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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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UPDATE 5/27/10 - Foster Mom says to tell you "it's working". Yep, I am just about 1/2 way to my "goal weight". Not enough food in the tummy for my taste, but I am getting "svelt". I'm gonna make it! I am such a good "dieter". If you need a kitty to encourage you in your "weight loss program", I'm the one - I'm doing it - I'm losing weight! Wanna help me finish my program???? If so, be sure to click on "ask about me" and we'll be the best of "buds" ever. Purrs and headbutt, Samson

(Foster mom seems to be obsessed with "tail shots" this week. HHHHMMMMM - not my best view)

HUG ME, LOVE ME, there's just SOOOOO much to love. Yes, you got it. I'm a very big boy. I don't want the world to know how much I weigh - I'm sensitive about that subject, but foster mom might tell you. Let's just say, I'm a big teddy bear of a seal point guy. I am now over that "cold" I got at the shelter and feel much better. I promised foster mom that I'd pose for some good pictures and I did. See how very handsome I am?

If you want a loving, purring, lap full of cat, you'd better ask about me. I'm on a diet and am slowly getting a little of my extra wieght off, but I'm still going to be a "big boy". I love kids, people and other animals, so I could fit in almost anywhere. Will you ask about me, please, so I can go home and have lots of people and pet friends? My sister, Delilah is is already in her forever home and I'd sure love to go to mine. Purrs and headbutts, Samson
Name:   Samson
ID#: VA6941
Location:  Indiana
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: 4paw
Points: Seal
DateIn: 04/15/10
Adopted: 06/28/10
Congrats: Stacie
Foster: Katie

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Samson is doing well! It's hard to be believe it's only been 5 years since we adopted him! He has adapted to our home very well. We could not imagine life without him! By the way...he loves shoes to rub his head on or wrap his body around, it's very funny! He has recently been seen at the vet, he is very healthy at a svelte 14.8 lbs. apparently we are in the top 10% of cat who can follow kitty diets. He is a very loving and food motivated kitty.
(Last update: Jun 28th, 2015 2pm)

Name: Bella

(FKA Darcie)

ID#: VA10239
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 08/16/14
Adopted: 09/13/14
Congrats: Renee
Foster: Siri

Foster Notes

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
Outgoing well adjusted gal who takes things in stride, I made the trip from FL to VA in the blink of an eye, and now I'm exploring my new digs and looking forward to getting to know a new pool of adopters. Ask about me, lots of information to share, if you're looking for an outgoing playful gal!
Notes from Home
Hi all! Well it's been 1 month since Bella (yup we've officially changed her name!) came to us and she is doing just great!! She truly is an easy going cat, very social and inquisitive and super playful! She is completely holding her own with our dog! They play/wrestle around a few times a day and then it's nap time for the both of them for a bit! Oh, and man she looooves to eat! She is learning to beg at the table just like our dog! I brought her to our vet today just for a check up and they said she looks perfect-she weighed in at 9.1 pounds. We are soooo very happy to have found her, so again, many thanks to all of you that made it happen! I'm going to try to upload some pics of her, she is so very pretty and very photogenic!! Love, The Ralstons

Hi there from the Ralston's and Miss Bella! It's hard to believe that it's been 9 months since our gorgeous Bella came to us. This cat is a total piece of work! She's crazy!! She goes zooming around the house at 100 mph and then just flops down in the middle of the floor and starts giving herself a bath with a total blase look on her face, like a cat tornado didn't just go thru the house!! She is completely food motivated/obsessed! I swear to you, she begs at the kitchen table every night just like our dog! She even goes chair to chair, sitting next to the kids hoping they drop or just plain give her something! She is always underfoot whenever food is involved! She's loves to be around people and will often follow someone from room to room just to be near them! Unless she's out on our screen porch, which is her absolute favorite place to be this summer! Like I said she wants to be around us but she is still fresh in the sense that she will bite and or scratch us when she is "done with us". This kills me as all I want to do is pick her up and squeeze her!!!! She'll go a couple of weeks without biting me and I get all excited and think awwww, she finally truly loves me and then wham! she gets me good! Lol! Don't get me wrong, she does let us love on her when She Wants! But the trick is to stop before she is over it and decides she's had enough!! I'm hoping to fully win her over one day!! She is a true crazy character!! Oh and her foster was sooooooo right in that she does lay/sleep in the funniest positions! I have sooo many pics! Thanks so much for our cra cra girl! We love her so!!

(Last update: Jun 27th, 2015 2pm)

So many fantastic cats! How in the world are you ever going to choose?
Name:   Mia
ID#: VA10070
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
DateIn: 06/09/14
Adopted: 06/24/14
Congrats: Sarah
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
Mia made the trip down to Florida with me where I will be getting my master's degree for the next two years. She loves trying to catch all the new critters that we've discovered outside our window including bugs and lizards. Her favorite playtime activities are fetching pipe cleaners and jumping for feather toys. Mia has perfect bathroom habits, and she loves getting attention and talking to new people. However, she does have issues with other roommates after a while - she is mostly a one person cat. Other issues Mia still has are chewing and ripping up plastic and paper products, and clawing at mattresses and fabric couches despite providing clawing toys. For a while we were having issues with her waking me up daily at 5am, and when I would put her outside the bedroom she would howl nonstop. This is still an issue, but is not as often. Overall she has adjusted really well to the move!
(Last update: Jun 25th, 2015 3pm)

Name:   Bogart
ID#: VA7764
Location:  Indiana
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Blue
Date In: 06/01/11
Adopted: 06/25/11
Congrats: Stephanie
Foster: Patricia

Foster Notes

My name is Bogart, Humphrey Bogart, but I will let my good friends call me Bogie. As you can see, I am handsome, regal and have an excellent Meezer voice. Somehow I have gotten separated from my home and am now in the position of searching for a new one. I have impeccable manners and love to sit quietly on laps but still enjoy a good catnip directed tumble. If you would happen to have a place fit for Hollywood Royalty, please inquire about me!

Mr. H. Bogart
Notes from Home
Bogie is my favorite cat. I shouldn't have a favorite but he spends the most time with me. It can get annoying sometimes. Lke right now I have to type with one hand because he's sleeping on the other. He gets upset when I'm not home or busy and not sitting down for him to lay on me. We moved a couple weeks ago and all 4 cats adaptd very well. They seemed comfortable instantly. They have their own room and I will be hanging wall mounted cat scratcher/perches soon. I'm sure they will all love them.
(Last update: Jun 25th, 2015 2pm)

Want a snuggler?
A lap warmer?
A sophisticated Meezer, in banker grey?

Well, you'll get all three in me, Mr. Bancroft. I'm here at the Italian B&B for Wayward Siamese, in a private room with a big soft people bed, and a great view of the birdies from my second floor window. Foster Meown said that my first Mom loved me so very much that she wanted me to have a playmate and a home where I can be my smart, playful, handsome self. I've already shown Foster Meown that I have a gentle purr-sonality, and excellent litter box habits. I use my scratching post regularly. Right now, I'm still figuring out life, as everything is so very different here. I've told Meowm that I'd like an active boy kitty to play with, and space to run around and exercise.

Could that be with you?
Name:   Bancroft (Banky)
ID#: VA6792
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 01/12/10
Adopted: 02/13/10
Congrats: Katie
Foster: Trish

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
Gee, Mom skipped a year or so, but she's been busy. We've "downsized," whatever that means, and we're now in a condo with a really cool screened in balcony. I'm king of the world out there, except it's been too hot lately to go out there! At annual exam, vet says I'm a healthy 12-year-old, as you can see in my new picture. Check it out! Later, Banks.

Wow, life continues to treat me right in my "new" home. After three years, I feel like I've always been here and have Mom wrapped around my paws. Throughout the day, I periodically go to her for "luv" sessions, which include cuddling, petting and words of praise. Otherwise, I curl up in a warm snuggly place in the bedroom or in front of the fireplace. Oh yes, and I still love to go crazy with that dangling feather-thing every now an then. That and a good catnip banana keep me on my toes! And it's all good news with my yearly vet checkup. Don't enjoy that whole process, but it's one of those necessary evils. It's all good! Purrs till next year, the Banks.

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 9 years young on May 21, and I haven't aged a bit! Still my handsome self, always ready to snuggle with Mom and get an all-over kitty massage. I love to be brushed and get all mushy when Mom get rids of all my extra fur. She and I have worked out a great system when she plays cards every week--I get on the cabinet behind the other players and send her signals, only after carefully checking other the opposition's cards (and smelling their hair). I'm such a smarty cat! And visitors actually think I'm sociable, a talent I've acquired over the past two years in my new home. Life is sweet--just see my new pictures!

Well, I've been here a year now, and I'm the most relaxed I've been in a long while! Mom gives me lots of loving and always reassures me when something new comes along. But I'm pretty much taking over the whole house, a big change from hiding out under the table for over a month when I first came here! One of my favorite perches is on top of Mom's big ole' computer monitor when she's working on important stuff, laying on top of her in bed between her and the top covers, stretching out on her legs when she's on the sofa, snuggling in her arms when she first sits at her desk, or cozying up on my fluffy/furry mat on the sun porch sofa with my younger buddy Mordecai, a Snowshoe of questionable pedigree. I tolerate him, but not enough to snuggle up together in bed--we have merry chases throughout the house, though, especially after it's lights-out at night. Mom says I act like a young, krazy kitty instead of a distinguished, mature Siamese Statesman. She says the vet thinks I'm A-OK, as of this year's checkup--that's good news, cause I don't really like those trips! I'm eating mostly wet food, with a little dry thrown in to make it interesting. Since switching from all dry, I don't up-chuck much at all. Phew! All in all, I feel very settled in, and love having staring contests and conversations with Mom, my blue eyes to her hazel. Life is good! Thanks, Siamese Rescue--another happy customer! Purrs from the Bankster
P.S.--I actually go up to visitors when they come to see Mom--I'm the official greeter!

We just celebrated our 6-month anniversary, and Banks and I are truly bonded. He's such a loving sweetheart, always ready to cuddle, and carefully arranges the blankets with his "bread-making" whenever we settle down for a nap or bedtime. He and his younger feline companion, Mordecai, have a great time with Bullitt-worthy (or, more currently, Tthe Fast and The Furious) races up and down the stairs and around the house. Banks is extremely agile, scaring me to death as he walked back and forth along the loft railing, lookiing down at me. I quickly discouraged that behaviour, but he's always exploring new heights, be it countertops or refrigerator tops. And he gets most indignant when I forget the evening "treat." He'll come sit in front of me on the coffee table and stare--like "What's the matter with you, where's my treat?" Of course, I get it for him right away. Bancroft will always be a little shy of sudden movements, but he's showing his self-confidence and improved comfort level more and more. I love him so much, and thank SR for bringing us together! He brings something special to my life.

Hi, Dolly and Trish--Banks is doing real well. I can't believe it's been a month! I decided to keep his name since he responds to it so well. Not a lot new to report--he continues to eat his Instinct dry food, and I got him a little treat food for an occasional break. Still good in the litterbox area.
Banks still stays up in the loft near my bedroom most the day, although as you can see from the pictures I hope to attach, he's all over the place. And EVERY time I go in the bathroom, he has to join me. No privacy! He's still cautious, and I try to never approach him but let him approach me. I think he's fine as long as everything is on his own terms. And that's ok. When he's ready to snuggle, he's right in my face. He actually approached Mom's hand she was holding down by her chair as she was talking to him. He'd come downstairs for one of his evening visits. That's the most interaction he's had with her, other than to come into her room when I'm getting her ready for bed. I hope he finally builds up the courage to get in her lap some day. He continues to seek out the highest vantage point in the room, and so far has not imperiled anything doing so. He just looks so smug looking down on the world!

(Last update: Jun 23rd, 2015 5pm)

Name:   George Jones
ID#: VA10065
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 06/07/14
Adopted: 06/22/14
Congrats: Erin
Foster: Siri

Ever scratch your head and wonder WHY oh WHY would anyone give me up? I do it all the time. I'm one loving boy, well behaved, sweet, snuggly and just plain nice! So step on up to my plate and let's do dinner!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
It is with a very sad heart that I tell you George Jones died on Feb. 8,2015. He did not have an easy time the 8 months we had him. He had 3 surgeries and finally died of cancer. Through it all he was the sweetest, most affectionate, laid back cat you can imagine. He was much loved, not only by us but the vet said all the employees couldn't believe how easy going he was, calmly allowing anybody to do whatever had to be done. We miss him and will remember him always.
Erin Sheeder

(Last update: Jun 23rd, 2015 4pm)

Lovely applehead lynx boy who reportedly likes other cats, I may need a cat buddy! I'm a little overwhelmed but very hopeful things will be okay soon! Life has been rough, and I need some stability please! So if you'd like a little oatmeal with your breakfast, please consider me! I'd do very well with a quiet home/quiet person who can work with me a bit.
Name: Lionel

(FKA Oatmeal)

ID#: VA10624
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 02/14/15
Adopted: 05/20/15
Congrats: Christine
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Update on Oatmeal (now known as Lionel)!

Lionel has been here a month, and he is really starting to feel at home. When he first got here, he was very scared and stayed under his futon on his bed and only came out when I left his room. He had his own window to look out of and watch the birds, and I left the radio on for him to keep him company. His room was also my office. The door was kept shut for two weeks so he and my other kitty could learn about each other from sniffing under the door. Finally, one evening while I was working on the computer, about two days after he arrived, he came out and rubbed my leg to let me know he was feeling more at home. He quickly became a snuggle bug, and I would sit on his futon for 10-15 minutes, just tickling his ears and talking with him. He would burrow into my lap and purr and purr.

Now he is running throughout the house and sleeps at the end of my bed, and he and Bitsy (my other kitty) are playmates. I throw crumpled up paper for them to chase. He doesn't talk much, but he does make polite noises in the morning to remind me that he hasn't eaten! He's still very shy and jumpy about noises, and a sneeze can send him scurrying back under his futon. But I think that will lessen over time. So I think he is well on his way to being an established member of the family.

(Last update: Jun 23rd, 2015 11am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Remi

(FKA Bear)

ID#: VA8154
Location:  Kentucky
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 10/28/11
Adopted: 11/24/11
Congrats: Robby
Foster: Jennifer

Foster Notes

I have a new picture, but I move so fast Jen is having a hard time getting decent pictures of me.

I am a darling little seal boy who just wants to be loved. I am just as cute as a button! I won't last long............


Bear (you can call me Teddy Bear if you want, I kind of like it!)

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Remi made it to Indiana on Thanksgiving morning. Thanks to all who made that possible. Remi has been with our family for 3 and a half years now! He is very loved and very spoiled here. My daughter absolutely LOVES him! She is going to be the one running and uploading pictures to this website now for me. She has more time than I. Again, Thank You, one and all for the help getting him! We love him so much!

Here's a link to Remi's page on Facebook!

If you guys would like to upload pictures of kittens at your center that need adopted you are all very welcome to! Also share his page to other previous adopters if you would like. All Siamese are welcome!

(Last update: Jun 22nd, 2015 10pm)

Are you looking for a full sized kitten? That would be me! I am SO busy and playful and into everything. I do have much better manners than a kitten, however. Did I mention I'm busy? I am super rough with toys but very loving with Foster Mom. Did I mention I'm busy? I don't have a shy bone in my body. And did I mention I'm busy? If you want a super energetic, confident guy then I'm for you!

Check out my video. Foster Mom is having a hard time getting photographs of me because I'm.....wait for it....so busy but there are a couple of new ones so take a peak!
Name: Cricket

(FKA Onslow)

ID#: VA8463
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 04/07/12
Adopted: 05/08/12
Congrats: Elisabeth
Foster: Kathy

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
(2013) Cricket has become an indispensable member of the family, beloved by all (although older sister-cat continues to have some reservations about how rambunctious he is).

After he was acclimated to the house and inhabitants, his only apparent sign of continued anxiety was that he insisted on following me from room to room as I was doing chores around the house; even if I thought he was fast asleep in one room, seconds later he would turn up to keep me company doing dishes, or laundry, etc.

Although he is more relaxed lately with me out of sight, he remains very people-centric, constantly curious about what we are doing, and wondering if it involves treats, or more especially, TOYS.

He loves to be picked up and cuddled, and especially loves nose kisses. He purrs enthusiastically for a few seconds---and then wants down. He loves to sit NEXT TO his people, but has only fallen asleep on my lap maybe three times. He will get sad and cry when his people are not immediately around.

His appetite has gone from being light, to very robust. He gobbles his meals, and if he were not still being fed separately from Mia, would shoulder her out of the way and eat hers, too. He has filled out a little, but is still extremely fit and energetic.

His first vet visit went very well, and he was much admired. Our vet, Jane Owel, thinks very highly of Siamese Rescue, and thought Cricket was in great shape.

At night, he's a bed-hopper. He seems to like all the human beds equally, although initially I was often awakened by having an unexpectedly warm, fur hat.

Cricket has some coordination issues; the kids think his favorite activity is running into walls. We are getting used to hearing the "scrabble-scrabble-THUMP" of his leaping miscalculations, and we've had to reassure him more than a few times because he's scared himself doing something incredibly silly.

In short, he's perfect.

We couldn't be happier; and we hope he feels the same.
Cricket is doing great. He is absolutely king of the castle, and it's surprising that his little paws are even allowed to touch the ground.
His appetite, (which I know Kathy M. worried about when he first came in) has gone from being somewhat finicky; to healthy; to complete "greed head." He adores food and treats, and will go to great lengths to take either one from the other cat---or from their storage places. Since he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, he manages to make even being completely greedy somehow endearing. He's still super active, and is maintaining his long and lean physique; although he does look like he has filled out. According to the bathroom scale, he weighs approximately 8.4 lbs.
His current, most favorite and beloved toys are clear plastic drinking straws. No joke. Because his eye really can't track them very well, it seems to make them all the more attractive. (I think it's like prey that hides particularly well, and needs to be tracked repeatedly.)
Cricket also still really enjoys the bathtub, and all things to do with plumbing. He likes to assist with all baths and showers, generally by sitting between the interior and exterior shower curtains, and occasionally peeking into the bath. He particularly loves the dishwasher, and will wait until the clean dishes have been removed from the warm machine, and then creep in to curl up---even if it's wet. He is similarly helpful in the laundry.
He continues to be very people-centric, and follows me around from room to room as I do housework. It's like having a small, furry supervisor.
There are no litter box issues. Cricket is very fastidious, and we keep the boxes very clean for both cats.
Cricket still prefers to cuddle with our 14 year-old, Rowan. Rowan loves to read, and is most likely to be willing to sit with a kitty-hot-water-bottle on her lap for extended periods. (Actually, I think both cats regard her as more cat than human.) At night, Cricket always finds someone's bed to share, but usually bunks with me. He's quite good at standing just on the solar plexus and purring loudly when he thinks it's high time for breakfast.
The children got distracted getting photos ready to send you. I will get them back on track so you can see what Cricket is up to with your own eyes.
Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to the family. We could not be happier.

1 June 2013:
Our one year anniversary together has come and gone. Cricket is extremely well. His annual check-up didn't reveal anything unexpected: he's still at about 8.2 lbs (which the vet thought was perfect for him) and is very healthy.

He is loved and adored, and seems to understand and trust that it's so. He has always been a bit vocally challenged, and we thought for the first several months that he wasn't able to purr. We've discovered (and perhaps he's discovered) that he can. It's not really audible, but can be felt when he's completely relaxed. Maybe this was the last evidence of his finally feeling completely at home?

He still loves to romp and play with drinking straws, and is still my little furry supervisor with household tasks. He is curious about everything, and has the most gentle, loving disposition. He is perfect in every way.

I have uploaded a new photo of Cricket for you, so you can see just how gorgeous he is!

With thanks and best wishes from us all,


13 June 2014: Just a quick update on our beloved Cricket. . .

According to his annual vet check-up, he continues to be extremely healthy. He has gained weight, to 9.1 lbs., but the vet was not concerned at this point.

When Cricket first came to us, we were worried that he wasn’t eating enough. Until he settled in, his appetite was suppressed. Even after he showed signs of adapting well to his new environment in all other respects, he still had a light appetite, and we made sure that he had time and space to eat without the complications of our other cat.

Over time, however, things changed dramatically. While still being fed separately, Cricket went from getting greedy about food to being downright frantic about it. He began to gobble his own food, and escape as quickly as he could to grab food out of the other (slower and older) cat’s dish. At the same time, he started to get very naughty at the dinner hour, clawing at our pant legs to get attention, and snagging bits of food if given the slightest window of opportunity from the table and kitchen counter. Knocking over every trash can in the house became his second favorite hobby. Clearly, something was bothering him—and it was well on its way to being quite a bother for everyone else in the household.

I have always heard that with people, if they have ever been truly hungry in their lives, it is something they never forget. The fear of it haunts them. I have only seen that fear manifest itself once in another human being (we forget how fortunate we are, I suppose) and it was a powerful and shocking thing. I thought; might it be traumatic in the same way for a cat?

So, I put together a simple plan. I filled a large kitchen mixing bowl with dry cat food and put it where the other cat did not have access to it. Cricket attacked it the way he had started to attack all food: as if he would never eat again. He ate until his little tummy was distended, and he was having trouble swallowing more. He would walk away a few steps, but never let it out of his sight. After a bit, he would leave, but come back frequently to check to make sure it was still there. I kept the bowl full for about three days. And I kept their usual feeding schedule, with their usual wet food; but this time I fed them at opposite ends of the same room. It was sadly comical to see poor Cricket, too stuffed to eat his dinner.

I don’t think I would recommend what I have done as a general rule. And undoubtedly, it accounts for the uptick in his weight at his check-up. But for Cricket, it seems to have been what was necessary. He now eats his recommended portion twice a day, alongside his sister cat. (He isn’t above sticking a paw into the other cat’s bowl from time to time; but then, neither is she!) We don’t leave dry cat food out for them to graze on, and he doesn’t seem to miss it. He is not opposed to having a small piece of chicken or fish from the table, once the plates have been cleared, but he is a perfect gentleman about it. Perhaps he has put some trauma behind him now.

As I am writing, he is sleeping with his head on the keyboard. He’s just the dearest creature in the world, and is adored by all seven of his humans. He has us completely and forever.

Thanks always, and best wishes to you all,


22 June 2015
Our beloved Cricket has had his annual checkup, this year with a new doctor. Cricket is very healthy---although a little more plump than last year, weighing in at slightly over 10 lbs. ---but we learned something new about his overall health background.

The vet noticed that Cricket has some retinal damage, possibly from having eye infections as a kitten. He didn’t think there was cause for concern, or indication that it was degenerative. It’s just as well Cricket doesn’t need to rely on his hunting skills for survival, and has assistance from his humans in stalking cat food cans in the wild. He is (as we’ve reported before) a terribly adorable klutz, and now we have a better idea of why.

We also learned that our previous vet last year had given both our cats the 3-year rabies vaccine, even though the increased cancer risk (14:1,000) has been known for several years. I understand that the extended vaccine is used primarily these days for the feral population. We won’t be revisiting our old vet’s practice; unless it’s to put a flea in her ear.
I’m uploading a photo, and you will notice that Cricket is sporting a new collar, with tag. For a brief period this spring he was a dedicated escape artist, which scared the heck out of us. The fixation seems to have passed, thank goodness.

He has developed a strange obsession with oven mitts, kidnapping them and dragging them all over the house. While inconvenient, it’s harmless, and most amusing.

Cricket is perfect in every way.

Thanks again for helping us find him.


(Last update: Jun 22nd, 2015 8am)

Name: Siri

(FKA Tamara)

ID#: VA10378
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 10/05/14
Adopted: 12/21/14
Congrats: Lyn
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
My paws are unique. One has five claws and the other has six. I am very sweet and still very much a
kitten even though I raised four kittens and I am still a kitten myself. Now I want to find my forever home. I am so much fun to watch and jump and play and roll. I like other cats and need at least one or two for company. I need an active home because of how much I love to play. A quiet home would probably not be my choice. If you are ready for the challenge I am ready for my forever home.
Notes from Home
Siri, my new girl, is a delight. She has been home since last Sunday and basically adjusted immediately, no fear here! Every day she adds something new and for the past two nights sleeps with me for a little while. Right now she is sitting on a chair overlooking the marina. I am waiting for a pelican, egret or great blue heron to fly in and get her attention. She has only seen boats so far. She is loving, affectionate, purrs easily and gives sandpaper kisses. I have my eyes open to find a young male playmate for her. I am looking for a seal or chocolate with a sweet disposition like hers. She Is typical cat....when she has had enough togetherness she disappears to a favorite place for a nap. As tiny as she is, she eats lots of food. Wish I had her metabolism.
I am really happy with my Christams gift and happy she has had some alone time with me before I add a new kitty to the mix. I want her to feel very secure.
Thanks to all who have helped makes this happen.

This is the best kitty ever. I had company over the weekend, friends from CT with their dog. After her fur going up for a few minutes, Siri decided to play with Mandy. They had a great time running around. She adapts to anything, anyone. She is purrrrfect! The only thing she won't do is cover her poop. I guess the smell chases her out. I could not have a better kitty.

SIRI gets better every day. On Friday she must have known I was not feeling too well, she stayed in my lap most of the day. She continues to be a delight. I do know she needs a playmate and I think a very young seal point male would be perfect. She loves dashing around and does need a playmate. Working on it.

She loves ping pong balls. There must be a dozen or more under something. Fortunately I have another dozen. When those go missing, I will have to do a search.

Fathers Day 2015
Siri is a very sweet girl, just a as she has always been. I have added Sami as well and they are both happy to have a playmate. Siri is the grooming queen and Sami is her primary target. She still licks me if given the opportunity. That is her only annoying habit.......I am lucky.
Sami, on the other hand, my wild child, adventuresome boy, is very bright and when he is bored gets into trouble. A squirt bottle and coke can with coins is always nearby. It took a very long time for him to trust me. We are still working on it. His greatest desire is to be up high. He rearranges pictures on the wall by jumping up an the TV (only 1.5 in. wide. From the TV he goes to the top of a 7 ft cabinet and comes down by running down the face. He is graceful, elegant. Siri is short and a little dumpy.. They are a good match when they play, she takes no bull from him.
I cannot leave the room without them following me. I have a large basket stuffed with a bed pillow....their favorite spot for a rest during the day, sometimes both of them.
I love them both but Sami challenges me. I can pick him up and hold him on my lap for about 30 seconds, but he has yet to get in my lap voluntarily. I am working on it. In the morning if I am not up when they are he sings to me but will be silent if I hush him. He is very bright. If I take a nap, he joins me.
Siri prefers dry food, Sami, wet. He is wearing plastic nails which he lets me apply. Siri on the other hand will let me do anything EXCEPT cut her nails. We do one at a time.

(Last update: Jun 21st, 2015 7am)

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