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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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Just arrived. More information soon.
Name: Clarence

(FKA Jaxson)

ID#: VA11432
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 04/26/16
Adopted: 05/19/16
Congrats: Clarence
Foster: Jane


Notes from Home
My forever dad has his balcony screened in now. I love spending my days out relaxing. When it gets dark ,I come in to protect my master.
(Last update: Feb 27th, 2017 5pm)


Name:   Kiritsa (Kir-eet-suh)
ID#: VA4248
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 18 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Domesticshorthair
Date In: 06/17/06
Adopted: 02/24/07
Congrats: Barabara
Foster: Deborah

UPDATE - I haven't had any mouth problems in over 2 months!!! I think I am finally settling in, and I am doing great. My foster mom put this thing in my room called a Feliway Diffuser, and I think it has helped calm me, because I am feeling a lot more at ease here. That gives me the confidence I need to travel to my forever home, and boy am I ready for that. I may need a little time to feel secure, but once I figure out that you are going to love me FUREVER, I will do just fine. Don't get me wrong, I have always been sweet in my foster home, and have shared lots of love and purrs since arrival, but inside I think I was just so sad from losing my previous family. But, BEWARE, I am a total LAP KITTY! And, PLEASE don't pass over me just because I don't have points like a Siamese. I am the sweetest, most gentle kitty you will ever meet. I am here with my furbrother (a chocolate point Siamese), Hagi, also on the site (can't you tell how much I love him in our picture together). I am very sweet and laid back, and I love to purr, knead, and lay on your chest. I have great litterbox habits, too. I love to be held, and you can carry me around wherever you like. My coat is very soft, my eyes are oh so green. Please give us a chance ... you won't regret it. Hagi and I come together as a pair.
Notes from Home
2/27/17: Sadly, I had to put Kiritsa down last April. She was urinating outside of her litter box, and was not grooming herself. Her veterinarian Jane Latta was as gentle as anyone could be. I now have Kiritsa's ashes next to her beloved companion Hagi's ashes on a shelf in my living room.

2/24/16: Kiritsa is still doing quite well, for a 16 year old short hair kitty. She eats well, and the "plumbing" is working fine, except for occasional accidents. Yet she has become quite bony, and more fragile, and often cries out, for no apparent reason, except that she is by herself. When I go to check on her, the crying stops, and she starts purring as soon as I pick her up. What is most fortunate is that she and Darwin, her "new" companion of 2 years, have bonded nicely. He is only 4, and much more energetic, so he often overwhelms her with his enthusiasm for play etc. Yet she still seeks him out and asks for him to groom her, which is does.

2/26/14: Kiritsa lost her lifelong companion, Hagi, last summer. She missed him so much! But she also became much closer to me, and even more affectionate. Occasionally her mouth still becomes inflamed and she needs an injection of Depo, but not as often as before. She still has a good appetite. Last month I adopted another kitty, Darwin - a very sweet 2 year old black striped tabby. Kiritsa did not take to him right away, but is gradually beginning to accept him. Today, they were able to sleep on my lap at the same time, until I needed to get up. Then she decided to hiss at him. Oh well, Darwin takes it all in stride. He knows how to tip-toe around her. I think (hope) they will eventually become friends.

3/12/12: Last June, Kiritsa had all her teeth pulled. Her mouth inflammation was not clearing up, and this was a last resort. She has recovered from the surgery and now is eating pâté instead if kibble, and is doing well - pretty much back to her old self. She still loves to go for walks outside, with her harness and leash. And she and Hagi are still bosom buddies. I am very grateful that she is as sweet as ever.

2/25/11: Kiritsa is still my sweet and cuddly one.
Unlike her housemate Hagi, she only plays occasionally, preferring to sit
and watch. But she is the most curious of my two cats, always snooping into
closets and tight places. Occasionally I have unwittingly closed a closet
door on her, not knowing she had walked in. Once she was in the bathroom
closet for several hours. I had been away from the house for much of the
day, and when she did not come to greet me at the door as usual, I became
concerned. So I searched the house, and finally heard her high pitched meow
from the bathroom closet. I opened the door and she charged out. However,
even that experience has not kept her away from closets.
Kiritsa still has chronic mouth inflammation. This winter, the vet
removed two of her right molars - one upper and one lower - in hopes that it
would help. She gets regular antibiotic shots, as the Vet does not want to
give her the Depo shots unless the inflammation gets really bad. She also
has some food sensitivities, and occasionally a meal she has eaten will come
back up.
But she is still assertive, and when she wants something, she lets me
know with her endearing high pitched meow. She is so affectionate with
Hagi, who is thrilled by this attention. When they've had enough of each
other, she certainly holds her own with him during their daily scuffles -
and usually gets the upper hand when Hagi is being too cozy. But they do
love each other, and snuggle up together almost every night for several
They are such a wonderful addition to my home.

I can't believe that Kiritsa is now 15 years old. And that it has been so long since my last update. Much has happened. A couple of years ago, she had surgery to have all her teeth removed, to help stop the inflammation of her mouth. She still has needed occasional Depo shots, but in the past year the inflammation has subsided. She still eats well, although she has become a very sloppy eater of her wet food. She still can eat kibble and loves her treats. And she still loves sitting in my lap and on my bed.
Her beloved life-long cat friend Hagi died almost 2 years ago, and she missed him terribly. She would call for him, especially at night. Several months later, I braved adopting a new cat - a black tabby named Darwin. At first, Kiritsa was furious, and hissed all the time. But Darwin was very patient, and persistent. After about 4 months, she accepted him, and now they are good friends. She goes to him for a cuddle, and to have her face licked. Often they snuggle up together. They love sitting together on the window sill in the sun. However, Darwin loves to eat, including eating her food. So I need to keep them separated by a gate for part of the day and all night, so Kiritsa can graze her food in leisure.
We are all doing fine, and during these cold wintry months we love watching the birds and squirrels go after the seed I throw out on the patio.

(Last update: Feb 27th, 2017 3pm)

Hi! I'm Auggie!

I'm one of the friendliest, most loving, loudest purring kittens you will ever find.
I marched right out of my transport carrier and charmed everyone in two seconds flat!

I didn't care much for my bath, but thankfully I won't have to do that again. Got my nails
clipped and that was ok. Well, sorta......

Now I'm clean and can start looking for my furrever home!


Name:   Auggie
ID#: VA11614
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 1 Yr
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 07/30/16
Adopted: 08/27/16
Congrats: Kate
Foster: Nancy

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home

Dear Friends of Auggie
On this 6 month adoption anniversary I am happy to report that Auggie is a handsome loving and neck wrapping cat, nearing 10 months old. He and foster mate Pearl absolutely adore each other and continue to play together rip-running all over the house and rolling about. He is loving and hungry, always hungry, this growing boy.
I am uploading a couple new images showing off his darkening Carmel touches.
Thanks to all and Siamese Rescue.
We could not be happier having Auggie and Pearl.
Kate and Pat

(Last update: Feb 27th, 2017 3pm)

Name:   Penny
ID#: VA11588
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 1 Yr
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 07/16/16
Adopted: 08/27/16
Congrats: Kate
Foster: Nancy

Cutie Patootie!!

Social, cuddly and playful. I have a little kitty cold, but will soon be Aok.

Must have a kitten/cat buddy to go home with/to and I must stay within my transport area..


Notes from Home
February 27.2017

On this 6 month adoption anniversary for Pearl. (previously named Penny) we are happy to report that she and her foster mate Auggie are healthy, happy and ever so loving. We believe they are totally comfortable in their home and especially on the kitchen counter, and it shows through their playfulness and affection for us an one another.
I am uploading a couple recent photos. Pearl has really darkened in tone to a gorgeous ash blue gray.
Thanks to all and Siamese Rescue for checking in.
Kate and Pat

(Last update: Feb 27th, 2017 3pm)

I have been here with foster mom for awhile and still waiting for my very own home. I would be a great companion for other kitties as long as they are not bullies. I get along fine with all of the other fosters and even play with some of the kittens.
The reason I have been here so long is that I am afraid of strangers and hide. If someone would give me a chance and have patience, I would be a nice companion. I do not have any bad habits and am a sweet gentle natured girl. I get rowdy and play with toys and sometimes am a lap kitty. Lucy
Name: Quincy

(FKA Lucy)

ID#: VA7572
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 02/19/11
Adopted: 02/04/12
Congrats: Aggie
Foster: Kay

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home
Lucy had an uneventful trip to Maryland and endeared herself to her new family and new Vet's office staff with her gentle stoicism and and occasional nervous lip-licking. She is settled into her "safe room" here at home and has already chosen her favorite bed, the one that requires us to lie on the floor and reach over our heads to pet her. Naturally. But she rolls her head around so we can reach all the good spots, so she's a good sport about it all.

We had to rename her because Lucy is the name of our dearly departed, best-dog-ever, black lab-Irish setter. There can only be one Lucy per family. So not to mock physical attributes by any means, but more to celebrate her special uniqueness, we've decided our five-toed polydactyl should be: Quincy. If we don't clearly enunciate, we can sort of make it sound like Lucy anyway. Quincy Raven Sanders

because she will be a football fan, and Joe Flacco's jersey is 5. After all, Siamese-sibling Mojo Flacco Sanders enjoys following the team and we expect hope she'll follow his lead.

So happy to have her home with us!

2 weeks later: Quincy is doing very well. She still prefers to spend most of the time in her room, but we join her quite a bit and she's very quick to scamper over for some back scratches and tummy rubs. I have never had a cat who likes tummy rubs like she does! She nudges my hand if I stop! She's a non-stop purr machine, but I have yet to hear her meow. I'm sure when she has something important to say, she will say it. She is exploring the adjacent rooms and hallways and I expect her to want the run of the house before too long.

One month update: Quincy thinks Mojo is a rock star. She seems totally devoted to him, running to greet him, rubbing against him, curling up on or beside him to sleep. If he meows, she chirps right back. He is less enchanted, although he allows her full run of the lower level and is just starting to let her up to the first floor. If he chases her away, she remains on the top step and tries again and again. They do play together - or at least side by side - when I get the toys out and since Quincy is the most playful, most enthusiastic and most acrobatic cat I've had in years, it has brought out a more playful side of Mojo as well. She purrs non stop while she plays, which I find very cute. She is willing to spend more and more time with my husband and son, too. We think she's doing very well.
August, 2012: Six months already? We've heard her meow! She's such a dainty little fine boned cat, but LOUD! She meows loudly when she finds herself alone in a room and wants to find out where everyone went. She mutters under her breath non-stop when she prowls around looking for her next nap stop. She chatters to speed things up when waiting impatiently for dinner to be portioned out and delivered. She stands on her rear legs, front legs on our laps, and cries mournfully for a treat. She also has a very very loud purr, one that can be heard from across the room. We love that. Not to mention her big, heavy, clomping feet. She sounds like a pack of dogs running up and down the stairs! We get the biggest kick out of our "little lady" who sounds like a football player!

She has occasionally jumped up next to me and cuddled, and once shocked herself by actually landing directly on my lap! She is still warming up to the idea, but is very comfortable coming up and asking (loudly) for head scratches. She follows us from room to room and knows our routine from minute to minute. Mojo still tries to run her off, but she's undaunted and is wearing him down; they spend more and more of their time together without problems. She's still very skittish when company comes, but has started to check people out more and more.

She is still very very playful and acrobatic. She's been a good influence on Mojo, who rarely played with anything before she got here - now he runs to join in the fun. We're very glad to have her.

February 4, 2013. Quincy is very affectionate and the most playful cat I've ever had. She gets into everything! During the night she likes to pull coasters out of their holder and we find them all over the house. She loves to tear around the house chasing toys, she's a riot. She crawls into bed with me every morning, once she's convinced I'm not ready to get up and fix breakfast. She's a very entertaining kitty.

February 4, 2014. Quincy remains affectionate and extremely playful. She loves to leap into the air to catch the "cat dancer" toy…we have them all over the house. She follows me where ever I go, she's my little shadow. She has also gotten much braver with my husband; he's been "allowed" to brush her and play with her at times. Quincy loves the fact that I still must lie down most of the day, and am therefore always providing the opportunity to snuggle. I appreciate the company. Final trick: she comes when I call her name. We've tested this many times. I've never had a cat who came running (without the sound of a can of cat food being opened).

June 25, 2014 Quincy just returned from her yearly vet exam with rabies shot. The vet did a double-take, rechecking her chart because she just couldn't believe Quincy's age based on the condition of her coat, the brightness of her eyes, and her trim figure. She said Quincy could pass for a 3 or 4 year old cat! (I've said all along that she's by far the most acrobatic and playful cat I've ever had.) Quincy was not mollified by the compliments and continued to complained loudly until we got in the car to return home. But she's on my lap now - she doesn't hold a grudge. Such a sweetie.

2/17/15 On the eve of her 12th birthday, Quincy remains the apple of our eye(s). Cuddly, loudly purring, she keeps me company night and day. Getting a little braver when visitors come over - at least family - because she cautiously creeps over to sniff their stuff when she thinks we're all in a different room.

2/4/16 I can't believe it's been four years since we brought our shy little kitty home! Quincy is still slim, healthy and acrobatic with a beautiful, glossy coat and perfect teeth. She's incredibly playful and keenly aware of the time of day, staring down the door to the toy closet when it's time to bring out her beloved wand toys. (The loud, squeaky toys are reserved for middle of the night......with those big, 5-toed feet of hers, she sounds like a herd of buffalo galloping through the house! It unnerves guests trying to sleep. Again, part of her grand plan.) She also sits beside her cat brush and stares me down when she hears me getting ready for bed.

Last night was a first. She jumped up on the sofa to claim her customary spot on my lap, but found me juggling both a computer and a book. I expected her to curl up beside me, but instead she walked over and took a test spin around and around my husband's lap and settled there! My husband was so shocked he was afraid to move a muscle, but eventually dared to stroke her and scratch her head and she purred. She stayed with him for several minutes, to our shock and awe. Knowing how much she sticks to schedules, it's apparent she'd planned all along to start cuddling with him after a four year warm up period.

Today is Quincy's 5 year anniversary! It's a stressful phase for her right now as we're in the process of moving from our 3 story house- with several hiding places on each level - to a 2 BR apartment. So far she's only found one safe place to hide. But she's getting braver, exploring a little more each day, and spends the night cuddled up beside me in bed. She's a resilient old girl! We love her so much.

February 27, 2017 - Quincy's 14th birthday (I use the date on the veterinarian's notes from her first home) and she's as loving and playful as ever. A few weeks ago we downsized from a 3 story house with lots of hiding places on each floor, to a 2 BR condo with little furniture (more to come later) and I worried about Quincy's reaction to an alien environment. She's done very well, no signs of stress although I'm sure she'd rather be back at the house. But she was willing to cuddle with me right from the start. She's such a sweetie.

(Last update: Feb 27th, 2017 9am)

Name:   Hobbes
ID#: VA11802
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 1 Yr
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 11/07/16
Adopted: 12/10/16
Congrats: Sharon
Foster: Carole

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Hold me, pet me, cuddle me...oh,yes, and feed me. I'm easy-going and sweet, but also playful. I love my brother Calvin, so it would be wonderful if we could stay together.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Hobbes is doing wonderfully. He's not afraid of the older cats. He's happy with his petting and loves to play, We are so glad that we decided to adopt his brother Calvin along with him because they truly love each other and enjoy being together.

At their one month anniversary, Calvin and Hobbes have settled in nicely. The older cats have come around, and two of them will let the boys sleep with them.

Here at the end of February, Hobbes and Calvin are doing wonderfully. We had some hissing and slapping but no cat fights in their integration into the house. The kittens are perfect in every way. They love affection, they love their new mommy, Baylee, a cat from Siamese Rescue. They love to play and they love sleeping together with Baylee. We couldn't have gotten more perfect cats for our family.

(Last update: Feb 26th, 2017 9am)

Looking for a castle in need of a Princess. I have all of the qualifications: I'm beautiful beyond compare; I hold all other cats in utter disdain; I want lots of attention, but on my terms; and I have the voice of a goddess. What more could you ask for? Please fluff my pillows and we can talk.

My favorite pass time is to be brushed (while being told I'm beautiful, of course), and I even come when you call me more than 50% of the time. I also talk back almost as much as a teenager, but it's much cuter when I do it, trust me.

I have finally decided I can allow the foster mom's dog to continue to exist, mostly because he understands I am the center of the universe, and he gives me my required reverence and 4 feet of personal space at all times.
Name: Bebe

(FKA Jade)

ID#: VA11298
Location:  Illinois
Sex: female
Current Age: 2 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 01/16/16
Adopted: 02/20/16
Congrats: Clare
Foster: Melodie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat


Notes from Home
BēBē has become a talkative companion. She is very smart and knows when 6:30AM is every day. She turns on her loud purr and starts her wake up routine to get me out of bed to feed her. She is a good communicator and has a story to tell me everyday when I arrive home from work. She continues to watch the birds on the balcony at the bird feeders and lets them know when they should move on by jumping up on the glass with her whole body. She is very athletic and I can see how young she is by her ability to play for long stretches. The laser light, scratching pad and her climbing tree are her favorites. She shows a lot of "attitude" at the vet's office and it is hard to explain that her true nature is much sweeter. I have to restrict her calories and portion out her food as she will eat what ever is in her bowl. She tolerates visits from my daughter's dog but always shows her who is the boss with a swat across the nose.She is very sociable with human visitors but still doesn't like to be held. She sleeps next to me in bed and sits next to me on the couch. I keep a brush in every room so she gets brushed frequently.

BēBē continues to settle in. She plays more than any cat I've ever had. She is a good companion and is getting more and more affectionate. Not quite a lap kitty, but she does let me hold her now. BēBē enjoys watching the bird feeder on the balcony and the commuters run for the train across the street. She is social with my adult daughters when they visit but will hide when my 18 month granddaughter visits.

BēBē has definitely become a companion kitty. She follows me from room to room and usually comes to sit next to me. I had my grand daughter for an overnight and BēBē was very calm and allowed her to pet her. Previously she hid from any guests in the house. She loves to look at the birds on the balcony feeder and sits by the screen and open windows now that winter is finally moving away.

8/22/2016 BeBe had her first canine visitor and she was quite calm. She hissed and swatted a few times but kept moving to be in the same room with my daughter and her newly adopted 2 year old terrier. She definitely held court and the dog had no problem understanding who was the boss. She continues to be a nice companion. She is very clean, sleeps with me and asks for head rubs throughout the night. She has her moments of real safari by hunting the cat nip mice throughout the house. She has a basket of toys and rotates them regularly.

(Last update: Feb 25th, 2017 10pm)

Name: ivy

(FKA Ivory)

ID#: VA11331
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
Date In: 02/06/16
Adopted: 02/24/16
Congrats: Cherie
Foster: Rinn

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Oh, I am the cutest little nugget (as foster mom says). I am a petite lilac point, and I'm a little shy at first, but then I warm up to you. I came from a household with lots of cats, and then Siamese Rescue found me a home. But there was one cat there who just wanted to pick on me, so my adopter mom reluctantly did what was best for me and decided to find me another good home. So here I am at a new Siamese Rescue foster mom's, and I'm learning to get used to things here. Will get all checked out by a vet again and get my vaccinations updated (yikes!), and then I will be ready to go home. Foster mom says I'm a darling! Oh, and I talk a little too. And I like to play with the feline fisher toy!
Notes from Home
Ivy has adjusted to having to share pets and scratches with her brother Vinnie. She will put him his place if he gets too frisky and tries to engage her in a game of cat and mouse. I do believe while we are gone they have chased each other as we have found papers knocked off the desk and plants spilled. She still loves to play with her fishing wand and cuddle up at night on the chair with us while we are watching tv. She also continues to sleep with us but keeps guard over the bed so she doesn't have to share it with Vinnie. She is just the sweetest little girl who continues to melt our hearts.

Ivy has become the princess of the household. She is sweet, lovable, frisky and dominates Vinnie. She continues to love playing with her fishing wand and has even enjoyed chasing Vinnie around the house. They sure entertain us with their antics. Her favorite is napping in the sunshine and snuggling with us at night. She is the perfect fit for us and we just adore her.

Six months have flown by and Ivy continues to be our sweet lovable cat who loves basking in the sun and getting groomed with a zoom groom. Talk about drooling and lots of purrs when that things appears for her. She is also a morning cat who loves to join our morning routine of warming up in the bathroom with a small heater. She is right there, ready for pets and belly rubs while we try to get ready in the morning. She has taken a cue from Vinnie and has played with other toys besides her fishing wand and loves this little green cat nipped filled toy that she will pounce and toss around the room. She is just the sweetest little girl.

It's been a year since we picked our sweet little Ivy. She is our heat loving, drooling little girl who finds any spec of sun or heat and will drool up a storm when she is being petted or groomed. She loves to cuddle at night and will find a spot near our legs to curl up for the night's rest. She has become more adventurous and will explore new places once she sees her brother, Vinnie, going there. She's frisky and will play with several toys by herself but she still loves her fishing wand. Vinnie is still not her favorite but he does keep her on her toes.

(Last update: Feb 25th, 2017 12pm)

How do I look? Sad? Really sad?? I am hoping to find my next home so I am trying the sad look in an effort to get your attention.......LOOK AT ME!!! Click on ME!!! I am a wonderful, happy gentle soul looking for my people!



Name:   Gwen
ID#: VA11114
Location:  Kentucky
Sex: female
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Chocolate
DateIn: 10/04/15
Adopted: 01/23/16
Congrats: Joanne
Foster: Jennifer

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home
Gwennie is laying on my lap while I type this out on my phone. She has had some ups and downs getting used to living with us. I think she loves that she has two humans all to herself to boss around. She doesn't have to worry about any other pets invading her turf. She has food she likes, lots of windows to look out of, warm places to sleep, two litterboxes, and (unfortunately for us!) some nice kitchen counters to jump up on.

I honestly can't believe she's twelve and a half. She has the heart of a much younger cat. She's very curious, very smart, and she LOVES to play with some knotted up nylon ropes. She chews on them, snuggles with them, and will chase them day and night. (One is tied to a broom handle so it's like a fishing pole toy.) She lays on somebody's lap every day, which is nice. It may be because we live in Chicago and maybe she's cold here? The hardwood floors in the house seem to hurt her paws when she's running around, so we plan to put down some runners. (She's like Forrest Gump... Why walk when you can run?)

She is very particular about letting us pet her, and we've learned her signals. Lately, she wants me to lay on the floor with my eyes closed, and she'll rub her face all over my head purring. Next week, I'm sure she'll have a new preference! Haha. Since we were worried she might not like men, Shabbir has been designated Giver of the Catnip Toy. I don't touch it. It's their thing they have together, and she does seem to really like him.

She has had some tummy troubles since she came here. We have figured out that it's due to anxiety around changes in her environment. So we have a protocol to deal with her when vomiting starts. Scale back everything. Keep anything remotely edible away from her (cardboard, plastic bags, tape, etc) Keep her in her favorite room with her favorite blanket. Have her fast for 4-5 hours from food and water. And just be quiet. I usually sit with her for much of that time, because I can. It is like torture for her because she wants to be where the action is and explore, explore, explore. But Gwennie does not always seem to know what is best for her tummy!

Right now, her food is to continue the Iams dry food Jennifer used. And I'm giving her some wet food a couple times per day, Purina EN Gastroenteric. The vet recommended it for her vomiting. She likes it and can keep it down, so I will continue giving it to her. And I've been sprinkling Purina fortiflora probiotics on her wet food, which she LOVES. The first week she was here, she had horrible diarrhea, and the fortiflora might have been key to getting her stools to be well formed.

She has had zero accidents outside the litterbox. She is a high pee-er, like Jennifer said.

But all in all, I think she's going to work out fine with us. She can be the Queen here, and we enjoy how funny and curious she is.

Update April 18, 2016
Oh, Gwen. She is never boring. She doesn't do well with being left alone. If I'm out of the house for 5 hours or for a weekend (and having a petsitter come), she gets freaked out. This will be a problem when I begin working full time and she's home alone.

After consulting with some of you (thanks for your help!), we wanted to try adopting a nice older male cat to see if that helps Gwen when she is home alone. We brought home Farley, a 17 pound 10 year old orange tabby, on April 9. He is very, very sweet natured. He purrs as soon as you touch him, wags his tail like a dog, and is very easy going. He was fostered by a vet for a couple months, and she said he was very nice to her female cat, but her female cat bullied him. He got along with her dog.

So far, Gwen hasn't reacted all that well to him. I've been giving her Composure calming chews, and use Feliway wipes, which I think help. We were very careful that they not see each other or interact for seven days. We did swap them out of rooms, let them get used to each other's scents, tried to give treats near the door to his room (which Gwen wouldn't take). Gwen has hissed a few times at his door when she could hear him in there. The first visual introduction I did was on day 9 with Farley in his carrier, and I let Gwen see him. She looked at him with wide eyes for about 20 seconds, turned around, and went back upstairs. The second time she had a visual of him was through a window while I held her. No hissing, just seemed nervous. The third time, was through a cracked door with Shabbir on Farley's side and me on Gwen's side. Farley tried to be friendly and stick his nose in the crack. Gwen hissed. And hissed. And kept hissing, and then finally growled. Her ears were up, no bristled fur. But she growled. We closed the door, and considered that a setback. She had a visual of him today (day 10) through the same window. She was nervous, but no hissing or growling. Minutes later, after I put him in his room, she approached his door and smelled it, but didn't hiss. Then she went back upstairs and hid under the bed. She is definitely afraid, and she has been hiding a lot more, even from me. It concerns me, because I know at her last home (before Jennifer's fostering), she hid a lot and would only come out at night. Before, she would sleep on the bed with me at night, usually up against me. Now, she sleeps away from me, or over on her box by the window. She is not happy with me, even though I am very intentional about still spending a lot of time with her.

I really want this to go well. I think if any cat could fit in our situation, it is Farley. He is a big, sweet marshmallow, and I know he won't hurt her. He didn't hiss or growl. Just acted almost hurt after she growled at him. Perhaps it is his size that intimidates her? And maybe she got scared that he didn't back away from the door when she hissed? I think he wants to be her buddy, but she thinks he will be aggressive. I'll post another update when I have some news. Is this normal? If anyone reading this has any encouragement or advice to offer, please email me. Thanks!

Update, May 8, 2016
I didn't get any emails from anyone, but wanted to write an update. Very good news! Gwen and Farley have become buddies. They don't cuddle or groom each other, but they will sleep near each other and eat out of the same food dish.

We were just out of town and had a petsitter come as before. When I got home today, instead of the previous time when she had dilated pupils and was trembling and meowing/scolding me, she just came downstairs with her tail up, rubbed against me and went off to investigate my stuff that I just brought in with me. Piece of cake! This means Farley the tabby is a magician. I'm so so happy!

We integrated them very slowly. We used a baby gate to separate them, but allow them to see each other for a few days. She continued hissing and sometimes growling at him, but she was all bark and no bite. Now she doesn't hiss or growl.

2/23/17 update
Gwen and Farley still manage to get along pretty well, and I've even witnessed Gwen initiate cuddling with him twice! But she gets cranky with him sometimes, too, because how dare he affectionately lick her face so much?

On the health front for Gwen, not great news. In May 2016, she got pancreatitis. She is super tough and responded well to the medicine. But her digestive system has never quite been normal since she came to live with us. I've had to give her prednisolone and cerenia off and on since May. She HATES IT. We've tried lots of different foods, and I figured out her sensitivities for the most part. She's on prescription novel protein Royal Canin kibble and wet food. But she still throws up and experiences nausea. She was diagnosed in October with GI disease after an ultrasound showed that her intestines are inflamed. Her B12 levels were also dangerously low according to a blood test, so I give her B12 shots. We are still trying to determine the best frequency for those. Probably every other week. The vet originally suspected triaditis, so I was grateful she didn't have that.

Her vet moved, so I'm trying out a new vet next week who offers a mix of regular vet care and holistic options. They come highly recommended. She's lost weight and is around 7 lbs now. :(

Otherwise, she's our good girl. She's good in the litterbox. She loves stalking the birds at the window bird feeders. She loves to cuddle (laying on my legs right now!) and has stolen Shabbir's heart with her cute little tiny paws. She talks to us a lot. We are well trained to cater to her now. The only thing she has not trained me to do yet is to stop giving her mean medicine. Lol. Her nicknames have evolved into weasel girl, the raccoon, and funny buns.

(Last update: Feb 23rd, 2017 10pm)

Name:   Jerry
ID#: VA11309
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 01/20/16
Adopted: 02/02/16
Congrats: Beverly
Foster: peter

Ben and Jerry are a bonded pair of what appears to be mature littermates. They are very uncomfortable when they are out of each others sight.
They are very good cats with perfect manners and need someone who will help make up for the loss of faith they suffered when they were dropped at a Vets to be euthanized 14 days before Christmas. The vet seeing that they were in good health and well behaved arranged for them to be rescued through the Swansea Mass ACO.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
So, if you look at Jerry's brother (?), Ben's update, you will know about Jerry, as well. We have become good pals in these 6 months -- and I am amazed to think that they could have been surrendered for euthanasia. They do sleep and lounge a lot (a cat's job, after all), but love to play with their feather toys -- and they have a fuzzy ball that they love, as well as several other (missing) balls batted under the furniture, apparently! Jerry is a bit larger than his brother, Ben, but actually takes a bit of a backseat to his brother. He will take advantage of wrangling a spot next to me when his brother is eating, though -- they do vie for the closest spot. He rarely talks and usually it is close to feeding time. It is interesting: they "call" to each other when one or the other is out of the room -- they are seldom more than a couple of feet apart. They also "call" to me on occasion, when I am on the computer or away from them. So happy I have the 2 of them for companions. I give them dried fish flakes to show them I care (and the occasional chicken nuggets, which they love!).

Well, here is an anniversary update: Jerry and his brother had their annual exams in December and lab work was great -- the vet commented on their great coats. He and his brother, Ben, are still together nearly all the time -- but when Ben had to have a tooth extraction, Jerry hissed at him for 3 days, much to Ben's dismay. When Ben "lost" the vet/anesthesia smells, they went back to being the true Siamese twins that they are, playing, sleeping and grooming together. Jerry is much more vocal now -- and greets me first thing in the morning for pets and 1-1 bonding. He also "complains" if I have been away and on the computer too long. They still vie for a close spot next to me (which I love) -- but it's amazing how hard it is to get out of bed with 2 little 8-/10-pound cats pinning you down! (yes, Jerry now weighs 10 pounds -- the vet is not worried -- yet)

(Last update: Feb 23rd, 2017 11am)

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