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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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Looking for a laid back guy who wants to be with you but isn't a pest about it? Ask about me.

I love cuddling on the couch at night but the rest of the time I'm happy just being where you are. I like an occasional game of laser mouse. Perfect in my habits - I use the litter box like a champ and use my scratching box. I do like to eat a little bit more than I should but hey - who doesn't?

I'm really good with the three Siamese girls who live here. Sometimes they hiss at me but I just walk away looking a little sad that they don't love me as much as I'd like. One of them does rub on me though and I love that!

I don't seem to like men but I sure do love the ladies. Just ask Foster Mom's quilt group who got to meet me and experience a little love - Romeo style!

Name:   Romeo
ID#: VA9927
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 03/24/14
Adopted: 06/01/14
Congrats: Terry
Foster: Diane

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Romeo had settled in. I wouldn't say that he and Max (our DSH tabby) are best friends, but they get along - that is, they don't fight.

He follows me around during the day. When I am sitting at the computer, I sit on a chair that really only has room for me. That does not stop him from getting onto my lap, but he doesn't have much room so he gets a bit fidgety and irritated. He keeps on shifting position and complaining if I move (which I do a lot - as when I type or retrieve a printout).

He has taken command of the cat tree. It's too hot for jumping up onto high places right now, I will get a photo when he's up there. The only problem with that is that used to be Max's favorite spot. Maybe I need to get another cat tree?

Well, Max has asserted himself and taken back the cat tree. Romeo still uses it now and then, but at first, after Max took it back, he wouldn't leave it (except to eat and use the litter box). Now he uses it occasionally since Romeo got the 'memo' and understands that it's not his.

The two play every now and then, which is a joy to watch.

We went out of town for an extended weekend (for the first time since adopting Romeo). Everything went fine. Out cat sitter is the best and she had come by previous to our going away so that she and Romeo could meet.

I've attached some pictures of Romeo in his favorite place - propped up on the windowsill with his front paws crossed. He's so cute!

December 1, 2014
Romeo is doing great! He and Max have pretty much figured stuff out. Romeo is no longer shy about getting up on the bed and the two cats share the space (along with my husband and I, of course - LOL). I have a large throw pillow on the bed that Romeo has decided is his and he spends a lot of time on it (except when Max decides it's his and takes it over!)
Romeo is very sociable. It was very evident on Thanksgiving day (which we hosted). He was in the dining room circling the table bumping into everyone's legs. I believe he was hoping for little tidbits - but we have a strict "no table scraps" policy here!
Everyone who meets him agrees that he is a very handsome cat!
He is still overweight and the vet and I are working on getting him a bit thinner.
He gets a bit nervous, especially if I am running around getting stuff done or just in a hurry. If I approach him during those times he runs away. It appears that sudden movements startle him, more so than other cats I have had over the years. I make a point of slowing down when I see him getting nervous and calming him down. It's great, it calms both of us down.
All in all he is settling in very nicely. He has a bed in my 'office', the pillow in the bedroom, a pad to sleep on in the living room, and plenty of chairs to sleep on.
He's a little bored with his toys, but he loves to 'attack' a pen that I am writing with, or the pull strings on the hood of my sweatshirt. Fortunately, except for showing a bit of interest, I have managed to keep him away from my yarn when I am knitting. I am curious to see how he reacts to a Christmas tree when we get that up.
He has been getting much more vocal and I occasionally hear him just yowling away in the hallway. Go Romeo!
Sorry, no new pictures at this time.

Romeo is doing fine. Tried to upload two awesome pictures, but after spending way too much of my time I got the message that the cat cannot be found and upload failed. So maybe it worked, maybe it didn't. But happy 2nd anniversary Romeo!!!

Romeo is doing GREAT! He has finally fully settled in and is the most loving and handsome of cats. He truly lives up to his name. He is also starting to find his voice, which is wonderful! His favorite pastimes (other than eating) - taking my chair as his personal bed, stretching out with me when I read in bed before going to sleep, 'making biscuits' on my lap, swatting at dangling items, sleeping in the sun! I've included photos so you can see how happy he is.

(Last update: Jun 10th, 2017 11am)

Name:   Lacie
ID#: VA12015
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 1 Yr
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 04/20/17
Adopted: 05/20/17
Congrats: Dennis
Foster: Debra

Settling in here. So far I like to be petted and will purr. More to come as I get used to the new digs.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Meezers I appreciate all the love of people that love cats so much. All of you changed my life through all your efforts to bring Lacie to my home. Because of you Lacie and me are just a great match. She loves to look out windows because of the birdies. Lacie if she could write would let you know her life has changed and appreciated all the labor of love to move from South Carolina to Maryland. She did say one of the Meezers didn't stop at Burger King. More to come about Lacies new new home.

Thank all of you for ever !

(Last update: Jun 9th, 2017 10pm)

I have my brave paws on after about 5 days here at Foster Jo's. I luv her but not sure about HIM! I don't do anything ugly towards HIM but just don't particularly like HIM. I'll curl up in Foster Mama's knee and wind around her, I'm even good at putting foster Lennon in his place so we can be together.

I am a dominant male that wants everyone to be under my control and will put them in their place if they don't agree to this, probably should have been Captain Kirk or Captain Simon!!!!

Love to curl up on Foster Meowmy's knee and snuggle with HER. Men, forget about it, I might let you pet me in passing but that is it, I love the the woman in this house and that is not going to change.

I will also chase a hissy girl if she doesn't like me because I'm king of the house and everyone has to be below me.

Name:   Simon
ID#: VA9239
Location:  Georgia
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 05/11/13
Adopted: 07/13/13
Congrats: Linda
Foster: Jo

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Simon is home safe and sound! Although a little afraid after his first night home he is eating, drinking and using litter box. He will allow Mummy to touch him but is still very shy and not so sure about his new surroundings of course to be expected. Heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped with the adoption and travel

Linda & Simon

After four days in his new home Simon is settling very well and is such a love bug!! Love him to pieces :)

Well it's been 10 days since Simon came home. He is doing wonderful and is really comfortable in his room. Brought Kit in to meet him in a cage and Simon immediately wanted to be his friend. They checked each other out through the safety barrier. Everything seemed to go well for the first meeting. Simon did get a bushy tail when Kit hissed. Will interact them more this way for a few more days and will keep posted on how things go.
Linda & Simon

Hard to believe it's been 2 weeks already! Simon is doing great and has had his vet checkup. URI came back but he was treated with antibiotic and is feeling much better already. He loves his new family as much as we love him! He does love attention from the Ladies! ;)

Been a while since I updated but letting you know Simon is doing well and continues to be spoiled rotten by his Mummy and Sissy! Almost upon his 4yr anniversary with Us!

(Last update: Jun 9th, 2017 11am)

Name: Sophie

(FKA Tinker)

ID#: VA9694
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 11/17/13
Adopted: 06/06/14
Congrats: Elizabeth
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
Will you pick me up, carry me around, let me ride on your shoulder, and never put me down? Kiss me and cuddle me and hold me in your arms at night? I'm a very needy gal who is very loving, devoted and snuggly. I do want to be your one and only but there's no way you are going to want more than just me!
Notes from Home
Sophie (aka Tinker) is a wonderful cat. She is an avid birdwatcher, sitting in her window seat. She keeps our household running on time, not hesitating to pat my leg if her dinner is 5 minutes late.
(Last update: Jun 7th, 2017 1pm)

Same old story, owner turned me in. Why, I do not know, something about moving, I guess there must be a state that does not allow cats as I am really the most loving cat you will find, just don't try to restrain me. Was it my talkative personality, ok some people like quiet cats, I am not one. I like to tell you about my day. Was it because I liked petting too much, hey that is me. I want to get and give loving. I am a Tonkinese with the most beautiful fur you will ever find. For some of you who do not know what a Tonkinese is it is a cross between a Siamese and a Burmese. We have the best of both in us, we are a little denser body shape and a shorter face but have the Siamese voice. We are firmly convinced that humans are put on earth to love us...... so how is that different than any cat?
Name: Jemima

(FKA Ruby Tuesday)

ID#: VA5642
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Tonkinese
DateIn: 04/27/08
Adopted: 06/07/08
Congrats: Norma
Foster: Renee


Notes from Home
Jemima is 11 yrs old now and still playful as ever. We have moved to the Villages in Florida and we both waited patiently for our belongings to arrive after 3 full weeks. But all is well with Jemima now. She has had her annual and shots before the move so we are Good to go. Her records transfer with Banfield.
I continue to consider a companion for her and various cats come and go that I care for some time to find homes but she seems to be OK on her own .

6/14/16. Jemima is 12y now and doing fine. Loves sleeping on the enclosed lanai or on my chest!. Still playful though not s demanding of play time s she us d to be. I belong to the new Villages Cat Crazy club and love how we rescue and help out the cmmty cats. I always wonder if Jemima needs. Companion but she seems fine alone. Have had visitors with dogs and she is not particularly bothered by them. I have a new email and address.

6/7/17. Jemima is tolerating having Baboo share her home though she doesn,t like it. She is queen bee of course and commandeers my chest, lap ,neck as soon as i sit down. The have a short chase session most evenings which she ends while Baboo calls for more. Sometimes they swat at each other at the end. She does allow him to get closer to me sometimes. She is healthy but slowed down a little. Does not jump on high up furniture anymore. Still insistes i wake up early to give her attention, starts by 4am.

(Last update: Jun 7th, 2017 12pm)

Name:   Chancellor
ID#: VA11709
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
Date In: 09/22/16
Adopted: 12/04/16
Congrats: Barbara
Foster: Siri

So what's with my new home? Is it wandering around the streets lost? Do we need to set a trap to find it? I mean, come on, I'm a great kitty!!!!!
Notes from Home
We love our Chancellor. He is a lap cat/ snuggling, purr machine, and follows us room to room. We have him on rabbit food alone per our vets directions, as little boy has allergies and has an occasional soft sweet sneeze. He likes to groom, and sometimes over grooms because of the allergies, but he is so much calmer these days, now that he knows he's not going anywhere. We were told he was an Escape artist, but shows no interest in leaving. When we go out to the hot tub in the evening He sits at the window and stares at us. He fits our family so well! One night he sleeps next to my husband, and one night me... He's got plenty of love to go around. We do plan on taking him to an allergist if his allergies don't go away soon. Thank you so much for saving this wonderful boy ! He is perfect, as cost mother Siri said. We feel so lucky to have him!June 2017/ we Have now had our baby 6 months:

Oh we love our Chancellor. He is undisputed prince of his domaine, ( that would be us and our house.

He had the allergies/ nerves thing that made him chew on himself when we brought him home in December.

We tried conventional anti anxiety medications and Royal Canin rabbit food to fix it and it didn't seem to get better,

Then we took him to wholistic vet who did acupuncture and put him on Chinese herbal supplements and a grass fed beef with organic veggies and supplements that I make at home and now he is almost chew free and close to having no sores. She suspected it was his allergies and nerves that she likened to

He hardy has those attacks. We are doing our best to heal his bad life on the street memories with love.

As you can see from the pics, he is so loved and lovable. Thank you so much for our chancellor!

We want to volunteer, but we have to work another three years and are a little busy. He does have a pinch of separation anxiety So we don't travel except one at a time at this point.

We will be in touch when he's finally out of the woods so to speak.

AndThank you again! He really is such a blessing!

(Last update: Jun 6th, 2017 9pm)

A stray who has had a few (minor) negative experiences with people, I'm a lover waiting to blossom, a little jumpy and nervous at first (no loud chaotic households right now) but am looking to become one wonderful loving goofball of a boy!
Name:   Koko
ID#: VA11478
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 05/21/16
Adopted: 06/04/16
Congrats: David
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats


Notes from Home
KoKo has assimilated into our family very well. He likes resting on laps where he can be petted. He recently has decided that our bed is a good place to stay at night. He still is not too sure of Polly when she is excited and will get away from her. They have become used to each other & will go nose to nose often - even lying near each other when people are around. KoKo has adopted Ellen as his favorite human & I come in a close 2nd. He will get into the cat tree & lie there watching out the picture window. He also is loosening up and will play some with the feather stick, long string & the laser pointer dot. Overall he is working out well.

It is now the middle of December 2016 and Koko has been a member of the family for 6 months. It took him 3 months before he would consider sitting in my lap as I suspect he thought it belonged to Polly. Since then, he and Polly sometimes decide to share my lap at the same time & usually Polly will get down and let Koko have the full area. On occasion Polly will try to get Koko to run so she could chase him, but Koko just looks at her & says non-verbally - no way! Koko hasn't learned the days of the week nor the time of the day yet. Ellen gets up & goes to work M-F at 5:30 AM and he wants his morning meal at that time, even on weekends when we'd like to sleep later. We found that if we give him a small bit of dry food early, he will quiet down & maybe not be so vocal for an hour or two, but it is difficult on weekends. We are considering an automatic food dispenser for those times. Koko likes being around Polly & waits for her to come in from outside when she has to go. He also likes to greet Ellen when she comes home from work, but he expects dinner to be provided at that time whether it is 4:30 PM or 5:30 PM, thus more time education is required. Overall hew is a happy cat and we are enjoying his presence.

6/6/17 It's been a year now! Surprise. Koko took about 3 months to get comfortable with my wife & I. He still is leery of being picked up, but my wife has had the most luck handling him. He recently got his 3 year shots so he is up-to-date. He was very good with the vet. He has developed an internal "feed me" clock that usually corresponds with our routine. The evening time frames are the ones that seem to have him "talking" about a 1/2 hour before 5 PM. He and Polly get along well and Koko will sit in the kitchen and "talk" if Polly is outdoors with my wife or I. He quiets down when Polly returns & they kiss & make up. Nothing unusual with him, his manners are good and there is not a lap he does not like.

(Last update: Jun 5th, 2017 7pm)

Name: Tony

(FKA Soprano)

ID#: VA11386
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 03/26/16
Adopted: 06/05/16
Congrats: Donna
Foster: Donna

Whoa ... my adoption fell through so I'm back on the available pages. Foster Mom thought I was going to be an 'only' so didn't try to integrate me. But I'm walking around getting to know the residents here. Click on me if you're interested!


(I was found hanging around Soprano's Bar in Melbourne, Florida. For sure, you could give me a better name!)
Notes from Home
This morning Tony was acting lethargic and had some mild diarrhea over night. He did not eat all his food. We took him to the vet immediately and they tested his stool and discovered that he still had hook worm. The vet reviewed his health record and felt there was a problem with the timing of the medicine he had received for this from the vet in Florida. She treated him today with a one time application. He might have additional parasite but she wants to clear up the hook worm first. Hopefully that will do the trick. He also has a swollen right eye which she thinks is likely caused by herpes virus. She applied an ointment that we will apply twice a day for a week. He was such a good patient today! He ate all his food tonight so it's looking good. Just thought you all should know.

Tony had a second emergency visit the next day when his fever spiked. An antibiotic and new eye drops seemed to do the trick. Then yesterday his other eye began to show the same symptoms and the first eye started to worsen. He is eating
but less than normal and lethargic. No fervor still we are off to the vet this am. Will update when we know more.

Update. Tony is being treated for chlamydia. Fluids and antibiotics yesterday and treatments today of both oral and ointment antibiotic. He is eating but avoiding us. Unfortunately the treatments are necessary for at least 3 weeks and he wants no part of them of course! since this can be transmitted to our other cat, we are keeping them apart which is a little more difficult now that they have gotten to be friends.

I understand that symptoms of this bacteria show up 3 to 10 days from contact. In Tony's case, his symptoms began on the third day we had him. You may want to check on all cats that came in contact with him during his journey here either directly or indirectly. It must be very uncomfortable for him not to mention the 3 emergency visits to vet in 3 weeks. We wanted you to know in case this can be avoided for other kitties

Update: I am happy to say that Tony Soprano is doing much better. We finished the eye ointment yesterday and he is enjoying his first quiet day without us pestering him with medicine. Still has 10 more days of oral antibiotics but he is looking and feeling so much better! He is such a sweet and loving little boy and now showing more energy and playfulness. Progress! Crossing our fingers that this time the antibiotic is successful!

Our very sweet Tony is doing great! After several bouts of eye infections, we started a medication to improve his immune system and that seems to be working. Also we found out he had a rare parasite normally found in the Pacific Northwest. We had to special order the pills (5 pills 2 consecutive days, we had the vet do it!) and that took care of it. So he has been free of vet visits for a couple of months and is just the most loving guy! He will throw himself on his back for a belly rub or kiss his brother on the head or sleep with his head buried in my hand or neck. The two adopted brothers get along so well. Rocco is the dare devil and gives Tony ideas. When I catch the 2 of them at some mischief, Tony is shy and worried and Rocca is all innocence. What a pair! We are so grateful to the Siamese rescue for bringing us these two sweethearts. They bring us love and laughter everyday!

Tony is a changed kitty from his early delicate days. He is very strong and also more vocal so I always know when he has a wish or desire. If I just follow him, he will take me to his toys to play or to his dishes to feed him or just to a spot that he can throw himself down, roll over and have me pet him. He loves hanging out on the screen porch or sleeping in his bed or playing with his toys and/or brother. We refer to him as the Prince as he acts like one and while he doesn't run to people, he doesn't run away or hide either, he just waits until the love comes to him!

After many early visits to the vet, good news, all parasites are gone. He returned recently just for a checkup and next round of shots. No recurrence of the earlier infections. We are so happy to see him really come into his own and let us be a part of his life. He is a sweet boy and a perfect cat!

(Last update: Jun 5th, 2017 11am)

Paired with brother Whally, we're looking for a quieter home that can provide laps, reassurance and lots of loving please! I'm really not crabby even though I have a crabby looking expression on!
Name:   Zeke
ID#: VA11909
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: 4paw
Points: Seal
DateIn: 01/20/17
Adopted: 03/04/17
Congrats: Elisabeth
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Zeke has made tremendous progrss over the 2 weeks he has been here. From first hiding in the cat carrier, to hiding under my desk, to running away from me when I came close, and turning his head away, he is now walking around, tail up, in the basement, but also comes up to me to wake me up when Whally does. Whally is in charge (eats first, and runs Zeke off until he is done). Zeke now stays where he is when I enter the room, actively wants attention and petting (turned on his back so I could rub his tummy), purrs, looks outside at visiting birds, etc. I am so pleased he is developing into a reasonably well adjusted cat. He and Whally are playful together, and clearly are very attached to each other. Zeke is eating well (there was never any doubt about that considering his size), drinking well. I give him lots of attention, touch him a lot, have picked him up, and even that was ok for about 10 seconds, so I put him down again. When I sit with them, they enjoy the visit, show off a bit, but have not yet walked up to me. All this in 2 weeks! They will be perfectly fine.
4/4/17 Zeke now stays put when I walk into my basement room, which I call my den. He usually is on the sofa on a pillow, When I pet him, he purrs loudly, then gets off the sofa and walks around rubbing on various bits of furniture. I follow him, pet him, he puts his butt up for me to pat him on. Loves to look outside at the visiting birds and chipmunks. He will eventually lie on his back for a bellyrub on his still ample belly. He is not eating as much as before, which I see as a good sign because he is comfortable and gets attention. He wanders through the house mostly at night, but also comes up when Whally calls him. Still a bit unsure around Ziggy, but is finding out she is no threat and stays put when she comes into the room. Is shy of strangers, and has found a lovely hiding place behind some books in my bookcase. He is doing remarkably well for a cat who wanted nothing to do with me at all for the first few days.
5/8/17. Zeke is still quite timid, but now that the basement room is closed off, wanders through the house more, and now lies on my bed when I'm in it too. Is still walking away from me when I walk up and down, but not panic stricken. I get the impression that Zeke and Whally got punished for getting out of the basement in their previous situation, as particularly Zeke shrinks when I want to stroke his head. Clearly Whally is the alpha cat. Zeke is not asking to be petted, but when I do, is quite content, purrs. Since they are together, they depend on each other for company, which is OK with me. Progress is remarkable for a cat who was hiding from me at first. All is well here. Will give further update when vet appointment has been completed.
6/4/17 As mentioned in Whally's update, this is my final for Zeke as well, unless anything noteworthy happens. Zeke is a very sweet boy. He loves lounging, which is one reason he is overweight. His lounge position is very relaxed with both front feet stretched out. He usually lies on a pillow, thinks attention is the most exciting thing, rolls around for bellyrubs and purrs loudly. I can put my face close to his, and he sniffs. When he gets up he wants me to follow him around for more attention. He is close to Whally, but occasionally likes to go off on his own somewhere else. He doesn't hide, unless strangers come to the house, and clearly is bonding with me well. I am very happy for them both. They enjoy themselves, prefer each other's company, which is to be expected, but really do like me, so all is well. O, the hair on his head has completely grown back of course, so he now looks quite handsome. Thank you for all you have done for these two. I was a little doubtful this would work out, to be honest, but patience and love will always do it in the end. They are home for life.
6/5 I completely forgot to mention that the mystery of why Zeke is a shredder is solved! He actually eats the paper he shreds because he has hairballs. I give him hairball remedy every day, which he eats from a dish, and hasn't touched any paper since.

(Last update: Jun 5th, 2017 11am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Sometimes Nelson, but leaning

(FKA Nelson)

ID#: VA11450
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 2 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 05/10/16
Adopted: 05/28/16
Congrats: Donna
Foster: Michelle

Nelson is the King of Laid Back! He has no worries and simply goes with the flow. He is extremely affectionate and loves to make air biscuits. Because of his laid back personality, he would do well in a family with children. He showed me this week that he really likes dogs by headbutting my dog and then rubbing against her each time he saw her :) He also would do well with other cats. He is just as easy going as they come!

Notes from Home
Nelson continues to be a joy. His vet calls him Baby Face Nelson. He is healthy, playful and just loves people. Seems the more the better. Our grandkids love him too!

Baby face Nelson is doing great. Such a people cat! He loves company, very sociable. Even non-cat lovers (hard to understand but we know some) are won over by his charms. His new brother Tony tolerates him very well too. They even do the bookend thing on occasion.

Nelson, aka ROCCO, is the best. He has so much,personality! He runs to the door when we come home or to greet visitors. He even walks us to the door when we leave. We had several house guests this year and he was a big hit with everyone. We call him a puppy because he follows us all around the house. He and his adopted brother like their daily
play time too. We haven't found a toy yet that Rocco won't play with! He sleeps at the foot of our bed every night and
loves to watch the geckos from his screened porch. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found him. Thanks to everyone who made this match possible.

Rocco, formerly known as Nelson is our joy. Over the years we have had many cats but only Rocco runs to the door when he hears the doorbell. He loves all people! The year just flew by and we are thankful for his playful and friendly nature everyday. His favorite things are a torn paper bag to slide on and hide toys in and the cloth bag I bought for his toys that he has made into his bed. Every person is a friend and he is always ready to play! Thanks again for rescuing this charming, special boy!

I forgot to mention that Rocco has been to the vet twice. He was just in for his shots and other than a scheduled teeth cleaning, he is heathy. As with all things, he enjoys himself when other people are around and everyone fussing over him at the vet was lots of fun!

(Last update: Jun 5th, 2017 11am)

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