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The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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Name: Neiko

(FKA Handsome)

ID#: VA11547
Location:  Delaware
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/26/16
Adopted: 07/30/16
Congrats: Margaret
Foster: Diane

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Handsome Nieko is a delightful cat who follows me around, curls up next to me on the opened up sofa bed, loves to play with the long braided colorful felt toy on a stick, and with his toy mouse, and balls!
He is eager to get to know Bella. But he was kept separate for 7-8 days. When Bella was behind the closed bedroom door he would bound up the stairs and lie outside the door. Once I woke up to hear him give out a cry at the BR door at about 2 am and then the next night it happened at about 3 a.m.
Bella was not as enthused. She met him when I first brought him in the carrier--and hissed twice before I took Nieko into the LR. When I put Bella in her carrier to take her to the vet on the 9th for her annual check up, I let Nieko out of the LR and he went right up to the carrier, rubbing on it --his chin on the front grate. Bella hissed a few times. When we returned from the vet, I left Bella in the carrier for maybe 5 min. and the same happened.
I tried the metal gate at the living room door that Lisa Downing loaned me, but it was only effective for a day or two as Nieko could leap over it. With Nieko in the LR, I would open the door a crack and Nieko would extend his paws, but Bella would not come up to the door, but watched for 2 ft away.
Then (day 10) when Bella was in the upstairs BR, Nieko went up with me, I opened the door a crack and they both were extending paws, no hissing, and I opened it a little wider and they nuzzled, no hissing, but suddenly they were at each other and bounding down the stairs and shrieking. It looked like Nieko attacking and Bella trying to get away. I followed with a water bottle and a towel to break it up, but both found their way under a large desk and then Bella under an nearby chest of drawers with a cloth cover extending to the floor that she hid behind it. When he emerged I checked Nieko for wounds and then put him in the LR and closed the door and checked Bella when she emerged. Both were OK.
8/13/17 Nieko (Neeko) had his check up July 19th. He was fine, got his shots, needs to lose some weight. Dr. B. suggested I cut back on the dry diet (Royal Canin Urinary SO moderate calories prescribed for Bella). Nieko is delightful, loves to chase his furry mice, a ball, and leap at the cat dancer and other dangling toys.

I have kept Bella and Nieko separate most of the time. When Nieko falls asleep in the Living room, I shut the door and let Bella out of the upstairs BR, and vice versa. Since I am home a lot now (retired), they each get hours with me and the chance to wander in most of the rooms.

I witnessed 2 fights--with Nieko attacking Bella and my cat sitter witnessed 2 more. I am again trying Rescue Remedy drops in their food, and I am going to try hormone diffuser again for more hours than II've tried in the past--suggested by Dr. B.

If I put Bella briefly in her carrier, Nieko comes up, rubs his cheeks on the grill and wants to be friends, but Bella hisses and growls.

(Last update: Aug 13th, 2017 12pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Yazhi

(FKA Shammie)

ID#: VA12091
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 11mon
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 06/10/17
Adopted: 07/01/17
Congrats: Diana
Foster: Julie

I have a problem with my right eye that will be permanent. The vet says that my eye injury is old and does not need to be treated. It reacts to light and movement. There is no way to predict if it will cause me problems in the future, but certainly not now. But I am so beautiful that you will not even notice it. I stay so very busy trying to get as many pets in as I can that no one is going to get a good stare at it if I can help it. It is not going to define my life. I seem to be okay with other cats, but dogs are really scary.Who needs dogs anyway? I do need lots of hands to help me keep my plush coat gorgeous.
Notes from Home
Greetings everyone at Siamese Rescue and foster Meowm!

I just passed my two-week anniversary in my fur-ever home, and I couldn’t be happier. My meown is the best and so are my big brothers, all three of them.

Do you have some time? I would like to tell my story thus far, especially now that I have convinced meowm to write an update. I discovered that I am not the only kitty here to be adopted from Siamese Rescue and I think I’ve got the other rescues to on board to have meowm write updates for them too. So, keep an eye or two out for those.

My storybook tale began on July 1st. I had a long trip through Meezer Express to my final destination here in West Virginia. That’s West Virginia not western Virginia. Everybody who traveled with me commented on my beauty and sweetness. I think some were a little disappointed that I couldn’t stay with them. There were no problems along the way and I am most grateful to all those who helped me get to my fur-ever home. When meowm saw me up close for the first time she thought I was cutest thing she had “ever” seen. And I am, don’t you know it?

When I got home, meowm put me in a room all by myself. She stayed with me and played with me for a long time. While I played, I kept seeing these noses appear under the door. One was black, one was gray, and one was brown. When I went to investigate, every time a paw would suddenly shoot out from under the door. One was black and brown, one was gray, and one white and gray. Now, I am still just a baby but that told me that there were other critters in my house. I had fun playing paws with my new friends.

The next day meowm took me out of my room and we watched TV and played games on her bed. She had shut the door but I could see those same noses and paws again. She put me back in my room before she went to sleep. I didn’t want to go so I dashed the door and met face to face, nose to nose actually, with another cat. It didn’t hiss at me. I think I scared it as much as it scared me. Instead of a hiss, it sneezed on me. Yuck! Meowm caught me and put me back in my room before the cat could sneeze on me again. Boy was that cat big.

On Monday, I dashed the door every time meowm opened it. The last time I did I went right through the railing to the stairs and discovered a whole new world. So much room to explore and there were more cats. This house has three besides me. Funny thing was that they weren’t immediately interested in me but rather my toys. They took all my toys. I didn’t really mind though because I found a big box of toys when I was exploring. So much to do. After dashing the door a half dozen times or so meown gave up on my confinement and let me out. I finally met all my brothers: Jacques, Irving, and Finnegan. They are so much fun to play with. They have only ever been the nicest of gentlemen to me. Finnegan seems a little sweet on me. He gives me baths.

Jacques is also from Siamese Rescue. Every cat’s name is special. Jacques got his because meowm went to France not long after he came to be with her. Irving got his name because meowm teaches at a middle school, Washington Irving. A colleague of hers brought him to school one day and he went home with her. He is as ornery as her students are according to meowm. And Finnegan got his name because a trip to Ireland is next on meowm’s bucket list. And me? Well, she gave me a new name too. My name is Yazhi. It’s pronounced Yahz- hee. It’s Navajo, and means “little one”. Meowm thinks I’m going to be a little kitty. She’s into language, she even speaks cat, and that’s why we have the names we do. She even has a betta fish. It’s named after the Greek letter Mu.

I guess that’s all for now.

Purrs and biscuits,

Yazhi (FKA Shammie)

PS: Meowm posted a picture of me. She’s a shutterbug, so be on the lookout for more pictures. I’ll make sure she posts more and updates from time to time. Ciao!


I've had my "meet and greet" with my vet (one of two) here. Dr, McCutcheon. He thought I was cute, in very good health, and is not worried about my eye. He thinks I can see with it. I haven't met Dr. Canfield yet. I'm sure I will eventually. I'm writing this because meowm gave me some news today and I am not sure how I feel about. She told me I am getting a sister soon, maybe this weekend. One would have thought that my brother's and me would have been enough. Meowm's heart is really big. She looking forward to the kitty, so I guess I am too. While I am here at the computer I thought I would upload a few more pictures. I hope you like them.



Oops! I’m a bit late in updating. Please forgive me, but I’m just too busy to sit down in front of the computer and peck at a keyboard. Besides, meowm is using it for lesson plans and other stuff.

Let me tell you a bit about a normal day in my life. During the week my day begins early, 5:15 in the blessed morning. Meowm has got to get up and go to work now. Bummer! Anyway, after breakfast, it’s playtime. Me and Jacques, he’s the meezer geezer, race and play tag, mostly in the rooms on the ground floor. It’s a lot of fun. He’s pretty quick for an old man. Next, it’s tag with Finnegan. We race each other up and down the stairs. There are two flights of stairs in this old house. It’s a lot of fun too. I like skidding across the hardwood floor on the second level. It’s like skating. Later, me and Irving play with these springs. We tote them all over the house and bat them to each other in a game of badminton. Meowm is determined to get a picture of one us toting a spring. That’s my morning routine. In the afternoon, we all like to curl up on the couch and nap. Irving is a big, fat pillow. The only thing missing is meowm. Why did July have to end? When meowm gets home in the afternoon, I am first to greet her. Everything starts again in the evening for meowm’s amusement.

My favorite thing is Friday evenings. Meowm pops a DVD into to the player and curls up on the chaise lounge under a blanket. One by one me and my brothers pile on top of her. I usually curl up right under her chin, Irving takes her belly, and Jacques and Finnegan split her legs. Meowm is stuck there like that for at least two hours. It’s the best. We can’t wait for Gytha to join us, although I’m not sure where she’ll find room. Meowm says it will be a while yet before we will have to worry about that.

A couple of weeks ago this red dot appeared on the floor. It moved and I could not resist chasing it. I was not alone. Irving and Finnegan couldn’t resist either. Only Jacques had the power to resist. Chasing it was fun and it would appear here, there, and everywhere. Then it did something really weird. The red dot would lead us into meowm’s room and the door would shut. Meowm would then disappear into the other room. I didn’t like that little trick. My sister is in the that room and all I wanted to do was meet her and play with her. I just couldn’t resist following that red dot. Now, it only appears on the lower level, and I can go into my sister’s room whenever I please.

My sister Gytha is pretty cool but wobbly. I want to play with her, but meowm says I have to be gentle. I can’t wait until she can join in all our kitty games.

Well, break time is over. Can you hear the pitter patter of kitty feet? Got things to do…


(Last update: Aug 13th, 2017 12am)

Lily is a shy girl who quickly warms up once she gets to know you. She will need a quiet home with no kids or dogs and adopters who will give her time to thrive. When she warms up to you, she is an extremely affectionate girl who loves attention, loves other cats, and loves to play. She is a bit fluffy.

Lily has some medical issues of concern. She has hip dysplasia in both hips that will require FHO surgery. Later, she may need additional surgery for bilateral medial luxating patellas (dislocated knee caps). The prognosis for the hips is very good and the prognosis for the knees is excellent. She can have a long and wonderful life, but will need these surgeries to attain that.

She is a wonderful girl who is worth the time, effort, and money. She needs a special adopter who is willing to open their heart and wallet to help her get the life she deserves. If that sounds like you, then be sure to ask about her!

Check out her new photos!

Name: Gytha

(FKA Lily)

ID#: VA12044
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 7mon
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 05/15/17
Adopted: 07/29/17
Congrats: Diana
Foster: Michelle

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home

Home at last, I think. I mean I hope this is home after such a long trip in a car. Just the last leg alone was two and half hours. There was some fog and some slow traffic, but the driver was a good one, a professional kitty taxi driver. When the car finally stopped moving this human claiming to be my meowm whisked me away faster than lightning to my room. She opened the door to my carrier but I stayed in my make-shift litter box. This new meowm laid down the floor with a big pillow. She spoke softly to me and I just winked back. Eventually, I think she dozed off. I took advantage of the opportunity to explore and use a proper litter box. Scratching around in the litter box got meowm's attention. She watched me like a hawk and when I was done, she was ready with some pets and chin scratches. I wasn't in the mood so I hissed at her and quickly went back to my litter box. At some point, she took off my collar. What a relief! I explored some more and this time let meowm pet and scratch me. It was nice. I ate, took my meds, and did my pt. Meown really needs to work on that. She good about giving me my meds, especially the stuff in the syringes and droppers, but she doesn't have the hang of the pt yet. No doubt she will get better with all the practice. I think she's gonna be a good meowm.


Meowm came in and I couldn't wait to get out of my carrier. I think I explored the whole room. After breakfast, I was famished, I marched all over the room. Meowm was amazed at how well I walked. I found a catnip cat scratcher and made use of it. Boy did that feel good!. Meowm ate her breakfast with me. I wanted her to share. I told her as much by rubbing against her feet and legs. She refused, saying that avocados aren't good for kitties. What's an avocado? When she finished her breakfast I showed her my belly which she scratched and tickled. I wrapped myself around her hand and kicked and nipped like cats do. She said ouch once to twice but otherwise didn't seem to mind. I guess my claws are a bit sharp. Finally, I found a nice sunny spot on the floor and took a bath. I really needed one. I'm a lady after all and the cone collar really makes it hard for a girl to take of business. Meowm put the collar on again when I showed some interest in my stitches.

I have my meet and greet with the vet on Thursday. Meowm says I'll be getting my stitches removed at that time too, Yippy! I'll let you know what the vet thinks of me.

Meowm also told me my new name. It's Gytha, pronounced j-eye-dah. It's an old Saxon name, and a royal one. It's means "gift" in England and in the Norse countries, "warrior". Meowm says I'm beautiful, precious, and a fighter to endure the pain of my condition, the surgery, and the pt. And that is why she is calling me Gytha.

Winks until next time,

Gytha FKA Lily

Meowm's posting some pics from my first night here. I hope you enjoy them.


Meowm here. Just couldn't resist sharing these pictures of my convalescing kitty taken after afternoon physical therapy.


I just got back from my meet and greet with the vet. Today I met Dr. Canfield. She really loves my looks. She said I was beautifully marked. I also impressed her with my tolerance for this and that and the progress I have made since my surgery. She even said that she had spoken with my surgeon and that she, too, is eager to watch my continued progress. It looks like between meowm and the vet I will be in good hands. They agreed that I should continue with my isolation, and the vet felt that it was a good idea if one of the other cats kittensat while meowm was at school. School? What's that? Why can't I be there with meowm too? There ought to be a law or something that says my meowm doesn't have to go! At least not in August!

I surprised meowm yesterday twice, First, before we began our PT session I showed meowm I could do it I myself. I stretched my legs in and out without her help. Four reps. Later, I wanted to let her know that I like her a lot so I did crazy eights around her legs. Meowm just stood there like Colossus. At first I thought I did something wrong, but then I looked up at her and I could tell by her grin and the twinkle in her eyes that doing those crazy eights was a good thing.

I am slowly getting to know the other kitties here. I've met Jacques and Yazhi. Yazhi tries to play with me, while Jacques just goes about his business. He did try and play with me once, but he moved so fast toward me that he scared me and I hissed at him. He stopped dead in his tracks. I've got some meow power. As meowm was shooing those two out of the room, Irving came in. He's a really big cat. He went straight for the toy box. I just kept playing with my mouse on a string. I did have an eye on him though just in case. Anyway, at some point, the mouse got away from me and I tapped Irving on his butt. I must have spooked him something awful because he somersaulted about two feet into the air. Meowm couldn't stop laughing and Irving had such a look of shame on his face.So classic. I couldn't help but think "oh yeah! the bigger they are...".

Yesterday, meowm went to the zoo. She said the lynx was a no show, but the tiger and leopards were magnificent. I'm just glad she didn't bring one of those home.

Purrs and winks,



Two weeks? I’ve been here two weeks! Wow! It seems like a lifetime. I’ve got meowm wrapped around my paws, and my brothers and my sister too. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I have met all my siblings and I like them. Yazhi really wants me to play with her and I follow her around when meowm lets me out of my room. I’m walking pretty well on the carpet. The hardwood floors are a bit slippery and I am not as steady on my feet, but I can move like lightning. I just can’t keep up with her. I am getting bolder too. I am starting to climb on things low to the ground. I once climbed onto the couch, meowm has been bringing me down to the lower level, and nearly gave meowm a heart attack. The first time she brought me downstairs, I marched myself right back up the stairs and to my room when I got tired. Meowm was powerless to do anything about it. I moved very fast. She hasn’t been so lenient with me since. She’s worried that I might hurt myself. Meowms, you just got to love them!

Meowm’s been trying to get some video of me walking about. When she does and can figure out how to post it, she will.

Winks and purrs,


(Last update: Aug 13th, 2017 12am)

Name:   Phoebe
ID#: VA11623
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 08/07/16
Adopted: 02/18/17
Deceased: 08/08/17
Congrats: Karen
Foster: Diane

Snowshoes rule!

I'm a low key girl that just wants a person of my own to love and hang out with. I follow Foster Mom around and am always somewhere close by. I love to be brushed and petted and love attention. I also love to eat but Foster Mom has me on a diet (Phooey!) because I still need to lose some weight. I have lost almost 2 pounds since I've been here - does she want me to waste away to nothing? I love cardboard scratchers and hanging out in big soft millie beds. I don't jump or climb up on anything. Foster Mom calls me a floor dweller. (That's a bit rude - don't you think?)

I get along just fine with the other three Siamese girls that live here. I came to Foster Mom's with some toys from my old home and I'm very protective of those and line them up on my fleece pad that I sleep on at night. If I spend the night in a millie bed I always bring a toy to bed with me.

I won't share my toys but I will share lots and lots of love so if you're looking for a wonderful companion please ask about me. I can't wait to hear from you!
Notes from Home
Phoebe is such a sweet and happy girl. We just love her.

So very sad to report that my beautiful beloved Phoebe was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.
We spent her last days celebrating her life; giving cuddles and coming to terms with the
fact that her time with us would be very short.

She passed away peacefully on August 9th. I will miss her everyday of my life.

I had Phoebe for less than six months, but I loved her as though she was mine
from the beginning. She was smart, gentle, beautiful, and a funny little girl.
I will miss her furry face.

My heart is completely broken.

(Last update: Aug 12th, 2017 11pm)

I'm an acrobat at heart, albeit a 15 pound one. I can do somersaults like there's no tomorrow - really! Check out my video! I'm the star of toes and feet. I love people, I love other cats. My needs are simple - dry kibbles, a medium sized lap, a quieter home, a kitty companion, and just a wee bit of patience. Oh, and some bare toes to somersault over.
Name: Jeb

(FKA Apollo fka Rebel)

ID#: VA4945
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 05/26/07
Adopted: 08/10/07
Congrats: Robert
Foster: Siri

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats


Notes from Home
8/16/12-JEB is doing extremely well. He still beats up on Reese now and then, but he has become my pal without doubt. He has had a check up back in April and is doing just fine and his teeth (especially those fangs) are healthy and white.

When I first met him JEB was not one for lap sitting or even light petting, but he has done a complete 180 and now can't get enough. Every morning without fail he sticks his head in the shower (with me in there of course) and tells me not to forget to wipe him off too!

8/10/14-And every morning he still sticks his head in the shower to make sure he will receive his damp towel bath. Quite the lap sitter and he sleeps with me every night; even though JEB doesn't meow in the typical cat fashion he squeaks his greeting to me when I arrive home every evening.

JEB is simply my best pal.

8/12/17-Can't believe it has been ten years! JEB is doing just fine and was recently in to see the vet for bacteria in his left ear. A good cleaning and some meds for a week and he's as good as new. He is still my best friend and yes he still has to be wiped down with a damp towel every morning. Thanks to Siri and Kathy and all the great folks at Siamese Rescue for bringing us together.

(Last update: Aug 12th, 2017 11am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Charlotte
ID#: VA9366
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
Date In: 06/29/13
Adopted: 08/03/13
Congrats: Colleen
Foster: Carol

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
Hi, I'm Charlotte! No I'm not a spider who writes stuff in webs! I'm glad to be out of the shelter. That was a scary place and little chilly. I'm in a nice comfortable playpen now, in a cozy room. I have a soft, fluffy round bed that I really like to make biscuits in. I actually like to make biscuits everywhere.
My new Meom is still getting to know me. I like when she picks me up and cuddles me. It's very comforting. I haven't felt like playing yet. I have to decide which toys I like best. There's lots to choose from.
So check back soon when Meom ads more news about me.
Happy Fourth of July!! I'm really enjoying this new Meezer hotel. There's some toys here for recreation and the menu is yummy. I'm a prefer fish dishes and the choices here are superb! There's plenty of time to socialize and that's my favorite thing.
Meom says she's going to find the hotel of a lifetime for me, a place where I can interact with my people pals. I love to meet new people. Yes, I'm just a bit cautious at first but I am quick to trust. Maybe you have a kitty friend for me to meet. I think I'd like to have someone to cuddle up with.
So hurry and ask about me. Meom says someone is going to love me to pieces. I'm looking forward to meeting you.
Now come on people, I'm rearing to go! I can't wait to move into your house. Do you have a friend for me to play with? Let's get with the program. I'm a purr machine. I love to make biscuits. I love a good petting session and an extended play session. I like feather toys and jingle balls. Do you have some of those things at your house? I'm just so looking forward to the fun we're going to have.
There is one little thing Meom says I have to get done first and that is be spayed. I don't know what she's talking about but I'm sure I'll be back in form really quick.
So get on the ball and send Meom an email! I'm waiting!
Yours purringly, Charlotte
Notes from Home
Charlotte is doing very well here. She was so scared her first few days here, I was afraid she would not bond with me. But this morning we crossed what I think of as her last hurdle and I woke up to find her in bed with me. I recently had two female cats die within weeks of each other (one was 18 and the other was found to have cancer) and was left with a lonely 6 six year old ragdoll mix who was lost without his companions. I knew I needed to get him a buddy, and that was my main criteria for selecting a cat. Several days after I had her, she escaped from her isolation room (think I did not pull the door all the way closed before going out) and I came home to find both cats sitting in my front window together. After I calmed down and was able to return her to her room, I thought well, the finding my boy a buddy part could not be going any better.

They are truly pals, and because she has unlimited energy his life has turned upside down. He was used to a lazy life with two older cats, but those days are over for now. They are chasing each other, wrestling, investigating items that could potentially become toys and having quite moments of rubbing heads and grooming each other. It is so sweet, and I cannot wait until I can post photos of my 16 pound chunky ragdoll and 7 pound petite tortie together but so far I have not gotten any good ones. I have to thank Peggy and Carol for thinking Charlotte would be the perfect buddy for Casper.

She is really sweet and affectionate to me also when she stops to rest. I am sure as she gets older she will have more quiet moments of wanting some lap time. Now it like a pit shop at a car race, a few seconds to get her ears rubbed, then full speed ahead again. But she is loving and entertaining and Casper loves her, so I could not have asked for more. Hopefully I will have photos up soon.

Charlotte is definitely feeling right at home here, and as you can see my formerly lonely boy Casper is smitten. She is a really sweet, loving cat with a ton of energy. But as the pictures show, she does like some down time for bonding with Casper and me. He tries to play with her sometimes, and it is pretty funny, because she is graceful and agile and he is quite the opposite. After our pretty stressful first week when she was terrified, escaped into my basement and I thought she would never bond with me, it makes me so happy to see her content here and I think she knows she has finally settled in for good. I think I can speak for Casper when I say I am really glad we chose her. And I am not jealous that I think she likes him more than me!

ONE YEAR UPDATE - Charlotte has settled in nicely. She is mellowing a little as time goes by, which her lazy buddy Casper is appreciating greatly. Now grooming sessions most often consist of snuggling, grooming and napping, and only occasionally end in a wrestling match. She is still obsessed with toys - I found a good deal online for a dozen foam soccer balls and when they arrived I gave her two. However, I left the bag where she could find it, and came home from work to find only two balls left in the bag. and there are now balls in every room of the house, and every now and then one of them goes bouncing off the walls or rolling under my feet. She wore out a Cat's Meow in only a month, and removed all the feathers from its replacement in less than a week. She is very upset when it needs new batteries and the wand is barely moving and supervises me changing the batteries - and there is no doubt she can't understand how it can take so long.

She is slowly getting more affectionate. She frequently gets on the couch to head butt me, and demands belly rubs as soon as I get up in the morning. She is still not patient enough to be a lap cat, but maybe someday. I am still amazed at how much she loves Casper and it makes me so happy to see them hanging out together.

18 MONTH UPDATE - Char has turned into the perfect loving cat. Tonight she was on my lap head butting and kneading and preventing me from finishing some paperwork. I said - stop being so lovable! - and I had to remember back to the early days when she was terrified of me, and I thought we would never bond. Those days are long behind us. I was grateful for small steps like not hiding for a half hour when I came home, asking to be picked up even for a short time, a few minutes of downtime next to me on the couch. Never would I have thought I would ever tell her she was too lovable. As you can see from the photos, she still loves Casper just as much as ever. I did worry for a while that she was ignoring him in favor of me, but they are still best buds. She is still the most active cat I have ever seen when she is not seeking attention from one of us. She is definitely very happy here.

2 YEAR .UPDATE: Char continues to be very happy with her buddy Casper. She still is a bundle of energy, but is maturing into a very loving girl. She is usually waiting on my bed at bedtime and demands that she gets a massage session before I even think of turning out the lights. She likes to sit on the back of the couch and head butt me. Both of these behaviors are pretty new, and I think she is on her way to behaving like she knows she has a royal namesake to emulate. If her coloring wasn't so unique I would not think she is the same cat I adopted 2 years ago. It has been very rewarding to watch her blossom.

3 YEAR UPDATE - Nothing much has changed in our lives. She is settling down and likes to sit next to me when I am watching TV or reading. She is an occassional lap sitter, but most often just likes to sit next to me. If I ignore her she will meow, then head butt and eventually give a love bite until she gets enough attention. I used to be jealous because when she would cuddle up to her brother Casper she always plopped down next to him and then wiggled her body until she was as close as possible, but now she does that with me too. I have reached the pinnacle of acceptance.

She is still extremely agile - I had a spider web with a spider in my kitchen skylight for a few days and she would be up on top of the cabinets in seconds. She would sometimes jump down directly to the tile floor and I would cringe, but she survived unscathed. Fortunately the spider only stayed a few days and she has had no reason to go back up that high anymore.. I think she is very happy and her and Casper are still best buds.


Char has new feline little brother who has more energy than her! Tony was a starving stray who had definitely been a housecat in the past. He fit right in from day one. Now Char has a young energetic buddy to chase and wrestle with and an older lazy one to snuggle with. Think Casper is very happy that his chasing and wrestling days are over.

Char is still wary of strangers and most guests never see her. The boys are always out and about and guests only see her in photos. My cat sitter only catches glimpses of her. But she has become very lovable with me, Because she is so little and agile, I often feel a cold nose nudging me before I even know she is nearby. If I react too slowly the nudge is followed by a love bite. Not conceivable that I might be too occupied to nuzzle a cat on two second notice! She is still addicted to her Cat's Meow toy and the glares I get when I am out of AA batteries make me feel like the world's most neglectful owner.

(Last update: Aug 12th, 2017 11am)

I've come back to the Center after my loving family hit some rough patches. I'm looking for a quieter home - stay tuned while I share more!
Name: Lucy

(FKA Nonni)

ID#: VA12012
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
DateIn: 04/15/17
Adopted: 04/24/17
Congrats: Kendra
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
4/24/17: First night at home Nonni is exploring and affectionate
5/2/17: Week One is over. Nonni continues to be affectionate. Still isolated from Bodhi but becoming more curious about what's outside her bedroom door.
5/29/17: Lucy (fka Nonni) is fully integrated into my home. She is affectionate and loves sitting on my lap. She gets along well with Bodhi, eating together, and often occupying space in the same area. I've noticed a little playfulness with each other. Occasionally, they will sit on me at the same time, but this does not seem fully comfortable for them yet. Lucy is very athletic, jumping and climbing to high places to perch, and she loves watching the world go by out the windows. She is truly a lovely cat and I'm happy she is settling in nicely here.

8/12/17: It's heartwarming when a new cat starts to show her softness after she settles in for a few months. Lucy has been on excellent behavior since moving in last April. She's welcomed chin scratches and lap sitting, has played with Bodhi, and as I said before, has been an overall sweet girl. In the last week or two, I'm starting to see her really gain her comfort. Previously, when she was sleeping and I would touch her, she would startle and meow. Now (as seen in the pic) when I touch her while sleeping, she is more likely to roll over and invite belly scratches. She now sleeps against my body at night (before she slept at the foot of the bed). Very nice to see her feeling more comfortable.

(Last update: Aug 12th, 2017 11am)

Name: Kira

(FKA Shakira)

ID#: VA10915
Location:  Indiana
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 07/13/15
Adopted: 08/11/15
Congrats: Carol
Foster: LaShawn

Foster Notes

My hips don't lie - I'm one sweet kitty! Friendly, petite, chatty, snuggly, young and adorable are just some of the great things about this gal.

Purrs & Chirps,

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
We have shortened her Name to Kira
(Last update: Aug 12th, 2017 7am)

Hi! My name is Tucker and I am searching for my forever home! I am hoping to be home for the holidays! I would look great under (or on) a tree! I was picked up as a stray and taken to the local shelter.. I am a very active and happy kitten and I am waiting patiently for the right home. I an fully vetted and ready to land in your stocking!


Name: Murray

(FKA Tucker)

ID#: VA11737
Location:  Kentucky
Sex: male
Current Age: 1 Yr
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 10/09/16
Adopted: 01/21/17
Congrats: Hannah
Foster: Jennifer

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
After 8 months of getting to know each other, Murray and I have become really bonded. He loves cuddling and he greets me at the door with meows and head butts. Murray sleeps with me frequently, and wakes me up regularly in the mornings to let me know that it's time to play! When he's in the mood, Murray is a rambunctious player and his favorite toys are moppy mice and a shoelace. He knows his name and comes when he's called. Murray truly is a gift and has charmed every person he's met, even the self-proclaimed dog lovers. ;) He's grown into quite the looker and is extremely muscular and handsome. I love being his mama and he always starts my day with a smile on my face. I can't imagine my life without him! THANK YOU, Siamese Rescue!
(Last update: Aug 11th, 2017 5pm)

Name:   Kashmir
ID#: VA8978
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
Date In: 12/14/12
Adopted: 08/10/13
Congrats: Tamsen
Foster: Siri

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
Listen, ladies. I know what it's like to be second fiddle in the world, and I have a secret to share. Getting tired of the run around from the male race? (Sorry guys, but it's often true!) How about switching species? Seriously - here's why:

I will always be faithful - my eyes will never stray to another.

I will always be on time for dinner - and I won't ever complain, no matter what you fix.

I will always feel like snuggling, and if you don't want to, that's okay with me too. I have my Millie bed I will bring with me.

I will always comfort you in times of sadness, patting you gently.

And money? I will always admire, never criticize, the new pair of shoes and new outfit that you splurged on. Promise!

So what do you say? How about a no conflict relationship? I'm ready to give you my heart, and promise never to take it away again!
Notes from Home
Frau Smudge (fka Kashmir) still rules the roost. Has prime spot in front of AC vent AND on bed. She was diagnosed with kidney failure a few months ago so we are periodically giving her IV fluids and she is on a special diet. She has lost a bit of weight but remains her same happy self and purrs all the time. As good as it gets!!

Happy to report that Kashmir is doing so well after her first two weeks. She and I have negotiated the food challenges (since she has few teeth) and she has taken possession of the premises. She has become playful- particularly enjoys a good game of tag, and she loves to chase toes under the covers. Also uses her cardboard cosmiccat scratcher many times a day. Has yet to turn down a pinch of catnip. She is a gentle soul but starting to show more spunk as she gets rested and figures that she is really home. Thank you Siri, Peggy, Kay, Jeanne, Julie and Shirley!!

9.6.13: i am happy to report that Kashmir is doing well. Her personality continues to emerge from behind her initial tentative approach to her new home. She purrs ALL the time and she races around the house after some imaginary prey,jst for the fun of it. She is very accepting of new humans and gives head butts and climb-overs readily. She is starting to express her opinions daily on a number of subjects- it is great to see the changes as she comes into her own. I am so
glad she picked me.

8.10.16- well, we moved to Oregon and Smudge (fka Kashmir) is firmly in charge of her household. She lounges on her catstand where her food bowl is on the top tier so she can look out over her 5 acres and all those birds from the comfort of her dining room. She still has gum inflammation but is responding well to continued treatment. She is a happy girl who loves people and is thriving- nickname is now Frau Smudge as the matriarch who rules the roost!

(Last update: Aug 10th, 2017 11am)

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