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Happy home, happy cat - then somebody sneezed, somebody else said that
horrible "ALLERGIES" word and plop! there I was in a cold steel cage at
the shelter. A ladylike, lovebug lapcat like me, in a cage - outdoors
- in October! Lucky for me a shelter angel hooked me up with Siamese
Rescue so I get another chance to show off my sweet disposition and
calm, elegant ways. I'm 98.9% bluepoint with the sweetest little frosting
of gold dust next to my nose - must have gotten that way from so many
whisker kisses and chin bumps! I was sooooo sad at the shelter, Foster
Mom thought I'd come out all depressed but as soon as I looked out of my
carrier and saw I was in a real House again I turned my purrbox on
"High" and I haven't turned it off since. A House still isn't a Home,
though - how about you, is there a Home with you for me? Just please -
don't sneeze!

UPDATE: I caught a nasty cold at the shelter and I'm finally well! I've also met the local cats and dog and I seem to get along very well. I'm ready to come to your house now.

Name:   Sasha B
ID#: VA2966
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 20 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 10/15/04
Adopted: 11/26/04
Congrats: Susan
Foster: Eva


Notes from Home
Sasha is a very laid-back kitty. She sleeps with me every night and snuggles up, although she is not a lap kitty and dislikes being held. She is hot as the blazes too, since she has long fur and needs daily combing. She has a pleasant personality but has become more reclusive with time - she is not as social with strangers as she originally was. Very scared of thunder. She tolerates Grayson's attention for a while but eventually tires of him and swats him away. Her favorite thing in the world is a running faucet - she sits in the sink and cries for it to be turned on. She likes the water and gets it all over herself, both drinking and swatting it around.

Her 2nd favorite thing are cardboard boxes. She shreds them to bits (although there are plenty of scratching posts around), and then chases the little pieces all over the house. Great cat fun.

Oct 2013: Sasha is large and in charge. Well, large anyway. Very large.

11/6/18: Sasha went to her final rest today, at age 15 1/2. She had been battling various medical issues for a few years, none of them too bad but the combined effect basically wore her down in the end, to 6 lbs. She was a good-natured cat, didn't love the other cats but lived for me to come upstairs at the end of the day, every day. She was glued to my side all night, and she owned the whole bed. She had a heated cat bed which she hogged from the other cats. Her two favorite things were a dripping faucet (every sink in the house) and going out in the garage to get spiderwebs on her whiskers. She had a super thick undercoat and needed a lot of combing, which fortunately she enjoyed. I will miss her.

(Last update: Nov 7th, 2018 10pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Wylie

(FKA Imablue)

ID#: VA2901
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 26 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 09/11/04
Adopted: 11/21/04
Congrats: Susan
Foster: Siri

I'm really not blue at all - after a bout with a long drawn out cold, I am now better and out with all the other cats (couldn't care less about ages and sexes, I blend in anywhere) and am solely in search of a loving lap. I have zero bad habits - I'm not a big scratcher, I'm fine in the litterbox, I'm fine with my food, and while I had a hard time getting over my cold simply because I was so very sad at having to be caged for so long and at having lost my home, I am now 100% affectionate kissy lap loving purring machine cat.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Wylie is the most people-centric Siamese I've ever owned. She absolutely loves people - she runs to the door when someone arrives, to see who it is and to check them out. She isn't afraid of anyone or anything, even the vacuum or hairdryer. Otherwise, she is the Queen Diva of the household and doesn't want to socialize with the other kitties (her subjects).

Wylie is very playful for an older girl and is very energetic. She also has a tremendous appetite for such a petite girlie and I have to keep her from bullying the others away from their food bowls. She wakes me up every morning at dawn (yes, including weekends) by licking my face until I get up and feed her. Siri was not kidding when she told me that Wylie "eats like a pig". She has a remarkable personality and I feel very lucky to have found her.

Oct 2013: Wylie is 16 and still going strong. Getting a little slower but not much - can still jump on counters and the bed without too much effort. Such a sweetheart. Still has quite the appetite and will let me know when I'm late with the nuggets, but losing some hearing and can't always tell when I'm clanking the bowls around for dinner. Love this cat.

2/13/15: Wylie has passed over the Rainbow Bridge due to complications from kidney disease. Mostly it was the severe anemia which weakened her so much. She was a wonderful wonderful cat, my first from SRC. She was sent to the pound at age 7, and I want to thank Siri for not giving up on her and giving her an entire second 10-year life with me. She was far and away the friendliest cat I've ever had.

Note: I updated this several years ago but Wylie is still marked as being "with us" on my status. Please update.

(Last update: Nov 7th, 2018 10pm)

Super vocal and needy guy who loves to wind around your ankles and flop over on the floor. Very attention seeking and adoring, love my people and my attention!
Name: Ching

(FKA Blue)

ID#: VA12337
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 17 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Blue
DateIn: 10/11/17
Adopted: 11/03/17
Congrats: Joann
Foster: Siri


Notes from Home
Ching here! Whoa, did I luck out! I can’t tell you much about my former family, except they did have me declawed, but no one looked after my ear issues leaving me looking like a cross between a Scottish Fold and Bluepoint! My new meowmy decided to rename from Blue to something a little more distinguished- Ching! She and my daddy love me to pieces, no question about that! I have boundless energy and couldn’t wait to meet my new sister, Cocoa Chanel, a Lilac Snowshoe several years older than me. I was hoping she’d be a cougar and like younger men, but she turned out to be what you’d call a female dog! Oh well, I’m still working on winning her over and show her my belly at every hiss. Now she doesn’t mind playing with me a bit since we have so many toys and she allows me to sleep on the bed…at the foot end, of course, but my meowmy lets me sleep in her arms anytime I want. I pretty much made this my new home and never leave my family’s side...this is the life!

Has it really been 6 months?! Seems like Ching has been part of our family forever! It took about a month after isolation and integration for Cocoa Chanel to accept him, but now they are good friends. She's a diva and gives love on her own terms, so while they aren't closely bonded, they sleep next to one another and groom each other. Ching pefers his humans and though he's marked as "needy", he's not needy enough for me...I can't get enough of him and we love him to pieces! Now with the warmer weather, he loves to spend time in our screened in patio following the sun and watching the wildlife.

It's been a whole year!We can say Ching loves every season...basking by the heat vents in winter and spending time in our screened in porch (the catio!) spring, summer ,and fall checking out all of the birds and squirrels. For a senior cat, he sure runs up and down the stairs at lightening speed- 3 at a time. He is the love of our lives!

(Last update: Nov 7th, 2018 9pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Holly
ID#: VA12320
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 10/01/17
Adopted: 10/21/17
Congrats: Sherri
Foster: Dorothy

I love attention and especially being petted with scratches under the chin. To learn more click on me.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Holly is such a sweetie! We are getting along fine, and I'm in love with her already. She is social and likes attention, although not TOO much petting - and definitely not two hands at once. That seems too much like she's going to be grabbed, I imagine. And she is very averse to being held or picked up. I've learned to walk slowly and not make sudden moves or create loud noises. She is very sensitive to these actions and goes scurrying under the bed when she is alarmed. My bedroom is still her living place of choice, but she is spending much more time out from under the bed on her cat tree or curled in her red fleece cubby. I do leave the bedroom door ajar now, and she is fine with that. She has explored the rest of the house and prefers to do that on her own - at night when its dark outside. As soon as I come out to see what she's doing, she will scurry back into the bedroom.

Each day gets a little better for her, although the trip to my vet last week set her back a bit. She sleeps on the bed with me at night and has started to cuddle closer, getting right up next to my legs. The other morning before it was light, she was playing with something on the bed! It sounded like she was chasing her tail. I hesitated to roll over and look at her because that might have distracted her from her fun.

I reassure her all the time that she will never have to move again, that I love her, will keep her safe, and do my best to make sure she is a happy kitty.

4/23/18 - Six Month Anniversary Update for Holly! Happy day! I love this sweet kitty, and I think she loves me, too. She has come a long way in six months, although she is still happiest and most comfortable in my bedroom - her safe place. When I'm gone all day or have been out of town, she is VERY glad to see me, so I know she has connected with me as I have with her.

Holly is not much for playing, although she did wear herself out one night chasing a live mouse around my bedroom and bathroom. She didn't catch it, but the next day she must have worn the mouse out, because I found him and easily caught him and put him outside. (She had lost interest at that point!) Sometimes she'll play with the wand toy or bat around a catnip stuffed toy, but she loses interest quickly. Mostly she likes to curl up in her soft bed on the window ledge in my bedroom. I've seen her watching birds out the living room window, making little chirps at them. And she likes to watch birds that get close to her bedroom window.

I'm on the third litter box, and thought I found the perfect one to help her keep the litter INSIDE the box. It's 11" tall and good sized as well - 14" x 17". The opening for her to walk in is 6" wide, and she manages to scoop a whole pile of litter out that 6" opening onto the floor. Not all the time, but it happens. So, that's just the way she uses her litter box! I'm resigned to sweep up daily. She's worth it, as she is so low maintenance in every other way. I'm used to having to hide every piece of ribbon, string, sticky or shiny paper from my last cats who loved to chew these things. Holly could care less, and she doesn't jump on the counters or any high places except her tall cat tree or my bed.

We're getting along great, and I am so pleased to have her in my life. I tell her all the time that we are good for each other. I think she agrees. : >

November, 2018 - I didn't see a notice of our one year anniversary, but Holly and I celebrated anyway! The year has gone by quickly, and Holly has gotten much more comfortable - and a bit more brave. She is still skittish and startles easily, hides under the bed when the doorbell rings, and runs if I move too quickly. Overall, though, she is much more secure than a year ago.

Her litter box habits are still very good, although she still scoops litter outside of her box on a fairly regular basis. She had her annual vet checkup and got a good report, although when the vet weighted her she said Holly must be enjoying her new home because she had gained a bit of weight. I've cut down on the amount of food I give her now and she usually eats every bit of kibble I give her. She doesn't eat treats or have any interest in people food, so I just have to monitor the amount of kibble she gets. I think she could use more exercise, but she has little interest in toys or her feather wand. She did catch a live mouse when I was on vacation - left it on the floor right by my side of the bed. I bet she was very proud!

Holly spends much of her time in my bedroom still, although she likes to explore the rest of the house after I go to bed. She will start out sleeping with me but disappears at some point in the night. She will also sleep on her cat tree in the living room when I'm in the kitchen (where I spend a lot of my time), although she won't stay in the kitchen with me. She will pass through, scurrying a bit.

At our one year anniversary I'll say that we're both very happy. Holly shows me that she misses me when I'm gone for several hours or a vacation. I love her just the way she is and do all that I can to let her know how much I care for her and try to assure her that she is safe and secure - and won't ever have to move again.

(Last update: Nov 3rd, 2018 5pm)

A sleek slim well-pointed meezer I may not be, but your home is definitely the place for me.

I am a snowshoe with paws of white, being with YOU will make our lives right.

Ask about me to see if we're a match, Lisa will let you know I am a good catch!

I will need to be your one and only; it's okay cause we'll never get lonely.

The really hard part that no one knows is these write-up get harder as time flows.
Name: Sushi

(FKA Shadow)

ID#: VA10766
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 05/16/15
Adopted: 01/09/16
Deceased: 10/01/18
Congrats: Andrew
Foster: peter

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
We renamed Shadow, Sushi, we thought that was cute. She often runs to see us when we come in or any visitors. She loves to be right by us, on the couch or in bed she often jumps up to sit with us, or follows who ever is up and walking around. She has been climbing up under the top cover of the bed and is a little lump underneath, sleeping where it's nice and warm. She loves for us to follow her to her food bowl and sit with her while she eats. She's been planing with the rattle balls and feather wand. I love when she lays on her back she looks so relaxed and we can see all her pretty colors. Once and a while she swats at us, without her claws if she is done with petting. She seems to have stopped any hissing noises.
That's the update so far, she's been really good.

Finally writing another update. Sushi made it through her first vet appointment the end of January. It was a little traumatic for both of us, but they said she looks good. They said she could lose a pound or two. I think I will try a new vet next time, they didn't really answer any of my questions, but it was too much to make Sushi go again to another vet. She did get her rabies shot while we were there and she tested negative for worms. She still is biting plastic a little but doesn't seem to be eating it. She still has a little dandruff. She has discovered some birds out the window now that it's a little warmer. I got her a little perch that hooks on the side of the window we are setting up for her. And she likes the toys on a string, we do too so she doesn't get distracted by our hands. She did hiss a few times lately if we pick her up too close to our face so we are learning what she doesn't like or will tolerate. We will be going on a trip soon and we were really trying not to move her again for my family to watch her, even though my mom and grandma said they would happy to watch her at their house . They said they could also stop by everyday to feed her and clean the box but we also didn't want her to be lonely. So I think we finally found a friend to come sleep over with her while we are away. Hopefully that works out, we thought it would be best not to move her again even if it's just temporary while we are away.

Sushi has been settling in, I think she is happy. She makes bread all the time on our bed and on the blankets on the couches where she sits. We have even got in a few belly rubs while she's on her back. Drew picks her up probably every day, I think she is getting more used to it. She runs to us at the door when we get home and she hasn't swatted at us in a while, or maybe we just know how long she will let us pet her. But I even scratched her under her chin for the first time this week. She is still biting plastic but she likes when I brush her while she is doing that. She loves the shower when it's on. She has been using the scratching posts a lot, I'm wondering if I could try to clip her nails soon, I'm not sure if she would let me. Any tips for clipping nails feel free to let me know, I was watching some videos on youtube.

6 month update: Sushi is doing well, we think she happy and relaxed at home. She loves to sit at the window sill, and doesn't like the summer ac taking up some space at the window. She loves to play and we have lost many toys balls we need to find again. She still loves to bite plastic and has a little dandruff still. I bought some powdered vitamins we try to mix in her wellness food. I also bought some salmon oil I tried in her food but she won't eat it. We haven't been able to cut her nails yet but she has two scratching posts and a cardboard scratcher. We had a friend watch her twice recently while we were away and she seems to purr even more when we get back, we think she misses us when we are gone.

Almost one year update: Sushi is happy the ac is out of the windows, enjoying her free reign on top of the couches. She loves to make bread on her blankets. She still eats the Wellness turkey food with a little bit of crunchy food. She hasn't had a hairball since her first one when she arrived. She still has some dandruff, I see it more when I brush her, but she feels very soft. She hasn't hissed at us in a long time. When we have visitors she runs up to them and meows to say hello. But then if it's too much, she might hiss a little i noticed recently. She still bites the plastic, waiting for her next vet visit to ask about that and some black eye crusties. She is very good using her little box, and likes to play a lot. We have a white hamper she loves to play with and a blue one that makes her very feisty. Sometimes she gets a look in her eye when we are on the couch or in bed and we know she wants to attack us, not sure why that happens, we try to snap her out of it. She sleeps with us most nights on the bed. Drew still picks her up everyday, she doesn't like it too much, but sometimes she jumps on his lap in the morning when he is at the computer. We enjoy having her.

One year update: Sushi has been really good. She comes to bed with us almost every night, sleeps right by our feet. She is usually somewhere nearby watching us or sleeping or asking for treats. She has seemed healthy, no problems using the litter box or eating her food. She likes her water now in the living room, we have two bowls out for her. We will take her for her annual check up soon. We got her a new battery powered ball and feather but she likes the feather the best without the toy on. She likes her toy balls, she was hitting one around last night before she joined us in bed. Sometimes she is pretty vocal when she says hello to us, or is ready for her dinner, or sometimes when we are just sitting on the couch she wants to talk and we can't figure out what she wants. In the morning sometimes she jumps up on Drew's lap while he is on the computer. She is doing well.

March 2017: Sushi seems to have turned a new small leaf, after her one year date. She lays down when I pet her, she lets me scratch/pet her for a while now, her face and her sides. She even climbed down from the couch onto my lap the other day and let me pet her. And, she sat on the couch next to us for a while this week. Those were all really nice changes. Maybe it's because she begs me for treats every morning and I give in, she seems to have warmed up to me even more.

July 2017: Sushi has been rolling on her side on my feet, and letting me scratch her belly a little and her face a lot, she lets us pet her much longer and purring every day. She even runs to us when we call her sometimes. She follows me around a lot and sits right at my feet when I'm working in the kitchen. We did take her to vet since my last note and I wanted to share she got her teeth cleaned. I saw them before and after and they look much better. They did have to sedate her again for the exam which has been upsetting for me that she is so upset, and it was very difficult to get her into a carrier. It took me, with my mom's help, at least a half hour with her meowing the whole time. I wish we didn't have to take her every year, is there any way around this? They said she looked healthy though. They gave me some pills I could try putting in her food to sedate her next time, but if she is not supposed to eat, I'm not sure how that will work. We might try a home service for next time to see how that goes. She is very vocal with visitors, runs up to them meowing loudly. I think she talks to us a lot, and we love getting her love squints.

January 2018: I can't believe it's been two years! I think Sushi is happy, she has a bunch of cozy spots around the house. She still likes to play a lot. She is very curious, especially when we have any visitors. She does not try to run outside when we open the door for the mail. She seems very healthy, we haven't had many issues. Once in a while she has peed outside her box, even right after we cleaned it, so we can't figure that one out. At least it's not often, but I have the wee pads under a rubber mat to make sure it doesn't get on the wood floor. She begs for treats every time we are in the kitchen, I usually just try to give her a couple before I leave for work. She still sits with us in every room we are in and sleeps on the end of the bed with us by my feet. She still loves the bed she came with when we got her, so thank you still for that and all the toys. We have not been able to cut her nails at home and it's so hard for her to go to the vet or see a vet a home, we are waiting as long as we can to take her. We will take her again soon for her check up. I'm not sure if I mentioned we had her teeth cleaned last year, I think they still look good. We did try a visiting vet to cut her nails at home but I think it tortured us as much as her. She lets me rub her belly every morning now, while she lays on my feet, I think we both like that. Glad to report everything is good! I will post some more pictures later.

October 2018: We are heartbroken to report Sushi has passed away. We had taken her to the vet in the spring for a check up and they said her blood-work was pristine. I didn't write about the check up because the vet had such a hard time with her, I was so sad they had to sedate her and still use 4 technicians to hold her down. She was so strong and healthy.
Well last week she just stopped eating, not even a treat, and seemed so tired and losing weight. We took her to the vet, they did an ultrasound and said she was full of liver cancer, that they couldn't even see her liver. They said it must have come fast. We had to put her down, and have been crying ever since. I'm sure it will take a while to stop looking for her at home. I just wanted to share the sad news. We loved her so much.

(Last update: Oct 29th, 2018 8am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Sadie Pearl
ID#: VA12279
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
Date In: 09/09/17
Adopted: 12/10/17
Congrats: Adam
Foster: Julie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
I would love to come set up court in your home! I have excellent experience and references.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
sadie pearl just thinks she owns the place (which of course she does). once she came out of hiding after the first day she gradually annexed more territory and now my dogs have agreed to unconditional surrender. she follows them everywhere and she drapes her big bushy feather duster tail around them like a wardrobe accessory. she reminds us so much of our beloved kitterpuff that i wonder if they think he just came back home.

she’s eating like a horse and is always surrounding us and the dogs for a good rub, and a nonstop motor! didn’t take long for her full personality to emerge. she is a happy girl and we are all in love with her.
can’t believe it’s almost been a year since we got sadie. feels like she’s always been here. we love our spunky girl!

(Last update: Oct 25th, 2018 5pm)

Foster Mom says I make cleaning things difficult. Every time she tries to do something I try to help her by head butting and rubbing on her hands. She is very clumsy though and spills things when I do that. I just love to be petted and loved on so much. I am a playful dude too. Foster mom had some tissue paper near where I was chilling and I had a blast with that stuff (although for some reason she said it wasn't a toy - gotta say it was lots of fun!)

p.s. my medical condition is that my eyelids didn't form quite right so I need drops in my eyes every day. I am a good boy for them.
Name:   Drew
ID#: VA12629
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 05/22/18
Adopted: 09/22/18
Congrats: Sheryl
Foster: Debra


Notes from Home
Drew is wonderful! Such a lovebug! I had the surgeon at my vet examine his eyes and her recommendation was to try surgery to correct his entropion. He had the surgery two weeks ago and the stitches were taken out today. We are cautiously optimistic about the outcome. His entropion was very unusual and difficult to correct - the danger was that if the surgery were too aggressive, he might lose the ability to close his eyes thus leading to dry-eye. Dr. Rhinesmith believes that, while Drew still has fur near his eye, it is no longer actually touching the cornea. We will see more as he continues to heal, but he no longer has the dark discharge and his eyes are a lot clearer than before the surgery.

The vet staff was amazed - they had never seen a cat so sweet that they didn't need to anesthetize him to remove the stitches! As I left, the vet tech was on the Siamese Rescue website, looking for a flamepoint Siamese just like Drew.

(Last update: Oct 23rd, 2018 4pm)

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Name:   Dazzle
ID#: VA1989
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 04/01/03
Adopted: 05/04/03
Deceased: 01/01/18
Congrats: Linda
Foster: Melanie (Nashville)

Hi, I'm Dazzle! If you're looking for a ready-made family, I'd like to stay with my brother Razzle. I was really scared when my old family turned us over to the shelter, and I'm not sure if I can trust foster mom and dad just yet. Foster mom has a feeling that I'm going to come out of my shell soon, and then she'll tell you more about me. Foster: Melanie Congrats Linda in DC!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Dazzle passed due to kidney failure and we are heartbroken.

(Last update: Oct 17th, 2018 5pm)

Well they say Goodwill recycles just about everything, and so they do. Someone drove up in the middle of the night, left me on their stoop in a carrier, and the next morning they called Animal Control who took me to the local shelter, and they called Siamese Rescue. Seriously? So if you're of French descent, you'll figure out my name, and you can add to that the descriptor of Bon Chat!
Name: Sealee

(FKA Bonne Volonte)

ID#: VA9422
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 21 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 07/20/13
Adopted: 09/01/13
Congrats: Karen
Foster: Siri

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home

Hi Everyone - I apologize for the delay in updating on Sealee's status. We recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary. She is as beautiful, healthy, friendly (to the point of OMG) and the best cat companion a person could ever wish for. I remember the day she was placed in my arms and my life hasn't been the same. Thank you Siamese Cat Rescue for bringing Sealee (aka Bonne Volante) into my life. P.S. she is very photogenic :-)

Karen Kuessner

Hello Everyone - today is our 3rd Anniversary. Sealee is healthy, happy and is having things her way most of the time. She's so smart and enjoys as much attention as she can get. My thanks to Siri and Nina for bringing Sealee into my life.

Warm Regards,
Karen (09.01.16)

Thank you SCRC for bringing Sealee into my life 2 years ago today. When Siri opened the door to the crate, my immediate response was "she's so small". Today, Sealee is still a petite, confident, healthy, and fun loving Geezer. Sealee and I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries. Thanks to everyone for all you do.


A note from Bonne Volonte (AKA Sealee) (VA9422)

Hello Friends of SCR,

Many of you may know me as Bonne Volonte. A name well suited, as the French translation is "Good Will". I was found in a box, abandoned at a Goodwill Store in VA. My human (Karen), is a self proclaimed thrift store shopper fanatic. When she saw my cute video and read about how I was found at a Goodwill Store she knew - at that moment - that I was her cat. She said that I am absolutely the best thing she's ever brought home from a thrift store. Since we already have a friend name Bonnie, my new name is Sealee. Sealee the Seal Point Siamese. I'm adjusting fine to my new name. As you know, Siamese are quite smart, if I say so myself. I'm an old gal, but you won't know it by my looks or my energy. When Karen was considering an adoption, she wanted to know as much as possible in advance about her new cat, and what better way then to go into a new relationship with a mature lady who knows exactly what she wants and has already established great habits. It's been two weeks since Karen and I made the trek from the VA Center to my new home. We are both very happy and are settling in fine. Thanks so much to SCR for making this all possible.

I'll check back in soon.


(Last update: Oct 17th, 2018 8am)

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Name:   Pete
ID#: VA12780
Location:  Delaware
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 09/08/18
Adopted: 09/30/18
Congrats: Elana
Foster: Diane

Foster Notes

Just arrived. Found as an injured stray in poor condition, Pete has successfully regained weight, gotten all healed up, and is now looking for her forever home.

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Notes from Home
Pete (now Pablo) was diagnosed with stomatitis at his first vet appointment. The vet wouldn't treat him and wanted to send him to a dentist for biopsy. I switched to a cat only vet and today was told he has tonsillitis and not stomatitis. Apparently, this is very rare. He is being treated with antibiotics for presumptive infection. If he doesn't improve, they may try steroids as it may be an inflammatory process. The vet is contacting some of her colleagues as she said it is quite unusual to see this.
But he doesn't seem to mind the swelling- Eating and purring and full of energy...

(Last update: Oct 16th, 2018 6pm)

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