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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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I'm gentle and easy on the eyes! I've got that male model look. Just check out my ear tufts!
I've got some eating and growing to do, but I'll be ready soon.

I am a lover and love to give kisses and headbutts!
Name: Luke

(FKA Saffron)

ID#: VA9327
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 06/15/13
Adopted: 07/15/13
Congrats: Doreen
Foster: Mama Rosa

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
On the 20 mile trip home Luke never made a sound, we checked to see if he was still in the carrier. Venus didn’t see him come into the house, but she knew he was there. Monday she stopped talking and went on a hunger strike then threw-up foam most of the day. Tuesday she snuck into my office and saw him, she growled, she hissed and she left. Tuesday night her hunger strike was over and she was talking again. Wednesday and Thursday he ate he played and he cuddled with anyone who went into his room. Friday evening Venus went in for another look at the little invader. This time there was no sneaking or growling or hissing and she kept her tail up. She watched him for a few minutes and went on with her normal ritual, talk, eat and go to bed. Saturday he made his first trip to the vet, on this trip he talked all the way there and all the way back. He weighed in at 4 lbs. and 6 ozs. After his ordeal with the vet we gave him free range of our bedroom, he really enjoyed this and to show how happy he was, he left a puddle in the center of the bed slightly smaller than Lake Superior, so now he has a new litter box of his own in the back of the house too. During the scramble to get everything into the washer, Luke and Venus met face to face for the first time in the hall between bedrooms, she growled, she hissed and she left. Sunday he got to run free in the front of the house where the cat tree and scratch posts and toys are, he played for about two hours, he ate and he cuddled then he and Venus sniffed noses and he went to sleep. Venus is still not sure about this little invader, but shows no threatening aggressiveness toward him and he just wants to play with everyone and everything.

By the end of his second week, this cute little mostly white furry ball of energy has three nicknames. “White lightning”, because he runs through the house at the speed of light, “the white tornado” because after he plays with all of his toys he chases his tail then takes a nap, and “the great white hunter” since he and Venus now hunt lizards together.
Luke and Venus now eat their own food out of their own bowls less than a foot apart they sleep on the couch together and they lay at the front door and watch the lizards on the front walk.

Since his Lake Superior incident there have been no accidents, he eats well and plays hard, he purrs hard and loves to cuddle. Venus isn’t totally sold on the idea of sharing our bed with Luke, but we’re sure this will change with time.

(Last update: Jul 30th, 2013 10pm)

Name: KoKo Rachel Sasha DeVoe

(FKA Rachel)

ID#: VA7180
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 07/31/10
Adopted: 08/29/10
Congrats: Catherine
Foster: Joyce

Foster Notes

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
Looking for a real sweetheart ? Then look no farther !

I love people, I love attention and I love laps ! And I've lived with other cats and a dog in the past so I probably get along with them too.

I should be ready to go to my furever home by the end of August but you'll want to get in line now because I'm too wonderful to be available for long.
Notes from Home
An update on Koko. It has been almost three years since she joined our family and she has been nothing but a joy. She has been completely patient with my kids as they have gotten older. She rewards them with attention when they approach her slowly and/or call her with toys, and play with her gently. And she ignores them when they start to get a bit rough or demanding! Nowadays, she is as likely to sleep in their rooms as mine!

She is also getting used to being picked up and carried (for a short time that is). Initially she would panic if anyone tried to carry her, but as she has aged and realized that nothing bad happens she deals with being carried patiently. She usually peeks out from the 2nd story when she hears me arrive at home. A wonderful greeting! And then follows me waiting for a lap to be created. A gem of a cat.

My father's cat passed on a year ago and he is finally ready to adopt. So I've recommended he contact rescue folks out in Indiana where he lives. I'm sure he find the right match working with this wonderful rescue organization.

(Last update: Jul 30th, 2013 1pm)

I have an opinion on everything and like sharing it ! Snuggly, affectionate and in need of a playmate !
Name:   Danni
ID#: VA9346
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 06/22/13
Adopted: 07/14/13
Congrats: Beth
Foster: Heida


Notes from Home
Danni has been with us for about a week so far. She is a normal kitten running and playing and then having a nap time. She loves her balls the best especially the mouse ball and the one that makes noise when it rolls! Look for more updates soon!!

It has been two weeks and Danni has quickly fit in with Pongo and Wendy. They are following her all over to make sure that she is fine. Especially Pongo as is his personality to make sure everyone and everything is ok. I will post new photo's of them getting along. Danni has found all of their favorite spots and is now occupying them!

(Last update: Jul 29th, 2013 4pm)

Name: Keller

(FKA Keller)

ID#: VA6478
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 07/19/09
Adopted: 08/30/09
Congrats: Cara
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Okay I admit it, I'm just one big old Mama's Boy!! I want nothing but to get in your lap, snuggle, hide my head, purr, and peek out from under your elbow. Yes, I'll graduate to being more outgoing but right now I'm a kid who probably left my Meowm too soon and needs a replacement! So far other cats and kids are cool, as long as they love on me! (Dog indifferent)
Notes from Home
2013 update
Hi all,
Having fun every day at home. Thanks for matching us all together. We are one happy family! Thought I'd share a few pictures. Folks tell me I am a social butterfly. I just like to sit with everyone when we have company. I love lasers and am in really good shape.
Enjoy your summer!

---First update
Hi everyone,
Just a note to say hello.
~I'm all settled in with my brother (Flemming) and sister (Foxey). Mom and Dad say I'm the silliest goose around. I like to gallop through the house like a horse...sometimes I run so fast that I forget to stop and slide into things! I'm really fast. Mom and Dad giggle when I do my double meow in the morning. They try to imitate me from time to time. All in all, I'm really happy and like to visit wth anyone who stops by to see me.

Hope all is well at my rescue home.
Much love,
Mr. Keller

(Last update: Jul 27th, 2013 9pm)

Cute. Wispy. Interactive. Playful. and LOVE other cats (people too!) I'm an easy going, easy to slot in, friendly, silly goofy gal who currently is on a limited protein diet (but I love it, just like I love everything else) and would do well as the only cat (fine with kids and dogs) or with feline friends!
Name:   Foxey
ID#: VA5704
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/06/08
Adopted: 07/27/08
Congrats: Cara
Foster: Siri


Notes from Home
------5-year update
Hi everyone! Thanks for the 5-year anniversary note. Wow. 5 years! I am a happy girl and Mom and Dad can't imagine life without me. They tell me I am the prettiest cat around and a heart to match. Still crazy about Dad. I love any / all time that I get to spend with him.

Love you all.

-----1st update from home
Hi Siri and everyone at the Center!
~Gosh...I can't believe I've been at my home for over 2 years now! Time is flying.
I'm in love with my dad and every time mom gets out of bed, I run and jump in her spot next to dad. He's so wonderful. He needs to sit with me when I eat and needs to brush me every day. After all, I AM his little princess. I like to give kisses on the forehead while I'm getting a nice brushing.

I'm still on my all venison diet. I think that I've convinced mom not to try to give me anything else because I refuse to eat it!

Mom thinks I'm the prettiest (and sweetest) kitten in the world. She tells me that all the time. I like to hear it and purr a lot. Dad always tells Mom that she 'done good' finding me. We all are happy together.

Thanks for matching us together! We are definitely a match made in heaven.
Lick. Lick.

(Last update: Jul 27th, 2013 8pm)

Name: Grimalkin

(FKA Mr. Belvedere)

ID#: VA8544
Location:  Kentucky
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 05/18/12
Adopted: 06/10/12
Congrats: Nancy
Foster: Jennifer

Foster Notes

Mr Belvedere here - I don't do laundry, but I do make biscuits, 'make' the bed, and will be right by your side while you fold the sheets. I'm a laid-back lover boy looking for an in-house butler position - only adopters looking for an awesome cat need apply!

Kneads & biscuits,
Mr. B
Notes from Home
Grimalkin, Grim for short, formerly Mr. Belvedere (VA8544) is doing awesomely! He has been a purrfect gentleman and made friends with our Australian Shepherd in 20 minutes. It took a little longer with our other cat, Dido, but they have worked it out. Now they play together, sleep next to each other and even do a LITTLE bit of grooming for each other. He has charmed us all with lots of purring, head butts and kisses. He even holds fast to our hands if we try to pull away before he is done with his licking! He defers to Queen Dido at almost every turn and seems perfectly contend to do so. He likes to make rounds at night, sleeping for a portion of the night on each family members bed -- even the dogs! Thank you all so much for this wonderful new family member! WE are in LOVE!

26JUL2013: It is a little over a year later and Grim is still our big lover-boy. He is not at all shy and likes to be in the middle of whatever is going on. He has even decided that being held and sitting on laps is pretty nice (at least part of the time). We recently moved to Cincinnati and he was not phased in the least. In fact, his calm attitude really helped our other, more skittish kitty to settle in quickly. We have occasionally fostered kittens for a local rescue group and he has been a wonderful help with that, too! He loves everyone and especially loves to capture his toys and carry them around the house in his mouth, yowling his demands for praise at the same time. He is a treasure -- thank you, Siamese Rescue, for being our matchmaker!

(Last update: Jul 27th, 2013 12am)

Cute: check
Cuddly: check
Pretty: check
Lovable: Check
Playful: check
Everything wanted in a kitten: check, check

Ask about me!
Name:   Ash
ID#: VA6363
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 06/03/09
Adopted: 07/19/09
Congrats: Theresa
Foster: Williene

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Hi Everyone at the Rescue Center!

I wanted....err-uhm, I mean Deja Blu wanted to send this to you earlier, but you know how it is...time gets the best of us. But, now we're finally able to sit down and send you a "Blu Update."

My daughter and I welcomed "Ash" into our home in July 2009. The Center didn't have an exact birthdate, but knew he was born around the end of March. We decided his birthday would be March 29, 2009. (my husband's birthday) So, on March 29th this year, "Ash", who is now named, "Deja Blu" celebrated his first birthday!

He received lots of presents: a 4 foot tunnel that lights up and he can dart in and out, a circle toy with a ball that turns around in an inside track...this one actually makes sounds everytime he bats it. At 3 in the morning, we hear this thing saying, "Here Kitty Kitty" and "Meow Meow Meow," and then it starts squeeking like a mouse.He also had a birthday cake with a candle that he stared at for 5 minutes until we had to blow it out (after singing "Happy Birthday," of course!) His humans had the cake, but Blu had Fancy Feast Seabass and Shrimp appetizer (his absolute favorite!)

Deja Blu is quite a character. He loves water! He loves to look at it, put his paws in it, and, of course, drinks it from the faucet. Bathtubs are his favorite play areas and if his humans are
having a bubble bath, you might as well say he's in heaven! His vet says he's a very healthy, BIG
boy. She said he's not fat, he's just all muscle and BIG! He's a healthy 14 and 1/2 pound meezer who loves playing chase and attack, jump and attack, and hide and attack. Did I mention he likes to attack his humans? This is play attack where he literally jumps 3 feet into the air, with his front arms wide open like he's going to hug you. But, instead, it's a Grab and a Push, like he's saying, "Ok, you're IT !!!" We still believe he is part Tiger!!!

i've attached some photos of the "Life of Deja Blu." If you could also forward this to his Foster Mom, we'd appreciate it. Thank you so much for having this organization and letting us be part of
your "family!"

P.S. "meow Meow MEow MeoW meoW meOW MEOw MEow"
That was DejaBlu saying he's a very happy cat and loves his Forever Home family very much and THANK YOU for bringing him to his new Meowmy!!!


JULY 24, 2013 ~
Meeeeowww to Everyone back at th Siamese Rescue Center. It's me: "Ash." Although my new Meomy changed my name to DejaBlu because I am a beautiful blue-point, I know you still refer to me as "Ash." I seem to remember when I was kitten, everyone calling my name "Ash , what are doing NOW?!?!" I am still a playful kitten at heart. I can't believe it's been FOUR years since I moved to my Forever Home. I love being here so much. And against popular belief, I am NOT spoiled. So, my Meomy buys me fresh shrimp. So, I get an occasional can of StarKist white albacore tuna. So, I have every conceivable cat toy known to humankind. So, I have several soft, fluffy beds I lay on and take long comfy naps. The fact of the matter is, I AM THE BOSS of this family and what I want, I get !!! OK, OK, hoinestly, I love my humans because I know they love me and am SOOOOOOOooo happy Siamese rescue brought us together. Whiskers and Paws (that's Love and Kisses in Meezer Talk) DejaBlu p.s. I added some updated photos of me.

DejaBlu, with a little help from his Meowmy, Terry and big "Swhisker", Trisha =^..^=


(Last update: Jul 25th, 2013 12pm)

Name: Saki

(FKA Pumpkin)

ID#: VA7797
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 06/17/11
Adopted: 07/15/11
Congrats: Carol
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes

Foster mom says I am like the Gingerbread man. Run run fast as I can you can't catch me.
It will probably be about a month before I can go home but when I do the fun will begin. I am a handsome male and love to be snuggled. Better click fast! Pumpkin
Notes from Home
New Pictures posted -- Saki has turned from a beautiful kitten into an amazingly gorgeous cat. He's still sweet and loves to play when he's not on our screened in pool deck hunting lizards. He loves to play with them. Never eats them. But when we see it, we go running to try and save the lizard from being played with to death. Saki has a wonderful personality. He's a very special boy who's become a very important part of our family!
(Last update: Jul 24th, 2013 8pm)

Just arrived.

I wa dumped and trapped near Philly! Can you imagine I'm just a baby!!! We think there is a backyard breeder dumping kittens......

I am stunning however I have an infection in my left eye and will have to see what the doc says......

I am out of the playpen in the foster room and oh boy the toys!!!! Never saw soooooo many toys......... I'm having a ball

So if you are looking for a true rescue ask about me.


3/9/12 UPDATE: Well Doc said my eye ha to come out to avoid any future medical issues and I can live a long happy healthy life. It wasn't an infection but some sort of trauma to my eye. Once my recovery period is over I will then be able to go to my furever home. I've been blind in the eye since the trauma so have adjusted well to only seeing out of one eye. I love to play!!!!!!!

So if you are my rescue angel and don't care about cosmtic things click on ask about me and meowmy will tell you allllll about me.
Name: Pipa

(FKA Pipa)

ID#: VA8389
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 02/28/12
Adopted: 03/17/12
Congrats: Kim
Foster: Wendy


Notes from Home
Pipa is home and we are very happy with her. Right now she is very scared but we are working on it. She is very playful.
4-2-12. Finally Pipa is showing real progress. She is coming for love and head buts. We are very pleased she is showing real progress. We are hopeful that in the next week or so she can start to build a relationship with the boys.

4/5/12pippa is showing amazing improvement interacting with us. She does not run and hind anymore but is guarded. She chirps and purs when we pet her. Is becoming very social with us. Pipa is still hissing a bit and if she falls on her side we know not to touch her as she will hiss and scratch. I have battle wounds to show for it. I am hopeful this habit can be stopped.

4-6-12. Last night we expanded Pipas space by adding our bedroom. She did great went under the bed for a second when David came in. Other then that she was out exploring, resting on the bed with me but guarded. She kept her distance. But she went crazy playing. She is a bit wild. She was attempting inappropriate scratching on a fabric chair.

She did stop each time after scolding. When she used her cat tower I praised her. She may be ready for more room but with guarded supervision. I like things in newer condition then she does. I am looking forward to an introduction to the boys. Hopefully this weekend we can let her meet Skye.

5/13/12. We made it to Mothers day and Pipa gave me the best present a mewoie could ask for. She let me pick her up and she sat on my lap. She is progressing and slowly becoming more loving. She is so cute we both just want to pick her up and kiss her. I know it will come we just have to work on her. She has full access to the house now and no accidents.

How we love Pipa! She is a whole new kitty. Pipa is one of our babies and is a very important part of our family. she is in love our chocolate boy Skye. She is constantly, jumping on him, bathing and rough housing. She also has a fancy towards Skippy John but a bit more reserved with him. She will put up a good chase and attack but prefers Skye. They all sleep together. She is not up for letting us hold her and kiss but we are wearing her down. She comes running when we call her and has the cutest little chirp when she is near us. Pipa is not much for photography so I need to pin her down and do a proper portrait.
Just wanted to give you an update on how wonderful she has become.
Have a great rest of the summer.

3-17-2013: Hi guardian Angels

I have settled into my new life and feel very much at home. I really love my brown brother and and good with the stripped one. He is ok but my brown brother rocks. I even like that big curly girly they call Summertime. She leaves me alone and I roll around on the floor for her. I am staring to like my Meau and poo. If I hang around for any length of time they brush me. I like that brushing business. I had a check up with the doc last week. Everyone said next to Summer I am the best Simonetti! Of course my brothers spit and hiss at all of them and look for blood. Not me I am a true lady and make everyone proud.

Last week I don't know who came up with this idea but they added a new little dog brother. I think they call that thing Vito? I am very afraid of him I know he is only 14 lbs and full grown. But I really don't want to play with that one. They are working on him and they think he is very nice. He would like to chase us cat people but they are pretty strict with the rules on cat chasing so I guess he will be ok for a dog. Well they are serving corned beef tonight as they said something about anniversary and green. But I like my meat and I want my share so I need to run. Oops better walk to dinner.

Xoxoxo. < .
From your girl Pipa. The one p cause I have one eye < . )

7-23-13. Pipa is coming along just fine. She has somewhat adjusted to our new dog Vito. She continues to bond with her brother Skye They seem to be very close. She looks for him when he is not near her. She has been sleeping on the bed with us on a regular basis. The other night she even woke me up as my foot was outside the covers and she felt it necessary to rub her head and head butt my foot. She is just so cute. I ask her everyday when she is going to let me love on her like her brothers. She does let me kiss the top of her head as long asi don't make a big deal about it. Daddy still wants his but waiting patiently for her to totally get right with him. All for now

(Last update: Jul 24th, 2013 4pm)

Name:   Dexter
ID#: VA8580
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 06/04/12
Adopted: 07/24/12
Deceased: 05/16/15
Congrats: Mary
Foster: peter

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
If youre looking for a handsome, classic seal point boy, look no further!

Im now across the river at Casa Kuck, with Poppa Peter after my initial recuperation at the Italian B&B for Wayward Siamese where I gained weight, and my coat improved after having regular meals for a change. Great accommodations there and now here after living on the streets of Hartford for more than 6 months. Id found a group of 'feral' cats to join, until my rescuers arrived and got me into Siamese Rescue.

Foster Meown Trish thought I might like to meet some other meezers, as one of the meezerettes at her house doesnt like any foster furkid like me. Like many classic meezers, I have a nice 'voice' when I have something to say, Like wheres my dinner?, but I don't yowl. I have perfect manners in the litter box, and I do like most foods.

Ive got long legs, and did you notice my big blue eyes? I'll be glad to let you gaze at them! Just let me live with you! I'm anxious for a home of my very own. Will it be with you? Let Poppa Peter know and hell tell you more about me.
Notes from Home
Its been just a month since I brought Dexter home to love and bond. He and I have been through a lot of positive changes together. And all for the best for both of us. He really is a lover and we are getting along just fine. He loves to follow me around and wants to know exactly where I am all the time.
He loves to play. I have a catnip mouse tied to the end of fishing line on a collapsible fishing pole and I go "cat fishing". When he is feeling playful I toss the mouse out and reel it back and he takes off after that mouse like it was real. His antics can be so funny at times I have to sit down and laugh. I swear he knows he is amusing me when he looks at me with those lovely blue eyes. I have come to realize that cats don't need to talk, they send messages that you understand.
Dexter is not a lap cat............yet! But he is getting closer now that he is more trusting. He is very affectionate in the mornings waking me up for scratches on the ears and neck. This is OUR time to be close.
Dexter has made me very happy and I think he is happy too !
Wow Its been 8 months since Dexter and I met ! After a scary beginning together Dexter has become a totally different cat. How he has changed for the better has amazed me. He suck a good and loyal friend. I never thought he would do it but he will sit in my lap for long periods of time. He is very independent but will jump up into my lap when asked. He still doesn't like to be held and does not like to be restrained.
I think cats having nine lives should be reversed to cat owners. Dexter took one of mine while I was in Florida this past winter. Some friends and I had gone out on the town only to come home and find the cat had opened the screen on a window and was gone. After nearly having a "heart Attack" the neighbors and my friends started a search for the boy. He was found 5 houses down the street sitting under a car. When a flashlight shined on him he started to run and thankfully headed in the direction of home. He ended up two houses down from ours hiding in a bush. I called him and he came to me. Prior to that, I was very frightened that I would never see him again. This was one time when he let me hold him and I carried him home. All the while he was purring like a kitten. He never tried that move again.
Dexter was a good traveler and wore his harness for the drive to and from Florida. Papa Peter(one of Dexter"s Fosters) have obtained a soft canvas small dog crate and Dexter spent his time sleeping in it while the car was moving. He sat in the drivers seat when I got gas or took a break.
Dexter still has a little separation anxiety and likes to keep tabs on where I am and will be there with me wherever I go.
His coat is luxurious and his blue eyes sparkle. He keeps meticulously clean and still loves to eat ! He wakes me up for breakfast lurking around my head and a light meow at 7 am. This is his favorite time of the day.
I am very happy with my "baby" and love him very much. I know the feeling is reciprocal. He is the best !
7/23/13 It has been a year that Dexter and I have been together. It has taken the boy that long to gain trust in humans and with me to share his love. Over the course of the year Dexter has gotten closer and more trusting with daily achievements to the point where I can hold him for a short period of time and he will jump up and sit in my lap for longer periods of time. He is so smart it amazes me how intelligent a cat can be.
He knows how to turn doorknobs with his paws but thankfully not enough to open the door. If I am behind a door that is not latched he will push it open if on the other side of the door he knows how to catch a claw on the wood and open it.
He still loves to eat and breakfast is his favorite time. Its the time I use to give him long hugs just before I put his food down. Dexter is not a very verbal cat but he is talking a lot more of recent. I didn't think he had a voice for a long time. He greets me at the door or open window with some loud meows and I think he is saying where ya been ? how long do you think you can stay away from me?. He does stay close by when I am home.. He loves to play. He will roll a ball across the floor and will do so when he wants to play. He knows that when I ask him to go get the ball he knows where to find it so we can have a game.
Dexter has not had any health problems at all since his initial episode of asthma when I first got him. This is the season when asthma can kick in but he seems to be fine so far. I have taken him to the Vet for his yearly and when necessary to clip his nails and the Vet said he looked great. His coat is soft and shiny and his blue eyes sparkle. Dr Hayden and I are both puzzled and pleased that Dexter has not had any more attacks. My nursing assessment tells me that Dexter was so stressed with happenings in his life before I got him that he had a stress induced asthma attack. Now that he is loved and secure, fed good food and is in a calm and safe environment that his immune system is healthy enough to ward off any illnesses. I am very watchful of his breathing patterns and any increased sneezing etc.
I went on a 2 day vacation recently. This was the first time I had been gone overnight. I left Dexter home with a friend coming twice a day to feed him and visit for a short time. He did ok in my absence. I got more stressed about it than he did.
Getting Dexter was the best thing I could have done after the loss of my Meika, my buddy of 20 years.
I would never be without a furry friend. I resist the temptation of getting another cat when I look at the beautiful cats available on the website. For now I will keep loving my best friend Dexter and enjoying his love and comfort.

(Last update: Jul 24th, 2013 1pm)

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