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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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Hi, I'm looking for my own home. I get along fine with other kitties but not looking for a pal kitty. I am a good lap kitty and am very affectionate. Don't like dogs. I am pretty laid back and like to lounge in front of a window.
Name: Henry

(FKA Buddy)

ID#: VA7559
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 02/10/11
Adopted: 04/29/11
Congrats: Lydia
Foster: Kay

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs


Notes from Home
Henry is doing very well and is quite happy. I appreciate
your reminding me about shots, vet check ups etc., however, he is my 4th
Siamese cat and pet, so suffice to say this is all handled. He is on a
program to see the vet every 6 months, and has a bath 3 times a year. I
had a custom run built for him in my back yard and he spends sunny days
outside completely safe and in my complete view from my office. The run
has shade and sunny areas and fresh water and a bed too. He is quite
spoiled and beloved by the whole family, especially my grandson who is 3
and is very gentle and loving with him. Hope you all are well. Lydia
and Henry
Henry is terrific! A Happy camper!
Henry if perfect. Pampered, loved and adored.
He is doing well and a happy, happy cat.
All best wishes to all the Meezers!

(Last update: May 4th, 2015 9am)

Name: Desmond

(FKA Thor)

ID#: VA5094
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 07/27/07
Adopted: 10/07/07
Deceased: 05/02/15
Congrats: Victor
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
I need a little time for foster mom to get to know me and how I am doing. Watch for more information in a few days. Well I am the mighty Thor. I may be very small in size but I make up for it in Macho. I run for the door, I roll over on my back for tummy rubs, and I use my litter box so foster mom feels I am ont the road to being a healthy little kitten. It wll be mid September before i can go home and we want to keep me to a one day transport. Get in line to experience the Might of Thor.
Notes from Home
It is with a heavy heart that I must tell of the passing of Desmond [VA5094]. Our poor little boy was put to sleep after dealing with his battle with a type of leukemia. Desmond was full of life, a gentle giant, and nothing ever scared him. If he was human, he would have had a career as being a comedian. He will now join his older brother Rocky who succumbed to the same illness. Desmond was named after Desmond Hume, a character from the TV show LOST and as his character always said to others on the show, I say to our boy.. "I'll see you in another life, brother." He was loved and will be missed...

(Last update: May 2nd, 2015 1pm)


Aint I pretty now?

Update 6/6/07--Watch for my new pictures this weekend. My stay at the southern spa here in the swamp is doing me lots and lots of good. My eyes are starting to sparkle and my tummy is getting full. I just lay back and purr when foster mama cleans me up....I may be the ugly duckling here in the gallery at the moment...but watch out! I am SUPER cute and have ALL the personality.

I know my eyes look bad but I was outside and the dirt and dust just hurt my eyes! I fell in the pond too cuz my eyes were matted shut--but someone saw me and helped me and then called Siamese Rescue!

So watch and see cuz I'll have beautiful eyes soon and I am a purr machine deluxe.

Love, Andie
Name: Olivia

(FKA Andie)

ID#: VA4955
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 06/01/07
Adopted: 07/07/07
Congrats: Suzanne
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Olivia is doing great and playful as ever! She's a wonderful wee beastie!
(Last update: May 2nd, 2015 10am)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Snarf
ID#: VA10274
Location:  Indiana
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 08/29/14
Adopted: 09/27/14
Congrats: Joanne
Foster: LaShawn

Foster Notes



No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Everyone is fully integrated. I'd been keeping Snarf in the bathroom when I went to work, came home last Wednesday and the door was open. I believe Magnus worked hard to free him. They've all been getting along well. Xena is even joining in the play. She likes the games of tag and chase. She doesn't like to wrestle so she leaves that to the boys.

Friday Snarf felt a little warm, he'd been sneezing since he got here but had been very active. I took him to the vet Friday night and he had a fever 102+ and was quite congested but his eyes and ears were clear. Started him on antibiotics. Saturday he slept all day. He ate a little breakfast and dinner, I had to wake him up and hold him to encourage him to eat. Then Sunday morning he was up at 4AM looking for breakfast and played almost non-stop all day. Still sneezing but his fever had broke and he was feeling better.

11/7/14 - Snarf went for his follow up visit to the vet. He was still sneezing a little but not much. He had almost doubled in size. At the first visit he was 2.2 lbs. and at the follow up he was 4lbs. He is growing like a weed. Snarf officially has won the longest tail in the house contest. Not the longest tail in relation to size but the longest tail. He's quite a bit smaller than Xena and Magnus but his tail is longer :)

11/14/14 - Snarf is truly a joy to have in the house. He is just so bright and happy about everything. He lives live with full abandon, playing, eating, sleeping, and snuggling. He keeps the other two busy and seems totally unfazed when Xena decides he's annoying her and hisses or gives him a swat. This morning he swatted her back, which totally surprised her and she sat down and took a second look - then hissed again.

2/13/15 - Snarf has a new nickname - Monkey Boy. He is a climber! Climbing straight up the side of a brick fireplace to check out what's on the shelf above it. Just found the top of a cabinet I have in the living room. Also have found on the top of my kitchen cabinets - up by the ceiling. Magnus is usually found pacing around the base of where ever Snarf has got to looking for a way up. Eventually he walks away shaking his head, he can't find anyway up there - Snarf must be able to levitate :) The only thing that stops his climbing is the ceiling! Needless to say breakable knickknacks have been put away for now.
Then to add to the monkey moniker, one day this week he crawled into bed with me. I put my arm/hand around me and he used his tail to lift my hand up and put it on his head so I could pet him.
Snarf seems to get along well with Xena. He'll ask her to play with a soft touch and if she declines he goes back to what he was doing, no big deal. But sometimes she wants to play and they end up chasing each other all over the house. If she's snarky he just ignores her. She was on my lap and he jumped up. She swatted him and he ran. But only until he was out of her sight and she settled back down content that she'd gotten rid of him. Then he marched right back into the room, glaring at her out the corner of his eye, jumped onto the footstool, onto the arm of the chair, across the back of the chair, over the side table, onto the arm of the couch, and up onto my shoulder. All the time shooting her looks like she is so annoying sometimes, he's going to come see me and get petted whether she likes it or not, why does she have to make it so hard. She then looks up and sees him sitting on my shoulder and seems shocked, how did he get there when I just sent him running.
Magnus on the other hand seems to enjoy antagonizing her. He hides and launches sneak attacks. Her reaction is usually lots of hissing and growling. The bigger fit she throws the more Magnus seems to enjoy it.
There is never any harm done, no one has ever lost any fur or anything. They just are figuring out their own ways to interact.
One day the boys must have done something to really annoy her. I came home and most of the toys were in a pile on the middle of the bed and Xena was laying on them. No idea what they did that made her take away their toys and not allow them to have them back. She even got up reluctantly for dinner, giving a backward glance at the toys - as if she realized they were fair game for the boys once she left them.
All in all everyone is healthy and happy and generally having a good time.

5/1/15 - The past few weeks Snarf's been working on his latest talent - shoulder sitting/riding. He's getting pretty good at it, and I'm getting pretty good at not jumping out of my skin when all of a sudden something lands with a thud on my shoulder :)
He's found climbing up my back isn't well received so he gets up on something, kitchen island, table, back of couch, etc.. and launches himself up, he's very careful to not use his claws when he lands - and I'm very grateful for that. Sometimes in the evening I'll be washing dishes and thud, there he is, then he sits and rubs his face against the side of my head purring away. Can't get mad at him. When walking though he sometimes tries to direct me, I think then he's using me as a stepping stone to someplace he can't reach on his own (pot rack - not happening). Magnus watches all of this slightly confused, he has no idea how Snarf does it, no idea at all. Poor Magnus has to settle for crawling into my lap and getting his pets the normal way.

(Last update: May 1st, 2015 2pm)

WOW! What a big week, I had my first birthday and then I was whisked off to a foster home so that I can find a forever home! I am settling in here and my foster Mom is getting to know me. Go ahead and ask about me because my foster Mom thinks I will be quite popular....

Love & Tuna,

Lilac =^..^=
Name:   Lilac
ID#: VA9904
Location:  Kentucky
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 03/14/14
Adopted: 04/12/14
Congrats: Kerrie
Foster: Jennifer

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
We have had Lilac for a little over a year now. She is so entertaining!

She loves to play. Her favorite toy is a plain stick. We had bought a wand toy with feathers on the end, and although she enjoyed it, we removed the feathers from the end to make a stick. She goes crazy! She will chase it until she is dizzy. You can see her eyes light up when you hold the stick up.

Although she is not a lap cat, I can see that she is becoming more affectionate. Lately, she has started to come lay on a chest when someone is laying down (sometimes at 4 am!). She will head butt your face until you pet her, and then after she had received her "two minutes of pettings", she's done and she just plops down. She especially enjoys doing this to my husband.

She also sleeps daily in her Millie bed. What's funny is that she didn't touch it for the first six months. Then we moved--which she traveled great! We had been in the house a couple of days and were surrounded by boxes. You could see her looking for a place to lay. She must have decided there was no where else to lay except for the bed, because she crawled in it. A day has not passed since then in which she does not sleep in it. She sleeps in the craziest, contorted positions.

She is a wonderful cat! She is very well-behaved and polite, and so funny!

(Last update: Apr 30th, 2015 10am)

Name:   Cinnamon
ID#: VA10403
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 10/18/14
Adopted: 03/28/15
Congrats: Ellen
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
I've graduated from pretty terrified to starting to be comfortable. Someone just has to give me time. I get along with all cats as long as they aren't bullies to me, actually I kind of like cats and would love it if someone liked me. I do have weepy eyes which come and go when I'm stressed.

If you're here because you want to help the undercat, and you would like a small project that will pay back in purrs and headbutts with a little patience, do a good deed and choose me.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Cinnamon is a real sweetheart and quite an athlete, too. She loves playing with the bouncing ball that Siri gave her and the scratching post. I'm glad she gets a lot of exercise because she loves to eat. She likes to look out the windows--especially in the front where she can watch people walking on the sidewalk. She's getting used to the city environment and its noises. Terry and I think that she is happy here. Cinnamon is still shy, hiding under the bed when anyone comes to visit. We're glad that we adopted her--she is very loving and lots of fun.
(Last update: Apr 28th, 2015 9pm)

OOOOOH amazingly loving boy!!!!
Name: Chester

(FKA Chestnut)

ID#: VA10652
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 03/04/15
Adopted: 03/28/15
Congrats: Deborah
Foster: Siri


Notes from Home
Chestnut (now Chester) came to us yesterday 3/28/15 after a 10 hour journey along the Meezer Express. Upon his arrival in Connecticut we let him have free run of the bedroom. We later moved our two girls into another bedroom to will keep Chester separate from them. He had some water and dry food. He played with some toys and he purred purred and purred. He has made himself at home here very quickly. He even slept with me last night. He is an absolute love of a kitty. He always wants to be where you are and comes when you whistle. He is extremely alert and playful. I couldn't have dreamed up a better kittie than Chester. Thank you all for putting us together.

Chester is the purrfect kitty for me. He follows me to the now window in the front of my house and watches me to my car. He almost seems to be in the same place when I come home at night. My two girls and he get along great. They play and run together all over the house. Chester likes to sleep with me and we are getting used to him occasionally attacking feet while my husband and I are sleeping. I'm attributing this to his teenage mischievousness. He is a love, love, love kitty with kisses and hugs. He's the best. I can't believe it's been a month already
He's the super cat.

(Last update: Apr 28th, 2015 5pm)

Name: Mango the Second

(FKA Garrell)

ID#: VA9934
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 03/28/14
Adopted: 04/20/14
Congrats: Thomas
Foster: Debra

I am such a sweet boy. I love to purr, love to rub on you, love to wind between your legs, and roll over.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Mango has been nothing short of stellar so far with a few imperfect moments mixed in. He is your typical flame point, low key personality, but he is also omnipresent. If he is sleeping in the living room on a cat tree and I come in the room to watch some tv, he will jump down and plop himself right on my lap (he believes it is part of his domain, he is never even hesitant to sit on my lap or any other part of me). Currently while typing this update he is poking and prodding at my hands as I type. He gets along well with the other cats, very well with the other kitten, they play together quite often. He is a monster when it comes to eating, even when I am trying to eat, he is still learning his barriers and worked very hard to get some of my Kentucky fried chicken the other day, he was relentless. He comes running to the door when I come home from work, running to the bedroom when I get up in the morning; he is a very loving and happy cat. He was a champ at his vet visit last month, a place I have been a regular at since moving to town. They run a very personal style business, every employee knows me by name and even some of my cats names by sight. He was such a hit at the vet (I dropped him off, I really trust them) that he went to their weekly employee meeting, my vet, Dr Matt, just walked in and set him on the table, he hung out and socialized with them the whole time. One of his very cute, but slightly annoying habits is that when he is bored in the early morning hours he will come to my bedroom and either purr in my face until I pay him attention or if he is feeling more playful he will paw and pull at the sheets until they are off of me. He has definitely lived up to what I wanted and what I expected and then some, He has been a lot of fun and brought me nothing but happiness since arriving, I am very pleased with him, I am looking foreword to getting another Siamese in a few months!

ok. new update. Mango is still better than sliced bread. I really only have one complaint. he learned how to open the bathroom door. there is no peace for me there, he just likes to prove to me he can open it...I will be in the middle of a shower and he will pop the door open and let the other cats in then leave. he has gotten better about hanging out with dad. the local vet had a woman that does rescue find a chocolate point male kitten. he told the woman he knew exactly who would take it. I spent about 3 hours with her teaching her everything I knew about trap, neuter and release, how to tame kittens and anything else I could. this was 2-3 months ago. I remember telling you guys about how nervous I was about another male cat. I had an agreement with the woman that I would try the kitten out but if it didn't get along with mango, he couldn't stay. they are the best of friends. Charlie and mango as well as saffron take turns hanging out with dad when I am not home. I have to confess that mango has covered my need for a cat that follows my routine, as a matter of fact he has more than mastered it...it is probably when he is most interactive. I do spoil the cats with some wet food (the older ones are really short on teeth) mango does not seem to be very interested, for the most part he sticks to the blue (thank you for the tip on that) although every morning when I make my lunch for work the cats gather for their tax in my lunchmaking. I usually dole out a couple little pieces of ham ( the first day I got mango the only way he would shut up is I gave him some ham from my sandwich on the ride home) or chicken or turkey (mango doesn't like roast beef). at the very same time that I took in Charlie (who all the cats love) I was feeding four ferals in my back yard a 5th cat turned up...after a few days I realized she wasn't feral, as a matter of fact one of the ferals pinned her to my back window when she was eating, I opened the window to solve the issue, she all but jumped in...after a few days of feeding her, she started waiting on the back door and meowing....I think we all know what a softie I am already... so now we have cleo...a domestic short hair a brindle colored tabby about 1 year old, clearly had one little of kittens but was fixed. the idea with mango, Charlie and kind of cleo was that the older cats were in poor health...boy was I wrong, they all are doing fine...pepper, no teeth, on her 4th year of intestinal cancer still eats like a champ, hearing is starting to go, she meows really loudly now...twinkie, now that I realized she isn't really grooming herself, I brush her regularly and trim her nails that keep getting too long, I guess her arthritis makes it too painful for her to work them on the scratching pads, she sometimes misses the litterbox or doesn't want to step into it, but I know its not spiteful. clover, the vet seems to think he misdiagnosed her thyroid problem, her and twinkie had a scare two months ago, neither would eat, both got real weak, some antibiotics and a few days of force feeding (man was that fun) and both were fine. saffron keeps plugging along the crabby old cat. I thought by now this year with all of their ills that I might be short a few, I guess not...I will be looking for another Siamese at sometime, but not until most or all of the older cats have passed...I cant resist, mango has to be one of the best cats I have ever had,,,the only other cat I got from your group along time ago, Desdemona was also phenominal. mango is truly my best friend in the house, a positive influence with all the cats, never spiteful, never the cause of anything bad other than a little playful mischief, and omnipresent whenever I am on the couch or near the floor...oh, one more complaint...he wont eat out of the bowl, he takes the food out with his paws, by itself no big deal, but he only eats about half of what he gets out of the bowl,,,,some of which he bats around the tile floor. I do love the cat dearly, thank you for him
new update 4/25
I am not sure how much more I can say about mango. he is a classic of his breed, super easy going, very accepting, happy, easy to get along with. He is usually Omni-present. He tends to lead by example. since my last update I have lost two, I have added two. I had been feeding some wild cats in my yard, one always came back, the others would turn up once in awhile. then another cat kept showing up at feeding time, the wild cat would always be aggressive to her. he pinned her to my window one day the weather was bad. I could tell unlike him she wasn't feral. I had to get her away from him before he hurt her, I let her in, then put her back out the door. she spent the next week camping at my door, meowing for me to let her in. my first weekend off, I took her to the vet, got her up to date, isolated her for a few weeks. At virtually the same time my vet contacted me to let me know one of his clients had a Siamese kitten. I had a arrangement with the parent to take the cat for a few weeks to see if he fit in. it was 90 percent win 10 percent loss. Lucky was the one most interested in the cat that came from outside, her name is Cleo. Initially Cleo was docile and wouldn't leave my sight. she spent weeks in my bedroom. she got along with mango swimmingly, she liked the other cats, but picked on Lucky...lucky is very small, Cleo isn't. Charlie is the other new cat, he came from a litter of kittens feral born, the woman I got him from got an education from me in trap, neuter and release...she had been feeding a group and didn't know what to do with a houseful of kittens. I gave her a few hundred dollars and my best instructions...I cant do that anymore. but back to Charlie. he and mango are the best of friends, he hangs out with mango all the time, he and mango take turns playing with cleo then playing with lucky. Charlie is very affectionate with all of the other cats, especially after I give him attention, or at dinner time. the two cats that I lost are pepper and clover. they were both very old, frail. how they passed is unimportant, I do miss them. I digressed from mango, but I wanted to demonstrate how ingrained he is with all of the cats, how wonderfully adjusted he is. I will look to get one more from you once the other two 18 year olds pass. mango is still omnipresent, if I am watching tv he is on the couch next to me, if I am on the computer, he is laying on the desk within armsreach. if I go to the restroom, he has figured out how to open the bathroom door, other cats usually follow him in, especially when it is time to eat. he knows all my rituals, follows we thru them, rarely is he any trouble at all. if I don't pay him enough attention he comes to let me know...while his breed is rare to meow, if I ignore him he will meow to get my attention. all in all he is pretty dam close to perfect, like most Siamese, challenge them, pay them attention or their intellect with be pushed in the wrong direction...never him, he is always very well behaved although I do find his need to pull his food out of the bowl and bat it around the floor as very annoying... he does not eat all of the kernels he takes out of the bowl. he has his ways, his habits, his rituals. feel free to ask me anything you want.

(Last update: Apr 25th, 2015 2pm)

If you love the Meezer voice, and the Meezer interaction, then I'm the real thing. I love my people more than anything, and while I can tolerate another cat, please let them know that when I say it's lap time, talk time, snuggle time, playtime, my word is final. And I'm excellent at typing if you need help on the computer!!!!
Name:   Socrates
ID#: VA10127
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
DateIn: 07/05/14
Adopted: 08/15/14
Deceased: 04/26/15
Congrats: Janel
Foster: Siri

This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats


Notes from Home
Socrates had a long day bringing him home. He was with us 5 hours and talked the entire way! He had one litter box mishap but that was the first day home and no problems since. He went to the vet on day 2 and was treated for a upper respiratory infection. He is doing quite well now. I would highly recommend anyone adopting an older cat. We would love to know his history but it is obvious he has been very loved prior to us. He is so loving and gentle and lays on my lap as I write this email. He loves his foam cube and is hilarious when he gets a spurt of energy running crazy through the house! We just love him to death.
One month anniversary. During his vet check up, his blood work showed his kidney's losing their efficiency. We placed water throughout the house and he drinks often. His appetite is very good. He has lots of toys and a hammock but his favorite spot is a sun beam by the back door. He likes to wake us up at 3am to feed him. He is a very loving, talkative cat.

Socrates is settling well. He had a lot of dental work and respiratory infections but has made it. He is a very loving cat and spends most days on his heating pad in front of the fireplace. We are so happy to have him.

April 14, 2015
Socrates stopped eating over the weekend. We tried everything possible to tempt him but he just refused. He started going from one water bowl to another. He started to get lethargic and threw up. The vet examined him, Heart and lungs good. Even his kidney function was the same from a few months ago. He did have elevated bilirubin and liver enzymes. Hopefully it's just an infection. He is now on sub Q fluids, prednisone and liquid antibiotic. He is now eating and not lethargic but still not 100%. He is one tough kitty!
Went to the vet last night to assess how the interventions have been
Not good news. He has lost 2 lbs now which looks horrible on him. His pancreas and liver enzymes have tripled towards the negative. He has cancer or a biliary blockage. We sure hate to lose him so soon. 8 months ago we brought him home. He has brought so much happiness to our lives and his fighting spirit is simply amazing. Not a mean bone in his body. He is getting ready for the next life as much as we want him to stay with us.

(Last update: Apr 23rd, 2015 9pm)

Name: Huckleberry

(FKA Rustle)

ID#: VA10338
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 09/20/14
Adopted: 10/19/14
Congrats: Susan
Foster: Julie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Wow! Into the shelter, whisked right out. I can bath myself just fine, thank you. Yes, please hold me so I can relax. I think I will hide, but thank goodness you keep coming in to snuggle with me. I am not so shy as just a very gentle soul.

PS. I either have one of the biggest kinks you will ever see on a Siamese cat or my tail got broken and healed all wrong. I am not telling yet, but it makes me very unique. I should be ready to go home by October 11.
Notes from Home
Huckleberry is doing very well. He has become such a brave boy. He has actually taken over the whole house and all of the toys. He sure loves to play and no longer takes second in the playing line, he will come running from any room when he hears playing going on and get right in there. He is a bit of a toy hoarder too. He likes his things in certain places and when we move them he will take them right back. It's funny to see him running around with the wand toys in his mouth, the sticks banging on walls and doorways but nothing will stop him. He has also learned to growl. The first time it happened he was walking around with a mouse and a growl came out and he just sort of stopped and looked around like "who did that?" LOL Now he likes to walk around with a wand or mouse growling. He looks so proud of himself when he does it. I think he is finding his inner roar! Not sure how effective it will be as I don't think he has an aggressive bone in his body but he sure thinks he's cool.
He gets along very well with Coco and is doing a good job teaching her how to play. They love chasing each other around and wrestling. The will also groom each other although that sometimes turns into wrestling too. Lol. They have become fast friends and like to team up too, especially at feeding time (or when they decide it's feeding time)!
He still has a tiny voice that is more of a chirp than a meow and it couldn't be cuter! All in all we are so happy and just love him. He is such a great little amazing guy!

April 2015
Wow six months, we can't believe it. Huckleberry has done such a good job grown up into a big boy. Actually it all seemed to happen within the month of February. At the beggining of the month he was a little kitty and by the end he had become such a big boy, seemed like he'd grown to twice the size! However, he's still the same clumsy litlle mush that he always was. Yes, he's quite clumsy as he's always falling off of the bed or sofa when he's playing because he's just too busy to pay attention during summersaults and air flips. His coat is still sooooo soft and he still squeaks instead of meows but its louder now :)
He absoulutely loved the Christmas tree and was up at the top before we even got it level in the stand. Then he helped Mike put the lights on. I think next year we might need a bigger tree now that he's grown! Yikes! The little stinker had a blast though, climbing up in that tree and "re-arranging" my ornaments. He was so sad to see it go. I think he really misses all the outdoor fun. He could sit in an open window all day. He watches the sun come up every day, then after breakfast the window must be opened. He's very excited now that the weather is cooperating more, but even in our northeast five below winter If I could crack the window just a sliver he'd stuff his nose right in that crack and just sit there sniffin LOL. (Although if a dog walks by he goes and hides in the closet for a few minutes) He is still a little energizer bunny when it comes to playing too, and his favorite place to play is on the bed jumping in all the pillows and diving under the covers to get his toys or a wand. The wands are still his favorites, oh and the little pom pom's. He is still a big mush and will take all the petting and belly rubs we're willing to dish out, he just loooooves it, he never misses an opportunity. He would take all the attention if he could, as when Coco is getting attention, he runs right over shows his belly as if to tempt us and waits patiently for his turn.
He and Coco are just best friends. He has really taught her how to play and wrestle and they run around chasing each other so fast sometimes it sounds like elephants instead of cats! They also snuggle so much and love to take naps together. Coco obliges to all of Huck's demands to be licked. He loves for her to lick him. He will go up to her, lay down under her, and pull her face right into his, and she licks away. He goes into such a trance that sometimes she licks him right off the bed! They both end up looking really confused and it's pretty funny.
We still can't believe how lucky we are to have him, and he seems to really feel at home now

(Last update: Apr 23rd, 2015 8pm)

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