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The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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Do you need a drop dead gorgeous boy? Need a lap kitty? Want someone who will get along with other kitties? Want a mellow, outgoing, happy to see you kind of guy? Well, here I am. I love to give head butts and want nothing more then your love - well I do need a lap to lay in too but that comes automatically with your love right?
Name: Bentley

(FKA Brion)

ID#: VA9876
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 02/28/14
Adopted: 04/12/14
Congrats: Jacqui
Foster: Debra


Notes from Home
So Bentley, formerly Brion, is doing well. We named him Bentley for the bend in his tail and bc he is such an elegant boy like the car. From the first night he was head butting to get kisses and talking to us. He is the sweetest boy. He and one of our resident kitties are talking to each other through the door -too cute. I included a photo of him on his first night playing amongst his new toys. Thank you again for everything.

4/27/2014 - Bentley is doing well. He has been to our vet and gotten a clean bill of health. He is out of his isolation room and out in house free to roam. He is getting along with the other cats with just a little hissing from both sides. 90% of the time there is no hissing. He is enjoying the new environment as we got new carpets and furniture so they all have to make everything their own. I am posting pics of him sleeping on the arm of the old sofa and in his new box (that he loves). He is learning his name and starting to talk with his tail when you call him by that name. Silly kitty:) I will try to post updates more. Thank you again to everyone. He is a fabulous boy.

4/30/14 - yesterday for the first time Benley and his brother started playing. They were chasing each other around and meowing at each other. Too cute. They seemed to be having a lot of fun.

5/5/14 - happy cinco de mayo. Bentley is part if a changing household with new carpets and furniture in his first 3weeks. He is handling it all well and seems to be enjoying the new places to sleep or lounge. He is so loving and purrs all the time. Still playing with his brother (Little little) and the hissing has decreased significantly with him and the girls. I've added some more pictures for your enjoyment. I'll include pics of his new siblings so you can see them also.

6/1/14 - Bentley is making leaps and bounds. Hard to think he's been here only about 6weeks. He was so excited the other morning (at 5am) getting petted that he bit my nose. We must teach him the difference between sleep time and awake time. Anyway, Just a love nip. He came to visit me in the tub today getting on the edge to head butt for kisses. He really is a trip. He is so loving. For the first time last night he actually came to bed with everyone and went to sleep at the corner of my bed. He seems happy and continues to have a good relationship with his brother. They chase each other around like crazy kids. He is such a good boy I can hardly believe anyone would give him up. Lucky us though. He is a fabulous cat.

6/25/14 - Bentley is more and more of the lover boy he was described as. He ran to the door the other day to greet me after work. He still doesn't know darkness outside means sleeping time. He wants love and affection in the middle the night/early morning hours. He is so sweet you can't help but give him a hug no matter how tired you are. He still head butts for kisses and is more comfortable with being picked up. He loves to eat and especially chicken breast as an occasional treat. He has proven to be a good hunter. He nabbed a fly out of the air with one swipe of his paw the other day. He is a delight to come home and see after a long day. He does nothing but make us smile. Love him. I think he is truly happy here and is starting to love us. I hope he understands this is his forever home and his changing locations is over for good.

7/13/14 - Bentley coming out of his shell more and more everyday. We just lost Yala on Tuesday after 16 amazing yrs. so Bentley is going through some adjustments as the others are somewhat out of sorts. He is doing well though. He was going crazy this morning playing with one of his new feather toys. Bentley and his brother continue to chase each other through the house and have a good time. I have added some new pictures of him for everyone to see.

8/24/2014 - So Bentley is hysterical. He is so sweet and loving. He sleeps every night in bed with my daughter, Liz. I adopted him and he adopted her. Its all good b/c he is happy and that's what matters. He and his brother, Little, play constantly. They chase each other through the house chirping at each other. It is wonderful to watch. He has the smallest voice for his size. It is really funny. He talks, purrs, plays and seems to be enjoying himself here. I'll add some new pictures of him also.

9/20/2014 - Bentley comes out of his shell more and more every day. We love him. He is funny. He doesn't like any treats like the others do, but boy does he like chicken. He is fussy about getting his nails clipped and the other day we just had to suck it up and have it done. At the end he got chicken bc he did so well. He is with us more and more all the time. He greets me everyday at the door. My mom said he came down and got on the back of the chair to wait for me to get home from work one day last week. He and his brother continue to entertain us chasing each other around the house. Can't thank all of you enough for getting Bentley here to us. He is a wonderful addition to our family. I've put a new pic of him playing with the laser light.

10/31/2014 - Happy Halloween everyone. Treats all around... Bentley is our most special treat. He sleeps with me every night and has taken to "bathroom visits". What I mean by that is anytime I am in the bathroom he runs into the room, jumps up on the window sill and headbutts for kisses. He talks to the birds on the wires outside and then gets onto your lap for more love. I'd like this affection time to transition to the living room during TV time, but I'll give him love anytime he wants. He is the most loving at night before bed. We get into bed and he kneads and purrs like there is no tomorrow before curling up to go to sleep. My mom and Bentley play laser light almost every day. He is too funny running around like a kitten and playing. He is such a love-bug and so handsome. We just look at him and think what a handsome boy he is. We love him and I think everyday he loves us more and more.

12/16/2014 - Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone. Bentley had turkey for breakfast on Thanksgiving and enjoyed every bite. He is still coming out of his shell all the time. He now sits on my lap in the chair and one of the other cats sleeps against him occasionally. It is cute to see how they are building a bond. I am so thankful we got involved with SCRC and adopted Bentley. He is priceless. My mom feels the same. I went away to see my father and when I came home I think Bentley missed me. It was nice to know he has truly become part of the family. Looking forward to our first Christmas with him. Let you know how it turns out.

1/24/2015 - So Christmas was as much of a present for us as it was for Bentley. He is just fabulous. So much has happened since my last update. Bentley spends most of his time with us. Either lying in the chair with me getting petted or lying on the floor with his head resting on his catnip toy. He and his sister Mia are finally getting along. She was the one struggling the most with him. They are not playing together yet, but there is no fussing or boxing matches with them. I again went away to my dad's and when I came home Mr. Bentley was the first one at the door welcoming me home. He is so sweet. My mom plays with him almost every morning with the laser light. I really question is he 9 years because when he plays he looks like he's 9 months old. He still head butts for kisses and I think that might be my favorite thing about him. He is just the sweetest kitty in the world. I am excited to see what 2015 holds for all of us. Happy New Year to everyone at SCRC. You have helped my mother and I have more happiness in our lives with this beautiful boy named Bentley.

4/21/2015 - Its been awhile since my last update. Bentley's 1yr anniversary was 4/12/15 and we celebrated with a fresh rotisserie chicken. He couldn't have been more excited. Bentley and all the cats are getting along now. He and his sister, CeCe (the 16yo siamese), are always sitting on each other. Bentley and his brother, Little (the 6yo orange tabby), play and run around together constantly. Sometimes I think Bentley is a kitten the way he plays. He loves cardboard boxes. When we order delivery we put the box on the floor for him and he is in it all the time. He also likes my old tennis bag so that is on top of the closet so he can lay in it and look out the window. We think he used to be allowed outside b/c he is always going to the door. He isn't a "door dasher" and backs up when asked, but he is definitely interested like he knows what it is to go out. I have to tell him "sorry that doesn't happen here". He seems very content in his furever home. He still wants lots of kisses and headbutts when he isn't getting enough. He greets me at the door when I come home from work almost every day. He plays with my mom and the laser light all the time. He is being a nudge today to his sister Mia (the 13yo Birman that took the longest to accept him). He keeps following her around and she doesn't want to play. It's funny to watch them. Bentley still doesn't love his nails clipped so we do them only when necessary. He likes to knead on my chest and stomach and sometimes - YIKES:))) He is better with it so maybe he's learning to trust me. He is a fabulous cat and we are lucky to have gotten to have him as a part of our family. He is so well behaved and affectionate I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to keep him forever. We love him and I truly believe he loves us. Thank you SCRC!!!!

8/27/2015 - Bentley is fabulous. It is like he has lived here his whole life. He seems to be very happy. Anytime I sit in the chair he is immediately in my face head butting for kisses and purring. He settles on my chest and just wants to be petted. It is the cutest thing. He is finally letting my clip his nails without a fight or complaint. I'm so proud of him. He is just the best. My mom and I say all the time we wish we had known him when he was a kitten b/c he must have been so adorable. We couldn't be happier and I am confident he couldn't either. We are scheduled at the end of September for his yearly check up. I am sure all will be good, but I will let you know how he makes out.

10/5/2015 - Bentley's yearly exam went great. He was so funny at the vet. He was lounging in the chair in the waiting room between my mom and I. He also let the tech pick him up and carry him back to the exam room. He got his shots and is in excellent health. He is the best and happiest boy. We are so happy to have him.

10/18/2015 - We had our first health scare with Bentley. I noticed he wasn't acting quite right (not coming to see me like usual, staying in his favorite chair all the time, etc). Then he peed in my room Wednesday night. I called the vet and he said come in for labs. He peed in my room again Thursday night, but I knew we were off to the vet Friday afternoon. The whole ride he talked to me and all I could think about was him being dropped at the shelter by his owners less than 2years ago. I was afraid he was thinking that too. At the vet his fever was 103.9 and he had to stay overnight. They wanted to get him fluids and on antibiotics. I felt terrible. I went back to visit him that night. His temp had gone up to 104.9. Vet said he would need IV fluids if it reached 105.5. Bentley was MAD at me. I stayed for a while and finally he let me pet him. The next day I got the best call... the vet said come get him. His fever was gone. Got there as quick as we could and he was still not happy. Got him to the car and after a few minutes he was talking to me again. Once home he was the happiest boy. What a scare he gave us and how happy everyone is he is home. We love him tons. Waiting to hear lab results tomorrow, but for now he is doing really good.

2/10/2016 - Bentley is fabulous. He is happy and healthy and a great addition. He is so loving and sweet. Thank you SCRC.

4/27/2016 - We are getting ready to adopt our second cat from SCRC. Bentley will have a new brother. It is amazing to me that he has been here 2yrs. His adoption anniversary was 4/12/2016. He is so loving and is coming more and more into his own. He talks more now and head butts constantly for kisses. You can tell he is excited to see me when I come home from work everyday. He is so much better with getting his nails cut. I think he finally gets that it is ok and there will be a treat following his manicure:) We love him and look forward to making his new brother part of our home as well.

12/15/2016 - Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year to everyone from Bentley and the Staibs. Bentley is doing well. He is still a huge love and very happy boy. He told me to tell everyone thank you for finding him his forever home. He is the most handsome boy. Anyone who sees his picture Raves about how gorgeous he is. We love him so much and are so happy his misfortune turned out to be our fortune. He is shockingly now not leaving me to go visit the men (friends, cable guy, exterminator, etc) that come visit the house sporadically. The exterminator, Joe, is starting to comment. I think he's offended:) He's a cat guy also. Bentley, Derby and Little chase each other through the house like crazy nuts. It is the cutest thing to watch. He is like a kitten playing when he does that. Bentley hopes all is well with his SCRC family. I'll add a new picture shortly.

(Last update: Dec 15th, 2016 12pm)

Name: Sorbet

(FKA Joline)

ID#: VA11716
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 1 Yr
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 09/24/16
Adopted: 11/12/16
Congrats: Jacqueline
Foster: Kay

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
I am gradually building my confidence each day. Very sweet but timid. Loves to be held and cuddled and wants attention.
A quiet home would be best for me.
More later, Joline

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
11/25/16 Cute as anything but much shyer than her sister. I have limited her hiding places. She loves to be stroked and patted. They have seen my other cat through the gate but no one seems upset.. The kitties are in a downstairs area and I am taking my time integrating them .The gate is at the top of the stairs and they come up that way a lot.

12/14/16 Out and about in the house with her sister. And the three weeks integrating them with Pattaya was well worth it. Sorbet is still more laid back but the three of them are getting along fine. She seems to like Pattaya who is bigger and a male. Both girls are very well adjusted, took their time to feel comfortable, eat well, play a lot and are very affectionate and loving. Thank you Thank you Thank you

(Last update: Dec 14th, 2016 6pm)

I had been in a poor environment before going to the shelter - bad ear mites and extreme flea infestation and not too much chow. Foster mom says the mites and fleas are fixed and I just have to eat more to plump up a little. I am very sweet and will take as much loving as you will give. I'm a little more outgoing than my sister, Joline. Learning to play with toys and have some fun.
Name: Popsicle

(FKA Juno)

ID#: VA11729
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 1 Yr
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 10/02/16
Adopted: 11/12/16
Congrats: Jacqueline
Foster: Kay


Notes from Home
11/25/16 Well I can only describe Popsicle as a "silly willy". She chases he tail, plays with all her toys and when she sees Pattaya at the gate she reaches under it and if he doesn't give attention, she will lay on her back or do other attention getting things. She and her sister lay next to each other a lot. She loves to be stroked and patted also. I am so glad that both of them are together.

12/14/16 Well the cats are all integrated! They were separate but in viewing site for three weeks and one night Popsicle and her sister decided to hop the fence. She still is the most outgoing, will lay next to Pattaya, and actually jumped over him since he was in her path. No hissing, but grabbing each others food. Thank you all for your work in making a perfect match.

(Last update: Dec 14th, 2016 6pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Valentine
ID#: VA8805
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: male
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 09/16/12
Adopted: 10/27/12
Congrats: Emily
Foster: Diane

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
I'm such a handsome blue point guy!

Diamond and I need to stay together because she adores me. I try to remain calm and aloof but Foster Mom is always catching us cuddling up together.

In addition to being easy on the eyes, I'm a really nice cat - friendly, gentle and even sometimes a little goofy. I get my lip caught on my canine and that makes Foster Mom laugh. I'm ok with that as long as she continues to pet me while she chuckles.

Have to have a dental to get rid of some troublesome teeth but then Diamond and I will be ready to head off for our next great adventure.

Notes from Home
Valentine is the Man! He is very proper and sophisticated until he rolls over for his belly to be rubbed! He is very protective of Diamond. He's cuddly and rubs against you. He will play with the Rooster Wand Toy that Foster Diane sent but he likes the rawhide part the best!
11/10/12 Really like to be up high and in the Sun in the Loft - Diamond's and my new Pad! We are very happy here - no real need to meet the other kitties!! But, I think Meowmy will insist in a while!
11/18/12 - Meowmy dressed me up for my Christmas pic - don't I look handsome!!
12/27/12 - Diamond decided that she liked how Meowmy sleeps so she crawled in to try it! Meowmy came in - I showed Meowmy that I could crawl in, too, but I came out and sat on the pillow - didn't want Meowmy to be jealous of Me and Diamond!
1/1/13 - Dersue & Harley had gone to bed and I was with Meowmy so to celebrate the New Year, Meowmy brought Diamond downstairs with us!
3/21/13 - Harrrumph! I'm a dignified Gentleman! No self-respecting Cat should be caught seen like this! The things I put up with for Meowmy! See my pic to see what I do for her!
10/14/13 - LOVE Halloween! I'm Count Valentine! I like to sink my fangs into cherry tomatoes, peaches, anything with olive oil on it! Don't you like my cape? Happy Halloween!
12/5/13 - Merry Christmas Everyone! I must admit - I do look dapper in my new bow tie! Check out my 2013 Christmas pic! Feeling better this year - even though I only have 4 teeth! I can breathe better, too!
1/6/14 - Happy New Year! Diamond & I are Yin-Yang purrsonality-wise and we even sleep that way sometimes! We look good in blue, too, in our new snowflake millie!
1/20/14 Meowmy got a jump on MY DAY - Valentine's Day, of course! Don't you like my new Bow Tie! I'm just a Lover through and through!
10/18/14: Time for Ghosts and Gobllins! Who is Jimmy Buffet anyway? I'm supposed to be Wasting Away in Margaritaville - thanks to someplace called Rikkiis??? I do like my hat! I'm Handsome!
12/19/14: Merry Christmas Everyone! Meowmy took our annual Christmas pics plus we got Power Outage Protection sweaters! MY sweater is just ME! It's RED - Valentine - get it - plus has a red sequinned Heart over my shoulder and 2 silver sequined DIAMONDs on each side of the Heart - that Girl just adores ME! Of course - I'm ADORABLE! Happy New Year, too!!
2/7/15: Just ONE WEEK away from MY Day - YES - VALENTINE's DAY! I'm so important - have a whole day named after ME! Meowmy says with my Hat and my Big Blue Eyes I'm supposed to be reminiscent of Old Blue Eyes - she says his name was Frank???? He couldn't have been as Handsome as I am - and I can make the women SWOON!!! Hope you have a Very Happy Valentine's Day!!
10/30/15: HAPPY HALLOWEEN and 3rd Anniversary with Meowmy! OK OK so I didn't like putting the Shark face over my ears! HEY - who wants to look like you are being swallowed by a SHARK!!! Very undignified - a FISH eating a CAT! The things I put up with for Meowmy!! In the 3 yrs, though, I do breathe so much better! I have another snuggle buddy in Caleb, too, and Diamond is getting better with that! Tough to be SO popular! Life is Good! Have a Spookcatular Halloween!
12/21/15: Merry Christmas to All! Handsome as usual in my bow tie! Life is Good! During the day I cuddle with Caleb and at night I'm with Diamond - can't beat that! Hope you have a Great Christmas!!
10/17/16: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Meowmy went easy on costumes this year! Much to my liking, she picked out a Halloween bowtie for me - I look very Handsome! My Siamese genes are working - I'm getting a little lighter now that I'm becoming a Southern Gentleman!!
12/14/16: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Aren't I handsome in my new bowtie! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

(Last update: Dec 14th, 2016 3pm)

Looking for a love bug? That would be me - Diamond.

I absolutely love my buddy Valentine and am always cuddled up next to him. I've got plenty of love to share though and start purring for Foster Mom the minute I see her.

I'm feeling more comfortable in my new digs and have started to play with wand toys.
I'm a good eater and I'm a perfect lady in the litterbox. Foster Mom says that there's nothing not to love about me!

Name: Moon Diamond

(FKA Diamond)

ID#: VA8804
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
DateIn: 09/16/12
Adopted: 10/27/12
Congrats: Emily
Foster: Diane

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home
Diamond is such a Love! She purrs the minute you look at her! She loves to play with her Rooster Wand Toy that Foster Diane sent! She loves to scratch on the cat tree. She loves Valentine! Haven't been here a day yet - but she is purrfect!
11/10/12 - Settling into the Loft apt - Valentine and I are happy up high in the Sun. Don't really care to go out and meet those other cats - it's just fine in here!!
11/18/12 - Meowmy put a Christmas collar on me - I wasn't showing off those bells!!! They sounded pretty when I ran away when she tried to take it off!!
12/27/12 - When the Cat's Away - OH - I'm the Cat! When Meowmy's away - her bed is nice and warm and soft - I decided to crawl in - even put my head on the pillow! Valentine was with me but came out when Meowmy came in!
1/1/2013 - I AM the Queen! And I deserve to be comfortable - and warm - so the best place is Meowmy's place in bed!! Check out My Pic!
3/21/13 - What kind of place do I live in? I'm a beautiful Chocolate girl - not a Bunny! Meowmy thinks I'm Cute!??? See my pic - what do you think?
10/24/13 - What is Halloween? Valentine & I came home with Meowmy last year for Halloween - we weren't subjected to COSTUMES - and the Great Pumpkin yet! Very undignified for a Chocolate Point!
12/5/13 - Merry Christmas Everyone! Must say a much Happier Christmas than last year! I'm my own woman now - not a scaredy cat that jumped when Valentine said to! I look beautiful in my Christmas pic, too! Check it out!
1/6/14 - Happy New Year! Meowmy made unofficial Winter Millies for Valentine and Me - they are bigger so we both can fit in. See my pic in the Snowflake Millie - I got in after Dersie got out! Meowmy says Valentine and I are Yin-Yang - we even sleep that way sometimes! Valentine and I are sleeping in the snowflake millie now!
5/1/14: Relegated back to the floor - darn Dersie! Just because Valentine & I took her Heart millie on the table doesn't mean she can take the spot back in the Spring millie and make us sleep back on the floor in ours! We'll see how long this lasts! (see pic)
10/18/14: Time for Ghosts and Goblins! Got to be pretty this year. Meowmy got these outfits from Rikkiis - she says Margaritaville outfits! Mine has ribbons and netting and a big parrot on my shoulder! I'm Beauiful!! If this is wasting away, I'm for it!!
12/19/14: Merry Christmas Everyone! Meowmy took our annual Christmas pics - plus she bought me a sweater because I was cold - then decided that everyone should have one - HA HA - all my fault that they all got Power Outage Protection sweaters!! Happy New Year, too!!
10/30/15: HAPPY HALLOWEEN and Happy 3rd Anniversary with Meowmy! Can't believe 3 yrs have passed! I am a different cat! My costume represents my living in Meowmy's room (in my tower) most of the day! Love it actually! I'm much more sure of myself now! Have a voice, too! I've stolen Dersie's Pink color from her, too - even her pink Millie! Caleb doesn't scare me so much anymore either! I'm one loved little lady! Hope you have a Spookcatular Halloween!
12/21/15: Merry Christmas to All! Meowmy got a Beautiful Red Rose collar for me this year - aren't I beautiful! I've become braver lately - even sat next to Caleb on a cat pad last night! Will even go over and sniff him! Now I just have to get rid of Dersie!! Hope you have a Great Christmas!!
10/17/16: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Meowmy went easy on costumes this year - only had to wear this Witch Hat! Isn't it pretty! My coat is getting a little lighter now that I'm becoming a Southern Belle! I don't stay in Meowmy's room anymore - I stay in the living room now!!
12/14/16: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Meowmy made a green necklace for Me and Dersie for our pics this year! I think I like the red better!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

(Last update: Dec 14th, 2016 3pm)

Name: Harlequin

(FKA Perry)

ID#: VA7491
Location:  Indiana
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 01/05/11
Adopted: 02/12/11
Congrats: Emily
Foster: Ellen

Boy was I sick! I had a really bad cold, but I'm almost completely well now.

Foster mom has taken some pictures, but I'm not an easy cat to photograph. I can't seem to stay far enough away from her for her to get a good picture.

I'm a very affectionate guy. I do this thing that's a combination of a headbutt and a kiss. My foster mom calls them kiss-butts. She said she likes them even more now that my nose has stopped running. When we're alone in a room, my favorite place is in her lap, where I purr for her.

I have met the resident cats. There's a 9-month old male flame point here -- we immediately became friends and playmates. If the other resident cats don't want me around, I just walk away. That's their problem. I refuse to stay in my foster room anymore. I meow incessantly until Mom lets me out. I like to sleep with Mom and be near her when we're awake.

I'm having a blast playing with toys of all kinds. I still have a lot of kitten in me.

Now all I need is to find a forever home. (I have to stay in my transport region, though.)


Notes from Home
2/12/12-Can't believe I've lived in NH for one whole year! Seems like I've always been here! I do think more of my personality is coming out now! I don't just do what Dersie says anymore! Love to play with the lazer toy with Dersie, though! I don't get as tired as fast as she does! Sometimes I get silly when Meowmy and Dersie are sitting on the couch! One night I ran around the room like I was still chasing the lazer toy, around in circles, up to the top of the small tower! Dersie and Meowmy just looked at me in amazement! Another night I was up on top of the small tower chasing my tail! Dersie and Meowmy didn't know what to think! I nearly went over sideways! Dersie ran up and hit me with her paw - I guess to snap me out of it!!?? I can't wait for Spring! Meowmy wants to teach me to go on a leash and maybe see if I like water! I don't mind it on my feet in that big tub! Meowmy thinks I'm an old soul who was a perfect Gentlemen! She brought me a pad and a snugglepad. I don't use the milliebed or blanket or afghan that I already have - what was she thinking. To make her happy, I sat on the pad and even crawled into the snugglepad (see my pics). Not sure how often I'll be doing that, but it made Meowmy very happy at the time! She even gave me some bites of fresh tuna for my anniversary!
3/1/12 Harley Here! Meowmy is really paying attention to me! When she got home last night, Dersie met her at the door as usual. I didn't! I was sitting in front of the big windowed door watching all the white stuff falling down! I followed each one of those things - Meowmy said they are flakes of snow. She even scooped some up in her hand and showed me and Dersie! Then, later, I got in the tub. Meowmy runs water up to the middle of the bottom of the tub while I sit in the back. She pushes the water towards me. I don't mind at all! Just shake off my paws, then even drink some of it off the bottom of the tub! You should see Dersie! She sits up on the tank of the toilet and has great big wide eyes! Meowmy held her and let her feet touch the water but she was having no part of that! This morning, though, Dersie was in the tub before me?? I think I missed something last night! Meowmy took Dersie out, I jumped in, Meowmy took me out - it was her turn in the tub! Oh well, went back to watching all the white stuff falling on the deck!
4/5/12 - Mewomy is crazy! She bought Kitty Holsters and thinks we will go for a walk! Putting it on is easy but I just drop to the ground when I see Dersie's legs go stiff - then she falls over - I just do the same thing! Then she rolls and rolls - over to me - and takes it out on me! Hey, I don't like it either! Check out our pic!
4/28/12 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARLEY! Meowmy got me a Party Hat alright - but I'm 2 YRS OLD now - enough of this foolishness! I'm not wearing that thing! (See my pic!) I got some special food with gravy but I really didn't like it. I licked up the gravy! Dersie didn't like it either! Got some nice mice but one was weird and the other didn't work very well. What I liked the best was the Cuddly that Meowmy brought home from the Cat Show! Just my size! Feel sound asleep after a tough day! (See pics). Oops, this Cuddly was for Dersie, mine is on it's way in a manly print (Charlie Brown).
5/23/12 - Meowmy showed us why we've been being tortured by wearing those Kitty Holsters - went outside today! At first, my back legs didn't work but eventually they did! I really only liked lying down in the grass and eating it!
7/4/12 - It maybe Dersie's Birthday - but I get to benefit, too! Love the Cheese Chaser - see my pics!
11/30/12 - Christmas Pic time - YUCK - I hate wearing hats or anything! I'm a good sport, though, but move every time the camera clicks and ruin a good pic! Got Sis Carrie pretty tired! At least I cooperated more than Dersie did! Check out my pic!
12/23/12 - Silly Dersie - here I was comfy in the top of the big cat tree - She decides Meowmy needs to see that we are a "cute couple" too - like Valentine & Diamond! Check out the pic!
3/21/13 - I told Meowmy that I wasn't wearing anymore "things" - Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and now Easter! I'm a respected Cat! What is she thinking! See my pic - I didn't want any part of being a Bunny!!
10/24/13 Oh No - a Blue-eyed Sailor - at least Meowmy took us outside first so we didn't mind the photo op as much....Happy Halloween!
12/5/13 - Merry Christmas Everyone! Meowmy took our traditional Christmas pics. I just don't know how she thinks! She got a Trapper John hat for me - I HATE HATS! I didn't cooperate so she put a bow tie on me - REALLY! That's OK for Valentine! I just shake my head! Got an early Christmas present - Hot Pursuit - circular motion machine - I'm watching Dersie run around it like a mad woman - pretty interesting!
1/9/14 - Happy New Year! I'm too manly to sleep in one of those Millie beds, besides my coat is so thick (Meowmy calls me her Bear) that they are way too hot! So, I sit on a pad or this rocker is pretty comfy!
5/1/14: Meowmy is a little late posting this for Me. I'M 4 YEARS OLD! Happy Birthday to Me on 4/28! Meowmy gave me my usual massage after her shower (see my pic) and bought 3 new toys for my birthday. Dersie and I deemed 2 of them duds so they were returned but we loved the new laser toy! We chased and chased on my Birthday (and the next day!). FUN!
10/18/14: Time for Ghosts and Goblins! Meowmy got this outfit (she says J Buffet Margaritaville outfit) from some place called Rikkiis??? So, here I am, wasting away in Margaritaville! I do like my hat!
12/19/14: Merry Christmas Everyone! Meowmy took our annual Christmas pics plus we all got sweaters - power outage protection - so we are prepared! Happy New Year, too!!
4/28/15: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL HARLEY! Harlequin is 5 yrs old today! He is still the most adorable, funny, cuddly boy. Love him to death! He loves to be brushed - once you catch him! Every AM he goes into my bathroom and meows (small room - does it seem louder in there) until it drives me crazy and I have to get up! He waits for me to come in and pet him!! He and Dersie as still BFFs. They run, chase, wrestle, etc. but are independent sleepers. I'm so happy Harley came into my life!
10/30/15: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope Meowmy appreciates how much I cooperate with her silliness! I have a giraffe on my HEAD! But - I'm a trooper and grinned and put up with it! Don't I look cute! Have a Spookcatular Halloween!
12/21/15: Merry Christmas to Everyone! How do you like this year's tie? I look handsome! Hope Santa is good to you! Have a Great Christmas!!
10/17/16: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Meowmy went easy on costumes this year - just have my Halloween bowtie! My Siamese genes are kicking in and my coat is getting lighter now that I live in NC - I'm turning into a Southern cat!!
12/14/16: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! New bowtie this year! Aren't I handsome! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

(Last update: Dec 14th, 2016 3pm)

I've had a rough time of it in my short life. I had a home I think but then someone took me for a ride in a car and tossed me out the window! I was so scared, but a nice lady saw it happen and scooped me up and brought me to the shelter, and called Siamese Rescue. Meowmy came to see me and said she'd spring me out of there soon and she did! And here I am, all clean and comfy. I purr a lot and love to play.
I'm all ready to go, but I do play rough. Any kitty I go home to will have to be able to stand up to me, as I get real excited when I wrestle. I also love to run and play with all the neat toys here.
Think you can handle a cute little live wire like me? If so ask meowmy about me and maybe I can be yours!
Name:   Dersie
ID#: VA7347
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 10/15/10
Adopted: 12/05/10
Congrats: Emily
Foster: Jeanne

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home
2/12/12-WOW Harley has been here a whole year! He is starting to be his own cat! I'm asking Meowmy to play with me like I did before Harley came! Don't get me wrong, we still run, chase, wrestle, and I have to keep him in line - he gets so silly sometimes I can't even believe it! He's not the most dignified cat! I on the other hand - can present myself in a Princess-like manner - sit up straight and tall with my tail nicely wrapped around my feet! And, I still get the best of Harley - see my new pic - who is sitting on both of Harley's new bads! ME!
3/1/12 - That Harley! Thinks he's getting time with Meowmy because she thinks he likes water! I showed him! Last night I got in the tub, too, and Meowmy filled the water up to half way up the tub. I sat there like a brave girl! (I really wanted to jump but Harley didn't so I wasn't!) I even drank some water - just like Harley! It wasn't as scarey as I thought! I was the first one in the tub this AM - but Meowy took me out - and Harley, too. She went in the tub - her turn to use it!
4/5/12 - Meowmy has lost it! She got Kitty Holsters for Harley and Me! Putting it on isn't bad - pretty easy actually - but my legs get stiff and I fall over on my side and all I can do it roll over and over! Harley doesn't like it either. Meowmy thinks we will learn and walk with this thing on!!?? Check out our pic!
5/23/12 - Meowmy showed us why we needed Kitty Holsters! She took me outside on the uneven grass! I was in my most diligent hunter mode! No telling what kind of dangers are out there! And, it's tough walking on that uneven ground! Almost slipped and fell over a few times! Check out my pics - my eyes are blue!
7/4/12-Celebrated my Birthday early! Meown had the day off! She gave me one present (she says one more is coming) Cheese Chaser - love it! Harley does, too! Plus I asked to go outside - was bored - so Meowmy put on my harness and we went out to the backyard (Harley did, too, after). I saw a Robin - I am the ultimate hunter - I stalked it! It just hopped away...oh well, next time! Nice to have Meown home - sat in her lap when she sat at the computer and sat with her on the bed when she was talking to Kim - and she rubbed me the whole time! Had a nice 2nd Birthday!! (see pics)
111/30/12 - Yup - Christmas photo time! Meowmy was crazy and took Harley's and my photo in the room that Valentine and Diamond live it - said there was better light! Well, that didn't work too well. Sun wasn't out that much so still got red eye and I didn't like how it smelled in there so didn't cooperate very well.....you can check out my pic if you want to...same old collar as last year :(
12/23/12 Didn't want Meowmy to think Valentine and Diamond were so special because they are "bonded" so I jumped up and cuddled with Harley in the cat tree! Aren't we a "cute" couple!!
3/21/13 - Who would of thought that I'd look cute with big pink ears! Check me out! Happy Easter!
10/24/13 - Meowmy hasn't tortured us for a while but Halloween is here! She took us outside first so we were tired and didn't mind pics as much! Supposed to be a Witch but I shook my head so you can't see my hat! So now I'm Morticia with long black hair! Happy Halloween!
12/5/13 - Merry Christmas Everyone! Meowmy took our traditional Christmas pics - check mine out. Much better mood this year - I guess those old cats Meowmy brought home are OK - still have to keep them on their toes and make sure they remember who is boss! Got my Christmas present early and I'm having a ball - Hot Pursuit - one of those circular motion machines - but I'm too fast for it and can get it to stop!!!
1/6/14 - Happy New Year! Meowmy made unofficial Winter Millies for Valentine & Diamond - they are bigger so they both can fit in. While she was taking a picture of this one, I decided it was mine - don't you think I look good in blue! Brings out my eyes!!
5/1/14: Meowmy made new Spring millies and Pads! Somehow Valentine and Diamond took over my Heart bed and pad! Hisssss. When Meowmy put the new millies in their place, I made sure everyone understood this millie was mine (all the rest are, too, of course). (see my pic)
10/18/14: Time for Ghosts and Goblins! I wanted to be Wonder Cat this year! Gave Meowmy a hard time putting my costume on but once the camera started clicking - I was purrfect!
12/19/14: Merry Christmas Everyone! Meowmy had to take our yearly Christmas card pics - plus this year we all got sweaters - just in case of power outage - just wonderful - so we are prepared!! Happy New Year, too
7/7/15: Hey - it's my 5th Birthday - what do you think of that Foster Meowmy Jeanne!! I'm 36 yrs old in Human years! I'm managing the household here - keep all the other Meezers and Meowmy in line! I'm the Boss! And, Everyone knows it!! I am getting a little more cuddly though - Moewmy gives some nice rubs - especially around my ears and sides of my face - that I really like. I'll even challenge Caleb to sit on Meowmy's lap - for a few minutes anyway! Harley and I are still best of buds. We chase, wrestle, play and sit in front of the door looking outside. Life is Good! Happy Birthday to ME!!
10/30/15: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Don't I just look Gorgeous in my Witch Outfit - don't look too Wicked at all! I am still Top Cat - even lick Valentine's and Caleb's heads to make sure they know who is Boss! I'm even liking wearing clothes and posing for pics! Hope everyone has a Spookcatular Halloween!
12/21/15: Merry Christmas to Everyone! Meowmy really got a festive collar for me this year! Still Head Cat so I should be special! Which I am! Hope Santa is good to you!! Have a Great Christmas!
10/16/16: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Meowmy went easy on costumes this year - only had to wear my Witch Hat! Don't I look cute! You can't see much of me but my coat is getting lighter now that I'm in NC - my Siamese genes are kicking in - I'm becoming a Southern cat!!
12/5/16: WOW! I've been living with Meowmy for 6 years! I've grown into an adult cat! I'm not quite as energetic but still get overstimulated every now and again - or maybe that's just being opinionated and letting Meomy know when she's not behaving! We live in a new place now. I sit next to Meowmy's laptop every AM while she reads emails and FB. I like to watch the little mouse on the screen and the videos on FB! I will now sit on Meowmy's lap, just for a few minutes, just to let Diamond know who's Human Meowmy is. Then I leave and sit where I please. I also sit on Meomy's chest for a short time at night when she's in bed so Valentine gets the message, too! Gotta keep those cats in line! Harley and I are still best buds - I love to chase him and stalk him! We both love to play with the laser toy, too! My Vet says I'm doing well! They wrapped me in a towel so they could do a thorough physical exam - I hissed and growled at them - but they had it under control! Vet said to give me cosequin - so I now feel better! Thanks SCRC for helping me find my furever home! Love Dersie
12/14/16: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Meowmy made a green necklace for Me and Diamond for this year's pics - don't I look nice in Green! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

(Last update: Dec 14th, 2016 2pm)

Name: Henry

(FKA Toddie)

ID#: VA6041
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 11/30/08
Adopted: 12/14/08
Congrats: Sally
Foster: Siri

Outgoing, curious, loving, I do laps, age confirmed, athletically built, playful, well adjusted, easy going, anxious to please, typically Siamese, it doesn't get much better than this....

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Henry continues to be happy healthy and very adaptable. He Was never content in our RV so when we travel he stays with our daughter's family...4 kids, 2 cats, and a dog. And he seems to thrive in both our quiet retirement community and their chaotic but loving family home. He has befriended our weekly house cleaner and helps her with all her chores especially the bed making! We thank you again and again for finding this special guy for us.
(Last update: Dec 14th, 2016 12pm)

I am a confident, big hunk of loving seal point. Need a lap cat? Need an armful?
Name: Ra Li

(FKA Rozzi)

ID#: VA11734
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 10/08/16
Adopted: 11/13/16
Congrats: Bruce
Foster: Julie

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
At one month, things are going pretty well!

This past Saturday night we initiated “full Meezer integration,” meaning that we did not keep Ra Li closed up in our guest room overnight. On Sunday morning there were two cats on our bed when we awoke, and it has been that way for the last 2 days as well! Our older female flamer point still hisses at him at times, but they can eat together and be together on the sofa and bed (they are on either side of me as I type)..

Ra Li seems to have a little cold - he has been sneezing. It may be the dryness of our house with our radiator heat; we started up the humidifier last night. His eyes seemed to be a little watery last Friday but I haven’t seen that in the last few days. Otherwise he is eating, drinking and playing!

We think that he may be a Tonkinese, and perhaps younger than initially described - he is a love!

(Last update: Dec 13th, 2016 8pm)

Name:   Sallie
ID#: VA10457
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 11/09/14
Adopted: 12/08/14
Congrats: William "newby"
Foster: Paula

Need a pair of adorable love bugs? Then PICK US !

We are both beautiful and well adjusted kitties who are looking for someone to share our love with. Could that be you?

We lost our home because our mommy got sick. Our world turned upside down and it took us a week here to show our true personalities.

We're curious, playful and loving girls. And we're best buds and really like to be together all the time, whether we're exploring or napping.

We promise to sit still soon for pictures, you can see we like this petting stuff !
Notes from Home
January 21, 2016

Sallie and Suzie are doing great.

We’ve chosen to let them keep their names due to their mature ages.

Their first year with us has been pretty uneventful, except for the two weeks when they were boarded at the veterinarian’s kennel service during our vacation last September. According to the kennel workers, they were upset for only a few hours, but as they were together in one cage, they were fine and eating well.

They’ve had no health issues apart from Suzie’s occasional sniffles. And they once needed ear drops to clear up an inflammation, which quickly went away. Their appetites are quite robust, and they’re always looking forward to their mealtimes (7:30 AM and 5:00 PM).

Suzie is a bit of a diva, while Sallie is very laid-back, but they’re very, very close. They’re always together. We’ve never seen them apart like in different rooms. They love to sit on our laps and cuddle with us under the blanket in bed. They love to sit on top of their kitty condo and look out the window facing the main street. They’re such birdwatchers! When they see a bird, they go crazy and meow loudly. They love to play with their toy-filled kitty board with holes. And they’ve become attached to a Beanie Baby lately and drag it everywhere.

We love them so much, and we’re extremely grateful to have found them. Thank you for approving our adoption application and letting us adopt Sallie and Suzie.


Sallie and Suzie are doing great! No significant health issues. But they kept getting sniffles, drippy eyes and puking so I put them on a high-quality grain-free diet and the symptoms disappeared for good. They love to hang out with us...sleep in bed with us, watch TV together, etc. Their fur feel fantastic, their eyes are bright, and they are just plain adorable! I've posted new photos in Sallie's page! Merry Christmas!


Hi, if you're on Instagram, Sallie and Suzie has their own hashtag! #sallieandsuzieely

(Last update: Dec 13th, 2016 2pm)

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