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UPDATE 7/31/12 - Still itchy, but my vet has consulted a vet dermatologist and we are waiting on his thoughts and a plan for me. I am really totally healed up as you can see in my new pictures - just still itchy. Hope I can go HOME soon. Purrs and headbutts, JR

UPDATE: 7/12/12 - Well, I've tried a couple new medicines and I still itch. But we are continuing to try other medicines to help. Mama Katie even dressed me up in leather doggie booties to see if they would shield my claws if I scratched. They worked fine, BUT, I told her in NO undertain terms that I was NOT a DOG and would NOT wear those booties even when she put vet wrap around them. Then she tried baby booties and I didn't like those any better. SO, no shoes, booties or anything going on MY paws. Now she is going to try something called Soft Claws - have no idea what those are, but I guess I'll see if I'm gonna wear them. Stay tuend. Purrs and headbutts from JR. .

UPDATE 6/24/12 - It's been two months since I came to Hotel delShue. WOW, I sure have gotten better. Check out my latest photos with FUR on my face. Yes, REAL fur. Purrs and Headbutts, JR

UPDATE New t-shirt shots in my gallery. And, one really nice picture with my blue eyes, new whiskers and my "peach fuzz". Mama Katie says I should be very proud of that new "fuzz" on my face. Purrs, JR

UPDATE: 5/22/12 - Look at my new pictures. I have "new soft skin" on my face and neck, too. There are even whiskers and a little fur growing back in. And, my EYES. You can finally see them and see how wonderfully blue they are. New "t" shot coming in a couple days - stay tuned. LOTS of love, JR.

UPDATE - 5/17/12 Mama Katie made me a t-shirt to wear, but I was too tired to try it on last night, so she just put it around me and took some pictures. More to come. I got to wear my new orange vet wrap too for the first time - makes me look pretty "spiffy". Purrs and chin cuddles, JR

UPDATE: 5/13/12. JR's updated new pictures of his much improved face are up for you to see., One of JR's biggest fans has suggested that he needs some t-shirts with JR slogans on them. Join in on the fun. I'll be making a few in the next few weeks or that he can model. Here are the current ideas: "Please hold me." for JR and "I'm JR's #1 holder" for me., "I survived" for JR. And, when he is all healed a picture of him before and after with the slogan, "I am against animal cruelty". Any more ideas? E-mail to foster mom at kathryn790@aol.com. Purrs and big headbutts from Mama Katie and JR.

UPDATE: 5/10/12 JR saw the vet today for his recheck. He is doing well. The left side of his face has new skin over almost all of it, the area on his neck has all new skin and is healing very well. The right side of his face which was the worst to begin with it still healing. He got his vet wrap off of it last night again and did some scratching, so it doesn't look as good today as it did yesterday. The vet was pleased anyway. He is not going to need grafts, so she said that she could go ahead and neuter him tomorrow. He might need some surgery later after everything heals and the skin gets firmer, but for now, he's doing fantastic. He is SUCH a good boy. Will need to continue to be treated, wrapped and get pain meds for quite a while so that he doesn't rip the new skin away.

UPDATE: 5/7/12 - It's started!! I am starting to heal. Mama Katie and Daddy Vic are so excited. I'm still trying to get out of my "head gear" and do sometimes, but I'm not franitic when I do any more. They just fix me up and hold me and I go back to sleep. Mama Katie took some new pictures of me so you can see how my face is looking now with the new skin growing in around the edges. It's a pretty exciting time and will take a lot longer to finish healing, but I'm GETTING BETTER. It's a happy time for all of us. Purrs and headbutts, JR
WARNING - if you are squeemish about blood, you might not want to look at my new pictures pr videos.

UPDATE 4/27/12 - My burns are starting to heal. My face isn't as red and with the cream, I don't itch quite so much. The vet put a new red "hat" on me today. Mama Katie will get some pictures up of that pretty soon. She says that now I'm an IU fan - lots of those in this house. Kathleen, one fo the IN/KY/IL team volunteers came to visit tonight and held and cuddled me and let me sleep in her arms. I really liked that. Purrs, cuddles and snores, JR.

Hi - my name is JR. Do you know who I am named after? If you watched last seasons Dancing with the Stars, you will. You see, I am a survivor of some pretty bad burns just like JR Martinez. Mama Katie said I needed a positive outlook to get through all of this, so she gave me a positive survivor's name. No one knows exactly what happened to me, but someone may have poured acid on me. Fortunately, I closed my eyes, so they are not burned, but my face and under my neck are very sore and raw right now. The vet gave me lots of TLC today and everyone in the office helped get me cleaned up, treated and put a special head wrap on me ot help me heal and not scratch my wounds. You would think that I would be a grumpy boy, but I an SOOOOOO sweet and kept trying to headbutt the people who loved and took care of me. Everyone who has seen me says that I am a very sweet and loving boy. They all wanted to help me. I am going to need several weeks to heal and after that I'll need a special home where they will love me no matter how disfigured my face is. My rescue vet says that she "might" want to do some surgery to help me heal faster and make my face less scared and stretched, but that won't happen for a while. In the meantime, if you have a special place in your heart for a very special boy with an attitude just as positive as his name sake, be sure to ask about me. Purrs and headbutts, JR Meezer.
Name:   JR
ID#: VA8490
Location:  Indiana
Sex: male
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 04/24/12
Adopted: 09/08/12
Congrats: Rena
Foster: Katie

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Hi everyone. JR just wanted to check in and say Hello. All is going well for him. He is the love of my life and my kindred kitty spirit. My fuzz face likes to cuddle in my lap, follow Katie around the house, and even lets Bubba love him. His favorite pass time is sitting on the kitchen table on top of Katie's books or computer, distracting her from her homework. After all, he is more important. LOL, He has finally made friends with Indigo and I thought things would quiet down. Boy was I wrong. When they play and run, they sound like horses. They play all the time, eat together, and sleep together. They love sneaking up on each other and chasing each other JR is spoiled rotten. Recently we introduced him to fresh catnip grown at Poppy's. He loved it. He rolled on it, chewed on it, and tossed it all about. JR is such a loving kitty. Everyone in my neighborhood comes to visit him and Indie. They can't believe the changes in him (and her) since he first arrived. His face has totally healed, and some of his hair has grown back. His scars are smooth and soft, not at all dry. He no longer scratches at his face or ears. Well we have to go because my fuzz face is trying to sit on the computer now. Guess it is kitty time. Love and kisses to everyone and our sincere thanks for saving his life and letting him come into our forever home.

Jr. wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hopes everyone had a great holiday. Jr. has been very busy since being adopted. He is all healed up, off all of his meds, no longer wears the cone, and RULES the house. After a rocky first few weeks, we found a new food that he liked and that seemed to help the itching go away even more. He now eats Blue Buffalo Basic Duck. We had to change Indigo's food to the same since our little piggy boy would sneak into the pantry and eat her Blue Buffalo Wildernees Chicken. Chicken is definetly a no-no for him. Jr. is quite the lover boy. He loves sitting in our laps and getting his chin rubbed. He sleeps with Mommy at night and keeps her company during the day when everyone is gone. The hair on his face has come back pretty good and his coat is so soft and silky. He likes to follow us around the house and swat at our legs as we walk. He sits on the steps and swats at our heads when we go by. Jr. really enjoyed the christmas tree. Those dangling ornaments and twinkling lights were just too much to resist. The family has had to hang many ornaments back on the tree after they mysteriously fell off. Jr. tried to say it wasn't him, but the glitter on his head and feet gave him away. My love bug is sooooo playful that it sometimes gets him in trouble, especially with Indigo who does not appreciate being pounced on.

Sorry it has taken so long to update his page, but its hard to resist just sitting on the couch and snuggling with my blue eyed soul mate.

Best wishes, snuggles, purrs from us all,
Jr. and Family

(Last update: Jul 17th, 2013 10am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Indigo
ID#: VA8525
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 05/11/12
Adopted: 06/02/12
Congrats: Rena
Foster: Kay

I'm a sweet petite little girl who seems to have a well rounded personality with no issues so far. Foster mom says she will check me out with doggies soon.
Yes, those blue babies on the site are mine. Now that my mom status is finished, I hope to find a loving family to share the rest of my life with.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Hi everyone. Just wanted to post an update on our little Indigo. It's been a year since we adopted Indie into our home and we couldn't be happier with her. She is definitely a Daddy's girl, but she also loves her Poppy. She loves to sleep next to Daddy at night, get Katie loves in the morning, and play tag with JR. I never thought I would see the two of them get along but something changed this spring and now they are best buddies. She loves to sneak up and attack him when he isn't looking. He likes to grab her feet from under the bed when she walks by. They eat together, sleep together, and play together. Couldn't be happier with our sweet little girl. :)

Hi, it's Indigo. Mom and I are just stopping by to update you on my life since being adopted. First, let me say that I have the most wonderful Daddy in the world. He is my favorite human and I am his eyeballs. He loves to snuggle with me on the couch, carry me around in his arms, and he evens lets me bite him. I don't bite to be mean, I just love him so much that I could just eat him right up! I love being in the kitchen. That's were the action is. My family is always in there. I can't figure out why they keep opening that big white thing with the door (the frig) but it's cold in there. Sometimes I get in the way so they can't shut it and poke my nose up in the to see what's up. I also find that the other thing they put clothes (the dryer) in is a great place to hide, but mom runs me out, It's so warm to lay on top of. I like to sit on the kitchen table and watch everyone cooking, doing dishes, and doing homework. I know I can't be on the table when they are eating, but I get up there when Katie is doing her homework. She only fusses when I lay on the computer or text book and she can't do her work. But, who needs homework because she should by loving me. I still am not crazy about that little boy. I let him touch me for a few then I ge up and go away. He is like JR. They are both too loud and too wild for my liking. I like the bigger people. They tell me how beautiful I am and I just eat it up. I have even trained my Poppop. When he comes to visit I like to get loves from him and I chuckle when the chases JR away when he's bothering me. Katie and I are Poppop's girls. I like roaming about the house at night. Dad's not a big sleeper and we get a lot of alone time. JR is like mom, he likes sleeping at night and being up during the day. This works for me because I can get into mischief at night and blame it on him. LOL I like being the big sister.

I love my forever home and my family. They spoil me rotten and the luvs are endless.

Purrs and Snuggles,
Indigo and family

(Last update: Jul 17th, 2013 9am)


Not only am I a huge flirt, but I am playful, athletic, and chirpy. I love attention and love to give kisses and headbutts. Foster mom is trying to get me used to being held, but after 10 seconds, or so, I am ready to get down. That's enough time for foster mom to sneak in a few kisses, though. I LOVE people, and I love lots of pets and scritches.

I'm cute as a button and have the cutest bob tail. I am a chocolate snowshoe point and I have the most exquisite markings.

Chirps and Headbutts,
Ella (AKA Ella Bean, to foster mom)

Make sure you check out my new pictures! I have videos, too, but foster mom is trying to figure out how to display them properly ...
Name: Mika

(FKA Ella)

ID#: VA7538
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 02/03/11
Adopted: 07/16/11
Congrats: Marcia
Foster: Deborah

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
Ella- NKA Mika is making good strides, although she still is a fraidy cat. She stepped on a blanket the other day and was horrified. What's that? She has a love/hate relationship with a green dust mop. BUT yesterday she explored the cat tree on the lanai all by herself and declared it hers.
She is a love bug. She eats like a little piggy. She will even eat a can that has been previously opened. No turning up her nose - no walking away in disgust. She EATS!

A interesing note but perhaps TMI- she may resent me telling this when she older but I will chance the therapy. She poops while standing on her hind legs. She raises herself up like a pony and (excuse me) just does it. Then she looks at you - like- "What's the matter? Isn't this how every cat does this?"
Thanks to all for getting her here.
as ever MAWebb
August 18/2011

Mika is doing well. She still is scaredy cat. She does not like the cat she sees in the mirror. She stands her ground like she is Clint Eastwood"s Dirty Harry. "Go ahead make my day".
She is allowing me to pick her up but only to hold for 30 sec or so. She does come by and stop at the side of my chair to get petted. She will come up on the bed and get petted.
She is very BUSY- here there and everywhere. She is not like Mystic- you put him somewhere and he would stay there. Her first job every morning is as "Security Cat"- she goes and checks the whole house out all around the perimeter. She went to the vet and was good as gold- no leaping off the table. She passed her exam with colors flying and tail rotating.

She has a new word in her vocabulary- GET, as in
GET the wand
GET the toy mouse
GET off the table
GET off the counter.
GET out of the cupboard
GET down from those towels
GET up on your tree
GET away from the front door
BUT the the best use of the word GET is

GET out of the dishwasher!

She is a hoot- she looks at you as if to say- "what?- who me? I'm cute
and we know it- so just accept it and go on with our life!

She races to her tree at meal time and that tail goes round and round. She is very affectionate on her tree otherwise she is way too busy to stop and GET cuddles.

She is flourishing


Mika is growing by leaps and paws. I say paws because she seems to have an OCD reaction to the cat in the mirror and the back of doors. She paws at them. She locked herslf in the office by pawing at the back of the door, so there are door stops in her future.
She does accept getting on my chest for a little T-Touch of her ears and she will purr. She barely meows but makes a chirping sound instead. When she gets goofy, she chirps and kicks up her heels and off she goes. She can do back flips. She loves playing with toy mice and hides them under a rug. She does fetch with her favorite one but- only if she is in the right mood- my dear.

She is having trouble with her anal sacs. She has very dense thick hair and she does have lots of fur in her poop and does get constipated. At first, I thought she had blood on her bum-bum but it is the oil from the sac. One protudes after her BM. I am using Miralax and laxatone, but if any one has any suggestions- please go ahead.

She is having a good Christmas. She climbed the fireplace wall to swing from the mantle to bat an ornament and then turn around and looked at me - with that "What?" expression on her face.

Mika 2013:
Mika is quiet the character and not the least bit spoiled. Yeah right.

She is full of energy most of the time. Busy Busy Busy. Most often, she goes to sleep on the lanai. But there are times, when, you just can’t find her. My friend CC and I searched one day for two hours and never found her. So, she is good at hiding.

Her routine is to wake about 6AM and come in from the lanai. The best money I ever spent was a pet door for her. She can runs in and out to the lanai any time she wants. The lanai has windows and screens with no access to the outside. It is surrounded by a fenced in patio and she loves to watch the lizards and the birds out there. She loves her pet door so much, that even if I open the sliding glass door for her, she will use the pet door instead.

We call her a traitor. When I have to go to work, sometimes out of state, CC will stay with her. When I am home, she won’t let CC touch her. She runs and hides. BUT if I am not home, she will go to CC, show off her belly, wait for belly rubs and purrs away. But when I am home – OH NO- she will run away.

She runs to her room for food. She eats in the afternoon. I’ve had problems in the past with cats, waking me at all hours to eat. I have some disabilities so I need my rest. She starts chirping around two in the afternoon. She does not meow- she chirps. She will run to her tree in her room. She glances behind just to make sure you are following. You MUST brush her first. Elevator Butt. Then she hops up to eat. She likes fish- only fish. One day I did give her some chicken and beef, but she kept licking her feet- a sign of allergies.

She still does not like to be picked up. I could chase her around all morning and she won’t let me pick her up. The only time, she will allow herself to be picked up is when she comes in from the lanai and she stretches herself all out and then she will pull herself along the rug. “ok, you can pick me up now!” But even though, you are allowed to hold her, it’s not for long.

At night she will come into the room while the TV is on. She rest on the back of the couch. She also has a soft blanket that she will actually use now. She would rather have a plastic trash bag to be on. I think that was because she was left outside to fend for herself.

She will sleep on the bed in a pet bed. Most of the ones I bought, she wanted nothing to do with them. Then one day, I noticed she likes to have a back to rest on. The beds I had gotten before, including the Millie bed, were round. So I bought her a DOG ( shhhhh) bed. It’s rectangular and open on one side. She loves it- but don’t tell her I know. She will come to bed with me for a while but leaves to go off to the lanai.

She loves to play with paper. My living room looks like an abandoned paper mill. I put a fan on over the pile and she dives in- like a kid with a pile of leaves. She loves it.

She still has trouble with her anal sacs. I express them by using colloidal silver on them. They puff out and then are very visible to express. She is such a good girl. I put more colloidal silver on them after and she goes off and washes herself.

My main issue with her is that she is still patting at - doors - mirrors- walls- whatever. Pretty certain, she is doing it for attention- YA THINK?

(Last update: Jul 16th, 2013 6pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Lady Fiona

(FKA Fee)

ID#: VA9216
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 04/29/13
Adopted: 06/04/13
Congrats: Robert C
Foster: Julie

I look big, don't I? Guess what? I don't even weigh 5 pounds sopping wet. Cinderella's slipper would fall off my dainty foot. I won't make you come look for me at the stroke of midnight. Nope! I will come find you.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
7/16/13: 6 weeks after being adopted Fiona continues to adapt well to her new home. She is loving, playful and energetic, with a wonderful appetite. She's thriving on Fancy Feast canned food supplemented with quality dry food. Her coat is soft and "fluffy" with a nice sheen. Fiona loves the 6 ft. tall cat tree in the sunroom and her crinkly play tunnel. Balls of all sizes and types seem to be her favorite toy. She enjoys an interactive play session each night with a Galkie Kitty Tease (which helps take care of her excess energy!!!). She spends a lot of time during the day looking out the windows enjoying the birds and other critters which come into our yard. She is very friendly with all visitors and has become our "official greeter" to friends, family and repairmen alike. She is bonding with both of us, although she seems to favor Bob. She is a real delight and we are enjoying her company immensely. We have had SO many laughs from her silly antics and ways she finds to interact with us.
(Last update: Jul 16th, 2013 4pm)


I am a very social active guy who seeks a home with another kitty that likes me. I love to headbutt kitties and people, but I need someone who appreciates my affection. I love toys and catnip, but don't tell anyone. ;)


Name:   Gabe
ID#: VA8596
Location:  Kentucky
Sex: male
Current Age: 16 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Blue
DateIn: 06/10/12
Adopted: 07/13/12
Congrats: Heidi
Foster: Jennifer

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Gabe's new name is Eeyore.
(Last update: Jul 16th, 2013 11am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Nasco
ID#: VA9307
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
Date In: 06/08/13
Adopted: 06/29/13
Congrats: Belinda
Foster: Nancy

Just like my sister Merlot I just arrived I had several hitch hikers that came with me that make me feel puny but as soon as foster mom rids me of all those unwanted creatures I will be ready to go. Well I do have to get bigger too I only weigh l pound 10 ozpounds. Right now I am with Mom Lodi, my sister Merlot So start deciding who you might want or the whole family

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
I recommend anyone looking to adopt a Siamese, use this Siamese Rescue!! They made our dreams come true. We were looking for another Siamese. We have a 3yr old Lilac Siamese, and wanted to get another one so she would have a playmate. From the first time we looked on the site we spotted our kitten, well the kitten we instantly fell in love with. Our precious Nasco. We did the application process, painless. Had our interview with a wonderful lady. We found out that the kitten we fell in love with was waiting to be adopted by someone. We were sad. So we started looking again at the different kittens, cats. I told our kids, we will get them kitten we are meant to get, not to rush and just pick one. Well we had our prayers answered, we logged on one afternoon, and saw Nasco's status was back to available. We were so excited. And emailed to make sure. Sure enough, he was available and we were the first ones on his list. We wanted him so bad. Needless to say, he was home with us 1 week later!! And we could not be happier. The transition has been wonderful, he fit right in, no problems. Our other cat has taken to him like he was her own kitten. She cleans him, plays with him, and just like a mother corrects him. Our older cat now gets plenty of exercise. We have taken him to the vet, he was given a clean bill of health. He is a very energetic, playful kitten. Perfect match for our family. We love him so much. He loves to cuddle, and just like a baby....he meows until you pick him up and then he cuddles and sleeps. He loves for the kids to carry him around like a baby. Our boys absolutely love him, as we all do. We love and are grateful for Siamese Rescue!! Thank you to our outstanding interviewer, our wonderful Foster, the awesome Meezer transport team.
(Last update: Jul 13th, 2013 9pm)

A tiny bit suspicious of the world (see my video for an example) as I was a stray, and when you are a stray, not everyone is nice to you (SCAT CAT!) But deep down (okay, not very deep) I'm a pretty easy going fella who was once a well loved family companion, (ok so they tossed me out....) so I can easily learn to trust again if you can wait till date #3 to kiss me!
Name: Samson

(FKA Manuel)

ID#: VA9291
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/01/13
Adopted: 06/15/13
Congrats: Patricia
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats


Notes from Home
Samson is doing wonderful! He is sooo very affectionate, plus he loves to talk. He is definitely à keeper.
(Last update: Jul 13th, 2013 2pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Chai

(FKA Sammy)

ID#: VA6304
Location:  Ohio
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 05/08/09
Adopted: 07/02/09
Congrats: Pamela
Foster: Carol

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Got milk ?
haha, don't I have the cutest little mustache?

Can I let you in on a little secret? Foster mom thinks I'm magical because I just arrived here and she already knows that she would keep me if she could. I seem to have that effect on everyone who meets me. If you enjoy a kitty that's right in your face and demands your attention, then I'm your man. I'm a confident boy that loves nothing more than the companionship of my humans. I'll cuddle with you, purring and kneading, while you give me head & belly rubs. Foster mom thinks it's cute the way I nibble on your fingers (very gently, of course). It's just my way of showing some affection. That foster mom's alright - somehow I fell right asleep while she was petting me. She says I'm a very special boy that is going to melt someone's heart with my charisma. So if that's you, I think you'd better hurry up and ask about me cuz I can already tell her heart is melting!!!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Chai is doing wonderful. He's an affectionate cat who likes to cuddle. If I'm exercising on the floor, he is either next to me or on my chest. If I am typing at my computer, he is either laying by my feet or nuzzling my hands to get me to stop and pet him. If I am reading the newspaper, he will leap into the middle of it. He loves attention. He gets along great with my other boys - Lucky, Petey, and Titus, all canine. He even made friends with my rabbits.
(Last update: Jul 13th, 2013 12pm)


So the new year is coming and I am resolving to find my forever and ever home. I really need a PLAYFUL brother or two because I do love to play and have the energy. Of course I use the litterbox, eat well, and love some affection. A little too rambunctious to describe as a lap kitty but I could grow into one with some age on me.

If your resolution is to help a kitty---a kitty that loves playful boys then ask about me!!


Name: Willow

(FKA Lollipop)

ID#: VA8742
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 08/24/12
Adopted: 01/12/13
Congrats: Britney
Foster: Teresa

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Willow has made herself at home. We had a few problems with her bullying Oliver for a few months but after some training she is doing much better. Oliver has finally learned to stand his ground and not let her bully him. They like to wrestle with each other, in a nice way, and sometimes we catch them giving each other a little kiss. She has learned how to play hide and seek with us and loves to pop out and "scare" us. She's becoming a very good girl and is fitting in well with our little family.
(Last update: Jul 12th, 2013 9am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Sugar
ID#: VA7807
Location:  Ohio
Sex: female
Current Age: 16 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
Date In: 06/21/11
Adopted: 07/09/11
Congrats: Paula
Foster: Jamie

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
Where to begin?

I am a purebred (with ACA papers) lilac point. My full name is Sugar Plum Fairy, but that is sure a mouthful.. so I respond to Sugar or Mrs Sugar with much meezer meowing. I am exceedingly sweet and I LOVE attention. In fact, I am the queen of head-butts and face rubs. See my video if you don't believe me.

My previous owner had me since I was a tiny kitten and she loved me to pieces, but her life changed in a way that she couldn't keep me. I am a bit sad about that and I will miss her, but I have a big Siamese heart and there's room for more. Since I am a wedgie, I am very, very needy and need someone who can be spend time with me. I will hold intelligent conversations each and every night, just don't lock me out of your bedroom.

I am in great health other than the fact that I need to lose a few pounds. My foster mom has put me on a diet, but I don't much mind because she isn't stingy with the cuddles. I do LOVE to be snuggled! I have super silky soft fur, so I know you'll love snuggling back.

I am very, very smart and will bring my toys to you. I also love playing with any kind of stick toy imagineable! I prefer women over men, and I don't care for little yappy dogs. I might be OK with a big dog, but we'll have to see once I am out of isolation. I will be fine with other cats as long as they are laid back.

Since I am purebred, I know you'll tell me all the time how beautiful I am, right?

PS: My foster mom has a great webcam so you can watch me. Just ask!

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Notes from Home
Well, I had my annual exam today, as promised, and Dr. H was very impressed. He looked at my ears first and said they were clean as a whistle.
Then he did the rest of the exam, and he said I am just PERFECT! You just don't get any better than that, right? (Preen, preen.) And naturally, I acted just like a lady. Maybe I'll get an Oscar this year?
But my big sister, Rachel, who is the mom of my niece, Liz Taylor, says Liz is even better. But how can that be? She isn't even an alumna of Siamese Rescue. She belongs to a couple of sororities called CFA and TICA, and she is something called a Grand Premier. Well, I say she is a little snobby, but my sis sure loves her a lot.
Bye for now,

Hi, Auntie Deb and Foster Mom Jamie,
Well, it sure is a good thing I am so cute! I can get away with lots of stuff. When Mama was snapping my most recent photo, my brothers Sid and Max and I were giving each other baths, but then Mama called my name, so I looked up to see what she wanted, but she just wanted me to look at the camera. No treats or toys involved. But sometimes Max and I do a little "play" fighting, then we chase each other, until we get tired, then we pile up in a heap.
I am so happy it is summer, because then I get bites of cherries and peaches, and, my favorite, apples.
I am scheduled for my annual vet checkup on Thursday. Thanks for the reminder, Auntie Deb. I am in very good health, so we don't expect any surprises.
Love from Sugar

(Last update: Jul 11th, 2013 4pm)

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