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The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
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How about a brand new shiny penny for your home? I've never hard a real home and can't wait! I'm a blank slate hoarder type cat, to learn more about me watch those videos! I'm pretty nervous at work so you're going to have to do a little work to earn my loving.
Name:   Penny
ID#: VA11012
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 08/22/15
Adopted: 09/06/15
Congrats: Rachel
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Hi! Just an update on Penny.
She's doing great! She usually sleeps on me on night - and enjoys being nearby for a cuddle. She's very playful. Sometimes Malachi and I just watch her and look at each other with a "wow, that's interesting" looks. She eats well. Malachi eats much more slowly and throughout the day so when he takes a break from his food I have to put it up or she'll wolf it down. They are fine around each other after a long integration process of over two weeks. Sometimes she runs by him and it scares him and he hisses but he's never gone after her. I think she has a cold right now. One eye is a little weepy and she's sneezy but she seems to be doing better and still has plenty of energy and a great appetite. I plan to keep an eye on it and if her cold gets worse I'll take her in. She doesn't like to be picked up but will lay with or on me. She's still a bit skiddish with loud noises or fast movement but is really doing a great job!

(Last update: Sep 26th, 2015 12pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Ezeqeel

(FKA Skippy)

ID#: VA3599
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 16 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 08/09/05
Adopted: 09/25/05
Congrats: Mollie
Foster: Amy


Tell me what a young, handsome boy like me is still doing in foster care! Tell me why my previous owners would choose to move somewhere they could not have a cat and would give me up! I do not get any of this. I am a very sweet boy :>). I like other cats that like me, but meowm thinks a home without woofers is the best bet. So, how about it? Do you have a place for a sweet, handsome blue-faced boy?

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Zeqe has found a special friend in Lucas, our seal point. Zeqe's favorite thing is to lay on the kitchen floor on his back, waiting for the belly rub. His second favorite thing is to eat. He lays next to the food bowl and paws out one piece of kibble at a time. Lucas taught him that not long after he came home with us. His favorite toy is his shiny crackle ball.

09-25-2015: Zeqe is doing great. He was getting pudgy. 22 lbs. So we put him on a diet last November. As of September 13, 2015 Zeqe is down to 18 lbs. 11 ounces. Our Vet, Delinda Zehner, indicated that he is doing well on his weight loss at his annual visit in August. He is a bigger boned cat, so she estimates he should run between 12-13 lbs. We still has a long way to go, but he taking his diet in stride and his extra exercise. No more laying at the dry food bowl and pawing out kibble piece by piece any time he wants.

(Last update: Sep 25th, 2015 11pm)

I've heard there are cats who have forever homes and boy does that sound great to me. Due to circumstances that aren't at all my fault, I haven't been able to settle down and find my true home for more than a year or so at a time. But I'm ready! Do you have a warm sunny cozy spot and a few toys for me to chase around? That is all that I'm looking for!

I'll never tell you what happened to that eye on the left. Despite the fact that I don't see very well out of it, it doesn't slow me down one bit.
Name: Willow

(FKA Duchess)

ID#: VA10635
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 02/24/15
Adopted: 03/15/15
Congrats: Liz
Foster: Lisa

This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats


Notes from Home
Duchess is now known as Willow! She is adjusting very well to her new household. We are learning each other's rhythms and likes/dislikes. She's found her spot on the sofa near me, loves her feather wand and balls, and irritates her mother by jumping on the kitchen counters. She's a doll!

5/29/15: Willow and I are getting along splendidly. She's getting more friendly and comfortable the longer she is here. She has a thing for licking me, which is weird and hilarious. She's getting more vocal - lots of chirping, and even some meowing. She's a complete joy and I'm so happy she's here. You can always find new photos of her on my Instagram feed: http://instagram.com/lushbeads

9/23/15: It's been over 6 months since Willie has moved in with me. She likes to scale the entertainment center, so I got a tall cat tree for her to climb instead. It diverts her attention, most of the time. She lies to sleep in her cat tree, play with plastic bottle caps, and stare out the open window as the world goes by. She also likes to chase flying insects!

(Last update: Sep 23rd, 2015 6pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Wheatley

(FKA Lennox)

ID#: VA9354
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 06/23/13
Adopted: 07/17/13
Congrats: Autumn
Foster: Heida

A little shy at first but has a really good purr motor ! Loves his sister Hallyne, ask about those two if you need a pair of kittens to love !

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Wheatley is a crazy little man full of character! He loves doing laps from room to room and playing with our feet while sleeping. He enjoys sitting on his perch in the cat condo and laying by the air vents. Wheatley also enjoys playing with and taking care of his little sister Ellie!

1-16-2014: Still full of character, but a little calmer and therefore more well-behaved. He no longer tries climbing curtains and knows which dangly things in the house he is allowed to play with. And while he does try to sometimes steal his sister's wet food, he has learn to let her finish eating and takes care of and cuddles with her throughout the day :)

Sept 24th 2015: Wheatley is a handful and loves to do laps around house. He find great joy in playings. Sometimes he does play a little to aggressively with his sister (Eleanor) but she tends to keep him at bay. While at first he was standoffish and timid with new people, Wheatley has grown into a confident little man who loves to give head butts and is pretty "mushy" (loving to be pet and shown attention).
He has also gotten more vocal, greeting me when I get home each day.

(Last update: Sep 23rd, 2015 4pm)

Tiny, petite and sweet. Have you noticed what big eyes I have??
Name:   Alma
ID#: VA10194
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 07/29/14
Adopted: 09/01/14
Congrats: Misha
Foster: Debra


Notes from Home
Alma is now Chassie!! She is the perfect kitten, snuggly, fun, and smart. She has fit wonderfully into our cat household. The other three love her, they play and sleep together. As you can see in the pictures she loves to help me work and share her toys with our golden. Of course her favorite chair is in the formal living room, what a princess. Thanks to everyone who helped bring the special girl to us!!

Chassie is still the queen of the house. She loves her kitty treats and sleeping on the bed. She has grown into a beautiful sleek Siamese lady. We couldn't have asked for a better kitty, we love her tons!

Chassie just had her First Anniversary with us! We love her so much, she is quite the character. I attached a new photo showing how she rolled herself up in a rug, what a clown. She is spoiled by her Mom and Dad and her kitty friends. She loves to watch birds from the bathroom window each morning after leaving her spot on Mom and Dad's bed. Thanks for a wonderful girl!

(Last update: Sep 23rd, 2015 1pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Willow

(FKA Angel Eyes)

ID#: VA10225
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 08/09/14
Adopted: 09/19/14
Congrats: Anne
Foster: Sandra

I an a very sweet, gentle girl who loves your company. I will follow you round, and sit next to you on the couch. I like to be brushed and fussed over, and in return, will purr and roll over for a tummy rub (see video). I even like to play and chase a wand toy.,

My litter box habits are meticulous, and I'm a good eater, and in very good health. Foster mom says she can't find anything wrong with me!

I'm o.k. with larger, calm dogs, who won't chase me..

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Willow And I have been together for about 6 months now and I can honestly say, I couldn't be happier. Really, she rescued me. I am a happier and calmer person with this little girl in my life. She has the most wonderful personality and I'm grateful to Peggy and Sandra for matching us so well. We both enjoy our routines. She likes peace and quiet like I do. On occassion we both have short bursts of energy to play with mice and wand toys, otherwise, we like chilling on the couch. And, we are both night owls. Willow has not really changed her habits and likes/dislikes since I have adopted her. She is the same calm and steady cat I brought home. Her health is great. The bit of chin acne she had has completely cleared up. She enjoys having her teeth brushed and tolerates her nail trimming. She isn't a big lap cat, but then again, I probably move around too much for her to get settled. We generally chat, using her language rather than mine. The one thing I can't figure out is why she enjoys drinking out of my water glass more than her own water dish. Of course, I accommodate her wishes and no, I don't care if my cat and I share a glass!
So, it's been a year now. there have been a few changes. Willow is more playful than she used to be and will push the pens off my desk to remind me that it's playtime in the morning. Her favorite is a fish attached to a fishing wand. During playtime she stops and rubs up on my legs and I reassure her that she is a talented huntress, then she returns to chasing the fish. She hates thunder and rain, and has taken up a new spot in my kitchen cabinet where she sleeps until the storm has passed. I will probably put a cat bed in there for her, since she opens and enters it whenever she likes. I have rearranged the cabinet to accommodate her wishes. She just had her annual shots at the vet and did very well. Thankfully, she didn't get a tummy ache like some cats do after rabies and distemper shots. She does have some gingivitis that we received some mouth spray for...she still doesn't like when I fuss with hygiene, I.e., eye cleaning, eye cleaning (she sometimes has a weepy eye when she gets stressed), nail trimming, etc. all and all, I am very happy with
Willow and couldn't imagine life without her!

(Last update: Sep 22nd, 2015 7pm)





That is ME!!

Sammy at the pond
Name: Dusty

(FKA Sammy at the pond)

ID#: VA10795
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 05/31/15
Adopted: 08/22/15
Congrats: William
Foster: Teresa

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home
Sammy/Dusty is a very sweet cat. He has adjusted well. My older kitty Honey is still getting use to him but I am sure in a few weeks she will be fine. He loves to play and can amuse himself for long periods of time . Last night was the first night on the bed with me and boy is he a snuggler. He also likes to follow me around to see what I am doing. All in all he is a great guy and I am sure the three of us will have many happy years together. Thanks everyone that assisted with the adoption. This is an excellent group and it is organized so well. My best to all

Bill, Dusty and Honey

Things are not going as well as expected. Dusty is chasing Honey and she is hissing and spitting. She is now lying under the bed and is also urinating outside the box. Dusty is really a sweet cat but Honey hates him.I have carpet through out my condo and I can't have her urinating outside the box I am not sure what to do next. Please any suggestions.


(Last update: Sep 22nd, 2015 5pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Frankie
ID#: VA10633
Location:  New Hampshire
Sex: male
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 02/21/15
Adopted: 03/21/15
Congrats: Mary
Foster: Mary

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Seems a lot of people want me to adorn their home with my handsomeness!!! Well who can blame them.
We're trying to work out some of my quirky behaviors - like my need to yowl.
I am marked "escape artist" as I show way too much interest in windows - not doors (they tend to scare me) but windows I cannot resist - to the point where blinds and curtains are at risk.
You see I used to be an intact outside tom cat.
A small portion of this has been taken care of and I'm trying to curb the urge to go outside. Slowly this urge is lessening but I still enjoy a good yowling around the house to make it known that it's hunting time. Eventually I'll learn that I don't need to forage for myself at night.
Foster Mary finds me to be a lovable big guy who likes to snuggle.
I will follow the man that lives here around like a dog. He exercises me that way - he walks around the house saying my name and I follow yelling his!!! Every few steps he'll bend over to pet me and I continue following him. It's fun.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Frankie is quite a character!! Amusing and loving. He is 12 lbs now. Follows and talks. Really enjoys attention. Could not ask for a better animal.
9/21/15 Frankie has adjusted well and is adored by everyone who meets him he has put on a few lbs. and we are working on that. He loves to be with us and meets us at the door when we return to the house. He lost that full winter coat and is darker now. He is a beauty but does like to give little bites. Anyhow if you can't already tell he is a very important member of the family who is loved!!

(Last update: Sep 21st, 2015 7pm)

I am sweet girl. A little timid - but once I know what you are about I warm up and love to lay in your lap and be loved on.
Name: Haily Elin

(FKA Elin)

ID#: VA10470
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 11/19/14
Adopted: 12/06/14
Congrats: Carrie
Foster: Debra


Notes from Home
Saturday December 6, 2015 I picked up little Elin in Richmond and we rode home to Manassas together. She wasn't talkative and seemed calm listening to some light classical music. I was able to pet her with no problems.
Once home she darted out of the carrier before i could shut the door and ended up hiding under my bed. (My older cat was also under the bed) They sat together until i was able to get the older cat out of the room. I left her under my bed and brought out her food and water.
Overnight i noticed she used the cat box in the bathroom but she was still hiding under the bed.
Sunday 12/7/14 Still under the bed, She ate and used the liter box. I emailed Sheri and Debra for tips on getting her to come out. I stayed upstairs and talked to her. Laid on the floor etc. In the evening i decided to try to get her into the bathroom so i could work closely with her and monitor her. She was not happy about that. She bit me in several places, urinated and scratched me, then ran into the bathroom. She was terrified. Once in the bathroom i closed the door.
Sunday evening my son came home and we started reading to Hailey Elin (new name. She seemed to enjoy it but remained in her liter box.
Monday 12/8 She has moved into her carrier. Her cat liter was all piled up in a mountain formation so i checked and she has used the box both #1 & #2. Cleaned her box while my son talked to her. She remained in her carrier listening. We started playing light Christmas music for her and added some toys into the room. Monday afternoon my son and i came in again and red to her. She had eaten all her food. :=)
Tuesday 12/9 An amazing step in the right direction. This morning Hailey was in her carrier when i came in to read. An hour later my son wanted to come in. He told me where to sit and he sat by her carrier. He put his hands to his side and she came out slowly and sat in his lap. We were able to pet her today and it was amazing! She seems to be coming around a little more each day. We plan on taking it slow she will remain in the bathroom for another week.
Until she is fully comfortable i do not plan on taking her to the vet. I called and made an appointment for December 23. If she is stable enough to take the trip we will go then, otherwise i will reschedule the appointment for the following week.
More updates tomorrow!

She greeted me this evening wanting to be pet. She has something hard on the tip of her tail.
I'm guessing poop. I'll have to wait til we go to the vet to try to get it off. She's making great progress day by day.
12/12/14 Hailey is still hiding in her carrier. She does come out to bet pet and moves around when I'm in the room.
Purr is nice and loud. Moved her vet date up to monday. Hope she doesn't get too upset. I've switches toys and liter boxes.
She didn't seem to mind. Neither did smokey. I think another few days and I'll open the door to the bedroom. Maybe after the vet check up. She truly is sweet.
12/13 it's been 7 days I think she'd come out. Not yet. I left the door open to the bedroom. She stayed in her carrier.
It's discouraging but I know she'll come around sooner or later. She loves to be pet but won't venture around yet. It's funny she feels safe in the carrier. I just don't want her to get stuck under the bed again.

12/15 We went to the vet today. She did very well. Got the stuff off her tail, a little nail trim and some flee treatment just incase. She didn't hiss or claw. Even let me pet her the while time. We are back at home. She hates the sound of the vacuum. I plan on letting her into my bedroom now. Hopefully she'll come out to be pet and look around.
Another good day.

12/16/14 Hailey is under my bed again. Hopefully she will come out once she feels more comfortable. I am not going to attempt to get her out. My son left the bathroom door open at night and she must have come out to explore. I can see her and she is still eating and using the liter box. I may attempt to let my resident kitty in and see how we do for a few days.. It will either scare her more or get her to come out and play. We shall see. At least she isn't in the carrier anymore. I did read up some more on the integration process today. It could take as much as 6 months so I'm not too worried. I see improvements with her everyday,
When I got home today she came out to get some love! Woohoo
12/18 still under the bed. But she's been coming out more often and has been playing with toys at night. Such a sweetie.
She is talking to smokey through the door. :-) I think I need to let him in this weekend.

Everything is going well. She still hides under the bed during the day but comes out to play at night. Love her so much!

1/17/15 Hailey Elin came surprised me today. I'm sitting downstairs watching a movie. She walked into the room slowly and sat down. She checked something's out and the left. It was so nice to see her downstairs.

5/24/15 We put Smokey down last month. It was a very sad time for us, even Hailey was showing signs of distress.
I will miss Smokey terribly however Hailey is taking on a new personality all her own. Man does she like to talk!
We truly love her and still feel like she was the perfect new addition to our family.
Just wanted to check in.

9/21/15 We have decided that Hailey Elin needs a friend. She is still shy but very vocal. Her personality is amazing and we love her to pieces. She does need someone to play with now. We've opened up the application again in hopes to find a young friendly male for her to raise and play with.

(Last update: Sep 21st, 2015 1pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Mercedes

(FKA Daisy)

ID#: VA7143
Location:  Indiana
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 07/16/10
Adopted: 09/18/10
Congrats: Patricia
Foster: Katie

Foster Notes

Hello - Biscuit maker #1 here wanting to get to know you. My sister, Iris, and I just arrived at Hotel delShue this weekend. Hey, we fit right in, since we are both stunning blue lynx snowshoe babies. Our claim to fame here is the fact that we can make more biscuits than any two other cats in the house. You see we are both polydactyl kitties. I have seven toes on each foot in the front and six toes on each foot in the back. I'll tell you, that's a lot of toes, but HEY, if you want some heavy baking to go on in your hosue with lots and lots of biscuits made, all you need is the two of us. We'd really like to go home together as we are pretty dependent on each other. If you know much about lynx kitties, snowshoe kitties and polydactly kitties, you'll know that they are all usually laid bhack and easy going. That's us, AND we are still the BEST biscuit makers ever. Be sure to ask about us if you'd like to have 50 biscuits made on you at a time!! Purrs and headbutts, Daisy

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Hi Everyone,
Mercedes is also doing great. She is still the more shy of the sisters but she frequently comes to us and demands attention. She also loves to play with the feather toys and is quite the acrobat. The attached picture was also taken in the Spring in her favorite spot.
Take care,

(Last update: Sep 20th, 2015 6pm)

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