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Previously Adopted Siamese
The Meezers on these pages have been adopted and are now in their new homes. These pages allow the adopters to provide updates and pictures of their new cats for their friends and our volunteers to see.
Only cats with updates are listed below. If you are an adopter and would like to make an Update, visit your Application Status page and look in the Previously Adopted section for the Update button.

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Mature female Siamese cat looking for a mature human male or female to bond with for the rest of their lives. The human must swear off all other cats as I am looking for a serious person who will be satisfied with one feline relationship. The human considered must understand that I get jealous and need to be spoiled. There can be no one night stands since I have been disappointed before by humans who have left me (death was not a good excuse). Good health is required since the successful human will not have my permission to get sick. The Benefits are; meaningful conversations when you come home from work, company on the sofa while you are watching tv, and sleeping with me at night.
Name:   Susu
ID#: VA10228
Location:  Connecticut
Sex: female
Current Age: 17 Yrs
Declawed: 2paw
Points: Seal
DateIn: 08/14/14
Adopted: 10/31/14
Deceased: 03/03/17
Congrats: Kaethe
Foster: peter

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
This cat will not tolerate any other cats in the home. A dog may still be a possibility though.Must be Only Cat


Notes from Home
Susu is adjusting very nicely. She seems to like all members of our family -- not always the case with Siamese cats! She has been playing musical beds lately, deciding, I think, on what she likes best. First the new Millie bed in our room, then in bed with us, and lately the MIllie bed in the studio. She's also much more agile than we expected of a 14+ year old cat. She can jump up on high beds and onto a hip-high shelf in Paw's amoire. Susu shows us her inner kitten, too, playing with my yarn or threads when I am knitting or stitching. She loves to be next to one of us and will cram herself into a small bit of a seat if that is all that's left. It looks uncomfotable to me, but her motor starts running almost immediately, so she's clearly happy!
She has just come in to supervise this update and reminded me to say hello to everyone, especially Foster Meowmy and Pops and their Toby.

Current Status (7 November 2016): Susu has had an eventful two years with us and proudly bears the designation B.C.E.: Best Cat Ever. In June of 2015, she underwent gall bladder surgery to remove a pair of stones. The operation was only partially successful: one stone was removed before the surgeon felt Susu needed to come out from under anesthesia. She had also had a stroke previous to the surgery, but no one recognized that until after her recovery was so slow that the internist took a closer look. After more than a year of recovery, including steroids to prompt appetite and support her liver, Susu is now completely off medicine, has a gorgeous winter coat going on, and is every bit as healthy and active as a 16 1/2 year old ought to be. She snuggles with all of us, loves to be in the same room with whomever is home, and is insistent upon a strict meal schedule. She does NOT like car rides, but after so many trips to the vet and a lengthy stay in the hospital, who can blame her?

May 3, 2017 Susu left us some time during the night. After returning from a wonderful week at the beach, where she ate like a champ (the sea air, you know!), she began to decline, refusing food, sleeping more, and becoming gradually less mobile until she was unable to support herself on her back legs. We had two visits with the vet last week to make sure all was as good as could be and that Susu was comfortable. She continued to interact with us up to the end, even purring as we petted her. Syringe feedings were not her favorite, but she accepted them with good grace, as she did the subcu fluids we gave her. Her last day was filled with cuddles and a visit from Long Tail Girl (Susu's human sister) and supervising Meowmy in the kitchen from her Millie Bed on the counter. 2 1/2 years with the Best Cat Ever is not enough, but we are grateful for the time we had, especially the almost 2 years post-surgery.

(Last update: May 3rd, 2017 8am)

Name:   Huxley
ID#: VA11974
Location:  Illinois
Sex: male
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
Date In: 03/12/17
Adopted: 04/20/17
Congrats: Veronica
Foster: Melodie

This cat is not suitable for children under the age of 5 (ie 5 and over is OK). This is typically a cat that is shy and a child might scare it, or one that has a potential to bite or play too hardNot with kids under 5
Let me sing you the song of my people. I'm a handsome, chatty boy who needs lots of cuddles. Looking for an adult home where my awesomeness will be admired.
I get along okay with other cats and tolerate dogs, but am a bit too quick on the draw to be around small children. Be sure to check out my video!

No new pictures yet
Notes from Home
Huxley has adjusted very well in his new home. We area very happy to have him. He likes sleeping in my bed. He enjoys a good neck and head rub before going to bed. My daughter enjoys playing with him. He has a new toy that is made from yarn, it is long and braided with pom poms.
(Last update: May 2nd, 2017 3pm)

Not that I want to be on the dessert menu - but I'm all your favorite flavors wrapped up in one snowshoe package! Chocolate, vanilla, a little caramel and a pink gumball nose! I'm also really plush and soft like a bunny. What's not to like?

I do well with other cats and am dog tolerant. Please ask about me. I'm already spayed and it won't take me long to pack my bags to come live with you.

p.s. notice my hanging position. I love to just hang limp in your arms. I feel safe there.
Name:   Bonbon
ID#: VA11705
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 1 Yr
Declawed: no
Points: Snowshoe
DateIn: 09/19/16
Adopted: 10/29/16
Congrats: Carolyn
Foster: Belinda


Notes from Home
Just letting all who helped in my adoption of my beautiful Bonbon how happy i am and how happy Bonbon seems also. She is doing so well and just graduated to the porch to look at the outside world. Very happy and friendly with company yesterday. I love her and she is very happy with me. Great cat and companion! Thank you all. Carolyn Mcdermott
Once again i am happy to say i made a perfect choice with Bonbon. She is a happy cat,energetic and very funny in her play. Extremely loving and likes to cuddle.She likes to be with me most of the time which makes me happy. She has met Foxy and just looks at her, Foxy is coming around to realize she iz here to stay. So far so good. SO GlAD I LOOKED AT YOUR CATS FOR
ADOPTION THAT DAY. 6 month report-never have had any problems with Bonbon.She and Foxy got along just fine.Very sweet cat but doesn't like when strangers come. The only thing i wish she wouldn't do is scratch and scratch litter box after using it. Too much litter goes out of box and clumps disappear. I suppose that comes from being a feral cat and trying to dig in dirt.Otherwise she is perfect. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(Last update: May 2nd, 2017 1pm)

No new pictures yet

Name:   Carmack
ID#: VA11930
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: male
Current Age: 5 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 01/28/17
Adopted: 03/11/17
Congrats: Kristen
Foster: Siri

I'm a gentle souled sweet boy who eats a special diet and has a slightly sensitive stomach that is helped by a daily pred pill (SO easy to give me). I'm typical flame which is loving and friendly and sweet as can be, I get overwhelmed if it's too noisy and crazy though. But that one on one type relationship, we'll be best buddies!
Notes from Home
March 2017
Carmack - or Darcy as we like to call him, is settling in well at his new home. He has been here for 2 weeks now and has already picked a few favorite spots, like watching all of the students outside from the window ledge, hanging out on his platform, and sleeping under the coffee table. He loves to play with his wand toys and enjoys exploring in all of the highest spots he can find. He had just a few days of hiding when he heard noises, but is all adjusted now. We have lots of pictures to share!

Darcy (fka Carmack) has been home for almost two months now. We had a little IBD issue for a few weeks but we're in good shape now. I can't believe the changes I've seen in him. He is so playful and just loves his feather wand. He follows me all around the house and just cant get enough chin scratches. He loves to hop into bed in the middle of the night and has a couple favorite window ledges for watching people, birds, and squirrels. He has become a chatty little guy in the last few weeks, and will talk back any time you make eye contact and talk to him. He seems so comfortable now, we even got a couple of belly scratches in the other day. We are so happy to have added him to our family - thank you everyone for helping us give him his new home.

(Last update: May 2nd, 2017 12pm)

Just arrived. More information soon. Needs to be only cat or with a moderate personality male. Foster mom needs a couple of days to get to know me so she can share the information.
Name:   Tippy Toes
ID#: VA12002
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 2 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Blue
DateIn: 04/01/17
Adopted: 04/21/17
Congrats: Andre
Foster: Kay

This cat is either scared or, or has had bad experiences with dogs.Not with Dogs
This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
So it has been a week since we brought Tippy home to her new house. We were originally thinking that it was going to take a few weeks for her to come out of her shell but she was interacting on the second day. She stayed in her carrier for the first day and explored her play area on the first day. On the second day, she came out more and was walking around. That evening, we were watching TV and she kept meowing in protest as she wanted to be with us. I opened the area and she joined us in the living room after exploring some of the other areas. She then laid down and rubbed against the carpet.

I bought three different kitty hideaway beds and she hasn’t used any of them. I tried using catnip but she doesn’t seem to respond to it. I tried spraying it on several things and she could care less. I figured that it might be the brand and got a couple of different types but she hasn’t responded to any of them either. She likes to sleep on the top perch of HER cat tree when nobody is home. It is brand new and only has her scent on it so she loves it. Tippy has recently started sleeping at the end of the bed and cuddling with us when we go to bed.

As far as food and water, she likes the Blue Buffalo dry food but wet food is a little bit trickier. She likes her wet food like a soup. She is not very fond of chunks, flakes or strips. A nice watery pate and she will gobble it up. Tippy wasn’t drinking a lot of water either and one day when we were doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, the faucet was left on a trickle and she got underneath it and drank like a fish. Since she only likers running water, we bought a CatIt fountain and will see if she likes it.

Tippy is fickle with wand toys. She plays with some and swats at them but it doesn’t really hold her interest. I had a really thick lace from a duffel bag and she went nutz over it. She loves a thick lace, a thin rope and lasers. When you get them out, she starts chittering and booty shaking before attacking them. Tippy is really active late at night which is perfect as I am usually home at midnight from work and we play then. Tippy cuddles a lot now and doesn’t hide anymore however this weekend will be the test as my daughters are staying the weekend. This will be the first time other people are in the house.

I took Tippy for her vet visit to meet the doctor. She was an absolute champ. No growling, hissing, hiding or anything else. The vet was VERY impressed and stated that she was one of the best, if not The Best, kitties that she has examined. We are scheduled for the one year checkup barring any issues throughout the year.

5-1-17 So my daughters came over for the weekend and I was anticipating Tippy would be hidden the whole weekend......wrong!! Friday was adjustment day and when I came home in Saturday, Tippy was at the end of the recliner at my daughters feet stretched out lol. She likes kids that are 12ish and older. The CatIt fountain came in and a HUGE HIT. I have a 2 minute of her drinking from it lol.

(Last update: May 2nd, 2017 6am)

Name:   Ripley
ID#: VA11990
Location:  South Carolina
Sex: male
Current Age: 3 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Flame
Date In: 03/24/17
Adopted: 04/22/17
Congrats: Jackie
Foster: Debra

Looking for a handsome flame boy? Well, look no further! I love to get pets and I am very people oriented.
Notes from Home
Just wanted to send a note to everyone involved in getting him to us as we have now had Mr. Ripley a week! After initially manically exploring every nook and cranny of our apartment, Ripley has finally begun to settle in and test out some of his new toys and the MANY new sleeping surfaces now available to him. One of his favorites is the heated throw blanket (surprise, I know) which we shared all weekend for naps.

Overall Ripley is doing well and settling in nicely. Our first vet visit went totally fine - clean bill of health - and he is more affectionate and relaxed with every passing day. He prefers to sit next to us on the couch while we're watching TV, which is one of our favorite pastimes and exactly what we were hoping for in a little Siamese. Thank you all again for bringing him to us!

(Last update: May 1st, 2017 9pm)

Well that took long enough to get my portfolio completed! I'm settling in very well, a quiet gal, looking for a deep relationship with someones!
Name: Sassy

(FKA Ms. Sassy)

ID#: VA10690
Location:  Virginia Center
Sex: female
Current Age: 7 Yrs
Declawed: no
Points: Seal
DateIn: 04/04/15
Adopted: 04/18/15
Congrats: Jane M.
Foster: Siri

This cat will not tolerate being with a female cat. This is usually a female cat.Not with Female Cats


Notes from Home
Tomorrow (5/16/15) will be Sassy’s four-week anniversary as a member of our family and she is settling in nicely, albeit with some valleys to go with the hills.

On 5/12/15, Sass had her wellness visit with her new vet and she is in great shape. She was a perfect patient during the visit, received her rabies shot, and will return in a year for her annual check-up.

In 25 years of having Siamese cats in our lives, Sassy is the only cat to come to us as an adult (she turned five on May 1) and we were not sure how this would affect her initial adjustment. We’ve found that the only discernable difference is in accepting (or not) a periodic claw trim. The cats who started life with us as kittens, quickly grew accustomed to a skillful (if I do say so, myself) claw clip but so far, I’ve had to bide my time (hopefully to when she’s dozing), then clip a single claw (not always possible), then wait until the next opportunity.

In other areas, Sass has come along very well, eating (she’s switched herself to dry-only Wilderness duck), drinking appropriate amounts of water, using her two litter boxes and her hundred-and-two scratching posts. She sleeps in our bed almost every night, for at least part of the night, as she wishes. Strangely, she is not partial to any of a variety of cat beds (fleece, Millie, ‘other’), preferring to doze either on our bed or on a carpeted floor. We’re fairly certain that eventually, when she is no longer at all nervous about anything in her surroundings, she’ll enjoy sleeping on our living room sofa and may even decide to give one or another of the beds a second try. She has also stayed away from the tall, multi-cradle cat tree but here, again, we’re fairly confident that one day, when her environment is no long scary in any way, we will find her ensconced there. Our other cats loved the tree so much that they tried to climb up while we were removing the wrapping! Sassy has done a bit of lap-sitting but was too nervous to pursue it. From Day One, she’s enjoyed lots and lots of looking out of windows and in the last few days, has shown a continuing interest in a variety of toys, mainly catnip mice and other toy hapless creatures, which she disembowels, dominates, and carries from room to room in her mouth. Until yesterday, no toy interested her in the slightest. Progress!

She is becoming more and more relaxed with me, frequently coming to me when I offer my hand to sniff or even call her name; head-butting and winding herself around my legs. She welcomes attention from me, purring as I hold her head and even stretches out for the occasional tummy rub. She is far less social with David (who always had a fine relationship with our other cats) and more often than not, runs for cover when he comes near. We doubt that Sassy was ever ‘abused,’ but we suspect that she had a frightening encounter with a male at some time in her past. This, too, will pass – eventually. Meanwhile, David continues to talk to her, pat her when permitted, and generally act as though he knows all’s well between them.

Pictures to follow (when I learn how to upload them).

A day over six weeks with us and Sassy’s making wonderful progress in settling in – baby steps but lots of them.

Our bedroom, which started out being home base, is now just one base of several for her and she’s more and more at ease as she trots into various rooms, finds a window to look out of, a food bowl to snack from with water as a chaser, a scratching board to work with, or -- as of just three days ago -- a tall cat tree with three commodious cradles at different levels. In the past few weeks, we saw her noticing it (and perhaps recognizing it for what it is) but not yet nearly brave enough to do more than sharpen her claws on the sisal/carpet portions of its ‘trunk,’ at floor level. We never pressured her to go further and a few nights ago, there she was, in the lowest cradle, sniffing it hesitantly, then standing on it, and finally, gingerly settling down and staying there for an hour or more, changing positions on and off but obviously comfortable. It’s now a regular part of her day and we’re waiting for her to discover the higher cradles which all our previous (now ‘late’) cats loved.

Sass is increasingly social with me and, especially if I show her her brush, will come trotting over for brushing, head-holding, and tummy-rubbing (and of course, lots of talk from me). The brush isn’t a hard-and-fast requirement and more and more often, when she sees me coming near, she’ll stretch herself into a hugely long kitty, expose her tum and meow or purr for “The Usual,” which I’m always happy to supply. I’m still working on getting those claws trimmed but even this is somewhat easier, although still a ‘one-claw-and-done’ event. By the time I get them all done, it’ll be time to start over again but I can see that she finds the process to be annoying but not terrifying.

And she is coming to see that David is really not very scary at all. She’ll let him walk past her without scampering away, and has taken to coming to him, head- or body-bumping him, then retreating to sit just a few inches off. Very brave; more successful baby steps.

Still not confident about uploading pix so must resort to 'text, only.' As a sidebar to the general subject of pictures, Sass’ one problem in all photos is that because her eyes are somewhat hooded, she comes off looking quite dour and unfriendly. Not at all the case. If only we could tell her to say, ‘Cheese.’

Happy June, everyone!
Sassy's ten-week anniversary with us,this past Saturday, June 27, '15, and she's making steady progress in adjustment. Baby steps but lots and lots of them. She now uses the cat tree regularly (and it took her several weeks to overcome her fear of it). Recently, she's been lumbering up on my lap and settling down there for an hour or more, each evening and also enjoying lounging on the sofa, between David and me. Panics if we pick her up -- so we don't -- but comes over when offered a hand to sniff (to remind her who we are). She loves looking out any open window (secure screens in place on all) and is wild about being brushed! Amazingly, as she lolled on the couch, one evening, last week, I calmly picked up a rear foot and, talking to her the while, clipped all the claws!

She is less 'sassy' than any cat we have ever known and I'm still tempted to change her name to Cookie but she's had two names (that we know of), already ('Ms. Sassy' at the shelter and Siamese Rescue, then, 'Sassy,' with us) and 'Sassy' is now on all her documentation (Siamese Rescue's; her vet's office; Reunite, the microchip data base). The fact that she isn't sassy shouldn't bother me any more than the fact that Vandy, our long-ago, late domestic longhair, wasn't a Vandal.

She has had a recurrence of the chin acne that afflicted her when she came to Siamese Rescue but we contacted our vet as soon as we noticed it and he has prescribed for it.

We are delighted with this pussy cat who has had a rough time of it, watching her gain confidence in her environment and trust in her humans.

Thanks to the huge Siamese Rescue team who brought her to us, in Brookline, Mass. Later in the summer, she'll spend a week with us on Cape Cod.

Finally, some pix to attach, with hopes that I've got the upload process right

More news when there is some.
At six months with us, five year old Sassy’s adjustment continues. Her progress was initially hindered by the necessity of medicating her for the reoccurrence of the feline acne which plagued her when she first came to Siamese Rescue from a public shelter. She was clear at the time we adopted her. As we knew it might, within a month, the problem reappeared and for several months, our vet at Angell Animal Medical Center (the medical arm of MSPCA), treated her, first with Duoxo Spot On, later with Tresaderm. He also had us eliminate as much plastic as possible from her life (changing her water and food bowls to china), and changed her diet to Royal Canin Rabbit and Peas, both moist and dry (she loves both versions). The acne improved but was still present and at our vet’s suggestion, we made an appointment for a consultation with the feline dermatologist at Angell.

Ultimately, the strain of being given meds twice a day, every day was affecting Sass’ adjustment so adversely that we asked whether it would be medically safe to give her prednisone, in the very short term, to allow us to halt the daily medications which were having such a bad effect on her adjustment to life with us -- just until her dermatology appointment, scheduled for six weeks later. (We know how dangerous prednisone is, in the long term.) Our vet prescribed a two-week course of oral prednisone, the last dose of which was given one month before Sass’ dermatology appointment.

At this writing, one month after the last oral prednisone dose, Sass has been clear for quite a while, so clear, in fact, that we re-scheduled her appointment with the dermatologist to December, as she is presently asymptomatic. We know it might return and are prepared to deal with whatever comes.

We have read that stress can be a factor in feline acne. In the weeks since we ceased medicating Sass – with a stressful chase twice a day -- her adjustment has improved to the point where we can almost say that she has begun to blossom, starting to become the cat she was meant to be.

As to her social/emotional adjustment: First and foremost, she has never struck a blow in anger. Initially, when she first came to us, she almost phobic of being picked up – and to this day, I almost never do so, however, on the rare occasions when I do lift her up, she has now come to the point where she will object with her almost inaudible non-Siamese voice but for a few seconds, will refrain from struggling, looking around at the view from the human. After those few seconds have passed, she will not bite or scratch (except accidentally, as she pushes off from my arms) but she will struggle strenuously to get down. As with all other ‘problems,’ we never press her. We see improvement here and it’s now quite obvious that although she continues to dislike being picked up and/or carried, she is no longer terrified. Our attempts at claw-trimming are so stressful for her that we now have the trimming done at a tech appointment at Angell, approximately once a month. Sass behaves perfectly at these sessions. All of our previous cats came to us as kittens and so were totally accustomed to manicures with me.

At the other end of the sociability spectrum, she sometimes sleeps in our bed with us and some evenings, as the two of us sit on the living room sofa, she quite often appears, jumps up and carefully settles down on my lap. At times, she will stretch herself out to her full length, asking for a tummy rub, and she hugely enjoys gentle under-chin and jaw line massages. She gives signs that she wants to socialize and generally feels good about her life with us. Head butts are now routine and we’ll simply follow her lead as we go along.

Sass greatly enjoys looking out of any of the many windows and on occasion seats herself next to a closed Venetian blind. We take the hint and open it for her. She has generally paid little or no attention to any toys, although this has improved somewhat and she has one favorite BFF white mouse which she sometimes carries around with her.

Sadly, after ‘discovering’ the wonderful cat tree in our living room, close to a window, and spending several days enjoying it in June, she hasn’t used the tree in easily four months, a pity, as it provided so much pleasure to our previous cats. As with all other things, we do not press her. It may happen, yet.

We’ve seen slow but definite improvement on all fronts and will continue to let Sass progress at her own pace. She’s our girl and has had a rough time of it. We wish we knew what her pre-shelter life was like but that won’t happen. Somewhere along the way, someone destroyed most of her self-confidence and courage. We want to help her get them back.

Thanks to everyone at SCRC for giving us this wonderful lady with the incredibly soft shiny brown fur.

February 20, 2016:
We celebrated Sass’ ten-month adoption anniversary two days ago, on February 18 and it’s been a memorable ten months, filled with a million baby steps toward becoming the happy, healthy, confident and sociable cat she was meant to be. Sass was a bundle of miscellaneous fears when she came to us and throughout, we’ve proceeded on a ‘Go-Slow’ basis which is paying off beautifully. Within the last two months, especially, she has made wonderful interpersonal progress with both David and me and now spends large portions of most evenings on the living room sofa with us, on my lap, or David’s lap, or in the fleece bed (on the sofa) which she rejected for virtually nine of the ten months that she’s been with us. When she first came to us, she was flat-out terrified of being picked up – so for the most part, we didn’t, while very slowly picking her up on rare occasions for very brief periods (measured in seconds). One day, I picked her up and was astounded to find that, rather than struggle to get away, she purred and rubbed her head against my arms as I held her. The door bell with send her scampering for cover but when our (adult) elder son, Rog, stops by, rather than ring, he calls us when he’s at our door, we open the door for him, with no scary bell (guess telephones don’t count), Sass doesn’t feel compelled to flee, and he greets her as he enters. So far, she has become brave enough to allow him to approach her and give her his hand to sniff. Her acne never completely goes away – and we suspect that it will always be with her to some extent – but she does well on and enjoys her diet of Hill’s z/d and is being well cared for by the feline dermatologist at Angell Animal Medical Center (fka Angell Memorial), the medical arm of MSPCA, in Boston, just ten minutes or so from our home in Brookline. Her General Medicine vet is also in practice there.

Finally, I must report the most terrifying 24 hours we have ever experienced: In our condo’s large parking lot, just about to load Sass’ SCRC carrier (with her in it) into the back of our Honda, to drive to her appointment with her vet, we set the carrier on the ground, preparatory to clearing one last bit of space on the back seat. In a millisecond, the hinge side of the carrier’s grill door came open and the last thing we saw was Sass, in warp drive, running this way and that in the lot in 20º temperature with snow and ice on the ground! In 26 years of cat ownership, we have never, ever lost a cat, as all our cats are indoor-only (as Sass is). An army of friends/neighbors helped in the search; our son, Rog, drove in from his home in the suburbs and he and our dear friend and neighbor-across-the-hall, Linda, must have covered half of Brookline (slight exaggeration) with flyers; we contacted all the appropriate agencies and institutions, and I searched the single-car garages which ring the parking lot, over and over again, in the wee hours and before I left for work, early the next morning. No snow that night but temps in the single digits; the coldest night of the year. Sass has no collar but is microchipped.

WE GOT HER BACK! Linda, who has never owned a cat, suggested (naively, we were sure) that we leave the door to our building’s outer vestibule open and place food, water, and a bed in the vestibule. I told Linda that Sass was an indoor-only cat and surely had no cognitive map which would help her get home from the parking lot, two blocks from our building, having seen the outdoors only through the bars of her carrier. Nevertheless, almost to humor Linda, we did as she suggested. The next morning: nothing The following afternoon, as David and I were sitting in the waiting room of the Honda dealership, waiting for an oil change, my cell phone rang and there was a picture of a cool, calm, and collected Sassy, lounging in the fleece bed in the vestibule of our building. Linda had found her there, a few minutes earlier and brought the bed – with Sass in it – into the secure inner vestibule – and Sass had not shied away from her whom she knew only slightly. Linda’s husband, Richard, came to pick us up from Honda (our own car was still being serviced) and ten minutes later Sass walked into her home and settled down as though she’d never been away. We’ll never know, of course, but we wonder whether she might have been an indoor-outdoor cat in her first five years, before she came to us, and so might have developed some outdoor cognitive mapping skills. We don’t ascribe the happy ending to anything ‘woo-woo’ and just consider ourselves (and Sass) to have been darned lucky. We had offered a $100 reward for Sass’ safe return and, of course Linda would not accept it so sometime soon, David and I will take the four of us out to dinner at Boston’s Top of the Hub, instead.

We have three new pix assuming I can upload them. Apologies if they don't accompany this report; I'll re-learn and include with my next one...

Best to all of you,
Jane and David and Sass

Today is Sass’ two-year anniversary with us and when she first arrived at age five, we determined to give her all the time she needed to grow into her new life. She’s made great progress, greatly accelerated in the past six months. More often than not, she spends part of the night sleeping next to me in bed. In the evenings, she joins me, on my lap or next to me on the sofa, to help me watch TV or read and she’s generally up for tummy rubs and walking on the coffee table. She is not a player with toys and has only occasionally used the tall, commodious cat tree at the living room window (once every six months has been her average, so far). I have hope that she’ll eventually understand what fun it can be to get comfortable in tree’s large cradles (as our other, now late, cats did for decades), to watch the action in our condo’s beautiful front garden, with trees and flowers, people, birds, squirrels, and, yes, some dogs, all doing their respective things. Now that the weather is warming, I open the (screened) windows and she comes running in an instant to jump up on the broad window sill (ignoring the tree!), where she’ll sit or lie for hours, enjoying a sun beam.

One of the most dramatic indicators of her becoming more and more at ease is her willingness to allow me to trim her claws, a total impossibility during her first 18 months here. She’s not crazy about manicures and complains as I talk to her and clip away, but she’s quite obviously no longer afraid of me and submits, knowing that I never, ever hurt her.

During the past year, Sass has continued to have feline acne issues which are now fairly well controlled with a diet (which she mostly enjoys) of Hill’s z/d, both canned and dry.

For several months, she suffered from a serious lesion in her left eye, successfully treated with repeated applications of antibiotic and antiviral medications. Surgery would have been the next step, had not the treatment with medication succeeded. The sight in her left eye may, ultimately, be somewhat diminished but the lesion has healed and not returned. She still has sight in the eye, and never gives any indication that it is bothering her. We are hugely grateful for the skill and compassion of Martin Coster, DVM, her feline ophthalmologist, at MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.

My husband, David, has been in increasingly poor health for several years and is now a cancer patient in long-term care at a good nursing facility not far from our home. I’m fortunate to have a fine support group composed of family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where I work part-time in a job that I love, editing various documents for the unit. Sass is a key member of my team (indeed, she was a key player in my life, even before David’s illness). She has perfect litter box habits, scratches appropriately, and has never bitten or scratched. She continues to run from anyone but me and I don’t see this changing, except, perhaps in her relationship with my adult sons. No matter; she’s my girl and I’m her human and I sometimes think she senses this very comfortable arrangement. Thanks beyond the telling to SCRC for making all this happen!

Two-year anniversary report ADDENDUM: Sass is seven years old today (exact)! Almost immediately after I had filed the two-year report above, noting that she has used her cat tree only once every six months (or so), I came into the living room to find her in the tree's top cradle, watching the bird action in the condo's front garden. In the days which followed, I've found her in each of the three cradles sometimes observing the passing scene, sometimes snoozing. I'm so delighted at the prospect that this will be a continuing source of entertainment for her. Hopefully, I'll be able to upload the two pix I took of her tree 'interactions.'

(Last update: May 1st, 2017 1pm)

Name:   Millie
ID#: VA11738
Location:  Virginia
Sex: female
Current Age: 11mon
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 10/09/16
Adopted: 10/29/16
Congrats: Rebecca
Foster: Kay

Life started out a bit rough for me and my siblings and we just had one another to cling to for support. My brother, Milo, and I are bonded and rely on one another for moral support, so we need to find a home that will take us as a pair. We are a bit timid but gradually coming out of our shells. We need a little time and patience which will be rewarded with a lot of love and purrs.
Notes from Home
Millie is doing great, She is active, becoming more and more talkative and a bit of a ringleader with her sibling, Milo. She loves treats and has a favorite toy that she carries around with her.

May 1, 2017. Millie is doing so well. She is very active - my little acrobat who climbs shelves and "tightrope" walks across the heaboard. She has a healthy appetite and good litter box manners. She is very affectionate - will come and get me when it is time for a good petting. Plays well with her brother - all is well.

Both kittens are doing well and have adapted to a very workable routine.

(Last update: May 1st, 2017 11am)

I am bonded to my sister, Millie, so we need to find a home together. We are both scared of our new situation but foster mom says we will come out of our shells with a little time and TLC. Very sweet personalities and affectionate when being held.
Name:   Milo
ID#: VA11739
Location:  Virginia
Sex: male
Current Age: 11mon
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
DateIn: 10/10/16
Adopted: 10/29/16
Congrats: Rebecca
Foster: Kay


Notes from Home
Milo is doing so well - growing, playing, exploring. He especially enjoys water - not just for drinking! A wet sink is an invitation to play!

May 1, 2017. Milo is just fine. After starting out as a picky eater (think rotisserie chicken) he has become quite happy with cat food! He is active, plays well with Millie, has wonderful litter box habits. Loves to snooze in the guest bedroom - head on the pillow! Shy around strangers but getting more outgoing all the time. A happy, healthy almost 10 months old kitten with a wonderful deep purr.

(Last update: May 1st, 2017 11am)

Name: Finley (Finn)

(FKA Clyde)

ID#: VA11986
Location:  Tennessee
Sex: male
Current Age: 8mon
Declawed: no
Points: Lynx
Date In: 03/20/17
Adopted: 04/08/17
Congrats: Meghan
Foster: Michelle

Foster Notes

Just arrived and a bit unsure, Clyde warms up quickly when petted and has a wonderful purr. He loves laps! Check back as I learn more about him.

A couple of new pics - check them out!
Notes from Home
4/12/2017 We brought Finley (Clyde) Saturday. He was very calm on the drive home and did not seem very disturbed that he was in a new home. He warmed up very quickly and has shown both Les and me love and sweetness and is such a cutie! He talks a lot, especially when he tells you that he needs more play time. We give him lots of play time and he naps! I have many pics of him sleeping. We also have a video of Les and Finn playing with the curly worm. He loves to be cuddled and he likes to nap on his own. We adore Finn and are so happy we have him! We will introduce the kitties Friday and we hope it all goes well.

Finn likes to watch TV, too!

4/21/17 We have arrived! Kitties have begun to follow Mommie around. Even when I'm in the ladies room. They followed me downstairs and watched me make coffee. They were being too rough on each other last night so I slept in the guest bedroom to keep an eye on them. They watched me get ready for bed and settled down once I turned off the light. They slept through the night, Finn on the bed and Miette on her blankie on the floor. Wow. They are now napping. Sorry for bad photo; using iPad. Pics to follow.

4/29/17 We all went to meet the vet Thursday and they were very good kitties. They got their nails clipped and were very good about it! It took Les and I about 1/2 hour to capture Miette to put her in her carrier! She's a stealthy one! Finley was not happy in his carrier and really panicked and went in circles backwards, but as soon as we got Miette in her carrier, he calmed down. We had them face each other in the car so they could see each other. I wondered if they thought they were going somewhere else. The vet gave them a great bill of health and was quite smitten with them and thought we got some good kitties! Finley is now over 6 lbs and Miette a little over 4 lbs! Getting so big! They were very happy once they got home.

They are playing together better, but there is the occasional too rough play. Finley does show some jealousy signs, but once you play more wand toy with him he does get better, but he did hiss at Miette last night when she wanted to play. I put the toy away and told Finley that he does not behave that way. He looked for the toy and looked a bit forlorn, but he is much better today. Both Les and I work on giving equal amounts of attention to both kitties, but Finn does tend to steal the show! He is a very funny cat! We are delighted.

Miette is also getting better about being in the room with us and for awhile she followed Finn around, but now she is showing a bit of independence and likes to hang out in the family room and sit on her kitty house to look out the window. When she wants company, she comes back. She still runs away if you try to pick her up or are standing and try to pet her. She's good when she's in her bed and sleepy. Then I get my pets and kisses in. Les thinks she'll come around. I do agree that she gets better every day.

They both have big appetites and I love to feed them in the mornings. They know what the kitchen is for and when we are in there they come and ask for something to eat. Even if they just had breakfast!! They love treats.

More pics!

(Last update: Apr 29th, 2017 11am)

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