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The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
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I am a bit shy but really want to make new friends. I like pets especially on my lower back, my butt goes right in the air. I like other cats and really want an outgoing, playful and friendly kitty in my new home.

I need a human that will be patient and gentle with me because I am still learning all about indoor living. So if you are a DIY kind of person and would not mind a furry little project, then what are you waiting for ....

Inquire about me!
Name: Zuko

(FKA Reed)

ID#: VA13023
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 4 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 07/04/19
Adopted: 07/27/19
Congrats: Elana
Foster: Chelsea


Notes from Home
Reed is a precious little kitty. He is less shy than his sister and very curious about everything around him. He’s easy to approach with no problem and enjoys being pet. He purrs a lot! He still squirms a bit when held but we will keep working on it. He enjoys pouncing on his sister but she’s not always in the mood to play with him. She likes to give him baths but he doesn’t seem thrilled ha. He enjoys playing with the toys that stay on the ground and he loves the rainbow ball. He’s hit it under the door to their room many times and we toss it back playing with him. The other night we caught them both peering under the door (it’s higher off the ground than average because it’s an old house). They are getting curious about the world beyond the door. It was so adorable. We just kept tossing toys back to them under the door for a while. We don’t really have any concerns yet. I think they are doing well for the first week and we hope in the next couple that they will be less timid to approach and be more comfortable with us being around. We do spend several hours playing with them or just being in the room with them.
(Last update: Aug 2nd, 2019 7am)

No new pictures yet

Name: Terrwyn

(FKA Winston)

ID#: VA12513
Location:  North Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
Date In: 02/05/18
Adopted: 06/23/18
Congrats: Diana
Foster: Nancy

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Returned to the Rescue after my dad became sick, I have lived with him since kittenhood and have been used to a very quiet one on one household. I'm taken aback by the changes and defensively afraid of everything that's happening, so right now I'm a no touch kitty. I do make small kitty blinks though so we're all hoping that given my age it might not be too late to learn about other cats and love and attention and that I can find a home to settle into. It would have to be a quieter home without any bully cats and someone who understands a true Rescue!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
1ST night in his forever home.

Winston soon to be known as Terrwyn, meaning brave in Welsh, remained buried in his tent the two hours I stayed with him. I fell asleep. I took the cap off of his carrier to get a better look at him and to make sure he didn't soil himself. I took advantage of the opening at the rear where he couldn't see me and stroked his back. He didn't move. He would watch me as I moved about the room making sure everything was in order. I left him alone and managed to get through the gauntlet of curiosity seekers camped outside the door. When I checked on him almost five hour later I found him sitting in the window. What a beautiful kitty!!! I told him so and he winked at me. I moved closer to him and spoke to him some more and told him his new name and he winked at me. I could tell that he was nervous. I could see he was shaking. I was wearing my welcome out so wished him a good night and he winked at me again. Three winks and sitting in the window. I guess that's real good for his first night.


Terrwyn finally ate something. He has dry food available at all times but it is hard to tell if he eats it. This morning when I went to check on him I discovered that he had eaten all of his can food. I had only given him a half a can of Fancy feast because he didn't touch the stuff I gave him the other evening. So he is eating and litter boxing. Whenever I check on him I find him in a different hiding place. Saturday he stayed in his tent until I found him sitting in the window. Sunday he stayed under the desk behind the chair fort I had made for him. When I went to bed I found him under the table where the printer sits. I had made a little fort for him there too. This morning I found him in the chair for behind the little pet bed . I petted him through the sheet until he moved. I didn't want where my welcome out. I get winks from him when I talk to him. I am glad he's eating. I was beginning to worry. He is such a handsome kitty. He deserves so much love. This is an update. Going good thus far,

27 June...

Remember me? I'm Winston, I mean Terrwyn,. Who ever heard of such a name? This human who tells me that she loves me and feeds me and scoops my litter box every day claims to be my meowmy. Is that different from foster? She even says that this place is forever? Is that true, because I'm just not believing it, just not gonna. I spend my days in a room with really soft, thick carpet. It is nice, the carpet. As to the room, I don't know. I tried a couple of different hiding places but the human finds me every time. She looks at me, talks to me, and sometimes she touches.me. What does this human not understand about not touching the kitty? Seriously, I'm a no touch kitty. DO NOT TOUCH! I let this human know that I did not and do not approve by hissing at her tonight. She then proceeded to talk to me and even sang me a song. Amazing Terrwyn a kitty so sweet, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.... It was kind of flattering so I winked at her... My favorite hiding place remains under the towel hanging from the shelf of an old end table. It's in one corner of the room. I feel safe there, even when it shakes and makes weird noises. I guess it's not bad here; I'm just not ready to buy into it yet. I guess I'm stuck with this human too. Oh well, such is life. Do you think this human is telling me the truth when she says I'm a pretty boy?

June 29, 2018

OMG! I got to pet Terrwyn for 10 minutes off and on tonight. He had changed his hiding place. The sheet draped over the chair where he was hiding was falling off and gave me access to him. I took advantage and stroked his hind quarters. He didn't protest so I kept petting him, eventually I made my way up to the back of his head. He didn't protest. No hissing, no aggression. No quivering that I could detect. I just gently petted him as I spoke softly to him. He winked a lot too, especially when I told him he was a pretty boy.


Two weeks have gone by, really? Not much has changed. Meowmy caught me in the other window the other night. She stayed and talked to me, and sang again. It wasn't bad I guess. I've met all the other kitties. They come in check out my food, water, toys and windows, then they make their way over to where I am, under the end table with the printer which makes noise from time to time. They come over and look at me and then go about their business. I guess they find me boring. They really like meowmy, who touched me again by the way, as they rub on her legs and even prop themselves up on her legs to get petted. Sometimes they stay for a while and sometimes they leave when meowmy leaves. This morning she found me in a new place. I tried out the other tent bed. She was happy I was in a new place. She leaves the door open during the day now. The other cats come and go, but mostly I think they hang our wherever meowmy is. Maybe some day I will leave this room and let meowmy touch and pet me. All I can say is that I am being me. Wink, wink, wink, wink...

A note from Meowmy:

On Sunday evening late just before I went to bed I checked on Terrwyn as I usually do. I found him in the window again. This time he was in the window behind the desk. It was the perfect opportunity for me to get real close to him. And I did. I was able to pet him at length, from head to toe. I was even able to scratch under his chin. He seemed to relax and enjoy the attention. I think he purred too. Progress, right? Also I think I heard him cry for the first time. All the other kitties were with me and not making a sound so it had to be him. I have been leaving the door open during the day so that kitties can visit Terrwyn. They have all met him. They pretty much leave him alone as he prefers to stay under the table with the printer on it. They have stolen three of "his" toys. There has been no hissing during these encounters and they have shown no aggression toward Terrwyn. As a matter of fact each time they do have an encounter with Terrwyn they look up at me as if they are asking "what's his problem?" All is as well as expected. Terrwyn is such a beautiful kitty. I will try to get more pics of him. The cat tree arrives today so maybe that will coax him out from under the table more often.

A Terrwyn newsflash!

Terrwyn the Brave has left his room to go exploring! This afternoon I went to check on him because now that the door is open the other kitties have decided that they like Terrwyn's dry food. It's different from what they usually get fed (I guess I will have to add that brand to the grocery list for the kitties). I just wanted to make sure Terrwyn had all his needs met. He does seem a little thin in the rump and I don't want him fasting because he's a scaredy-cat. To my amazement Terrwyn was no where to be found in the room. I almost had to issue a missing scaredy-car alert for the fuzzy blue boy. Three hours later I found him hiding in my closet behind the tub of quilts. He wasn't too happy I found him, but he returned directly to his favorite hiding place under the table with the printer. Kitty found; no worries. I wonder if will let me pet him again tonight after his exciting ordeal?


Well, some of you might think I'm getting bolder, braver, whatever. Last night, meowmy, the human, left the door to my sanctuary open. The resident kitties were free to come and go, as was I. I took advantage, and slunk and sneaked about the first floor. The human was asleep on the couch. The AC has been on the fritz so the human sleeps downstairs. Every window in the house is open. It cools down at night. My room has two windows and I like to get up in them and look out, even at night. The human keeps catching me in one or the other. Anyhoo, back to my tale. I explored and found food bowls and litter boxes, but before I knew it the dawn broke and it was time for me to find a place to hide. I found a good one. It may be the only place available as the kitchen cabinets have anticat devices on them. I spent the whole day there. I could hear the human calling my name, Terrwyn, Terrwyn, where are you kitty? Well, she found me hidden behind the dryer. "That's no place for a kitty, not even a scaredy-cat." I heard her say and before I knew what was what I was being assaulted by a broom handle. She tapped me on my butt lightly. The indignity of it all. I shot out of there like a bullet. I put my breaks on and skidded across the floor when I realized I caught the attention of other kitties. Then I was off again to my safe place. The human followed me. She found me on the book shelf by the window. I like it there. She spoke soothing words and petted me and scratched my head and told me again that she loves me. It was nice. She put some food down and closed the door and all is good again. And I almost forgot to tell y'all that yesterday two of the resident kitties caught me in the window behind the desk and jumped up on the desk. They sniffed me and then each one licked my head. Is that normal cat behavior? Also, the human, meowmy, calls me nick names like "chicken," "Grumpy Gus," "Sour Puss." and "Mr. Blue". Is she making fun of me or is it just of that "love" she talks about?" Anyone know?


It´s been a month or so. At least that´s what the email said. And I am afraid that I have to admit that it hasn't been all bad, actually it's been quite good. The human cares for me, not ready to call her meowmy just yet but on occasion I do,... You know she feeds and waters me, scoops my poop, and even pets me and scratches me under my chin. In a month, we have only had one bad moment. She was petting me one evening and suddenly I swatted her. I swatted her pretty hard because I drew blood. She sternly told me that I was a bad kitty and that I shouldn't do that. She at first thought that maybe I was hurting and that why i swatted her. I'm not hurting and don't have bad teeth, like she thought. What happened was she got really close to me and there was a noise and I got scared and wham! Meowmy figured it when the very next day I looked like I was going to swat her again while she was petting me. There were noises and I was scared. She forgave me right away that night for breaking her skin. Humans are a bit fragile. Anyway, she knows it's okay to pet me with a signal. She puts her hand near me and I give her a headbutt and then pets me. It feels good. I even purr sometimes. After I eat most of my canned food, she opens the door and will explore the house sort of. She finds me in the morning behind the dryer. She taps on the dryer and i am outta there. I run through the house and back to my safe place. The other kitties don't bother me. They don't even chase me when I run. But they are trying to make friends with me. I guess you can say everyone is letting me be me. A cat can't complain about that. Life is good, and I think it's even better than I could have imagined. You did good with my placement Siamese Rescue! This human is a keeper.


Well, my human took Yazhi and Lady Gytha to the vet this past week. She also took my info. She was told that I would have to go to the vet in March. My human now has six months to get me to get over myself. Apparently this vet used to do house calls but because so many weren't successful the vet stopped the practice. So, my human has six months to work a miracle. Time will tell.

My human keeps me shut up in my room while she is at school. That way I have food, water, and a litter box. Usually I have a kitty buddy with me. Oddly, just about every day my human goes away, at least one of the other cats volunteers to spend the day with me. I've really gotten to know Irving and Lady Gytha.

I've changed my habits just a little. I used to spend all my time under the printer table, but now I come out and sleep in this comfy kitty bed. My human will come in when she sees me there and pet me. It feels so good when she does.

On the weekends, she lets me go wherever I want. I usually hide in my human's closet. She can pet there now., but if she startles me I will hiss at her. She will then show me the back of her hand and if I headbutt it she pets me. We communicate well. She's hopeful I will give up my scaredy-cat ways, I'm working on it.



Well, I have a small piece of news. My human lets me out when she's home in the evening. I go exploring. Sometimes I go down the stairs but if there is a noise, back up i go. When I can stay out all night, I will hide behind the dryer. My human does not approve. But the other night, I decided it was time to explore my human's room. I usually just hide in the closet until she chases me out at bedtime. Last night, my human came up to check on me and feed me and found me relaxing on the bed. She got excited and turned on the lights and grabbed the camera. I got spooked and before the camera's shutter could open and close and the flash flash I had teleported to my safe place. I think I thought she was upset, but she followed me to my place and told me I was a good kitty and that is was alright. Maybe I will try out the bed again. It wasn't too soft; it wasn't too hard; it was just right for napping. My human has taken lots of pictures of me, but she says I'm not very photogenic. I'm not sure what that means, but she mumbles "Grumpy Cat" whenever she reviews the pictures. Who is "Grumpy Cat".? Look for the new pictures when she can get them off the camera or the phone. I hope all of at Siamese Rescue approve of my progress though it might seem to be just a little. Small steps, right?



This is a Terrwyn Newsflash

This long weekend is a weekend for firsts for the kitty with Pantophobia. For those who don't know what that is, it is the fear of everything. And it describes poor little Terrwyn to a T. However, this Labor Day Weekend has turned into a weekend of Terrwyn firsts. This weekend, since I would be home, I decided I would leave his door open to see if he would leave his room and observe where he would go. Friday night, Terrwyn came down stairs but I noticed and said "Hey there, brave boy, where are you going?' Apparently I shouldn't have said a word because he stopped dead in his tracks. gave me a dirty look, and raced right back up to his safe place. He hasn't been downstairs since the beginning of August. On Saturday, I found him again on my bed, napping. But turning on the light spooked him and he was back in his safe place lightning fast. Sunday, I opened his door wide to walk through, it was merely ajar, and found him sitting on the desk next to Yazhi who was curled up in the boxtop on the filing cabinet. I think he likes the ladies. Gytha spends just about every day with him while I am at school and he may be a little sweet on Yazhi. I will have to keep my eye on that. Finn thinks Yazhi is his girl. They spend lots of time together too. I hope I don't have a love triangle developing. Monday afternoon, I went to check on him, and this time I found him sitting pretty in the boxtop, but fumbling with the camera spooked him and back to his safe place he went. Tonight, just minutes ago, I found him on my bed in the pile of fresh laundry. Turning on the light spooked him and he was back in his safe place. I am beginning to think that there is a kitty cat trying to get out. Maybe there is a cure for pantophobia. I wonder what he will do tomorrow? I think I will leave his door ajar, so he can come and go if he wants. Let you all know what happens. Tomorrow is a school day.

Mama Cat


Another note from Mama Cat about Terrwyn

Terrwyn has been very skiddish this past week. I don't know why. He's been hard to approach, but once I do I am able to pet him. Sometimes it seems that every baby step forward we take about a half dozen big ones back. Anyway, he has been taking advantage of his freedom to explore at least my bedroom, especially since he discovered the bed last week or so. I keep finding him there as long as there is a pile of something on it. The mini mountains of blankets or clothes make the little scaredy-cat feel safe. Tonight I found him on the bed again behind a pile of fresh laundry waiting to be folded. This time before Scotty beamed him back to his safe place I was able to pet him. He was a little hesitant at first. I guess that's another small step for him. I just hope he doesn't take the requisite half dozen steps backwards. Just thought I would share his progress no matter how insignificant. I do believe there is a "normal" kitty that wants to come out. .


Muhahahahahaha! I'm bad. And I'm a Grinch. I'm a humbug, and despite all of this, my pet mom always declares that she loves me no matter what. For that she's a keeper and because she let's me be me, untouchable, That's right I am still my untouchable self, the same untouchable cat I was before I took that long car trip. I really can't complain. I get good food, clean litter box, and space to be me. I have moved out the so-called safe room. I only go there to eat and poop. I prefer my pet mom's room and her bed to be specific, It is so comfortable and so soft. Perfect sleeping quarters for a cat that deserves to be pampered. I am such a cat. I especially love it on laundry days because the human dumps the clean laundry all over the bed and makes mountains for me to hide behind. She getting sneaky though. She steps softly coming up the stairs and sometimes I don't know she's on the second floor until she's in the room. At which point I quickly leave my throne. She is always disappointed when I do this. Sometimes she'll come up and sit at the top of the stairs and talk to me. I just wink, and wink, and wink, and wink. Just the other day I allowed her to pet me some. It seemed like a really long time. I have to give her a carrot every now and then. I get along with all the cats. Gytha and Jacques spend a lot of time with me on my throne. It's big enough for all of us. I even participated with the other kitties in helping the human to recover from illness. She took to her sick bed this weekend and we all gathered on the bed with her. She calls it kitty medicine. Claims it works better than the meds the docs give. Speaking of docs, the vet said that I will need to see her sometime in the new year. Since I am untouchable, she has suggested drugging me. Pet mom doesn't like that idea right now. She says she does not know how that is supposed to help me trust her. I'm with her on that. She does wonder if anyone has suggestions on how to get me to the vet. I'm untouchable and therefore should be excused from vetting. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Merry holidays and blessed year to come, from Terrwyn, the handsome, spooky chicken brat of a cat. Aka THE LILAC GRINCH!!!!!!! Pet mom is having trouble getting pictures of my good side, but she's sneaky and determined and when she does, she will post.


Dear Santa Cat:

All I want for Christmas is to be able to pet Terrwyn. I know he knows I love him in spite of his bad manners. He is untouchable after all. He gets along well with all my kitties. He especially likes Lady Gytha and Jacques. They will often spend the lazy parts of the day with him on my bed. I think he thinks it is his throne. Saturday afternoon, he joined the other kitties as they tended to me as I haven't been feeling well for many days, and last night, he joined me on the couch for a late, late movie, but he was far out of reach for a pet. I know there is a kitty just waiting to come out. It's been six months since I brought him home. Surely enough time has passed for him to be just a little less afraid of the world. Santa Cat, if you could just soften that Lilac Grinch's heart just a wee bit, I would be the happiest pet mom around. Merry Christmas to all at Siamese Rescue and may the new year be filled with purrs, chirps, and biscuits.

Terrwyn's Pet mom


Mr. Untouchable here, All is well with me. I eat, hide, poop, hide, make an appearance once a week sometimes twice, and let the human pet me, I mean scratch me head, every now and again. I did find a new place to nap recently in a box with kitty size blankets but the human kept trying to take my picture, so I've move on. I'm faster then the camera's shutter speed so the human can't capture me. That fact, however, doesn't stop her from trying though. The human keeps getting reminders from the vet that she would like to see me, but I am still very untouchable so that ain't happening anytime soon. Never again if I have my way. Untouchable means just that. She keeps wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what she should do as she thinks I need to see the vet at least once a year. I don't think anyone has any ideas what to do so I think I am safe. Believe when I say the human tries. Got to love for that. I have joined my brothers and sister on cold nights with the human on her bed when she's asleep. She a blanket on this box at the foot of the bed and I like to sleep there too. Lady Gytha and I continue to spend lots of time together. Irving greets me whenever we cross paths. He likes to greet us kitties with a kiss. Not sure how I feel about that, and he's so big and fat, it's just scary. Hope everyone at Siamese Rescue found a Valentine. Bye for now, Terrwyn


Hello again, Mr. Untouchable dropping by to say meow. I must say humans are funny creatures. The one I live with is no exception. I think she enjoys spoiling the other kitties here. Toys, food, and clean litter boxes. Everything a cat could want. I got my favorite places, the third floor and the human´s bed,especially when there are freshly laundered clothes on it. The clothes are warm still and smell good. I know the human´s smell and know when she has been somewhere different. I disappear fast when I get a whiff. I don´t like strangers. Speaking of the human, we see each other a lot more these days, but I still don´t let her touch me unless it is an accident or I am feeling generous. The other day I let her scratch my head, but she stopped so I left. Actually I left when she tried to touch me a second time. Another day she came up to the attic to put down some fresh food and clean the litter box, and I wasn't happy about being disturbed, so I charged the door where she was standing and brushed against her leg. The human calls me Turd when I do that. Does that mean she's mad at me or something? I always hear her say Love ya' as a run away. So confused....I guess I am just being me. She also keeps trying to get pictures but I am faster than the camera. Terrwyn AKA Turd.


Terrwyn AKA Turd here to say meow. I am still my untochable self and my human seems to have accepted that fact. I prefer to spend my time in the attic. It's nice there. I've got a soft bed, lots of toys that I don't play with, food, water, a litter box, an open window to look out of, and a few places to hide when I get scared or the human spooks me. Lady Gytha spends a lot of time with me in the attic. She's a nice little kitty. The others come up too. Finnegan is the most frequent visitor. When I am not esconced in my claimed space, you might find me on the human's bed. The wine red bedspread is very royal looking. All the kitties in this house like to sleep there, so I do have to share my throne. The human sees more of me now than in the past. She finds me on her bed all the time. She talks to me from a distance, but when she comes too close, I jump down and hide. I even go down to the main floor late at night. The human is a night owl and likes to watch science and history videos late into the night now that she doesn't have to get up early to go to work. The other kitties are beyond happy because they like it when she's home. I keep my opinions to myself. Recently, I've started to come down and sit on the couch with the human there nearby. I stay for a long time. Sometimes the human talks to me. She always acknowledges me presence though. But if she moves around too much I'm gone. She finds me behind the couch usually and calls me "chicken" or "turd".. She makes to attempt to touch me. I made the human's day today and that is why I am stopping by. She got up really early for a Saturday, fed us, and then went back to bed. Very unusual behavior for the human. I joined my compadres on the bed, too, while the human was sleeping. Lady Gytha woke her up and I stayed in my corner. She saw me and talked to me. She got a very good look at me in the light. She told me I was a very handsome kitty. That made my day. I even stayed put when she got up. She didn't try to touch me. I know I owe her a few head scratches but I am no hurry to do that. Anyway, I surprsied her. Aren't you all proud of me?

Have I told you how I got me new nick name? I really don't like it; I already have so many. And the other kitties laugh at me when the human calls me it. My latest nick name is Turd. Here's the story. The human has to climb two flights of stairs to feed and water me and clean my litter box. Sometimes her timing is just really bad. Several times she arrived on scene to do her thing while I was having a private moment. Each time she scared the proverbial poo out me, literally. I mean to say I was in the litter box trying to do my business, when her arrival spooked me and I bolted from the litter box before finishing. Each time it happened I left behind little bits of poo along my escape route. The human was not happy about the clean up, and I got a new nick name. Well, that's how I became "Turd" Is it fair to call me that? The human even jokingly said that she would try to get Siamese Rescue to change my name from Terrwyn to Turd. Do you think she will try? Would Siamese Rescue even consider such a name appropriate for one of their kitties? Oh, I am in a quandary. Signing off as Terrwyn...

Momma Cat here with a Terrwyn update. Ch-cha-changes seem to be underway. School is out for summer and all the kitties are clamouring for attention. I typically celebrate the end of the school year by doing my Spring cleaning. It can take anywhere from a one week to three, depending on how I feel, School has been out for almost two weeks and I am just now getting started with the task. I decided finally to start with the attic office, where Terrwyn spends most of his time. To clean it I removed the food and water bowls. Litter box still there though. I had noticed that ole grumpy Gus will come down to the habitable areas on the main floor to eat and litter box on occasion. I thought maybe I should try it for a longer period and see what happens. Well, I see the "Turd" now with greater frequency. In other words, "the ghost" actually has presence. Who knew? He now perfers the second deck of this ship, either on my bed, his throne, or in the window in the room I call the library because it is full of books. I spy him in there and shut door, watch him run to his former safe place under the printer table and then I pet him. He still remembers our little signal that it is okay to touch. I hold out hand palm side down. I just let it hang there limpy like and he headbutts it. I can then pet him and scratch him. Sounds like some minor progress, right? Well, yesterday I kept finding him in the "library" on the desk, in the window, or in the boxtop kitty bed. I would say hi and he would wink at me, looking pathetically scared to death. So, I decided to walk in and give it the old college try to see if I could pet him. And lo and behold, not once, not twice, but, wow, I lost count, for the whole evening I was able to just walk in and give the lad a pet, stroking him from head to tail and even scratching under his chin. He didn't even hiss at me, which has become his new thing. He sees me, hisses, and runs and hides. All I can say is OMG!!! Spring cleaning is far from finished at this point, but the attic office is done. Maybe the cleaning has also exorcised some of his demons. Methinks I will leave the food and water bowls on the main floor just so the "ghost" materializes with greater frequency while I am on summer break. And whenever possible I will insist on petting him each time I see him in the "library" Maybe, just maybe, I can make these little ch-cha-changes permanent. I still believe there is a kitty under all that fear. Maybe he is starting to come out. OMG!

Momma cat here with Terrwyn update. July is the month of changes, and I mean changes. The "Turd" has moved out of attic and into the library..His new favorite place is an old trunk on which a placed two old seabags. He seems to like to nap there. Every time I find him there I walk in a pet him. Every time. Noises spook him still but he doesn't run away. I also see him more frequently, as he comes down to the ground floor to eat. Once or twice the other cats have tried to get him to play. They chase him as he comes slinking thru the living room to return to his new spot. The cutest chase episode was initiated by Lady Gytha. The gimpy cat ran after him and chased him up the steps. He spends a lot of time in her presence. He definitely does not know what to make of the chase. I noticed him watching the Irving and Yazhi play with spings and mice. Maybe the "Turd" is thinking about that. But that is not all. One day while I was petting him for a long time, I thought I might try to see if I could pick him up. As I got both hand around him to pick him up, I could feel him tense up and start to shake, so I stopped. I've never been able to even try that before. I really need to get him to the vet. Trying, trying, trying. And there's more. Funny story. Recently, I went to the Grotto of Lourdes in Emmittsburg, MD and brought back a small bottle of water. Healing miracles are associated with the water. Anyway, I was petting him and decided to put a few drops on him. He swatted me and left the room in a huff. I found him on the steps to the attic. He gave me evil kitty looks. Today, however, while petting him, I snuck a little peck on the head. Yup, I gave him a kiss. He didn't quite know what to make of it, He didn't run away, and I was able to continue to pet him. Maybe the miracle water chased away some of his demons. Anyway, there have been changes in the year since he found his forever home in my home. Ciao, until next time....

OMG! Breaking news!


Who knew? As I type this he is sitting on the floor in the catnip. Wish I could take a picture to share. He is just sitting there. Even the expression on his face is different. It's late and maybe I have found the twilight zone. Too weird...Back to regular programming...

(Last update: Jul 31st, 2019 1am)

Beautiful, loving, healthy girl who is full of purrs.

Name: Zoe

(FKA Lilly)

ID#: VA11393
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 9 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 03/28/16
Adopted: 04/16/16
Congrats: David
Foster: Jeanne


Notes from Home
Zoe is one of the sweetest cats I have ever had. She is extremely loving, constantly seeking attention from me and guests. She is a talker, a bit of a diva, needy and demanding but I love it. She sleeps with me every night and purrs like a machine. Everyone who meets her thinks she is so pretty and sweet.
(Last update: Jul 26th, 2019 4pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Skye
ID#: VA12994
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 06/10/19
Adopted: 07/13/19
Congrats: Kerensa
Foster: Siri

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats
Found as a stray, I came in with horrible skin so working on getting that cleared up. I still need to be spayed and hopefully will be ready to go home by the end of June or early July. Stay tuned as I share more about myself!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Skye came home right as a very loud thunderstorm rolled through here. So she hid under the bed until it passed. I left her in the bedroom with the door cracked so she could come out if she wanted to. She did at some point go find her litter box and used it right away. After only a couple hours after the storm, she slowly came out, very curious, and checked out her new place. Before I even realized it, she was sitting right next to me on the couch, allowing me to pet her and talk to her.

Now, its been 3 days and she has explored every inch of my apartment, follows me around everywhere I go, talks to me, begs to be played with (she loves the feather on the wand thing, I already need to get another one!), she is eating well, drinking her water, and using her litter box perfectly. She sleeps on the pillow next to mine at night like it was always her bed. She spends a lot of time in 'her' window, the one with the big cat tree and table that is her height, watching the woods outside, birds, bugs, neighbors walking their dogs. I think she feels like the queen, sitting high up on the third floor above everything, watching everything. Until the garbage truck comes down the road or the landscapers make too much noise, that is. Then she runs to me to tell me all about it. So cute.

I had considered renaming her because I already know a Skye puppy. I thought it might be confusing. But, let me tell you, this girl knows her name, and she clearly likes it, as she comes running up to me with big happy meows when I call her. So, no, Skye wants to be Skye, and thats all that matters.

She is a very lovely, happy little girl, and I cant believe how fast she made herself at home. She is a sweet cuddler and purrs all the time. I couldnt be any happier! She is perfect! 💙

July 24th, 19
Skye is so much fun. She has taken to napping in the sun in 'her' window, playing fetch with her feather toy and catnip fortune cookies, and sleeping by my side in bed every night. She is a great alarm clock, loudly announcing that the sun is up, so...time to eat breakfast!
She is very playful, and can get overstimulated easy. Luckily, she is a very smart girl and knows what a firm NO means.
I am truly enjoying her sassy self very much.
I am so grateful to have found her. 💙

(Last update: Jul 24th, 2019 7pm)

Helllllooooooooooo people!

I am dancing! You got that right---I am on life #4 and just a baby. Too sad to tell my tale but all I can say is Let's Dance all night!! Turn up the music and celebrate being alive and feeling good!

Social! fun! vocal! loving! sweet! super duper special furrtastic baby. I need manners that only a kitty can teach me so I MUST have a brofur or sisfur in my new family.


UPDATE: I have a new foster mom and she says I am such a cool kitten. I just prance around with total confidence. Not fearful of anything. I am loving this life.

Update 7/12/09 I am just one sweet little bundle of love. I truly have a great personality.
Name:   Tango
ID#: VA6383
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 06/12/09
Adopted: 08/02/09
Congrats: Julia
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes


Notes from Home
I can't believe Tango has been in our lives 10 years! He is a still a big trouble maker (and shedder!) and loves his people. We lost his companion Nora to cancer in the spring and the transition was tough at first but now he flourishing. We shower him with 2 cats worth of love and attention! I wake up every morning with him sleeping against my legs. We're looking forward to many more years of spoiling him.

Tango has been working on finding the perfect place in our home to nap for 3 years today! He wasted no time in settling in when he came home with me and his foster sister Nora. He has grown into a huge boy who like to get into trouble. He opens cabinets (then climbs in), can take door stops out of doors (then locks himself in rooms), opens closets and generally gets into whatever he can find. He and Nora are both velcro cats and can usually be found within 4 feet of me. He doesn't talk as much as Nora but lets him voice be heard when it matters. The only hint of his scary kittenhood is his fear of loud noises. Any loud noise (vacuum, pots, thunder) send him under the bed but he is usually sneaking out to see what's up when his curiosity gets the better of him. When he wants attention he taps at my legs with his paw until I pick him up. I wake up every morning with him purring on my pillow, he appears there as soon as the alarm goes off knowing I'll pet him! I'm grateful I adopted him and Nora both. I may have rescued them but some days they definitely rescue me!

(Last update: Jul 24th, 2019 12pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Nora
ID#: VA6354
Location:  Florida
Sex: female
Current Age: 14 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
Date In: 05/30/09
Adopted: 08/02/09
Congrats: Julia
Foster: Jane

Foster Notes

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
I have turned into a love bug. I help foster mom do everything on the computer. I keep Tango company and I sleep as close to the resident cats as they will let me. Some think I am a cool kitten and others let me know I should leave them alone. I still try to rub on them and get close. I am a snuggler and a player. You can even let Tango be my permanet companion if you have the room for two of us. Thanks, Nora

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
We are heartbroken. We lost Nora to cancer in the Spring. She was a one of a kind cat and we miss her every day. We were so lucky to have her in our lives. Thank you for rescuing her 10 years ago. She brought so much love to our home.

Nora has been part of a happy home for 3 years today! Her (and brother Tango) live a lazy and spoiled perfect cat life. Nora adapted quickly to her new home. She was a little standoffish at first. She didn't like to be held and I certainly didn't think she would ever become a lap cat. I was so wrong! After about 2 weeks she jumped into my lap on the couch one day and hasn't left since! If I'm sitting she wants to be a part. She and Tango are both velcro cats who follow me around the house, talking all the way. She goes on 5 minute rants each and every time I come in the front door. Gone all day or took out the trash, either way she has a lot to say! They are very very social and greet all my company at the door with happy tails waiting to be rubbed. One of the cutest things she does is pop up like a meerkat when she hers a noise. She can stay that way for several minutes at a time. She spends her days in the sunny windows dreaming of the lizards and birds outside. We are looking forward to many more years of playing with ribbons and long cat naps.

(Last update: Jul 24th, 2019 12pm)

Gentle souled gal who would blossom in a quiet easy going home where I had nothing to be afraid of, looking for a home where I can proceed with caution but get braver every day until I'm out and about and playing and enjoying my pets. It won't take long, I guarantee it. Nervous at first and slightly overstimulated if you are too forward, I will be a very sweet gal and won't require a ton of your time, but will make a nice companion. (Free bed, carrier, litterpan included)
Name: Maude

(FKA Taylor)

ID#: VA12826
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 10/27/18
Adopted: 07/06/19
Congrats: Camara (cami)
Foster: Siri

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
Hello! I just uploaded some photos, hopefully you receive them.

Now that we've gotten to know Taylor a bit more, we decided to rename her Maude. She's been chatting to us a lot and clearly knows what she does and does not like. She reminded me a bit of Bea Arthur, so we think the name Maude is fitting. And she's doing great!!! She's been eager to get out of our guest room, so we let her explore the house on Friday. She had no trouble figuring out where things were, although she ran back to the guest room or under the couch anytime there's a surprise noise or unexpected movement. However, she's spent almost all day yesterday exploring and today napping on our bed.

She also got to meet our other cat, Chai, yesterday. As you guys and we predicted, she wasn't too happy to have a new cat in the picture. Maude hissed at him a bit, but Chai didn't make any noise back and hasn't been bugging her. Occasionally, Chai will check out his new housemate from a distance, and Maude will give him a warning growl not to get too close. But this has also been improving rapidly. Just an hour ago, Chai loafed up on the very edge of the bed and she didn't make a sound towards him.

We are really impressed and so happy with how quickly she's adjusting to her new environment. Luke and I expected her to take at least a couple weeks, but she's been super loving and purring since we got her home. Like I mentioned, she does get scared occasionally and is overwhelmed by the change, but she's handling it super well.

We also set up a vet appointment for this upcoming Friday. I'll send more updates as she continues to adjust!


(Last update: Jul 14th, 2019 8pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Keoki

(FKA Mouser)

ID#: VA6924
Location:  Florida
Sex: male
Current Age: 12 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Chocolate
Date In: 04/03/10
Adopted: 05/22/10
Deceased: 06/01/19
Congrats: Amy
Foster: Donna

This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat
Are you lonely? Do you need a best friend?

I'm your boy!

Looking for an unattached human (no other cats, dogs might be okay). I think I like the ladies best.

I'll talk your head off, demand all your attention, and want to cuddle 24/7.

Am I friendly? How many cats do you know that will purr during their bath?

Wish I could get along with other kitties but I'm not doing too well with that so I need to be your one and only.



PS Please adopt me and change my name!



My name is Keoki (and they call me Monkey)!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
July 13 2019
Keoki (Munky) crossed the rainbow bridge on July 1 2019. He had a short battle with cancer. Munky was one of the most loving, sweet, playful kitties I’ve ever had. He had an amazing personality, I truly think he thought he was human too! He is terribly missed. We adopted Munky on May 22 2010. He was 3.5 years old. He was 12.6 months old when he passed. We are heartbroken. RIP Munky, my little dude <3

May 29 2010
HI! I've been at my new home for 1 week now and things are great! I love my new parents! I was only shy the first day for about 30 minutes and decided they are good people, so I let them see the real me =) I tried to steal Mom's pizza the first day, but she wouldn't let me have it. It's ok because she feeds me good food anyway. I even slept with them the first night. I purr so loud.. Mom calls me Monkey and her little V8. I'm so happy now!


8 years y’all! I love my people so much! We live in New York now. It’s so pretty. 🐾🐾

June 4 2010
Mom and Dad took me to the doctor lady yesterday and she's says I'm great! She also thought I was really handsome too =) I had a tiny bit of flea dirt on me so now I have to get the greasy stuff on my neck once a month.. but, if it'll get rid of the itchies, then I don't mind too much! Other than that I got an A on everything. I'm very healthy and happy, the doctor lady said.

July 9 2010
HI! I'm still doing great! Still won't let mommy and daddy give me a bath, but I think that they may be figuring out a way to do it... they're pretty smart like that... we'll see who wins =) My favorite thing to do is play fetch with my little mousie, although it may be time for a new one. I've kind of destroyed this one a little bit... but all in all I still love it here and I know mommy and daddy love me very much too.

January 2013
Just thought I would check in and let everyone know that I'm still great!! I've been with my mommy and daddy for almost 3 years now! Yay!! Hope everyone else is getting on with their new forever homes well. I also hope that many more meezers are finding their new forever homes too. Don't be sad, you'll get one too!! Purrrss, Keoki =)

May 22, 2014
RAWR!! I'm the king of my castle! mommy and daddy love me very much still, and all is very well. I already had my trip to the doctor man and he says I'm the most handsomest Munky on the planet. (I still don't like him very much though, he always sticks me with a pointy thing and calls it vackseen and rrraabees shoots or something.) My name has kind of morphed into Munky, but I still love it. I also get called bubba too, and I respond to that as well. Hope everyone is finding love and happiness and new forever homes!
Purrrrs, Keoki (Munky)

P.S. Today is my 4 year anniversary living in my furrever home! Mommy and daddy say I'm not going anywhere! Yay!!

(Last update: Jul 13th, 2019 7am)

Hi! Im Henry. I have been told that Im a lovely gentle souled bigger guy who is easygoing, and sweet as they come.

No bully cats, please, just gentle souls like me! I like to be brushed and I like some loving please! I get excited when you pet me, and with recent dental work, I might make a tiny mess, so excuse my drool.

I will stay nearby, but I dont like to be held. Ill meow every now and then, like when I wake up, but otherwise, Im not big on excessive chit-chat. I don't like to be left home alone for too long (Excessively, if you vacation a lot). I don't want to feel stranded.

I dont like to travel, and cant go too far (ask my foster mom). Im in Virginia. After a local trip, give me some time. If you have toys in the house, Ill entertain myself!

I get along with other cats. Im mostly a one-on-one type of guy. Too many is a crowd for me. I have been bullied before, and had to move because of it. Also, keep cat scratchers all around the house. Scratching is my thing I dont get complaints a lot of the time as long as I have a cat scratcher nearby (but I still love couches).

Im ready for my forever, forever home. I have been moved around, renamed, and I am SO ready to retire, be comfy, and play.

Name:   Henry
ID#: VA11551
Location:  Maryland
Sex: male
Current Age: 19 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 07/02/16
Adopted: 09/23/16
Congrats: Michele
Foster: Michele

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5


Notes from Home
Henry was loved beyond measure.
He lived a seasoned life. Placed in at least three other homes as Mr. Big, Stormy, and as Henry, his mother took him home as her foster, and unknowingly as his soon-to-be adopted mom on August 21, 2016. He was officially adopted on September 23, 2016, five weeks before his 12th birthday. His mom did not change his name.

Henry leaves behind his parents Michele and Rande, and his four-legged brother Jasper. Henry was a beautiful and husky 14-pound Siamese blue point and was an old soul who required peace and tranquility in his home. Henry adjusted well in his fur-ever home with his only brother who at the time was a three-year-old rambunctious Balinese who learned to respect Henry's space when he wasn't ready for play time. Although he was an old soul, he had a young and playful spirit around Jasper.

Words cannot describe his mom's grief. Working from home full-time during the day, all she had was her two boys: Henry and Jasper. They were her coworkers, her friends, and her only sons. Henry welcomed his new dad when the family merged and moved from Virginia to Maryland in 2019. Dad ended up being his favorite person, although at first dad said he wasn't fond of cats (until he met Henry). Henry spent his days happily in his new (bigger) home that he loved. Although he stayed indoors, he loved occasionally getting fresh air out on the deck while his dad grilled food. He loved massages and would keep his mom company during the day right in front of her computer monitors while she worked, or at her feet hoping she’d rub his belly with her toes. Henry loved a good wrestle with Jasper and scratching all of the countless Amazon boxes from his mom’s deliveries, and proudly (and loudly) announced when it was mealtime nearly three times daily. He had a strong appetite and loved trying new food. He didn't like to be picked up like his brother, but he always stayed nearby and would sometimes surprise you and lay next to you. Every visitor who has ever met him loved him. Henry brought so much happiness into his home.

Henry was estimated to be 14 years and 8 months when he transitioned in his mother’s arms on Thursday, July 11, 2019. His mom tried everything she could to find the best medical care for him, but illness took over and was estimated to be in various forms of Cancer throughout his body including his lungs and other illness that might include diabetes.

In lieu of gifts or flowers, memorial donations may be given to the Siamese Cat Rescue Center to honor his life and to help with rescuing thousands of Siamese cats like Henry.
Henry’s family thanks the Siamese Cat Rescue Center, the Montclair Animal Hospital, and Agape Pet Services for the love and care provided throughout Henry’s life and home going.

Family, friends, and others whose lives Henry touched are invited to Agape Pet Services for his viewing and home going on Wednesday, July 17th at 10am sharp at 19712 Shepherdstown Pike, Boonsboro, MD 21713.

Memorial Page/Guestbook Comments:

Siamese Cat Rescue Center Profile Page:

Donate to Siamese Cat Rescue Center:

(Last update: Jul 12th, 2019 4pm)

No new pictures yet

Name: Arlo


ID#: VA12128
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 6 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 06/28/17
Adopted: 07/22/17
Congrats: Kira
Foster: Michelle

Solstice is guarded and leery, at first, but has a purr loud enough for the record books! He will take a little time and patience, but should come around quickly. He is paired with his sister, Summer, with whom he grooms, eats, cuddles, and even goes tandem in the litter box! They will need a quieter home with no kids, or possibly an older child. If you are looking for a pair of kittens who just need a little coaxing, then ask about Solstice and Summer.

*SCR kitten policies apply

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Solstice has been renamed Arlo. He is a little bit shy when he is out and about, but he purrs like crazy when he's in his safe room. After a check up at the vet, he is still on eye drops for conjunctivitis, but he's looking much better already. He loves to play with the feather toys and is trying to make friends with our older female cat.

7/7/19- Arlo has adjusted well to his forever home. He is definitely daddy's little boy. But he will occasionally sit by other humans. He loves to cuddle with his sister, Bowie and sometimes his step-brother Leo. Eating is his favorite pastime and he always reminds me when it is feeding time. He has become one of the most beautiful cats we have ever seen. I never thought I would come to love flame points as much as I do now.

(Last update: Jul 7th, 2019 10pm)

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