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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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My brother Holden has nothing on me. Aren't I handsome? We share a couple new pics for you to check out. I am playful and just love to race and play. I kind of like that rough and tumble stuff. Two of us would be great cus it is hard to play by yourself. So check us all out and pick me and someone else.
Name: Theo Gallaway

(FKA Gallaway)

ID#: VA7967
Location:  Georgia
Sex: male
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 08/08/11
Adopted: 09/24/11
Congrats: Edith
Foster: ShirleyBo


Notes from Home
Just wanted to add an update on how Theo Gallaway is doing. He is the most amazing little cat. He purrs almost constantly, loves to be cuddled, races around the house in the morning like a crazy cat, chases Benjamin, Beau & Lily (my Tonkinese, Burmese, Burmese) and follows me everywhere.
Last night, all 4 cats crashed together and this morning there was no hissing. He got a facewash from Benjamin, offered head bumps to Beau and Lily and saw his reflection in a mirror and stared fiercely at this other cat.
He's eating, drinking, using his box, playing w/his toys, stretched out in a sunbeam yesterday and seems to be very much at home.
I'm keeping him in my bedroom for now, but I did let Beau stay with him today. Theo was following him around the room, rubbing his head under Beau's throat.

29 SEP - Theo and my other 3 cats appear to be getting along beautifully. This morning, he chased all 3 of them (Benjamin, Beau & Lily) around the house..he was a white blur at their backsides. Then he proceeded to strut around the house like Marshall Dillon who had just ousted some varmints from Dodge City. He follows all of us around, purrs, cuddles and has learned what the word 'treat' means.

15 OCT - Theo is growing almost in front of my eyes. Legs and body getting longer, still his beautiful colours and that adorable little face. He is now firmly entrenched with his new cat family and has been the recipient of many face washes, chases (to include chasing) and cracks me up as he mirrors everything Beau and Benjamin does. To include how they recline on the floor. He loves Lily and she is beginning to lose her shyness with him. He has also discovered the kitchen counter tops and has paused in front of the TV at times to watch in fascination at something that caught his attention.

24 SEP 2012 - Theo's 1 year anniversary was this weekend and it's hard to believe it's been a year. I also cannot imagine what it was like without him as he is such a part of the family. He and Benjamin, Beau and Lily are thriving, playing together, chasing each other, watching birds, wrestling and meowing vocally for breakfast. He has become more confident and I can now pick him up and snuggle him, he will come to me when called, although there are times when he is skittish. He loves to look out the back patio screen door and listen to the birds and sniff the breeze. He has an affinity for my pine cone collection in a basket in the family room so I"ve had to move that as who knew a cat would like to carry a pine cone around? He is still one of the cutest kittens I've ever seen and he knows that too of course. He has enriched our lives and we are all the more blessed for his presence and most of all, we are blessed because of all of you at Siamese Cat Rescue Center. On behalf of Theo and so many others whose lives you have changed, thank you.

(Last update: Sep 24th, 2012 11am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Diego

(FKA Jax)

ID#: VA7985
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 08/16/11
Adopted: 09/15/11
Congrats: Holly
Foster: Christine

My name is Jax. I like to climb and play with my brother Pax. Our favorite spot is the hammock:)

I am still nursing on my momma to help me grow big and strong and handsome!

You can ask about me but I won't be able to go home until sometime in September.

Oh, and I might like to go home with my brother, Pax!
Notes from Home
Diego is an adorable boy! He loves to play! It took him about a day to fully adjust and trust us, but now he is a sweet purr machine, like his brother. He is an expert at his litter box, and is very vocal!

9/30/11- Diego is such a silly boy! He is a spaz and is a lanky boy. Out of the two he is the best jumper! Diego loves to play but when he is feeling snuggling he gives the best head bumps, nudges and kisses. He's not as good of a car rider as his brother, but still very well behaved!
We went to visit my family last weekend, and Diego LOVED their dog! He wasn't afraid of him at all and even jumped on the dog's back! Diego loves his brother and the play and snuggle all day. He loves getting groomed by his bro Paco.
The boys are generally good but have done some "bad boy" things... for example:
When we were visiting my family last weekend there were 6 people in the house (one-story house, not very big). We noticed the kitties weren't running around as usual, so started to call them and look for them. All 6 of us searched the entire house (including washers, cabinets, mattress boxsprings, EVERYWHERE!) and couldn't find them! They didn't even respond to us calling them or rattling their toys. My dad looked outside with a flashlight, but no sign of them! After an hour of searching, and no luck, my dad suggested we all "be very quiet." We started to hear very faint scratching coming from the couch that we have already taken all cushions off of. We found the kittens INSIDE of the pull-out couch, cuddled up in the backboard. No idea how they got there, but we were glad they were safe! What bad boys (but so adobrale)! Such a classic Meezer trick!
We are just thrilled with Diego and his brother Paco! The best part of our day is when we get to snuggle with them! And we are glad we got two so we don't fight over them!

10/19/11- Diego is our pesty/lovey boy. He frequently wakes us up at night by licking our necks and eyelids and purring on our necks! He is also a real spaz! Such a sweetie. He loves snuggling with his brother, Paco. He is the louder of the two and meows/bangs on the door until we wake up in the morning to feed him (at 6 AM). We are always greeted with purrs and snuggles when we get home from work. He is a VERY beautiful kitty and I think he will grow up to be a lanky boy. We are soooo happy with him, and with his brother! They add such fun and love to our lives!

3/15/12- It is our 6th month anniversary of having adopted our little Diego and his brother Paco. We love them both so much! Our little guys are wonderful cats, and are still full of surprises. They are very happy spoiled boys, and are VERY handsome.

Diego is definitely a daddy's boy and clings to my fiance Andrew. He is a spaz! Our little guy is very vocal, much more so than his brother. And unlike his brother, he has a loud and proud meow. Diego has kept his habit of licking my fiance's neck at night and in the morning (and when he gets home from work). He jumps up on him, latches on with his paws around his neck like a baby, and purrs and licks. Yep, he's an oddball, but we love him! Our long-tailed boy is very handsome and walks around with his tail high up in the air like a submarine periscope. His face is whiter than his brothers, who has more stripes, and he has beautiful clear baby blue eyes! Diego likes to sleep at my fiance's head at night. He is not a fan of water, and will scream at the top of his lungs when we try to give him a bath. He's not as in to jumping and playing with the bat-a-bird toys as his brother, but he does love to wrestle. Any wiggling toes and he's ready to pounce! Both boys warm to strangers quickly, though Diego is a little more cautious. He is also not as good in the car and meow's much more than his brother on our frequent trip home to visit my family in Delaware. They have even become (semi) friendly with my family's dog (a pembroke welsh corgi). Diego is a very sweet boy!

Our boys are very good too.... very soft-pawed and let you pick them up whenever. They are even pretty good with getting their toenails cut, baths (well, except for Diego), and they are very healthy. and they LOVE each other! However, they are also VERY mischievous! Several times we have come home to find plants on the floor with the pots broken, things in their wrong place, and them laying on the kitchen table. We always bragged how they had never had a litter box accident, and then last week they proved us wrong and peed on our futon mattress! Bad! (although I think this was their way of telling us their litter box was too messy, which it was).

We are very proud and happy cat-parents! WE LOVE OUR BOYS SO MUCH!!!!!


Hi, it’s me, Diego! Wow! One year already since I moved in with mamma and daddy!

You can tell me apart from my brother because I have very pale blue eyes, a pinker nose, not as many stripes on my face and some faint spots on my side! Mamma calls me a spaz and is always laughing at me, but I’m also more sentimental than my brother.
I’m not a big fan of strangers until I get to know them, and will usually go hide away under the bed. But I LOVE my momma and daddy and am a super snuggle bug with them! Every morning and after daddy gets home from work I curl up on his chest and knead and lick his neck with my motor running. We have a very special bond. Momma says I look like a baby. I also love belly rubs and scratches!
Some of my other favorite things are knocking down flower vases on the floor, sleeping in the sunshine, and provoking my brother for some rough-and-tumble play (followed by a snuggle session). I also have a routine of begging for lunch meat every morning when momma packs her lunch (I have a VERY prominent meow!). In fact, I LOVE food and will try to steal it if you don’t cover it up! Sometimes I score a few goldfish crackers off of mamma’s plate, which are my favorites!
I did have a few problems with peeing on momma and daddy’s futon. Sometimes I would get mad if they went away or if the litter box wasn’t clean enough for my liking. I’ve been good for several months though and mamma and daddy have been better taking care of my litter box by adding another one and keeping them clean.
I was a very good boy at the vet for my 1-year check-up, or so mamma told me. I even let the vet cuddle me and didn’t cry when they gave me my shots. I HATE getting my nails clipped and taking baths, though!
I’m good friends with my dog cousin Zachary. We get along really good and I like him (but don’t tell him that!). Finding good places to hide is also fun, and it’s really funny when mamma and daddy get worried because they can’t find me! Grandma thinks it’s funny when daddy gets so worried because she says that Siamese are expert hiders and always turn up in the oddest of places. Recently I got inside the bathroom vanity and inside the back of the couch. Cozy!
So I guess you could say I love my house, family, and life here! Okay, time for a nap!

(Last update: Sep 23rd, 2012 4pm)

My name is Pax. Foster mom says I am quieter than my brother Jax. I love to play with him - we play in our litter box and hang out together in the hammock! I love to climb too!

Right now I am still nursing on my momma. I need to grow bigger and stronger before I go home. Momma and foster mom are taking good care of me.

You can ask about me soon but I won't be able to go home until sometime in September!
Name: Poco

(FKA Pax)

ID#: VA7984
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 08/16/11
Adopted: 09/15/11
Congrats: Holly
Foster: Christine


Notes from Home
Paco is settling in great!!! He and his brother Diego are very sweet and also very playful!

9/30/11 - Paco and his brother have been with us for over 2 weeks! Wow! He is a great little boy. Very active with his brother and a definite snuggle/purr machine. He is growing so fast!
We took Paco and Diego to visit my parent's house this weekend and everyone just loved them. They even got to meet the dog, which went well! Paco was definitely more wary of him than Diego and did some spitting and hissing, but they ended up getting along well. He adjusted very well to the new environment. He was also the best in the long car-ride and slept in his carrier almost the whole way. Paco even helped calm his brother down during the car ride with snuggles and some grooming. What a cute pair!
Paco is a lovebug and loves to snuggle with and groom his brother. But don't let the pictures of them snuggled up and stationary fool you, because they are always on the go! Paco just had his first nail clipping and purred through the whole thing.
He hasn't managed to stay in our room for the whole night yet because the boys like to wrestle and play on the bed throughout the night!
He revisits the vet next week for his last shot.
We love him so much and can't wait to come home everyday to get snuggles from our Paco Taco!

10/19/11- Paco has been with us for over a month! He's just a great little guy... and is growing big! At his last vet visit (where he was a VERY good boy for his shot), he weighed 3.1 pounds. Check out his pictures-- he is adorable! A definite snugglebug. He has developed a habit of trying to run out the door of the apartment when we leave for work in the morning, but luckily he can't get too far (unless he learns how to work the elevator). He's going to be a very handsome cat when he grows up. We love him very much!

3/15/12- It is our 6th month anniversary of having adopted our little Paco (Paquito) and his brother Diego. We love them both so much! Our little guys are wonderful cats, and are still full of surprises. They are very happy spoiled boys, and are VERY handsome.

Paco is more of a momma's boy. He's not so much the snugglebug (as is his brother), but sleeps at the foot of the bed every night. He is very active and LOVES to play, especially with his bat-a-bird toys where he shows off his very impressive jumping skills! In the past month he has become much more vocal, though his meow is still a baby squeak! He loves getting his ears rubbed and sits by the sink every morning as I get ready, frequently stealing my makeup brushes and running away with them. Paco is definitely better with water, and sits in the tub every time after it's used, frequently curls up in the wink, and loves running water. He is also always the first to the foodbowl at breakfast and dinner. He has developed a love of cheddar cheese, which he begs for if we have it out (only an occasional treat!) Paco also has a favorite furry blanket that he curls up in, sucks like a baby, and purrs... for hours! He loves it!
My little Paquito is a great little guy, and very well loved! I love coming home to snuggle him everyday!

Our boys are very good too.... very soft-pawed and let you pick them up whenever. They are even pretty good with getting their toenails cut, baths (well, except for Diego), and they are very healthy. and they LOVE each other! However, they are also VERY mischievous! Several times we have come home to find plants on the floor with the pots broken, things in their wrong place, and them laying on the kitchen table. We always bragged how they had never had a litter box accident, and then last week they proved us wrong and peed on our futon mattress! Bad! (although I think this was their way of telling us their litter box was too messy, which it was).

We are very proud and happy cat-parents! WE LOVE OUR BOYS SO MUCH!!!!!


Hello! Paco here! I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since mamma and daddy adopted us! It really has flown by and I’ve grown so big! I still live on the 22nd floor of an apartment with my brother, Diego, and we love to look at the city views. Mamma and Daddy told us they were getting married and that we would soon be a “real” family, but I didn’t really care.
Life has been very good this past year. My brother and I still get along great, and we love our home. My favorite thing to do is spend time with Mamma in the morning in the bathroom when she’s getting ready. She says it takes her twice as long to get ready with me there, but she never kicks me out. I love laying in the sink, batting at and drinking the water from the tap, knocking mamma’s bottles off the counter with my paws, stealing hair and makeup brushes in my mouth and taking them into the bedroom to chew, and stealing Q-tips.
I’m a very social boy, and love to investigate anything and anyone that comes to visit. I’m not a huge fan of cuddling (though I put up with it for a minute or two to make Mamma and daddy happy), but I’m always within a few feet of any human in the room. I also let anyone pick me up and never run away. Just recently the cable guy came to visit and Mamma locked me in a room! Not nice! She said I was being TOO friendly by putting my nose in his workbags, getting up close to the outlets he was trying to work on, and chasing the cables he was dragging around on the floor. I was just trying to be a pleasant host!
My other favorite thing is when Mamma and Daddy take me and Diego to see my grandparents in Delaware. It’s nice to get out of the city sometimes and breathe some fresh air! I don’t always like the car rides and sometimes pant because I’m anxious, but I’m usually okay, and Diego cuddles me to help me feel better. Grandma and Grandpa have a fenced in back yard full of flowers, bushes, and birds. I LOVE it when Mamma takes me outside with her! Chasing cicadas is especially fun, but once I caught a bumble bee in my paws and it stung me! Ouch! I could sit out in the sun and explore all day long!!! When I’m not outside I sit by the door and cry until someone takes me out, or sit by the window and look for all the birds I want to chase. Mamma says I have a squeaky baby cry, which makes me hard to say no to. Sometimes Diego comes out too, but he’s not as excited about it as I am.
Grandma and Grandpa love me too, but they don’t let me get away with some of the things I get away with at home, like sitting on counters. They have had lots of Siamese and say I need “Siamese kitten boot camp.” Grandpa calls me “Apacolypse” because I can be destructive and knock some things down. They also have a dog, “Cousin Zach” who I get along with great. Although I do swat him on the nose sometimes when he sniffs me too much. Can you say RUDE?
Mamma and Daddy recently took us to the vet for our 1 year check-up. The vet said I looked great and very healthy! Several technicians came out after we were seen and said they heard how beautiful Diego and I were and wanted to see us! I have to admit that we are quite handsome (at least that’s what Mamma and Daddy tell me!). They gave us some flea medicine and said I should take it since I like to go outside at Grandma and Grandpas. She also told us we should eat more wet food and less dry food. It took 2 weeks for Mamma and Daddy to figure out which brands and flavors we liked!
So, all in all I would have to say that I am a very happy and spoiled boy! Okay, time to get back to playing with my toys (I am an excellent jumper!) and scratching my scratching post!

(Last update: Sep 23rd, 2012 4pm)

Name:   Leo
ID#: VA8623
Location:  Indiana
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 06/22/12
Adopted: 09/09/12
Congrats: Elizabeth
Foster: Katie

Foster Notes

Just arrived back in rescue. No fault of my own, so I'm now waiting to find another forever home. Laid back, easy going, sweet, easy to entertain, one of the most non demanding cats you will ever meet. Do great with other cats and dogs and am just a super guy. If you like flames, you will LOVE me,.

Purrs and hedadbutts, Leo

Here's what Mama Jan wrote about me:

A Day in the Life of Leo-

Mom comes in to feed me- My favorite thing!
Sun is up and birds are outside my window- My favorite thing!
Playing with my toys- My favorite thing!
Mom brushes me with the Zoom Groom- My favorite thing!
Coming out of the foster room to explore- My favorite thing!
Meeting the dog- My favorite thing!
Treat time- My favorite thing!
Napping in the sun- My favorite thing!

Ahh....the life of a flamepoint meezer!
That's Leo, lover, laidback and longing for his very own home.

Introducing LEO! Just in time for the release of the "Titanic 2" -......Named after Leo Di-Caprio who played the ill-fated lover on the famous ship. Our Leo hopes his fate is much brighter. While no one knows where his story began, he was found by two good samaritans hiding high in a tree. They cared for and loved him until he could be brought into rescue. Having "sailed" through some rough times,weak and weary, skinny and dirty, Leo is now happy to be settled in his own foster room with all the good food, fun toys and loving attention he craves.

Leo isn't telling me his story, it's kept tightly held in his little mind....waiting for the right adopter to look for him and click on that button. He's waiting. just waiting for the special person who can help him on his long voyage home.

Notes from Home
I could not have picked a better cat than Leo! He has been through a lot since he was taken in off the streets, and I feel so lucky to have finally given him a forever home. Leo had been found in a tree and had been attacked by a dog that mangled his tail. His foster mom, Katie, tried her best to save his tail, but in the end it had to be amputated. In all honesty, his tail is so adorable. He uses it like a regular tail, and it can be likened to a white tail deer's tail. It does not phase him a bit that he has a little tail. Upon arriving home, I expected that he would hide for awhile before he became used to my apartment and me in general. However to my surprise, Leo his for 5 minutes and came right out and started giving me head butts and kisses. He truly is so sweet. He just wants to be in my lap or right by my side at all times. He's always waiting at my door when I come home from work and is so happy to see me. His foster mom had warned me that he LOVES food, and boy does he. He also loves sleeping with me at night. He lays next to me and kneads me. Such a cuddly guy. I love Leo so much and I'm so happy to have him as my first cat. :)

2 Week Update:

I took Leo to see my Uncle, a vet, yesterday at his clinic just for a check up. All is well with Leo and everyone loved him and commented on how handsome he is. :) It was such a surprise to see how easily he was to get into the carrier and he traveled very well. He acted like his normal self in the vet's clinic and did not seem stressed (which made me feel better). He came nose to nose with a great dane (through the carrier) and was not fearful. They both just sniffed each other and all was good. That made me very happy, because I know he has had issues with dogs in the past so it was nice to see that he was not phased. After the appointment, he was very happy to be home and took a well deserved nap after all the excitement. He's so funny. He's started using my pillows the way humans use them. Last night he slept right next to me curled up against me. It was really nice. :) He is such a lover. I have a hard time leaving him sometimes for work and errands, because I know he just wants to always be with me. He's such a good boy!

(Last update: Sep 23rd, 2012 11am)

The progress continues! I'm still shy but I come out more and more when Foster Mom is in the room.

Foster Mom tells me she watches me from the foster room web cam and knows that I play most of the day with the other cats and the toys. I'm just not ready to do that while she's in the room but I'm getting there!

Can you give me time and space to settle in and get to know you?

Do you have a quiet home?

Do you have a nice cat or two for me to be buddies with?

I am fully vetted, healthy and all ready to go home.

Are you ready to give me a chance?
Name:   Fabio
ID#: VA8621
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/22/12
Adopted: 08/23/12
Congrats: Florence
Foster: Kathy

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Fabio is making nice progress. He now comes out of the kitty house when I come into his room and often comes to me for petting. Occasionally, he seems depressed and doesn't respond to the wand toy or even to Melly, my snowshoe. His appetite is excellent and so are his litter habits. I am planning on getting a baby gate to put at the foot of the stairs so that he can get out of the room and roam the downstairs. I'm afraid he might go into hiding if I let him have access to the whole house. Overall, he is a dear, beautiful kitty and I am so glad he's becoming part of the family.
(Last update: Sep 23rd, 2012 6am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Beau

(FKA Drew)

ID#: VA8704
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 08/05/12
Adopted: 08/30/12
Congrats: Diane
Foster: Jeanne

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
Hey.......Drew here, nice to meet ya!

I just arrived here with my mom and sister, and had a busy afternoon. I had a bath, got my little nail trimmed, ate a whole bunch of supper, had my picture taken and even got to star in a movie! Phew! I'm bushed.

I'm here waiting for my forever home. Think you'd like a little fella like me? I have to grow a little, but maybe you'd wait for me? Ask about me and maybe we can talk about it! I do have to tell you though, that I get really stressed in the car, so no long transports for me, please.


No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Beau is a delightful cat. He is very gentle and friendly and loves to be held and petted. He sleeps in the bed with us. He eats very well and has great litter box habits. He loves to play with the toy mouse that came in his siamese rescue goodie bag. He also enjoys the feather toys. Beau is growing like a weed.
(Last update: Sep 22nd, 2012 7pm)

Adopted out 7 years ago as a kitten, I'm back today when my Meowm suddenly passed away. She was a wonderful person and did a truly fantastic job with me - I am very well socialized, extremely loving, love to snuggle tight in bed with you. Walk in the room and I come running, talking to you all the way. I am a fluffenator and love to be brushed and fussed over, so if you're looking for a superbly loving guy, check me out! (I met the other cats today and I'm just fine with them too!) (Dog curious!) If you like the easy going ragdoll type personality, I think that's what I might be!
Name: Sammy

(FKA Simba)

ID#: VA7621
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Ragdoll
DateIn: 03/18/11
Adopted: 04/02/11
Congrats: Geraldine
Foster: Siri


Notes from Home
"Simba" now goes by Sammy or Sambone. He is very sweet and fluffy. He has just started sitting on top of me when I lay down. He claims me that way. He has worked his way to the king of the hill position and reigns supreme. The only trouble I have with Him is spraying. He sprays at the entrance of my son's room. They are the only 2 males in the house and I think he is acknowledging the presence of testosterone. My son loves him, so It isn't a love hate thing I believe.

9/21/12 Sammy has gotten out the door. It is the first time he has gotten loose. He's been gone 2 days now, I have left food and water out, his kitty box and a bed to sleep in, but he is a no show. I have gone around the neighborhood many times calling and looking for him with no luck. This weekend I will put up flyers. I know he is microchipped and hope he will return to me healthy. Have him in your prayers. If you have any advice please email me.

(Last update: Sep 21st, 2012 5pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Gin
ID#: VA6592
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 08/31/09
Adopted: 09/20/09
Congrats: Kim
Foster: Heida

Just arrived. More information soon.
my brother Tonic and I were born to a stray mom, rescued by a nice family. We are littermates to
Stratford and Avon, and like them we are very sweet little kittens, chatty, outgoing and friendly.
Notes from Home
Ginny is doing very well and settling into her new home. We all love her and her silly kitten behavior. Scooter, my older siamese, is really enjoying the company and even plays chase with her from time to time. Ginny has been a great addition to our family; we are so glad to have found her (with your help that is!)
(Last update: Sep 21st, 2012 3pm)

Okay folks. What gives?

Is it because I used to be a floozie? Well, I bet you've got a few regrets on your ol' date list too!

Is because I've got a fat funny belly? SOME think it's kind of cute.

Is it because I'd rather be the ONLY girl in your life? Well, I might let you have other furries in the house, but I'm a little bit scared of them. We'll do best if it's just YOU and ME. And you and I will be the best pals, just as long as you don't try to use my litterbox...

Sound good? Great! My little bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

Name:   Li Shou
ID#: VA4478
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 09/22/06
Adopted: 01/19/07
Deceased: 01/20/15
Congrats: Karen
Foster: Belinda


Notes from Home
You know how some girls love snuggly sweaters and mulled wine and other girls adore sundresses and margaritas? Well I’m a sundress and margarita kind of girl. I didn’t know it until I moved to Florida in December because I really liked living in Maryland with my people. But then we came to Florida and I am in HEAVEN!!

It’s wonderful here. I have lots of windows to lie in to soak up the sun, tiled floors to chase sparkly balls, and a balcony that I sit on to watch the birds in the nearby tree. Every morning the birds and I have a long talk about things in general and then I have a nap. I am really good at naps and I have beds and chairs all over the house to sleep in. You just never know where you’re going to find me.

I love my people and I know they love me. I get brushed and loved on every day. I have lots of good food and exercise and I’ve slimmed down to a sleek 10 pounds. And my fur has gotten lighter; must be all that lying in the sun. Oh wait, it’s the other way around. Well, whatever, I’m lighter than I was in Maryland but not as light as I was when I was living with Mommy Belinda. In any case I’m still absolutely gorgeous.

The only thing in my life that’s not perfect is that my soul mate Katie goes away for long periods of time called college. I miss her tons but her big brother - who pretends not to adore me, but I know better – gives me lots of extra love and attention when she’s away and he is really good at headbutts. If I’m feeling bored or lonely, I hang out with him. He’s a great companion.

So that’s it here at Casa di LiShou, south. Thanks to all of the angels in Siamese Rescue who gave me another chance at life.


(Last update: Sep 21st, 2012 11am)

Name:   Jasper
ID#: VA8615
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 06/18/12
Adopted: 09/06/12
Congrats: Sandra
Foster: Donna

Don't ya need a little JAZZ in your life?

You need to check out my video. I love to talk and I must say I am a BRILLIANT conversationalist! Really.

I'm also a good listener.

Have a problem getting up in the morning? I can help. I sit by your face and put my paw on your nose. This will get you wide awake!

I was left at the shelter with this note:

"My name is Jasper. I am a 10 year old Burmese Tabby. I have not had my shots in a couple of years my Mommy loves me but has serious financial problems. Thank you God bless and I will say prayers."

Foster Mom says everybody is praying for me to get a good home. And I'm all shot up and microchipped and everything now. Ready to go, as they say!

I get along with everybody here at Foster Mom's house & I think I've got Foster Pa wrapped around my paws. I go sit right next to him on the couch and look at him lovingly. So far, it's working great. He thinks I'm a very cool cat.

I know I need to work on the weight thing but I'm being good and eating what Foster Mom gives me. It makes my coat pretty, too!

Now, go ahead and check out that video!

And for heaven's sake, Ask About Me!



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Notes from Home
Jasper is adjusting well to our home. We could not be more pleased. He is everything Donna said he would be and more. He went from "I'm just not sure" to "thank you, I do own the place" in a very few days. We absolutely love him.
(Last update: Sep 20th, 2012 6pm)

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