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Hello everyone! I'm Harry, a big, young loverboy. I lost my previous home and ended up on the streets until an angel took me in and gave me shelter. Now I am here, at the Casa de Siamese and ready for my new forever home.
If you want a big, young, strong, loving male cat to be your best buddy, then take a lok at me! I absolutely love, love, love people, I like other cats, and I don't seem terribly bothered by the dog.
I'll be ready to go by the first week of November after my second worming is done, so let's talk now, ok?
Name: Mushu

(FKA Harry)

ID#: VA8147
Location:  Massachusetts
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 10/26/11
Adopted: 11/13/11
Congrats: Kathleen
Foster: Stephanie


Notes from Home
Sorry took so long to provide an update. I have been so busy with my new life. I have to say my life is wonderful! Lots of food, snacks, love, hugs, kisses, and snuggles from my new family. I just love love love my peeps and also really like my new kitty friends. I even like the dog (Quinn) especially when he gets his biscuits...he likes to share with me. The jury is still out on Tavi the ferret. I can't seem to figure him out. He smells bad but I like his food and he shares with me too so he ain't so bad! I settled in pretty quickly and had a clean bill of health from the vet.

I love napping on my new cat tree with my friend Finnegan. My new friend Willow took over my new Millie bed but since she is what mommy calls the "Diva Queen" I didn't put up too much of a fuss. I learned from my pal Finn that its just not worth the fuss and that it will be easier on all us guys if we just let her rule the roost.

Mommy says I am an entertainer and that I should be in movies or commercials...she is trying really hard to get me on video. See, I love to chase my own tail. I do it in this real crazy way...I can do flips like 3 feet in air and grab the tip of my tail at the same time. My new friends love to watch me and I keep them entertained. Mommy says they look at me like I am "psycho" whatever that means but as long as they are a watchin then I am going to put on the show! LOL

Well that's all for now. Check out some of my new pics with my new friends. I must say I am quite hansome.

5/31/2012 - Just wanted to give everyone an update on our Mushu. He is sooo wonderful! He has quite a personality. He has fit in so well with our other cats and dog and ferret. It was like he has always been with us. He makes the craziest sounds. He doesn't meow but chirps non stop. It is quite commical. He also has "lead feet" you can hear him and our other cats running through the house you would think it was a herd of buffalo. We are so glad he is a part of our family. I couldn't imagine him being alone like he was before being rescued. He is such a people cat and just loves being around us. He follows me everywhere I go and greets me at the door when I come home. He is so loving and such a good boy. He doesn't stay still to get good pictures but I brought a new camera and will try to get some. I really wanted to enter his picture for the calendar but he just doesn't sit still. Love him and thank you Siamese Rescue!

11/27/2012 - Well it has been 1 year since our Mushu joined our family. It seems like he has been with us forever. He is absolutely wonderful! We just love him so much. He has the quirkiest personality. He chirps and grumbles constantly. You just call his name from anywhere in the house and he responds with a grumble to say "here I am!". He gets along extremely well with our dog Quinn and is best buds with our orange tabby Finnegan. Our blue point girl, Willow, tolerates him. Its nothing against him she" tolerates" Finnegan too. The love of Willow's life is the dog. Mushu and his buds love to sit in our garden tub until we turn the water on then they take turns licking the water as it drips out of the faucet. Every morning Mushu wakes up then sits in the hallway calling out until everyone wakes up to come pet him. He cracks me up! He has the most unusual facial expressions. He visits the doctor next week for his check up. He is such a good boy and we feel so blessed to have him. We can't imagine life without him. Thank you so much to everyone who helped him find his forever home with us.

(Last update: Feb 22nd, 2017 1pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Daphne

(FKA Miti)

ID#: VA11577
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
Date In: 07/10/16
Adopted: 08/20/16
Congrats: Sheila
Foster: Belinda

Just arrived. More information soon.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Daphne has been with us for six months now and she is doing great! She's taken over as alpha cat. Her personality is hilarious and she is very loveable and playful. We really enjoy her.
(Last update: Feb 22nd, 2017 9am)

Stay tuned. One of five from the same home. Jury is still out if any of us need to be paired up BUT pretty confident we all must go with another cat in the home to buddy with. By the time we go on Adopt Me status, we hope to have all that information. Go home date Feb. 13th. (Curious and playful)
Name: Lyanna

(FKA Cosette)

ID#: VA11314
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 01/30/16
Adopted: 02/20/16
Congrats: Laura
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
2/29/16: Lyanna (formerly Cosette) here. I got a touch of pink eye after I arrived at my new home. The vet gave me medicated eyedrops, which I was not a big fan of, but I purrsevered through them for a whole week like a champ anyway. My eye is all better now.

In my new home, I have a nice room all to myself while I get used to the smells and sounds. The covered bed is awesome, but I like to come out and talk to my humans when they sit with me. Some cat keeps sticking his feet under the door and I am really excited to meet him. The other cat and I have some lengthy conversations through the doorway, but we try to keep the chatting time restricted to the 3am-6am window out of courtesy to the humans (they're sleeping, so they must not hear us!).

The humans gave me more toys than I know what to do with. The cat on the other side of the door said he'd explain them all to me later. I do have the feather wand technique down pretty well, though. When the other cat is playing with his bell ball, I just can't resist cheering him on through the door.

I'm posting a picture of me at my new vet's office when I got the all-clear on the pink eye. The machine that made the rain sounds was my favorite thing. I'm also posting a picture of me in my safe room, with the fleece blanket from SCRC that I love so much.

3/6/2016: Two weeks in my new home! I have met the cat from the other side of the door, and I am a big fan of him. He is still getting adjusted to me, but I think we're off to a good start. Aside from a couple of boundary setting hisses, he has been very nice to me.

I also get to explore some new rooms now. I have access to the living room, which has lots of fun places to climb and nap. I like to spend my day out playing with my brother while one of the humans is home to watch us. Then at night, I go back to my safe room to sleep. The humans say that soon I'll be able to stay out all the time.

My brother has been teaching me how to use all the toys that he has. He isn't the best at sharing them, but I am way faster than him! We also like to chase eachother around the apartment. I can catch him easily but he is a bit slower on his feet.

I'm still eating just wet food. My new brother says that I should really give the dry food a try, but I just don't get the enthusiasm he has for the stuff. The wet food here is delicious though, and I now weigh in at 5.5lbs, which the vet says is just about purrfect for my size.

3/21/16: One month in the new home! I can report that snuggling is my absolute favorite activity. Are you a human? If so, I want to snuggle you day and night. Mom is my favorite snuggler, but dad works too. Every night I sleep right up next to mom for the entire night. Snuggle snuggle snuggle. I also now come when I'm called, because hopefully that means someone wants to snuggle.

12/21/2016: Meowy Christmas to the Siamese Rescue Center, Sherri, and all of the volunteers who got me my furever home this year!

2/21/17: One year (and one day) adoptiversary. I am certainly the queen bee of the household. My humans cater to my every whim, and when they momentarily lapse in giving me 100% attention, I let them know about it with my big girl voice (I'm still just 6lbs, but my voice would put a lion to shame). Now that I am the unquestioned boss of the house, I'm free to spend my days napping in the sunshine, chasing my feather wand and jingly balls, and snuggling with both the humans and my brother. And by snuggle, I generally mean laying directly on top of their heads.

(Last update: Feb 21st, 2017 5pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Lady Guggenheim


ID#: VA11881
Location:  Illinois
Sex: female
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 12/25/16
Adopted: 01/21/17
Congrats: Elizabeth
Foster: Joy

I'm playful, I'm sweet and I'm a whole lot of fun. Ask about me and foster Mom will give you all the details.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Guggie is purrfect!! She has healed up well from the little cold/conjunctivitis she had when we first brought her home, and is a happy healthy girl that loves to play and run the house, so many windows to watch nature from and plenty of cozy cuddle spots... We even had to leave town for a couple days and she did great with her Aunt that stayed to watch (we got Guggie-gram photos & video updates daily). She helps open drawers in the kitchen when cooking and is the most affectionate cat we or any of our friends have ever come to know. We just adore our sweet girl!
(Last update: Feb 21st, 2017 12pm)

Princess in need of a court that will pamper me. I am a gentle soul who loves life, but now rowdy.
Name: Ziva

(FKA Bibiana)

ID#: VA11796
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 11/05/16
Adopted: 12/10/16
Congrats: Deborah
Foster: Julie


Notes from Home
We have decided to name our snowshoe girl Pearl! (We tried out Iris but it just didn't fit.) She adjusted quickly to her room and is eating well and using her litter box. Most of the time I find her on the bed enjoying her 2nd story view of the yard. Pearl is very affectionate and loves to be close by us when we visit her. She has met 2 of our cats - Sven our baby OSH and Franklin our 4yo Bombay - all went well. We just came home from vacation and are looking forward to introducing her to our other cats and to the house.

1-8-17 Pearl has been spending most of her time out of her room and seems very comfortable here! Our old tonk hisses a bit at her but she just walks away! The same with our young osh boy. We r putting her back in her room at night and when we r not home just to be safe. She en joys scratching the cat tree and so far hasn't touc h ed the furniture.
This week we r trying g out the name Ziva!

2/20/17 The name Ziva has stuck! She is a wonderful girl who know how to accommodate others. Most of her time is spent on the cat tree but recently she has been spending more time on the floor. She comes and cuddles with me when I'm watching TV and is very affectionate. Not much of a talker but a very sweet girl indeed! She lets all the other cats take the lead and lets them all eat first too. My 4yo male does chase her a bit but she just runs up the cat tree and he leaves her there - not sure what this dynamic is about but we are working on it. Ziva roams the entire downstairs now and keeps a low profile - but no hiding ever! Her incubating room has now been closed and her cat box merged with the other boxes on the first level. She has had no issues with this transition. We love her and she really seems to be attached to me also!

(Last update: Feb 20th, 2017 7pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: William, aka Wills

(FKA Zeus)

ID#: VA11837
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: male
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 11/29/16
Adopted: 12/11/16
Congrats: Stephen
Foster: Paula

We're just starting to tell Foster Mawm about ourselves, but she already knows we're VERY Siamese. We have our own way of doing things, and Zeus will tell everybody how things should be. I'm the shy silent one - but that's okay, Zeus makes sure his voice is loud enough for both of us.

We'll tell Mawm more in a few days, but we've already made it clear that we're inseparable brothers!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Rabies vaccine 3 year and distemper booster done 2/20/17
(Last update: Feb 20th, 2017 5pm)

I am the sweetest little girl looking for my furrever home! I was really lonely for a long time, and now I love to get attention from my humans. I talk and chirp and flip and flop all over to make sure I get plenty of petting! My foster mom says when I can stay still long enough she will get better pictures of me. Right now I just want to feel cared for and loved. I am an adult cat in a kitten package - desperate for attention, short little legs and tail, super playful! Please ask about me! I promise to love you lots!!!!
Name:   Primrose
ID#: VA10596
Location:  Indiana
Sex: female
Current Age: 8 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 01/28/15
Adopted: 02/17/15
Congrats: Jan
Foster: Sara


Notes from Home
Prim has been here for a little over a month now, and she has been an absolute joy. She made herself at home right away. She's playful, curious, feisty and affectionate. She and her new big brother Pim play for hours every day. They are perfect companions and keep me entertained all day. I'm so glad I was able to adopt her!

February 2017
It's been two years since Primrose moved in and stole my heart. She is as playful as ever, happy, healthy and very loving. She loves her food, so much so that she is currently on a diet. She still hates to be picked up but jumps on my lap when she wants to be petted, One of her favorite things is to cuddle with her 'big brother', while he washes her face.

(Last update: Feb 18th, 2017 7pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Idunn

(FKA Chelsea)

ID#: VA5960
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 10/17/08
Adopted: 01/17/09
Congrats: Barbara
Foster: Melanie (Nashville)

Are you looking for trouble in a small package for the holidays?! I love people and I love to play! If you've got another cat or kitten who will enjoy my crazy, rough and tumble style, please ask about me today!
Purrs, Chelsea

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
I can't believe it has been 8 years since I picked up Idunn (Chelsea). She is still the rough and tumble girl that all of you described when she was a kitten. She and her older brother still tolerate each other and occasionally I find them snuggling. But if either cries out in fear they other comes running immediately.

She is healthy as a horse and eats like a little pig. She also adores people food, so I have learned to be careful in not leaving out ANYTHING because she will take it. Her latest favorites are cheese and crackers.

When I come home she is near the door but behind her talkative brother waiting patiently to be petted and fed. She is very patient especially when it comes to filling the need of her brother.

Idunn is also still pretty quiet and does more of a "murph" rather than a meow. She is also more of a side cuddler than a lap cuddler. Also she is my "left" cat (and her brother is my "right" cat. Which is pretty funny because it doesn't matter if it is on the couch, sitting at the dinner table or laying in bed they each have their own side.

Once again thanks for all the great work you do. My family wouldn't be complete without Idunn.

Barbara 2/18/17

It is hard to believe it has been four years but on the other hand it is hard to remember not having Idunn as part of my family. She has grown up to be an adorable inquisitive little lady. Don't get me wrong she is still a fighter and I keep telling my boy cat, Leif, to stick with her if they get lost outside. Her usual place is hanging out on the chair or sofa next to me. She is still hesitant to meet new people but her circle of people she trusts has grown over the years. Right now we have two cat sitters that she adores probably because they are male and she has them wrapped around her paw.

As for her health, she is well and gets her yearly check up in April. She hates being put into a carrier and if she sees it whe goes into hiding making me take up to an hour to finally wrangle her into it. Once we get there she is fine, but it is the getting there that is a problem. She also travels with me and her brother to NC to visit my dad.

Idunn does get along with Leif just like any brother and sister. They aren't the cuddly sort but boy if one they cries out in trouble the other one is off in a flash to find out what's wrong. I was looking for a buddy for Leif who also needed a buddy. They are both independent but fiercely protective of each other. I could ask for more.

I have included some photos. You will notice that her coloring has darkened to where she now looks like a snow tiger. Everyone that meets here is impressed by her looks but they get hooked by her personality.

Update 1/17/16

It is hard to believe it has been SEVEN years since I picked up Idunn in Wytheville, VA. I can't imagine her not being around. My boy cat, Leif, would disagree but what older brother wouldn't. She is still the independent and feisty kitten I picked up. She loves to be petted but is not a lap cat. She is still cautious of people, but once she knows someone they are her buddy forever.

So far we haven't had any health problems and still go to our same vet clinic every spring for our "well kitten" checkup. She is a voracious eater and so you have to be carefully if you leave anything down even if it is just to go to the bathroom as it might not be there when you get back.

To everyone who helped Idunn become part of my family, once again many thanks. I am not only proud to have a Siamese Rescue cat, but glad to be a driver for the Meezer Express.


(Last update: Feb 18th, 2017 3pm)

Just arrived. Total lover!!!!! Already to snuggle on my lap after I gave him the obligatory bath. Should fit in about anywhere from what I've seen. Ask about him and I'll keep you posted as I get to know him.
Name:   Quinn
ID#: VA8395
Location:  Delaware
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
DateIn: 03/03/12
Adopted: 03/24/12
Congrats: Belen
Foster: Diane

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
2/17/17 Hello, it's been a very very long time, my meowmy has been slacking off informing about my well being!! well so I will try to make the long story short...since a lot had happened since we last updated. My parents decided they wanted to move without consulting with me first...anyhow back in 2015 they started to look for a house and towards the end of that year we ended up moving with my grandparents waiting for the closing of the so called home!! well it took forever..... my humans kept saying we will soon go home, they were very stressed too but i didn't really care about that i just wanted to go home because i didn't get along with my grandparents cats.... i just think they couldn't resist me... and they were jealous of all the attention i got... finally we ended up moving to our new house mid summer 2016, our new house was pretty and all for me.I once became again the KING OF THE CASTLE......but it wasn't until recently an intruder try to come in to MY Castle and it really annoyed me (the intruder was a neighbor's cat, he seemed too friendly and invited himself to our door to come in, and meowed non stop!) well i started to mark my territory!!! how dare he wanted to come in....my parents were not happy and had been doing so many weird things to stopped me and i think i've gotten good or so they said, although i think i've been good just protecting them from intruders that wanted to hurt them!!! anyhow i think they are happy with me and they LOVE ME, at some point they mentioned on looking to adopt a kitty but i think they got a clear message from the KING.....
I'll try to post an update often.... LOVE ALWAYS and FUREVER, Quinn and His Humans....

10/11/14 Hi all! it has been a long time since we last updated on Quinn's home! Firs of all I want to thank everybody at SRC for the detailed work you do to find these beautiful cats their forever home, they deserve it!!! Now moving on to our loving boy, he is more than what we could imagine to ask in a cat he is so loving, caring and just overall affectionate. He continues to love to play with different toys like balls, strings, wands or really anything he can find attractive enough to play with. this past week it has been apples, since we have plenty of them around after going apple picking! I think he really likes the smell and colors! He continues to show affection to all of us,he knows when one of us aren't feeling well and shares some head butts,sits in our laps and purrs. He loves playind hide and seek as well as enjoy playing with the bedding while doing the beds, which can turn into a never end chore! lol but we have learnt to play along. He is definitely a very playful, affectionate and the best cat ever. Purrss and kisses . Until next time !

9/12/12 Hello it has been a while since our last update but I can tell you for sure we've been having so much fun with Quinn. He has stolen our entire family's hearts, we truly love, care for him very much and I know for sure he knows that well. He is more and more affectionate always seeking attention and company we still get domments from family adn friends thath they have never seen a cat like him because he has to be where everybody is. He loves to play fetch with us and we do it few times a day, he makes sure to bring the ball to us when ready to play. When we are out running errands I think he senses us coming home and he'll be waiting by the door and just meows so much and rubs his head on all of us. During this summer we visisted my parents for long weekends and we brought him with us and he got very confortable at the house and made a new friend Lola the miniature schnauzer, they became good friends, they love chasing each other up and down the stairs and playing with everything they found at the end the will kiss eact other and take naps. He loves to soak up the sun, also loves jumping into boxes and our grocery bags as well. We couldn't ask for any better cat than Quinn, he has become our little boy we love him very much and thanful he is OURS.
I will post some pictures hpe you like i!

3/29/12 We brought Quinn to his forever home on Saturday 3/24/12 and since he got here he’s been a total love, he adjusted very quick. He is very curious and really enjoys reorganizing the kitchen cabinets and closets. He also has so much fun sitting down on daddy’s computer when he is working or perhaps he is trying to email some furry friends! Daddy doesn’t mind at all to stop and play with him. We think he is a gymnast! He does aerial flips and twirls to catch a wand toy an every once in a while does a somersault, he amazed us with his personality and tricks. Today he had his vet visit and was such a good boy, Dr. Angela fell in love with him, he let her brushed his teeth and I know he will let me do as well for he has a little gingivitis and we will have to do it often. We are so pleased with him; Quinn is a wonderful and perfect kitty for our family. Daddy, Alana and Matthew love to walk home and search for him, of course he is so happy to get all the love and attention. He is a spoiled kitty and that is fine with us, we love him so much already.
To Quinn’s foster mom, Diane; we can’t thank you enough for caring and loving him. It was a joy to meet you when we picked him up. I will be always thankful for all your guidance, information you provide it has been helpful and continue to be.
Emily our interviewer, thanks for your help, support and walking us through this journey.
I will keep you posted with Quinn’s development.

4/17/12 It's been a little over 3 weeks since we got Quinn. He has adjusted perfectly with his new enviroments, he remains curious, always looking for a new place to climb, search and just overall play. In the last 2 weeks he made a discovery!! Matthew's bunk bed which he loves and takes his naps during the day. He loves to play with the little toys his brother matthew has, he even claimed a little mickey mouse he found in Matthew's room as his now!! he carries it everywhere. Quinn loves to play with his wand and pulls it from us and later brings it back to continue playing. My son Matthew loves to play chasing him and Quinn follows along in the other hand Alana plays with him as her baby carries him, burps him and Quinn has no problem with that either, he seems content to all the attention. He loves to sit by the windows and get the air blown on his face we called him our little Lion King, he is so adorable. He seems very interested on the bath tub, he sits at the edge while Matthew is taking a bath and has attempt to jump to the water, he also loves to sit next to the sink while i am doing dishes, so I tend to open a little stream of water for him to play and he enjoys it very much!! I will continue to post more info on Quinn's adventures.....
4/17/12 I just upload some pictures...

5/28/12 What a great time we've had with Quinn it's been 2 months since he came home but it feels like he has been with us forever!! he is very happy with us and at home, he is very loving, affectionate, playful and I can keep going on and on, he is just a great cat :). Recently he found an empty toilet paper roll and he loves playing with it, so we now save those for him to play! Alana brings books specially for him to read before bed time. He definitely loves books !! Matthew in the other hand runs to him as soon as he comes back from school dropping everything on his way in and greets Quinn with a big hugg and "hello boy" follow immediately by a conversation, Matthew ask him about his day and he tells me every day that Quinn was sad because he didn't have Matthew nor Alana and missed them so much!! Quinn allows Matthew to check his paws, ears, rub his belly, after all that they go on to play, or sometimes he just sits next to Matt to watch as he takes makes a big mess with his toys.Well thats for now I will bring you more updates soon!!

(Last update: Feb 17th, 2017 9pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Ruby
ID#: VA9462
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: female
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 08/09/13
Adopted: 09/02/13
Deceased: 02/15/17
Congrats: Susannah
Foster: Kay

Just arrived. More information soon.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
2013-09-03 Ruby came home! During the 300-mile car trip, she proved herself to be an excellent traveler.

2013-09-08 Ruby made her first visit to the vet since coming home. She has gained half a pound and is doing well except for some conjunctivitis in both eyes. The vet says this is left over from her pre-adoption upper respiratory infection. Now we have eye drops for Ruby, which she does not like, and some lysine treats. For our other cat, 12-year-old Shmulik, the vet gave me some Feliway. Shmulik needs to be calmed down. He has not been his usual laid-back, calm & relaxed self since Ruby's arrival.

2013-09-11 The Feliway has worked wonders on Shmulik. He has been far less nervous about new arrival Ruby. Last night, the two cats touched noses (with one small hiss from Shmulik), and then they followed each other around the house for the rest of the evening. Ruby spent the night in "her" bedroom with the door shut, and today both of them were allowed to roam free in the house. There have been no more signs of hostility. I think it will not be long before they are best buddies!

2013-09-16 Today the vet pronounced Ruby's conjunctivitis to be cleared up. What a relief for her and for me! The twice-daily doses of eye drops was interfering with bonding, even though it was an easy process. In the past week, every time I've reached for her, she takes off, sure that more eye drops are forthcoming. Ruby and Shmulik are getting along very well, although they have not been cuddling up together yet. Ruby has gained over a pound since coming home; she is a very good eater!

2013-09-22 Ruby and Shmulik have a cordial relationship. They sniff noses -- or, occasionally, opposite ends -- and then they go their separate ways. I've been using a wand toy to encourage them to play in each other's presence. They like the "cube" that Kay sent home with Ruby, especially when I spray it with Feliway and sprinkle it with catnip (see photo).

2013-09-30 Slowly, the two cats are getting closer and closer. Today I took a photo of them sharing a small tabletop in a sunny spot. Ruby wants to play, but Shmulik seems uninterested so far.

2013-10-23 During the past two weeks, Ruby had a second bout of conjunctivitis. This required applying salve from a small tube into her eyes two or three times a day, plus, once a day, half an antihistamine pill (this last from Kate, Ruby's caregiver). Finally, Ruby seems to have recovered. These constant medical ministrations have made her leery of me. I pat her & pick her up often, to show her that these actions don't always lead to getting medicated, & I talk to her a lot. Despite frequent use of her name when we speak to her, Ruby still does not respond to it. (By "responding to her name," I mean that I am hoping to see her cock an ear in my direction, or turn her head, or look up at me, or best of all, come to me. She does none of these things in response to hearing her name.) This makes me wonder: is "Ruby" is her original name or a shelter name? If it is not her original name, would she answer to her "real" name, if I knew it? I have also used many pet names with her: Peanut, YumYum (for awhile, I thought she was responding to this name, but no), Little Bit, Teeny Weeny, and ZeeZee. She does not respond to any of them. Only one thing brings her running: the sound of the treat bag being opened! Ruby & Shmulik are still on guarded, cordial terms. For the past three weeks, Shmulik has been plagued by health woes probably caused by his age (12.5), which required more medication & special dietary food, but now he seems much better. Both cats sleep on my bed at night, but they stay about a foot and a half apart.

2013-11-16 Yesterday Ruby went to the vet again, her fifth visit since coming home. The conjunctivitis is gone, and now we have a definite diagnosis for the cause of the recurrent problems: she has "dry eye"! The poor little thing is now on two "dry eye" medications for life, plus the antihistamine from caregiver Kay. Morning and evening, Ruby gets a drop of Cyclosporin in the right eye and then a 2mg chlorpheniramine pill (that last medication is "as needed," & it's needed for now). From 2-4 times during the day, she gets a ribbon of "artificial tears" ointment in the right eye. Because of the near-constant medicating for the past 2.5 months, Ruby is still wary of me; her nervousness at my approach comes and goes. Many times a day, I caress her, give her a treat, and play with her, in addition to the 4-6 times a day she must be medicated. I hope she'll come to trust me and to realize that my approach does not necessarily mean she's about to get more medicine.

2013-11-16 On an amusing note, Ruby is certainly a good eater. As of yesterday, she has gained about two pounds since coming home. She weighs 9.6 pounds! She looks fine, sort of like a round little barrel, but apparently, she is not overweight.

2013-11-22 Ruby has a new trick! She often hangs out in the living room, resting on the rug. Always, when I've approached her there, she takes off & leads me on a slow-speed, low-key "chase" through the dining room, kitchen, hall, and back through the living room -- 'round & 'round until I give up. Starting yesterday, she ducks into her pink cube toy that's on the living room rug, & there she waits for me. Ruby has discovered that when she's in the cube, she gets petted, never medicated! She is getting lots of love this way! See photos for a pic of RUBE IN THE CUBE.

2013-11-25 Ruby has grown to trust me much more in the past few days. I have also gotten quicker at dispensing her eye medication, so that she doesn't have time to get squirmy & upset while waiting for the drop to plop into her eye. The day may come when she regards receiving her meds as no big deal. She is quite affectionate & sweet! The more often I stop by one of her dozing spots to pet her, the happier she is.

2014-02-06 Ruby's eye problems have cleared up, so the eye drops are no longer necessary, thank goodness. With each administration of the eye drops, she was growing more and more upset instead of getting used to and accepting them. She started biting me -- HARD!! -- during medicating. I tried praising her, cuddling her, and giving her treats, but nothing helped. To my bewilderment, her formerly affectionate demeanor became mistrustful and even hostile. Then one day I saw a commercial for human use of these eye drops, Cyclosporin 2%. The commercial said that the eye drops may burn. So that was the problem -- poor Ruby! And I had imagined the eye drops were soothing to her red, inflamed eye! Right away (that was in December), I stopped giving her the eye drops. By then, her eye condition had cleared up, fortunately, and it has not recurred. Over the past two months, Ruby has slowly grown more trusting and affectionate. If the eye infection recurs, she will NOT be getting Cyclosporin 2% ever again!

2014-04-23 In the past several months, Ruby has been showing signs of starting to trust me again. Sometimes she chirps a greeting when I approach her. Whenever I reach a hand toward her, she no longer ducks, but instead, she raises her head to be petted. So far, when her eye problem has recurred, it has been a mild case. For about a week, I've given her one or two 2mg pills of chlorpheniramine every day, and the eye inflammation goes away. Oddly, she doesn't mind getting a pill ! I have posted a photo of Ruby snoozing in her new cat tree. She and Shmulik still don't like each other. Occasionally, they start to play together, but when he gets too close, she growls and hisses until he backs off. She has latched onto my husband as her favorite nighttime snooze partner.

2014-09-07 This month marks our adoption anniversary: Ruby has been our little fur girl for a year! She is doing very well. She enjoys being petted and played with. Last week I took her to the vet for her annual checkup and shots. Next week she goes back for a teeth cleaning. Ruby and Shmulik are getting along better. Occasionally, I hear them growling -- which is invariably caused by Shmulik trying to sniff Ruby's fanny -- I call out, "Be nice! Be niiiiice!" and they quiet down and move away from each other. Sometimes they sunbathe together, lying near, but not too near, each other. Now and then, they gallop through the house in a sort of parallel play. My husband and I are happy that Ruby is part of our household.

2014-10-29 Ruby loves getting cat treats. Last spring, I taught her a simple trick using treats. During the summer, when she was still mistrustful, surly and too often prone to bite, I had an idea: I should try rewarding her good behavior. This worked! Here is what I did: If she allowed me to pet her without trying to bite, she got a treat. After only a few treats, she caught on. A few days later, she had progressed to letting me run my hand down her back (still for a treat). Within three weeks, she was permitting ear rubs, chin scratches, affectionate tugs on her tail, and belly rubs. (This reward method -- I call it "bribery" -- led to the behavior mentioned in the previous post: "She enjoys being petted".) Now, after only a few months, bribes are no longer necessary for petting. Ruby greets both of us with a happy chirp and raises her head to be stroked. She no longer runs when I approach her; instead, she stretches out on the floor for a belly rub. However, we still need to work on picking her up. Usually, she lets me move her to a sunny spot without protesting. However, she is not happy with being held or cuddled. It's time to get out the treats and go to work, to find out if she might actually like being held. BTW, I've tried doling out treats to both cats whenever I've found them in peaceful proximity. Unfortunately, they've never made the connection between peaceful co-existence and treats.

2014-10-30 Looking back at this history of Ruby, I saw something I'd forgotten to add. In October 2013, when we first brought Ruby home, she didn't respond to her name. To teach our new little kitty her name, we used the name A LOT and talked to her many times every day. After a few months, she came to recognize her name. She now answers to "Ruby" and to various permutations of her name: Rubeleh, Rube, Rubella (our daughter's nickname for her, haha), and (my favorite) Ruby-Ruby-Rubeleh. In yesterday's entry, I forgot to mention that nowadays, not only does Ruby greet me with a sweet little chirrup, she immediately follows it with a great big rumbling purr! Also, for the past two weeks, Shmulik has stopped bullying her when she jumps onto my bed at night. He used to chase her off the bed using a strange tactic: he walked across the bed to stand right in front of her and stare into her face until she growled, backed away, and jumped down. My admonishing him to "Be nice!" is working very well.

2015-01-30 In late December, I "inherited" a ten-year old black and white neutered domestic longhair from a friend who entered a nursing home. The new cat, Beanie, is enormous at 19 pounds, but fortunately, he is very wimpy. He seems satisfied to be on the bottom of our cat hierarchy. Shmulik and Ruby do not like him, but the three of them coexist peacefully.

2015-06-23 In April, I took Ruby to the groomer. She couldn't keeping up with the shedding of her thick fur coat, which had grown dull and full of dandruff. (She was healthy otherwise.) Ruby had never let me brush her -- other than to touch a small brush lightly to her face -- and she was not about to change her mind. The Groomery in Gaithersburg did a wonderful job, restoring the glossy sheen to her fur. Taking Ruby there had an unexpected side benefit: it effected an immediate change in her behavior. She acted as though I had "rescued" her from this unfamiliar place, and right away, she was much more trusting and more friendly. Last week I noticed that her fur was shedding badly again, so I picked up a brush ... and she let me groom her! I could scarcely believe it. Since then, I have brushed her lovingly and carefully several times, with evident enjoyment on her part. I can also put my arms around her and rest my head against her, and she purrs. I have been WOOING RUBY for a year and a half, and it is working.

2015-09-02 Happy second anniversary to Ruby! We are pleased that she has been our dear little "fur baby" for two years. Ruby is slowly growing more openly affectionate. Now she purrs most of the time whenever I pick her up. Two weeks ago, Ruby went to the vet fir her annual checkup. She sat still for the physical exam but growled the entire time. The veterinary technician wrapped her carefully in a towel so that only her head stuck out (a "purrito"), and then she and the veterinarian took Ruby in back for bloodwork. Fireworks ensued! They were back quickly, and the vet said, "This is not happening today." She gave me a calming medicine (Gabapentin) for Ruby, to be administered before her next visits. Ruby is going back soon for bloodwork, and then again for teeth cleaning.

2016-09-11 Happy third anniversary to Ruby in her forever home with us! She is our dear little fur baby. Ruby is now openly affectionate. She greets us with a happy chirrup, and she enjoys being petted and payed with. After much effort, I have convinced her that getting brushed is a good thing! Another milestone she achieved is unbelievable: Ruby looks forward to her twice-daily eye drops! During the past year, she had to see a veterinary ophthalmologist, who diagnosed her chronic eye infections as being due to "dry eye" (concurring with our regular vet). However, he prescribed different eye drops to treat the problem. For a while, Ruby's eye had to be treated five times a day with three different eye medications. This increased schedule caused a problem: Ruby started running and hiding at medication time! I had been putting drops in her eye; turning away to get the treats bottle and opening it; and turning back to give her some treats. This method was obviously not working. I rethought the procedure and decided to speed it up. The old method had a lapse of 15-30 seconds between eye drops and treats. The new method was to shake the treats bottle, open it, and set it beside her; medicate her eye; and give her some treats. This worked like magic! Now whenever I shake the bottle, Ruby jumps on the bed or the nearest chair to get her medicine and treats.
2017-02-17 The unthinkable has happened: two days ago, Ruby went to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. While under anesthesia, Ruby died. Bloodwork done two weeks earlier showed that she was healthy and could undergo teeth cleaning. A checkup before the procedure showed no abnormalities. The vet said that for the first ten minutes, everything went well as expected, but then suddenly, Ruby's gums went from pink to purple and her lungs filled with fluid. The veterinary team worked on her for an hour, but then Ruby passed away. My heart is broken. I miss Ruby more than I can say. I loved her so much, and she loved me, too, and I could not have done one thing more to show her how much I treasured her company. A friend took me to the vet's office, and we brought Ruby home and buried her in the backyard. I still expect to see her in her favorite sunning spots, or to feel her paw on my knee while I'm working, asking me to stop a moment and pay attention to her. Little baby doll, I can't believe that you are gone.

(Last update: Feb 17th, 2017 9am)

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