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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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A gal with an agenda, I'll walk right out of the carrier, give your place the once over, let you know what I like about it, make suggestions if your decor needs an upgrade, check out what's for dinner, make sure the bathroom accommodations are up to snuff, and then finally settle in for some lap sitting and play time. I like to look out the windows, I have an opinion about most things and will express it, I like to be up front and central to the discussion and the activity, and I will not tolerate other felines. That's okay, I'm plenty enough cat for everyone in the household! (Dogs? They are 'okay' - I could learn to like them!)
Name: Lovey

(FKA April)

ID#: VA6461
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 07/14/09
Adopted: 11/13/09
Deceased: 06/10/15
Congrats: Andrea
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat


Notes from Home
Hi Everyone at the Center! It is Lady Lovey! It has been two weeks today since I came to my forever home. I have been very happy. My new Mommy and all my new family are amazed at how well I have adjusted and made myself right at home! I don't know why they are so supprised after all I have the entire run of the house and of course I have all kinds of toys and scratching posts and mice galare to play with. The best two things are my Mommy's lap that she always lets me lay in and even puts a my very own special blanket in it for me to paddy-cake and to snuggle up in. The best thing is Mommy LOVES me to snuggle up really close under the covers every night in bed. I can't purr enough about that daily treat. She has me on several differet diet foods and I am being a good girl and not fussy at all about them. The best part of the day is Mommy coming home from work and spending "special" time with me and she lets me tell her about my day! I don't even try to run out the door any more. I am curious still about what is out there but I am very happy here! Mommy plans on a photo shoot soon and will be sending new pictures of me in my new forever home. Please tell everyone I am purrfectly happy and settled in MY new home! Lovey....

Thank you for the 6 month check in!

Well our honeymoon has only gotten better and better. Lovey has bonded with me more and more each day.

We had a little problem with biting for a period of time. Not often but we have quickly worked on it with "Mr Water Bottle" and we seem to have cured that bad habit. I am not sure what caused the few times she bit me. Never broke the skin but she was in attack mode at the time and like angry or acted very strange. The last time was several months ago so we still have Mr Water Bottle in case, but she has shown no signs of this behavior in at least 3 months. I used Mr Water Bottle and Time outs to break her of this habit. She does softly nibble sometimes when she is very happy purring and patty caking but she stops, it is like you can see her think oh.. if I bit I will be in trouble. But this is more of the time of showing affection not attacking. I have had other Siamese that when they are very affectionate nipple on me to show affection not attacking and that is what this is like. But I enforce the NO Biting rule anyway. She is understanding and stops.

Everything else has been only good. She gets closer and closer to me and has learned her new name and responds to it. She has also learned a few others like "beddy bye", come here, buggy ride, Sleepy Sleepy, show me.... and a few others. She is very spoiled also! LOL what can I say she is my baby! She has numerous beds and scratching post she loves. She is very tidy little kitty. She is very social and loving to everyone and especially to me.

Everyday when I come home she waits for me in a front window. My neighbors even say she meows to them when they get home and they tell her she is not their mommy I will be home soon. Once I walk near the door she runs to the front door to meet me. She still has a tendency to want to zip out the door. But I live in a condo and my door is in a stair well and a glass door to the building so she can't get out. So that has been a good thing. She has gotten better and she also will come back up to me and in the house after a little bit of talking too. Come Here.. she cries but she will slowly come back in. I have had to take Mr. Water Bottle out a few times and she doesn't like that so she tends to come back before he comes out! LOL But there is another reason she doesn't zip out so much any more too! You see I had worked with her on a harness and leash and she liked to walk a little outside with me. But she was very slow and so I found this very cute "Kitty Buggy"! Yes a Kitty Buggy. It looks like a baby carriage but is it made for cats and dogs. It is HOT PINK! LOL I have attached a couple of pictures for you. Well I got it for 2 reasons. One I needed to get some exercise and walk and she wanted to go out and I don't let her go out so I got this thinking it might work. Well she LOVES IT! Yes Loves it! My friends think I am crazy but they has been on walks with us and also agree she loves it. She even sniffs around it when she wants to go out on a ride. She sits on her hind legs and looks out the window and watches the geese and dogs and other people and creak she loves being out in it. She goes with me to the shopping center a block away and everyone points and laughs but we love our adventures and she is very safe and comes home and naps after a long ride. She has also stopped zipping out the door she goes to the buggy and meows to tell me she wants to go for a ride. She wears a harness and is strapped in the buggy and I put an extra leach on her that is on my wrist as a 2nd safety for her. She is zipped up in it and can see out all sides and the back. She can turn around a look at me and talk to me too. We have great adventures with it. She doesn't fight putting on the harness or anything. She fussy a little if I take too long to get going. Then she is quiet with an occasional meow as she enjoys the air and scenery.

She is very social I have taken her on trips to NC with me. She has a booster seat in the front seat and is strapped into that for the rides. She can see out the windows and I have a very soft and cushioned bed in it so she curls up and sleeps much of the time. She does get tired of being strapped to it, but she loves it compared to being in a kennel for the ride. I know she is spoiled. I take her on trips with me because she seems to miss me so much when I am away for work that if I am gone more then 1 night I take her with me. She is much happier.

Her favorite toy is the fuzzy tail on a stick and mice. She even brings them in the bed if she wants to play. She will fuss at me if I haven't played with her. So I get them out and she plays and chases them. I think she is very happy here. On the first road trip I first put her in the kennel and she let out a scared cry and I thought oh no.. she thinks she is going back to the rescue. So that was when I stopped at the nearest pet smart put her in her buggy and got her the booster seat and she was much calmer and not scared anymore. Then when we arrived at my friends and she got in her buggy and realized I was staying with her she was right at home.
So now she doesn't stress going in the car anymore. She is not super happy to be strapped to the seat but more annoid than stressed.

My friend in NC has an indoor dog and she gets along well with him and other dogs. She never even ruffled her fur up. She is a very secure kitty and wants to be where I am. So she comes with me.

When I get home every day she DEMANDS about 10-15 minutes of loving. Especially prefers if I get in the recliner so she can get up on my chest and front feet on my shoulder so she can patty cake the chair and purr and rub my face. She needs to have her daily loving and as soon as you give her that little time of undivided attention she is fine to go about her business. She follows me around or just hangs out.

She loves for me to carry her on my shoulder when I do things. That is her favorite spot. She sleeps with me every night in the bed and fussy at me starting about 10pm until I go to bed. It is bed time mommy come on go to bed!!!! LOL She is right.

She is talking a little bit more, but only when she has something she wants or something to say. She has been a very good hostess with all guests and friends that have come over to our home. She is very friendly. They are all amazed at how relaxed she is around them and even around other animals. She is a lover not a fighter.

Another little story is a few weeks ago during one of the heat waves we had no air conditioning. The house was very hot even with fans. She doesn't like heat which is unusual in my experience with kitty's. She seems so uncomfortable so I picked her up and placed her on my shoulder as I do and walked her in the kitchen and opened the freezer door and holding her on my shoulder I placed her 1/2 way in the freezer and she just began to purr and patty cake my shoulder and rub my face saying thank you mommy!!!! She was so hot so I turned her and made sure she got good and cool. Then I put ice in a HUGE zip bag and placed it under the blanket for her in the bed and she purred and patty caked it and slept on the ice pack! My friends say this is a perfect kitty for me because I hate HOT weather I keep the house pretty cold and she loves it like me! The 2 ice princesses! LOL

Maybe for others the honeymoon ends but for us it is only getting better and better. She has really bonded with me and is my baby and I am her Mommy. We are very happy and I knew I had missed having a baby but I had no idea how much until she came into my life. Even my friends say I am calmer and happier. I have a very stressful life with work and my father and she has been such a blessing. She is my true fur therapy and she seems to really enjoy the job!

I have written this in an hurry but I wanted to get back with you about Lovey Dovey and me. I think she is very happy in her new Forever Home. I know I am very happy she has come into my life and has made it so much better by having her in my life. I want to work on picture with her and submit one next year for the calendar. I will keep intouch and please tell her old Daddy that she is very happy and doing very well. I know he must miss her. Tell her she has made her new Mommy very happy and I will take excellent care of her forever!

I have had a couple please ask me about where I got her and I have a friend in NC that might look for one down in that area. You have a wonderful facility and group of people helping. I am truely grateful!!!!!

Until next time!

Love from

Lovey & Andrea!


Miss Lady Lovey Dovey is doing very well. This past December she started loosing weight very rapidly and I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with feline diabetes. I had lost both of my jobs at the time and when I contacted you are the rescue center you had one of the foster mommies contact me that had a baby with diabetes and had just passed. She was WONDERFUL! She let me come down to her home in VA and she showed me how to test Lovey and she gave me TONS of supplies, both food and diabetes testing equipment and needles. I can't tell you how wonderful that was and how helpful to me and Lovey! After started the insulin she quickly returned to her old self and has been doing very well all year. She is now on a special diet and twice daily shots.

She is a VERY loving baby. She LOVES people. Everyone that comes over just loves her and comments on what a sweet cat she is. They also always comment on how beautiful she is and I must say I am a very proud Mommy! She LOVES her Peep's! She lives up to her new name I gave her when I brought her home. She didn't respond to the name April very well, but she responds very well to Lovey. She is a Very Special Little Girl!

She still Loves her pink baby buggy I got her a several years ago and people get a kick out of seeing her in it. They think it is a real baby until they get closer and realize it is a cat. They giggle and it makes for good conversation to people we pass on walks. She still likes ridding in her car seat. She HATES a cat crate so she sits up front all bucked into her dogie buster seat and enjoys the rides in the car.

We will be moving again before the end of the year to 5042 Valley Road, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411. We have been living with a friend of mine and she has sold her home here in Rockville, MD and purchased a much bigger home in Berkeley Springs. We are redoing the new house before we move in. We have already met a new vet. She is a holistic vet and is looking forward to working with Lovey once we move.

My house mate has 4 parrots, 3 macaws and 1 amazon. She use to breed them years ago and these were the ones she kept. Lovey and the birds get along very well. Like I have said Lovey is not bothered by other animals mostly. She doesn't let me bother her she is very chilled with new animals.

I have a very good friend who has an American Short Hair baby and when I have to go out of town and can't take Lovey she keeps Lovey for me and Lovey does very well with the other cat. Lovey doesn't let much bother her. She scopes out any new surroundings then once she has checked out everything she comes over and jumps in my lap and gets her lap time!

I have a lazyboy rocker/recliner this is Lovey's FAVORITE place. Whom ever sits in that chair is going to get a "Lap of Love" as soon as they sit down. It is her chair and she prefers to have a nice lap to lay in when anyone is around. She also loves her window seats. And she is going to sleep with a nice warm body EVERYNIGHT!

She doesn't talk too much but when she wants something she makes it known! I ask her "Show me Lovey" and she walk right over to what it is that she wants. If her water is low, or she wants a snack or she is upset with the litter box, or if I am up too late at night she will fuss and let me know it is bed time. She is a smart little girl!

She has been wonderful "fur therapy" for me during this difficult time finding work. She has also enjoyed me being around so much more.

I will try and post more pics of Lovey soon. We are in the middle of packing so I can't right now. She has a very soft coat and still looks the same she is doing well. I think she is very happy with me as her "not so new Mommy" now. We fit together very well. She is truly my baby! She fusses at me when I stay up late or gone too long, and she snuggles with me every day and patty-cakes the air and purrs her little heart out and kisses me.

Thank you again for all the help since I brought Lovey home with me and the support when she was diagnosed with diabetes. If she keeps doing this well I feel I will have many more years with her. I sure hope so! Know she is well loved and pampered! I often tell folks about your center and what a wonderful job you do with the kitties under your care. Thank you for letting me take home such a big bundle of "Love" home with me!

(Last update: Nov 20th, 2013 2am)

Name: Henry

(FKA Creamy)

ID#: VA6610
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 09/13/09
Adopted: 11/19/09
Congrats: Eileen
Foster: Lesley

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
Hi everyone, my name is Creamy and I'm the real deal. I've got all the meezer stuff that you are looking for. I'm smart, handsome, long and lean, confident, vocal, friendly and playful. I have a charming personality, but I want to be the boss. I need to be your only companion and you need to be an experienced meezer lover who can handle all my charm!
Notes from Home
Just a little update on Henry: he's been doing well and has adjusted to being a big brother. He's a big fan of the warmer weather down here but still likes to snuggle under the blankets even though its not nearly as cold here in the winter like it is in Boston. Thanks again for matching Henry with me; he's been such a great addition to the family!

(Last update: Nov 19th, 2013 12pm)

Handome romeo of a blue point ready to purr my way into your life! I love to play and purr and be brushed. Do you need a snugglebug for the chilly winter? Do you need a little conversation in your world? I am Siamese through and through - smart, sneaky, a little vocal, and I love people.

I'd be great as an only cat or I'm getting along with some of the others here, too. And even the dog isn't so bad. Foster mom says I'm a character, and that if you're up for a great relationship, ask her about me and she'll fill you in!

Name:   Sir Thomas
ID#: VA8798
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Blue
DateIn: 09/12/12
Adopted: 03/07/13
Congrats: Gregory
Foster: Rinn

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
11/10/13: Let me just start off by saying we Love, Love, Love Thomas. He is such a gift!

He has blended nicely, albeit everyone in this house is quirky!! With regard to his thyroid condition, he came to us on a special diet. Well, with 2 other cats in the house, it didn’t go well. Thomas wanted their food (Science Diet) and Lola developed a liking for Thyroid food!!! It was also difficult to put down food without him running from bowl to bowl. Soooo, we went with Plan B which is the topical medication inside his ear twice a day for his thyroid so everyone could be on the same diet. One down side is that he has gained weightL Should I strike it rich or gain extra moneys in the future, we would definitely consider the radiation treatment. We are fortunate to have very close to us the NC State Vet School/Hospital which is where we would take him and a bonus is that we have friends that are Vets on staff there!

Ok, Greg just walked by and said, “We love him to death till 4:00 in the morning!!” He is being drama like, but Thomas knows his breakfast time and is very vocal about it. Don’t worry, though, he has two partners in crime and Greg is always awake then!!! Thomas is very vocal or should I say talks a lot (so do I). His vocal range is interesting because he can do the softest meow to what Greg calls the James Brown – Meow!!

The first night, Thomas spent the night on the dining room floor. Very shortly thereafter, he moved his digs to the red velvet sofa in the living room (pix to follow) and that has been his bed/chill space since then. Everyone needs a red velvet sofa to flop on, wouldn’t you say??? We don’t mind at all….when company comes, we take off such blankies and then when guests leave, we’re back in business as the day bed. Very early in the morning, he will come up in the bed and snuggle and get some shut eye with us. Not shy at all. I think very much at home and has a definite routine.

He is perfectly fine with the litter boxes (we have three in a row). He greets everyone in the morning with a meow (if you meow back, he’ll meow again and again). He greets everyone as well as soon as we get home. We kept his name “legally” - at the Vet and the Pharmacy we order his meds from in Texas – Sir Thomas. However, we call him by Thomas and Greg has even at times shortened it to T-Bone. Don’t feel bad…..my son’s name is Matthew and we call him Otto!

He is a playful chap. We have a string thing that you hang from a door knob which he is particularly fond of.

The only odd thing I have noticed is that he does not groom or snuggle with the other two cats. I know we don’t know his background, but I’ve never seen a cat not know how to greet another cat, groom, etc. He’s friendly with them, interacts with them, but he will lick my hand, but not either of the cats. He’ll lie next to them but with a little space between. Not a big deal….just have never seen it.

(Last update: Nov 15th, 2013 9am)

Name:   Cocoa
ID#: VA7306
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 09/25/10
Adopted: 11/13/10
Congrats: Rosemary
Foster: Siri

Foster Notes

Okay, so I'm a little fur challenged. But I'm a lovey dovey which makes up for it! I'm fine with other cats, don't have a lot of politics, but am more on the easy going liberal side. I'd probably slot in anywhere, but you may have to keep an eye on that front door, as the other side looks interesting! Love to be brushed and if you need a feather duster, my tail's purrfect!
Notes from Home
11/13/2013 - We can hardly believe that it's been three years since we adopted Cocoa. He is doing well. Even though he hasn't bonded with either of our other two cats he is completely bonded to me. Cocoa is one of those lovey dovey cats that would love to be cradled 24 hours a day. Fortunately, he is not demanding so he is perfectly content just being in the same room. Look for him in the SCRC 2014 calendar - He is the calendar cat for June.

11/13/2012 - Cocoa continues to do well. Out of our three cats, he is the one that is most dedicated to his human - me. Cocoa follows me everywhere. Sometimes for exercise I'll walk up and down the stairs in the house and Cocoa is with me right by my side. When I'm in the shower, he is "scratching" on the glass door for me to come out. If I'm studying, he sits on the corner of my desk. A great addition to the family - I don't know how anyone would give him up.

11/13/2011 - I may be the quietest meezer (or cat for the matter) and I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, but I make up for it with my love and dedication. I follow meowmy everywhere she goes just to be with her. I sit on the desk while she’s working, on her lap while she’s studying and above her head when she’s sleeping. I even jumped into the bath tub when she was taking a shower to keep her company. I’m sure glad meowmy adopted Mocha so I have someone to play with. I try everyday to play with Tea, the elder cat, but she is in retired mode and doesn’t want to be bothered. She’s so cranky but I keep hoping she’ll change her mind. Mocha and I are best buds, we play together, clean each other and rough house when meowmy is not doting on us.

Meowmy couldn’t upload the videos but she posted some new photos of me. If you want to see me in action, copy and paste these YouTube links. There’s one of me watching a SCRC video – I love watching those.


11/13/2010 - To all my new friends at SCRC I wanted to thank all of you for all the wonderful work that you do. This rescue organization is fantastic. Everything is done in such a thorough and professional manner and the love and care that is shown towards the cats is amazing. We thank you for our beautiful new ball of fur, Cocoa (VA7306) and for the bag of goodies and toys. Cocoa is doing great and is pretty much settled in his furever home. Now that his isolation period is over he’s out and about in the house. Cocoa is very friendly and loving with everyone. He’s still trying to make friends with our resident geezer, Tea, who has become so cranky in her old age. We’re making progress and things are improving each and every day. We will not be changing Cocoa’s name – what combo could be better than Tea and Cocoa.

(Last update: Nov 13th, 2013 5pm)

Can you believe that summer is almost over? And can you believe I'm still looking for a home?? With summer ending and cold weather just around the corner, you need to be prepared. And what better way to be prepared than by adopting a furry lap warmer? I love laps, and I will keep you warm all winter long. I love to be loved, and will return the love you show me. I am so very soft, and so very beautiful both inside and out. I would be fine as your one-and-only, but I also get along very well with other cats, and will even play chase with them as long as they aren't too rough. I use the cat trees for sharpening my claws, and my litter box like a proper lady (of course).
Name:   Cosette
ID#: VA9266
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Balinese
DateIn: 05/19/13
Adopted: 10/11/13
Congrats: Hayley
Foster: Siri

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Me and Cosette have been great! every time I sit or lay down she hops up on my lap. Because of her I've learned how to basically do anything with a cat on my lap. Whenever I'm trying to do work on my laptop she comes and sits on my chest making it a bit hard to do work but she's too cute to move out of the way. Sometimes when I'm watching something on my computer and she's laying on me she'll pause it with one of her paws. She is the cutest little lady. She Always meows to get my attention and if I'm trying to sleep on my side she tries to lay on my hip but that doesn't really work so when I roll over she usually moves to my pillow next to me. I made her a little box house and put a towel in it and she loves it. If she's not on my lap (which she is right now) she is in the box. She doesn't really play much but every now and then she'll bat her tiny pillow toy around, but that usually only lasts a couple of seconds. She isn't really interested in the laser pointer or cat nip plant I got here. All she wants is all laps all the time.She loves sitting in a cushioned chair in my room and she loves to burrow under the blanket and lay on me under there when I'm in bed. She uses her box like a lady and has been eating and drinking fine. I usually crack the door to my room so she has the option to explore but she doesn't seem to like to leave my room much, but I can't complain I love having her all to myself. She has been sneezing a little and chewing at one of her toes and it doesn't look good so I put some antibacterial creme on it and I'm taking her to the vet today. Other than those little concerns she is the perfect little princess and I love her to death.
(Last update: Nov 12th, 2013 11am)

Name: Lexie

(FKA Wynne)

ID#: VA9543
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 09/15/13
Adopted: 10/12/13
Congrats: Linda
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes

I am a wonderful kitten with lots of strong purrs. I love to be cuddled and will purr the loudest I can right in your ear. I want to play with someone but the other cats here look at me like I am too small for them to bother with. I need a buddy for sure. Do you have a buddy for me?
Notes from Home
Lexie, formerly known as Wynne, has adjusted to her new home fabulously well in just 2 short weeks! She loves to play, loves to eat, loves to explore, and absolutely loves to purr and purr! She's a smart little thing, and already responds to her name when we call her, especially when food is involved!! She and our little dog, Misty get along and would like to play together, but haven't quite figured it all out yet. Many, many thanks to Diana, Jane, the Meezer Express, and all of Siamese Cat Rescue Center for allowing us to adopt this wonderful, affectionate kitten. We love her dearly!!!

Lexie has been in her forever home a whole month already. She is growing like a weed and is totally adjusted to her new life. She is a very playful, sweet, loving and precious little kitty, and we feel so fortunate that we were able to adopt her.

(Last update: Nov 12th, 2013 10am)

I found a home! I will have a new sisfur and brother and people that love me too!

I'm so excited. I'm super loving and have the drop, roll and crawl to ya purrfected. Ringer
Name:   Ringer
ID#: VA9182
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 04/14/13
Adopted: 05/11/13
Congrats: Deborah
Foster: Teresa


Notes from Home
Wow..6 months already !!!!! seems like yesterday I was bringing him home. He has totally taken over. Everything in the house belongs to him, along with his coheart in crime Gabby and sometimes the elderly gentleman cat Soldier. He is a hoot. We did find when we changed vets he had Giarda and Bartonellas, he has gone thru treatment ,taking his medicine like a champ, well most of the time and is a happy well adjusted spoiled halarious lil guy. He also seems to like halloween when he watched all of our numerous trick or treaters for 4 hours from the end table by the porch window. ( the other 2 were sleeping upstairs)
He has suddenly decided he likes to swing from one particular drape which he knows he gets into trouble for. and always gets caught. He stands there while you reprimand him looking at you like a bored teenager, as soon as your done, he calls play time and hes off...Its really hard to get mad at a charachter like that. He is beautiful and everyone who sees him remarks on his good looks. He also stands with his front legs crossed, something that seems to mezmerize people..i've actully never seen a cat do that either. Oh and di i mention he likes to spit ? yes only at my brother when hes on the stairs and John taps on the side of the staircase..Ringer spits at him. Its kind of funny..as soon as he walks away Ringer goes looking for him.
Yes he has found his forever home, making us laugh every night where we sit at the end of the day. who needs tv ? Hes so easy to love. Hes made our family complete and Gabby is the happiest lil girl cat you ever meet....since Ringer came home.
Thank you again and again for all the work you do to help these cats , we will always be grateful for Ringer comming into our life.....

(Last update: Nov 11th, 2013 4pm)

Name:   Maddie
ID#: VA8788
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 09/08/12
Adopted: 11/11/12
Congrats: John
Foster: Heida

Foster Notes

Sweet, loving girl looking for my forever home ! I have the softest coat you will ever touch, and a lovely fluffy tail ! I have been playing nicely with the resident female cat, so other easy going cats would be ok in my new home.
Ask about me today !
Notes from Home
Maddie is doing very well. I am living with my mom temporarily and she and one of my mother's cats have become very good friends. They rush out to meet each other every morning (they're kept in separate rooms while the other cats acclimate to Maddie) and spend just about the whole day chasing each other around. Maddie's leg is still bothering her, but it certainly hasn't kept her down. She's the most energetic cat I've ever met and is very clever and curious. She has figured out how to open some of the doors in the house (much to my amusement and dismay) and has figured out that if she brings the toys I throw for her back I'll throw them again. (I make certain not to yell "fetch!")
(Last update: Nov 11th, 2013 10am)

UPDATE: I finally held still long enough for Mama Katie to get a few new pictures and a new video of me. Oh, my, I guess I've grown!! Purrs and cuddles, Skittles

UPDATE: I've been spayed, I;ve had my shots and I am ready to go to my forever home. If you are ready for some sweetness in your life, you'd better ask about me. I am as cute as a button and a very busy girl. If you have another kitten or young cat for me to play with, I'm just about a good at it gets. One of the ladies at the vet office told my foster mom that she is a "dog person", but she said that I am the best kitten ever. Purrs and headbutts, Skittles

Hi - my name is Skittles and I am one of the :Candy Girls". Yes, we are all as sweet as we can be. I'm the lightest one of the three. Our mama was a beautiful seal point Siamese, but we don't know who our daddy cat was. We were born outdoor and lived there with our mama for about 5 weeks. Then we were taken to the shelter where a very nice lady took us to her home to foster us for a couple weeks until we could get into rescue. Now we are safe, happy and very well socialized kittens. I am the adventurous one - first to the top of the kitten playpen, first out of the playpen and firt to balance on top of hte rolling tunnel. I am a big talker, too,. We won't be ready to go home for a while, but you can ask now. We would like to have short trips home, so please ask only if you are in our transport area. If ;you are interested in any of us "candy girls", be sure to hit that :Ask about me" button. Purrs, Skittles
Name:   Skittles
ID#: VA8794
Location:  Indiana
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 09/10/12
Adopted: 11/10/12
Congrats: Mia
Foster: Katie


Notes from Home
Lulu continues to delight our family. She is an active and lively member of the household! She loves to play, and she digs through we toy box to find mice and other toys that she carries all over the house. She loves to sit in an open window and watch the birds, and she is disappointed that we won't open her favorite window in the cold weather. Perhaps we should! My adult cat still isn't thrilled with her presence, but they recently began some chasing play, which we consider a breakthrough! We feel blessed to have her!
(Last update: Nov 10th, 2013 6am)

Name: Mugsy


ID#: VA9566
Location:  Indiana
Sex: male
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 09/25/13
Adopted: 10/05/13
Congrats: Theresa
Foster: Katie

Foster Notes

Hi there all you flame fans!! My name is T K and I am named after the famous race car driver Tony Kanaan. You see, foster mom picked me up at the Speedway PetCo which is within sight of the Indy 500 race track. And, yes, I'm fast, so she gave me a famous driver's name. Around these parts, Tony Kanaan is know as T K, so that's my name.

I am an adorable little flame point kitten who has a huge "motor" and love to "race" around the house. I am already a bit of a door dasher, so you'll have to be prepared to "chase me down" and "pass" me if you want to "catch" me. I am a WINNER just like my namesake, so please "ask about me". I am about ready to go to my forever home because the nice people who took me in initially had almost all my vetting done already. Remember, kitten policies apply to me.

Purrs and headbutts (but no "accidents") from T K

Foster Mom promises more pictures later when she can "catch" me reving my "motor" and not running at "race speed" around the house.
Notes from Home
Well the little guy and Molly have discovered chestnuts in the shell, tney slide and roll so easily on all surfaces
(Last update: Nov 6th, 2013 11pm)

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