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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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Strikingly beautiful, vocal, friendly, loving lynxie gal seeking one furever home. I have already impressed foster mom with my wonderful manners my first day here - I was a lady during my bath and spa treatment and am very polite with my litter box habits. I seem to like people very much, and I'll probably do fine with other cats but it's too soon to say for sure. Purrs, Hillary
Name: Sophie

(FKA Hillary)

ID#: VA5959
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 10/17/08
Adopted: 12/05/08
Congrats: Stephanie
Foster: Melanie (Knoxville)


Notes from Home
Hillary is now Sophie. It's been 5 years since we found each other. She is simply wonderful. It's a love/hate relationship between Sophie and her companion Bella. I compare it to sisters. Here's some belated photos.
(Last update: Mar 11th, 2014 1pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Coco

(FKA Eowyn)

ID#: VA9787
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 01/04/14
Adopted: 02/08/14
Congrats: Shirley
Foster: Heida

Left behind on a fire escape in NYC with her tiny kittens when " her family " moved, this sweet little girl is looking for a home that will never leave her behind, and always love her.
Notes from Home
I'm so happy in my new home and had the best time teaching "King Cosmo" the new rules. We get along great now that he accepted that Queen Coco is the real power behind the throne. I still have to remind him occasionally but he's learning fast. We have races and play hide and seek. He won't let me play with his favorite toy so I get even and hide it when he's not looking. haha I run so fast and try to play with that thing my human calls a camera. I let her have one picture but she needs to understand everything's a toy in my world. Hi and thanks to all my friends who helped me find my new home. Life is good, xxx love Coco
(Last update: Mar 10th, 2014 11am)

Do you love to cuddle?

I have only been with foster mom for a few days but I have already shown her it is one of my favorite things to do. I just want lots of fuss and love to make up for the hard times I spent as a stray. I love to gaze at you with my huge blue eyes and just purr and headbutt for some extra fuss. Foster mom says you can ask about me now, but I will have a couple of weeks of pampering here before I can head to my perfect forever home. We don't know what I think of other cats yet but we'll find out in a few days. Click and ask about me today and foster mom will put you on my mailing list for updates.
Don't forget to check out my new photos and video!

Purrs and cuddles,
Name: Aza

(FKA Enya)

ID#: VA9719
Location:  Kentucky
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
DateIn: 11/30/13
Adopted: 12/15/13
Congrats: Eva
Foster: Emma-Jane


Notes from Home
In the beginning feeling of slight discouragement is normal . Behavior of your new kitty with kind of unknown personality might be little unpredictable but keep reminding yourself this is part of bonding process . It takes time and please, please be patience . Give your new friend time and imagine how he or she feels being in new place new foreign surrounding.
.Please allow yourself time and don't give up . Reward of your kitty love will come .

Good luck to all new adopters
And remember you have whole entire crew of dedicated ladies to help.


(Last update: Mar 9th, 2014 10pm)

Name:   Rupee
ID#: VA9845
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 02/02/14
Adopted: 02/22/14
Congrats: Huron
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
One of 19 cats, I'm cat friendly, that's for sure! But after living in that situation I am a little worried about what my future holds, so I get vocal and nervous when things change. Once settled, though, all is good, but a quieter household would be best. Three of my housemates have already come and gone home, and all are doing very well in the home, so you could say we have some history! Pictures and a video coming by end of the day today, Monday!
Notes from Home
Well, this is the Story of Rupee, post adoption. Right off the bat, he pronounced long and loud his displeasure of a car ride from the SCRC to home- the Entire way. We were one leg of the Meezer Transport, and as we transferred the six cats in MD, our update was that "They were all pretty quiet except this one..." Guess who that turned out to be? Yep. Mr. Rupee Pants, Duke Rupee, Rupe of Earl, our very own Froot Roop. Despite his opinion, we would like to give a shout out in Thanks to all the volunteers that make this and every adoption a happy ending, including the wonderful Meezer Express!
Once home in the isolation room (otherwise known as the library,) Rupee quickly formed a poor opinion of me! How dare I try to show him where the bathroom was? Any cat would be able to tell, and it is not polite to pick up and squeeze on the first date! I must be the Devil. 
After that less than stellar beginning, Rupee decided to adopt himself back out to someone else- by hiding in the pile of Siamese stuffties for adoption events. He was practicing the art of camouflage. Hence, the first picture attached. After that, we always played the"Where is the Rupee Game" every time we entered the room- for goodness sake, it's not that large a room- just as Aunt Siri had to at the Center. Often times he was stuffed in between some books about plants and animals, and therefore difficult to find!
So, after almost two weeks of tough love (He still thinks I am the Devil sometimes) we had some results! We had put the bed on the floor (no getting under there now, Duke Rupe) and blocked off underneath all the furniture but one chair. That way I could be on the bed and reach under the chair to pet him, merely sustaining a dislocated shoulder from the angle of pets that he likes. This is a big improvement from contorting myself like a yoga slash circus performer on the floor between bookshelves in the library, just as long as I did not look at him.... I AM the Devil sometimes still, especially the day he had soft poo and had to have some tummy meds.
But then one day I came into the room for lovins to find him on the bed- underneath a pillow- doing his best to be invisible. Lucky for me he does not seem to notice that his legs are about a yard long and stick out at all angles. So I gingerly sat down facing away from him for his scritches. Woohoo! He started purring loud and crazy and flipping upside down. I was soo happy! But I still could not look at him, because when I am not busy being the Devil, I am just Medusa the Gorgon, turning people and cats to stone with just one look...
When he realized he was out and about on the bed, he quickly dove back under the pillow! (Here, try not to notice the pillow propped up and growing seal colored legs.) Nevertheless, I was still delighted. Of course, just to smack down my new found confidence as Lion Tamer, the very next time I entered the room, I must have been more hideous than before to him. Sigh. 
During that night however, I felt pulling at my hair and... Is that slurping? Oh, yes, We are too shy to be gazed upon, but not too shy to sneak a gulp from mommy's mug of milk sitting on top of the very chair that said cat has been hiding! No, no! (This is where I got my first look as if to say, "One does NOT correct a Rupe of Earl of the royal blood,") and then he went to the corner of he bed and turned away from me. 
Since we were already up late with the whole drink incident, he also decided I should awaken bright and early, at 4:27am to be exact, with a complaining Yowl. Uh, and not just one. No idea why, just because he was unhappy to find himself in such straights as living with me, I guess. When I woke up, the floor had pieces of his food (Do not get me started on how many types of food he got those first days before I figured out what he would eat) in different intervals along the floor, and a few soaking in the water. Sigh. 
However, now we may be making some headway toward peace. I know I am the mere subject; he is the Duke Rupe. As long as I look at him indirectly during the day, he does not turn to stone. At night, I can look right at him and he does not mind as long as I am petting him just right- elevator butt and all. Being a Royal, he does not care to share his toys- so far I play with the wand until he decides to simply take it from me- and he can knead on my side as long as I am in a ridiculously uncomfortable position. Sigh. 
So far that is our story. Froot Roop style. I am forever in debt to all at SCRC, especially Siri and Nancy for fostering him, and Stacy for NOT putting the sign on his carrier that read "No squeezing for 2 weeks";)
Hopefully next edition will have footage of a happy Froot Roop, rolling around on the bed with his mommy, because currently We are too dignified to do something like that in daylight hours.......

(Last update: Mar 9th, 2014 8pm)

I'm cute, I'm snuggly and I'm playful.

If you want a ready made family, my sisfur Louisa and I can go together but it's not necessary.

Kitten policies do apply so I'll need either a furry companion or my purrson to be home all the time.
Name:   Lafayette
ID#: VA9479
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 08/17/13
Adopted: 09/09/13
Congrats: Scott
Foster: Joyce

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Hi all,

Just a note to say these two kittens (Lafayette & Louisa) are doing quite well. After a couple days of adjustment to a new place and new people, they seem like everything that happy, playful and adventurous kittens tend to be. We're gradually adjusting to new names for them, but still haven't settled on anything for certain yet.

We have lots of pictures, so I will follow up soon with a few of the good ones. For now, though, I wanted to thank everyone in the organization (and particularly Monique and Joyce) for their help in the adoption process.

Scott & Eva


Hi all,

Sorry not to have found time to post pictures, but here's a following update. Both cats are doing well, and have topped out at about 11 pounds apiece. At about a year old, they're active so we do what we can to keep them stimulated and entertained. One has turned into a bit more of a loner, while the other tends to like to be nearby.

Our experience has inspired more than one friend of ours to become an adopter as well.

All the best, and thanks from us to the whole organization.

Scott & Eva

(Last update: Mar 9th, 2014 10am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Kaiju

(FKA Purrsneekety)

ID#: VA9768
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 12/28/13
Adopted: 01/18/14
Congrats: Nicole
Foster: Siri

A purrfect gal if I do say so myself! Super sweet and friendly, check out my videos!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
New Pictures posted
(Last update: Mar 8th, 2014 3pm)

"To snuggle, or not to snuggle? That is the question." What a silly question. Snuggling is all there is!

Look, let's get something straight. I just got here to foster Mom's house and it's pretty nice, especially with these fluffy beds and catnip toys she's got. However, not to be demanding or anything, but I need to cuddle. I need to love, love, love and be loved in return. I'm a happy-go-lucky, playful, immensely sweet snugglebug chocolate boy that would be an easy addition to any home. Well, any home that had a surplus of affection.. I can help with that. If you sit down, I'll take your lap. Or your chest. Or your neck, if you forgot a scarf.

Foster Mom knows that so far I don't mind kids, even really young ones (I had my own 2 year old for a while), I'm cool with other cats, and I'm got no discernible bad habits. I also love to play and I'm a big fan of catnip!

She hasn't given me a report card yet since I just got here, but I think I'll be top of the class. More later!
Name:   Diego
ID#: VA9352
Location:  Ohio
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
DateIn: 06/23/13
Adopted: 07/06/13
Congrats: Tricia
Foster: Jamie

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Just a little note from Pango! (This is what he responds to so far)... Thanks everyone for getting me so close to my new home! The Meezer Express was a breeze for me and I was able to charm all of the lovely drivers who helped me reach my destination!......Still in segregation here in my new home...sigh....not my favorite thing as I'd much rather be out and about with the other kitties and exploring the house. That said I am enjoying lots of TLC from my new Mom and Dad and the awesome 10 yr old boy who really seems to like me (who can blame him!) My wonderful foster Mom sent me home with some of my favorite toys and I am enjoying them along with many new ones and my new scratching post. Bird watching too from the windows and sunning myself a bit!...... More when I get a chance to get out and actually socialize with the resident cats!

2 weeks in....So far it's obvious that I like to be in charge of things. Small but mighty.... not the biggest fan of female cats...or sharing the humans...particularly at night. Things are nice here though in my cat tree, with my toys and I don't mind the male cats that I am living with.

January 7, 2014.....

Well folks I am still (relatively small) but mighty. I've been here a while now and have settled in for the most part but I am having trouble with some of the basic rules. When I first came into rescue I laid on the charm pretty heavy. Everyone thought (because I let them think it!) that I was this cute little snuggly boy with my own 2 year old and everything. Let me just first say that I can still lay on the charm when I want to. In fact this is done on my own schedule "exclusively". For example I LOVE my human Dad probably because I spent my first few nights bonding with him in a segregated room. Sometimes I curl up beside him making myself irresistable to all who can see me (and I truly AM irresistable). I LOVE my brother Pekey-I have a friend to play with and snuggle with-it's great!! I have even been pretty decent to the old boy we have here, Tonka, and sometimes I groom him. When I do he stays pretty still-probably because he's afraid to move.
Nuli is a different story. I rather enjoy tormenting her on a daily basis-we have a great game of chase and I ensure that I am always the victor. Lately I have found that the oversized sheltie has started to annoy me. Yesterday for example I had to attack him 3 times when he was barking-my adopted parents seem less than happy about my feats and efforts to rule "everyone" in the house. They are trying to discourage me from taking on the dog!
I'm not a fan of being picked up, held or snuggled. (Though sometimes the humans can't seem to help themselves so I allow it for a small bit of time) I hate my tail and back being touched and I use my teeth to let anyone know it.
And so that's my story for now. At the moment I can hear them saying that the hope is that over time and with consistent loving attention I will become more accepting of it/ affectionate in return. They can't know what my initial life experience was...some things take time. I do get doted on and spoiled with my treats and toys and my beloved CATNIP...my fave.

March 7, 2014

8 months I have been with my new family and let me just say they are pretty awesome! My favorite buddy is still my superstar brother Peke. We play and wrestle every day and some days we're curled up together. Only lately have I decided that I might have to give Nuli-my female housemate-a little more breathing room. We share favorite treats together-the same salmon treats my foster mom sent home with me-and it's probably helped me associate good things with Nuli. Though I will still give chase she has occasionally tackled me back now which has made me realize that she *might* just be a forced to be reckoned with if I push her too far. It's no love affair yet but she did give me a kiss on my forehead a week back...SO... I allowed her to sit "near" me and restrained my urge to go in for the kill...haha!

I was pretty sad to lose my older friend Tonka in the end of January-he was a really nice, easygoing pal and I treated him well. I even feel I took care of him, grooming him and sitting near him (on his big cushy pillow bed-an added bonus) while he had his last month or so. Since my family was sad at the loss I decided to crank up my cuteness factor (though it's pretty much there at all times) and entertain them with my antics and play. I do still have a lot of kitten in me. I absolutely love a laser light toy so much I almost look like I am doing parkour on the walls. Lately I have shown interest in the boys toys and I love nothing more than leaving my mark on any toy I find...lego figures being one of my faves! I still love my mouse toys-I'm kind of obsessed with them-I like the real thing too. In my home I actually encountered a real one or two and I joyously left them in multiple pieces around the house as 'gifts' for my family for their early morning viewing pleasure. I thought my presentation was great! (I'm not quite sure why even the family dog steered clear of me that day and had a hard time eating his food!)

And speaking of my sheltie friend I've learned his way now. Basically if someone is seen walking down the road-or heaven forbid the mailman comes-I make myself scarce as the dog thinks this is a great time to deflect his reaction onto me or any other cat in sight. I've fooled him though. I know that he is actually pretty scared of me (and Peke especially because he's ultra fierce despite his regal looks) and he is VERY careful walking past us to stay that bit out of the way of "arms" reach. Sometimes I have a little fun with this and if his barking annoys me too much I do a running long jump (it's pretty impressive) and go ninja on him-tackling him in an effort to show him who's boss...then... I take off quickly after I've asserted myself.

I'm not a snuggler yet but my world is changing. Though I look with longing at the great outdoors I am an indoor boy now. While I might miss that life it's kind of nice having a family who wants me and wants to keep me safe (and who dote on me). Let's just say... that I can get used to this and now that I feel valued I'm letting them see a more affectionate me. I'm trusting them a lot more. So life for me is pretty good! And my name? I never took to Pango...just ignored the 'fam' when they were calling me that. My name is actually Jo-jo (Binks) so I get a lot of Jo.....Jo-Lo (I feel pretty cool about this one...love it) and Jo-jo Binks, 'Jobes'...AND Jo-Li... I think maybe my parents have had a little fun with this. I know who they are talking to. That's all for my long-winded update folks. I'm doing good.

(Last update: Mar 7th, 2014 9am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Perseus Sinatra

(FKA Sinatra)

ID#: VA9789
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 01/04/14
Adopted: 01/25/14
Congrats: Helen
Foster: Belinda

Hi there! Ol' blue eyes here. Just call me 'sin' for short - mommy is.

I just got sprung from the pokey and I'm settling in just fine. So far mom says I'm a super sweet guy and that all of my head butting, biscuit making, and purr machine facilities are in place. I'm going to meet the Vet on Monday the 6th and I should be ready to go home in a couple short weeks!

Don't know how I'm going to do with other kitties yet, but we should know in about a week. So far I've met the resident woofer and we did just fine.
Notes from Home
Perseus Yelanos (Perseus the Blond) has settled in beautifully and now rules the roost! It's been decades since I've had such an intelligent cat. He's so sociable and personable, he has to oversee everything and always has something to say about it. He loves to play and we have so much fun with his fishing rod toy. He gently pats my face to remind me it's time to go on up to bed at night. His nickname is "Plushie" because his coat is so thick and soft. We love him so much, and can't thank you enough for bringing us together.
(Last update: Mar 6th, 2014 10pm)

Well, I'm stilll pretty new here and just got "tutored" on Friday. I'm just been resting and sleeping most of the weekend, but I needed it. I am a very good girl who loves people, other cats, doggies and just about anything that moves. I've been well cared for in a long term foster home. I miss my black and white brother - we were together until last Monday, but I like all the cats here. I'd rather go home with a kitty or two I could play with and to keep me compnay since I've always lives with lots of other pets. I'm a pretty easy going girl (typical snowshoe) and talk and purr when you hold me. Be sure to ask about me if you'd like just an all round great little girl. Oh, yeah, I'm long and lean and have the body and shape of a Siamese even though I am a "high white" snowshoe. Purrs, Debutante
Name:   Debutante (Deb)
ID#: VA7642
Location:  Indiana
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 03/28/11
Adopted: 04/16/11
Congrats: Samantha
Foster: Katie

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
3-4-14...I can't believe it's already been 3 years since we adopted Picky Picky...We just love her to death...We follow the site almost everyday and I just wish I could adopt more...I just love these carts...Picky Picky is doing really well as you can see by her picture...(and she loves her little brother) I wished I had a better picture of her eyes...she has the most beautiful eyes. She greets me very morning in the morning and every day I come home from work...but I think it is mainly for her food. Well I guess that's all for now...

11/17/11 See the new photo of me, don't I look happy and soo pretty? I love my new home and family.

Deb ( we named her as Picky Picky) was wonderful in the car on the way home. When we got her home, let her out of her cage in a bedroom she immediately rubbed up against my daughter. She looked around so we left her alone in the room for awhile. When I went to check on her she came to me, put her arms around me and like kissed me. ( I was wondering what she was going to do). She is such a love Bug and so CUTE!! We just love her to death. At first she growled when she saw the "boys". So we kept them separated for awhile. My "little one" was very curious and now they play together (On PIcky Picky's terms) I tell Picky Picky everyday that I love her and she is such a sweet girl. (I tell all my cats I love them). Picky Picky rolls over on her back like a dog when we haven't seen her in awhile. She also sleeps with us, and she seems to like "watch out" for my daughter. Once my daughter was crying and she ran to her to see what was wrong, then she like came to me, as to tell me to check on her...

I want to thank Siamse Cat Rescue Center for everything. When my siamese cat deceased in January I was devostated. I was going to wait until my daughter was older to get another siamese, but I just missed my siamese too much. I waited about a month and started to look around for a siamese and couldn't find any, didn't understand it?? Then I came accross this website and that's how I found you guys!! It's a wonderful thing what you guys do and I"m hoping someday I can become a "foster mom" Thank you so much, we absolutely love our new baby.

Oh one more thing....my little one wants to thank Katie for all the new toys, I think he's enjoying them more that Picky Picky does... Thanks Katie!!

(Last update: Mar 4th, 2014 8pm)

Name:   Punkin
ID#: VA4736
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: female
Current Age: 18 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
Date In: 02/01/07
Adopted: 02/24/07
Congrats: Tim
Foster: Ardis

I love everyone - people, cats, dogs. I especially want you to pet my very soft fur and play with me. I will talk to you in a conversational tone and come when you call me. My mom loved her 3 cats and 3 dogs very much but is now so sick that we must find new homes. Do you have room in your home for a sweet, healthy, well-behaved cat like me. I am smart, loving and active but not a clingy cat that wants to be in your lap constantly. In this picture, I am stepping up and down and purring to show foster mom that I love her.
Notes from Home
I'm sorry to notify you of Punkin's death on 03 May 2010. Punkin suddenly became very disoriented and was unable to walk when I rushed her to the Vet. She was quickly pronounced as near death, but the reason was not known. She had previously been diagnosed with a heart murmur, which I felt sure was responsible for whatever was happening. So, in consultation with the doctor, I decided to have Punkin put to sleep before she suffered any more.

She was a sweetie who melted everyone's heart she came in contact with. Her purr was fabulous and she loved nothing more then lying in the sun soaking up its warm rays, both in the summer and winter. I miss her terribly and think of her often. Rest in peace, Sweetykins!

(Last update: Mar 3rd, 2014 7pm)

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