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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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I might be just the tiniest bit shy at first, but then I am off and running and there is no stopping me. I love to play with toys and eat and run and nap and play again and run and well you get the idea. I am one busy fellow, so you better hurry up and ask about me.
Name: Aboo

(FKA Banks)

ID#: VA7379
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 10/30/10
Adopted: 11/28/10
Congrats: Diane
Foster: Nancy

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
We adopted Aboo (fka Banks) on 11/28/10. Little did we know, when we named him after Aladdin's monkey in the Disney animated film, he would turn out to be such a little monkey! He dashes all around the house, jumps from a chair to the cat tree, catches the top landing with his front paws while the bottom half of his body & lower legs swing to and fro! Then, he jumps down to the second shelf and leans over the side of it to play with a dangling toy attached to the bottom of said shelf. Sometimes if he moves too quickly, he'll tumble to the floor. He then goes through the whole exercise again. What a riot! He also has become best buddies with our 5 yr old chocolate point male named Indy. As soon as we get into bed at night, they go wild, running up & down stairs and literally bouncing off furniture as they play together. When they finally wear each other out, they retire to our bed for some well earned rest. We are so thrilled to have Aboo as part of our family. I know Indy adores him because he has never once hissed or "growled" at Aboo, since they met. Keeping them apart the first 10days made the difference and I strongly reccommend it to all adoptors.

We lost a loving,goofy, easy going Seal Point named Roo on 10/1/11. He was only 6yrs old, had cancer, and was much too young to die. We live on a lake & have many guests every summer. Of my 3 cats, everyone liked Roo the most, because he never ran from anyone and would let everyone hold him & love him. When he died, I didn't want to try to replace him. I felt very helpless when he got sick, and finally told my husband that since I couldn't do anything to help Roo, I'd like to help another Siamese that needed a home. He agreed. We had NO IDEA that Aboo would turn out to be so much like Roo! It's incredible! If one believes in reincarnation, Roo is living proof. Not only is he loving, goofy and easy going, he hides in the same places, has Roo's tiny voice,drapes himself over the back of the sofa cushion,stretches himself out on the cold ceramic tile floor and gets on my kitchen table when I'm not looking. He has Roo's big, round blue eyes, slightly fluffy coat and is as soft as a bunny. When he darts around the house like he's being chased or chasing an imaginary friend, my husband says it's Roo chasing him! He has truly been a blessing and I'm so glad he's part of our lives. Now, if I can just figure out how to post some new photos . . .

(Last update: Sep 22nd, 2011 10am)

Name:   Bryce
ID#: VA7599
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 03/06/11
Adopted: 09/14/11
Deceased: 08/10/15
Congrats: Rebecca
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
Okay, so, I'm a cat with an attitude. After all, I'm very Siamese, very smart, and I was abused by people.
However, I'm a cat, and I can forgive, though it may take me awhile to forget. In the right home where I can proceed at my own pace, I am loving, interactive, and too smart for my own good.
In general, I find, people are short on patience. They want to pick you up and smooch you early on. They want to fulfill their needs instead of thinking about the cat's needs. I've been here four weeks and now I'll sit on Aunt Siri's lap and rub all over her. Sure, I'll give her a nip if she gets too forward, but she's pretty good - she didn't even try the lap thing until day 32.
I could tolerate another cat but in all honesty I'm afraid of them. I'm afraid of a lot of things, and that's why I've reacted with a little anger - if you were kicked and hit and taped up in a box, you'd probably be a bit angry too. But as I said, I'm a very smart cat, and I know the human race deserves a second chance. So I'm willing to give the right person that chance.
PS I'd really like to meet you before we make a commitment to each other, and will send you a gas card to help you get here.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Well, after about 3 months, Bryce finally moved from "Trial" to "Permanent" status last week, and we couldn't be happier! He is SUCH a lover!

It took him a little while to learn that he could trust us and that he didn't have to hiss and try to scare us away, but even that only took about two weeks. Now, his favorite thing to do is to curl up on a lap and get rubbed and scratched. He doesn't mind if you are trying to read a book or type on a laptop... he'll sit right on top of them so you can pet him. He has the sweetest little purr, which he's doing more and more. He's even won over my husband, who isn't really a "cat guy"... I came downstairs one evening to find Bryce curled up on Chris's chest, sound asleep about 2 inches from Chris's face, while Chris was trying to watch TV.

We've found that he has quite an affinity for potato chips (Barbecue or Regular only... not Sour Cream & Onion)... he'll steal them right off of your plate if you're not quick enough! He'll even grab them out of your hand as they are on their way to your mouth! He also loves playing in his water fountain... he often comes running into the room after getting a drink, with the entire top of his head dripping wet. He's a very busy guy... has to be involved in everything we do... from laundry (I've learned to check the dryer before closing it, because he climbs in) to cleaning (or taking the cat toys back out of the basket as soon as they are put away), or scrapbooking (I've learned to put a chair right next to me so he'll sit there instead of on top of my project).

He's still learning that he doesn't have to beat up our other cat, Suzie. Some days, he's great with her, other days, not so great... but it's a process. He's done so much better than we were prepared for overall, that this is really the only hurdle we've had to work through. We can smooch him, rough-house and wrestle with him, and rub all over him... he's completely fine with everything except for if we try to pick him up. Luckily he's a sucker for Pounce cat treats, so getting him into a carrier or to go back down into his basement in the evening is a piece of cake.

When I found Bryce online, I was just starting to think about maybe getting a new cat after my Siamese, Sam, passed away earlier this year, but I wasn't entirely sure I was ready. The second I saw Bryce's picture and profile online, I said to Chris "That's our new cat." I can't say enough for Siri and the time, resources, and love she put into finding this special guy a home. I'm so thankful that she decided to give us a chance!

-- Becky :)

(Last update: Sep 21st, 2011 9pm)

Just arrived.....such a looonnnggg ride for such a little munchkin! Whew, I am beat. I played with meowm's fingers all the way home. Just finished a wonderful fish dinner and now I am off to explore although meowm said something about snuggling--I don't know what that is but I sure hope it is fun!!! There are lots of toys to play with here but they are sooo big! And my bed--I don't think I could ever grow into it. You will see what I mean when you check out my pictures. You might notice I have a little teary eye but don't worry, we will get that fixed up in no time! Check back on me later after I have had a good nite's sleep!

Baby Bart

Name:   BartholoMEW
ID#: VA4240
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/12/06
Adopted: 08/26/06
Congrats: Kim
Foster: Sally


Notes from Home
Bart has grown into a rather large and lively beast! He is not a lap cat but loves to lounge and does not mind being picked up and carried around (mostly by my 12-year old daughter and her friends) and cuddled.
He enjoys mealtime....nips lightly at my legs if I am moving too slowly with his breakfast.

And he enjoys hanging out with his "sister" Zoe.

(Last update: Sep 21st, 2011 1pm)

Name: Clio

(FKA Cleopatra)

ID#: VA7577
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: female
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 02/20/11
Adopted: 09/20/11
Congrats: Gay
Foster: Frani

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
These are some things you need to know about me,
I am:
C - Charming
L - Lovable
E - Easy going
O - One of a kind
P - Playful
A - Adorable
T - Treasure
R - Reliable ( I use that litter box faithfully)
A - Amiable (I am friendly)
My favorite things are:
Snuggles: I love to sit on foster Frani - mostly her lap and shoulder. I love to snuggle like that.
Sink: It is great to have a drink as it drips on the faucet- see my Movie and you will see how happy I am with it.
Talk: I love to talk with people but I also know when to just purr quietly.
Laser Toy: I love to play with the little red thing that runs all over the place. It is way cool.
Person: I love to follow my person. I am just like a puppy!
Just ask foster Mom!!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Cleopatra is here now. For the time being she's upstairs, but that must change. She has so much curiosity! A snuggler too, but the snugglee has to be cautious not to get hissed at. What a silly cat.
(Last update: Sep 21st, 2011 12pm)

Hi there! I'm Moxie and I just arrived with my sister Wickett. I like to think of myself as the more reserved, patient, watchful one of my siblings - but I can also tell you a thing or two about dis-assembling a catnip mouse. I also learned overnight how to turn the Panic Mouse 'on' all by myself!, and I don't even have opposible thumbs! Modesty aside -- I've got it ALL - looks, smarts, and character!!
Name: Moxie

(FKA Moxie)

ID#: VA7822
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/24/11
Adopted: 08/14/11
Congrats: Matthew
Foster: Belinda

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Wow what a adventure it was to get her. I was unable to get Moxie and the prearranged date due to family matters. Then the next weekend they could not get any volunteers for the meezer express and finally they find somebody at the very last second. So I drove what should normally take about 2 hours to pick her up and got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on 95.
Finally I got to see my little girl and she was even more beautiful and precious then I had hoped. The trip back was not eventful besides Moxie meowing.
I had to kick my other cat out of his room and put Moxie in there but put up a baby gate so they could see and smell each other. HA..well that lasted about 4 hours when Paddy decided he had enough of that baby gate and hope right over it. What a little rascal!
So the very first day the two get integrated. I gotta be honest I was a tad nervous, Everything I had read, led me to believe that it would take days/weeks/months for the two to get comfortable with each other. HA shows what the experts know!
So by dinner time the day I picked Moxie up her and Paddy were chasing each other and playing and roughhousing. I was still a little nervous because that is all they were doing, but thankfully a few days later i caught Moxie cleaning Paddy. After that all my concerns were gone and I knew that these two were going to be great for each other.

Now I have had Moxie for a month and she is grown a bit. She loves to sit in the window sill and watch the world outside or in the door looking out the screen door. She absolutely loves to lie in the sun in the door and fall asleep.

(Last update: Sep 21st, 2011 11am)

Name:   Paddington (Paddy)
ID#: VA7758
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 05/30/11
Adopted: 07/09/11
Congrats: Matthew
Foster: Heida

My brother found a home, but I am still looking for my very own home also. I am a very sweet little boy, who loves to play and snuggle the other kitties, and I need to have a playmate in my forever home. I love to pounce on tails,play in the kitty tunnel, chase toys and get cuddled. My purr motor works really well an is easy to start.
Notes from Home
09/21/11 Wow how time flies and how grown up they become. On the 19th Paddy is 6 months and went from a quiet shy timid little guy to a playful, loving, purring machine big boy! Its amazing how small and shy he was and see the transformation.
When i first brought him home he was a little shy but a few hours later he was out of the carrier and exploring his room. A week later he was exploring the whole house but still a bit skittish. The first week he hid underneath my bed all day until I got home and could coax him out. Once I picked him up and petted him his little purr motor would fire on all cylinders, such a purr for such a little cat. His second week home and he is all over the house and not skittish at all.Truly amazing at how fast he adopted to his new home.

(Last update: Sep 21st, 2011 10am)

Hi there! Foster dad calls me Mahalo. As far as I know, its some sort of Hawaiian blessing. I don't know about all that, but I guess I'll just trust him. I still have a bit of a cold, but I'm starting to feel much better! I do so love my humans and insist on lavish affections from them. I'm very curious about the world around me, and I love to climb my foster dad! He doesn't seem to mind. Are you interested in applying for a position as my human jungle gym? Click on Ask about me!
Name:   Mahalo
ID#: VA6540
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 08/15/09
Adopted: 09/19/09
Congrats: Andra
Foster: Michael

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
I have settled in very comfortably in my new home – can’t believe it’s going on only six months since I arrived - I so belong here!! It’s difficult to imagine how my family ever survived without me – they just need so much supervision in everything they do. I try my best to be a good assistant/supervisor and lend my paw on every occasion I can. I also have the job of keeping track of the wildlife in the yard from the back porch – my favorite pastime! There are lots of birds and squirrels, but the most fun thing is watching the deer as they come to feed on the acorns – they get so much of my attention! Mom calls me her Velcro boy – I am on her lap every chance I get and try to always be as close to her as possible – but, when she goes out, then I have to take care of Dad. I have found a great friend in George (VA4078) – we are an equal match when it comes to roughhousing around, and tend to tear up the house at times! He is so much fun! Hope, the older kitty here, still doesn’t seem to care very much for me, but I keep trying to let her know I’m okay. Jasmine (VA5148) and I get along fine, but she tells me I’m a bit too much for her at times – she is just a petite 6+ pounds, while I am pushing 12 pounds now and still growing. They say I am going to be one big, handsome, muscular fellow!

Yes, this growing up is going well and my family loves me to pieces - they are so very happy to have me as part of the family. It was a perfect match. We all thank everyone concerned from the Rescue for letting me come to live with them – and, special thanks to Foster Michael for his TLC and for giving me such a good start in life!

Yes, life is good!!!! As you can see, I am one happy, busy guy - I hardly find time for my “catnaps”! Whew! Mahalo

P.S. How could I forget? A special thanks to Interviewer Beth Corliss - she was so patient and so much assistance through the whole process. Thank you Beth!

All is going well here. WOW! A whole year already! They tell me that I get more handsome every day, with beautiful color points and my pale blue eyes - and I still have my white toes! And yes, I am a big guy, for sure! I have settled down enough to realize I do need my catnaps during the day – but still spend lots of time on the porch watching the birds and wildlife outside. And, when I get bored I can pick on Hope and get hissed at, or play with George and Jasmine – and, there are toys everywhere! Just so much to do…

I am scheduled next week for that yearly checkup with my vet and foresee no problems there. A BIG THANK YOU once again to all at the Rescue – I am definitely very comfortable and happy in my forever home – and best of all, they are happy that I am with them and love me!


September 20, 2011

Mahalo is celebrating his two-year anniversary! Wow, time does fly when you’re having fun. He is doing fine and we have all settled in very nicely. He weighed in at 14+ pounds at the vets – still a very handsome, sweet guy!

I don’t do Facebook, but am looking for an answer on one big question I have – what is the best way to handle a houseful of cats when a catastrophic event occurs? When “Irene” was headed our way we were told to evacuate ASAP for at least a couple of days. Okay – we can pack up our human necessities, a kitty litter pan and litter, cat food and dishes for them. Have enough carriers for the cats, etc. BUT – still uncertain as how to handle the cats. Take four cats to a friends’ home? Not so good. Find a hotel that will accept four cats – can work, but… expensive. Go to a shelter that accepts pets? Traumatic for the cats as well as we humans! Leave them at home alone – NOT AN OPTION!!! What is the least traumatic experience for them? I had made reservations at a hotel a couple of hours North of our home, but by the time that Saturday morning arrived the weather was horrendous (heavy rain, winds, tornado warnings, thunder, lightning, etc.) and we made the decision to stick it out at home. Very fortunately it turned out we made the right decision – the storm did more damage in all other areas, and was not bad at home (only lost power for ½ an hour!). But…next time we may not be so lucky. Better planning is needed!!! Thanks for any suggestions.


(Last update: Sep 20th, 2011 4pm)

Name:   Wonton
ID#: VA7601
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 03/06/11
Adopted: 03/19/11
Deceased: 05/06/12
Congrats: Kathleen
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
A VERY sweet and gentle natured guy, I was tossed outside and did my best to choose a family to take me in - unfortunately, they couldn't keep me, but they called Siamese Rescue. Thank goodness they came quickly, the neighbor was throwing stones at me and saying rude things. Consequently, even though I'm very loving deep down, I'm a little nervous of things or people I don't know - so I might take, well, all of 20 minutes to settle in. After that, I'll be your good buddy if you promise to be nice to me - I worry a little bit that bad things will happen so sometimes I get startled - but overall, I remember that most humans are good and kind and loving. If you are one of them, how about asking about me?

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Wonton is a total joy! He's very sweet and loving. We have had a couple of ear infections to deal with and the vet was concerned about some of his blood work involving his kidneys but we will have the work repeated in a couple of months. Hopefully, it is not early kidney failure. He and my tortie siamese still do not get along so they lead pretty much separate lives. He lives upstairs and she lives downstairs with totally separate eating and litter box areas. They do meet daily though warily daily on the main floor and screened deck area which they both love. There have been a couple of scuffles but no harm done other than bruised egos.

Wonton is eating well and has gained weight so he's no longer thin. He enjoys lap time and porch time. He still plays with his catnip toy sent from your rescue but shows little interest in other cat toys--feather wands, laser lights, balls etc. I don't think he's had much experience with toys in the past. He continues to run and hide whenever there are other people in the house (eg. my daughter and her family) Maybe he was abused by children at one time --who knows?? My grandkids are very gentle and would very much like to make friends with him but he's just not ready..

(Last update: Sep 19th, 2011 7pm)

I need to be your one and only. Do you have the time and patience to let me love you? I want to love someone so much.

I'm a good boy, no trouble at all. I'm a pro at the litter box and not a fussy eater. Even though I have beautiful long fur, it doesn't require a lot of attention.

I need somebody to love me. I'll return it a thousand times over. I just need to know I can trust you. I could be your soulmate kitty. I know I could.


Sunny (Bunny)
Name:   Sundance
ID#: VA7830
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Balinese
DateIn: 06/27/11
Adopted: 08/19/11
Congrats: Christine
Foster: Donna

This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat


Notes from Home
9/2/11- Today, we celebrate Sunny's 2 week anniversary as part of our family! He's adapting to his new environment beautifully so far. He's closer and more trusting of me than he is of my husband, but we're making inroads- he's allowing Steve to pet him now, and isn't so quick to hide under the bed.

During the day, Sunny comes to visit me in my office now and again, and sings sweet songs to me in Balinese. Being a Sweet Adeline, I of course sing right back :-) He's recently found the courage to come out into our glass room and check out his new cat tree. And, at night, when I go to bed, I can count on a big furry guy to curl up with me for lovin', complete with lots of purrs and kisses. We have playtime every night- too much fun!

We'll be taking him to meet his new vet today- they were very fond of our sweet angel Chula, and I know they are going to go gaga over this big hunk of Balinese boy.

Purrs from Steve, Christine, and Sunny!

9/19/11- Sunny's now been a part of our family for a month! To celebrate, we gave him extra playtime and treats last night. He continues to settle in well- he still gets a bit spooky now and again, but nowhere near as much as before. He's allowing Steve to pet him much more often, and is generally being a great companion. Although he still likes to sleep under the bed/behind the couch, he is out and about more often now, so we can admire and pet him, which, of course, he loves. Our vet and his staff pretty much went gaga over him when we took him for his first visit- they've been so supportive, and were happy to have us post SCRC information in their office.

There are days when it's hard for me to believe that Sunny was not always with us:-)

Purrs and headbutts to everyone!!

(Last update: Sep 19th, 2011 9am)

Name: Jasmine "Jazzy"

(FKA Pyewacket)

ID#: VA7847
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 07/07/11
Adopted: 08/13/11
Congrats: Maureen
Foster: Siri

Easy going gal who was a stray and discovered that the inside world is a much better place to be, with clean litterboxes, plenty of food, and lots of love. I'm adoring all of this! Starting to integrate with the other cats here and not having any problems either! (Not sure about dogs, we'd have to get to know each other)

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Jazzi has been with us a month, and all is well. She's adapting quite nicely and has settled into a routine. She has her favorite napping spots, etc. She's still not a lap sitter, but we're working on that. She does love to be brushed, though.

She's a very sweet, good-natured girl. She's very friendly and not at all shy with strangers. She's fascinated by people's feet, which we find amusing!

We are convinced that Jazzi was well-loved by her former family and that she probably wandered away from her home, rather than being abandoned because it appears that someone spent a lot of time with her and trained her very well. She really has no bad habits (very little scratching, fortunately). She's tried maybe 3 times to get on the table, but when we warn her with a "no," she doesn't do it. She still jumps on the kitchen counters on occasion (looking for food), but gets right down when we tell her "no." She's very obedient. Of course, we have no idea what she does when we're not at home. She probably has a grand old time doing everything she's not supposed to do!

Jazzi loves to play. We bought her the Undercover Mouse, which she really enjoys. She also likes to play fetch with Ron. She returns the ball or toy to him consistently until she tires of playing, then she lies down next to it. Of course, she gets a treat when she fetches! She also sits on command when we feed her. She's quite smart.

She still loves her food, but she's slowed down a bit and doesn't harass for food as she did when she first came here. She no longer worries about where her next meal is coming from.

That's about it. We love her and she's become an important member of our family. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures.

(Last update: Sep 15th, 2011 12pm)

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