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I love people and come running when foster mom comes into my room. My sister and I just love to play, eat, and play some more. Foster mom said something about a photo shoot whatever that is. I hope I like it.
Name: Eris

(FKA Lily Lee)

ID#: VA7832
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 06/27/11
Adopted: 07/30/11
Congrats: Mark
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
I'm such a sweet girl, I love to be petted and am constantly purring. I go full speed ahead, whether it's following you around or playing with my sister.
(Last update: Aug 3rd, 2011 12pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Henry
ID#: VA6909
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 03/25/10
Adopted: 04/24/10
Congrats: Erica
Foster: Jeanne

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats
Hello out there, I was Sandy until meowmy took me for my vet check and a microchip was found. That enabled Aunti Siri to track down my first owners and didcover that my real name is Henry! Sadly though, they didn't want me back because their child was alleggic to me. The did say that I'm an nice boy and love to play, but meowmy had already figured that out!. I'm settled in here now,and don't like the dog here or the male. cat I do like meowmy, though. (except for that bath she insisted on) I talk to her when she comes to see me and purr and rub on her when she pets me. Maybe you can ask about me and we can get the ball rolling to get me outa here. You can copy and past the link below to see my long video.

For now


No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
8/2/2011: It's been almost a year and a half with Henry!

He's probably one of the most stubborn cats I've ever met and can be a pretty big brat, but he's loved all the more for it :) He almost only cuddles when he KNOWS mom or dad have to be somewhere or get up for work. I don't know how he knows, but he does! He generally only purrs when he's hungry or when he is getting brushed. He squawks like a bird when he wants to be fed. He's not very tolerant of being picked up but puts up with it from his mom (a little less so with his dad). He also has a very sensitive digestive system, but since going grain-free with his food, things have gotten 100% better and he's even lost some weight!

With all that being said, Henry's still absolutely adorable and does lots of silly and dumb things that make his parents laugh. He's especially cute when he's watching birds through the windows or playing with his brother. They are perfectly matched as Henry is big and... slow-moving while his brother is smaller and very quick.

Henry's mom and dad love him very, VERY much and couldn't imagine life without him. :)

2/13/2011: Henry continues to do GREAT especially now that he has a playmate! We adopted a rambunctious young gray male cat named Otto from our local animal control and the two of them were best of friends from the beginning. Originally, we thought Henry would only do well with female kitties, but this special little guy was passive and laid back enough for Henry. They love playing a game of chase and wrestling before curling up with one another for a nap.

Henry is more of a momma's boy, but he's also giving more and more affection to his dad the older he gets. He's even learning how to play fetch with dad!

(Last update: Aug 2nd, 2011 12pm)

Here I am in rescue, through no fault of my own. They said the baby was allergic to us and so we had to go per the doctors orders. Not really happy right now since I had been well cared for and loved in the home but the family wants a great new home for us.

Rescue was told the following about me:

ChiChi is a very loving cat and has a king of the castle attitude. He loves to purr in your ear, rub his nose all over you, and cuddle every chance he gets. He is more of a sit around the house type but can be extremely playful. He is very friendly but may hiss at other cats because he is not used to being around others than ChaCha, Niko and Junior. He is good with children, but not wild about them pulling his tail. He is used to sleeping with his human and is a very devoted cat.

Notice she didnt say how handsome I am. Will have an update as soon as I let foster mom know more about me. Please ask about me and ChaCha so we can be together.

Name: Napoleon

(FKA ChiChi)

ID#: VA6980
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: male
Current Age: 19 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
DateIn: 05/15/10
Adopted: 07/24/10
Congrats: Janet
Foster: Vangie


Notes from Home
It's hard to believe Leon has only been here a month. He has made himself very much at home. In the evening he curls up on my lap while we're sitting on the couch, watching tv. My dog and my orange cat are curled up beside us. Leon loves to sit in the high cat perch on the sunporch and watch the birds and squrrels. He plays with his toys, but the highlight of his day is dinner time. In face, I'm trying to feed him more carefully because I don't want him to gain any more weight. At bedtime he sometimes gets on my bed, but he never stays. He will curl up on the rocking chair next to my bed and sleep there. As I am typing this, Leon is on my lap, trying to get the "mouse."

Leon will have been with me one year ago this Sunday. We're going to have a little birthday celebration.
He has totally integrated into our household. One of his favorite things to do is roll on his back, stretch out, and get his tummy scratched. His favorite toy is one of the soft cat dancers. He carries it all over the house and plays with the ribbons. He likes for me to hold it--sometimes--but he's just as happy playing with it by himself. He sleeps in bed, curled up near my feet, every night. And when we're all watching TV, he will curl up on my lap, with my dog beside us and my orange kitty snuggled nearby. He likes to play with Mozart (orange kitty) and they will chase each other around the house. Most days this summer he spends on the enclosed sun porch, watching everything outside. He also likes to sit in my living room window and watch the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks at the feeders right outside the windows. I had him to the vet a couple months ago, to check his gingivitis, but it was fine. He has another appointment next month for a checkup. He's had very runny, matted eyes for several months. I've been using a supplement the vet gave me. I put it on his food and it seems to help. But that's something I'm going to ask the vet about again. I love him dearly.

(Last update: Aug 2nd, 2011 1am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Pinky

(FKA Sara Jane)

ID#: VA7818
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Blue
Date In: 06/24/11
Adopted: 07/09/11
Congrats: Diane
Foster: Siri

This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
Given up when the new baby was arriving, I come with the following history:

Okay with dogs
Older children okay
Lap sitting is a definite
Chatty at times
Excellent habits
Best in a one on one relationship with someone who worships, er I mean adores me

More as I settle in!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
I have changed her name from Sara Jane to "Pinky" I am very pleased with your service. Pinky is doing very
well with me.She talks to me all the time and defintiely is a big lapsitter. I took her to my vet and he says
she is healthy. He did the deworming and gave me some Revolution for fleas, etc. By the way this cat is NOT

(Last update: Aug 1st, 2011 1pm)

Here I am in rescue, through no fault of my own. They said the baby was allergic to us and so we had to go per the doctors orders. Not really happy right now since I had been well cared for and loved in the home but the family wants a great new home for us.

Rescue was told the following about me:

She is a skittish but very loving cat once she feels she can trust you but just a very loving and scared cat. She may hiss at you if she feels she is in danger but for the most part will hide. She is good in a pair of cats but may scare more if parted from ChiChi. She likes catnip and will run from anything loud. She doesnt really scratch much.

Notice she didnt say how beautiful I am. Will have an update as soon as I let foster mom know more about me. Please ask about me and ChiChi so we can be together.

Name: Josephine

(FKA ChaCha)

ID#: VA6981
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: female
Current Age: 19 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 05/15/10
Adopted: 07/24/10
Congrats: Janet
Foster: Vangie


Notes from Home
Josie has not settled in as comfortably as Leon, but she still seems very happy here. She loves to sit on my lap when I'm on the computer, and as soon as I go into the bathroom, she's there , meowing to be petted. She gets very vocal at times--which I love. She sat at the bottom of my bed for awhile last night, but chose not to stay there. She's still a little hesitant ( and hisses) at my dog and other cat. She still plays with Leon but doesn't seem as dependent on him as she did when they first moved here. They share a bed at night sometimes--sometimes in the day time, but she doesn't venture out as far or as often as Leon. She has been in the perch on the sunporch, and she loves to sit on the cat tree in their room and look out the window.

Josie will celebrate one year with us on Sunday. We're going to have a little birthday party.
She has come a long way. She rarely goes into the "cats' bedroom", but spends most of the time in the rest of the house with me and my other animals. She has gotten used to Mozart, my orange cat. At least she doesn't hiss at her anymore. I think she's still afraid of my dog--she'll run away when she 's in the same place. She always lets me know when it's dinnertime. She'll meow until I think they can hear her down the street!! I'm still giving them their evening meal in their bedroom--Leon will get on the counter and help himself to Mo's food--get up there at night for his bedtime snack, etc.--but she won't. I think she's jumped on the counter once and seemed surprised she was there--got right off. So maybe one of these days they'll all be eating in the kitchen. She is definitely the more vocal of the two Siamese. She greets me in the morning and walks along with me, telling me everything that happened the night before. She sleeps on the couch, or on the top of the couch, most nights. She likes when I give her a little ice cube in the kitchen, and she bats it around. At bedtime, she will run to her room when I'm putting out fresh water and dry food--because she wants to jump up on my lap and be brushed. She loves to be brushed. She likes me to scratch her head, but she doesn't want me to pick her up. But we have a lot more physical contact now. She spends a lot of time on the sunporch, in the top of the cat tree, watching everything outside. She goes to the vet next month for her checkup. Her eyes have been perfect, no watering or anything. So I'm sure she'll be fine. She's still little (smaller than Leon), but she's a little bundle of love.

(Last update: Jul 20th, 2011 4pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: cooper

(FKA Colby)

ID#: VA7062
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 06/14/10
Adopted: 07/18/10
Congrats: Sherry
Foster: Gina

I am just too cute for words - the lady keeps saying. But I tell you, I like being here. I get to sleep whenever I want, get to eat whenever I want, and have toys to play with whenever I want - but guess what I really want - I want to go home with you to play and share my life with you. If you feel the same - ask about me and I promise I will make you so happy.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Thank you.

I can't believe it's been a year!!!

Cooper is a beautiful boy.

He and Tazzie have become best buddies and get along soooo well! I up-loaded photos, but due to my computer incompetence, they may not be where they should be. But please know that he is loved, cared for and is happy! One pic is of Cooper the first month we had him and the other is just from tonight. Same kitty, same couch 'back'...what a difference a year can make! I couldn't believe it when he got right on the couch tonight, almost like he knew I wanted a 'comparison' photo...it's always been his favorite spot, but he hasn't been on the couch THERE for awhile...too funny.

Cooper turned out to be quite the 'mommy's' boy but it's all good. He loves to snuggle, and I enjoy it as well. He loves to cuddle on my (Mom) chest, which is a bit more challenging now that he's so big. It wasn't such a big deal when he was so little, but now both of us are a little bigger than we were a year ago. =) He's also a lover of bedtime! Which is my favorite time too! I have only to ask if he's ready for "night-night" and he usually beats me up the stairs...

Thank you very much for the opportunity to have this beloved boy!


Sherry and Peter Keen

(Last update: Jul 19th, 2011 12am)

Chirpy, chatty, cute as a button. Now loves to be petted.
Fine with other cats that enjoy each other.
Name: Megan

(FKA Zsa Zsa)

ID#: VA7106
Location:  Delaware
Sex: female
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
DateIn: 07/03/10
Adopted: 12/19/10
Congrats: Scott
Foster: Diane

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
12/2910: Zsa Zsa is doing great! She was very quiet the entire trip, and did not move at all. After we got home, she was definitely nervous and needed some time by herself to relax a bit. The next day, she was quiet but less nervous, and just watched us until I brought out some of her toys. At that point, she forgot about everything else and just started to play. It was great to see that side of her come out. After a while she even let us lightly pet her. We did that for the next several days, just to get her used to both of us and her new home.

We had her in her own room for one week, but she really seemed to be getting lonely. So, we gradually let some of our other cats come in one at a time. The nice thing is that none of them reacted to her in a negative manner. She was definitely interested in them, but really did not do much other than observe them. After a day of that, we decided that she was ready to have the run of the house. We opened the door, and she gradually came out, but generally hovered around the area of her room. We decided to just give her some space for the rest of the evening.

The next morning, we got up and went looking for her around the house, but did not immediately find her. We finally decided to look in our bedroom, and there she was. She apparently spent part of the night and all the next morning under our bed. We spoke to her, but did not try to pet her or anything. We kept checking back and she just stayed there the entire day. Later that night, Barb went to bed before me, and Zsa Zsa was still under the bed. However, when I later went back for bed, there she was, sitting on my pillow on the bed beside Barb who was asleep. Zsa Zsa immediately ran off the bed, but we felt really good that she was getting more comfortable around us.

The next morning, we got up early. While she was having breakfast, Zsa Zsa came into the kitchen area and just watched her from across the room. The other cats were in the kitchen as well, so Zsa Zsa got to see Barb play with them. She gradually came into the adjoining family room when Barb moved there. She had the TV on, and that really fascinated her - she just sat down and watched it. After that, she disappeared fro the rest of the morning and afternoon. At about 4P, she came back into our family room, where I was, and just sat on the fringes of it and again was fascinated by the TV. She was in and out of the room most of the evening.

She did the same thing the next day and evening as well. In general, she seems to be more of an evening / night time cat who likes to sleep for long hours during the day.

She is coexisting with the other cats, but has yet to really play with any of them. She just keeps watching them. In general, there have been only a few minor hissing moments, but much less than what we have had with any other new to our home cat. Each day, she is hovering closer to the other cats and to us. When the other cats go to pass close to her, she doesn't run or move. She's also getting used to our walking around - she still moves away when we walk toward her, but it is not as far away and she comes back quickly when she sees we are not chasing her. We've just been letting her go at her own pace, but we constantly talk to her to get used to our voices and see we are not going to chase her. The nice thing is that she has followed me this evening into the area where I have my pc. The other cats typically come in with me, and she is staying here with them and was watching me play with them. You can see some of that in the attached pictures.

She is eating out of the community cat food dish with hard cat food in it. We have yet to get her interested in any treats, other than some chicken breast that we give to the other cats each morning. Overall, she seems happy, healthy, and more relaxed.

For being with us only 11 days, she has made tremendous progress. We are really happy to have her as part of our family. It is fun to see her gradually coming out of her shell. She is really smart, and seems to be a cat who will fit in well with the rest of our cat family.

1/1/11: As promised, one of our resolutions for the new year was to finalize our decision on Zsa Zsa's new name. We have it - her new name is Megan. She responds to the name, and we think it fits her well. Please update her records to reflect her new name.

Megan is continuing to do well. She is spending more time with us, and hovering closer. She has comes close by us a couple of times in the past two days, which is nice. We think she is getting more comfortable around us. She has found a favorite daytime perch - it is a padded bench that we have right below one of our windows. Megan just sits on it and looks out the window, as well as looking around the room.

7/15/11: This is our 6+ month update for Megan. She is doing great. For the first several months, Megan really took her time and got used to the other cats in her new household. As we observed, she seemed to need to learn how to play with them. She watched each of the other cats for a while, and started to pick up on what they were doing. We have a male Siamese that gets along with Megan very well and they love to romp through the house together.

For several months, that was her primary source of social interaction - playing a little with the other cats and then sitting on the dining room chairs. However, around March, she started to spend more time in the rooms that we were in - not next to us, but in the same room just checking us out. That gradually expanded to her walking nearby us and seeing if we would do anything. She gradually came close enough to slightly rub against us. All during that time, Megan would come into our dressing area each morning and night and play with a cat toy that we had with feathers and silver strips on the end of a stick - she really loves that toy. When she begins playing with it, she looses all of her inhibitions. She has even fallen off the sofa a couple of times after rolling around with the toy. Now, when I come home from work, she just trots down the hall ahead of me and gets ready for our time to play with that toy, along with a cople of the other cats.

The last two months, however, have seen a real breakthrough. She seems to have adopted us. She will now let us rub her head, side and tail without running. She actually comes over and asks for scritches. Last month, she would occassionally jump up on the sofa and then just rub up against my wife's hair and then just watch us from the other side of the sofa - if we reached to pet her, she would jump down. Last week, however, she has started jumping up on the sofa while we are sitting on it and letting each of us pet her. She likes to play with our fingers and lets us hold and play with her paws. She will put our fingers in her month, but does not bite down on them at all, just plays lightly with them. She even fell asleep on the sofa this past Monday with my hand on her back, and allowed me to just pet her while she slept.

Megan has great litterbox manners. She trusts us enough now to come in and use the litter box even if we are in the same room. She is a good eater. Her favorite treat is cheddar cheese - she is very picky on the flavor and how we serve it, but she comes out when we call and typically is standing there waiting her turn for treats. She will let me scritch her head while she is eating. She has a special flavor of cat food she likes and regularly nibbles on it throughout the day.

Megan is still skittish about loud noises, but is much more calm now. She won't let us pick her up at this time - any time her feet leave the floor, she gets concerned. However, she is very good and well behaved about us trimming her claws as long as we don't pick her up to do it. She regularly uses her scratching post and has the other cats doing the same as well, even though some of them do not have claws. At night, she comes at times comes into the bedroom, but just sits on one of the benches near the window - hopefully soon she will jump up on the bed with us. She has tried a few times while the lights were on while we reading, but got intimidated by the other cats already on the bed.

Overall, we are very happy and glad that we added her to our cat family. As important, Megan seems to be happy in her new home, with her feline brother and sisters, and with both of us. Thank you and the entire Siamese Rescue Team for helping her and allowing us to adopt her.

(Last update: Jul 16th, 2011 1am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Cosette
ID#: VA7768
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
Date In: 06/02/11
Adopted: 06/25/11
Congrats: Pamela
Foster: Christine

Foster Notes


Foster mom says I am getting goofy staying here - this is my goofy face:)

I am cute, playful, petite, beautiful, busy, gorgeous, well behaved, great in my habits - did I mention gorgeous????

I get along really well with the other cats here too!


No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
70811 cosette is doing well she even greeted me at the door today ! she loves to sit and watch all the animals, chipmunks birds, rabbits ,the dogs who walk by with their owners, she is quite nosey she has tons of energy, she isa love to have. when i figure out how to post some pic,i wil thank you pam and cosette .july 11 well what a day i have had! i had to go for a car ride again, i was meowing the whole time as mom forgot to bring the towel she had on the table, than we werent sure how the gps worked, finally figured it out when we were in chatham! so we got to the vets i was weighed and than went into see the vet she was very nice, i had some blood taken for testing for lf.l. and other things. i was very good for that ,which came back negative thank you very much...i am in excellent health although mom forgot my stool sample she left that by the door, so she will have to drop off one tuesday., think she was a little nervous! i had my claws clipped and my first set of booster shots and go back august 1 for the second set even though being an inside cat the vet said that i did not need them being inside but mom said yes just incase. and i also have my monthly drops of revolution for get this fleas, roundworms,heartworms,and ear mites...ALL THAT IN 1 DOSE AM I IMPRESSED so i am happy about that. NO FLEAS EITHER YEAH THAN WHY AM I SCRATCHING SOMETIMES? NOT A WHOLE LOT BUT ......SO NOW I AM BACK HOME THANK GOD! I USED MY KITTY BOX RIGHT AWAY LOVE THE CAT LITTER BY THE WAY WORLDS BEST CAT LITTER YES INDEED. SO NOW I AM ASLLEP UNDER THE BED THE SHOT MADE ME TIRED NOT TO MENTION THE CAR RIDE I SHOULD SAY TRUCK. SEATBELTED ON MOMS LAP SOOOOGLAD TO BE BACK HOME..NOW MY MOM HAS TO GO AND HAVE HER PEDICURE AND MANICURE DONE OHHHH US LUCKY LADIES ON THE CAPE I HOPE ALL IS WELL WITH YOU TODAY..LOVE COSETTE.AND PAM
(Last update: Jul 11th, 2011 4pm)

"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"

I'm right here!

I had the good luck of being found by a good Samaritan when he spotted me out in a colony of feral cats. Obviously not feral myself, I waltzed right on up to him and asked where my home was. I don't know how I ended up there.. I guess maybe my old owners must've lost their senses because I am one fantastic cat.

My new foster mom named me for my loverboy personality. Like Barry White says: I just can't get enough of your love! I love every kind of petting that exists, including brushing of my super silky fur. I love to play and I'm amazed at how many toys I have now! I'm sure you'll give me lots of toys too, right? I talk a little in a mellow voice and come when I'm called... and I'm a big fan of couches! Got one I can join you on?
Name:   Romeo
ID#: VA7723
Location:  Ohio
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 05/14/11
Adopted: 06/04/11
Congrats: Jennifer
Foster: Jamie

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Romeo has been with us a month now and begining to settle down. Initially he was terrorizing Cocco and Daisy. They were both afraid of him and not very happy with us. Romeo is getting the hint when the girls are not in the mood to play and he is leaving them alone. Daisy and Romeo will both instigate play with each other and he is learning her limits. Morocco tolerates Romeo as long as he keeps his distance. The most encouraging thing was looking in the guest room yesterday and seeing Daisy and Romeo cuddling and sleeping together on the favored lambswool pad.
Thanks for your interest.


Jennifer DiNicola

(Last update: Jul 10th, 2011 6pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Holly
ID#: VA5533
Location:  New Hampshire
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 02/10/08
Adopted: 02/29/08
Deceased: 07/06/15
Congrats: Margaret
Foster: Mary

I am Holly, but you probably already know that if you are reading this.
Foster M says I am silky soft. And I really enjoy a good conversation. I will converse with whomever wishes to discuss current events with me.
I have to admit I'm not too sure about dogs. It's a trauma thing. You see I was given up once for a dog and then the next people gave me up for whatever reason. One of those "the cat or me" type things. Guess he couldn't handle the competition. But I've always been treated well so my sweet nature has remained intact. I just don't like the dog.
"M" doesn't yet know how I might react to cats, but time will tell I'm told.
The boy kitty that lives here has snuck in a couple of times. I wasn't impressed by his cavalier attitude, so I did what any sweet-natured self-respecting girl would do - I hid.
Stay in touch....there will be more later.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Six month update, July 10, 2011, copied and pasted per Margaret's request:
Update, I am just so grateful to both of you for both Sydney and Holly!! I feel
so fortunate to have adopted two such fabulous cats!! After 6 mo. of
living together, they are able to be closer --circling or sleeping about
3 feet apart. Once in a while Sydney--who arrived so confident from the
beginning and behaved as if she had been the resident cat--still chases
Holly and hisses a bit, but those episodes are rare now. Sydney often
experiences a brief asthma attack after chasing Holly so between that
and my "no," she rarely does it now.

Holly talks more--after watching Sydney anxiously calling for food, and
circling under the food dish, desperate for her food to be put down.
Holly now lets out a little cry as I put her food dish in front of
her--about 4-5 feet away from Sydney. (I have to watch Sydney to make
sure she doesn't go after the remaining food in Holly's dish.) Holly
will now also cry a little as she leaps up on the couch or on my bed and
comes over asking for some love! She also loves to leap up on the
bathroom sink and call to me to please turn on the water. She licks the
bottom edge of the faucet and actually seems to catch only small amounts
of water!

Both LOVE to be brushed and combed every morning! They love to play with
their toys! Sometimes Sydney goes upstairs and sleeps on my bed after
breakfast, and Holly stays down--so I have an upstairs and a downstairs
cat. But lately Sydney sleeps in the kitchen on some low cabinets that
sit in the middle of the kitchen, and Holly sleeps 3-4 feet away in a
carpeted box/tray half way up a new carpeted multi-layered cat climbing
"tree" in front of one of the windows.

Sydney gets up on the kitchen counter and has evidently encouraged Holly
who gets up on a cabinet with plants and a radio nearby. Sydney once
knocked a mug off the kitchen counter which broke and one night I heard
a bang when I was in bed, and went down to find that Sydney had gone to
the back of the kitchen counter and pulled an almost empty glass bottle
of olive oil to the edge and it fell off but didn't break :-)! So I've
been putting pan lids or other uninviting objects on the edge of the
counter to discourage Sydney's night time adventures on the counter!

Sydney will come up to me when I am reading the paper or watching TV
with a little cry--seeking some love. She will come into my lap briefly,
but does not want to be held for long. That is true for Holly, too. If
I'm lying on the floor to watch TV, Sydney comes up and wants to groom
my hair!

Friends I have had over for dinner are very enthused about Sydney who is
very outgoing and friendly and they think she is beautiful! She
sometimes even leaps into one of their laps briefly. Holly usually does
not come out when I have guests.

I have a wonderful cat sitter who loved my Smokey who died, and loves
Sydney, but is disappointed that Holly has not warmed up to her. Kay is
great with cats--had 4 older ones and is down to one now. She is 75 and
thinks from now on she will be a foster mom--maybe more for senior cats.
She also goes to a neighbor in N. Cambridge to cat sit for a woman who
has two very lovely Siamese cats she is fond of. So I think, if you need
a Cambridge foster mom, she might consider it. However, I just
recommended her to a woman who is going away for 3-4 months in the Fall
and needed someone to foster her 2 cats, and Kay has agreed to do that.
Her name is Kay Shanahan, 617-876-0972. She does not have a computer.

Again, thank you both for allowing me to adopt two such terrific cats!!

(Last update: Jul 10th, 2011 5pm)

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