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I am not sure what it means to Binge on netflix but that is where foster Meowmy got my name - pronounced Fry-Nee. She says that I am just like that lady detective - happy go lucky, smart, spontaneous, friendly, and in the middle of everything. Little Miss full of energy, that's me.

I love to run, pounce, jump, wrestle and tumble. I would love a young adult playmate to rampage through the house with me chasing balls and capturing feather wands. No small kittens or shy cats because I can be very forward and play rough.

Name: Luna

(FKA Phryne)

ID#: VA12809
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 10/07/18
Adopted: 12/15/18
Congrats: Andrea
Foster: Chelsea

Foster Notes

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
Phryne/Luna is so adorable she’s hazardous! She’s all fuzzy kitten energy and occasionally sleepy purrs. She loves licking noses, sitting on laps and laptops, running after wand toys etc. As per SCRC kitten policies we looked in local shelters for a companion - a kitty she could play with, who wouldn’t be intimidated by her energy. Although we were not specifically looking for a Siamese, Lynx popped up on petfinder! The shelter director felt that Lynx would be a good match for Luna, and that has proved to be the case. He’s more reserved than she is, but very affectionate when he knows you. He’s the sensible big brother, and is confident enough to say “no” when she occasionally oversteps boundaries. Luna loves playing with him! And she encourages him to come out of his shell and sit on laps (he will now sit on my lap if she’s there!)

Happy tails!

(Last update: Dec 28th, 2018 8am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Lucy
ID#: VA12571
Location:  Illinois
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 03/24/18
Adopted: 04/14/18
Congrats: James
Foster: Melodie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
I am a super snuggler looking for a lovely lap to sit on for hours at a time. I do want to be the only pet as other cats and dogs make me crabby, but trust me, I have enough love to fill a house!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Hi Everyone! Lucy is settling in nicely and she is now "In Charge" of our home. She loves to explore all of the "nooks and crannies" of her new home and "patrols" during the evening hours.
Then, she pounces on me while I am sleeping to let me know that "all is well".

Lucy is at the door to greet me when I come home from work and we have time for a brief chat before dinner. Meal times are always fun and Lucy loves her moist food....she also nibbles on her dry food from time to time.

Lucy has wonderful "litter box habits" and we are most grateful for this.

We are so glad to have Lucy with us and she makes our home complete.

Thank you so much for Lucy and stay tuned for more updates!

May 13, 2018 Update .... Happy Mother's Day!

Lucy is living up to her reputation as a "super snuggler" and "cuddle cat"....We've had several snuggle sessions while watching TV together and Lucy knows the right places to perch on the top of the sofa. Lucy also enjoys sitting on my lap and computer keyboard (although I have to gently prompt her to move so I can work.)

In the mornings, Lucy races me down the stairs for breakfast and gets very excited when I open her canned food.....her appetite is terrific!

Lucy also enjoys looking outside and admiring the rabbits and squirrels...although she must stay indoors. Other neighborhood kitties heard about Lucy and come over to visit.....but they have to stay outside while Lucy remains inside.

We enjoy Lucy's company so much and are so glad she is here! Have a great week!

Hello Everyone! Lucy continues to do well and she is making new friends with the squirrels and chipmunks who are stopping by. We have her moist food figured out with "Morning Chicken" and "Supper Salmon".....and Lucy nibbles in between meals. Lucy also likes her morning naps and chooses her "Lucy Chair" when it's time to rest. She likes to sleep downstairs at night instead of coming upstairs to her "big bed"......of course, we would rather have her come upstairs, but we always respect Lucy's choice! Have a great week and we'll be back soon with more updates!

Happy Labor Day Everyone! It has been a busy Summer and Lucy is enjoying it! She is up very early in the morning when it is dark out and looks out the window for her friends. Then she naps for a little while I get ready for work. Lucy has been a wonderful companion and we are so glad to have her. Have a great week!

Happy Holidays !
As we close out 2018, one of the greatest joys this year was in adopting Lucy! She has been a wonderful Siamese and even her caregiver is impressed with her affectionate ways!

We are so happy that Lucy chose our home and that she has been a wonderful girl! Thank you for all of the great work that you do!

Happy 2019!

(Last update: Dec 27th, 2018 6pm)

I am so excited to be going home tomorrow. I can't wait to meet my new family! I know I'm going to love them, and they'll be enchanted with me. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight ...
Name:   Cloudy
ID#: VA7485
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: female
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 12/26/10
Adopted: 09/18/11
Deceased: 12/16/18
Congrats: Tracy
Foster: Laura

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Cloudy is settling in nicely. She wasn't thrilled about the trip and hid under the couch for awhile when she arrived. About an hour in she came out for a bit, and then at 3 hours she was sitting on my daughter's lap purring away. She's still a bit skittish when someone goes up and down the stairs (they creak) or comes in the front door but that is getting better. She allows the kids to pick her up without much fuss and has been eating, and drinking and using her litter box. I have some other pictures to upload but here are a couple of cell phone pics from the first night.

10/6/11 UPDATE:
Cloudy is settling in... just had her vet check yesterday. I felt terrible about putting her in the crate again. She howled and seemed pretty upset. I can imagine she must have thought she was getting uprooted again. She did ok at the vet. Healthy and all. She'll be due for shots in December - I didn't want to traumatize her more by getting shots on this visit. Once we got home and she saw she was there she stayed very close to me for most of the rest of the day. She's getting better about sleeping out in the open (usually in our room) but sometimes still goes under the bed. She still hasn't taken to the great bird watching spot we have in our dining room. I'm sure she will eventually. She's been great with the litter box and eating, though I think she might have sprayed in our room. It doesn't smell anymore, but I'll get a backlight to check it out. She walks around and puts her tail up and wiggles it around like she's spraying but doesn't actually do it. The other night she came into my daughter's bed while I was putting her to bed and laid with her for awhile. I need to get some pictures onto my computer so I can upload them. Or I'll see if I can do it from my phone. Will update again later.

9/19/12 Update (1 year)
Cloudy is doing so well here! She is still tubby of course, but on a strict diet. We may consider ratcheting that back just a tad to see if that helps. She is very affectionate, though still a little wary of my youngest son. She does come up near him and lets him pet her, but his voice and actions can be a little loud or sudden and so she'll move away at that point. It's hard for him to grasp that the less he picks her up, the more she'll come to him. I think her favorite person at this point is my husband, though she does snuggle with all of us to various degrees. She loves to lay in the sunny spots around the house and watch the birds from her perch that is eye level with the bay window. We went away last month to visit my family and someone come to watch her and she did very well. No behavior issues and she was happy to see us when we got home. She stayed very close for a couple of days after that but did not seem distressed, just affectionate. She really has settled in and is a part of the family now! I can't figure out how to upload video, but did upload some pics. One of the things that's so cute about her is how she has to reach and grab when she's happy and being petted... she tries not to use her claws so if you give her a finger, she'll wrap her paw around it and pull back on it. Also, she loves her catnip pillow and these 2 catnip mice toys we have. She will rub her face all over the pillow and with the mice, she throws them up in the air and runs after them.

9/25/16 (5 years)
Hi there - Just a quick update on Cloudy! She's healthy and happy and gets lots of naps in the sunny areas by the window. She's almost 12 now, so she's probably a little rickety when she first gets up to walk around, but she's still able to jump up on the counter in the middle of the night despite our protests. Thank you!

12/26/18 (7 years)
We are so sad that we had to put Cloudy to sleep today. She had a mass in her abdomen and had stopped eating and lost a lot of weight (went from 18lbs down to 10.4lbs). She went in for a dental cleaning and had to have a canine removed. She was down to 14lbs at that point which was her target weight. We thought her weight loss was due to switching to a feeding tower to make her work a little for her food since she was overweight and would scarf her food and then throw it up. After the surgery she ate at first but then lost all interest. We tried everything and thought maybe it had to do with the antibiotic they gave her at the surgery. The vet prescribed an appetite stimulant which worked at first and then didn't. We brought her back to the vet again and he did an X-ray and saw that she had this mass and that her intestines were not where they should be. This was Friday Dec 14th and she was down to 11.6lbs at that point. He prescribed steroids as a way to help her feel better and give us a little more time with her. She responded really well, and was eating much more and showed more interest in things. In fact she'd been eating so much that I was surprised that she had lost more weight down to 10.4lbs today. But then Christmas Eve she again became lethargic During those last few days she was peeing outside of her litter box in several places in the house. This was so unlike her and we knew that was a bad sign. Christmas Day she pooped outside of the litter box and it had blood and mucus in it which made it clear that she was suffering more and it was time to let her go. We snuggled her as much as she'd let us and stayed with her at the vet until she was asleep. We are all devastated but will always love and remember her. She was such a wonderful cat.

(Last update: Dec 26th, 2018 11pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Gytha

(FKA Lily)

ID#: VA12044
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 05/15/17
Adopted: 07/29/17
Congrats: Diana
Foster: Michelle

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
Lily is a shy girl who quickly warms up once she gets to know you. She will need a quiet home with no kids or dogs and adopters who will give her time to thrive. When she warms up to you, she is an extremely affectionate girl who loves attention, loves other cats, and loves to play. She is a bit fluffy.

Lily has some medical issues of concern. She has hip dysplasia in both hips that will require FHO surgery. Later, she may need additional surgery for bilateral medial luxating patellas (dislocated knee caps). The prognosis for the hips is very good and the prognosis for the knees is excellent. She can have a long and wonderful life, but will need these surgeries to attain that.

She is a wonderful girl who is worth the time, effort, and money. She needs a special adopter who is willing to open their heart and wallet to help her get the life she deserves. If that sounds like you, then be sure to ask about her!

Check out her new photos!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home

Home at last, I think. I mean I hope this is home after such a long trip in a car. Just the last leg alone was two and half hours. There was some fog and some slow traffic, but the driver was a good one, a professional kitty taxi driver. When the car finally stopped moving this human claiming to be my meowm whisked me away faster than lightning to my room. She opened the door to my carrier but I stayed in my make-shift litter box. This new meowm laid down the floor with a big pillow. She spoke softly to me and I just winked back. Eventually, I think she dozed off. I took advantage of the opportunity to explore and use a proper litter box. Scratching around in the litter box got meowm's attention. She watched me like a hawk and when I was done, she was ready with some pets and chin scratches. I wasn't in the mood so I hissed at her and quickly went back to my litter box. At some point, she took off my collar. What a relief! I explored some more and this time let meowm pet and scratch me. It was nice. I ate, took my meds, and did my pt. Meown really needs to work on that. She good about giving me my meds, especially the stuff in the syringes and droppers, but she doesn't have the hang of the pt yet. No doubt she will get better with all the practice. I think she's gonna be a good meowm.


Meowm came in and I couldn't wait to get out of my carrier. I think I explored the whole room. After breakfast, I was famished, I marched all over the room. Meowm was amazed at how well I walked. I found a catnip cat scratcher and made use of it. Boy did that feel good!. Meowm ate her breakfast with me. I wanted her to share. I told her as much by rubbing against her feet and legs. She refused, saying that avocados aren't good for kitties. What's an avocado? When she finished her breakfast I showed her my belly which she scratched and tickled. I wrapped myself around her hand and kicked and nipped like cats do. She said ouch once to twice but otherwise didn't seem to mind. I guess my claws are a bit sharp. Finally, I found a nice sunny spot on the floor and took a bath. I really needed one. I'm a lady after all and the cone collar really makes it hard for a girl to take of business. Meowm put the collar on again when I showed some interest in my stitches.

I have my meet and greet with the vet on Thursday. Meowm says I'll be getting my stitches removed at that time too, Yippy! I'll let you know what the vet thinks of me.

Meowm also told me my new name. It's Gytha, pronounced j-eye-dah. It's an old Saxon name, and a royal one. It's means "gift" in England and in the Norse countries, "warrior". Meowm says I'm beautiful, precious, and a fighter to endure the pain of my condition, the surgery, and the pt. And that is why she is calling me Gytha.

Winks until next time,

Gytha FKA Lily

Meowm's posting some pics from my first night here. I hope you enjoy them.


Meowm here. Just couldn't resist sharing these pictures of my convalescing kitty taken after afternoon physical therapy.


I just got back from my meet and greet with the vet. Today I met Dr. Canfield. She really loves my looks. She said I was beautifully marked. I also impressed her with my tolerance for this and that and the progress I have made since my surgery. She even said that she had spoken with my surgeon and that she, too, is eager to watch my continued progress. It looks like between meowm and the vet I will be in good hands. They agreed that I should continue with my isolation, and the vet felt that it was a good idea if one of the other cats kittensat while meowm was at school. School? What's that? Why can't I be there with meowm too? There ought to be a law or something that says my meowm doesn't have to go! At least not in August!

I surprised meowm yesterday twice, First, before we began our PT session I showed meowm I could do it I myself. I stretched my legs in and out without her help. Four reps. Later, I wanted to let her know that I like her a lot so I did crazy eights around her legs. Meowm just stood there like Colossus. At first I thought I did something wrong, but then I looked up at her and I could tell by her grin and the twinkle in her eyes that doing those crazy eights was a good thing.

I am slowly getting to know the other kitties here. I've met Jacques and Yazhi. Yazhi tries to play with me, while Jacques just goes about his business. He did try and play with me once, but he moved so fast toward me that he scared me and I hissed at him. He stopped dead in his tracks. I've got some meow power. As meowm was shooing those two out of the room, Irving came in. He's a really big cat. He went straight for the toy box. I just kept playing with my mouse on a string. I did have an eye on him though just in case. Anyway, at some point, the mouse got away from me and I tapped Irving on his butt. I must have spooked him something awful because he somersaulted about two feet into the air. Meowm couldn't stop laughing and Irving had such a look of shame on his face.So classic. I couldn't help but think "oh yeah! the bigger they are...".

Yesterday, meowm went to the zoo. She said the lynx was a no show, but the tiger and leopards were magnificent. I'm just glad she didn't bring one of those home.

Purrs and winks,



Two weeks? I’ve been here two weeks! Wow! It seems like a lifetime. I’ve got meowm wrapped around my paws, and my brothers and my sister too. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I have met all my siblings and I like them. Yazhi really wants me to play with her and I follow her around when meowm lets me out of my room. I’m walking pretty well on the carpet. The hardwood floors are a bit slippery and I am not as steady on my feet, but I can move like lightning. I just can’t keep up with her. I am getting bolder too. I am starting to climb on things low to the ground. I once climbed onto the couch, meowm has been bringing me down to the lower level, and nearly gave meowm a heart attack. The first time she brought me downstairs, I marched myself right back up the stairs and to my room when I got tired. Meowm was powerless to do anything about it. I moved very fast. She hasn’t been so lenient with me since. She’s worried that I might hurt myself. Meowms, you just got to love them!

Meowm’s been trying to get some video of me walking about. When she does and can figure out how to post it, she will.

Winks and purrs,



We are family, all my brothers, my sister, meowmy and me! Keep singing the chorus because I am one hap-hap-happy little kitty.

Since school has begun for meowmy, that began August 10th, it hasn't been all peaches and cream. Some days are really long for meowmy and that means I have to stay in my room a lot longer. The first thing meowmy does when she gets home from school is open my door. Outside my brothers and sister are waiting for me, kind of. As soon as that door opens I am out of there lickity split. I'd give lightning a run for its money. I am just so happy to be out. I mean these paws were made for walking, running, climbing and a girl, I mean lady, meowmy has started calling me Lady Gytha, has got things to do. While everyone else is busy eating my leftovers, using my litter box, and rummaging through my toy box, I've got the whole house to myself. I go upstairs and downstairs. I go here and there. And just when I am about to do it again my brothers and sister are ready for some playtime. We race, chase, tussle a bit, and I climb the couch. Meowmy doesn't like it when I do that. When I do it, she says Gytha that's a no-no. The other kitties don't climb the furniture. Meowmy thinks my legs just aren't strong enough to jump yet. Getting down isn't hard though.

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are my favorite days of the week because I am free as a catbird. In a race last weekend I came in second. I even bested Yazhi. Irving was just too fast and he's big and fat but he can run. When meowmy put me to bed that night she congratulated my on my second place finish as she was witness and cheerleader. She thinks I'm doing great, my legs, knees, and hips. Though sometimes she worries. I try to convince her not to. Sometimes my legs seem stiff and I can be wobbly on the hardwood floors. I've got furry tuffs on my feet and I slip sometimes. I also have a pronounced limp sometimes. She keeps wondering if I need to see the vet. I tell her no. But meowmy still wonders if. She's been trying to get a video of me walking and going up and down the steps. I'm too fast for the cellphone. She has said that she will have to break out the big guns, the camcorder and the tripod. Whatever could she mean by that?

Wednesday was a really long day and night for me and meowmy. She was late getting home and put me back in my room very late. It was 2 am when she finally left. I showed her just how much I love her. I purred and headbutted her for a long time. She would pet me and give me kisses. I like those. Anyway, that night she caught me on her bed. Her bed is really high off the floor. Even she has to climb into it. I climbed the bedspread the same way I do the couch. So, while I was loving her she asked me if I were soon to become another one of her bedbugs. I gave her a big kitty kiss on the forehead at that comment, but she gonna have to wait until I get sturdier legs. I am working on that.

Last night was the best. Meowmy let me stay out all night. I found a new and comfy place to sleep. Meowmy has a bed in the attic that is much lower to the ground than hers. While my brothers and sister spent the night with meowmy I slept snug as a bug in a rug in my newly found digs. She found me there when she woke up. Now Saturday, that's today, is going to be a great day.

So what do ya'll think of my progress?

Signing off for now.

Lady Gytha

PS: Meowmy just started calling me Lady Gytha. It makes me feel extra special. I am a princess after all, in name, spirit, and all things Siamese. She managed to capture me on film so there might be a few more pictures coming, if they're not blurry.


Free at last! Free at last! Good God Almighty I'm free at last!

Meowmy is the best. This weekend she let stay out of my room the whole time beginning Friday night. I didn't have to go back at night. So, I'm free to be like the other kitties here. I can go here and there, up and down the stairs, on the couch, on the bed, just about anywhere I want to go. The house is mine. And the other kitties approve too. But Monday was the best. Meowmy didn't lock my away in my room when she left for work. She let me stay out. It was the best. I don't know why you humans disparage Mondays so much. I really think you ought to reconsider. They can be good or bad, but for me this Monday was extra special.

The kitties here are strange. They don't do certain kitty things like get on counter tops, the entertainment center where the TV is and knickknacks too, or claw the furniture. They just don't do it. Last night I knocked some things off the entertainment center and woke meowmy up. She feeling a bit under the weather. Allergies. Gee, I hope she's not allergic to us all of the sudden. She wasn't mad at me. I just got to learn not to do that again. Well, I just thought I would let you all know that I am officially queen of my whole dominion, not just that little room.


Lady Gytha

saw a message in meowmy's email that said it was my one month anniversary. Have I really been here that long already? Time sure does fly by when you've got so much to do and life is really good. It's been a week since meowmy set me free from my room. I go where I please whenever I please. My big brothers keep a watchful eye out for me. They play with me and chase me, everywhere but the stairs. They wait for me to get to the top or the bottom, and then it's off to the races. Meowmy's been sick with allergies. Yesterday, I took over the nursing duties from Yazhi. Meowmy went back to bed in the middle of the day, something she never does. I got up in the bed with her all by myself and curled up next to her. I purred and purred, and meowmy would scratch my chin once in a while. I knew she could feel the good vibrations. And my medicine worked because meowmy is better today. It's getting late so I had better sign off. I don't want meowmy to get sick again because I kept her up past bedtime.

Well, I am very happy here. And I am pretty sure meowmy is happy she chose me! Hope you enjoyed my last batch of pics. I don't know when meowmy will have that promised video but she's working on it.

Winks and purrs,

Lady Gytha


Meow! Meow! Meow!

For all you meezer lovers out there, that's meezer for I Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I sure did. And I have so much to be thankful for: meowmy, my siblings, foster meowmy, Siamese Rescue, all the people involved in the Meezer Express that got to West Virginia from Tennessee, my surgeon, and the kind person who brought to a shelter and got me off the street and the person who called the Siamese Rescue so that I could have a fur-ever home. I have the best meowmy and kitty siblings a shy, little girl like me could ask for. Thank you everyone for all that you have done for me. Meow! Purr. Wink. And lots of biscuits.

I am coming out of my shell slowly, though I still remain a very shy kitty girl. I like to be close to all the action, but not right in the front row. When meowmy is working, writing tests, researching this or that, or grading papers, I'm there. Irving and Jacques will take turns occupying the desk while she's typing at the computer. They are in way. Me? Well, I am near by curled up on the carpet under the rocking chair. Sometimes I sneak over to a spot really close to the desk where she's at and curl up. When she looks at me, I always perk up and wink at her, especially if she says my name. Yazhi sometimes gets on the desk while she works, but generally she does as I do. Whenever meowmy relaxes on the couch while watching TV, I curl up on the arm at the other end of the couch. Every now and then, I will trot over to where she is and put my paw on the couch near her. She always invites me up but I always decline. If she moves to help me up I run away. I love my meowmy but I am not ready to be a lap cat just yet. Someday though I am sure I will find myself napping in her lap. I know that will make her very happy.

One of my duties is to make sure meowmy goes to bed. And I try hard to get her there before the witching hour. I lead her up the stairs and to her room. I jump on the bed and then comes my favorite part. It is just me and meowmy for a little while. She scratches my chin and jowls and that spot just above my nose between my eye. Oooooooooo, so heavenly. And then she will stroke me from the tip of my nose to the ball at the tip of my tail. I will headbutt her and for each one she will give me a kiss. I really like this time. It's just me and her. Jacques will join us and then I will go do my things. What I do is a secret. But when I come back later, meowmy will put her arm around me. I don't know how she knows I am there because she is generally sound asleep. One night it was very cold, and all of us cats found a warn spot on the bed.

Meowmy finds me a very shy, delicate cat who is curious and playful. I like boxes. Every time she brings one into the house I check it out. I like to ambush my brothers and Yazhi from the boxes. They also make great places to take naps. Remember I like to be near the action but not right in it. She also says I am sweetly naughty. She calls me sneaky too. I still climb the furniture even though I can jump from the floor to the cushion. I like to access the cushion from the back. Whenever I do this climb, I hear meowmy say "I hear a naughty kitty, Where is she?" I hear that voice and I quicken the pace to get to wherever it is I am going. I still access the entertainment center from the stairs. I can still fit through the banister. The TV is just so mesmerizing. Resistance is futile.

Meowmy has a friend from school come over to the house every now and again. I have caught the eye of this strange woman. She wants to touch me and I imagine she wants to pick me up. I ain't having none of it. I do have to admit that it is getting harder to resist. I come out now when she is here but I stay a very safe distance away. She told my meowmy that she is going to bring a box one day and steal me away.Can she really do that? Could she? She says I am beautiful. Meowmy tells me that I have to get used to her because if meowmy every goes away, this lady is going to feed me and scoop my poop. Meowmy is planning a trip to Niagara. If she goes, she will come back, won't she? And why can't I go too?

That lady has a smaller human that comes from time to time. He is scary. He calls meowmy the "crazy cat lady". Now, I don't what that means but it sounds derogatory. And brings me to one final thought. Meowmy has fallen for another poor kitty at Siamese Rescue. While we, Jacques, Irving, Finnegan, Yazhi, and me, wouldn't mind another brother or sister, we hope she can resist the temptation. She can't save all the kitties, even though she would if she could.

Well, that's all for now. I just wanted to catch all of you up on what's happening in my life and say THANKS A BUNCH for all you all have done for me.

Purrs and headbutts,

Lady Gytha

PS: Check out my new pics. And meowmy has finally made a video of me walking. If she can figure out how to post it, she will. It not the best flim, not worth an Emmy, but it does show how I walk.

A Lady Gytha update-News Flash.

Gytha came to stay with me in August. Though affectionate, she has never really shown much interest in being a lap kitty in any way. She would spend time on the couch with me and her brothers and sister, but she would always as far from me as possible. Yesterday, she curled up next to me on the couch.and she stayed there the whole day. Sweet! She may eventually be another fur ball in my lap. Lovin' it. Lovin' her to pieces!!!

All of my friends, especially one, think she's a very pretty little lass. And my one friend keeps threatening to steal her away. Such is the price I pay for having such a beauty. Thanks a bunch Siamese rescue!


Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug! I hope your holiday was better than mine. That fabled old man with whiskers and a red suit left me a not so nice gift, a case of kitty pink eye (vet's words not mine). So Tuesday I had to take a trip to the vet. Meow! Not much of a Christmas gift methinks. Does anyone know where I can send a complaint. The vet did fix me right up though. Meowmy even showed her my walk. I didn't quite cooperate. The vet said that I looked like a ferret as I moved across the room. She thought I looked good otherwise. I don't mean to complain but I just don't think that conjunctivitis is a proper gift, do you? I haven't been a bad kitty. Meowmy got us some ping pong balls and a toy that looks like a lot of fun but meowmy has to put it together first. I can't wait. Meowmy said that she would do that just as soon as she finishes cleaning the house. Hurry up, please meowmy!

Meowmy also thought she would try some different can foods. Yazhi and me with the help of Irving have been begging for can kitty food. One of the new flavors must have had milk in it. I tried it. It was tasty. And boy did I pay a price. I think you can guess what happened. I made a stinky mess and even got it all over my rear end. P. U.! And gross. Meowmy tried to help me clean meself up. She took a warm wash cloth to the dirty area. I wasn't too appreciative. I hissed my little hiss at her every time she scrubbed me. She even called me "stinky butt". Now that's a nick name that I hope does not stick. It's just not proper for a lady. Why do food manufactures put milk in cat food? Don't they know we are lactose intolerant. Humans!

I'm all clean and beautiful once again. Whew!

Hope your new year brings you good cheer!

Lady Gytha.

Meow, and Happy New Year!

I saw a message in meowmy's inbox that said I reached my six month anniversary. Really? Has it really been that long? I'm a happy kitty and I meowmy is happy with me. I run, and jump, and climb the couch (I'm not supposed to, but I am a kitty and that's what kitties like me do). Meowmy doesn't like it and I don't do it often. My favorite days remain Friday's and Saturdays because relaxes and spends time with all of us. I will even chase the red dot though the competition is fierce. Irving is a big, fat, fast competitor. He cannot resist the urge to chase and pounce on it. I'm more cautious. That's the way I am. I still like to get up close to the TV. Sometimes I knock the remotes off or the knickknacks. I'm also trying knew things. Meowmy has this huge scratching post near where the TV sits. I will jump the top of it from the shelf where the TV sits. It's tricky. Meowmy watches me like the hawk when I do. I haven't missed or fallen off yet. I can be quite the acrobat when I want to be. I still have my job too. I make sure mewomy goes to bed. I just wish I could get her there earlier. She needs more sleep than she gets. I have also discover the wonder of snow days. Those are days when meowmy gets to stay home and she should be at work. They are best days, a lot like Saturdays. Meowmy still works on those days but at home, She tells me that the summer vacay may be delayed by a couple of days if school is cancelled again and again. What's summer vacay? My brothers say the meowmy works all year long.

Well, I guess that is all for now. Not much to tell. All is good, good. Time to put meowmy to bed.

Winks, purrs, and biscuits,

Lady Gytha

Might have new pictures. Meowmy has to check another camera. Look for them...

A Lady Gytha newsflash:

Despite my handicap for lack a better way of describing my wobbly ways, I am happy to report that I can jump higher than ever before. I jump onto the couch now. Remember I used to climb. I can even get onto this hutch-like thing meowmy has and look out the window. I even open the shutters myself. Meowmy finds me from time to time on her desk. I never stay too long because meowmy has a lot of work to do.I am even becoming an acrobat. I regularly make my way from the shelf where the TV is to the top of the kitty scratching post. I have to leap a little and maintain my balance. The top is just big enough for a lady like me to sit upon and survey a small portion of her kingdom. The first time I did it I made meowmy cringe. Hehehehehehe, meow. She got over it. I'm still wobbly but that just makes me extra special. Just thought I would let y'all know. (I'm learning to meow Siamese with a West Virginian accent, much to meowmy's chagrin. Life here is good. This has been a Lady Gytha newsflash, you may now return to your normal activities.


Hi everyone!

Just thought I would drop in and tell you what's up. Got any ideas? Well, I will tell you. I'm up. Up high I mean. Meowmy has discovered my special place. It soft and warm and up really high. I have found a way to get to the highest shelf in meowmy's closet. I like to sleep there. Meowmy found me by accident. She called me her silly, naughty little girl. I just winked at her when she found me. I must have looked really cute to her when she found me because she took a picture of me. I will get her to post it when she get's it off the tablet. I am cute. I know y'all already know that. Also meowmy and I had a really nice interlude the other night. She's been knocked down by allergies, so by day's end she really tired. She was stretched out by her lonesome on the chaisse lounge. It's very unusual for her to be alone. Usually Jacques or Irving is there with her. Sometimes Yazhi or Finn are napping on meowmy. I usuually curl up at the opposite end of the couch. Well, that night I got up and curled up right next to meowmy. She petted me and scratched my head and chin. It felt so good. It's something I don't often do, but I know I made meowmy really happy that night. I guess I should do that more often. Meowmy likes it and so do I. Well, I am a busy kitty. There are balls and springs and other things to play with, and I mustn't forget that it's fun to chase my brothers and wap them too. I have even full on tackled Jacques. And meowmy bought this tunnnel thing for us and it is so much fun to run through or ambush another kitty, like Yazhi. Even meowmy's get ambushed too. Nice talking with you again. I still wobble and fall over, but life is good. Hasta la vista, mis amigos.

Hap-hap-hap happy Meowm's Day!!!!

I'm not a weeble, but I do wobble, and sometimes I fall over. And I'm a bit quirky and sometimes standoffish, but I run, jump, climb, tackle the big kitties and even leap-frog over them, and I meow (I'm a little meezer) and purr, and wink, and rub up against ankles and legs, and give headbutts too. I'm a princess and a ladybug, and a sweetie. I everything wonderful rolled up in a furry package. And I know my meowmy loves me to the moon and back and then some. Hap-hap-happy here in West Virginia. Best meowm ever!!!

A Lady Gytha Newsflash!

Meowmy did it again. She caught me in a compromising situation, not really compromising but surprising none the less. School is out finally so meowmy is busy doing something called Spring Cleaning. My kitty brothers tell me it's an annual thing meowmy does. It's annoying in my meezer opinion, but I guess she's got to do it. Anyhoo, just a little while ago meowmy caught in me in a surprising position. Ya'll know I'm a bit wobbly and that I will climb onto the sofa and the bed rather than jump, right? Well, just a few minutes ago meowmy found me and all my glory sitting proudly atop the dryer. She was shocked to say the least because the only way for me to get up there was to jump. It's quite high. When she found there I wasn't sure what she was gonna do so I started talking to her in meezer, usually I'm quiet and keep my opinions to myself. Wouldn't you know though, she spoke back to me in meezer. She did a darn good job too. She wasn't purrfect. She has some problems with syntax and a few issues with phonetics, but all and all I can understand her and I think she understands me! Boy, Siamese Rescue you found me the best. We had a long convo in meezer with me still sitting on top of the dryer. She wanted to take my picture to share with you, but I just couldn't comply. I am a bit diva-ish and a proud Siamese so I just could not sit still there while she fetched a camera. Meow, hehehehe!

This has been a Lady Gytha newsflash. You may now return to your regularly scheduled life.


Winston or Terrwyn, excuse my meowmy's strange taste in names, but I'd just like to tell meowny is the best. She will love you no matter what. I'm a shy little girl, so you might meet me last when the time comes. Don't worry. You're gonna like it here...

Lady Gytha

Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary to mee-ow! Wow! It's been a year already. Time flies by when you're a happy meezer! I've got paws, four of them, and they were made for walkin', jumpin', runnin', skippin', hoppin', climbin', and in my case wooblin'. I do it all every day. And I've got my sister and all my brothers, including Terrwyn, and lots of toys, good food and lots of lovin'. My favorite thing is when I go upstairs at night with meowmy. Sometimes she carries me up the stairs, and sometimes I do it all by myself. Then I get on the bed, and meowmy pets me, scratches behind my ears and under my chin, rubs my belly, and gives me kisses for every headbutt. It's heavenly. Once I got so excited I started to drool, and then I shook myself really hard and showered meowmy with all my slobber. It was so funny. I guess you had to be there. Life is good. Meowmy says I got go see the vet on the 22nd. I am expecting a glowing report although I am not looking forward to it. Got to go, things to do. Anybody seen Terrwyn today? Going on a ghost hunt. Tah, tah!

Lady Gytha


I had my annual check up with the vet. I wasn't so bad. Vet is happy with my progress. She says I'm a beautiful little girl. She had a new name for me. She said I'm a toy lynx point Siamese, as I am very petite. She check my knees. One leg is stronger than the other at the knee. The patella of one leg doesn't move as much as the other. She is hopeful that the other one will do the same. I wobble I admit that but it won't stop me from the Siamese I was meant to be. I'm doing great!

Lady Gytha.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lady Gytha

(Last update: Dec 24th, 2018 12am)

Tiny, playful, sweet little baby. Her adoption fell through due do no fault of her own and is now ready to find her forever home. Tiny, playful, and needs a playmate.
Name: Lilith

(FKA Selena)

ID#: VA12813
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
DateIn: 10/13/18
Adopted: 12/01/18
Congrats: Emily
Foster: Jeanne

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Lilith (formerly Selena) is now completely integrated in the family, and loves playing with her brother Lion. She cuddles and purrs with us at night, and spends the day trying to get everyone to play with her. The vet says she's healthy :).
(Last update: Dec 23rd, 2018 11am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Evelyn
ID#: VA2250
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
Date In: 08/28/03
Adopted: 10/05/03
Deceased: 12/17/18
Congrats: Parker
Foster: Barbara

Pull out a drawer and I'll have a seat. I can make myself comfortable anyplace. Im sweet, lovable, pretty, and quite the little athlete. Right now my favorite toys are Heard that Bird and a ratty ol mousy toy (no pun intended) with a noisemaker thing inside. I get along fine with the resident cats but also would do well as your one and only girl. I am a good eater, not fussy (but if youd like to grill me up some chicken, that would be fine), and I have excellent litter box habits. I like to sleep on the foster beans feet at night and follow her around during the day, purring loudly. Ask the foster bean for more information, and she'll no doubt gush about how wonderful I am. Foster: Barbara. Congrats Parker in CT!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Evelyn, now known as "Cookies", is our little fairy. She has been a delight since day one. She is beautiful, affectionate, talkative, and funny. (She squeak and trills like a "moo-can" when you pick her up.) She is so friendly she follows workmen all over the house, and she has never met a lap she didn't like. She's about as close to perfect as a cat can be. We love her so much we can't imagine life without her!

2/20/16- Cookies is well and going strong. She did develop asthma along the way, but she lets me administer her meds with the "Aerokat" inhaler with minimal fuss every day. She is a heat/lap-seeking cuddle monster, and still my little ambassador who greets everyone who comes by. She is a special little girl who continues to bring happiness and love to my house.

12/19/18- I'm sad to report that Cookies lost her battle with asthma. For the last 15 years she has been a light in my life, a constant little bit of joy to warm my heart and lap, and lift my spirits. I will always be grateful to VASCR for matching her to me. She has been a gift whose memory I will treasure forever.

(Last update: Dec 19th, 2018 4pm)

Lap cat alert!!!!!!!!! Awesome greeter. You will never be lonely! I talk! I will love you! An easy going male might be a good match as long as you don't want me to snuggle with him.

I DO NOT TRAVEL WELL. I have this car sick thing going on. Meds help a little, but please don't even think about me if you need a cat that can travel well.

Limited to a couple hour transport, please.
Name:   Tali
ID#: VA12656
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 06/15/18
Adopted: 12/01/18
Congrats: Stella
Foster: Julie


Notes from Home
Tali is doing well. She and I have bonded and she is a sweet snuggly bundle of love. She and Lady Jane are getting along and in time I think they will be buddies.
(Last update: Dec 17th, 2018 10am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Lady Jane
ID#: VA12665
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 06/20/18
Adopted: 10/20/18
Congrats: Stella
Foster: Jeanne

Hello, I'm now known as Lady Jane. Meowmy said that is a perfect name for a beautiful little lady like me.

I was found wandering a neighborhood by a nice lady who tried to find where I lived. I was very skinny and had just finished raising some kittens. The rescue angel called Siamese Cat rescue, and here I am.

I'm a bit bewildered by all the changes but am getting lots of good food and lovin' here, so it's not too bad. Meowmy said she's going to find me the perfect forever home where I'll never be lost outside with nothing to eat again.

I still haven't told meowmy if I like other cats or dogs yet, but she said as soon as I tell her, she'll tell you. So ask about me if you'd like some royalty to join your home.

Lady Jane

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Lady Jane is doing very well. She is very loving and playful. She is bonding with Tali slowly. It’s a matter of them trusting one another. Very precious girl with a sweet purr.
(Last update: Dec 17th, 2018 9am)

Fun loving, I'm a typical intelligent super playful snowshoe gal. I love a good game of chase, tag and hide and seek, so if you have a young kitten, or a guy that can keep up with me, bring him on - er, I mean, take me home! My only bad habit? I love all food, so am likely to counter surf a bit checking out your leftovers! However my high energy keeps my figure slim and trim, and I'm all about having fun!
Name: Vixen

(FKA Eysis)

ID#: VA10315
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 09/14/14
Adopted: 12/06/14
Congrats: Stacey
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
12/16/18 - Four years and counting! Vixen is still her mischievous self and keeps us She always wants to be involved in whatever we are doing, and loves chasing treats that I throw. The neighbors always ask us when we will be going on vacation so they can come take care of Vixen. I finally compressed a couple of photos of Vixen and Dakota - clearly they are buds (especially in the winter, when this old house gets drafty!).
Thanks again for all you do and for connecting me with such an awesome cat!

12/6/17 - Wow, has it been three years already? Time has flown by. I moved in early 2016, and she took the new surroundings without a hitch. There is a shelf by the refrigerator above the window that she has claimed as her perch and she is often seen up there supervising meal preparations. She and my dog are buddies and now that the weather is colder, she is much more cuddly, wanting to be with me or the dog for our warmth. She is still very playful, loving to chase her treats or a laser pointer or a feather wand, so even with all the treats, the vet says she is in perfect health. I will try to compress some recent photos to show how well she looks.
She is a great cat, thank you!

1/22/15 Just wanted to give you an update on Vixen after having her a month & a half. She is totally integrated into the family (see new photos). My hope, before adopting her, was that she would play with my younger dog. Well, she does! :) They tear through the house (Siri, very much like the video of Vixen & Skeets that you posted) and both look like they are having a blast. Thank you ladies so much for such a wonderful cat!

12/20/14 Siri & Monique, thank you so much for such a great cat! You have provided me the cat I have always wanted! Her new name, Vixen, fits her perfectly! She is playful, happy, doesn't mind the dogs and is already fitting into the family! Siri, you were correct, she is mischievous, naughty and fun! But when she is tired out from playtime, she is content to share my recliner, either on my lap or perched on the back with me and one of the 50 pound dogs. As I type this, she is perched behind me, making sure I write her a glowing report! I truly believe she thinks my fish tank is here for her viewing enjoyment, and she also loves watching the bird feeder in the front yard. Thanks again, ladies for this great and wonderful girl.

(Last update: Dec 16th, 2018 7pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Jasmine
ID#: VA12831
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 11/01/18
Adopted: 12/02/18
Congrats: Darlene
Foster: Rinn

Hi, everyone! I'm Jasmine, and I'm hanging out here with my son Dumpling. We're waiting for our furrever home. I was left at a house when my owners moved away. I don't know why because I am super-nice and soooo beautiful. And then some nice people took me in and I had some kittens. Three of them got to go to their furrever homes, and Dumpling is still here with me. We like each other and could stay together or we could go to separate special homes. I like to play, and I come greet foster mom at the door to our room. I like other cats, and even dogs are OK if they know their place. I'm not much of a lap cat yet. I've got too much to do!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Jasmine is doing great, loves to eat and uses the littler box faithfully. I still have not seen her drink any water, but she does eat mostly wet food and I do add a bit of water to it. I'm home most of the time but of course I don't watch her every second so she may have drank. She loves high places and likes to be in the same room as me and when I'm on the computer she will make her way on top of the high bookcase in that room and watch me or fall asleep. She doesn't like to be picked up, she doesn't scratch she just squirms to get away. Hopefully in time she will be okay with it. No rush she has only been here less than a week. Jasmine pretty much ignores my dog and is not skittish at all. She and Jake are becoming buddies and will play together at times. Oh just one more thing, I have only heard a small squeak from her once...very quiet girl. :)

Jasmine as well will have her vet visit on Thursday Dec. 13 with Dr. Barnes.

Jasmine had her vet visit today, and everything looked great, she's a healthy girl with no issues found!

(Last update: Dec 13th, 2018 4pm)

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