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Do you have a home that is not scary? I am the perfect little gal for someone who loves to nurture and is okay with taking things slowly. I am going to pose for some new pictures so I don't look so scared. This B and B isn't so bad. I get treats on my pillow every night.
Name: Missy

(FKA Celine)

ID#: VA11508
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/04/16
Adopted: 06/26/16
Congrats: Ronald
Foster: Julie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Missy is an amazing little girl. She has been with us for 4 days and she has made leaps and bounds. She hasn't come out of her bed to greet me but if I pet her head and run my hand down her back or side I get a large arch. I stop petting, offer my head and tell her it's okay to come on out. She comes out, she will eat in front of me, she has come nose to nose with me 3 times and leaves quickly. She uses her scratching pad while I'm in the room with her. She purrs a storm and does call out to us (or someone) when we are not in the room with her. She is eating moist and kibbles, good use of the liter box. She grooms in front of us and her coat is being to look and feel better. She is still frightened but has made huge steps. We are so pleased with her and her progress. I can't wait for the day she strolls around the house like a boss!!

7.2.16: Six days with us...Missy is very sweet and seems to enjoy company. She is always a little startled then will offer kisses. I have been sleeping with her but it doesn't appear either of us get much rest. She eats often, has walked over me on two different occasions. She still enjoys pets with elevated rump and high arches. When she thinks I'm asleep she sniffs all around my face, hair, arms knees and feet. Her very long whiskers tickle but it makes me happy she has interest to do so. Ron layed with her yesterday, head positioned elevated in her bed and arm wrapped around her backside. She eventually scooted closer until her head was under his and she pushed as hard/close she could and fell deep asleep. We have to drape a cover as a canapy over her bed or she searches (and usually) finds away under the bed. We are hoping this time all access to under the bed has been blocked. So far she has been better at finding a way in then we have to block it. Seal Point 3/ humans 0. She is a sweet soul who is resilient, a true Seal personality but she doesn't like to be alone at night. If she is alone she cries until someone joins her. She is very quiet during the day.

July 5, 2016. So much progress. This sweet girl wants so much to be loved and to have company. I had to restart this because she decided she wanted to groom herself off the bed and on the floor. Then she kept looking at me so I patted the bed and called her. I meowed several times then she chirped and jump right up next to me rubbing affectionately. She walked across my lap several times then flopped (yesss flopped by me) and hasn't stopped touching me since. Big time grooming with at least one paw on my leg at all times. Currently she has all four paws pressed tight against me. She enjoys being combed, lets me rub her paws and belly. She just fell asleep with 4 paws on my leg and her nose almost touching. She has met our boys, she is very interested in Romeo our 9 yr old. She is intimidating towards Max our 8 month old kitten. No true aggression, we now let the boys come in the room with us as a family when we spend time with Miss. I have slept in the room with her the last couple of nights. She rests now rather than stand on watch. She now looks out the windows instead of hiding from them and the light. She has started playing with me and just tonight lost herself in the game. Attacking and pouncing on the string. She is sweet inside and out and we love her. We are so proud of her progress. I tell her daily that she is not a scaredy cat but one of the bravest girls I know. She is, someone harmed this precious child and it took great courage to trust again. Siri, Dorcey and Julie thank you for allowing this precious soul to grace our home.

7.8.16-Vet meet and greet. Missy must be happy as she gained a 1 1/2 pounds since she came to live with us. She is now a whooping 7 lbs. Vet visit went great although when we carried Missy out of our house (in the carrier) she cried the most heart wrenching meow that it brought tears to my eyes. She quivered the entire ride over and of course was very frightened. After the exam, she returned to the carrier and calmed right down. She knew she was coming home!
She is in great condition and Todd looked at her eyes carefully and told us they eyeball was great and the redness was from the herpes virus. Good news there. She is back in her favorite bed right now grooming herself. She is home, she knows she is home and she is happy! :)

July 20,2016-24 days with us and this brave keeps growing stronger. She comes to the kitchen and eats with the boys. Her liter box is now at the other end of the house in the laundry room. She sleeps with us every night. She and Romeo are working and making small steps forward. Max our kitten likes to play and pounces on her. She's not really enjoying this and usually a stern look sends Max scampering. She's still frightened of loud noises, helicopters, airplanes and thunderstorms. She strolls throughout the house and gazes out the windows in almost bewilderment. She enjoys the light now and sunshine. She doesn't hang with us in the living room but is slowly getting closer. She hangs about 10 feet away but she's out with us and not hiding in "her" room. She meows now and just this morning at 4 am she got the most vocal so far. She almost bellowed. She's small, very petite,sweet and loving. She's still fragile but I know one day she will regain that Meezer strength. She comes to me when I call her, she loves to be petted, whispered to and head kisses. Haven't broken through the being carried but I'm treading very slowly on that as I don't want her to doubt the trust she placed in us. Still waiting on a head it! I love the picture I took of her this morning, little Missy at the large sliding doors. She confidently walked through the living room to those doors, gazed out then upwards to the sky. It makes us so joyful she isn't living in a cage anymore💗

8.3.16- What a little treasure she is and our family dynamics keep changing. :) Missy wants to be friends with Romeo (9 yrs) but he flees like he just saw the devil. Max (9 mos) wants Missy and she hisses and bats until he sulks away but I think that is manly because he plays rough like a boy and she probably simply feels attacked. He is now afraid of her but keeps trying anyway. Relentless little critter, I think he will eventually break through and she will realize he just wants to play and run around We are working on that with yum yums (aka whipped cream treat that all three eat together in a close circle). They get a quarter sized squirt and all three come running when I shake the can. :D Missy still sleeps at the foot of he bed but plays footsie with us all night long. She spends more time in the rooms we are in, has finally jumped up on the couch and likes to hang with us there. She still has issues with being picked up but I pick her up several times a day for a very short period and softly put her down. She is getting calmer about being carried especially if I softly talk to her or kiss her on the head. I set her on my lap and she absolutely whimpered the first time so obvious there have been unpleasant experiences in someone's lap. I now pick her up daily and sit with her in my lap. She at first left immediately but now she stays for a minute or so. We continually reinforce the good experiences of being touched and held. She's going to be an awesome loving lap cat one day. I just know it! We just love her and are so amazed and proud of her progress.
9.21.2016 "I am Missy! I am smart. I am beautiful. I am special and I am loved. The those who captured me, tortured me, abused me and caged me for three years, Kiss My Grits! I'm in a real forever home and I discovered today that I really like lying in the sunshine. I love my peeps and am working on loving my bothers. I am somebody! I am special.

5.7.17 Missy checking in... Well I really love my home my Mom was sure I'd be snuggling in her lap and with my brothers by now but nope, I will take my time thank you very much! LOL, that is my little rescue girl. Occasionally she politely asks to come into my lap but it's usually just a walk over. She loves for me to lay on the floor with her and have 1-1 quiet or play time. She sleeps sometimes on the bed or on the couch at the foot of the bed. If I get up at night she jumps right down and follows me around. She especially love quiet 1-1 affection late a night when the house is dark. She nibbles my toes, fingers and kisses my nose. She is still frightened of loud noises and men. She is much better with Dad and lets him pet her but panics if I'm holding her and he approaches. We are slowly working on that. Easter bunny brought a new cat tree so there is actually a picture of the three of them together. Missy, is the beauty in the middle of course. We love her and constantly reinforces the safe place our home is. There is extremely slow movement in friending the boys. I keep trying. ...bottom line is she's a precious sweetheart and it's our goal for her to totally be a peace and be happy.

02/02/2020-Mama hasn't updated me for a while cause she really wanted to tell everyone I've become her lap kitty. Fact is, I'm still not but Mama is my favorite purrrson. Dad's a high second but I adore my Mom. I purr for her and if she lays on the floor I nibble her nose and toes and purr so loud she laughs. Sometimes I let her snatch me and she puts me on her chest and talks so soft to me. I love it but I can't let her know so I escape real fast but come right back and head bump her face and make sure I leave cat hair all over her face! She laughs and calls me silly girlt!
The really cool thing she does it she shuts the door to the bedroom at night and I am the ONLY one in with her most of the time. I started sleeping at her feet but I've moved up to her side and sometimes if she keeps very still I'll nudge my way under the covers and cuddle up to her back and sleep. I'm sure my fur is soft and warm as she makes little cooing noises when I do so. So I wait for her to get up to go to bed then I run down the hall real quick so I get in!
I still have brothers which can be annoying but if no one watches I've been know to chase them around the house and get some good running exercises. I used to be terrified of windows, sunlight and whatever is out there but she kept putting me in this window on a pillow and after three years I have to admit it's pretty cool. I actually sit there now and watch birds and furry things she calls squirrels.
I'm never leaving here, nope. ...and if someone comes over I vanish just like that ... but as soon as the last person is out of my house poof! I'm right there when they turn around after closing the door. She still insists I could be a lap kitty but I'm not to sure. I do walkovers once in a while and if she picks me up and stands really still I can feel her heartbeat. She talks so soft and sweet to me that sometimes I lay my head on her arm and just rest there. She is sweet and I'm happy...Thank you for saving me and finding her for me. >^..^<

(Last update: Jan 2nd, 2020 10am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Jacque

(FKA Pierre)

ID#: VA5861
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 16 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 08/13/08
Adopted: 09/21/08
Congrats: Diana
Foster: Kay

Foster Notes

Hey! Don't let these crossed eyes fool ya! I can see very well and will get all excited and flop over for loving when I see you coming and tell you "hurry up" with my deep meezer voice.

I am a bit under the weather right now, but am getting my meds and have a real comfy bed to rest in. Meowmy says I shoud be fine in a few days, and then maybe she'll let me meet some of the other cats here to see how we get along.
So keep watching, and you should be able to inquire about me by the end of the weekend.

Purrs and headbutts,

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Bonjour à tous mes amis au sauvetage siamois:

Je suis Jacques! Incroyable! Neuf ans! Sorry for the French, I will speak English now. Meow!

Neither maman nor I knew I could keep you all informed about my doings. Nine years is long time so the tale I will share with you will be a long one too, but you will have to wait. Maman has agreed to be my ghostwriter, but she'll need a few days to figure grades for her students and get caught up on other things. I've put my paw in the appointment book and hope to post my story and some pictures too this weekend. It will be worth the wait. I promise you.

Once thing before I sign off for a bit, could someone fix the spelling error in my name. Je m'appelle Jacques. I'm a proud Siamese, and even though the -s is silent, it is necessary. Meow!

jusqu'à la prochaine fois.

Purrs, headbutts, and paws,



To all my friends at Siamese rescue:

Maman is working hard today and may not get the last nine years of my story ready for all to read today. Lesson plan and class preparation take precedence. I say she works too hard, but the time just before bedtime is all for us. Of course, I and my pride support her through all the trials and tribulations of human life. Just to keep you interested I have chosen a couple of pics for you to admire. Hope you enjoy them. Talk to you again soon. Meow!

Purrs, headbutts, paws, meows,



Joyeux Noël mis amis:

Jacques here wishing all of you a very merry holiday. MEOW!

I know I promised to get you all caught up on my doings these last nine years but meowm has been very, very busy with all that she does so that computer time is at a premium. I know it’s a poor excuse, but it is the truth. Besides, I’d rather have my meowm curled up on the couch with me asleep on top then have her busy at the computer. I am her shadow. Wherever she is I am. If I am not in the middle of it, I am nearby. Meowm always tells her friends that if they would like to have a dog in a cat size package to get a Siamese. Her friends always say that they thought Siamese were mean cats and creepy because Siamese meow so much. Mean? Us meezers mean? Creepy? What some humans don’t know is just astounding. And then they have nerve to think they are the bee’s knees. Humans, humph. MEOW! However, there are some humans that are awesome, meowm for one and all the people involved with Siamese Rescue. Meow! Meow! Meow!

It’s been nine years since I came to be in my forever home. And I guess it is best to start at the beginning. When I arrived home, my meowm to be put me in a room all by my lonesome. It was a good room and had a beanbag in it. That was a great place to sleep. I do very much approve of the creature comforts in life. I was very restless that first night. Even though meowm and her roommate paid a lot of attention to me when I got home, I was just too excited to settle down. Eventually, meowm had to leave and take care of other things. There were other cats in the house, and one wasn’t feeling good. Meowm was worried. Left alone I thoroughly explored my room and I think I knocked something over. The crash, in spite of the carpet, attracted the attention of the meowm’s human roommate. She came to see what was up, and when she opened the door I made my dash for the door and escaped the room. She wasn’t very cat experienced. Escape wasn’t hard. Once free, I kept out of her reach and my feet off the carpet. I got my first nick name that night. Meowm called me Jacques a Roo. Both girls thought that I was more kangaroo than cat that night. I just didn’t want to be caged anymore. I also met the resident battle lax of a cat, the house queen, diva, you name it I called her it. Needless to say that first meeting didn’t go too well. No fur flew, just a little hissing and an agreement to leave each other alone. Her name was Gypsy Rose. She was a very pretty, long-haired, grey and white cat that meowm had saved from the savage streets of Atlantic Beach, Florida when she was stationed there while in the Navy. As she grew older we tolerated each other more and just before she passed away I gave her a kitty kiss which she accepted most graciously. I finally met my brother Yoda-Beau about a week later. Meowm had to take him to the vet several times to be nebulized because he had such difficulty breathing. Once he was well enough, we became the best of buddies. I do have to admit I was the cat in charge. Meowm gave me another nick name: bully boy, because I would wack Yoda just ‘cause I could. I mean aren’t brothers supposed to tussle with each other once in a while? I don’t really like that nick name and meowm didn’t use it much. Jack A Roo, or the short form Roo, is okay. I will answer to them, but Bully Boy, no, no no… Meow!

Meowm brought me home the end of September 2008 and in June of 2009 she packed her bags and hopped a plane to France. She was at the time a student at university. University stuff kept meowm and her roommate busy which I found annoying but then meowm went away because of university that was too much. She came back about six weeks later. Yoda and Gypsy were very happy to have her back. I, on the other hand, was mad at her. How dare she leave me! Meow! While she was away I made the roommate my best friend. I think my relationship with the roommate hurt meowmy’s feelings some, but eventually I made up with her and retook my place at her side.

Life was routine, dull, boring for the next four years. Meowm got a job and went to work but there was plenty of couch time so I really had to reason to complain about those years.

In 2012, meowm packed up the house and us cats: Gypsy, Yoda, and me, and moved to a new place closer to where she worked. That was a scary experience. I was scared. When I got to the new house and meowm let me out of the cat carrier I quickly found a good place to hide. When all the helpers finally left, the dust settled and noise went silent, meowm went searching everywhere for me. She called my name and my nick names but I stayed hidden. She did not know if I was even still in the house. She was exhausted and crawled into her bed to take a nap. I could hear her blubbing a bit and snuck out from my hiding place and curled up next to her. She discovered me and scooped me up in her arms and curled up with me. I knew then that everything was going to be okay.

mThe first year in the new house was uneventful, but the second year would be a tough one for meowm. In June of 2013, Irving came to live with us. He was a kitten. He was so little that Meowm could hold him in the palm of her hand. He came and I became “papa kitty”. I became a dad. He became my son, and I would spend the year he took to grow up teaching him how to be a kitty. I taught him how to play, how to enjoy catnip, how to care for meowm, how to stay out of trouble, and how to be a good kitty. We are strange kitties as we don’t do things like claw the furniture or jump on the counters. Irving brought much joy to meowm and to me and Yoda. He was a lot of fun to play with. Gypsy, on the other hand, ignored him. Such a diva.

That summer was a nightmare. Meowm had let a friend borrow her vacuum cleaner to finish cleaning the house after moving. What meowm didn’t know was that her friend’s pets had fleas and that the vacuum cleaner was full of fleas. Soon we had fleas. I thought we kitties and meowm were going to lose our minds. But meowm was a good admiral and wiped out the enemy in few short weeks. We all were well behaved when gave us baths. Since then a flea hasn’t dared to enter our home.

In October of 2013, Gypsy crossed the rainbow bridge and broke meowm’s heart. She was fifteen and diabetic. She had a good long life and was very much loved. She is still missed these many years later. Me and my brothers were there to give meowm lots of kitty comfort. In no time, we had meowm smiling again.

In September of 2015 we moved again. Meowm had bought us a house. And life was/is good. The new house is great, lots of space to run and chase the other kitties. So I can’t really complain. A new house means a new kitty, and in March of 2016 meowm brought home another kitten-like cat. Finnegan is his name. His arrival brought near disaster to our happy home. Not long after he came, Irving got deathly ill. In fact, he nearly died. While meowm took care of him, me and Yoda took care of her. For thirty days she force-fed Irving food and water until he started to eat again on his own. Apparently, Finnegan was a carrier of some deadly virus that Irving had no immunity to. Yoda and I were unaffected. With Finnegan’s arrival I became “papa kitty” for the second time. We are very close too. Meowm gave him the nick name "typhoid Marvin". Finnegan does not like it at all. Mewom, however, loves him just as much as she loves us.

One year after that near tragedy (2017), meown lost Yoda. She tried and tried to save him just like she did Irving. His passing really hurt her. As a matter of fact, just looking at his pictures still brings tears to her eyes. Yoda’s passing hurt us all. He was our buddy too. We comforted each other.

In August, I became the proud “papa kitty” of two very beautiful Siamese girl kitties. I couldn’t be prouder or happier. This is the best house to be a cat in.

Well, it’s late. I hope this synopsis is satisfactory. Life is good. I wish all of you a prosperous year to come and hope that all the kitties waiting for their fur-ever homes find a home as good as the one I have. Joyeux Noël et bonne année. Miaou. Miaou. Miaou.

Purrs and headbutts,


Bonjour mis amies!

Jacques here just to say miaou to you. All is well, except meowmy is under the weather, struck down with early allergies. There's something in this state that makes meowmy sneeze and wheeze and feel all yucky, kind of like me as I sneeze and wheeze too. Vet thinks it's seasonal allergies. Hmm, wonder if that thing that makes meowmy sneeze and wheeze is the cause of my sneezing and wheezing. A part from that, like I said all is well. I'm a proud papa kitty and all my "kids" are doing great. Irving and I are both sitting right here at the typewriter. Hi, I'm Irving. I'm not Siamese but so many of the my brothers and sisters are. Come on Irv, this is my letter,,,, Back to the news,,, Yazhi is curled up in a box tuckered out from playing tag with Gytha, who can really run. She's a lot of fun. But no one can move too fast around as quick movements still spook her. Meowmy calls her spooky. And Finnegan is....oh, there he is sound asleep in meowmy's old lunchbox. It makes the perfect, I mean purrfect, place to nap. Sorry, to bore you, but life is good.

A plus tard, miaou.


Meowmy just broke the news. I am gonna be a Papa again. Tomorrow my son Terrwyn (AKA Winston), meaning brave in Welsh, is coming home. Saturday is going to be a busy day. We, my brood of Irving, Finnegan, Yazhi, and Lady Gytha, understand that he is a very special kitty. We raise our paws in oath to promise that we will give him all the love and space that he needs so that he may one day become the kitty he was always meant to be. We understand that it may be a while before we get to meet him and play with him, but we will be outside his door to talk with him and comfort him as best we can. We are looking forward to his arrival and will keep everyone at Siamese Rescue updated on his progress. We are not sure when he was be willing and able to tell you his story. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later...

Papa Jacques, the Great Ambassador


Jacques here just to let you know all is well. I'm happy as I am just one of the many apples in my pet mom's eyes. I am never far from her. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bonsoir, mes amis!

Jacques here, and I am just dropping by to report that all is well, kinda sorta. Meowmy has been struck down with allergies. It's been warm and humid here and cause something to bloom at the old school where she works and then she gets sick. We are all taking good care of her. The school is almost over, so we will soon be the happiest kitties in the world. I've got the sneezes too, but they are subsiding. Irving is and will always be my best buddy. Finnegan does his own thing and is still very sweet on Yazhi. Yazhi is getting about her chow. It's driving meowmy crazy, She's not the only who is being picky, We all are. But we love our dry food. it's the fancy feast that we are turning our noses up at. Lady Gytha is the little lady. Meowmy just adores her. She and Terrwyn spend a lot of time together. Maybe she will convince him to be the kitty he was always meant to be. Speaking of Terrwyn, he is still his untouchable self. He gets along with all of us kitties though. He's gotten a new nickname. Meowmy calls him "Turd" now. He might tell you why and how he got it when makes the time on the computer. So, in short, all is well. Tah for now. Hopefully, meowmy will post some more pics of us during summer break. Meow!


Bonjour mes amies:

The grand ambassador cat is checking in. I know it been a while but I do have duties. I've got my brood of brothers and sisters and a meowmy to take care of. Well, today meowmy decided I needed to see the vet. I've been sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. I've got allergies to something. They seem to come and go and every now and then meowmy gets worried and I go to the vet and get a shot. It helps for a bit. The last time I saw the vet she said I was in need of a dental. Too much tartar build-up. I getting old now. Not sure exactly but 13/14 is getting for a pussy cat. That's me. Athough I am still very playful, meowmy calls me the old man. Meowmy wanted me checked from head to toe because if I am snotty the vet won't,/can't get the dental. No anesthesia. Today, the vet took to another room and she and her assistant worked on me and got rid of the tartar without anesthesia. Meowmy was so happy. All the other kitties will slowly make their way for their annuals. We are all good and doing well. Tah until next time...

Bonsoir mes aimees!

Well another year has come and gone, and the grand Ambassador, that's me, Jacques, is looking forward to another year. I am my meowmy's constant companion. You might say I am her shadow. It's been a busy but a great year. My brood is doing well, and has grown by one more. The newbie isn't a Siamese, but he sure talkes enogh to be one. His name is Ajax. He belongs to the kids of one of meowmy's teacher friends. The kids couldn't afford the pet fee at their appartment and the poor guy needed a home. Meowmy agreed to take him. I must say he has put some pep in my step. We chase each other up and down the two flights of stairs. He's an orange and white tabby cat. He's still very much a kitten, though he is quite big, just tall and long. He's got big purr too. He likes to walk in between meowmy's legs, even on the stairs. He gets stepped on from time to time because he is under foot a lot.Meowmy's smitten, but she is such a pushover when it comes to cats. She says no more! But we know that stuff happens. Terrwyn, Yazhi, and Gytha are all doing fine. And we all wish you a Happy New Year!

(Last update: Dec 30th, 2019 6pm)

Looking for a laid back guy who wants to be with you but isn't a pest about it? Ask about me.

I love cuddling on the couch at night but the rest of the time I'm happy just being where you are. I like an occasional game of laser mouse. Perfect in my habits - I use the litter box like a champ and use my scratching box. I do like to eat a little bit more than I should but hey - who doesn't?

I'm really good with the three Siamese girls who live here. Sometimes they hiss at me but I just walk away looking a little sad that they don't love me as much as I'd like. One of them does rub on me though and I love that!

I don't seem to like men but I sure do love the ladies. Just ask Foster Mom's quilt group who got to meet me and experience a little love - Romeo style!

Name:   Romeo
ID#: VA9927
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: male
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 03/24/14
Adopted: 06/01/14
Deceased: 12/26/19
Congrats: Terry
Foster: Diane

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Romeo had settled in. I wouldn't say that he and Max (our DSH tabby) are best friends, but they get along - that is, they don't fight.

He follows me around during the day. When I am sitting at the computer, I sit on a chair that really only has room for me. That does not stop him from getting onto my lap, but he doesn't have much room so he gets a bit fidgety and irritated. He keeps on shifting position and complaining if I move (which I do a lot - as when I type or retrieve a printout).

He has taken command of the cat tree. It's too hot for jumping up onto high places right now, I will get a photo when he's up there. The only problem with that is that used to be Max's favorite spot. Maybe I need to get another cat tree?

Well, Max has asserted himself and taken back the cat tree. Romeo still uses it now and then, but at first, after Max took it back, he wouldn't leave it (except to eat and use the litter box). Now he uses it occasionally since Romeo got the 'memo' and understands that it's not his.

The two play every now and then, which is a joy to watch.

We went out of town for an extended weekend (for the first time since adopting Romeo). Everything went fine. Out cat sitter is the best and she had come by previous to our going away so that she and Romeo could meet.

I've attached some pictures of Romeo in his favorite place - propped up on the windowsill with his front paws crossed. He's so cute!

December 1, 2014
Romeo is doing great! He and Max have pretty much figured stuff out. Romeo is no longer shy about getting up on the bed and the two cats share the space (along with my husband and I, of course - LOL). I have a large throw pillow on the bed that Romeo has decided is his and he spends a lot of time on it (except when Max decides it's his and takes it over!)
Romeo is very sociable. It was very evident on Thanksgiving day (which we hosted). He was in the dining room circling the table bumping into everyone's legs. I believe he was hoping for little tidbits - but we have a strict "no table scraps" policy here!
Everyone who meets him agrees that he is a very handsome cat!
He is still overweight and the vet and I are working on getting him a bit thinner.
He gets a bit nervous, especially if I am running around getting stuff done or just in a hurry. If I approach him during those times he runs away. It appears that sudden movements startle him, more so than other cats I have had over the years. I make a point of slowing down when I see him getting nervous and calming him down. It's great, it calms both of us down.
All in all he is settling in very nicely. He has a bed in my 'office', the pillow in the bedroom, a pad to sleep on in the living room, and plenty of chairs to sleep on.
He's a little bored with his toys, but he loves to 'attack' a pen that I am writing with, or the pull strings on the hood of my sweatshirt. Fortunately, except for showing a bit of interest, I have managed to keep him away from my yarn when I am knitting. I am curious to see how he reacts to a Christmas tree when we get that up.
He has been getting much more vocal and I occasionally hear him just yowling away in the hallway. Go Romeo!
Sorry, no new pictures at this time.

Romeo is doing fine. Tried to upload two awesome pictures, but after spending way too much of my time I got the message that the cat cannot be found and upload failed. So maybe it worked, maybe it didn't. But happy 2nd anniversary Romeo!!!

Romeo is doing GREAT! He has finally fully settled in and is the most loving and handsome of cats. He truly lives up to his name. He is also starting to find his voice, which is wonderful! His favorite pastimes (other than eating) - taking my chair as his personal bed, stretching out with me when I read in bed before going to sleep, 'making biscuits' on my lap, swatting at dangling items, sleeping in the sun! I've included photos so you can see how happy he is.

11/15/2017 Romeo just had dental surgery. The poor guy had to have 14 teeth extracted. But the call from the vet said he's doing well. I pick him up tonight and the healing starts. Send him lots of love!

06/10/2019 Don't know if anyone still reads these (or ever did) since I get no feedback. But here goes. Romeo struggles. He has some issue with his ears and keeps on shaking his head and scratching. The vets have not been able to figure out what is going on. He's lost a lot of weight - he weighs just under 11 pounds. He's doing well right now, eating all his food. But, he doesn't move around much. He settles on one room and only moves to go to use the litter box or sit on my lap (which he is doing right now) He moves every few weeks to a new room, which is kind of humorous in a way. For the last month or so he has lived upstairs, which means he does not come down for his meals, we have to bring it up to him. As a result, I call him 'his royal highness' - LOL/ He is still the loving, wonderful cat he has always been. When he sees one of us, he likes to let out a little mew and bob his head. He is pretty much deaf, so often doesn't hear us come into a room; but his eyesight is still good. He's approaching 15, so he is no youngster anymore. No pictures now since he's on my lap, and you know how it is, we would rather die than move the cat!

10/22/2019 Romeo celebrated his 15th birthday on the 14th!! Congratulations Romeo. After x-rays and blood work it was determined that Romeo had pneumonia and asthma. Antibiotics took care of the pneumonia (no more sneezing!) His head shaking and coughing are under control with both prednisolone and theophylline. Poor guy, I mix them in his food. He's not thrilled with the taste, but he eats it. He is hungry enough. He still has a few other health issues - he has a galloping heart and his liver enzymes were high. I need to take him in for an echo-cardiogram. His deafness is gone, though at times I think he likes to pretend he's deaf. He listens when he chooses to listen! Oh, he has gotten more vocal too; especially when he wants food. I uploaded some photos too.

11/16/2019 I realize that this is supposed to be a 'happy' place (as is indicated in the Make a Note feature) but I thought you might like to know how he's doing even if it isn't exactly happy.
Romeo is not doing well. He had the echo-cardiogram and an ultrasound done. He was diagnosed with severe heart disease (congestive heart failure) and possible liver cancer (the ultrasound found a large mass in his liver). With his heart condition he cannot have a biopsy done to determine the nature of the mass in his liver, putting him under anesthesia would probably kill him.
He is still eating, albeit slowly. He is now taking heart medication.
He is as loving as ever though he does appear to be feeling poorly. He sleeps all day and only gets up to use the litter box or to jump on the bed at night.

12/26/2019 10:10 PM Dear, sweet Romeo died in my arms tonight. I had an appointment for tomorrow morning to have him euthanized, so his death did not come as a surprise. He looks so peaceful now - he was so sick. RIP Romeo. Thank you Siamese Rescue for giving me the change to share 5 years with this wonderful cat!

(Last update: Dec 26th, 2019 11pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Dash
ID#: VA13096
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 2 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 09/20/19
Adopted: 11/16/19
Congrats: Crystal
Foster: Julie

Just arrived. I am just a little mite so I won't be ready to go home until some time in November.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Dash is doing great with his new family. We love him so much and can’t thank everyone enough. He is an attention hog and our girls love that about him. He likes to climb on top of us in the middle of the night to give is kisses by rubbing his nose on my face. 😆
(Last update: Dec 15th, 2019 6pm)

I love to play! I have discovered toys and I love them all! I like cuddles too! I purr really loud and make biscuits. I would love to share my toys with a cat buddy.

Would you like for me to share my purrs and toys with you too?
Name:   Rocky
ID#: VA11629
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 08/10/16
Adopted: 08/27/16
Congrats: Christine
Foster: Chelsea

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
10/18/2016 - uploaded a picture of Khufu and Rocky.

10/17/2016 - Rocky is doing well. He and Khufu are rough playing a great deal. I've caught them a couple of times sleeping with each other on the couch. Rocky does get along with Tiger, who is the eldest cat in the house. She tolerates him up to a point. He decided to go after her tail and she turned around sooo fast that she scared the crap out of him. He literally jumped back and just looked at her like what did I do look. She just looked at him and walked away. I have to keep him separate from Tiger and Khufu when I feed them due to them being older and on different age on food. Rocky will start to really meow really loud at me, saying "I'm hungry, go downstairs and feed me." I do have a picture of Khufu and Rocky together and I'll upload it when I get home today from work.

Rocky has gone to the Vets last week. He received his last booster shot and they found flea dust. Rocky is on flea drop that last a month. He will receive the next one on October 6th. Other than that, he is great. My vet and staff fell in love with him.

Rocky has seen and met with Tigger and Khufu. He will go up to Tigger's nose and smell. After that he will try to play with Tigger. She just looks at him and walks away. He sometimes continue to bat her hind legs. Sometimes she just ignores him, but a few times she did turn around and hiss at him. He sometimes backs off and other times, he doesn't. Khufu has seen Rocky and he is a little wary of him. He thought Rocky was after him. He ran and then he turned around and realized that no one was chasing him. It will take some time with Khufu. Rocky doesn't seem too interesting in going after him.

We have left the dining room door open about two days and during the day, Rocky stays in the room. When we come home, he is out of the room, playing like there isn't a tomorrow.

01/17/2017 - Sorry, I keep forgetting to let everyone know that Rocky is doing well. He is sleeping more with Khufu and once in a while he will sleep with Tigger. Tigger is keeping him in line with the rough playing. She will let him know when she had enough of his antics. Rocky and Khufu seem to love playing rough. Those two chase each other all over the house. Sometimes I think I have three human kids running around with all their running, jumping, etc.

This was Rocky's first Christmas and he didn't climb the real tree. YEAH!!! Unfortunately, the old lady, Tigger, decided to climb it when we first got it. Rocky did go around it and sniff it. I discovered throughout the two weeks the tree has been up that the little smart ass was knocking off the ornaments that were at the bottom of the tree. I'm sooo glad that I put non-breakup decorations down there.

Rocky seems to love being around my daughter Rhyannon. He lets her pat him and she can actually hold him with no problem. He follows her around the house and he loves stealing her "my little pony" figurines. We also discovered that he loves playing with the funny ball. We will throw it and he chases it where every it bounces off of. Once he gets it, he will bring it over to us to rethrow it.

I've been combing him due to his coat. I'm actually going to look into a groomer. I want to make sure that his fur doesn't get matted and no poop gets entangled on his butt. I'll let everyone know how he does. I don't think he will stay still. The little bugger got his collar off. I have no idea how he did it and I'm still looking for it.

There is never a dull moment with Rocky and we love having the little guy. (I shouldn't say little. His feet are getting huge and he is filling out. I'm hoping to upload a picture of all three of them sleeping on the couch soon.)

5/9/17 - Rocky is doing well. He discovered that he can sit in the window and watch the birds. I've attached a picture of Rocky, Khufu, & Tigger. He is getting big.

Rocky is getting really big and his coat is changing colors. I have included a picture of only him. To me it looks like he is giving the finger but that's just me. He loves to rough play with Khufu. I've actually caught Tigger who is 22 years old now cleaning Rocky a few times.

Rocky is doing great..... He discovered flies. He will chase them throughout the house, batting at them, and then eating them. He is staying close to Tigger. Last week, my husband taken her to the vet because she was peeing outside the box. We thought it was a urinary tract infection. Unfortunately, we found out that she has a mass in her bladder. She is on medicine for the mass in her bladder. She is still going outside the box not as much. Rocky seems to stay with her when she goes takes her naps. He will lay next to her and will sometimes start licking her head.

Rocky has likes to take out of the garbage pieces of paper like receipts and plays with it. He also likes to play with straws. The bugger takes those out of the trash too and plays with them....

April 26, 2019:
Update: The oldest cat, Tigger, has passed away on April 17th. She was diagnosed with cancer in her bowels in October 2018. She was taken prescription medicine, which helped her. Tigger was 20 years old and in human years, she was 100 years old. She had a real loving home. Khufu and Rocky are still mourning her. They've been walking around the house looking for her. They both been near my husband, daughter or myself if we are on the couch watching TV or going to bed.

December 12, 2019:
Rocky and Khufu are having tons of fun running around the Christmas Tree. We found them a couple of times sleeping underneath it. I've attached pictures.

(Last update: Dec 12th, 2019 2pm)

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Name:   Smokey
ID#: VA9073
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: male
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 02/16/13
Adopted: 04/06/13
Deceased: 12/08/19
Congrats: Sandy
Foster: Jackie

Foster Notes

Someone is really missing out I am a great cat for the right person. Im handsome, Im friendly, Im a good boy with my scratcher and litter box (as long as its a big, deep one), and I do OK with nice kitties. I would love to be your one and only baby (and with me around, there isnt going to be much lap room leftover for anyone else), but will do fine with kitties who arent mean to me or chase me. I need someone to regulate my food a bit as you can see I havent missed many meals. I've had recent bloodwork done, just had a dental I am all ready to come home. I'm waiting for you - just ask about me!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
We picked up Smokey last Saturday.
This photo was taken his first night here.
He ate and drank immediately upon arrival to our home (his new home) and used the litter box.
The 3 of us has a nice quiet first night watching TV and brushing, brushing, brushing him. He loves to hang out with us on or near our laps and has already settled into a daily routine which includes a lot of sleep (he is a cat after all :) ) some playing and lots of brushing and cuddling time.

He is a great kitty and companion. He does like to play with his mouse toy and a crochet snake toy/wand.
We are feeding him blue buffalo grain free dry food and sometimes he'll eat a little of the wet.
He doesn't seem to overeat at all.u

He will let me pick him up for a short period of time each day. I suspect once he is more comfortable with us in his new home he will let me hold him longer.

He seems to know his name and will come running to us if we call him.
He is a cutie and a little goofy sometimes which we love.

He is one big loveable ball of FUR for sure! :)

Smokey has been with us about 8 months now. We are still getting to know each other.
He is a great companion who sleeps with us and often talks when I talk to him. (and talks a LOT when he wants to be fed - but ... it is cute, quiet talking).
He has good manners in the AM as he does not get up out of bed in the morning before us looking for his breakfast. He waits until we get up.
He always greets us at the door when we comes home and has done this since day 1.

He was having some litter box issues a few months ago which seem to be resolved by changing his diet to prescription cat food. This cat food keeps his urine 'neutral' as he had two different types of crystals in it. One type of crystals like alkaline urine and the other type likes acidic urine.
Luckily he GOBBLES up this prescription food.

Smokey still a "BIG BOY' and will eat whatever you give him but we only feed him a regulated amount as suggested.

He seems so much more comfortable now in his new home. We continue to see changes in his behavior. He is playing with so many more toys now. He loves his fake mouse toys ... grabbing them with his teeth and tossing them in the air, batting them around and chasing them. He likes a small plastic ball with a bell in it as well. Smokey lets us handle him more and is less skittish. We can even get him to roll onto his side so we can occasionally rub his belly. He wouldn't allow us to do that previously.

I love it when he lets out big 'sighs' at times. I have heard dogs do this, but never heard a cat do it. It makes me chuckle.
Smokey is sociable and likes people and is still a big lap cat.

Smokey is a great cat who knows this is him forever home. He is more confident and relaxed than ever. We play hide and seek, he is super chill, and loves his people - (actually... all people) and if we have an overnight guest he loves to sleep with them - forgets who we are ...ha...ha. He has his daily routines and even likes our friends pug who visits a couple times a year. We really couldn't have gotten a better kitty. We always look forward to spending time with him.

(Last update: Dec 11th, 2019 8pm)

I've been a park ranger, a lone ranger, occasionally had to be a power ranger - now I'd like to become arranged in your life, please! (You just HAVE to check out my video, at least just for fun!)
Name: Canoe

(FKA Ranger)

ID#: VA10422
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 10/25/14
Adopted: 11/29/14
Congrats: Pamela
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home

It's been four years since I've provided an update on Canoe.

Life sure has changed in the five years I've had him. I've gone from having him and Gus as my only cats, to adding Willow, then becoming a foster parent for a local group as well as managing a feral colony! With all the cats that come into and out of my home, Canoe can be trusted as that one stable resource in these foster cats lives. He accepts each cat that comes in my home, is the first to groom them, and just has that calming presence these cats need as not all come from easy situations.

Yet he can crack me up - he's one of my oldest cats, but loves to get in the thick of things with my youngsters! You'd never know he was up in double digits in years!

He's also still one of my most loving cats. He now loves being held and will either paw at me when I walk by him or roll over - anything to get my attention so that I will love on him. His two favorite places are the large heated pad (him on it in the new pic) or on my lap. He's just a total love bug!

Adding him to my family was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you so much for entrusting him to me.


One Year Update

Wow, I can't believe a year has already flown by!

Canoe is the perfect combination of naughty and nice. Naughty - he's a thief (especially where food is concerned and he is obsessed with BUTTER), he knows how to open cabinets (which now have baby-proof locks), and he is my only cat that I can't keep off the counter, refrigerator, and china cabinet. He is a very naughty boy!

But he is so lovely, that the naughty stuff just doesn't matter. Although he's not fond of being held, he is a lap cat extraordinaire. He is also my dad’s favorite as when my dad comes over to let my dogs out most afternoons, Canoe just lies in the cat tree at the door and head butts my dad’s hand when being pet - my dad loves that. His one big fear was of my bed. Now he is a bed cat extraordinaire and his favorite thing is to sleep on top of my lap when I'm trying to sleep. That's a far cry from the cat who was afraid of my bed - and even more so when I was actually in/on it. He has adjusted beautifully and is a happy member of my family

I think his purpose of coming to my house was to rest. I'm not sure if he had it tough or not in his past, but he loves all the cat and dog beds located throughout the house and takes full advantage of them for most of the day. He doesn't "cat nap" like my other cats do - he sleeps very deeply all the time. Sometimes I feel like he's trying to make up for lost time and that his body is finally getting the much needed uninterrupted/comfortable sleep that he has needed.

I also added another cat to my household back in the spring. It was originally just the boy cats - Gus and Canoe. But when I found out about another rescue, I wanted to add her to the pack. Although the boys get along great (took about three months for them to decide they liked each other, but once they did, they've been great buds), from the moment this female kitten entered Canoe’s life, he LOVED her. He wrestles with her several times a day which is something he doesn’t really want to do with Gus very often. She has made him so happy!

Lastly, the vet diagnosed him with a Grade 2 heart murmur. I had it checked out by a cardiologist, who even did an echocardiogram of his heart. No heart murmur at this time and his heart looks great!

I absolutely love this guy and I do believe he is very happy being a part of my family. And we are definitely happy he was able to join us. It almost didn’t happen as I was number four on the interested party list, once I was finally approved. Just proves he was meant to be with us.

(Last update: Dec 10th, 2019 3pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Asajj

(FKA Sabrina)

ID#: VA12608
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 05/09/18
Adopted: 06/02/18
Congrats: Danielle
Foster: Belinda

Foster Notes

Just arrived. More information soon. (that is, if fostermommy doesn't adopt me first!)

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
12/8/19 I can't believe it's been a year since our last update! Well what a year it's been. Asajj is a very happy and spoiled little lady! Our six pound girl runs the roost! In February we added a puppy to our family and Asajj had no problems at all with at the addition. When the puppy came with her foster for the first time, Asajj was following the pup around watching her every move. A one year old pup and 4 cats and our house is in harmony! It's wonderful and I love it! Asajj is the very first one to greet me at the door when I get home and she sleeps between my legs every night. She's the sweetest little thing with such sass! Oh I love her to pieces! And it's clear she loves us too! :)

Time flies when you're happy. And time is flying with our sweet Asajj! This little girl is confident in all she does and doesn't hold back with her opinions. She sleeps with me every night and likes to spy on me when I'm busy around the house. She gets a long great with the other cats and always wants to be in the center of all actives. One of my favorite things is coming home to her greeting me. She's always the first one I see when I open the door, waiting to get her proper greeting and love. Thanks again and again to all involved. I can't imagine life without my little punk Asajj.

I just had to update with a picture of Asajj and her buddies sitting on the couch (they were watching bird tv together until mommy distracted them for a photo). It's wonderful to watch them together. They play and relax like they've always known each other. And watching the two young girls, Asajj and Ahsoka wrestle and play together is such joy to any cat lover's heart.

We marked it on our calendar- last Friday night, Asajj and Ahsoka were chasing each other around the house and playing together! The girls have teamed up and on ready to take on the world! Asajj goes up to each of our cats and rubs against them. She is just so sweet!
Asajj sleeps with me every night and I couldn't be happier. She wants to be where the people and the action are! She truly has made herself a part of our family in every way possible. We love her so much and we are so happy she loves us back!

7/2/18 1 Month Adoption Anniversary!
I can't believe it's been a month since this sweet girl came into our lives! It's as if she's lived with us forever- she is that much a part of our lives! Our house would never be complete without Asajj. She has made herself 100% at home. Already spoiled, she lives quiet the life of play, love, eat, sleep and everything good in-between. And the attitude this little lady is showing! She's a special Siamese and she KNOWS it! We love how she lets her personality shine and does not compromise.

There is complete harmony in our four cat house. Asajj is one of the crew and there is no doubt the resident cats fully accepted her into their clowder. You can find Asajj running around the house chasing Ahsoka and then waiting for her to chase her back. These two girls are like litter sisters in how they play and interact with each other. John John, who is 18!, comes out of retirement to play with Da Bird with Asajj. And Sephiroth who is a bit of a lazy boy, has found that Asajj is the perfect napping buddy (after Ahsoka has tired her out).

Thank you everyone who brought Asajj into our lives. We are forever grateful to each and every one of you. And Belinda, thank you so much for fostering her! She is as amazing as you said she was. Thank you!

Asajj didn't waste a single second letting us know this is her home. She was crying at the door, and pawing at it when our resident cats where trying to get in. It was very clear that Asajj wanted to meet the rest of the pride. I listened to my gut and allowed them to meet. Two hisses, that's it. Out of a total of four cat we had two quick hisses. It's like Asajj has always lived with us. She now has the run of the house and is involved in all our actives. She quickly learned my call (I do a certain meow lol) when it's time for Fancy Feast and comes running with the rest of the cats! She also knows the treats call and gets right in on the action. She even sleeps in my room with the rest of the cats!

We are on Cloud 9! There is so much peace and happiness between the cats! Asajj and Ahsoka (our other young girl) play side by side but not together, yet. Our vet says it won't take long if they are already this comfortable with each other. Asajj rubs up against our two older boys, Sephiroth and John John, I think marking them as her own! lol. Thank you everyone involved! We are so happy!

We are so in love! What a love muffin!
Sabrina is now known as Asajj (the kiddos were excited to pick a name for our new family member and Sabrina/Asajj doesn't seem to mind) and she is one happy kitty!

From right out the carrier (after a 12.5 hour drive), this sweet girl used her litter box and was munching on Fancy Feast. It didn't take her long to investigate her new toys. And before long, she was giving us all loving! In under two hours, Asajj was lying on me, making muffins as we cuddled and watched a movie. She even fell asleep on me several times! When my daughter left the room, Asajj cried for her! It was the sweetest thing ever!

Thank you everyone!! We are so happy and blessed. We love Asajj so much and she has already made herself right at home. We are so lucky to be her forever family.

(Last update: Dec 8th, 2019 10pm)

Found on a golf course so my first foster mum named me PALMER! :)

Handsome, sweet, loving, playful, but also a bit timid and shy.
I'm going to need a patient adopter(s), a quiet home and another
sweet friendly young kitty that can show me everything is going to
be ok.



Palmer becomes quite agitated in the carrier/car, so he would prefer a shorter vs longer transport distance.
Name: JoJo

(FKA Palmer)

ID#: VA12760
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
DateIn: 08/25/18
Adopted: 09/15/18
Congrats: Tricia
Foster: Nancy

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
I wanted to update everyone on my sweet boy Jojo. He is amazing. So affectionate and loving, I get kisses from him every day. He literally wraps his gums around my wrist or leg or whatever he gets close to and pauses for a moment like he's giving me a little peck!. It is the sweetest thing! He also likes to give me head butts and if I bend over he jumps up and meets me with a loud purr.

He still tends to be cautious and runs when he hears unfamiliar noises or the doorbell, but he loves to play with ribbons and string. He is quite the hunter and catches any bug that finds its way into the house. He also loves to attack his favorite little plastic coil toys. He carries them around the house and loves to bat them around in the open. He even growls if his brother gets too close. It is not a very scary growl. It more like a sweet hum so its hard to take him very seriously. Even his growl is sweet!

His brother Chip is definitely the Alpha cat, but Jojo definitely gets his licks in when they wrestle. He loves food and meal times make him extra affectionate. He will often come up to me and twist his head almost completely up-side-down and look at me like, "aren't I adorable mom?" He makes me laugh. He's actually quite a character and very funny, but he only lets a few select trusted people see his true self.

I can't imagine life without him!

His is very healthy and his coat is beautiful. I have never felt a softer cat. Which means I am constantly petting him and giving him love!

His only health concern is some gingivitis, but it doesn't slow him down or keep him from eating.

He is currently sitting on the cushion behind me as I sit on the sofa watching me type. I think he knows I'm writing about him! I much prefer that to him climbing inside my Christmas Tree! It is an adventure he just can't resist!

It is dinner time so I best be off, but hopefully you have a better idea of how life is going for my sweet baby Jo!

(Last update: Dec 8th, 2019 5pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Jolly

(FKA Pippin)

ID#: VA7088
Location:  Indiana
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 06/26/10
Adopted: 08/14/10
Congrats: Anne
Foster: Katie

Foster Notes

UPDATE - 7/23/10 Pippin is: Cute, busy, CUTE, inquisitive, CUTE, active, CUTE, happy, CUTE, flame, CUTE, cross-eyed, CUTE, loving, CUTE and above all - you got it - TOO DARN CUTE FOR WORDS - better ask about him soon!!

Pippin here - foster mom says that I am cuter than any kitten has a right to be. She named me after Pippin, the youngest of the hobbits in the Lord of the Rings. (I think she's gone a bit overboard on all these literary foster names.) . I am one of the cutest little redheads that you've ever seen. When it comes to flames, they are usually easy going and laid back, but NOT ME. I am a "go getter" even though I am still a little small for my age. When I don't get my way - I'll tell you about it in NO uncertain terms. BUT, as you can see in my gallery pictures, I was such a good boy when Aunt Ellen was hold me and trimming my claws. I sat still and even kissed her after we were done. Oh, yes, my little face reminds everyone of an elf. And, yes, I have crossed eyes, but that doesn't stop me for a second. IF you'd like a very active and very cute and very sweet little kitten, be sure to ask about me. Here's to ya.......... Pippin,

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
August 14, 2013
Getting less "tough skittish" and becoming somewhat of a cuddler. Still only wants his back petted and only when he wants it! Gets anxious most Monday mornings when I get out of the shower because he knows I'm leaving - sits on the toilet lid while I get ready and mews, jumps down, goes between my legs and repeats this process ad infinitum to remind me that I'd better come home. Still my guardboy and always within my sight range. His canned treat in the morning is a must! Plays well with Hattie and Bruce Wayne - but mostly keeps to himself and his jingle-y ball, as well as his racerball. Too busy making sure the world continues to spin on its access to do something as frivolous as chase either of Bruce Wayne or Hattie!

August 15, 2012
My Jolly-Man is still a bit aloof - but he is beginning to want to be touched! He is still my ever-present guardian - always near, always lurking, never more than arms-length from my side. He has been sleeping behind my knees and purring at my neck on my pillow on occasion. His favorite enthusiasm lately has been the glass shower door. I try to discourage this obsession - and most definitely the licking when there is hot water dripping on it - but he is fascinated......to the point of trying to get in while the water is running. I'm not sure if it's because he feels "cut off" from me even though he can see me through the door - or.....what? He LOVES his canned treat and he begs EVERY morning when we wake up - to the point of crying and kneading at my hip if I don't get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. Pavlov's dogs had nothing on this BIG FELLOW, and I do mean BIG. He is fine-boned-but sleek and large - very panther like - mostly white - with faint/pale traces of ginger. His eyes are not as crossed as they were as a kitten - but when he is tired, they drift off center more so than usual and he is truly cross-eyed to the fullest. Loves the tall cat tree and rules the roost from the uppermost carpeted bin - no one gets to this king of the hill!

July 13, 2011
My three musketeers are perfect ~ I thank the universe (and Siamese Rescue) every day for them. Jolly is my guard ~ not overly cuddly but always within arm's reach ~ follows me around, watches what is going on, nosing into everything, and making sure all is well. His job is to kill all insect intruders - especially any bugs that may get past the sliding glass doors. Hattie is my lovebug ~ cuddling and headbutting and dragging her pink "baby" toy around - up and down the stairs. The turboballracer is still her favorite. She sits in front of the sliding glass door screen on a chair (her throne) and dozes on and off watching the birds and chipmunks and thinking lovely thoughts. Bruce aka THE BRUISER is the one who keeps things interesting. Mischief usually starts and ends with him. His favorite spot is the kitchen window facing the backyard ~ he lays upside down with four paws in the air (looks dead some days) basking in the sun with a lazy eye blinking as birds flow by his head. Then he gets down and finds his brother and sister and disrupts their lives with a game of chase or ball or wrestling with a swift swat and run or a nip and roll ~ any way that he can to get things going!

Canned treat is given once a day ~ early in the morning ~ one can in two bowls to split amongst them. They usually nibble on and off until noonish and once it's gone ~ they don't beg until the next morning. Jolly is my only beggar for people food ~ and even then it's mostly what I call "Court Taster" ~ he's not interested in eating it, he just wants to know what I have, smell it, nibble at it and leave the nasty stuff alone. Not even a bit of sliced turkey! He turned around and went back to his dry food!

Bruce has started to get a new nickname THE RUNNER ~ yes, he wants to be OUTSIDE! NOW! I MEAN NOW! I'LL GET OUT THERE! NOW! So we have to be very, very careful. He hears any door open, shut, slide, or otherwise squeak and he's there lying in wait for the best moment to DASH, RUN, MAKE A BREAK FOR IT. This has only started since summer, and I'm hoping that winter will once again deter this behavior and give us at least a bit of a break for 6-7 months ~ the vigilance and worry are constant. But he's worth it!

Hattie actually shrinks away from outside. She has no desire to be part of whatever is out there. She is still "petite" and thoughtful. Her biggest claim to fame is loving to use the "clean" litterbox. I clean all three litterboxes every morning while my tea boils and she is the first one to jump in as soon as they are clean ~ EVERY MORNING. She closes her eyes and I swear she is smiling while she does her business.

Bruce is still an "enthusiastic" litterbox user ~ even to the point of covering the others' business before they are done. Yes, poor Jolly, doing business and Bruce is behind him covering it. Heh!

Jolly, my creamsicle shadow, is BIG. He is getting bigger than Bruce and I can't believe it. He is muscular and very "tiger" like ~ his shoulders and hips are broad and he is strong. His arms "roll" when he walks and he swaggers a bit like any good soldier who is tasked with defending the homefront. People remark on his good looks and I still get the "Didja know that cat's eyes are crossed?" Hmmmmm, I think so.....................

Everyone's healthy and happy ~ including me! Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my cat lady heart!!

Hey folks ~ Pippin has been given his forever name ~ Jalalabad ~ "Jolly" ~ to those who love him best! All is going great ~ he is the chowhound though! Begging for people food ~ even if he sniffs it and decides that it isn't to his palate. Sleeping with me ~ but has already comandeered my furry purple afghan (aka Grover) and that is his nest at night. He touches noses to greet me in the morning and when I come home from work and purrs whenever I pick him up! Loves his toys and his sister, Hattie. Going to vet on Tuesday (31st). He is growing ~ getting to be a big boy but still just a crazy and wild kitten who races and chases all over the place! Love and peace to all who brought him into my life.......

December 5 2019

Jolly - has become an old man - he wants to sleep - he wants to be left alone and find a corner of his own. But if he wants to chase and play, then it's time and he will chase and bother Hattie and Bruce no matter what.....but then just as quickly get tired of it and lay down. or find a dark closet and curl up until food time. He wants only one or two people in his life and he's not really interested in change or anything new - the curiosity has left the cat. He is very laid back and content in his ways - which is nice - he is very predictable and I am able to read "his mind" with most of his body language and noises. If I didn't have a husband, I would say that Jolly and I are like an old married couple.

(Last update: Dec 5th, 2019 3pm)

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