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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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I was a little stray girl outside trying to fend for myself. I sure am glad I'm safe and warm now. I'm going to get my teeth worked on and get all checked out at the vet. I'm a cute 7-pounder with a sweet chatty voice. I love when you play with toys with me, and you could pet me all day and I just purr, purr, purr. I like belly rubs, too! I'm probably going to be just fine with other cats, too. Foster mom will know more after I'm done with my isolation time. Would you like a smart, interactive and oh, so beautiful girl like me to warm your days and nights? If so, ask about me and check out my extra photos!
Name:   Addie
ID#: VA4783
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 03/03/07
Adopted: 04/06/07
Deceased: 01/01/12
Congrats: Lisa
Foster: Rinn

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Addie crossed over the rainbow bridge on Saturday, April 21, 2012. She suffered from kidney failure. She was well-loved and the most cuddly companion. We miss her dearly.
(Last update: Mar 29th, 2017 10am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Sasha
ID#: VA7586
Location:  New Jersey
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 02/24/11
Adopted: 03/27/11
Congrats: Marcia
Foster: Michele

I'm a sweet seal girl with white toes - and ready to start my new life! I came from a home that had waaayyyy too many cats. I need to put on some weight, and get rid of some fleas and ear mites, but foster mom's already taken care of the bugs, and I've got lots of food to eat (and a clean litter box). I'm very friendly, and very sweet. And beautiful, too! Look for better pictures of me very, very soon.
Notes from Home
3-27-17 6 year anniversary! I can't believe how fast the time has flown. Our family continues to enjoy our Sasha and we remain grateful to the SCRC and its volunteers for bringing us together.
(Last update: Mar 29th, 2017 9am)

Like your girl long, luxurious and petite? That's me!

I NEED another cat and this big old dog here seems to be okay as well. Speaking of other cats, I really, really like Noni who I lived with in my previous life. She is like a big sister to me.

I sure fell into something good. I came from a "cat house" and so not scraping over food and the best place to sun is new to me, but I am getting the hang of it. I am looking for a gentle home.
Name: Casey

(FKA Lylaani)

ID#: VA6855
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 02/15/10
Adopted: 03/28/10
Congrats: Sue
Foster: Julie

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Our three Siamese Rescue meezers continue to be happy and healthy! They are really active much of the time -- chasing each other up and down the stairs, playing in boxes and watching the chipmunks outside. Our fourth cat, a snowshoe sealpoint dumpster graduate from Myrtle Beach named Carolina, has firmly established her place in the feline pecking order. While Coco remains the alpha cat, and Casey the "don't touch me but I'm a beautiful long-hair lilac point, " glamor puss, Chili the flame point can occasionally get intimidated by the girls. But he shrugs it off and continues to be friendly and vocal, and likes to push Dad out of bed at night. Our absolutely excellent non-profit emergency vet hospital here in Portland saved Chili's life late last year when he developed a very low blood count. He pulled through after a week in the hospital and several transfusions and is back to always investigating something. He loves to chew on cardboard boxes (?) and plastic. We frequently find meezer teeth holes in the strangest places (luggage tags, billfolds, cardboard shoe boxes....).

All four cats LOVE catnip and go wild when we sprinkle it on their scratching posts and cat trees. They also play with little nip pillows. Some of their nip toys are now totally shabby and worn, but we don't dare throw them out because the meezers still think they're hot to play with. That old catnip must be pretty potent.

We recently tried a new toy that involves making the cat work for a cheese-flavor reward. It proved too much work for three of them, but Casey attacked the toy and managed to get her cheesy reward in about three nano-seconds. We alert anyone making a sandwich that they may be stalked if gouda or cheddar is on the menu. Casey is also our flying Wallenda. She levitates to the top of an antique secretary, dusting it off; spends equal time on top of a tall bookcase; and enjoys knocking hats off the top closet shelf.

Coco remains the queen bee. She will push the other cats out of the way should they dare land where Coco wants to be, and is first in line to play with the mylar stub on the cat wand (Chili has chewed the mylar until there's virtually nothing left, so the cats play with a large knot). Coco is a high jump specialist (especially if she's nipped) when she chases the wand, easily clearing three feet in the air. She will even drag it upstairs to the bedroom early mornings before we're up, and then leaps to the cat tree demanding that someone raise the shade so she can check out the sunrise.

They are all great cats and we are forever grateful to Siamese Rescue for allowing us the honor of being their forever home. As I write, Coco is in her pod next to the computer cleaning up (there are three cat pods on the back of my desk and they are all often occupied). Chili and Carolina are circulating and Casey is on top of a cabinet in a cloud of dust. I think they're all smiling.

(Last update: Mar 28th, 2017 11pm)

Name: Lily

(FKA Ivy)

ID#: VA8936
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 11/17/12
Adopted: 12/14/12
Deceased: 02/27/17
Congrats: Marc
Foster: Kay

Just arrived. More information soon.
Notes from Home
Lily is energetic, curious, outgoing, and incredibly loving. She gets along well with the resident cat. They play with each other, chasing the laser pointer together, and watch birds together. She loves the computer, and knows how to type. She is incredibly smart. She knows how to throw books into a water tray and stand on top of it to avoid her feet being wet. She dragged the aluminum foil out of the way instead of stepping on it and continued to walk. She's learned how to open the door both ways and we believed, she knew how to close the door too.

We took her pictures and sent them to Fancy Cat magazine for cute kitten contest. She got into the finalist!!!

She used to have a broken meow, but now she has found her voice. We brought home a dog, and she gets along well with the dog! Even though she eats the dog food, bounce on the dog's tail and his leash, chases his toys, kicks him off his bed to sleep on it, etc. she gives him kisses. She thinks she's the queen of the house.

Lily passed away on February 28, 2017 from acute liver failure and acute diabetic ketoacidosis brought about by an unidentified cause. Between the last update posted above (ca. 2013) and her passing, we added two additional dogs to the family, as well as numerous foster dogs that came in and out of our home. She dominated all of them with an iron claw. She was an enormous personality in a very small body. She taught us the joy of having a Siamese cat and our family was blessed beyond words to have had the opportunity to have her in our lives, even if it was for far too short a time.

(Last update: Mar 27th, 2017 10pm)

Hi folks! Settling here nicely but I really want to be outside but that's against the rules. Oh and I'm a little over a year contrary to the initial report and I act my age or YOUNGER!! Ever had a kitten? Well adopt me and you'll know what it's like to have one. I'm everywhere (including your lap) and into everything so be prepared to "Osbourne proof" your house for me. Foster Mom can tell you what I'm talking about and it's not a bad thing but a FUN thing! Are you ready to have some FUN? If so, I'm ready too!!

Name: Ozzy

(FKA Osbourne)

ID#: VA6873
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 02/27/10
Adopted: 03/20/10
Congrats: Chuck
Foster: Kathy

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
040410 - The following posts are copy and pasted from emails that I have sent to Kathy, folks in the Meeser Express and to Peggy, in an attempt to bring everyone up to date on the entire process.

032010 - We arrived at the home destination around 7:20pm. Construction on I495 screwed up my GPS directions and I missed a turn for I295 miles before I needed to get off and ONLY from a Local traffic lane. That put me on a course around the East side of I495 and a little bit longer journey. Maybe that was meant to be since once on the Northern end of I295 traffic was stop and go a large portion of the trip. Once back in Baltimore, I promised to stop off so that my sister could see the newest addition to the family. He was a real character during the entire trip. The chatter only popped up from time to time, however, he pulled every last trick out of his book to get my attention. The two best trick were a long reach through one of only 2 of the larger openings in the carrier door in an attempt to tap me on the elbow that was resting on the arm rest (His front paw was out of the carrier well beyond his elbow). The other trick, he would grab on to the carrier door and use that to turn himself over, feet up in the air then lay there and wait for me to talk to him. I am sure he would have loved a belly rub at this point but driving made that a little bit of a problem. I was also amazed at his Houdini act after a visit with my sister. Somehow, he managed to get his collar off and then played with it the rest of the trip.

Since home, he has gone absolutely crazy with all of the new hiding places in my bedroom. He has also shown the playful side at home, but I will have to break him from biting on my toes....LOL!!! I have already been able to hold him like a baby which turns that motor on to run nice and loud. While in that position, he also likes to grab hold of the fingers with his sharp little teeth. It is amazing as well how much he is like our first Siamese that was put down several years ago. As I walk through the bedroom, he will grab to the ankles. I have already told my father he will need to be really careful once we let the little guy roam the house. The Siamese playfulness is clearly in this kitty's personality. I am really anxious to see how he handles having the entire run of the house, of course with another feline, Anna. So far, I have been amazed with his behavior. I left his carrier next to the litter box for now. He has been in and out of it several times this evening; maybe it is a safe area for him at this time. He has been bouncing around the room since released, but loves to hide under the bed just to jump out at my toes every now and then. Now that he has slept all day in travel, he will most likely be running most of the night. LOL!!!!

Anna, the Siamese with the current run of the house has not yet seen the new family member, but it seems clear that she is aware that SOMETHING is different.

Thanks to everyone who had a part in the transportation of the little guy! He will clearly be a bright and interesting addition to my daily routine.

032110 - Kathy, funny you should ask about getting any sleep the first night. I had started this email below before I got your email about getting any sleep:

Wow, what a first night for this guy in a new home. I put him in his bed that was sent with him, he smelled around and knew it was his, but didnt stay there long. Once the lights were off, he was in my face and his motor NEVER stopped. In fact he woke me up twice with the motor running. In my ear, it eliminates the 18 wheeler noise going up the main drag in front of our house. I bought a new computer desk that looks sort of like a hospital table that hovers over beds so that I could do some computer work in my bedroom during the next few days of adjustment. Last evening after sending your the email, he laid down on my bed and just hung his head over my leg I had to wake him up so that I could go to bed.

Currently, he is memorized by the traffic outside. I opened the window just a little and he has already perched there watching all the new sights.

He has already eaten dry food and has used his litter box.

I now have white hair over my blue comforter. Looks like he is losing his winter coat. I noticed the brush so it appears he has been losing it for sometime. Based on our other Siamese, he should eventually stop the shedding. Thats what they make those sticky rollers for I suppose.

I really appreciate all of the items in the Goodie Bag. I wont need to buy toys for a LONG time. When he gets out to the real world, he will be amazed with even more toys as Anna has a lot but seldom plays with them.

On a side note, two days ago, the spring pollen kicked up and is throwing my allergies for a tizzy. Once I get the spring stuff under control, I will be in much better shape!

Finally, his nipping and gnawing on fingers and toes ....is that just a young thing that with time will grow out of or is that a Siamese thing. Any ideas how to at least depress it a little?

040410 - Let me do this update a little in reverse, chronologically, so that I don’t forget to include this information. We have our first vet appointment scheduled for Friday, April 9 for his first general check-up and physical. When I made the appointment, I told them that info about the cat had been faxed to them already and they stated that have nothing. No problem! I have all the links and data that Kathy had sent to me from previous vet visits and I will simply print it out and take it along.

Keeping Ozzy quarantined from Anna was a real chore. It lasted a grand total of about 2 ½ days before he figured out how to get out of my room. Anna was a little help in that she had already learned to open my bedroom door from the outside and surprised Ozzy once or twice, sending him scurrying under the bed. During the night of the 3rd day, I hear my door shaking and rattling, which woke me up, of course. Before I could get to the door, I find Ozzy lying just outside my door, staring at Anna who is laying on the floor staring at him with about 6 feet between them. Fortunately, by this time, I was able to find that he had already used the litter box and was eating his food AND was a very active little guy.

Anna, being queen of the house, so she thought, has this muffled, under her breath growl with an occasional hiss that sounds really nasty (HAHA!!!) but never phased Ozzy at all. Since, they have chased each other up and down the stairs and around the living room in something just shy of a nor-easter. Frequently, the storm ends with Anna having her fill of fun and the normal under the breath growl and hiss. I told Peggy and Kathy that I was waiting for Ozzy to run past Anna and swat her on the butt. That has happened frequently in the midst of the chase. Anna either tires of the play or feels that further play is just totally unnecessary for the queen of the house.

Recently, I have been working 3 days a week. Those 3 days are generally 9 to 10 hour days. When I get home, about 9:30 pm, he is generally on a chair next to my father at the kitchen table. According to my father, he spends a lot of his time there sleeping from dinner time until I get home. When I walk to the door, it is not unusual to be greeted by a little of his talking. I finish my late dinner and he is sitting on my lap while I am checking email. If I get up from the computer, he is now stretched out on the chair and I have to get another chair OR as I sit down, he will jump in the chair behind me and wants to take 2/3s of the chair and graciously allows me to have the front 1/3 of the chair. It is not unusual for us to have a nightly tussle of whether or not he will get up on my computer table or not. A squirt pistol has assisted with that decision a little bit recently. A spray bottle has proven VERY effective in keeping him off the kitchen table. He got sprayed, maybe twice and now when he sees the bottle in my hand he goes scurrying or does not get up at all.

April Fool’s day we made our first trip to the shore. Normally the trip is a 3.5 hour ride to my Eastern Shore home stopping only for personal rest stops (food and bathroom)/leg stretching/gas, etc. This trip took about 5 hours as I had pre-planned to briefly visit with my aunt in the nursing home before leaving the Baltimore area. This was the first time we have traveled with him since bringing him home on March 20th. The ride from home to the nursing home was a little noisy (about 25 minutes). Found out that my aunt had left the facility for a doctor’s appointment so we didn’t stay but a few minutes. Before putting the carrier back into the car, I rearranged the back seat and stacked him and Anna on top of each other. Once he was up so he could see, he laid down and I heard very little from him the rest of the trip.

Since arriving at the Eastern Shore home, Ozzy has been more fascinated than a 3 years old with an Easter-egg hunt. LOL!!!! He is finding sooooooo many more hiding places with a second home to live in. He is amazed with the noises of the birds he is hearing from the screened in porch area and even more places to hide out there. He has also found that I have vertical blinds that make interesting places to play hide and seek.

When he is not sleeping, in addition to hide and seek, pester his adult family and chase the house queen, Ozzy has found a lot of fun times playing in a nylon tunnel I found for him at the local Walmat store ($7.98 for all the fun he has had), chasing any wand we pick up OR chasing in circles after the little red spot on the floor that never stops moving….haha!!!! We found a SmartyKat Loco!Laser at the Walmat for $4.00, another cheap investment to drive him LOCO!!!!!

Long story short, I must tell you that is this kitty is over a year old, I will eat my fingers instead of letting Ozzy eat them. HAHA!!! I am not upset at the difference in the age, if fact it’s kind of kool. He is constantly nibbling on fingers or toes. He will start off with a heavy duty licking with that rough sandpaper tongue of his and then when he thinks he has put you to sleep or you aren’t paying attention, he will get a little rougher. He has learned that when I say STOP he goes back to licking or dashes off only to return a few minutes later purring his little heart out. He LOVES to play hide and seek when I am making the bed. It ok when you know he’s there, but often times he will appear to leave the bedroom and then come back under the bed and surprise me. Is not nice to fool people!!! LOL!

It is absolutely amazing how many personality traits that this kitty has that mimics the seal point we had to put down 5 years ago due to kidney failure (1 ½ months after mom passed – he was her cat). We hold him like a baby and he purrs his heart out, chasing feet, chasing the laser pointer, I have to fight him off to get into my bean bag chair (he likes to sleep there), and on and on and on. My father has even commented that he has far more personality that Anna, but Anna is still her little Queen!!! LOL!!!

Thank God for an Easter Sunday with lots of free time; that time allows me an opportunity to write this long update for you. Ozzy has become a very interesting part of the family in just 2 weeks. After a very stressful close to 2009, it is so much fun to walk into a room with a kitty who is just looking for ALL the attention you can give him while he is awake.

Have a VERY HAPPY Easter/Holiday weekend!!!!!! Thanks for the help from each and every one of you in Ozzy’s adoption!

040910 - Ozzy just came back from his first vet visit at 9:30am this morning. The little boy is getting to be a big boy already. The vet weighed him in at 7.75 pounds (only about a pound shy of his 5.5 year old "sister" Anna) of squirming kitty flesh. He was squirming so much, the vet could hardly listen to his heart with the stethoscope. Vet says he is in great health and was amazed when I told her that he was originally a stray. Ozzy made a big hit in the office. The vet assistant who checked us in told the rest of the staff about the really pretty kitty and many other staff members had to see him before we left office. The entire staff was amazed that he was a stray but they LOVED his color marking!

041910 - Of all the fantastic and realist information provided for me regarding Ozzy, there was one thing that was omitted. Ozzy has become the purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect alarm clock. He has successfully awaked me now as early as 4am, 4:15am, 5:20am and as late as 6:20am. My normal alarm clock time is between 6:30 and 7am so 6:20am is good; too bad that has only happened once. Obviously, he thinks that everyone sleeps when he sleeps. HAHAHA!!!!

We have taken two trips to the Eastern Shore. Both trips, as long as he can see who is in the vehicle, he rides VERY well. If he can’t see us, he is talking/crying constantly. Once at the shore house, he loves the screened in porch. I am waiting for him to have a conversation with the local bird families; I know it is only a matter of time.

Since he was adopted, he has learned a few tricks. He is now dancing really nicely with the help of this little red dot that just seems to chase him all over the room. He has also learned how to slide through a 4 foot long nylon tunnel trying to catch up with that red dot that just appears out of nowhere but always tries to run over his feet. Whenever he sees it in the tunnel, he will start to run and then slides the rest of the way. Amazing how hard we have laughed while he plays with the laser pointer.

050210 - Ozzy is GROWING like a weed! I still agree with Kathy, he was considerably younger than was originally thought, but that was fine for me. He and Annie are getting along, in fact, this morning, I watched Ozzy and Annie lay side-by-side on a clothes hamper looking outside (first REALLY warm weekend to open windows). Ozzy went to put his paw on Annie and she sprung up and "boxed" him with a left jab, and a right hook and took off running. Ozzy laid there wondering what the heck just happened (LOL!!!!) Ozzy has clearly gotten the "lay of the land" in the month he has been here. He will go from one thing to another with the look in his eyes "what can I get into next?”. He still loves to nibble on fingers or ears and even got my sister's nose last weekend. He doesn't bite hard, just enough to let you know that he has nipped you.

Ozzy has been to the beach twice so far; once with Annie and once solo. The weekend of the solo trip, my father called me to tell me that I would have to leave Ozzy home the next time for Annie. Annie was roaming around looking for Ozzy the entire weekend.

Have a great week!

(Last update: Mar 27th, 2017 6pm)

Name: still Horace

(FKA Horace )

ID#: VA11895
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 2 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 01/01/17
Adopted: 02/19/17
Congrats: Michelle
Foster: Mama Rosa

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Mama says that I am a "fine fellow!" I'm statuesque, long and lanky. I've got a real Meezer voice too. I come when I'm called and I push right into her hand for pets. I love toys and playing.

I like to be in bed with you. I need LOTS of attention. If you need LOTS of attention, I can give that to you!

I am a bit underfoot, because I want attention, so regrettably, no Senior Citizens or small children for me. I can get along with other cats, most of them, but I would do well if I were your only soul-cat-boy.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Horace is the sweetest little boy!! He loves laps and being close to all members of our family. Thank you for pairing our family with him!!!
(Last update: Mar 27th, 2017 3pm)

Want an outgoing, loving, stunningly beautiful young lady? Well, here I am! I love wand toys and really just love, love to be petted. Ask about me and find out how fantastic I really am.
Name: Lyra

(FKA Xadrian)

ID#: VA9838
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 01/31/14
Adopted: 03/27/14
Congrats: Barry
Foster: Debra


Notes from Home
Lyra is doing very well. Sorry I had a very long update written and lost in when I tried to upload pictures. Lyra had allergic dermatitis from before we adopted her and she would have a few flair ups when we moved to California every four to six months. Her vet said that she was a good candidate for immunotherapy to help with her allergies so we started that in the fall of 2016 and even though she is no fan of getting an injection every two weeks she has had no allergy issues in over six months. Lyra is also much more confident in the last year than in the previous years. Lyra used to be very shy and hide from new people who visited for a day or so but now she will greet a new person within an hour or so and make friends with them. Lyra is also much better at setting boundaries with her cat roomate Khan who wants to play more often than her. She does appreciate him though and will seek him out every day or so to allow him to groom her for a few minutes before she smacks him to let him know thats enough attention for one day and walks away. Poor Khan doesn't get the mixed signals. He seems to love her more than she loves him.

Lyra is very sweet and still has the predictable habit of preferring women over men, or at least humans with higher voices over humans with deep voices. She has picked Danielle as her favorite person and will jump out of my lap to greet Danielle at the door if she is coming home.

Overall Lyra is doing great, more healthy and confident than ever.

(Last update: Mar 27th, 2017 4am)

Name: Astrud

(FKA Misty)

ID#: VA11913
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Blue
Date In: 01/21/17
Adopted: 02/25/17
Congrats: Steven
Foster: Lisa

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
I'm looking for a quiet home to share with you. I have lived in a few different situations in my short life so I can tell you a bit about what I like and don't like. I loved my person in my last home but not that pesky other cat that lived there so this time I'm hoping to be the one and only.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
After two weeks with us, she is doing well. She is very social and likes to spend much of the time in the same room as us, watching or just being around. At the end of the first week, she started sleeping at the foot of our bed at night. The one thing she does not yet like is to be touched, although there have been a couple of times when she let us pet her. That will come with time as she gets to know us better.

We are happy to have her with us and think she is happy to be here as well.

We are now at four weeks, and Astrud (we renamed her) is still doing well. She is spending much of her time in whatever room we are in, though she does like her "alone time" too, usually somewhere sunny. She enjoys having a lot of space to explore and to run around. We have not made much progress with respect to petting her, but she does show signs of being happy and wanting affection. Based on her showing affection but fear of being touched, we are guessing someone in her past might not have been gentle with her. She is still sleeping on our bed and is not shy about telling us when it is time to eat.

The vet visit went well. She said Astrud's heart and lungs sound very strong, and her coat is beautiful. She did look at her front paws to see if there is an issue with the declawing; she did not see any issue although Astrud did seem to react when one of her toes was touched. We will continue to keep an eye on it, but she is not favoring that paw when she walks. The vet also said that Astrud was only about a pound heavier than she should be, and that the exercise she is getting should help.

Overall, Astrud appears to be happy in her new home, and we are happy to have her.

(Last update: Mar 26th, 2017 5pm)

My name is Becca, and I'm a Siamese Rescue alumnae. I graduated around this time in 2011 when I was about 4-5 years old. I had a happy life with my meown for another five wonderful years. But time hasn't been kind us - she had to return me when life got hard, and we were both heartbroken to be separated. So here I am again, a little older, a little more grumbly, but just as sweet, curious and healthy as ever. As soon as I visit with the Vet, I'll be ready to start my next chapter with YOU.
Name: Ziva

(FKA Becca)

ID#: VA11383
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 03/21/16
Adopted: 04/09/16
Congrats: Ernestine
Foster: Belinda


Notes from Home
Ziva has been with me almost a year now. She is happy and healthy. The queen of the household. Just adopted
a buddy for her and she isn't real happy with him yet. It has only been a month, so time will tell. He has, bty become buddies with my Corgi, Cooper. Just never know. best

(Last update: Mar 26th, 2017 5pm)

Name:   Mocha
ID#: VA10399
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 10/12/14
Adopted: 10/25/14
Congrats: Sandra
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
Very smart, very curious, and fine with dogs! Older kids would be fine, I'm a very beautiful seal gal who is interested in exploring, loving, and being worshipped as I deserve!
Notes from Home
Here is a quick update on Miss Mocha. She is happy, healthy and has settled in within the first 2 weeks. She has become best friends with her kitty brother Shadow, and they can be found playing and cuddling together every day. They like to get into lots of fun mischief together and play in their kitty condo. Their favorite game is "tag", which they seem to love to play throughout the night. From the first night she arrived, she became my instant sleeping buddy and computer companion. She is an amazing girl and we are all so happy that she has joined our family!

New Update (11/26/15): My 1-Year Anniversary

“I went with Mom for my yearly exam with Dr. John. He let Mom hold me for my distemper shot, my upper respiratory booster, nail clipping, temperature and checkup.” I was so scared, and I couldn’t get any closer to Mom! I weigh 10 pounds, and Dr. John put me on amoxicillin and an oral rinse for my gingivitis. I don’t like my medication, but a week after I started it my gums are already looking much better!”

“Mom says I am a very amazing, animated and unique girl. When she is at the computer desk, I jump up and rub myself against the screen to help her. I also love my ‘this real life like mouse toy’ so much! I like to carry it around in my mouth all through the house. At night I cry to let Mom and Dad know I caught it, and once I had to put it in their bed so when Mom woke up she found it in bed with her! She tells me what a good mouser I am! I like to sit in the tub and play a game where I bat at the shower curtain and be a funny girl. “ And, even though I am picky with who I like, I will roll around on the floor and put on a show for my favorite people, Mom and human brother Joe.” I have two kitty brothers who are a little too playful at times for my taste, but I still love them. But, there is no question about it, I am the ‘House Diva.’ I really like my Wellness dry kitty food. At night when we get our wet food I help by cleaning up all three little kitty bowls.”

“Thank you David, Siri, and Meezer Express for helping my find my fur-ever family! My family loves me and they know they are so lucky to have me in their family!”

March 26th, 2017

I went in for my yearly check-up to see Dr. John with mom and dad and my two brothers, Shadow and Cloud. All went well until he looked in my mouth and said my teeth should be cleaned, so mom made an appointment with Dr. Mullen to have my teeth cleaned in two weeks.

Mom got a call from Dr. Mullen after the cleaning and Dr. Mullen said she had to pull seven teeth because I had lesions. Mom was so upset, she couldn't wait to pick me up.

When I got home, I was just fine. I ate my wet wellness for two weeks and took my medications.
I'm doing great. I still like to help mom on the computer and play with my pretend real life mouse and play between the shower curtains. I am still the diva in the house.

Thanks David, Siri & Meezer Express for my precious Mocha. We are so lucky to have her, she is such an amusing sweetheart.

(Last update: Mar 26th, 2017 3pm)

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