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I love everyone - people, cats, dogs. I especially want you to pet my very soft fur and play with me. I will talk to you in a conversational tone and come when you call me. My mom loved her 3 cats and 3 dogs very much but is now so sick that we must find new homes. Do you have room in your home for a sweet, healthy, well-behaved cat like me. I am smart, loving and active but not a clingy cat that wants to be in your lap constantly. In this picture, I am stepping up and down and purring to show foster mom that I love her.
Name:   Punkin
ID#: VA4736
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: female
Current Age: 24 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
DateIn: 02/01/07
Adopted: 02/24/07
Congrats: Tim
Foster: Ardis


Notes from Home
I'm sorry to notify you of Punkin's death on 03 May 2010. Punkin suddenly became very disoriented and was unable to walk when I rushed her to the Vet. She was quickly pronounced as near death, but the reason was not known. She had previously been diagnosed with a heart murmur, which I felt sure was responsible for whatever was happening. So, in consultation with the doctor, I decided to have Punkin put to sleep before she suffered any more.

She was a sweetie who melted everyone's heart she came in contact with. Her purr was fabulous and she loved nothing more then lying in the sun soaking up its warm rays, both in the summer and winter. I miss her terribly and think of her often. Rest in peace, Sweetykins!

(Last update: Mar 3rd, 2014 7pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: DreamBeau

(FKA Purrrince Beaufort)

ID#: VA6822
Location:  Georgia
Sex: male
Current Age: 16 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 01/30/10
Adopted: 02/20/10
Congrats: Lorraine
Foster: Jo

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5

Do you like to talk and can hold a conversation in true Meezer talk?

Can you give LOTS of pets and a warm knee and arms to cuddle me?

Do you have a buffet of food to offer me so I can pick what I like?

Have nice, fun places for me to look down on you?

If so, you may ask about me and let me know if I missed anything!


No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
3/2/2014 -- Has it really been FOUR YEARS??? Amazing. I don't even remember not living here! I'm still not very talky, because Mama is so good about understanding me that I don't even have to say much! I do sometimes have to say aowk and merng to the man people here, but that's because they don't understand what I'm thinking like Mama does.

I discovered how Warm And Soft laps are this winter -- anytime Mama sat down I'd be there quick to curl up and take a snooze! I still sometimes just get up there to stake my property out and then leave, but there's nothing better than a nice warm lap on a cold winter's day. Unless maybe it's the space heater!

About the only reminder of the Bad Days is I'm still terrified of the cat carrier -- Mama says it's a rodeo to get me in one. I don't know, it just seems like all the bad things that have ever happened to me started with a cat carrier, and when it comes out I just foget that Mama and Home came from a carrier, and I freak out a little. Mama never seems to mind or get upset, though, and I always come home after we go to the vet place, so I'm hoping one day I won't be so scared by it.

(He squirms and tries to get away, but he never once offers to bite, and the claws are only out because he's trying so desperately to avoid the carrier. I don't know what happened to him, but he's been deeply traumatized by cat carriers. My poor Beau Beau!)

I've also found out that Mama has something wrong with her wrists, but when they really hurt I lick and lick them, softly and gently, and she says I'm her Doctor Beau. She also has something wrong that makes her blood get weak and I have to wake her up so it doesn't get too weak. She pets me a LOT when I do that and tells me I'm her savior. I don't know what that is, but I'll do anything to keep my Mama healthy!

(I have rheumatoid arthritis, and when my wrists are really bad Beau will lay in my arms and gently lick them. Somehow he flattens his tongue bristles down, and it's really a soft gentle stroking with his tongue. As for the "weak blood", I'm also diabetic, and he's woken me up more than once because my blood sugar has dropped below 65. He truly is my sealy Doctor cat!)

I still run and leap and play and have crazy time, but you know what? Curling up in a ball in Mama's lap, sleeping in her arms, behind her knees, or in the valley between the back of the couch and her side when she's lying on the couch is really nice, too!


2/20/2013 -- THREE YEARS in my forever home!!! Who'd have thought I'd ever even have one, and here it's been THREE WHOLE YEARS!!! I just guess I'm the luckiest Brown Meezer Cat in the whole world -- first VASCRC rescued me, and then Mama found me and brought me home!

It's great that there are so many wonderful people in the world who love and understand us Meezers.

Bill and I are completely bonded now, and if one of us is around so is the other. Hard to believe I used to be afraid of him -- now he's my Big Bro, and we walk side by side everywhere. Although if I find him in Mama's lap, I have to sliiiiide in there and ooooooze him out of the way -- that's MY mama!

But it's okay if Maggie lays in her lap while Mama's on the computer -- poor Miss Maggie, she won't leave Mama's bedroom, so she doesn't have the option of laptime anywhere else. I'm a gentleman that way.

My spot at night and at naptimes is pretty much curled in Mama's arms. Behind her knees is fine, but I've decided her arms is the Best Place, so I stay there all night. She does insist on reading at night, though, so I curl up with my head on her neck so the light from her little computer reader thingy doesn't bother me, then when she turns it off I turn around, snuggle my head into her hand, and we both drift off to Dreamland together.

I'm finding my voice now -- I was always afraid to comment on anything much, and Mama says bad people must have yelled at me or something when I'd want to converse, but I've realized no one's going to yell at me for doing Meezer things, so I've started talking about Snacky Time, Running Up The Stairs, Racing Around The Shelves, and just General Commentary.

And Crazy Time!! After evening snacks, I like to gallop full speed through the house, over the couch, up the stairs, turn around and leap down the stairs, into Mama's room, up around the shelves, down onto the bed, and do it alllll over again!! Then I hang out in the spare bedroom with Bill until I hear the computer and TV get turned off, then I come and curl on the bed.

Well, it's time for a mid-morning snoozle with Bill -- he's already on the bed so I have to go snuggle with him.

Thank you again, VASCRC!! Thank you for saving me and for giving so many other Meezers like me a chance at a new forever home!!

(And Beau's secretary, Lorri, thanks you as well! Beau is such a comedian, and I love him to death. He's a project in progress, but he's soooo worth it. I wouldn't trade him for the world.)

02/20/2012 -- 2 years? Really??? I can't believe it's been 2 years -- I feel like I've lived here furever! I guess I was too busy for the one year update...

The dynamics here have pretty much settled down. Bill and I are now "The Bro's" as Mama calls us -- I love my Bro Bill and wash his head all the time, but he still has to leave if he gets in Mama's lap while I'm around. Sometimes when he's there I'll jump up just to make him move, then get down, because I really wasn't wanting any laptime just then.

But I do love my laptime! And when Mama's lying on the couch, I'll hop up and stretch out on her side. Or behind her legs. And of course My Spot on the bed is still curled in her arms, tucked under her chin! Best seat in the house!

And I found my purr!! I was so upset from moving so many places in such a short time, I lost my purr, but it's back and better than ever!

I'm feeling confident enough now about the men beans to let the Mike person pet me sometimes, but I just don't see enough of the Patrick person to be sure about him. Mama tells us both it'll just take time. I'm so glad she understands that sometimes us traumatized meezers need a LOT of time to do stuff.

I've also decided that I must defend all ladies in distress -- when Crystal the Deaf White Cat gets all mean to Maggie, I chase Crys out of the bedroom then go and kiss Maggie to make it all better.

So! I'm happy, healthy, thriving, and getting more and more comfortable every day! Mama says it doesn't matter how long it takes for me to get completely comfortable -- she loves me and says there's all the time in the world.


09/07/2010 -- Wow, time flies when you're having fun! I've been here just over 6 WHOLE MONTHS and everyone still loves me!

I'm a LOT more confident and comfortable in my home now. I mostly believe that no one's going to yell at me or hit me or force me to do anything I'm not comfortable about doing, but sometimes I still cringe a bit if someone makes a quick movement towards me. But Mama tells me don't be silly, no one will ever hit me, so I take a deep breath and remember she hasn't lied to me yet!

It took a while, but I hop up on counters and furniture and window sills and mantles just like everyone else does. And the best thing is Mama built me some SHELVES in the bedroom JUST FOR ME to run and leap and play on!! She's just the BEST Mama in the world! My sister Jacky and I race around them, and even fat Maggie and old Bill get up there, too.

Speaking of Bill, he's kind of a bully, and sometimes he gets me cornered in a room or under the dresser, but Mama just has to say "Billl...." in that no-nonsense voice and he goes away, so that's all good. I do wish he'd quit being so much of a bully, because I really think he just wants to play...

Jacky sort of wants to play wrestle games, but I'm not too sure about that yet. It's still a little scary for another cat to jump on me with paws and stuff, I much prefer just chasing, but I'm trying to be brave about it.

I love to sleep with Mama! I've never had a person of My Very Own to curl and snuggle with, so I always make a big production of curling into a Beauly Ball in her arms and snuggling my nose into her arm. I generally move to behind her knees during the night, but if I'm wanting reassurance or just to be close, her arm is always available! That's soooooo nice... I really feel loved by her.

So I'm very happy in my home, and I'd never change it for the world! Mama understands that I have Things To Do, Places To Go, People To See, so if I don't spend as much time in her lap as she'd like, it's okay with her. She says when I get older I'll appreciate laps more. I guess. But for now I'm a happy, active, (more) confident 2 yr old Meezer, and I finally found my Forever Home! Thank you soooo much, VASCRC and Jo!!


04/22/2010 -- It's my two month update, and things are still just great here at HOME!! I've decided it's Good to sleep curled up next to Mama, in her arms, and I'm getting braver about coming out into the living room and hanging out. I've even been brave enough to curl up behind Mama's legs when she's lying on the couch.

Mama's also changed my name -- it's now just Beau, although sometimes she calls me Beaubert, Beau Diddley, Beaudacious, Beaulicious, and Beaubert McBeauBeau. I don't mind -- as long as she doesn't call me Late For Supper!

The only real snag I'm having right now is the other boy cat here -- Bill. I don't mind him much, but I don't want him lying on Mama's bed -- that's *her* bed, and she's *my* person, so he needs to not lie there! Plus he's mean to Maggie, the calico who lives in Mama's room, and I'm too much of a gentleman to stand by and let some fat grey cat intimidate a lady, so I have to intervene. Of course, I believe in verbal warfare rather than physical, so I yowl and howl at Bill until he leaves. I do sometimes have to back it up with a nip on his butt if he won't get off the bed quick enough.

But I have a lot of fun with Jack, my black and white sister, Crystal, the deaf white cat, and Maggie, the fat calico. We all play chase and tag through the house. Bill has taken over my Millie bed, but that's okay, I didn't need it anymore -- I have Mama's bed now! Bill and I peacefully coexist, except when I think he's encroaching on Mama or being mean to one of the ladies now under my protection. Then I step up to their defense. I'm truly a Prince!


3/22/2010 -- Well, I've been here at HOME for a month now, and I have to say it's a really nice HOME. I have a black and white sister who's a year younger than I am to play with, and we love to play chase and wrestle allllll through the house! The other cats are all okay with me, too, but I love my new little sister to death!

And my MAMA is the most wonderful person, too! Even though she did put me in a carrier to take me to the vet, and then a week later we had to go AGAIN to get my teeth cleaned. But I love her -- I follow her around and get in her lap and sleep on her bed EVERY NIGHT!! I'm not too sure about the men beans yet, but Mama thinks they're okay, so I guess I'll get used to them.

The only snag is Mama is saying something about weaning me off gooshy food except as an occasional treat and making me eat dry food all the time.... she says it's because I get tartar on my teeth and gooshy food makes it worse or something silly like that. I hope she's not serious... I loooooove my gooshy food!!

Oh, did I mention? I'm HOME!!!!! I never knew I'd have one of my very own, but I DO!!! Thank you so much, VASCRC!!

(Last update: Mar 2nd, 2014 11pm)

After 8 weeks in a dark basement without people, what I want more than anything is one person I can attach myself at the hip to. I am a tiny gal who loves to kiss you, talk to you and headbutt you. I'm not so crazy about other cats but one that wouldn't pressure me might work okay as long as I have my very own person.

At first I was a little suspicious, but now I'm starting to relax and realize that not every person out there is a jerk that would close me up in a basement and not tell anyone!
Name: Lily Rose

(FKA Sassy)

ID#: VA9784
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 01/04/14
Adopted: 02/01/14
Congrats: Lyrl
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat


Notes from Home
Sassy, now Lily Rose, waltzed out of the carrier as I lay down on the bed, thinking I would be less scary flat. She started at my feet and headbutted to my head and back. I was charmed. She is the most delightful, quirky little being with an amazing range of "words" and a great deal to say, though she's not loud -- kind of mezzo soprano. She sleeps under the covers with us.

Lily Rose continues to be a delight. She seems to be starting to respond to her name. Her eating and litter box habits are very neat. She's playing with her silly bird on a string and with a cat dancer that's been around since right after I got Chovi (VA2190). I think she's one of those cats who isn't affected by catnip. I got her one of the grey flannel Dr. Daniels mice; she sniffed and looked at me as if to say, "What's this for?"

(Last update: Mar 2nd, 2014 7pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Ponce
ID#: VA5491
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 01/20/08
Adopted: 03/02/08
Deceased: 07/22/19
Congrats: Loralee
Foster: Jane

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Hi, Ponce here looking for a real forever home. My people were moving north and I just don't like to travel so here I am back to rescue. I am a little shy but love my pets and attention. I have been with other cats and the word is I really like them and would miss having a feline friend. Foster mom will write more about me as I settle in. Thank you for reading about me, Ponce

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
This is Ponce de Leon now at 8.5 years old. It has been over 6 years since I adopted him from Jane Shirey in Florida. If, it wasn't for this adoption, I wouldn't be a volunteer interviewer with this organization. His personality blossoms everyday, he still doesn't like to be held or sit in your lap. But, he will follow me from room to room just like a dog and loves to curl up beside when we take our afternoon naps.
(Last update: Mar 2nd, 2014 4pm)

Here I am. I know you are looking for a good looking lynx. I have beautiful blue eyes which are not being shown well in the pictures.

I am an energetic lad and like to play with toys. I also am looking forward to meeting the residents so I can see what is beyond the door. I have tried to sneak out a couple of times, but get brought back to my room. I have been told in a few days I will be able to meet the others, but foster mom needs to understand my likes and dislikes better.

I am eating well and really know how to use my litterbox just fine. Please ask about me.

Name: Bailey

(FKA Crackers)

ID#: VA7521
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: male
Current Age: 15 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 01/23/11
Adopted: 03/01/11
Congrats: Maura
Foster: Vangie


Notes from Home
I like my furrever home. Shadow (my older brother) is really nice and we get along well even though he doesn't like to romp much. He also insists on sleeping on the top bunk. The problem is this place doesn't HAVE bunk beds, so he sleeps on top of ME! (see the pictures).
(Last update: Mar 1st, 2014 11am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Isis
ID#: VA5082
Location:  Indiana
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 07/23/07
Adopted: 08/11/07
Deceased: 04/01/13
Congrats: Pamela
Foster: Jan

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Mercy, meow! I hardly recognized myself when I peeked into the mirror here....Im just skin and bones. Just last fall I was safely tucked into a house, kept warm and had food to eat everyday. Then suddenly I was tossed outside to fend for myself. I dont know what happened but for the last 7 months Ive had to hunt for food and beg for scraps from the neighbors.....not the life this seal point meezer princess deserves.

Ive been told by foster mom that one of those nice neighbors called the shelter and I was picked up, then Siamese Rescue was called and boy did they come!

Right away Miss Katie came to see me and held and kissed me. It felt so good and she said, little girl, you arent gonna be here long and she was right. Soon I was picked up, nestled in a soft crate and whisked off to something called a foster home.

So ahem... Im casting off my old life and forgetting all those nasty memories of hungry days and cold, wet nights. Now, I have my very own velvet kitty bed on my very own big bed, a window to watch the birds from, lots and lots of good warm food, cool fresh water and a foster bean mom that sleeps with me at night....ah....SO MUCH BETTER....

I have only one wish left, to find my very own furever home with my very own, just for me bean. I come with my very own bed, my very own food and my very own kind of special meezer LOVE.

Singing to you in my most meezery voice......
love, Isis

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Just wanted to let everyone know that Isis is doing absolutely fine. She is the funniest, sweetest cat we have ever had. She loves to eat and prance for her food. She has learned to do tricks for treats. She has even learned to purr. She did not purr for over a year.
Isis (aka Princess Pukey, Missy Nibs, and the Supervisor!!) weights about 9 lbs now but has kept her girlish figure. She keeps thin by running around the house chasing or being chased by her buddy, Loki. She also loves to stand in the shower and howl at the top of her lungs. At first we thought something was wrong with her. The vet thinks she just likes to hear herself sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She takes a daily walk outside in her harness and a leash only when the weather cooperates. She has her favorite spot at the bottom of the bed where she sleeps in a snuggle sack and on a heating pad!! Talk about spoiled. But she deserves to be spoiled because she is such a great cat.
And boy is she a talker!!!!!!!!!!!! Yak, Yak, Yak all day long! We don't know what she is telling us but we think it is important because it is the same thing everyday! She even yells at the birds outside the window every chance she gets!
Thanks so much for allowing her to choose us to be her staff (dogs have masters, cats have staff!). We simply adore her!

Our beloved Isis died on April 9, 2013 after developing adenocarcinoma of the lungs and lymphatic system. She was peacefully euthanized in her heated bed on her favorite chair in our living room. She was surround by her favorite people and her pal, Loki.

Adagio has been renamed Luna. We usually call he Luna-tic because she is a ball of lovable energy. We love her. She is so funny and she has no hesitation about challenging our older cat, Loki. She plays Rock'em Sock'em Robots with Loki before every meal. When the meal is over, they cuddle like old pals. She has been a great addition to our family. We love her

(Last update: Feb 28th, 2014 12pm)

Would you?
Give me a few days to settle in, understanding if I grumbled?
Reassure me with soft promises and gentle pets?
Then -
Kiss my forehead, softly, and tell me it will be alright?

Six days with Aunt Siri and I believe her, believe in her, and know it will be alright. I know she will find me the person who will be as reassuring, and who will keep me safe, warm, and well loved.

I really want to be someone's soulmate. Please?

Name: Bhodisattva

(FKA Samir)

ID#: VA9788
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 01/04/14
Adopted: 01/18/14
Congrats: Jan
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
The enlightened one is at home.
(Last update: Feb 27th, 2014 8pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Hope-Kitty
ID#: VA9670
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 11/09/13
Adopted: 01/19/14
Deceased: 04/25/14
Congrats: Alessandra
Foster: Jackie

Foster Notes

Looking for an angel - you see, I don't have all that long, and all I want, all I HOPE for, is a home for the time I have left. You don't have to do anything but love me, because all the testing has been done. I have nasal lymphoma, and a few months is what I'm looking at. So I ask, please, that you overlook how YOU are going to feel and think about how I COULD feel if I just had a home.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Hello wonderful Siamese Cat Rescue Center!!! I am the proud person that was honored to have been adopted by HOPE! She was the terminally ill gorgeous girl. I have had multiple tests run on her, x-rays etc. She is doing AMAZING!!! She has her little routine in the am when I get up. I wash her face and then she knows it's time to run down the hall and wait as I get her breakfast ready! She absolutely adores my 6 year old daughter. I can't picture my life without her. We are working closely with my vet to have her cared for properly. As of right now there are no masses in her nasal cavity and she doesn't appear sick excepts a little bit of the sniffles. HOPE is a perfect fit in our home and loves our other cats as well as our rescue Greyhound.
Thanks for all that you continue to do!
Alessandra from New Hampshire

(Last update: Feb 27th, 2014 11am)

Sweet and loving - what more could you want? I love to be petted and purr like crazy. I even purred during my bath!
Name: Furman

(FKA Rimmell)

ID#: VA9801
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 01/10/14
Adopted: 02/08/14
Congrats: Brenda
Foster: Debra


Notes from Home
Furman is doing better. He has not thrown up for a while. He now sleeps with us all night.

He has adjusted to my daughter and now joins us for a bed time story on her bed at night. He usually purrs the whole time and doesn't pay attention to the story. She has been able to pet him and enjoys watching him play with my feet as I cook dinner.

My son keeps his distance from Furman. There hasn't been as much hissing lately.

I'm trying to convince Furman to be a lap cat. He prefers to sit by my head on the back of the couch.

(Last update: Feb 27th, 2014 10am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Hagi (formerly Frankie)
ID#: VA4251
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 06/17/06
Adopted: 02/24/07
Deceased: 07/01/13
Congrats: Barabara
Foster: Deborah

OK. I have been here for way too long. And, even though I really love foster mom, I am sooooo ready to have a home to call my own. I have such a great personality that matches my great meezer looks. Everytime someone visits the foster room, I am right there to greet them. I love to eat, love to kiss and nibble on toes, have great litterbox habits, love to be brushed, and love to sit next to you. I'm not very talkative for a Siamese, but I do have one of the nicest and loudest purr motors around. I will let you hold me for short periods of time (but you can carry my sister around everywhere!) There are a few things I require. Lots of love and to go home with my sister Kiritsa VA4248. We have been through lots of changes together, and I need to stay with her. We look out for each other. Can't you see how much I love her in our picture in my photogallery? If you are looking for a pair of very laid back furkids, we are just that, and we would love to come live with you forever!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
2/26/14: Hagi passed away last August. My sweet kitty is dearly missed - by me and by his lifelong companion Kiritsa. He was such a joy, and I am so grateful to have had him as part of my life.

3/12/12: Hagi continues to be playful and rambunctious, and still dotes on his sweetheart Kiritsa. He also likes to eat her food, so I am giving him less kibble. Often when I come home he will roll over on his back, exposing his tummy, and wait for me to rub him. And he loves my lap - almost as much snuggling up next to Kiritsa. But he hates having his nails clipped, which makes this job tricky, but we get it done. He is a wonderful pet and companion.

2//25/11: Hagi is as healthy and full of pep as ever. I can't believe he is 10
years old this year, and that I've had him and Kiritsa for 4 years. They
are such an important part of my life.
Hagi loves to chew on my shoe laces, still plays with toys, and is
transfixed by watching the birds and squirrels outside the glass doors to
the patio. Last summer, I let him out on the patio with me for a short
time, and when I turned my back for a second he caught a chipmunk in my
flower bed, and ran into the house with it - still alive! Fortunately, when
he dropped it on the carpet, the poor chipmunk was so scared it froze. So I
was able to cover it with a bowl, and slide a piece of cardboard underneath,
and carry it back outside, where I dropped it back in the flower bed.
One thing Hagi hates is getting into his carrier and going to the vet,
but fortunately he is so healthy that he only has to go once a year for his
check up and shots.
I am very grateful for my two rescue cats.

(Last update: Feb 26th, 2014 10pm)

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