old. All his adult teeth are in now. He's very helpful with the Christmas decorations. Back to the vet yesterday with an inflamed eye. We were so close to having healthy eyes! He's very sweet, very forgiving when he gets his medication and is more chatty now in his little voice. He loves to be on our screened-in porch even in the colder weather. His thick coat (we're calling him a polar bear) keeps him warm.

12/28/10 Goose had his first Christmas. He took great delight in pouncing on the wrapping paper and playing with the ribbons. He has already "hidden" that majority of toys from his stocking. He experienced his first snow over the weekend that blew onto our front screened-in porch. It appears he was playing in it, sliding around, digging in it and of course, eating it. His weight last Thursday at the vet's was 8.8lbs. Still growing! We are getting ready for his little "sister" who will be arriving this weekend we hope. He seems intrigued by her room that we have set up. Hope it goes well! Happy New Year to all!

January 7, 2011 I have to say that Christmas and New Years was kinda fun. LOTS of toys and a fluffy bed. I have learned to open interior doors so I met my new "sister" Piper. I hear she's coming out to meet me this weekend. I've played with her under her door and when she is let out in the whole house, I am in her room. So far, I'm not to upset. I weigh 10 lbs to her 3.8 lbs so Mom and Dad will probably keep a close eye on me. I love to eat and can't wait to try her food if Mom will let me.

(Last update: May 4th, 2018 9am)

I am a fun loving, sweet fella looking for a forever home. Why in the world someone would dump me in a feral colony I do not understand, someone saw right away I did not belong there and contacted rescue. I know I am lucky, now I ready to find that wonderful thing called a forever home.
I am a very sweet boy, like to talk but not excessively. I do not jabber and jabber, that is too undignified, just talk when I have something important to say, like feed me, pet me, hey need some company. scratch me,. .
My foster mom has put me on no kids under 5, not because I am mean to them but because I am a door darter. I am not telling but she thinks that is how I ended up on my own, so I will need a very deligent house hold that can make sure I do not get out again.
So if you are looking for a sweet, undemanding guy then ask about me.
Name: Sandy

(FKA Blue)

ID#: VA5553
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 02/23/08
Adopted: 05/03/08
Congrats: Beth
Foster: Renee

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
We can’t believe Sandy has been our baby for 10 years, already! He had some health issues a few years ago, but is doing great on his Rx diet; his well-kitty check-up was last month. He’s affectionate, and a family favorite! When carried, he drapes his head over our shoulders, and he has the plush-est fur we’ve ever seen on a cat. We will always be grateful for the rescuer who found him in with the feral colony (and knew he was not feral), for his foster, and for all who helped transport him all the way from Miami FL! He is our sweet, sweet boy!
(Last update: May 3rd, 2018 9am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Archer

(FKA Q-ball)

ID#: VA12267
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 08/28/17
Adopted: 10/29/17
Congrats: Nicole
Foster: Nancy

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
******Special Needs Kitten********

Hi folks, Q here. Who knew that a guy my age could already have cataracts? But alas I do and we don't know what that means for my future. Will I loose some of my vision, all or none of it? There is also the risk that I could develop glaucoma down the road and that would mean eye drops, yuck!! I am going to see an eye specialist soon and hopefully they have the answers.
But I am really sweet guy who loves laps and playing with my foster siblings here. I am a bit overwhelmed at first in new situations but once I get comfortable there is no stopping me. Oh I am not very fond of loud noises, so a quieter home for me please.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Archer is doing wonderfully. He’s showing every sign of being a cuddle bug. He takes a nap on me every day and seems very happy. He and Otis aren’t best friends, but they do play together most days when Archer wants to play chase and gets Otis to join. They don’t really fight, although Otis will either walk away or give Archer a bit of a swat if he wants to be left alone.

He’s also been to the vet and she said everything looks fine.

His favorite toys are the catnip bananas you guys sell and the strings on my sweatshirts.

He’s basically perfect. I can’t believe my good luck in getting him.

I’d add pics but I can’t seem to get that to work.

6 month update -

Archer is a wonderful addition to the family. He is so full of curiosity, and he wants to be near me when he isn’t tearing around the apartment hiding tinsel balls everywhere (I found 20 of them under my dresser!). He is very sweet and affectionate. He loves his cat tree, tinsel balls, tissue paper, and wand toys. Sometimes when he wants attention, he gets so happy he starts drooling. All in all he is a playful, sweet tempered, adorable little guy.

Also, he’s been to my vet twice now (initial visit and to clear up a respiratory infection he had when I got him) and she says she can’t see signs of cataracts in his eyes. So we’re not sure he’ll ever have any eye problems, but we will monitor it with his yearly visits.

I love Archer to pieces and he seems pretty happy as well. He’s lying on my chest as I write this. He’s a wonderful boy.

(Last update: May 2nd, 2018 2pm)

I'm Babbles, and I'm I very loving boy, but very shy. I'd love a quiet home with maybe one cat for a friend. I do take a while to get brave enough to come to you for pets, but if you have the patience enough to give me the time, I love it once you do. I also love wand toys to play with.

Do I sound like a boy for you? If so ask about me.

Babbly Boo
Name:   Babbles
ID#: VA11984
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 03/19/17
Adopted: 04/29/17
Congrats: Michael
Foster: Jeanne

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Babbles is doing great! He has been home for two weeks and this "shy" cat is busy exploring the house. He is eating well and is very playful. His favorite toys are the peacock feather and play tunnel. He trills whenever he is near one of us or wants us to pet him. He will walk down the hallway to his room hoping one of us will follow him to play and get rubs. He loves his belly rubs! He is a very sweet, gentle cat. He is still a little skittish if you walk towards him suddenly, but if you get down on the floor with him, he rolls over and just loves to be stroked.
He already found his favorite places to nap, and to watch the birds from the windows from each room. He is very interested in the refrigerator whenever we open it! And he loves to explore the closets!
We really love him and he is a lot of fun! He has adjusted well to our household.

August 18, 2017
It's been almost 4 months since we brought Babbles home!
He's been a joy! He's very soft-spoken but talkative with his little trills. He is a little afraid of meeting new people, but he is very comfortable with us here at home.
He sleeps on our bed now some nights and not just at the foot of the bed, like he used to, but right by my side. He doesn't last long, but he comes back throughout the night. He still doesn't like to be picked up; he will purr for a couple seconds, then get stiffed-legged and want to get down.
His funniest thing is when he runs into a room, hoping we will follow, then plop down on his side as fast as he can for one us to pet him. We call him our "fainting goat". We also taught him to "sit" on command. We are now working on "up" so he will come up on the couch. At night, he hides under the table, and "attacks" our legs as we walk by.
Babbles is doing great and has earned his many nicknames that we have given him!

May 2, 2018
Babbles has fully made himself at home here with us this past year. He truly is a great cat. He is very loving and affectionate and no longer shy. He finally sits on our laps on the couch and sometimes sleeps in the bed. He's having fun with running water from the sink and tub faucets. He is very nosy, always following us around the house. He is the king of the castle (or so he thinks). We all love him!

(Last update: May 2nd, 2018 12pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Ripley
ID#: VA11990
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 03/24/17
Adopted: 04/22/17
Congrats: Jackie
Foster: Debra

Looking for a handsome flame boy? Well, look no further! I love to get pets and I am very people oriented.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Just wanted to send a note to everyone involved in getting him to us as we have now had Mr. Ripley a week! After initially manically exploring every nook and cranny of our apartment, Ripley has finally begun to settle in and test out some of his new toys and the MANY new sleeping surfaces now available to him. One of his favorites is the heated throw blanket (surprise, I know) which we shared all weekend for naps.

Overall Ripley is doing well and settling in nicely. Our first vet visit went totally fine - clean bill of health - and he is more affectionate and relaxed with every passing day. He prefers to sit next to us on the couch while we're watching TV, which is one of our favorite pastimes and exactly what we were hoping for in a little Siamese. Thank you all again for bringing him to us!

5/1/2018 (1 year later): Ripley's been a wonderful addition to our home this past year. He is still incredibly friendly - and every day when we come home from work he jumps up from his nap and greets us at the door and tells us all about his day before settling down on the couch with us. He has been obsessed with the little Zaney's stuffed mice... there are at any given time 5-10 of them scattered around our apartment, and every day they all change places and he chases them all around the apartment. Ripley's been working on his Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/talentedmisterripley/

(Last update: May 1st, 2018 8pm)

I Just arrived here over the weekend, but foster meowm already thinks I'm a "Hunka, Hunka, burnin' love". I have also been burnin' up with fever from this awful shelter cold, but they took such good care of me at the shelter that I am on my way to feelin' like my old loving self. Meowmy said I have to take medicine for a while more yet but that it will make me feel much better. I really believe her 'caus I take it without a fuss.
I can't wait to get upstairs in a room with another kitty cause I like company. I also like petting, rubbing, scritching, cuddles.......what ever you have time for. I will reach out and touch you with my paw for more if you stop before I've had enough. I have been on my own for so long that it feels sooooo good to have lovin' again.
Wouldn't you like a big ole mushie seal boy like me to love on??? Why not hit the ask about me button before someone grabs me up and you loose out.
I'll be waiting.
Mai Tai
12/12/06 Update: I'm here!!!!! I'm upstairs. See me sitting on the bed? Well, so far I spend most of my time under it, but Meowm coaxes me out with that special chin scritching and I sorta flop and roll around until before I know it I'm out. I met two of the residends here and we got along fine. I wasn't brave enough to play with them, but we sniffed noses and .....well you know...and that was fine with all of us. Meowm mom says she'll wait till I'm feeling braver till she introduces me to the dog. She also said that my color will darken to a beautiful rich seal color now that I'm feeling better. What you see here is the last of a "fever coat". So if you think you'd like a big, timid, lover boy, to let her know.
Mai Tai (but she's been calling me Tai (Tie).
YIPPEEEEEE I'm free! Meowmy let me out of my room and I explored all over the house. Some of the "ladies" here are grouchy, but a few are fun and that old guy is my buddy. I still hide sometimes, but then I'm right back out to see what I'm missing. I even watched television for the first time in a long while, while I was sitting on meowmy's lap. Such fun.
Name: Albermarle- Albie

(FKA Mai Tai)

ID#: VA4632
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 12/02/06
Adopted: 12/30/06
Deceased: 01/05/18
Congrats: Craig
Foster: Jeanne


Notes from Home

I am sad to report that Albie passed away just after New Years this year. He had been sick for several months with what the Vet thought was a form of intestinal cancer. He put up a valiant fight and was a favorite of everyone up until the end. Albie was a very special cat and was loved by all. He had a very good life and brought a great deal of joy to our house. He was my buddy and is sorely missed.

It is hard to believe that it has been four years since Albie came to live with us. He is as much of a joy today as when we first met him. He has made himself very comfortable in his new home and has even become somewhat of a lap cat (see pictures). He is still shy around strangers though and will head to the basement when people come over. Over the years however he has become braver and will now at least venture out to see who it is.

Albie is very set in his daily routines, from the first moment in the morning until the last at night. He has his preferred spots in the house but generally likes to hang out wherever we are. He still enjoys his toys, especially the stuffed orange "creature" we brought from Jeanne's house. He also enjoys playing chase and hide and seek with Sophie. They never became "best friends" but do seem to get along and respect each other's spaces.

Albie has become a very loved member of the family and I can't imagine our lives without him.

(Last update: May 1st, 2018 4pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Tai Chi

(FKA Puddin)

ID#: VA8917
Location:  Indiana
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 11/10/12
Adopted: 01/19/13
Congrats: Beth
Foster: Jan

Foster Notes

WANTED: My very own home for Christimas!

Puddin has really come out of her shell since meeting the other cats here at McMeezer Manor. She enjoys sunning herself on the back of the sofa and keeping an eye on all the action. She enjoys laser light time and playing with the furry bird wand toy.

Absolutely gorgeous, apple headed, chocolate point female! What a sweetheart; slightly longer, "soft as a bunny" fur; and HUGE, round baby blue eyes that will capture your heart.

Puddin is now fully integrated with the six resident cats and our dog, Solo. She, enjoying daily brushing, tuna treats and just hanging out with her family. This beautiful girl that could be your best cuddle buddy. Looking for a loving, quiet home of her very own.

Purry Christmas wishes~ Puddin aka Baby Kat

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
April 30, 2017

I have been remiss in my updates! Tai Chi continues to rule the roost, to no one's great surprise. Spooky has passed on, but about a year later we adopted Nessie. Tai Chi has not yet forgiven this, & they do not get along. We have worked out a house sharing option that works well enough. Each cat has their own spaces, & we swap off on the common areas. Perhaps as they get used to each other's scents more they will come down off battle stations. To apologise, I have purchased a hand-crafted, extra tall sisal scratching post from Top Cat, only the finest American workmanship for her majesty. Of course the $20 post from Petco was rejected out of paw. Tai Chi loves scaling it, perching on top, & bending over to swipe at her tail. Mommy's new recliner has met with favor as well, as I was kind enough to put it where morning sun hits it. Maybe Mommy will even get to sit in it, one of these days.

April 16, 2014

Tai Chi is napping on the sofa as I update. It snowed again last night, so a cat's only proper response to that is to curl up & hibernate. She continues to be happy & spoiled rotten, despite the unfortunate incident of the bathroom rug. Her favorite time is early morning when I just wake up. She comes up for petting & we lay nose to nose. She is not a loud purrer, but I can feel her rumbling under my hand.

Tai Chi & Spooky are still not what we would call great friends, but a certain understanding has been reached. Everyone has their spots picked out, & the only disputes are over the catnip toys. All is well.

October 7, 2013

Tai Chi has settled in completely now and has become princess of the house (Spooky is still the queen, thank you.). Every part of the house has been investigated and rearranged to suit. We were worried this summer while our roof was being replaced that perhaps Tai Chi would be frightened by the noise, but she handled the disruption quite well. The only problem was being confined to my bedroom for the duration - wants Owwt! Naoowww! Fortunately, the workmen are gone and all is back where it belongs.

No real problems to report, just a fondness for clawing my nightstand. Since my previous cat had already started on that, no big deal. We did have to have a talk about other wood objects, though. Apparently a carpeted scratching post just doesn't have the same feel.

All in all, Tai Chi has become happy, sassy, and rhguenwkt67788. And helping me type. Thank you, Tai Chi.

Lexi is doing great, settling in, though still not too sure of the whole thing. Has investigated her room very thoroughly, discovered how to open the closet by herself, & helps me pick out my clothes in the morning by jumping into every open drawer. Not too interested in leaving the room yet. It's scary out there! Fortunately, my robe makes a nice security blanket.

Lexi has had another name change, she is now Tai Chi. She chose this name herself by shadow boxing with her paws, especially when she is upside down waiting for petting! Tai Chi went to the vet yesterday (was delayed one week due to our Northeast blizzard) and met everyone there. Still a little gingivitis to work on, but our new oral care crunchies should take care of that. Otherwise in splendid health and was much admired by everyone, as is her due. Aspetuck Animal Hospital also complimented Siamese Rescue on their excellent vet records.
Tai Chi has found the living room couch and is in love. Big fluffy pillows and a picture window, yay!

(Last update: Apr 30th, 2018 6pm)

Laid back and mellow. Seeks out affection and loves being in your lap.
Name:   Aakil
ID#: VA12534
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 02/18/18
Adopted: 03/10/18
Congrats: Julia
Foster: Debra


Notes from Home
Hi! My second update on Aakil.. we have renamed him Cooper, and he is getting along better with Chloe (formerly known as Trouvee at Siamese Rescue). They have started playing together and will mostly play tag and wrestling. Cooper will also try to sleep near Chloe sometimes. He is bonding more with my husband and wants to sit or sleep next to him. He also loves to watch the squirrels and birds outside. Cooper is also learning our schedule, and will greet us at the door when we come home. He has also taught us he only likes the floor cardboard scratch posts and tuna wet food. Nothing else would do for him! He’s a sweet kitty, yet independent with strong likes and dislikes. It has been fun to get to know him!
(Last update: Apr 30th, 2018 1pm)

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Name:   Spanky
ID#: VA12001
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 04/01/17
Adopted: 04/27/17
Congrats: Nina
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
I'm the shyest of the three brothers that came in, and also supremely loving! That's all 20 pounds of me! Yes, I need a little weight loss program (okay, a big weight loss program) but with some snuggles and kisses thrown in for snacks it shouldn't be too hard. Every day I get a little braver, so in the right home with some super snuggling, I'm going to be one big snuggle bunny!

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Notes from Home
4/30/17 ~ After three full days, Spanky is slowly coming out of his shell and coming out of his cave to greet us when we come into his temporary room. He loves to be brushed. He is a very purry boy! We have been giving him Purebites freeze dried chicken as treats to try to wean him off the cheaper dry food he has been eating apparently his entire life. He has shown no interest in wet food so far, but we are going to try some of the chicken or tuna in pouches to see if he likes that. For now, we have also moved him over to portion controlled dry Royal Canin High Fiber Gastrointestinal formula, which he seems to like. He is eating and drinking well. He hasn't "met" my other cat yet but they made eye contact when we first brought Spanky in and Spanky hissed at him. They are separated but I have been petting them both with a sock and then sharing it with the other to try to get them used to each other's scent. More to follow.

5/7/17 - So it has been 10 days and Spanky is slowly acclimating. He is such a sweet lovey cat! We moved him to more expansive quarters upstairs, where it is much quieter. He is adjusting well and has really come out of his shell. He has started very tentatively exploring the rest of the house when Cassidy is closed up the the office. We introduced them slowly yesterday - so far Spanky has been hissing and growling, but he has not gotten all puffed up with ears back. Cassidy is just meowing at him and occasionally howling and using Spanky's litterbox to try to assert dominance. Spanky doesn't seem overly fazed by Cassidy's antics so far. Spanky has seemed to make the transition from the junky dry food to high quality canned food. He really likes Wellness Signature Select in the Skipjack Tuna flavor. He is still eating about a half cup of Royal Canin High Fiber also, but he does not free feed during the day. I weighed him with me on my scale, then weighed myself and subtracted the difference. Spanky weighs about 18 pounds now, and we go to my vet this coming week. Fingers crossed he and Cassidy come to a truce or detente of sorts soon.

5/21/17 ~ Spanky is freely wandering around the house and not hiding! He and Cassidy touch noses frequently, but Spanky still hisses at Cassidy right after. But no growling or other distress is visible, so I think we're on our way. Spanky readily climbs up and downstairs now - mostly to follow me around when he wants attention! He is able to jump up on the beds now. He went to the vet, where they fussed over him and pronounced him a handsome gentleman, and we found out that he does weigh 18.05 pounds now. He seems to be eating enough and he doesn't seem particularly interested in Cassidy's food. However, Cassidy seems to be somewhat interested in Spanky's food. Their food bowls are in different locations on the first floor. Spanky seems to be adjusting really well and he continues to be a sweet, purry, lovey boy. I am so grateful!

Hard to believe it has been a year! After a few ups and downs, Spanky has completely settled in. Sadly, he and my elderly cat did not ultimately like each other much, but after Cassidy passed away a few months ago, Spanky became the only cat and he seems much happier for it. He is completely adorable and very talkative! He is a really sweet and cuddly boy. With our vet's approval, Spanky has completely adjusted to portion controlled, canned no grain food and gets more exercise now. As a result, he has lost about five pounds since he initially came to Siamese Rescue and is down to about 15 pounds now, which has helped make him more agile. He is a wonderful boy!

(Last update: Apr 29th, 2018 9am)

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