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I came in with my brother, Rhody, however we're not showing any signs of being bonded, so right now the consensus is I could go home without him. I'm talkative, interactive and Balinese, the tiniest bit shy at first but doesn't take me long to come out and enjoy your company - check out my videos!
Name:   Tripper
ID#: VA10638
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Balinese
DateIn: 02/28/15
Adopted: 03/14/15
Congrats: Carol
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
It's been 3 months now and Tripper rules the house! My husband and I are total wrapped around his little paw. This is the first Siamese/Balinese that I've owed. So, it has taken some getting used to with how vocal Tripper is. He lets us know exactly what's on his mind - never mind the hour. He's my husband's best friend and follows him around constantly. We have now figured out why he's called Tripper. If you don't keep an eye out on where he is, most likely you will trip over him as he's always around your feet. What a gem!
One of our main concerns when we first adopted him was how he was going to handle a vacation we had planned in May. We were going to be gone 12 days. Well, our pet sitter told us that he was one of the best cats she's ever taken care of. We told her that she couldn't have him. :0)
Thanks so much for giving us Tripper!

For the 6 month update, I'm attaching a video of Tripper playing with my husband, as they do every morning, as is their ritual. I'm also attaching another picture of Tripper cuddling with my husband. Do you get the picture that there's real male bonding here. A wonderful and loving cat. Thank you!

It's now been one year since we were lucky enough to get Tripper. What a charmer! He's the perfect companion. We especially love it when he brings his favorite toy, DaBird, to my husband's feet, telling my husband that he has to play with him, RIGHT NOW! Of course, my husband does. He actually drags that pole through the house to wherever my husband is. He never bites, never shows his claws, never hisses. He just loves to sit on your lap and be petted. He passed his one year vet check up with flying colors, although he did gain a little too much weight. We are now watching his diet so that he can lose a few pounds. Thank you, Siamese Cat Rescue Center, again and again. I'm attaching a picture of Tripper looking at me - like what are you doing to me.

For two years now (has it really been two years!), Tripper has us completely wrapped around his paws. Wherever we are, he is. We have finally figured out why he was named Tripper: he is always around your feet. From first thing in the morning when he is at our feet in bed, throughout the day at my husband's side (my husband is definitely his person) to the evening when he cuddles in bed with us, to 4 a.m. when he comes up to your face purring to be petted (this is when I'm glad my husband is his person), he's always there. He's playful, loves to be petted, loves to answer you, and loves to eat! The vet says we have to watch his weight. What a treasure! Thank you for helping to make him a part of our lives. I've attached a couple of recent pictures. He so handsome!

(Last update: Apr 4th, 2017 9pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Caspian
ID#: VA9128
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lilac
Date In: 03/18/13
Adopted: 03/30/13
Congrats: Bunny
Foster: Debi

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate being with a male cat. Usually this is a male cat.Not with Male Cats
If you have ever seen the Caspian sea...then you will be reminded of the sea when you look into my dark gorgeous eyes! Okay so I'm opening with a teasing remark here! I'm a wedgie boy through & through. I just arrived in my foster meowm's home & I'm a little unsure of why I'm here. I heard a little talk about me not liking dogs...ya think...I not only don't like dogs, but I absolutely will not tolerate dogs. So with that said, I'm looking for my new family along with a female cat that's not bossy, cause if she's bossy, I'll speak my mind!

If you like my opening lines here & think you may have just the ticket I'm looking for...then by all means speak up & click on me.

Oh by the way...I demand a shoulder to lay on while relaxing and watching t.v. - won't take no for an answer.


No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
11/2013. Caspian is turning into quite the little man. He is my constant companion and is especially interested in all housework, especially making the bed, and also enjoys watching me cook. He demands "nuzzles" about 4 times daily that involve me sitting down so he can nibble my ear and nuzzle under my chin. He is especially helpful to Jack in the mornings when he is getting dressed for work as he requires (demands) that Jack rub his belly while he rolls around on the closet floor.
3/30/2015. Caspian's 2 year anniversary!! What a blessing he is. A total snuggle bug and hilarious companion. As you can see from his picture, he is enjoying sleeping in on this cold, Rainey morn. Thank you for finding him for us. Forever grateful...
3/31/2016. Caspian's 3 year anniversary !! Wow, how time flies. He continues to live up to his wedgie image and has his nosy nose in everything I am doing. Quite the busy boy and I am totally in love thanks to you!.
April 4, 2017. Years fly by and C-man is doing fantastic! He maintains his lithe figure no matter how much he eats. Wish I could say the same. He and Gracie are so special. As always, we thank you for what you do!

Caspian and Gracie are now sleeping together and groom each other. They have been with us now for about 9 months and we are so grateful to you all !!! Bunny & Jack

(Last update: Apr 4th, 2017 1pm)

Are you looking for a bed buddy? I'm sweet, petite, and loving. I can be a little shy at first, so would prefer a quiet home where I can blossom. Click that button, and let's see if we might be a match!
Name: Zuzu

(FKA Olivia)

ID#: VA11956
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 02/21/17
Adopted: 03/25/17
Congrats: Yvette
Foster: Melanie (Nashville)


Notes from Home
Hi All,

We wanted to let you know that sweet Olivia is doing amazing with her transition to our home. The first night home she was wonderful. I expected her to hide under our futon in "her" room, but she did not at all. Instead she checked out all of her surroundings and then wanted some snuggles from us. :-) Too cute! She absolutely LOVES her toys! We play a lot daily. And she is so sweet with our daughter, too. She is so entertaining, fun and lovely. She is very curious about everything. Her personality is already coming out and it's so fun to watch that develop. She has us laughing as she carries her toys all around. I'm just amazed at her progress so far. We are getting to know one another, starting to bond already and getting into a nice daily schedule. Thank you again to all the kind volunteers who got her to us! Things are going very well and we thought you'd appreciate a recent update. :-)

(Last update: Apr 3rd, 2017 7pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Bailor
ID#: VA11945
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 02/11/17
Adopted: 02/25/17
Congrats: Linda
Foster: Debra

Ok, I know what you are thinking - a kitten! A gorgeous kitten! I am! BUT - I am a kitten who needs help with my social skills. I am shy and not too sure about people. I don't want a busy home. I want a home with someone who is OK with me figuring things out. I really like other cats and will like the cat much more than I like the people in the home. So if you cat is looking for a buddy then maybe we can talk.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Hello everybody,

It has been a little over a month since we adopted Bailor. We changed his name to Chinny the Third but we usually call him little Chinny. He is doing great. He has lots of toys and scratching posts. He is very playful and let's me pet him and brush him. He loves attention and when he wants to play with me, he sits where I can see him and just looks at me with his big blue eyes until I play with him.

He is five months old and he has a good appetite. He has grown a little since we got him and has started to follow me around the house. He likes to be wherever I am. I have attached some pics here so you can see him,
Hope you are all enjoying the nicer weather. Until next time.
Linda May

(Last update: Apr 2nd, 2017 11pm)

Well here I am, back with my foster Meom. The girl kitty I went to live with was kind of scared of me. I don't know why. I have a little tiny mouse voice so I'm quiet as a house mouse! I like to play chase games with my little guy buddy here at Meom's house. He's so much fun. But what I really like is to sit next to Meom on the sofa and watch HOCKEY!
She does these, what she calls crossword puzzles. I have to give her a good head-butt in the elbow to get her attention. Doesn't she know she should be petting me? She says, 'Well, now that you've made me ruin this puzzle, I guess there's nothing left but to pet you!'
Now that's better!
Well hurry up and ask about me 'cause Meom says if I stay here any longer she's not going to let anyone take me away. I would like a furever home of my own. It's a bit crowded around here. And do you have a guy buddy I can play with?
Squeaks and chirps, Abby
Name:   abby
ID#: VA10297
Location:  Maryland
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 09/11/14
Adopted: 02/07/15
Congrats: Martha
Foster: Carol

Foster Notes

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
Happy Day! As soon as I walked into her room Abby-girl decided it was okay to come down from the cat tree and sit with me. Lots of pets and chin scratches and purring. She even played with her wand a little bit. :)

Abby received a very special package in the mail, which reminded me that I had not updated her website. It’s hard to believe our little Abby has been “home” for five months. Her expressions, her head tilts, and her sweet little voice make her absolutely the cutest cat ever.
She and her step-brother, Scooter, have a tenuous relationship, but do tolerate each other. Abby still likes to stay in the kitty condo room, not venturing out very often even though the door is always open and we keep Scooter in our office part of the time. The two of them do spend several hours a day in the room together, ignoring each other. We are sure that given enough time Abby will venture further afield and she and Scooter will become friends.
Since Abby doesn’t like to come into other rooms, Kent & I take often take turns sleeping in “her” room so she will have nighttime company. When we do, she immediately curls up and sleeps on our chest. She wakes during the night (usually around 2:30 AM) and enjoys playing with her toys for about 20 minutes and then reclaims her bed on our chest.
Abby LOVES to be brushed – while constantly purring. I think I could brush her until she is hairless. When I read, I often do so in with the cats. Abby makes sure that every page has furry edges and that I repeatedly need to keep finding my page after she knocks the book out of my hand.

We love our Abby-Girl and are very happy she is ours.

We are so happy that we adopted our sweet Abby girl, over two years ago now. She is sooo adorable. We still believe she is the cutest cat ever. Every night I put my book on the bed and Abby waits next to it until I am ready for bed. Sometimes she rubs it with her chin often removing the bookmark in the process. Then she curls up in my arm while I read. She spends the rest of the night sleeping on my head and pillow. Early every morning she and her stepbrother, Scooter, let us know it is time for them to eat. Abby’s voice is a little louder now as she tries to match his very loud meezer voice.
The two cats often tear through the house chasing each other around, up and down the stairs, then one will hide and jump out at the other and then they start all over again. As with most cats, Abby spends a lot of the day moving from sunspot to sunspot, although she can be found tucked up next to Kent whenever he sits down. She loves playing with all her toys, although she does have a couple of favorites, her octopus and knit mouse. She liked her wooly mouse until it was just bits of wool everywhere.
It’s a challenge getting her in the carrier to go to the vet. She gets pretty upset, but when we get back she now knows she is in her forever home. The vet and tech love her fur coloring and the white spot on her nose.
We love our Abby-Dabby. She makes us smile all the time and makes our home an extra happy one.

(Last update: Apr 2nd, 2017 3pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Eartha Kit

(FKA Kit)

ID#: VA11708
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Tortie
Date In: 09/21/16
Adopted: 10/02/16
Deceased: 11/12/18
Congrats: Maureen
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes


I am such a dollbaby. I was left when my owner was evicted. So...I ended up in the shelter with my tabby brother in a cage. It was very hard on us having to compete so many kittens.

I would love a home with a brother and I am excellent with people. I'm outgoing, playful, sweet and have the best ever manners.

Love, Kit

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Eartha is such a sweet little girl. she is extremely playful, and loves loves loves the toys her foster mommy Jane gave her. everybody that meets her thinks she is just a sweetie, and Riley loves running around the house with her, he may actually lose a pound or two now that he is getting some exercise!

11-6-16 Eartha has put on 2 pounds which is about a pound too many :-). i took her to the vet for her check up. she has a conjunctivitis going on so we're taking care of that. doesn't slow her down a bit. she is a very happy little cat.

What can i say, she is a silly, happy little cat. she is the funniest cat we've ever had, and she loves to watch TV. i'm going to try and upload some pics. golf seems to be her favorite, but she was interested in Godzilla as well.

(Last update: Apr 2nd, 2017 6am)

Excuse, I am Mr. Zell. I have a preference for small spaces - boxes, sinks, and foster Mom's doll bassinet. I am a stately gentleman - handsome, regal, and composed. It takes me a little bit to adjust to new circumstances, but I am a love when I issue my approval of you. I currently live with Winston C. We have in depth conversations about the latest cat novels, cat TV, and the benefits of catnip. I like the companionship of other similarly minded cats. If you have room in your household for a true statesman, I hope that you will consider me.
Mr. Zell, esquire
Name:   Zell
ID#: VA8951
Location:  Indiana
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 11/29/12
Adopted: 04/01/13
Congrats: Mylinda
Foster: Patricia

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
Zell is a happy boy who loves to sun his belly! We can't believe it's been 4 years since he came to our home. Zell has found his forever home! After just four days with us it seemed as though he had always been our "boy". After my complaints about smelly can food and cat poo Zelly stopped eating canned food! He is one smart cat! We adopted "Bunny" a 4 year female as Zells companion cat. She was welcomed to her forever home one week ago today. Bunny is a love as well. Upon their first encounter Zell loved her immediately! Bunny was a little hissy, but she is so laid back and feminine sounding her complaints were non-threatening! We have two of the most wonderful felines! A great big hug and thank you to all of you who dedicate your time so we can enjoy our beloved Siamese!
May 2, 2013. Zelly is such a character! He loves his Millie bed! Zelly loves cheese and milk! He begs for it , of course we don't give him any. Zelly loves his Bunny girl. They sleep near each other. Pretty soon they will be snuggling!

10/06/13 Zell is a Mommas Boy! He has lost some of his excess tummy. Zell now allows me to pick him up and hold him and he will choose to lay in my lap! He gets along well with his friend/companion snowshoe 'Bunny". They sleep on our bed or our chaise lounge chair. I figured out Zell has separation anxiety. We were in Colorado for a week, even with our daughter home loving on him he did not like my absence. Zell has several fetishes - eating houseplants and lying on the kitchen counter! We moved the plants to a gated room. The water bottle spraying deters his kitchen lounging for a period of time and then he reverts back. Zell is an obsessive belly licker. His belly hair will grow back partially and then he licks it off again. Zell had a bald belly when we adopted him. Our vet thinks his anxiety issues stem from his previous life before adoption. She has suggested anti-anxiety meds, but I'm not sure about starting that. I have changed to a non scented litter, indoor diet Hills cat food, and tried a probiotic. Any suggestions? Zell gets lots of love petting, cooing and fun games. We love him very much!

(Last update: Apr 1st, 2017 6pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Shanti

(FKA Fifi)

ID#: VA6835
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 13 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 02/09/10
Adopted: 03/26/10
Congrats: Rosine J.
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
I am getting used to the sounds and activity in my foster home and as I settle in I will let more be known about my personality. Foster mom says it will be at least ten days before she knows if I like other cats. She told me it would have to be a very Siamese savvy person to adopt me because I am a Diva whatever that means.
UPDATE: I am feeling better about things and I think this new life will be very good.

Update 2/25/10: I thought I could hide my loving personality but it has just come bursting through. I am a little shy but once you pet me I am all over you. I head butt and purr and talk meezer talk. I guess I just couldn't hide my loving side.

3/08/10 I am a shy girl and I am overwhelmed since foster mom moved me to a larger room. We think it would be better for me to stay within one days transport area.

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
4/24/10 Shanti has been in her furever home for just about a month --- and oh what changes she has been through. From a shy little meezer, to a loving and playful little girl. From one who was never sure when she would eat again, so literally vacuumed up her food, to one who now eats just what she needs for breakfast and leaves the rest in her bowl for late in the day.
After hiding behind the couch in her room the first 2 days she was here, she became a hunter and explorer. And yesterday, caught her first gecko on the lanai. Shanti and gecko raced through lanai and her room for sometime before she caught it, then proceeded to lay her treasure before me!
I am still working on integrating her with Spencer and Kate. While Spencer is amenable, Kate is quite jealous and attacks if she can. Since she is ill, I limit Shanti's time in the rest of house to when Kate's asleep.
We spend lots of time together throughout the day and evening, and she is quite the love bug. Loves to snuggle and I know once she has the run of the house, she'll be sleeping under the covers :o)
Once again, my thanks to Siamese Rescue and all the volunteers for your efforts in rescue and adoption. And my special thanks to Jane, Paula and Theresa for all you did in bringing this little one into my life.

5/6/10 Shanti and Kate may have turned the corner on their Mexican standoff. I've been exposing them more to one another the last few days, sort of 'supervised play (or attack).' After spending much of the afternoon eyeing, sniffing and ducking one another, Kate is now laying beside me and Shanti is on the table as I type this. Fingers crossed that this detente continues, as Shanti does want to be in the rest of the house. A p.s. on Kate's health: while she has lost more weight, her #s are stable. Vet check earlier this week showed no dehydration for which I am grateful.

5/28/10 Katie took a turn for the worse and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. It was a very sad day for me as little Katiebug was the sweetest little love -- except of course when she had enough of Shanti and would tear after her. She was feisty practically to the end. I am grateful for her love and affection and know that she is in a happy place, playing with her old pals.
In the last couple of weeks Shanti has just blossomed, and now that she's no longer looking over her shoulder for Kate, she is enjoying every day. She is inquisitive, playful and affectionate. She has learned to fetch and I often find her favorite little fluffy in my bed. She tried to engage Spencer in play with it by laying it between the two of them -- but the old man just looked and went back to sleep. Since Katie passed, I started feeding Shanti closer to Spencer, and in just 4 short days, they now eat side by side. I am soooo happy about this, and really appreciate her funny antics. It's helping with the empty spot that little Katiebug has left.

9/26/10 Six months have flown by and it's hard to recall when Shanti wasn't a part of our home. She appears to be one happy kitty, as her day goes somewhat like this: wake up, stretch, eat, potty, play. Snooze, then begin again! On my application I indicated I wanted a companion for Spencer and a lap cat for me, and that is exactly what I got. Spencer does play a bit more now that he is accustomed to her and gets that he can have fun. They chase through the house playing tag, then collapse in a heap. While she loves to watch the birds atop the tower, Spencer likes to sleep in the lower section. Sounds like an old married couple! I continue to thank SR for bringing her into my life, and think Spencer thanks you too.

4/1/17 After Spencer crossed the bridge (9/14) Shanti became my constant shadow --- and nudge. Although I was adamant about not bringing in another cat, I finally caved last December, and adopted a sweet 2 year old Calico which I named Cassie. A very curious little girl, she was here just a day before she and Shanti started sharing the house. In no short order, she brought Shanti around to running through the house, rough housing and playing. And before I knew it, they were grooming one another and sharing the sunlight on the lanai. Shanti has taken to her new friend, and though they occasionally bicker, they are quite content with one another. Shanti had her annual check up in January and is doing quite well now that she has entered her 8th year. A little round in the tummy, but she still plays and romps like a kitten.

(Last update: Apr 1st, 2017 5pm)

Me and my "brother" were found originally just walking down the road. Came into rescue - and now we're back. We're a marvelous pair of cats - handsome, friendly, and outgoing. We're in kind of rough shape right now, but we've had a vet exam, full bloodwork done, and there is nothing wrong with us that some good food and TLC won't take care of. We would be the perfect pair for someone looking for a ready-made family. Might that be you? We're only marked as 'no kids' because I tend to dart out the door - but in the right circumstances we can talk about that. You don't get a nicer pair than us!
Name: Bum

(FKA Lewis)

ID#: VA10599
Location:  Pennsylvania
Sex: male
Current Age: 10 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 01/29/15
Adopted: 02/21/15
Deceased: 03/31/17
Congrats: Elizabeth
Foster: Jackie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home

Poor Bum. After researching greasy cat tails, we discovered, and the vet has confirmed, that Bum has "stud tail." He has been really good about having his butt and tail washed a couple of times a week. Since Bum is neutered, this condition will be life-long and he'll have to have medicated shampoo butt/tail baths once or twice a week then possibly less frequently as the condition gets under control. Thankfully he does not show any signs of infection. Also Bum's urine was recently sent to the vet for evaluation because of the strong smell present, even though his retained testicle has been removed. We're awaiting results of the test.
Bum has decided, today-for the first time, to lay on my lap - not just sit by my side, but physically place himself on me-what a nice surprise for me! Bum is so even tempered, not aggressive at all and merely walks away if there is "an issue". Although his caterwauling at night can be difficult to adjust to, he is a wonderful kitty who will be celebrating his birthday on July 4th! Thank you again Siamese Rescue for working with us to get such a wonderful new member of our family.

27 OCTOBER 2016
Bum's stud tail has been difficult to treat. We just received some new soap today, hopefully it will work better than blue dawn and vet shampoo.
Bum continues to have serious behavior problems. He has taken to "attacking" the other cats by jumping on them and pressing their bodies downward. He becomes particularly aggressive when he is unable to go outside. (It's 31 degrees and snowing today.) We try to engage him in other activities (catnip, petting, etc) but with only limited success. Bum sometimes is placed in his "safe room" effectively for a "time-out". Bum is a very needy kitty and we spend a lot of time trying to make him happy. We will be traveling next month to Florida so Bum will be able to go for more walks which should improve his behavior.
At night Bum continues to be disruptive. He yowls, annoys the other cats and basically makes it impossible for us to sleep. We have found a solution that seems to work well. We let Bum have full access to the entire house until his behavior becomes an issue, we then place him in his safe room for the night (with food, water, a litter box and sometimes a box with fresh catnip. He calms down and usually spends 6-7 hours in the room without issue.
Bum is unable to change his behavior. The vet who did not properly neuter him when he was a baby did a grave disservice and, as far as we are concerned, spoiled Bum's chances of ever feeling at peace - instead he is almost always unsettled and doesn't understand how other kitties can relax but he cannot.
We love our Bum and will continue to make his life as good as possible.

31 Oct 2016.
vet visit today - after observing current pacing behavior and learning of other challenging behavior vet offered possible - diagnosis - Bum was never neutered - possible double cryptorchidism (neither testicle descended). She only located one undescended testicle during the exploratory she did on him about a year ago - his behavior did not change and his urine continued to smell exceedingly strong - blood work tomorrow, if testosterone levels come back high second exploratory recommended to search for and remove second testicle which was not observed/removed during first exploratory- this could also explain the stud tail issue second testicle - which could be smaller than the one removed - could be signaling his sebaceous gland to produce excess fluid- if blood work results show testosterone level low he will be treated for behavioral issues
His behavior has become exceedingly aggressive towards the other cats and can no longer be tolerated.In particular our 19 1/2 year old female is too fragile to have this 12 pound boy attempting to mate with her.
Will keep you posted regarding his blood work results, etc.
Karen, thank you for looking into this for us. Again, I want to mention that we have zero interest in having Bum leave our family. We expect to work through this problem and resolve it once and for all.

8 Nov 2016
Bad news for Bum. His blood work came back and his testosterone levels reveal that he continues to be the equivalent of a fully intact male cat. His diagnosis - he is a double cryptorchid. He was never neutered. He is scheduled for exploratory surgery to look for and remove the second testicle on November 29th. During Bum's previous surgery the vet said she checked him and did not find any other abnormalities, She said that a second testicle must be present and has taken over functionality of the larger testicle that was removed. There is a possibility that the second testicle has grown larger from the suspected microscopic size that it probably was when the previous surgery was done. Please pray that Bum's surgery goes well and that he will be a more contented boy following his successful surgery.
A big thank you to Siamese Rescue for your continued support.

10 Nov 2016
After a plea to the vet she agreed to move Bum's surgery date up. He went in for a second exploratory this morning. There is good news, bad news and really good news. The vet discovered Bum's second testicle which had, at some point, migrated and was located behind his spleen. Apparently this is an unusual spot for a testicle to be located. The vet was able to remove this testicle. The bad news is that the testicle was cancerous; however the really good news is that the testicle appears to have been entirely encapsulated and, after checking Bum's lymph nodes, the vet stated that she is quite sure that the cancer was contained and has not spread anywhere else. She also ran a complete blood panel on Bum and did not discover any abnormalities. The vet is confident that she removed the entire encapsulated cancerous testicle and anticipates that Bum will make a full recovery.
It is expected to take approximately 3 weeks before Bum's testosterone levels will be that of a neutered male. At that time Bum's behavior should change significantly and the desire to mate, spraying when he potties and other "Tom Cat" behavior should be significantly diminished.
The vet has cautioned us that Bum's appetite may remain strong and that he may go from being all sleek and muscular to softening up some and that we need to be aware that he may gain weight. We will have to reduce the number of times he's fed each day and take care to not let him get overweight.
Bum is spending the night in the hospital, is on pain medication and antibiotics. The vet has recommended that Bum be confined for several days upon returning home (to limit his activity and prevent him from hurting himself). Bum has a very large incision which will take quite a while to heal.
We have decided to postpone our trip to FL (all 4 kitties travel with us) for a couple of weeks to give Bum some time to heal and to have our vet see him for a post-surgical check-up in a couple of weeks.
Thankfully, we have finally got a definitive reason for Bum's Tom Cat behavior issues. I do wish that I had Bum's blood work rechecked after his first surgery to confirm that his testosterone levels had diminished. Bum's behavior towards our other cats would not have gotten to the aggressive level that it did.
Bum is not an aggressive kitty. He does not bite and walks around (not over, nor on) the other kitties, so his recent abnormally aggressive behavior did not make sense. I do wish that he could have told us what was wrong, but alas he can't 'human' speak - he just talks Siamese. He is polite and thanks you whenever you open a door for him and feed him. He really is a wonderful cat that had an unresolved medical issue that took a long time to resolve.
We anticipate our household to revert back to the relatively quiet, laid-back atmosphere that it was in the past.
Please pray for Bum to make a quick and full recovery.

13 Nov 2016
Bum is recovering nicely from his surgery. He is licking the wound site. I will be contacting the vet, just to have a quick check-up and get assurance that all is well. He takes his antibiotic like the good boy that he is (with 2 humans to administer the medicine - of course)!
Bum's behavior is expected to change after about 3 weeks, meanwhile he has to be removed from attempting to mate with poor Shadow, who really doesn't understand what's up with Bum. Bum is also demanding to go out for his walks several times a day-regardless of weather conditions and he continues to eat and drink well. His spraying stream has diminished some, however presently he continues to stand when urinating. (He's no 'sissy' squatter, he continues to be a 'real' man.) His pacing continues and his 'dialogue' at night remains unchanged. Please pray that the testosterone levels decrease soon so he can feel less confined and frustrated.
We are actually glad to see that Bum is active and does not appear to be in pain. We have noted one BIG behavior change. Bum has been taking a couple of long naps each day. This behavior is abnormal for him but we think it's a positive thing because his body has been through a traumatic surgery. We think he needs the rest to help him heal.
Bum's scheduled follow-up vet appointment is November 21st. If his healing is going well we will be leaving to head for FL on November 22nd. All 4 cats traveled with us last year and handled the road trips like well seasoned travelers. We anticipate that they will do well this year too.
I'll continue to keep you updated about Bum's progress.
As an aside, Bum's bonded brother Boyd has been staying in close proximity to Bum, even sharing space on the same window bench (although they stay somewhat close to each other, at this time their bond is quite evident). Thankfully Boyd handled Bum being away overnight without complaint.
And finally, I just want to mention that Bum seems to have learned that he is not to 'bother' Amigo (our 19.5 year old female) under any circumstances. This is a huge relief to us because she is so frail. Apparently the water squirt bottle (before Bum's surgery) was effective enough to dissuade Bum from bothering his sister.
All-in-all we hope Bum will continue to heal and we are quite hopeful that his disruptive behavior will diminish to the point that he calms down and doesn't feel the overwhelming need to mate, etc.
Again, a BIG thank you to Karen and Jackie from Siamese Rescue who have extended their support during this stressful time.
Bum's Mom and Dad (aka Liz & AL)

15 Nov 2016
Sunday night Bum was awake all night, meowing and pacing, the area around his incision was red. We contacted the vet Monday morning and dropped Bum off. His incision is healing well-no infection, but he was given a stronger pain medication and spent the night at the vet's. Today we were given the choice of leaving him at the vet's for another day or bringing him home. Initially I said that he should stay there; by noon we decided he would be happier at home, so we picked him up. He does seem a little less alert than usual (probably the pain medication) but his Tom Cat instincts remain in place. Within 2 hours of being home he was annoying Shadow and had nosed Amigo while she was in her bed. We threatened him with the squirt bottle and he stopped bothering his siblings.
Bum was able to smell the butter that was on the counter top and jumped up there to investigate. We put the butter away and told him that he knew better than getting on the counter. Apparently he was hungry. Once we fed him he behaved then took a long nap.
The vet said that his urine smell is significantly less strong now and in a few weeks the "Tom Cat" smell will be gone.
We love Bum and want him to be happy. It will seem strange to see him develop different mannerisms, but we think, in the long run, he will be content and healthy. His siblings will be extremely happy to not have Bum stand over them and make mating noises, since none of them are interested in mating.
Bum's post surgical appointment is November 22nd. We expect he will be given the green light to travel. I will update you after that visit.
Again, thank you for your kind words of support.
Liz & Al

19 Dec 2016
We have reached a particularly rough patch with Bum and are diligently working to overcome it. Last week Bum was adamant that he either wanted to go outside or have fresh food put down for him. We were not in the kitchen when a particularly bad altercation took place between Bum and Boyd (Bum's bonded brother who came to live with us at the same time as Boyd). There was significant snarling that took place and upon our almost immediate arrival we discovered Boyd frozen in place, laying on his side on the floor evacuating his bladder. He was not moving.
This was a very scary time for all of us and we understood that Bum is having a very hard losing his testosterone since his second testicle was removed.
We immediately rushed Boyd to the vet, an x-ray was completed along with a physical exam. It was determined that Boyd had some sort of internal damage and the x-ray came back negative.
Boyd is the most laid back kitty we have ever been around. We know that it was Bum's frustration in not immediately getting his own way that was cause of this altercation. It was heartbreaking to see Boyd injured and dragging his hindquarters to escape the area that the attack took place. After an physical exam by the vet it was determined that Boyd had suffered some type of internal injury which did not show up on the x-ray. His abdomen is highly sensitive to being touched.No skin breaking bite marks were evident (no blood).
It was determined that Boyd was dehydrated and two subcutaneous dextrose infusions were administered and blood work was scheduled for today Monday 12/19. The results are expected to be returned tomorrow. While Bum did not cause all the possible medical issues; he certainly caused Boyd to suffer significant pain, for which Boyd required 3 days of pain medication. The pain medication (onsior) proved to be too strong and cause several adverse side effects including vomiting and spasmodic contractions of Boyd's sphincter muscle. The uncontrolled contractions, of course, caused some discharge which Boyd was unable to control. Boyd is such a wonderful, thoughtful kitty that he actually vomits in the letter box.
Bum, meanwhile continued to try to intimidate our 15 year old Shadow, although he did leave our 19.75 female along. Tonight Bum is continuing to keep after Shadow, so we are forced to crate him for a few hours. I shutter to think about Bum's complaints that surly will be voiced while kenneled.
A call to our vet in Tupper Lake (who performed Bum's two surgeries and is familiar with his behavior) prescribed calming medicine for Bum while he transition from being an intact male cat to a neutered one was prescribed. Bum now receives two 2.5 mg of buspirone (aka buspar) daily. He is not particularly easy to administer meds to and, thanks to Siamese Rescue's Karen S's recommendation, we have devised a liquid 'shot' of tuna juice, mixed with Bum's medication is the best way to get the med into his system. After some initial trial and error, we now have the med administration down to a science. A huge thank you to Karen S. for standing by and offering valuable help.
Bum does continue to bother the other two boy kitties and we are addressing that issue, if need be we will crate Bum for a few nighttime hours to protect the other cats.
We do not plan on giving up on Bum. We are working with him to meet his needs and are hopeful that the calming medicine will take full effect within a couple of weeks; meanwhile the water squirt bottle is always at the ready and either Al or I are sleeping lightly (in my case not much at all, so we can address any nighttime issues). I will also post this same update to Boyd's record along with some special comments which apply solely to Boyd.
We will send another update in a few weeks to tell you how Bum is doing.
Liz & Al

Bum went to a new vet here in Florida today. I was fortunate this morning and collected a urine sample. Bum had an exam and blood work completed at the new vet. Upon getting a whiff of Bum's urine the vet says he smells like a fully intact male cat. His blood work will be back in 5 - 6 days and his testosterone level is being checked. His behavior has not improved, but we strongly suspect that Bum's issue really is physical in nature (not behavioral). He is just acting like an unneutered boy kitty (even tho both testicles have been removed). Once the vet receives Bum's blood work results we will meet to discuss possible options. Unfortunately it is very difficult to do an exploratory and 'discover' additional testicular material so that may not be an option. However, there is a specialist that will be consulted and Bum's NY vet and FL vet will discuss possible options and make a recommendation. Poor Bum, he keeps getting poked and prodded and he doesn't understand why. He also doesn't understand why he feels 'weird' and sure would like to be able to relax like the other kitties do.
Bum had cancer and was euthenised today. We are so very sad.

(Last update: Mar 31st, 2017 5pm)

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Name:   Penelope
ID#: VA8891
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 11 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
Date In: 11/03/12
Adopted: 11/24/12
Deceased: 04/01/17
Congrats: Donna
Foster: Siri

Foster Notes

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
Woe is me - I'm the sensitive soulmate type that just plain can't understand what happened to my home and why I got shuffled from home to shelter to foster home to rescue.... all in just a few weeks. If I could only find my soulmate, I'd be fine - I need a quieter home, an attentive one; someone who likes to have conversations, likes to snuggle, but is comfortable with confident outgoing women (which I once was, and can be again, once I get settled).

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Notes from Home
Penelope has been doing well in her first 24 hours home. She has been eating, drinking, and using the litterbox. She's very scared still, but she's been out of her Millie bed exploring the room whenever we leave her alone (we hear a frantic skitter as we open the bedroom door, and discover her hidden away in a new place each time!).

In her first 10 days home, Penelope has really started to settle in and become more sociable. She still runs away and hides when startled, but she has started to sleep on our bed with us at night, and meows to wake us up in the morning. She will come up and headbutt us, asking to be petted, and will curl up with us for long periods, purring. We have decided she may need a few more days before we introduce her to our other cat, but she's making good progress.

After we adopted Penelope, we had two children, who are now 1 and 3 years old. People wonder whether cats and kids are compatible--in our case, Penelope was a wonderful family cat. Though we never would have guessed this would be the case, since she was painfully shy when we first took her home, she was anything but shy with the kids from day one. She was the first to greet our infants with a nuzzle when they came home from the hospital, and as they grew, she loved to sit close to them, and let them touch her glossy brown fur, and later, gently hug and kiss her. Even at moments when they were not as gentle as we would have liked with her, all she would do was meow, move a few feet away and sit down again. She had reflexes like lightning and could have sprinted across the house in a flash to a hideaway, but she never chose to go anywhere--she just enjoyed being with them. She would even meow to alert us when one of the kids had woken up in the night and was crying. When we were up late in the night for diaper changes, she would greet us in the hallway and meow hello at any hour, and rub up against us for a cuddle.

Today we said farewell to our beloved Penelope. Although at her annual vet checkup in late January 2017 she had received a clean geriatric bill of health, this past Tuesday she was vomiting and when we took her in to have her examined, they discovered an abdominal mass by x-ray that ultrasound revealed was not only cancerous, but was blocking her digestive tract and had spread to other organs. We had a vet come to our home, and she was put to sleep as we held her close. We loved her dearly and will miss her so very much.

(Last update: Mar 31st, 2017 4pm)

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