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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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Just arrived and this is great! More food? That's great! Those toys for me? That's great! You notoiced my cute little bobtail? Isn't it great? You want to adopt me? That's great! Forever?? That IS GREAT!

More information soon.
Name: Simba

(FKA Bob Kat)

ID#: VA8192
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 11/13/11
Adopted: 12/11/11
Congrats: Karen
Foster: Williene

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Simba (AKA BobKat) and his little sister Nala (AKA Lizzie) arrived safe and sound today via the Meezer Express (which was a two day trip all the way from Tennessee). Bless those volunteers!! The kittens came out of their carriers purring and headbutting us and were playing with their feather wand right away. Both of the kittens even slept with us on the bed right from the start!

Both of the kittens have settled in nicely; we can hardly imagine life without them! For Xmas, we got them a cat tree that is floor to ceiling in height and they absolutely love it. I'll include some of the pictures soon.

Simba and Nala now have the run of the house; we are kept laughing by their playing, talking, galloping and pouncing. But the best thing to have happened has been when the kittens wake up in the morning and go through their ritual of kissing and snuggling with us -- we have lost our hearts to them and can't imagine life without them now. No doubt about it -- the best thing that happened to us in 2011 was definitely finding our new family members! Thanks SCRC!

6 month update - June 15, 2012
Simba and Nala are now 100% part of the family and have settled in nicely. With the exception of learning that both of them have certain food allergies which require special food, they have been no trouble at all and keep us constantly on our toes. Simba sleeps on his back with all four paws in the air and loves to play with his sister, while Nala loves to "fetch" -- we throw her a cat sping and she runs and picks it up in her teeth, then runs back and drops it at our feet. Both cats are stikingly beautiful and extremely loving. We have learned that Simba is a SiaManx (half Manx and half Siamese) which means that he has a much stockier body, longer back legs and runs like a cheetah. Nala is pure Diva Siamese and is incredibley limber and graceful; just one gorgeous cat. I've attached a couple of pics so that you can how wonderful and fun our feline family members are.

(Last update: Jun 18th, 2012 4am)

Name: Scorch

(FKA Scortch)

ID#: VA8486
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 04/22/12
Adopted: 05/13/12
Deceased: 08/30/12
Congrats: Laura
Foster: Belinda

Foster Notes

My name is Scortch - and that's right ladies - I am sssssmokin' hot! One look into my gorgeous blue eyes and you'll be helpless to resist. You'll gladly give in to buying me jumbo portions of catnip and naughty cat treats. You'll be glued to floor playing endlessly with me and my kitty kat racetrack. You will wear your fingers to a nub petting me and rubbing my ample teddy bear belly. You'll suddenly find that Animal Planet is all you want to watch, and will have a great desire to hang bird feeders outside my window. Go ahead....give in. Ask about me - you know you want to.
Notes from Home
6/14 Can it possibly be a month already that Scorch has been here? Can it possibly be only a month? He's well settled in, an established and treasured member of the family. He's fond of expressing himself, especially at meal time. His verbosity has caused Chanel to become more vocal, which has been fun to see. I have him on maintenance doses of catnip so he doesn't go into withdrawal , and he knows the brush when he sees and comes right over for grooming, as does Chanel.

5/28 Scorch has been here two weeks as of yesterday, having arrived on Mother's Day. He is a wonderful cat, an easy-going, laid-back tom. He has a harem of 5 here and is making a good adjustment. A little hissing from time to time is to be expected but nothing more dramatic. My gals are used to having fosters come through and so are pretty good about dealing with strangers.

5/15 Scorch is quite chatty, especially when hungry. He loves being brushed and getting total body massages. His preference is to get high on kitty pot (catnip) as often as possible. He's a great companion and a beautiful boy. I'm delighted to have a male kitty again.

Scorch was checked by my vet Friday, with blood and urine being drawn, and has been pronounced to be in fine condition.

(Last update: Jun 14th, 2012 11am)


I was returned after 7 years...new baby and alleriges.

It took me a few weeks to relax...looks like I got it down...ready for a snugglebug?

Ask about me!


Name:   Chanel
ID#: VA7369
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Calico
DateIn: 10/24/10
Adopted: 03/04/11
Congrats: Laura
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
March 2012 Chanel has been with me a little over a year. As I have told Jane Shirey, her foster who pulled her back from death's doorstep when she had lipoidosis, she has been a real blessing in my life. She's fairly opinionated and for months was tolerant of the other cats but mostly ignored them. Recently she's become more sociable. She has always been so with me, follows me around the house, is glued to my side in bed. She particularly likes sitting on the computer keyboard and frequently sends incomprehensible e-mails.

6/2/12 I'm quite proud of how well she has tolerated adding Scorch to our household this month.

6/14/12 Chanel's meezer "brother" Scorch is quite the talker and apparently it's catching because Chanel is vocalizing much more than she used to. Her speech has a much wider range of emotion, as she is not shy about conveying her displeasure, on being picked up, for instance, as well as her approval. She really has quite the personality and does make life more interesting than some of the easier-going kitties. She has designated herself my #1 personal cat and in some ways is a bit more like a dog in following me around.

(Last update: Jun 14th, 2012 11am)

Name: Zara

(FKA Sammi)

ID#: VA7302
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 09/24/10
Adopted: 11/07/10
Congrats: Naomi
Foster: Donna

I'm sweet, I'm pretty. I've got huge baby blues!

Don't think I like doggies.

Will let Foster Mom know more in a while and she can tell you.

Interested? Just click "ask about me"!
Notes from Home
May 7th, 2011

Today is Zara's 6 month anniversary of coming home with us. It hasn't seemed that long and at times it seems like she has always been a part of our family.

Her favorite games are playing with the laser light. She knows if you pick it up (the key chain jingles) and is already searching for the little red dot before you can press the button. At times she reminds us of a kitten with her playful habits. Anything that can be pawed across the floor is a toy.

Zara enjoys wrestling with her new brother Gil. Often in the evenings there will be races up and down the hall. Zara usually wins and leaps up onto her recliner where she will box Gil on the head and tease him until he has had enough of her antics and leaves. It is quite an amusing show.

Her favorite naping spot is in dad's lap or on the back of the recliner. There she will sit for hours at a time, or for as long as daddy will let her.

We have been so blessed to have Zara as a part of our family.

June 14th, 2012

A quick update on Zara. She is doing quite well. Her & Gil have become best buds at last and can be found often grooming each other and napping for hours in the same chair. Zara is still as cute as ever. She often forgets her tongue and sticks it out at us.

(Last update: Jun 14th, 2012 11am)

Hi adopters out there. I was off the radar for a little while but my adoption fell thru so I am now available again. I was terrified when I came from the shelter but now am a happy loving kitty. I love to be petted and brushed and have learned to purr. I like other kitties but no dominant personalities. I still get scared by sudden movements and noises so no small children and a quiet home would be great for me. I'm learning to play with toys and enjoying life. A LONG transport might be very stressful for me so foster mom would like to keep me within 400 miles or less.
Name:   Jacob
ID#: VA8402
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 03/08/12
Adopted: 05/19/12
Congrats: Susan
Foster: Kay


Notes from Home
May 22 - Day 3 in my new digs. I'm still scared, but new mommy has been sleeping in my special room so I'm not lonely at night. Today, I was brave enough to come out during the day and play with her. She snapped this picture of me coming out from under the bed on my own the first time. I also met my doggie sister, Daisy, through the baby gate today, and she seemed very happy to see me. I'm still most comfortable at night, but I'm getting much braver during the day. I learned that if I stand on mommy's lap when she's sitting by the window, I can see lots of birdies outside! I think I'm going to like it here!

June 13 - Jacob is doing great! It's been a week and a half since he was given free reign in the house. Finally, today, he and our older cat Cleo were on the couch together at the same time. He definitely respects her being Alpha animal, but he's a tenacious little guy and just keeps going back to her to try to make friends or get her to play. Cleo had just booted him off the couch so she could claim "the spot". He jumped back up and lay down next to her. Cleo has let him groom her a few times, and has even played with him a little, chasing after the same sparkley ball. I think Jacob will totally win her over in time. He's getting more friendly with Daddy since Daddy's taking care of the morning feeding. He still has only cuddled with me - but we're getting there. It's been a long time since we've had a young cat in the house, and we really enjoy watching his antics.

(Last update: Jun 13th, 2012 7pm)

Name: Hijinks

(FKA Jolie)

ID#: VA8100
Location:  Indiana
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 10/02/11
Adopted: 11/12/11
Congrats: Marilyn
Foster: Jan

Foster Notes

Update 10/31/11

I'm back!!! Some lucky person is being given a another chance to adopt me! Gorgeous kitten, perfect habits, excellent health and ready to go to her forever home! Do you need a chin snuggler?

Purrs and kitty kisses, Jolie

Update 10/16/11
Hello kitten lovers!

Jolie is a beautiful, young, seal point female with gorgeous markings and a real meezery voice who loves to cuddle and purrs up a storm.

Jolie will do best in a home where she can have lots of attention and people to interact with her. She loves to be held and snuggled under your chin, she gives and accepts kitty kisses and wants nothing more than attention, attention, attention!

This kitty has made huge strides in socialization, coming from a multiple dog/cat home where she didnt receive the early interaction with humans that she needed. She has made up for lost time and is now ready to go to her forever home and share her huge love for people.

Anyone needing a neck warmer for the upcoming cold weather???

Purrs and purrs and purrs, Jolie

I am feeling so much better since my nasty cold has retreated. Foster mom kept squirting baby food down me so I didnt lose any weight which is good for a tiny girl like me. I am feeling well enough to start investigating the foster room now and have found my favorite hiding spot, back in the corner where there's a snuggly blanket just for me.

I wait everyday for foster mom to come in and see me. I run to the door so she'll pick she up., I love to be cuddled and will purr with my loudest voice to tell her how much I love it.

I'd purr for you too? Are you interested???

Notes from Home
Hijinks is doing great! She plays all the time with her new buddy, Chaos, and can sometimes draw Mayhem in on the fun. She's daddy's best friend, too. They love to nap together - Hijinks positioned on his chest under his chin. At night, she's not happy until she's gotten to play with the "blanket monster" on the bed, attacking any feet, hands, or knees that move under the blankets! Hijinks is a wonderful pouncer! Most evenings, she follows us into the dining room and sleeps under the dining room table during our dinner. Turns out she does like to use the scratching post. She even chases Chaos and Mayhem away from it sometimes when she wants to scratch. Oh! And we love her funny little noises she makes when she's trying to get the other kitties to play chase. She runs up and down the stairs making noises, daring them to join her game!

Hijinks has become a beautiful young lady. Still so incredibly playful, and she loves, well, EVERYONE! She follows anyone around who's moving about the house, and remains adorably underfoot! Oh, but she can sleep just as hard as she plays (crinkle balls are her favorite) - between Daddy's legs on the recliner, or at Mommy's feet while she's stitching. She is always where the people are. She rules the roost with the other kitties, too, though she can't seem to figure out why they keep chasing that little red laser dot. Don't they know it's just a light and they won't ever be able to catch it?!

(Last update: Jun 13th, 2012 10am)

Yo! You lookin' at me? Well it's about time! But you'll have to wait your turn! I'm a busy purrin up a storm right now! Just got a transfer to the VA Center and I'm told in just a few days I can come out and play with the residents here - and I can't wait! I'm a great lover boy who is looking forward to mastering adoption 101! Congrats Virginia in VA!
Name:   Banjo
ID#: VA2595
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 04/06/04
Adopted: 04/24/04
Deceased: 06/10/12
Congrats: Virginia
Foster: Siri


Notes from Home
Bo passed away June 10 at 2:54am. He was in my arms for his last few moments. He will be missed!
(Last update: Jun 11th, 2012 10am)

Name: Johnny

(FKA Hoss)

ID#: VA8497
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 04/28/12
Adopted: 05/29/12
Congrats: Tait
Foster: Belinda

Foster Notes

I'm Hoss - a little goofy, completely trusting, and a lot of fun. I'm here with my brothers Little Joe and Adam and should be ready to leave the ranch sometime near Memorial Day.
Notes from Home
6.10.12 - Hoss, now known as the very distinguished Johnathan or to his friends and family Johnny, has been home for about 2 weeks now. He was not shy at all when joining our family. My beautiful girl cat, Baby Girl, was a little leery at first and just sat back and watched this crazy tornado run thru the house but after a couple days they were playing, wrestling and chasing each other. And just yesterday they were actually cuddling. Yay!! Of course, Johnny doesn't give poor Baby Girl a minutes peace. He is a very nosy little fella and has to be involved in everything, including her trips to the potty. But she doesn't seem to mind. His motor runs on overdrive and he plays to the point of panting, just like his foster mom mentioned. He eats like a little piggy then takes a nap. Eating is hard work, you know. And his litter box habits are great. He got a clean bill of health from the vet on his first visit and the vet tech was trying to catnap him but the doc said no. They were all very taken by his outgoing personality and handsomeness. He seems very happy to be in his forever home and we are thrilled to have him.
(Last update: Jun 10th, 2012 7pm)

Hi there! I'm Ashira. Not to worry, you don't have to learn how to pronounce my name because I'm deaf and won't hear you anyway. Don't let my lack of hearing concern you though - I'm super alert and very healthy in every other way. As long as you don't sneak up on me, we'll get along fine. I'm very sweet and while I do like being near you, I am still just a kitten so I have to fill most of my time with batting toys around and getting into things I'm not supposed to. I also like the company of other kitties and I have two big brothers and big sister here at my foster home and we get along just swell.
Name:   Ashira
ID#: VA6115
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 01/25/09
Adopted: 05/17/09
Congrats: Anna
Foster: Belinda

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Ashira continues to enrich our lives. Yes, we have kept her name although I did want to call her Angel(with a crooked halo) but we decided to keep her name. She continues to do things that entertain us and keep us on our toes. Of all the cats we have had she definitely is the most unique and adorable. She and Minuit get alone rather well and each morning they play tag. He enjoys having her around and for an older cat he has become more playful and active. Thanks to all who made this possible.

I can't believe Ashira has only been with us for six months. We have had a life time of joy from our little girl. She is the sweetest and most gentle cat we have ever had. She does the most unusual things that entertain and amuse us including her brother Minuit. They continue to get along great and have a good understanding of the likes and dislikes of the other. Problems- there are none!
At this Thanksgiving we will be remembering all those who made it possible for Ashira to be part of our family. We thank God for all of you and will remember you in our Thanksgiving prays.
Ashira continues to be our angel, She is happy and health with her adopted brother, Skitch. They understand eachother and play well together most of the time. When Ashira has had enough she let's Skitch know and like the gentalman he is, he leaves her alone. She still crys sometimes when we leave but not as much as when she first came to us. She does the funniest things and keeps us laughing. When my eight month granddaughter Molly came for a visit Ashira was so gentle and good with her. For the first time Molly said "Hi Kitty". I just wish Ashira could hear. Ashira still is not a lap cat but at night she now likes to snuggle close to me in bed. She is just a love! We are so blessed to have her in our life. Thank you!

(Last update: Jun 10th, 2012 4pm)

Name: Ozzy

(FKA Ollie)

ID#: VA7679
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 04/25/11
Adopted: 06/09/11
Congrats: Tabitha
Foster: Sandra

Foster Notes

I was rescued from a shelter, and stayed for a little while with a nice lady who gave me lots of TLC. Now, I'm well adjusted to my foster life, and just want to play! I would do well with a cat playmate who likes to roughhouse as much as I do. A docile cat would not like me. I love to run and chase my friends, and my toys!

I tend to bond more with people if there are fewer cats around to distract me, and when I'm comfortable, I get very affectionate when I'm in the mood. I have been known to deliver kisses and nose nibbles! I like to cuddle, when I'm not distracted by other cats.

I'm only slightly verbal, especially around mealtime!

I have lots of energy, so I'm very moody about being held if I see something interesting to do. I will let foster mom hold me over her shoulder for a short while, but my preference is to play and cuddle on the floor. I will probably settle down as I get older, but right now, I need a family who understands the needs of a young man such as myself!
Notes from Home
We have had Ollie for a little over a month now and alot has happened since he joined our family. First off he got a name change. He is now Ozzy. He has become very vocal!! He is best buddies with our older Siamese Guinness. They always play together and groom each other. Ozzy and Luna are still testing the grounds but from time to time you will see Ozzy grooming Luna. We are so happy to have Ozzy part of our family. He loves to sleep in the bed at night right on my pillow. Thank you Siamese Cat rescue and all of the fosters for all you do. I am truly grateful that he was rescued and given a second chance!

It has been a year since we adopted Ozzy. Alot has changed in this time. We now have a baby boy who Ozzy is attached at the hip to. Any time the baby cries Ozzy is right there to investigate. He is the best cat and I couldnt love him more. I am so thankful to Siamese cat rescue for saving him and giving me the oppritunity to give him a forever home!!

(Last update: Jun 9th, 2012 8am)

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