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Well, I'm pretty well settled in here at Foster mom's. I'm still sweet and loving but I want my loving on my terms. I'm definitely showing my major female Siamese character. That means I want what I want, (or don't want), when I want it. I will required an experienced Siamese adopter who can read all my communications. I'm very clear when I "talk" to you with my tail, my paw, (declawed :( ), my ears and my gorgeous blue eyes. I'm definitely a talker and you must be interested in carrying on a conversation with me. I'm interested in a home where I can interact when I want to and I am not just THERE, if you know what I mean.

If you want a gorgeous gal and you have the patience and knowledge to deal with my "attitude" click on that button. If not, you better keep looking!

Name:   Mulan
ID#: VA8037
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
DateIn: 09/04/11
Adopted: 09/24/11
Deceased: 04/21/19
Congrats: Elizabeth
Foster: Nancy

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Fri, 07 Oct 2011 21:03:46 -0400 [10/07/2011 09:03:46 PM EDT]

Our sweet, pretty girl is doing VERY well!! She is waiting @ the door when I go up to see her in the mornings now, and starts up a lively conversation the second I go into her room. What a chatty one she is! She has also developed quite the appetite, and has been regularly eating her 1/4 cup of dry IAMS in the morning and another 1/4 cup in the evening, plus a TBSP or two of the 'mushy stuff' in the evening as well, and of course, a treat here & there :) She has also been using her litterbox without fail, so no issues there, I'm happy to report ;)

She's become very curious about everything in her room / my office, and has pretty much checked out every inch of the area. She's also been looking more interested in exploring the adjacent hallway in the last few days, so I'm hoping we'll be letting her out & about in other areas of the house soon.

I did take the advice both you and Marjorie gave me about rubbing towels on them, switching out toys they had each played with, etc. and letting them sniff each other out a bit, so I think they are both getting a little more familiar with each other -- they both definitely now know that there's 'another kitty' about! She had her first Vet appt. w. our vet tonight, and so I am hoping to have her out a little bit tomorrow to see what she thinks about some more of the house.

And what a little cuddlebug she's becoming! She likes to hang out in my lap in the evening while I'm working on my laptop (she's curled up in my lap and purring away as I type this :) What an absolute doll! Everyone at the Vet's office just ohh'ed and ahh'ed over her -- how beautiful she is, how sweet she is, how good she was during her exam. etc. She was due for a distemper shot, so we got that out of the way tonight, and they said everything else looks great! So now they have all of her copies of all of the info from her last vet in their files and she (hopefully) won't have to go back 'til her annual check-up next year. And she must be eating well, as she is up to 8 lbs!

She has also started to allow my husband to come in to see her now too -- she was very shy with him for about the first week and would hide whenever he came into the room -- but now she'll allow pets and cuddles from him too, and they are getting on quite well now. He isn't one to 'gush' over kitties, but he's absolutely enthralled by this one! She really is a lovely little sweetheart!

She does like to be up high, I've noticed -- she has grown quite fond of sitting on top of the wardrobe - it's over five feet tall and she loves to perch on top of it and survey the room from there. She has also started playing with her toys in the last week, and is just generally more playful than at first. She's just getting on splendidly!

** Posted **

Tue, 08 Nov 2011 16:31:01 -0500 [11/08/2011 04:31:01 PM EDT]

The beautiful little girl is doing GREAT! She finally got up the courage to come out of her room, and explore the hallway and stairs, but she was very jumpy @ first and would run back to her room at the slightest noise or movement, etc.

However, Mulan has been getting far more daring in the last 2 weeks, and is becoming far more comfortable when out and about. She’s is now familiarizing herself with several of the other rooms in the house, and is curious about EVERYTHING she sees. She’s so funny and cute to watch as she explores!

And she is becoming so much more cuddly than she was at first! She really likes laps, and is no longer at all shy about hopping into your lap and demanding scritches or just flopping down for a nap. And it makes absolutely no difference what you’re doing at the time, because it’s time to pet her NOW :) I’ve had to become far more proficient at using a mouse with my left hand, as well as typing with one hand when working on my laptop, since Mulan has a tendency to wrap her little forearms around my right arm and hold on while she’s laying in my lap, and usually ends up with her little chin resting on my wrist - a very comfortable position, but sometimes not conducive to getting a lot of work done : )

Mulan and Matthew are becoming buddies as well. Overall, she is so much more relaxed and not nearly as aloof as she was in the first week or two. She is also far more playful now and can be absolutely hysterical to watch when she’s playing with her toys. She really likes the feather-tease things, and I’m always amazed at how high she can jump when we’re playing! She has gotten kind of moody once or twice, which is par for the course but those little stints didn’t last very long; She is very easy to read and on those couple occasions, we just left her alone, and she comes around pretty quickly and in no time is as sweet as ever.

We let her and Mangia check out each other’s rooms the other night, and the two of them have had a couple of brief chaperoned encounters in the hall. The first couple of times, Mulan stared at Mangia for a few minutes and then ran under her chair in her room to hide. The last time she didn’t run away as quickly and they had a conversation (would love to know what they were saying to each other). No one seems overly upset or aggressive or anything yet, so we’ll keep the little steps going slowly, and see where we end up!

Fri, 09 Dec 2011 07:56:06 -0500 [12/09/2011 07:56:06 AM EDT]
Hi Nancy,

Mulan was great from the get-go, and is still getting better and better! And yeah, I know what you mean... she has gotten comfortable enough to go into her 'tough stance' occasionally, and I love her for trying, but you're right, she's not the toughest little kittie in the world, that's for sure :) But I'm so glad to at least see her TRYING to be 'tough kitty' once in a while and overcoming her initial fears.

She still runs to her 'safe' room occasionally when something startles her, but she only runs under her original 'hiding' chair once in a great while now. She has now explored the stairs, the hallway, the bedroom, the loft (our version of a family room), the bathrooms, the laundry room, etc. and she now has full reign of all of them. She runs about like she's lived here for years! She did NOT like the washing machine @ first -- I think the noise it makes scared her -- but even that doesn't seem like a big deal now.

She really does have a lovely but very funny personality! She's been keeping us in stitches with her antics now that's she's loosened up a bit more. She is hysterical when she's playing!

She's eating VERY well – We’ve increased her daily allotment of food, since she’s eating more heartily and has started to gain a bit of weight. r I dare say she's put on at least a lb. since her last vet visit, though don't tell her that :) She also is partial to certain treats, which probably isn't helping, though we try not to dole them out TOO frequently. Her litterbox habits are still impeccable as well.

And she is becoming a very loving little kitty -- she's more of a lap-cat than she seemed at first, which is fine with me, but she is also very independent, and likes roaming around a good bit too -- a perfect mix!
And oh my, you were so right about her being a talker! What a chatty one! She's very Siamese when it comes to keeping up a conversation.

I'm surprised things are going pretty well with Mangia too. They had a few initial conversations, and then he started getting very territorial and cranky whenever she came around -- we stepped them back a little at that point, and went back to having them out at separate times, so he wouldn't feel as threatened, and she had more time to get comfortable with her environment w/out him around.

Then when we started integrating again, SHE started getting confrontational with him, and we did have some rather vocal spats -- She would run up and swat at him with her paw, and would be promptly told 'NO', with prompted her to run back up to her room and pout. Occasionally, he'd run at her, and be told 'NO', which prompted her to run back to her room and pout (he would creep to a corner and pout as well).
I was thinking we would need to step them back again, but then in the last week or so, they've started behaving a little better around each other -- they will each growl and whine a little when the other one comes into the same room, but they've became much more tolerant. But you know how cats are -- it all depends on their mood at the time -- one would express interest in the other, the other one would ignore them, or fuss, depending on their mood, and vice-versa.

I think they are still in the process of establishing their roles, etc. so I'm trying to let them sort it out, as long as no one goes into attack mode. One will posture, and the other will posture or run, depending -- there's been a lot of back and forth. It seems pretty even so far though, and they are taking turns at who postures and who runs. I think they'll figure it out eventually. Mulan does seem to have some diva tendencies, as you had mentioned, and I think Mangia's familiar with that scenario after living with Penelope for so many years, and they do seem to be working through it (without any bloodshed so far :)

They are now to the point though, that they both come down with us to hang out and watch TV and such in the evening. Usually it's uneventful now and they are both fine -- other nights, one will get fussy and pick on the other one (if they fuss too much, one or both go back to their separate rooms for a while -- which no one seems to like, since they are both very social kitties). They also, when both are in an agreeable mood, are starting to go into 'butt-sniffing' mode at times, etc. which I've never quite understood personally, but I think is a good sign :)

** Posted **

Wed, 28 Dec 2011 21:49:30 -0500 [12/28/2011 09:49:30 PM EDT]

Mulan and Mangia are both doing well. They aren’t exactly the best of friends, but they are starting to play together a bit. Very Reassuring to see this level of interaction w/out all of the fussing that went on before. They are even now starting to sleep in the bed with us together -- Mangia will take his usual spot, somewhere around my knees or sometimes up a bit higher -- and Mulan, who used to get in bed with us only when he was not around, is now ok with hopping up on my chest, pretty much right next to Manj, and napping without a problem. I'm really amazed we've all gotten so much sleep in the last few days, but everyone seems to be pretty comfortable now.

Tue, 15 May 2012 23:47:14 -0400

I guess I REALLY owe an update on Mulan! You'll be glad to know she is getting on swimmingly! She's acclimated really, really well -- you'd think she's lived here all of her life! She has gotten over all of her initial fears, and seems to be very happy.

We are as well -- she has just blossomed and is such a sweet and loveable little kitty!

She does have her diva moments -- but we're all pretty much used to her little spells and tantrums now -- although now that she's more relaxed, they seem to be a bit less frequent.

She is very independent, and she can be picky about petting sometimes -- she doesn't like it when she doesn't want it, but she's very communicative, so you KNOW when she's not feeling very friendly. But when she is, look out!! She's a complete little cuddle when she's in the mood, which is most of the time.

My husband still can't get over how beautiful she is -- and he tells her all the time! Just what we need, a diva kitty with a swelled head :) They are getting along great, and she does love compliments!

And she likes to be in charge -- she directs any and every activity :) Although she didn't care for the washing machine at first (she REALLY didn't like the noise it makes) she's gotten over that,
and likes 'helping' with the laundry now -- of course, her version of helping involves 1) laying on the clean laundry 2) standing on whatever item you're trying to fold and 3) hopping into open dresser drawers as you're putting clothes away :) Much appreciated, but things take a little longer when she helps -- which is ok, 'cause she is just too cute!

I think even Mangia would agree! You would not believe how well they are getting along!
That certainly wasn't the case for the first several months & it has been a long slow process. But they are both sleeping in the bed with us every night now (sometimes right next to each other :) I can understand now how she reportedly got along so well with the male cat she used to live with. Mangia and she are not only be getting along a lot better, they seem to have become buddies :)

They have even started grooming each other! I was stunned the first time I witnessed that, but Mulan is revealing herself to be quite the little mother hen at times... She's prone to giving Mangia a good, long tongue-bath (and us too at times :) -- and Mangia just dotes on her, licking her neck and cuddling up next to her -- when she allows it, of course :)

We still have occasional fussing and spats when one of them is cranky, but that's to be expected. They've evolved into kinda a sibling relationship ...they argue sometimes, and will sometimes compete for attention, but they seem to really have started to bond with each other. They eat out of each other's dishes and are sharing litter boxes amiably too, and everything is going even better than I had hoped.

And speaking of bonding, she and I have really hit it off -- She's my girl!
Matthew will look @ the two of us sometimes when she's purring and kneading in my lap and say "Wow, that cat LOVES you!" (it's mutual of course:) Although she'll curl up next to Mangia @ night sometimes, her favorite sleeping spot is (for better or worse) RIGHT on top of me --she's my girl, after all! No matter if I'm laying on my back, or side, or stomach -- she just hops right up, right around my shoulders, or chest, and kneads away, and then settles down into a little ball on top of me and falls asleep. And it's actually pretty comfortable for both of us :)

I can't tell you how much I LOVE this little girl!! Thank you so much for bringing us together!!

Love --
Liz & Mulan
(& Matthew & Mangia too :)

Hi there!!

It's been quite a while, so I just thought I'd touch base with you to let you know how well everything is still going with Mulan!
Mulan & Mangia both had their had their annual check-up with the vet a few months ago and they are both in great shape with a clean bill of health. She is up to 9 lbs now, but still looking slim and svelte. She has such long legs! We're happy that she's gained a little weight -- she was SO little when we first got her.
And it’s so funny now to think back to when we first got her. When she first got home and we opened her Pet Taxi, she just sat there - then eventually crept out and promptly set up camp under a skirted chair. She wouldn’t come out if we were in the room, and would only stare at us (or close her eyes and look away) if we lifted the skirt to check on her. Matthew set up a webcam so we could check on her remotely while we were at work, just to see if she came out to explore when we weren’t there – sure enough, she eventually did (he emailed me a still pic the first time to let me know ‘Mulan is roaming’ : )
Then she tried to be ‘tough kitty’ after getting over her initial fears. The first time she encountered the cat gate (kinda like a baby gate, only much taller), she immediately decided that she would just leap over it – which didn’t work, but she did manage to knock it partially over, scaring the crap out both her and Mangia (We checked for injuries, and only her pride was hurt) but no one has tried to leap the gate since. But at least she tried, and it was kind of nice to see her approaching things with such determination and courage.
And now there’s just no stopping her! There’s not even a hint of the scared little kitty we first met.
And she’s actually developed into being ‘tough kitty’ when she feels she has to be – granted, she’s so sweet, and still not quite really tough kitty, but she certainly plays a good game of it now. She’s VERY determined about everything she does.
She now just does and says what she wants, when she wants. And she says a lot! She is really quite the talker. Sometimes she REALLY lets you know she has something to say; other times, she just wants to chat. She carries on a conversation like no other cat I’ve ever known –even previous Siamese kitties, and even Mangia, who’s pretty chatty himself. I’ve started to look forward to talking with her when I get home from work. It’s like a thing now – She tells me about her day, I tell her how mine was…and then Manj tells us all about everything on his mind as well : ) It’s kind of funny when the two of them both have to say everything to you at once the second you get in the door!
Everyone who has ever seen her has commented on how beautiful she is, and she really is an absolutely gorgeous cat. She is very aware of this - and yeah, she’s still kind of a textbook diva sometimes…but that’s only one aspect of her, and it’s her quirky personality that’s really totally won us over.

She’s just so…Mulan! Everything, from the way she flicks her tail, to the way she tosses her toys in the air, the way she trots towards you when you call her, the way only certain bird sounds make her jump up and run to the window, the way she rests her chin on you when she’s relaxed - There’s just a little Mulan-ism in every ‘usual’ cat thing she does. We just love her so much!

She and Mangia are now confirmed friends. Penelope was not nearly the Diva Mulan has turned out to be, so I think Manj needed a minute to figure out how to react to this new kind of kitty – and of course, Mulan needed some time to work out her stance regarding Mangia as well. They eventually figured out between them about how things are supposed to work, and things have worked since.

Mulan likes some toys, at least when she’s in the mood for them, but Mangia is so exuberant about them that he tends to hog most of them. She’s strangely timid in this respect (she’s not regarding just about anything else anymore) and she seems to be ok to letting him play with whatever he wants, though she’s right on the one she wants the second he wanders off elsewhere. They both like feather wands, and that can get a bit competitive, so I try to get some playtime in with just her and the wand when he’s preoccupied with something else, and vice versa.
But a new box is ALWAYS hers first (we always give them the empty box whenever we get anything delivered – what is it with kitties and cardboard, anyway? ) They’ll both check it out, but Manj is to be ok with letting her have it, be ‘Kitty in the Box’ first, etc. even if he jumps into it as soon as she loses interest. They’ve worked all of this stuff out, it seems, and they are now just the best of buddies.
Quite frankly, I don't know how they would live without each other now. They've become really tight - -- they nap together, eat together, hang out together, play together, groom each other regularly ... honestly, these two are a match made in heaven! I'm SO glad all of this worked out, because they don't just get along, as I had hoped – they really, really LIKE each other now. Mulan is always fussing over him, cleaning him up etc., cuddling up with him - and though she can still be quite the diva at times, he can soften her up pretty easily. And Manj just totally LOVES her! I almost can’t believe how well everything has worked out - We are all just so happy : )

Sun, 02 Oct 2016

Hi everyone!

Everyone here is doing well, and we hope you are too!
Mulan has us smiling all of the time. She loves to roll around – on the floor, on the couch, and especially on clean sheets. It’s become impossible to put fresh sheets on the bed without shutting her out of the bedroom. (My last Siamese, Penelope, always HAD to be involved in this chore as well, though her hang-up was smoothing the sheets with her front paws, rather than rolling on them) The second we let Mulan back in, she hops and the bed and just rolls and rolls, with the most satisfied look on her face. She still likes high places occasionally, but doesn’t jump and climb as much as she once did. She’s 11 now, and she’s usually happy enough on solid ground, esp. if it’s near a window. She especially likes the cat steps in their ‘cat office,’ which are right next to the window.
She still hates the vaccum cleaner, though it no longer causes her to flee in terror at the sight of it and it’s now only regarded with a disdainful look, flattened ears, and a haughty march off to another room.

She’s completely unfazed by guitars now, as well as the banjo and mandolin, and will curl up right next to Matthew while he’s playing. But she absolutely HATES the concertina – she’s out the second she even sees that thing, so no one touches that now if she’s in the room.

And I’ve become pretty adapt at doing most everything with her draped across my shoulder, as this has become her favorite mode of transport. Why should she walk when she can ride around on her person? It’s really funny when she asks for ‘uppy’ as we now call it - she’ll knead at your calf and stare at you intently, followed by a little faux-leaping motion, which means she wants to be held / carried. If she’s not riding on me, she’s walking with me – or sitting on me, or laying on me - and commenting most of the time : ) She sleeps on me (sometimes next to, but usually on) every night. She’s become my soulmate kitty, and I just love her so much. And she’s the only cat I think I’ve ever had who actually likes to sleep under the covers. During the day, her fav spot, besides a lap, is sitting on the heat vents, esp. the one in the bedroom - She really likes to be warm.

Though she’s very social with us now, she still isn’t really comfortable with most guests, and usually still hides when ‘other people’ come to visit, at least at first. If we’re hanging out watching a movie or something, she’s inclined to curl up on my husband’s lap (granted, he’s got a better lap than me ; ) She’s an equal opportunity kitty, and will cuddle with either or both of us, when she’s in cuddle mode, and she loves Matthew as much as me. She still has an independent streak, and she still likes to go off and explore. But though she occasionally likes her moments to herself, she’d much rather be overseeing what the rest of us are doing, and just about everything that anyone does around here is done under Mulan’s watchful eye (and running commentary : ). She does NOT like it (although she oversees it nonetheless) when Mangia gets his nails trimmed. She paces and growls during the whole procedure, and rushes over to check him out when it’s all done (she’s not much of a fan off having her own trimmed either).

Mulan and Manj are like an old married couple now. They’ve really bonded with each other. And they’re quite the pair – if you call one, there’s a good chance both will come running. They assess the birds outside the window as a team (if one of them runs to the window, the other is usually right behind). At dinner time, they run up the steps in sync, head by head (like my sister’s golden retriever brothers used to do) - and they fall asleep on each other all the time : )

Friday 23 Feb 2019

Mulan is absolutely priceless, and has been a wonderful addition to our family – She’s my girl! She’s been a wonderful friend to me and my husband, and the perfect companion for our kitty, Mangia. They became the best of friends, and were very bonded - They hung out together constantly.

Both Mangia and Mulan had been diagnosed at their last annual vet check with Stage 2 CKD. We made some dietary changes, and both seemed to be doing well.

But we suddenly lost our dear Mangia last week to what they suspect was a combination of pancreatitis and IBD/Lymphoma. His symptoms came on pretty quickly, and we tried every treatment they recommended. He rallied for a week or so, but then went downhill suddenly, within a matter of hours, and passed away in the ER despite their efforts. He was 19, and we were devastated. We miss him so much!

Despite his other ailments, Mangia’s kidney function had stayed about the same, but sadly, after her vet check-up last week, Mulan’s has gotten worse. She’s been eating only prescription food now, and is on meds 2x times a day in pill form, with minimal fuss (Benazepril + Amiodipine, plus more fish oil capsules, and an occasional dose of Miralax for constipation, when necessary). She is still chatty, playful, and active, and has been her usual cuddly, and still sometimes diva-ish self ; ) Her appetite is good, and we’re been optimistic thus far; she’s going back this week for another follow-up appt, and more bloodwork. But this, on the heels of losing one of our oldest, best friends, this just has us reeling. And she and I have become so, so close – I can’t bear the thought of losing her too.


Mulan was almost angry when Mangia was very sick. Strangely, as bonded as they were, when he was at the vet’s every day, she would growl and hiss when we brought him home at night. I’m now thinking it’s because he smelled weird to her, and in retrospect, I think we probably should have taken her along to the vet with him, so at least the smells wouldn’t seem so foreign to her – But maybe the illness, the IVs and meds would have still set her off as though it was a different cat, and not her Mangia.

Mulan has become even more vocal, and almost ‘clingy’ since Mangia has been gone. True to the breed, she’s always very affectionate, and she’s always been a talker. But now she talks incessantly, unless she’s being held or sitting/laying on one of us (then she just purrs and purrs). She’s just not happy being left alone at all now, it seems. We thought at first maybe she wasn’t feeling well, and mentioned it to the vet, but she never really appears to be not feeling well. And she’ll pace the bathroom where Mangia hung out when he was very sick (never a particular hang-out place for either of them prior to all of this) and calls repeatedly.
I suspect maybe she’s looking for him, at least to some extent, but I don’t know that I understand her way of missing him v. mine. I still think I hear the creak of the kitty accommodation steps, and look up expecting to see him…when you lose anyone who’s been literally at your side for 19 years it’s impractical to think you’re not going to see some ghosts. Though she’s not been with him quite as long, they were very close, and I tend to think she kind of feels the same thing I do, in her way. We are thinking maybe getting another kitty might be good for her, but I think it’s just too soon for all us yet. And we don’t want to cause her any more stress right now either.

Physically she seems to be doing ok, though she’s been drinking and peeing more than usual lately. Her Vet appt on Monday went pretty well, though her blood pressure is a bit high, and they did do a round of Sub-Qs to make sure she was sufficiently hydrated (they shaved a portion of her tail, and it looks awful :( But she is eating well, and is otherwise healthy. They want to do more blood work in about 3-4 weeks, to make sure all is still ok.


Another bloodwork check last week, and she’s seemed a little ‘off’ the last few days, particularly lethargic after her morning meds in the last week. She usually perks up later in the day, and the last couple of evenings ran around with her fav ‘ferret’ toy (whatever that thing is :) in her mouth. We were hoping maybe a tweak to the meds would help. But she actually seemed ‘sick’ on Thursday, laying curled up in a ball, not getting up except to drink/pee/drink/pee – then lay back down in a little ball on the bed.

We went back to the vet again today, and her last round of bloodwork had come back way high in too many areas to be hopeful. I was shocked. She seemed completely fine less than a week ago, and I had assumed her treatment was helping, at least slowing the progression of the illness.

The vet offered to put her put to sleep right then, and that completely floored me - I was not expecting that, and there was just was no way I could do that yet. Though I understood that she wasn’t really going to get better, I thought we were at least stabilizing her and assumed she’d be with us for a while yet. But put her to sleep NOW?? They said we could alternatively consider a round of IV / fluid treatments, which would, potentially, buy us a week or so – but would involve in/out hospitalization for several days (they weren’t equipped to do any of that there and then) and then we’d have to take her back for another round in another week or so, as her kidney function was so devastated. It sounded so much like what we had just gone thru with Mangia, where we took him to and from a clinic every day for a week, and I feel like we just made him miserable for an extra week, while he spent hours enduring the shaving of various body parts, injections, IVs, etc., to no avail (and her prognosis was really bad, worse than Mangia’s initially was). We really didn’t want to put her through all of that – it just felt so selfish, like it was for our benefit, rather than hers…but we couldn’t quite rule it out just yet, if there was a chance it would help.

We got her more Sub-Qs, and they gave her a pain shot just in case, and I took her home, hoping for any sign of improvement, just a hint she might get a little better, at least feel a little better…

We ended up taking her to the ER two days later, and the ER vet said essentially gave us the same options, but by then Mulan had deteriorated further, was barely getting up from our bed, was peeing on the floor (something she had NEVER done the whole time we had her), had started vomiting more frequently, and was having problems standing up or walking without stumbling or tipping over (seeing that just broke my heart). She had started to refuse any food, even treats. If that was the kind of time we would be buying for her, it didn’t seem like something she would want. And she had stopped purring, at all.

It’s with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that we’ve lost our little Mulan, on Easter Sunday, 2019. I can’t begin to say how I feel right now - I have no words. And I can’t imagine how I’ll ever sleep, without her curled up on my chest. She was 14 and has been with us for almost 8 years. There’s no way to describe how she filled our hearts, or to describe the huge hole she left in them when she passed. We miss her so, so much already. Rest in peace, my lovely little Mulan monkey Neenu-kitty. We’ll love you forever! And say hi to Manj for us when you two meet up again of the other side of the bridge. You know you are our best-favorites, always …

(Last update: Jan 30th, 2020 11pm)

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Name: Laila

(FKA Chestnut)

ID#: VA9850
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 02/03/14
Adopted: 02/23/14
Deceased: 01/01/20
Congrats: Faith
Foster: peter

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
Foster Pops says that we cats become the way we are because of our owners. My last owners made me scared. Foster Pops believes they used me as a factory to create kittens and when I couldn't have any more kittens they threw me away.
I was found in the snow, hungry and cold, by an animal control officer and after a couple of stops along the way, I arrived here. I am still a little scared but foster Pops picks me up, holds me, and talks to me until I purr. I spend about 2 hours a day in his arms or in a sack he carries around with him (he says hes retired and being with me is better than working). He also says that I only have good habits and that he will only let me go home to someone who will love me more than he does.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
So it has been (3) weeks with Laila (aka Chestnut). All I can say is "she has come a long way baby!" She is very playful and loving...but boy does she like to eat :) She now eats with the (2) boys and loves the water fountain to drink from. Last night was her first night to sleep with me on my bed!!!! The boys let her and she was very happy. All (3) of them are content to sit together in one room.... She is working her way to being the queen of the house....she has been giving kisses and love blinks to her brother Milo - but Kobi is still playing the "observer". She is very talkative and lots to say! She made it to the vet for her check up and was a perfect lady while Dr. Good clipped her nails. She has accomplished stealing Milo's favorite toy and watches everything he does -- even as he is being adventurous in the house getting himself into trouble she is right there with him.

Its been 5 weeks since Laila came home - she perks up when I call her she knows her name. She is now sleeping curled up with Milo my crazy boy.....her and Kobi are at a stand off right now.....he does allow her to give kisses and rub up to him but he isn't ready to give in like Milo. He is a tough nut to crack. She talks all the time and is the Queen of the house! She loves to be carried around the house and loves playing with Milo's toys.....he in turn has taken over her toys. She is a huge purring love bug :) She made a huge leap - she sat with my brother and hung out with him while he pet her!!! No shyness left in her any longer.....

I can't believe it but here is my Six Month update! Laila is fabulous! Kobi, Milo and Laila are all into a routine. I have to say she is very pushy when she wants something she will push the boys away from me so she can have a turn at being loved....she sits with me every night while I watch TV with her head against my shoulder while she has her cuddle love time with mom. She talks to me quite frequently and talks to the boys.....she has learned that there will always be food for her and she no longer needs to eat everything in site all at once......although looking back at her pictures from six months ago.....she may need to lose a pound or two. She is very happy and settled in :)

It is with a heavy heart that I share my little angel Laila passed away Thursday, January 16th of Kidney Cancer. She knew she was loved wholeheartedly for the past 6 years. I am already missing my baby girl.....Thank you Siamese Rescue league for allowing me to be her mother.

(Last update: Jan 23rd, 2020 3pm)

5/4 I am a sweet cat who is learning how much enjoyment I can get out of being petted and loved. I will roll and wiggle to get your attention. I like other cats too.

5/12/10 I am getting along with the resident cats. Loving life and wishing for my forever home.

5/27/10 I have found out how much fun playing can be. I never had much chance for that and now I love the little mice and the balls and all the toys I can find here. I even carry them in my mouth and talk about them. I do love to talk and carry on great conversations with foster mom. Do you like to talk too. Then we need to be talking to each other.
Name:   Lillian
ID#: VA6939
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 16 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 04/14/10
Adopted: 06/19/10
Congrats: Paula
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Lilly has adapted to farm life very well.She is very happy and I love her so much.She had to have like 8 teeth removed about 2years ago and she has kidney problems .She is on Royal Canin Renal Support dry food which she likes very well and I give her fluids under the skin to help her.She has no bad habits and is a real sweet cat.I got her a heated bed this year which she loves.I have been meaning to send a update about her but it seems like am always busy.I am enclosing some pictures of her and will try to send more updates
(Last update: Jan 23rd, 2020 12pm)

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Name: Yang

(FKA Thomas)

ID#: VA12058
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 05/23/17
Adopted: 06/25/17
Congrats: The Rev. Kathy
Foster: Kay

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
Super sweet boy who is only a little worried about the new changes in his life. His sister is very bonded to him so they need to be adopted as a pair. Curious about toys but not much experience. Affectionate and outgoing.
That's me - Thomas (and I am a Tank right now)

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Notes from Home
Yang is at my side all the time and talks to me a lot. He loves to be brushed and scratch his chin on the brush. He prefers to sleep in the window so he can see everything that is going on outside until the dreaded Lawn Monsters arrive - he and his sister, Yin, find a dark place to curl up and hide until the noise is long gone. He started kneading my leg about a week ago (and I have the bruises to show it), so I have been accepted by him...but don't let anyone else come in to visit. He is still very afraid of strangers (although does fine with the vet) and hides until long after they have gone. He and his sister have restored joy and love in my life, and I am Blessed by their presence.

Yang is definitely letting me know his wants...which include me never using my computer. He seems to starve for attention and loves the two-sided brush I use on him. His sister, Yin, cannot figure this out. He is becoming more social, even coming to sit in my lap when I had a visitor yesterday...a big first for him.

A mobile vet comes to the Care Facility where I live and clips nails and does anything else that is required. She is coming to check on Yang today. His sister is not ready, but maybe next month....

Yang is not well. After a morning of violent throwing up on Friday, we went for x-rays, which showed what might be a blockage requiring surgery. He was kept and sedated while receiving fluids. Later x-rays could not confirm the blockage, so he is home on Saturday, but he is not eating. THIS IS NOT MY YANG...the one who eats everything in sight. His sister is watching over him this Sunday as he sleeps curled up on the soft blanket on my bed. Neither will like this, but tomorrow, Yang and I go back to the doctor.

Yang is fully recovered and back to himself again. Just to prove it....

"Hey, Yin! Come look! There is a tree growing in our living room! Wow! Come climb it with me and check out all the lights and mice on it!"
They are both curious about the tree but not really trying to climb it...just checking it out, for now...but stay tuned. With these two, anything can happen!

As you can see from our picture under the tree, my sister, Yin (on the left) and I LOVED our Christmas Tree our mom decorated. We never even tried to eat the mice until the day before mom decided to take the tree down (wonder if that had anything to do with her decision?). Mom left the lights on all the time and we loved to cuddle in the warmth under the tree...now it is back to the cold of the Cat Tree....burr!

I am getting more 'adventurous. When the medical people come to care for mom, I greet them. I even left the apartment yesterday when the door was opened...but quickly returned when I realized that mom was not coming with me.

Mom gives great brushes and scratches the sides of my face just the way I like it. She never yells at me when I make biscuits on her couch....just picks me up and puts me on the scratching post. She puts my favorite salmon and/or tuna in a blender with a little water so I can lick my bowl clean...but leaves me kibble for snacking.

I think I've got her well-trained. I may keep her! What do you think, Yin?

So, today it started snowing at 8am. By noon, I realized that sleeping in the cat tree at the window looking at the snow was much too cold, so I moved to the cozy tepee mom bought for us to sleep in. I sleep there a lot because they are near the computer where mom works. When my sister woke up and realized I was not in the tree, she came looking for me. She isn't too bright...or she must be VERY cold. She has her own tepee, but from the picture you can tell that she crawled in mine on top of me. She says she isn't leaving until the snow melts and it gets warmer. I hope she moves enough so I can breathe!

OK...this has to stop! Yin is getting all the attention in the morning. I attack her to get her to leave - I push her aside - I even push her off the bed and attack her on the floor making her yell, but she just gets back up on the bed for Mom to pet. Doesn't she know that Mom belongs to me???? Stupid girl!

Mom says that I am NOT a happy camper today! The mobile vet came to give me a pedicure and while she was petting me, found a lump between my shoulder blades. She stuck a needle in it and drew out some stuff so she could look at it under a microscope. Of course I'm not happy! It HURT! Mommy is very worried and has given me extra attention today.

After pathology and steroids, I am OK. I had a reaction to the topical for flea and heart worm. Now, if I can just get the fur to grow back where they shaved me for the surgery.....

Well, I never! The doctor puts me on a diet saying I'm fat...huh! I'm just cuddly! Then, the physical therapist makes mom move the couch so it is easier for her to get around in the apartment so my favorite place to curl up...on the back of the couch right beside her desk...is now on the back of the couch against the wall across the room! Who decided to make all these changes in my life and did not include me in the discussion?!?!? Guess I'll have to live with it...long as mom doesn't leave again - although, that pet sitter lady is really nice. She spoils me and calls me Handsome!

This is NOT fair! I am getting less food, even tho I am eating Yin's, too...Mom figured that out. Plus, I am getting less attention because Yin is stealing my time with Mom. What's going on in this house? Now, my sitter lady says I have acne and I need another shot. I HATE NEEDLES! I'm starting to think this wasn't such a good move for me! Less food, less loving and more needles.. My life stinks right now, so I turn my face to the wall and sulk all the time. I really shouldn't complain...Mom still gives me lots of attention and brushes me every day. I just used to get ALL the attention and I don't like sharing!

Is this woman trying to starve me to death??? Now, as soon as Yin stops eating, mom takes her bowl away so I cannot finish her food. The treats have stopped too, except..... I now have to take steroid tabs every other day so I don't have to get shots. These keep me from breaking out around my mouth (the vet thinks it is related to the respiratory issues when I was younger...allergies or something). Anyway, I won't take the pills unless I get treats first and after....sneaky of me, right? So, mom puts a couple of treats on the sofa, which I inhale, I take the pill and get a couple more treats. Meanwhile, Yin is getting treats on the floor! Why is she getting treats? I'm the one taking medicine!!!!! Mom says it's pay-bay for eating her food, whatever that means.

OK...what is this thing and why on earth did our mom bring it into OUR home????? It is feline, that's for sure, and when it first got here, mom could hold it in the palm of her hand...found abandoned by the side of the road. The doctor said it was healthy, but gave it a bunch of shots anyway, and told mom that it was taken away from its mommy too early so it needed to eat and to be loved. So, I stepped up to the plate and tried to love it...got me a big slap across the face! It's a SHE, and she didn't want anything to do with me. Now, 3 weeks later, I can't get her to leave me alone! Mom named her Blazee...because she runs like her tail is on fire all the time and she is a Blue Cream DSH. She is crafty: she figured out how to get up on the high counter and get the bags of treats down for us to eat...I never would have thought of that way! BUT, every time I think I'm going to take a little nap or get in a little grooming....ATTACK! I'm 3x her size but she has no fear. Yin just sits by and watches...she is probably laughing, too...because Blazee doesn't mess with her. Must be a female code thing. OK, Mom, enough is enough! I really want to live to be 5 years old, but this baby may kill me before then! (But she is cute...don't tell anyone I said that!)

Lots of toys this Christmas, but no treats! What's up with that???? I know Mom is watching my weight, but it is Christmas after all! She is getting treats. Why can't I? But it was nice anyway. I love the tree. She didn't decorate it this year because the new cat is climbing it and eating the lights. That made me brave, so I started climbing it, too...but it isn't strong enough for me...oops. Posting a picture of my sister and I doing our favorite thing...enjoy!

Blazee has been renamed...Ninja...because she attacks all the time. She waits behind doors and under furniture - even on the seat of mom's walker - and jumps out at us and attacks! I think it's fun, but Yin doesn't like it. She runs to mom for safety. I have been entertaining mom by playing with Ninja. Sometimes she laughs, but most of the time, she is just sad. I will be glad when Ninja has her forever home and it is just Yin and me again. I'm almost 5 years old, and I don't have the energy that this 1-year-old kitten has.

I got good news at my 6-year-old check-up, too. I am a slim 12.7 pounds, even though I broke into the food closet twice! With Ninja in her forever home, I am in charge again, and I am loving life. I play a lot more, and I talk to mom all the time - never did that before. Guess it took mom fostering another fur-baby to bring out my extroversion.

OK...I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS WOMAN. First, she doesn't even know how old I am...she thinks I'm 6 but I'm only 5! Next, she freaks out when I do this tiny little thing like have diarrhea 7 times all over her hardwood floors and throw up 4 times on her oriental rugs...and my sister did NOTHING to help me when this woman put me in a kennel and whisked me off to the Vet....where they stuck me with needles and but things up both ends of me and then SENT ME BACK HOME WITH THIS WOMAN. I am in hiding and plan to stay that way...she won't catch me again. I told my sister what happened to me, so she is in hiding, too. So, if anyone knows where we can escape to where no one will be mean to us just because we throw up and have diarrhea, please let me know. Remember: where I go, my sister goes...she needs me to protect her.

I am being held captive...in solitary confinement...with a needle in my arm attached by a tube to a bag of fluids and they keep sticking more needles in this little port on the side. I am always such a good little man...very quiet, except when I am calling my sister. But, this weekend, I was in pain, and I howled all weekend, so THAT WOMAN put me here! Doesn't she know that all I want to do is cuddle on her lap when I hurt? I don't understand humans one bit! Oh, the people taking care of me are very nice, and there are lots of them coming by to pet me and whisper words of encouragement to me, but I miss my sister. I even miss THAT WOMAN who put me here. I heard one of the doctors say that I am very sick and might be here for the week. I don't like that...it's scary here. I just want to go home. I know my sister is scared without me. THAT WOMAN has been upset a lot lately, so I bet she misses me too....because when she is upset, I make her feel better.

I am home, and my sister is thrilled. THAT WOMAN even seems glad that I am back as she gave me extra loving. I lost more weight, which the doctor said was good, but I can't wait to gain it back...if THAT WOMAN will feed me! Otherwise, I will have to resort to stealing my sister's food again. My digestive sensitivities are getting worse, even though I am only 5, so we may have to switch my diet. I love salmon, and usually won't eat anything but the Simply Nourish Salmon from PetSmart, but while in the hospital, they fed me I/D chicken pate...I was starving, so I ate it and kinda developed a taste for it. Not thrilled with the idea of not having kibble because the pate goes right through me, but I don't want to be sick again either. Hope Yin likes chicken, because what I eat, she has to eat to prevent cross-contamination. Maybe I'll stick it out with THAT WOMAN for a while longer. She DID make sure I got better, and I got lots of pets and attention while I was in the hospital.

Well, this is fun! Yin hates our new home, so I have the run of the place...It's small, so I can't run a lot, but I am in control at last. I have the cat tree to myself as well as all the beds on the window sill. Yin won't get in Mom's lap for loving, so I get all of that, too. I do agree with Yin that it would be nice to get out of the door, and I keep opening the closet doors to investigate and see if I can get out that way...no luck. Anyway, Mom does lots of sewing and crocheting, so there are lots of ways for me to get into mischief by myself!

No fun no more! The boarding place Mom took us sent us home with ringworm, which we shared with Mom...and she got mad a ME and made ME go to the Vet just because I'm the one she can get into a carrier! Maybe I'll go on strike!

My new thing...trying to leave the apartment every time the door is opened. I don't like having 2 girls against me. Mom had me on a diet anyway, and now my sister is stealing my food while I am stealing hers! My belly will never be full again. Mom disagrees because of the amount of output, but she doesn't know how much food a big fellow like me needs to be able to chase my sister around all night long. I'm so weak with hunger that last night I landed smack on top of mom when I tried to jump over her...scared her and me to death....she has the scratches to prove it! Maybe she'll give me a bedtime snack tonight so I won't jump over her again...doubt it, but I can dream, can't I?

(Last update: Jan 21st, 2020 1pm)

I am a little unsure about my changing situation in life right now but rely on my brother, Thomas, to lead the way. I am a good follower. I should blossom with a little bit of TLC. I am sweet lovable but more outgoing with my brother around.
Name: Yin

(FKA Theresa)

ID#: VA12057
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 05/23/17
Adopted: 06/25/17
Congrats: The Rev. Kathy
Foster: Kay

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Yin is doing well. She is playful with her brother and even lets me pet her. Holding her is another story, but she trusts me enough to be near me. She lets me know when she is hungry by sitting in front of me and staring until I get up and feed her. She is such a Princess until she decides she wants to be 'King of the Mountain' with her brother, Yang - then, she is all tom-boy! She is very active, climbing the cat tree and furniture but so far is not interested in toys - she has her brother for that.

Yin is sleeping with me now, but quickly leaves the bed when I wake up. She rubs against my toes when I hang my feet off the side of the bed and will sit in the kitchen and watch me prepare her dinner. She still runs if I move in any direction and doesn't seem to understand that she is NOT invisible under the edge of the kitchen cabinet or with her back to me in the cat tree.

Another MAJOR breakthrough with Yin. For the past thee mornings, when I sit up on the side of the bed, she will jump up beside me..alone...without her brother!..She will use her head to direct my hand where she wants me to pet her for a few minute and she is gone again. This has taken 4 months of giving her space...taking to her in a soft voice...never trying to push her into anything. She is now making her own decisions about me and deciding I may be worth keeping after all.

Our morning petting is getting more lively...even if her brother is not present. She demands that my hand goes where she wants it to go and rubs her body down my arm. She will flop on her side for me to pet her while she is lying down or arch her back to increase the pressure when standing up. However, once I get up, she scoots under the bed again. Later in the day, she will come watch me prepare her dinner or stare t me until I get up to fix her dinner....but she doesn't trust me yet. She has to control the situations...always.

My brother, Yang, is the outgoing one. I let him think he is boss, but I really run things by playing the helpless female.

I had started warming up to mom, but she got sick, so I was afraid I was hurting her...I stay away now. When she is asleep, I cuddle with her to protect her. When she is not in bed, I keep it warm for her. I like being near her, but not within reach.

I agree with Yang...she makes good dinners...and the tree was the BEST! I loved all the lights and the little creatures...because they didn't move.

Yang is right....mom might be worth keeping.

I am spending a lot of time on the bed with mom now...sleeping next to her at night and jumping on the bed first thing in the morning for LOTS of petting. But I still won't let her hold me, and once her feet hit the floor, I'm gone! I'm so silly!

I have started playing, and it's a wonderful game. At the first sign of light in the morning, I climb on top of mom's leg and start pulling at the cover at her knee. This makes her roll on her back. If she goes back to sleep, I start pulling at the covers on her knees again until she pulls her arms out from under the covers to get me to stop. Then, I move up to her tummy so she can start petting me. I love this new game! Then, at night, when she is sitting at her desk, I snuggle her legs until she starts petting and brushing me. She's not allowed to pick me up yet, and she understands. I'm just loving these petting games.

Mom has to watch where she steps now because I am always under her feet. I still spend most of my day sleeping in the tube of the cat tree, but in the evenings and during the night, I am with mom...getting a pet or a brushing or sometimes even a treat! I think my brother, Yang, is getting jealous because I am the gorgeous one and getting so much attention!

I got a pedicure today too...and I have been in hiding ever since. I heard Yang yell when they stuck him with the needle and I was afraid they would come and hurt me, too. I won't even come out when Mom shakes the bag of treats. Yang says I'm being a big baby, but I feel safe on the floor in the corner behind the cat tree where no one can get to me...and if they try, I am faster than they are!

My mommy left me! The lady caring for me said she went to Dook. She took a LONG time with her Dook. I can dookie and cover it up in just a minute or two but she was gone a whole week!. Her litter box must have been a long way away or she must have been constipated. Anyway, she is home and using this thing with wheels that helps her walk. I'm not going anywhere near her. I am mad at her. She left me, and now she brings this strange thing into the apartment. Yang doesn't mind, but I'm not so fast to forgive her for leaving me.

Mommy is feeling better, although she uses this thing she calls a walker...but it rolls! Silly name! She took us to the doctor for our 4-year-old check-up and all the nasty shots, and then she held me for the very first time. I was still scared and really did not like it much, but I let her. When we got home, she held me again until I relaxed and then let me get down. The doctor made her cut back on our food...my brother has gained weight. Well, he is still gaining weight, because he eats all of my food now! I like to beg her for treats by nudging her on the back of her leg while she is sitting at her desk...I'm smart! I know she keeps them there...but Yang hears her open the bag and comes running. She needs to learn to be quiet!

I sleep with Mommy all the time now...she is nice and warm to cuddle with. Then, when she wakes up, I rub up against her to get her to pet me and scratch my back. She sits on the bed for a long time petting me and never tries to pick me up, which is good. Later, when she is sitting at her desk, I nuzzle the back of her legs to let her know I am ready for her to brush me. I have her trained purrrfectly! Yang doesn't like this...he's jealous and stretches out on the back of the sofa with his back to us. Fine with me. I like getting all of the attention for a change. Mom has decreased our food, but I don't think Yang is losing any weight...I am because he eats my food and his. Mom takes care of that. She knows that I am a Princess and drink out of a bowl, not the toilet like Yang, and that I prefer the dry food to the liquid canned. So, while Yang sulks, she lets me eat. She spoils me but I deserve it!

My brother continues to take my food even though mom tries to keep him away. I still don't trust her with food, since food was used to catch me so much, I won't eat until she is in a different part of the apartment. She closes Yang up in the bedroom so I can eat, but then I get upset because I cannot find him or I think the Cat Ladies are coming to trim my nails. Then yesterday, she said "Something was rotten in the state of Denmark" and I got worried...until I realized she was studying the religious implications in Shakespheare's Hamlet, NOT my litter box!

I don't understand my mom! I leave her alone all day so she can get her work done, but when I get hungry, I'm hungry. I go sit in front of her at 3:30 every day, waiting for her to feed me. I even talk to her nicely, asking her to feed me because I am so hungry. She keeps telling me I have to wait...it isn't time yet! Every time I ask to be fed, she tells me I have to wait! What is this 'time' stuff? I don't know how to tell time...I don't have a clock. I just know that I am hungry, and I want to eat when I am hungry, not wait until 6:30! How do I teach her Siamese so she can understand? Maybe if I would let her hold me once, she would not be so mean.

Another wonderful Christmas with LOTS of toys to play with...guess I was a very good girl this year. Now that I have come out of my shell and started playing, Mom makes sure I have toys. I am talking more, too. The only sound I make is little squeaks unless Yang bites me...then I yell! But I also yell when I don't know where Yang is. I still need him around, even though there is another cat here that I love. Yang is my brother,and I will always want to be near him.

I have come a little further out of my shell. I still won't let mom pick me up. However, when she is sitting at her desk, I stand on my hind legs with my front paws on her leg and talk to her. She is not sure if I am begging for food or attention, but I mostly get pets and brushing - she is very strict about keeping my girlish figure. I spend a lot of time on the arm of her recliner and in her lap, too. She has been so sad for weeks, and I am doing all I can to cheer her up.

Passed my 6-year-old check-up with flying colors. The doctor says I am a purr-fect 7.7 pounds and said my mom is doing a great job of taking care of me. I let her hold me for a few minutes after the vet, but have gone back to just talking to her and jumping up on the arm of her desk chair or recliner for attention as desired. Life is so sweet now that mom found that other cat she was fostering a forever home.

WAHOO! My brother is home. I get so scared when he is gone, and he was gone a long time. He still doesn't feel very good, I can tell. So, I'll just cuddle up to him and let him know how much I love him until he feels like himself again.

Mom put us in what she called "Cat Camp" for 8 days while she moved from our wonderful one-bedroom apartment into a shoe box (studio apartment) where there is NO ROOM for me to chase Yang around any more. I hate it here. I won't even get into my Cat Tree even though it is by the windows and we can see the tops of the trees loaded with birds from this 3rd floor location. I preferred watching the chipmunks and squirrels playing on the ground...I'm afraid of heights! Even the beds on the window sill won't tempt me to look out the windows. I hide under the bed all day, only coming out to eat, sleep with Mom and try to get out the door of the apartment so I can explore bigger worlds!

Mom says I am a little stinker! I have come out of my shell and am ruling the roost. Yang doesn't know what to think of this new me. I'm the one pouncing on him instead of the other way around. I get to sit on the back of Mom's chair and rub the back of her head moving her dead back and forth while she tries to crochet. I'm now eating his food because he eats mine...and he is not happy about that!..I got tired of being hungry because he ate both, so I eat his now...so take that big brother! Mom still can't hold me, but she doesn't seem to mind because I let her pet me and cuddle a bit every day. All in all, I'm liking my new life...get used to it, Yang!

(Last update: Jan 21st, 2020 1pm)

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Name:   Rilla (The Little One)
ID#: VA6160
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 19 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 02/22/09
Adopted: 04/05/09
Deceased: 01/01/20
Congrats: Victoria
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
Get in here! Sit down, because I'm getting on your lap! Okay, squat down and I'll get on your knees. Okay, lay down and I'll climb on your chest. Well gosh, just bend down and I'll get on your back. I just want a cuddle!!!!! What's the matter with that??????

Fur soft as silk, I'm an easy keeper!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
4/22/16: Rilla is doing very well. It's hard to believe she will be 16 soon! She had her dental in February and didn't have to have any teeth pulled, thank goodness. She's slowing down a little, but continues to play and is so affectionate.

Rilla is thriving and such a sweetie! She had her dental cleaning in February and, unfortunately, had to have a couple of teeth pulled, but she did very well. She loves the heated mattress cover on my bed and curls up with me every night. When I adopted her, Siamese Rescue said she should be an 'only' cat. Siri told me that perhaps in the future I could consider adding another meezer and I would like to consider this.
7/28/14: I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful friend! Rilla continues to thrive and it's hard to believe she's 14 now. Her dental exam in February went very well and she didn't have to have any teeth pulled and her May check-up went equally well.
She is such a sweetie and likes to cuddle with me every night when I get home. Rilla still gets a little overstimulated when I brush her, but she lets me do so and doesn't put up any fuss when I trim her nails. What a difference it's been since I first brought her home.
I take her for walks in her pet stroller and she really appears to enjoy the outdoor time. I hope to have her for many more years and am very grateful for the years we've had. Thanks to Siri and Siamese Rescue for such a wonderful match!

4/5/17: We had a scare yesterday and I took Rilla to the vet. Her bloodwork came back with surprisingly good results. It looks like she has a UTI, which we're treating. She's feeling much better and I'll take her back to the vet in two weeks to get another urine sample. She is such a sweet girl and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

4/17/18: Rilla continues to do well; it's hard to believe she's 17. She has lost a little more weight and I'm feeding her more wet food. She still likes her Orijen and Evo dry foods and fresh water. Rilla's bloodwork was normal last time and the vet told me that her weight loss is due to aging. She's still pretty active and very affectionate! I take her to the vet twice a year now since she is a senior and she's due soon for another visit. This isn't her favorite place to be! I hope to have her with me for at least a few more years, but I'll take what I can get.

8/1/19: Rilla is still queen of the house and is doing well. A few months ago I noticed she was pacing and looked like she lost more weight. The last vet appt. went well and her bloodwork was normal. The vet told me senior cats can lose weight and we would keep an eye on it. This time, her bloodwork indicated hyperthyroidism. After some time with medication, Rilla has gained some weight and isn't pacing anymore. Her heart rate is back to normal and I can tell she's feeling better, thank goodness. She now hops into her stroller when she wants to go outside and is still the most affectionate little girl. It's hard to believe she's 19 years old, although I don't believe her hearing is as acute. Maybe it's become more selective! She's still quite active and I'm grateful for every day I have with her.

1/20/20: My heart is heavy. Rilla's hyperthyroidism became difficult to manage and she developed other problems as well. On Friday, January 17th, she crossed the rainbow bridge at our vets office while I was holding her in my arms. Rilla was such a blessing and brought such joy to my life. I'm trying to adjust without her, although I know how fortunate I am to have had her as long as I did. Rest in peace, sweetheart.

(Last update: Jan 20th, 2020 11pm)

Just like my namesake, I love to have a good time, be silly, a bit crazy, and a bit headstrong. I'm young and healthy, energetic and fun, and very comfortable in my own skin. If you want kitten like but just one, then ask about me and I'll share my secrets!
Name: Snow

(FKA Lucille Ball)

ID#: VA11075
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 09/13/15
Adopted: 11/21/15
Congrats: Yunjie
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat


Notes from Home
Great and smart...very strong personality, get well along with kids. no doubt very cute.

Everything is fine. sweet and happy. get along well with every family member. we are lucky to have her. hope she can control weight better and drink more...I keep working on it.

it has been two years! time flies....Snow is still sweet and active, like to sleep on our pillow....still bite lightly, but we are fine with that now.....I think she trained us.
Got a physical exam and shots on Sep, the Doctor said she should control weight, so add more wet food for her. She is very picky about wet food...does not eat most of all common cans on market.
very very sweet and smart, sometimes bite very lightly, love people and stay with you all the time.

(Last update: Jan 13th, 2020 12pm)

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Name:   Nalani
ID#: VA12824
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 10/27/18
Adopted: 12/15/18
Congrats: Pamela
Foster: Debra

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
Foster Mom is having issues getting pictures uploaded and it is a shame because I am a stunning seal point girl that should be gawked at and worshipped. She was able to post a video of me that shows you how stunning I am. I beg to be picked up so I can be carried around all the time. I LOVE giving kisses - Foster moms face, hands and neck get my attention. I am on the high energy side - not bouncing off the walls or anything - after all, I AM a lady but I do love to play. Mom keeps calling me a keeper but says my attitude towards other cats means I have to find other digs. I will need lots of love and attention so ask about me if you want a constant, demanding companion to worship.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Hello Siamese cat lovers!
I adopted my gorgeous Siamese December 15th, 2018. Nalani has brought so much joy to me, my friends, boyfriend, and my family. Nalani is 2 years old know and loves to play! She is a spoiled little love bug. Her favorite toy is the "chase the mouse toy" that comes on a stick. She also loves curling up with mom and gives lots of kitty kisses/licks! I cannot imagine my life without this little one in it, and I am so thankful to Siamese Rescue Center for matching me with such a loving and deserving kitten.

(Last update: Jan 9th, 2020 3pm)

I need a home. I like cats, dogs, and kids. I play. I meow when I want something. I want to sleep in your bed. I am a lapcat. I lie upside down. I purr. I'm pretty. Handsome too. I beg food from fosterdad. I am spoiled. I help wash dishes. I chase balls of paper. My teeth chatter when I see birds. I can't help it. I'm a great cat. Vote for me. Or even better, click on "Ask about me".

Name: Saban

(FKA Charlie)

ID#: VA7617
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 03/13/11
Adopted: 04/16/11
Congrats: Jeaninne
Foster: Williene

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
4/18/11-Charlie is home and loving it! He is a sweet, loving very curious kitty! He came into our house and within half hour made himself at home. He has found his favorite nap place and takes over our bed at night. He is going to be one spoiled baby!

4/19/11-Charlie has been renamed to Saban. My fiance says he is his new football watching partner and Nick Saban is the coach of Alabama so he will be a Alabama football fan. He's doing great and loving his new home. The funny thing is, with all the toys he has at home to play with he picks my ponytail holders. I find them all over the house and if I leave one on the bathroom counter he steals it. He's such a fun loving, sweet tempered kitty. These last couple of days with him have been so much fun. We both look so forward to getting home and seeing him every day. He will be making his first vet visit soon to meet his new doctor and make a new friend I'm sure. I will keep everyone updated.

4/21/11-Saban went to meet Dr. Wilburn yesterday. He was quite the ham. Nosing around the room sniffing everything. All the ladies loved him. The one guy thought he was "cool". When the nurse and Dr. Wilburn came in to see him he was ready to play with all of them. She said he looked great. His lungs and heart sound good and he is a fiesty one! He's such a sweet baby. We love him so much and have so much fun with him. He makes me laugh so hard when I am laying in the bed and he runs as fast as he can down the hall and jumps on the bed and onto the floor on the other side then starts all over again. He does it until he wears himself out.

We also weathered our first thunderstorm with tornado warnings together the other night. He was so good and not scared in the least bit. Infact he wanted to get in the window so bad to see what was making all the racket outside. Even when the thunder was shaking the house he never hid. Just laid in the floor like he's done it a thousand times! I don't think there will be a dull moment in our house now that he is with us :)

4/26/11-Saban is doing so well. He is the cutest most fun kitty. He makes us laugh all the time with his silly antics. I bought him a harness and a leash so he can go outside and walk around but he wanted nothing to do with it. I put it on him and he fell over. I even thought maybe if I took him out and put him in the grass he would give in and accept it! No such luck, so the leash is a work in progress. He loves to come in the bathroom in the mornings with me while I am getting ready and run and play and snoop through all my things. Since going to the vet he has not been able to play with my ponytail holders because they said he could swollew them so he tries to snoop some out. He goes absolutely crazy when he sees one and can't have it. If my hair is in a ponytail he will swipe at my hair trying to get it out. He's such a great kitty and we are so appreciative of the Siamese Rescue for bringing us together with him.

5/5/11-This weekend Saban gets to meet him "grandparents". We are very excited to introduce him to some more of his family. We know they are going to love him as much as we do. I'm not sure he is going to know what to do when they shut the bedroom door at night as he loves to drag his toys and his bed (yes his little bed) into the room at night. I'm trying to figure out if he wants the bed in there so he can sleep on it but I put it on the bed last night and he didn't. I think he drags things in there for us to play with him while we are sleeping. He is doing so well and eating like a horse. I have to be careful and limit him or he would eat the whole house. He is our precious baby and we feel like we have had him forever.

6/2/11-Saban is doing so well and he is so much fun and just precious. We decided to get him a "brother" so that he would have someone to play with while we are at work because he is so full of energy. Sabie loved his new brother right away and wanted to play but Bama was not so sure about Saban because he ran him to death and was constantly jumping and playing. But over the last week Bama has losened up alot and even started chasing Saban around the house. They tear up and down the hallway like race cars. But at night they get their bellies full and both get in the bed with us. Saban is a total food theif. You have to watch him because if you leave ANYTHING at all on the counter he will try and eat it. My fiance's dad has peg it, we think he is a dat (a cat dog). Thank you Siamese Cat Rescue for all the smiles and good times we have had with Sabie so far!

6/12/11-Saban and Bama are the best of friends. It's so cute. They run all over the house chasing each other and wrestling. We were a little worried that Bama was not going to adjust well to Saban but as you can see from the pictures I just uploaded they love each other!

9/1/11-We have had Saban for almost 5 months now and wouldn't know what to do without him. He is so mischevious and nosey and SUPER fun!! He LOVES his brother. I took Bama to the vet the other day and my husband said Saban went all over the house looking for him. He has started this new thing where he take pieces of his hard food out of his bowl and bats them and tosses them around the house chasing after them and when he finally feels like it, he will eat it and go back for another. Silly baby. We are looking forward to the winter to have these warm snugglie boys to sleep with!

9/13/11-New Pictures

10/18/11-We have had Saban for 6 months! Wow, we feel like he has been in our house with us forever. He's such a little ham and an in the closet cuddle kitty. He sneaks in for a cuddle while we are sleeping at night. Loves to curl up between our legs or beside us stretched out. If I pick him up during the day to hug and kiss on him he puts his paws on my face and pushes away (my husband calls it stiff arming). Him and his brother love to terrorize the house early in the morning. They get up with me to get ready in the morning and play in the bathroom chasing each other in and out the bathroom doors, all the while my husband is trying to sleep. Most of the time he is laying there watching them and laughing. You can't help but love his little personality. Last night a neighborhood kitty came to the kitchen window to visit, where they have a hammock bed in the window seal. I heard Saban making a crazy noise so I took a peek and the kitty was outside sitting in the flower bed under the window looking back at Saban. He's such a cute baby and we love him so much. We couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt from the Siamese Cat Rescue!

11/29/11-Saban had his first Thanksgiving with us and boy did he love some turkey! He filled his belly full then slept for hours. We put the Christmas tree up the Friday after Thanksgiving not sure what was going to happen and worried him and his brother may try to climb it or knock it over. So far they have just laid under it chilling...although Saban has discovered the smartie flavored candy canes and has decided to bite any of them hanging down that he can reach in half. He doesn't like the mint ones. Last night he saw his first snow, and he wasn't sure what to think. He just kept watching the flakes fall. I carried him out on the back porch and he didn't like them landing his head at all. This is going to be a very fun holiday season with our sweet baby kitties!


1/27/12-Saban is doing very well. We look forward so much to coming home from work to see our babies. They have some kitty "friends" that like to come and visit them while they are laying in their beds in the window seals. Their "protect my home" mode comes on immediately. I have attached a couple of new pictures of Saban. One of these days he is going to fall in that bathtub and I hope I am there to catch it on camera.

4/16/12-Happy Anniversary to our baby boy. Wow, we can't believe we have had our Saban for a whole year. Time sure flies. He's still a very curious, nosy baby. If it is new and different in the house he is going to be right up in the middle of it. Very much unlike his brother, Bama who runs at the sign of anything new. He's still not a lap kitty but he does love to snuggle and head butt in the morning before his nap. He's a sneaky boy too. My husband went fishing and had the fish fillets in the sink in a bowl and walked outside for a minute and came back in to Saban and Bama with a fillet on the floor going to town. They were so sad :( when Bill came in and caught them and took it away. We know the culprit was Saban because he is the only one who gets on the counters. Bama just get to reap the benefits. We love and enjoy every day with our boys. We really appreciate Siamese Cat Rescue for bringing us together with Saban. Thank you again!
The Holloway's

7/26/12-Saban had his yearly shots and check up at Dr. Wilburn's office on Tuesday, he is in great health. They all just rave about what a pretty boy he is. He is always so good and super nosy at the vet. He wants out of his cage to check everything out. He wasn't real happy when they took him out to weight him (15.4 lbs) and give him his shots then put his back. He wanted to roam the room and watch his brother, Bama get his check up and shots. I am attaching a picture of the sad look on his little face wanting out. They had their first baby visitors come and stay for a few days. My friends came to visit with their twins and Saban was so curious and not the least bit scared of them. He wanted to know exactly what those babies were doing at all times. We love those baby boys so much!

11/29/12-It's that time of the year, the Christmas tree is up and the temps are getting chilly. Saban is doing so good, I can't believe how much he has changed since we first adopted him. He is still mischievous as ever. Not one day has gone by since I put the Christmas tree up that I haven't come home to ornaments off the tree and even carried around the house (a snowman he discovered), and the tree skirt bunched up in the corner. Those silly babies run under the tree and play every chance they get. I have moved all the ornament out of reach, so the bottom of our tree is a little bare. I guess I should be thankful they don't climb the tree. We have changed their soft food to a brand my husband did some research on called Natural Balance (made by Dick Van Patten) and they LOVE it. They have chicken and green pea, duck and green pea salmon and green pea, venison and a lot of other kinds. The boys eat it up even with veggies in it. It's getting cold so they have gotten to where they both get in the bed with us and take over. Funny how 2 small kitties can take up so much space. We continue to love those babies so much and enjoy their company. I am attaching a couple of new pictures.

4/16/13-Wow, we can't believe it's been 2 years since we brought Saban into our family and what a wonderful addition he has been. He is still just like a kitten, full of energy and personality. He still loves his brother but picks and bugs him just like little brothers do. He is definitely his dad's cat. He loves my husband and comes to him when ever called. Most of the time he just looks at me like I am some kind of crazy person calling his name. We appreciate Siamese Cat Rescue every day for bringing us our boy. I am attaching some new pictures.

12/11/13-Merry Christmas fellow Siamese lovers. Saban is ready for Santa to bring him some presents although sometimes he's a naughty kitty. But we love love love him. He is still doing great and mischievous as ever. About a month ago we did have a issue with what we thought was a urinary tract infection. We took him to the vet 3 times :( They had to take urine each time and gave him (2) different antibiotics. Finally the third time he was not going to allow them to take the urine (he's a smart boy, and he knew what was coming) so they had to sedate him, which I think was more traumatic for me then him. She said that after the antibiotics and it wasn't better that she would culture it and bet it would not show bacteria but that he was inflamed down there. She gave him an anti inflammatory and some valium to help him relax to use the bathroom to try until we got the culture back. Within 3 days he was back to his old self and not in the litter box every few minutes. He was a good boy though and never went on the floor. I will say I have become a professional at giving him pills and he is actually really good about it. He outsmarted us with the pill pockets. The culture came back negative so no infection. We are just so happy he is feeling better and back to our old Sabie. Of course he is loving the Christmas tree and hiding and sleeping under it. He hopes you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

4/16/14-Wow, I can't believe Saban has been with us for 3 years. Time sure flies. He's still frisky and mischievous as ever. It's starting to warm up out and he has been "hunting" our hummingbirds that come to the feeders. He is bound and determined that he is going to catch one. Poor thing, doesn't realize that since he can't go out alone that momma is not going to let him kill one. But it's good for him to hunt. He is still not much of a lap kitty but he will stay and take a nap if you put him there. He does love to snuggle up to us in the bed and keep us nice and cozy on cold nights. He still loves his brother and they give each other baths but they always lead to a round of rough housing. He's gotten a little more vocal lately. But he doesn't have that typical siamese cry. It's a little kitty cry but still so cute. I can't help but tell him how adorable he is when he looks at me with that cute little face and meows. Thank you again Siamese rescue for bringing us to our cute, fluffy, frisky boy!

12/19/14-Merry Christmas my fellow Siamese cat lovers. Saban is gearing up for another holiday and is anxiously awaiting his usual Holiday company, his grandparents. He loves when they come to visit because they spoil him and his brother. So far we have had another year of no issues with the tree. Well only one ornament has been broken so far but it could be much worse. Saban is still doing great. Cute as ever. Him and his brother got their teeth cleaned a few months back. Since his urinary issues he doesn't like the vet at all. He was so unhappy with them after his teeth cleaning that 3 of them could not get him out of the cage to put in the carrier. I could hear him in the waiting room going a little nuts on them. Finally my husband had to go back and get him. Once he realized it was his daddy reaching in for him he was just fine. He went into his cage with no problems. Poor little guy. I hate he doesn't like them now. I'm sure there is probably a big note in his file that says BEWARE OF CAT! LOL. Anyway, he wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! He wants ya'll to check out his picture under the tree!

4/16/15-WOW 4 years we've had our little stinker. He is doing great, spoiled and completely loved! We could never imagine our household with out him running around playing, pestering his brother or taking over our entire bed at night. Thank you again Siamese Cat Rescue for 4 great years so far!

6/27/16-Saban has been with us over 5 years. He is doing great. He and his brother just had their yearly check up's and shots at the vet. Saban isn't too fond of the vet anymore. He just growls at them if they mess with him. He's such a sweet boy, I hate for them to see that side of him. He's still mischevious as ever. Alway into something and picking on his brother. They love to lay in the front window where the bird bath is and watch the birds...He loves to go in the garage and explore and hunt lizards (he catches them but they get taken away right away and put outside where he can't get them). He still doesn't love to get in your lap but if you put him there and pet him he will stay a little while. I am going to add a couple of new pictures. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer.

2/29/18-Saban is doing great. We have had him almost 7 years now. (April is his gotcha month). He is still a mischevious nosey boy who likes to get into everything. He met one of his dogcousins not too long ago. I wasn't sure how he would do with him but he was super curious. He never hissed or acted ugly. Bailey (his cousin) is a 15 year old tripod pom. The sweetest calmest dog I've ever met. I think Saban realized he was older and at a disadvantage only having 3 legs. I am going to attach a picture. We made it through Christmas with no tree incidents. We are now counting down the days until spring! Saban wishes you all a happy rest of winter!

1/7/19-It's been a while since I updated. Saban is doing great. He's been a busy kitty.We built a new house in the woods and he is busy back screen porch sitting and hunting deer from the windows. He's still the same silly kitty he always has been. We love him so much. He definitely brings a lot of personality to our house. I am attaching new pictures.

(Last update: Jan 7th, 2020 10am)

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Name:   Summit
ID#: VA6780
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 21 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 12/30/09
Adopted: 04/10/10
Deceased: 12/21/19
Congrats: Karen
Foster: Rinn

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
OK, fess up - have you been spending all your time asking about those young things??? Well, listen up - Foster Mom says I'm only middle aged. I don't much like that description, but it means that us Meezers can live a really long time. And that means I'm sticking around for many years if I can help it!

So here's a little bit about me. I'm sort of shy with new situations and new people, but once I decide you're OK, I'm all loving. Please rub my belly, would you? And bring that catnip over here - it makes me veeeery happy.

If you have a quiet home and would like a bed buddy or a computer buddy, then ask about me! Foster Mom thinks maybe a calm dog or a cat who would let me do my own thing would be OK. Or I'd be great as your one and only.

I talk in soft little meows. And I purr, purr, purr once you get me going! I just had all my teeth cleaned, too. So ask about me, and Foster Mom will tell you all about how great I am!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
April 2010

Summit has made great strides in her time in her forever home the past two weeks. Her foster mom Rinn prepared her well in accepting other animals and building her confidence. She is very sweet and enjoys sleeping with me and is slowly moving beyond her "safe" room to explore the rest of our home. Her friend Chaz (our other adopted snowshoe)) is working hard on her acceptance, and Jasmine (our woofer) gets 5 stars for good behavior. We easily coexist without any added strife or confusion.

All of Summut's tests have been good and she is eatting heartedly whatever food is presented to her. Both of the cats happily share their meals and seem to be enjoying the others companionship.

Thank you Rinn and Siamese Rescue for a wonderful beginning. It was nice meeting you Rinn and I 'm sure Summit felf safe with you on her long journey north to Connecticut.

Best regards and love from Summit,

May 2010

Summit continues to blossom in our home these past 6 weeks. She seeks out attention when she hears someone, but remains quite independent in her behavior. She has become more secure when approached and is really a love bug to those she likes. She is a huge snuggler to myself and my daughter when she is home from college and I have found it more comfortable to hold her. We are only too happy to help build her confidence and sense of self.

For such a little girl I wonder where all the food she consumes goes. She is slowly exploring the three floors of our home with much more interest and confidence. We hope she will be ready for our trip mid July to our home on the ocean with its big windows and we look forward to her being with us.

Her vet visit this month went very well and her chin acne is almost gone. Her weight is now 8 pounds and the vet reports she is a healthy sweetheart. She gets an A+ for litter habits and appetite and sweetness!

We will send photos soon. Love to Rinn,

Karen and Summit

Oct 2010

Summit has blossomed tremendously the past 2 months. Although she is still a bit hesitant of strangers, she no longer hides when a friend enters our home, and she is visible either in a chair, at the sliders, or on her post most of the day. She no longer ducks when reached for and my daughter is possessed to hold her and she just melts in her arms afterward. I must say she is a soft fluffy little bundle who acts younger than her described age of 10/11yrs. by previous owners. She is very alert and plays dramatically with her catnip toys, especially her banana toy, and spends most of her day intently watching the goings-on outside. Summit's appetite is very strong, and I wonder where all the food she consumes goes. She has accepted our other rescue (Chaz) and seems astonished she can walk past our dog (Jasmine) without fear. She is still a bed-bug that loves her safe room, but has become willing to share it with our household animals and friends and family. Summit has just discovered the bed sent to her from Siamese Rescue with complete awe, having eyed it for 6 months but fearful to be so exposed by sleeping in it on the floor. She now can spend the night in it if she chooses or bask in the sun in it during the day without fear. That picture is attached because it is so meaningful to me.
We are so pleased that Summy has progressed with such beauty, sweetness and energy. Thanks to everyone who played such a strong part in allowing this little girl to find her way, especially Rinn, her foster mom. We love our sweet pea, Karen

April 2012

Summit has lived happily and flourished in her forever home for two years now... how time flies. Our records show a 13+ age girl but that is hard to believe. Our fluffy girl progresses daily with her loving sweetness towards those she trusts whose circle continues to widen as she learns she is safe and loved. Summit's appetite is quite verocious, and her weight is now a stable 10 lbs., a perfect weight for her small frame. Her kidney values have remained stable with the daily addition of Azodol and her vet is very pleased with her health. She ventures out of her room with no antipation of danger and has found many favorite spots throughout our 3-floor home and is very alert throughout the day. Summit is a happpy member of our clan including Jasmine our 10 yr. lab/shep mix and Chaz our 12yr.earlier adoptee from SCRC who can now share the same bed and room on occassion. YEA!!
We love you Summy girl,
Ma & Pa and the other guys!

April 10, 2013


Our Summy girl is enjoying sharing the queen role with our 12-year old lab shepherd Jasmine. We lost our beloved Chaz suddenly last month and we all are struggling to adjust from that loss. I am able to give Summit more attention and she just loves our time together. She sleeps soundly next to me each night and is up early to check out the birds, squirrels and nature each morning. She has a great appetite and her weight is now a stable 10lbs. Summit continues on Azodyl 2x daily and her kidney values have been stable. She is much more accepting of strangers and our dog and any hissing is a rare event.

Summit is very beautiful and a great companion for me at home and next to the computer. We love you dearly Sunshine!


May 4, 2014


Summit is fairing very well in her 15th year of life. She loves to eat and has beome a snuggly and loving girl with her meowmom at night. The addition of her new younger SCRC friend Gunner has added a new dimension to her previous quiet and independednt life. Her friend is so insistant on her companionship that she now accepts his sweetness without much objection and the two are often together at least in the same room. My heart smiles when I find him on his back legs up, paws curled and she curled somewhere close by. Summit's medical exams and blood work have been excellent. Her right eye lens has fluxated and moves sometimes and she requires eye drops daily for glaucoma but these are easily done.. She continues on Azodyl twice daily for early kidney disase and her levels have been stable for three years since I have given her this probiotic. Summit still slips her tiny 9lb+ frame under the bed covers without disturbung anything around her for a daily nap each day!
It has been a total joy to love and care for her through these four plus years.

Stay well my Sunshine, we love you dearly.

Mom, Dad, Jasmine and Gunner

(Pictures soon when the sun comes out in New England!)

May 4, 2015

Dear Sunshine,

HAPPY 5 - Year Anniversary in Your Forever Home!

We are so happy to update our snowshoe geezer's great health and eye reports in her 16th year. She is a very strong girl and her eye reports have gone from possible eye removal to two years of various eye drop treatments (one involving a very severe reaction), high ocular pressures and glaucoma to completion of eye drop therapy for glaucoma and uvelitis. Her records are a very proud moment for her Opthamologist, Dr. Clara Williams at Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital and us.
Summit continues her Azodyl twice daily treatment and low protein Royal Canin diet. She has a wonderful appetite and heartily looks for her next meal!
Gunner, our scrc ragdoll fluffer has been with us now for one year and brings a ray of daily sunlight to her life. The two spend mornings together in front of our living room sliders before daybreak (now there is sunshine in Boston!) and often play with their toys together in our upper foyer. Summit still loves her catnip and it can get her very happy!

We will be uploading current photos today. Please check out how terrific this gal looks for her age!

We love you Summy!! Stay well xoxo.

Mom, Dad, Jasmine and Gunner

September 15, 2016

Dear Sweet Sunshine,

Happy 7th anniversary in our home Summy. You are a remarkable snowshoe at 17! We lost our sweet 15 year old lab/shepherd Jasmine this past December and life has really not been the same in our home without her You are simply amazing in your ability to become the girl of the household and you have increased your confidence and ability to be the girl of the house dramatically, It is wonderful to hear that Geezer voice which had been silent for so long!

You and Gunner are enjoying our home in Massachusetts and trips to Maine during the summer. You have adapted so well and we are so proud of our beautiful girl at 17 years old. We feel blessed to watch you develop into the sweet playful Geezer you were destined to be. Your diet of R.C.Renal and the Azodyl supplement seems to be working well for your kidney health and helping your health . We are proud to have cured your glaucoma, the first the opthamologist had seen! don't know what I would do without your early morning rubs in my bed!

Keep up the good work sweetheart. Our prayers are always with you Summy!

With our love always,

Mom, Dad and Gunner.

July 2019

Happy Golden Years Summy

We celebrated Summit's 20th birthday this year. She is amazing to us considering she battles pancreatitis, chronic kidney disease and glaucoma on a daily basis. We are helping her recover from a third eye lid procedure due to a hemorrhage in her right eye. She is such a trooper and wears her cone willingly each night so her mama can sleep and not worry. Gunner provides her much needed company and love. We have been so blessed to enjoy her since April 2010. Thank you all who continue to support and foster these beautiful kitties for Siamese Rescue. Will update pictures soon.

December 21, 2019

We love you always Summit

Our Precious Summy passed away today following some complications of a veterinarian prescribed arthritis injection. We will always remember her as a strong beam of light and the mother figure for our now 8 year old Gunner. Please pray for us and Gunner as our hearts are sadly broken.

You are so so missed "mama."

Our forever love,
Doug, Karen and Gunner

(Last update: Jan 5th, 2020 5pm)

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